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Dog Bite

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Your bedroom door wasn’t going to hold for much longer.

It fact, it surprised you that it was still standing. Sure, it was in partial ruins -- buckling with a mixture of inward and outward splintering as something… or rather, someone… tore into it.

A crack rang out as more wood split around the midsection of the door thanks to the bombardment it was shouldering, giving a splintered window into the world outside your bedroom. Not that there was much to see -- the brief glimpse you had of the hallway was blocked when a shadow passed across it. Clearly wanting to take advantage of the opening it had created, the Beast shifted so that a single blue eye was peering in on you.

It felt like you were in that one scene in Jurassic Park, sitting beside the children in the Jeep. The large eye of the Tyrannosaur swirling around, taking in the contents of the room before its blueness settled on you.

Your immediate reaction was to fire up your quirk and make it so the creature wasn’t looking at you. But instinct was telling you to save your energy. The door wasn’t going to hold for much longer. Once it failed, then you’d want to have the full extent of your quirk available.

To your surprise, the eye was still looking at you despite the handful of seconds that had passed. The wildness it had held moments earlier seemed to have faded somewhat as if it had realized something or seen something that had triggered a response in its brain.

Or maybe, in your frozen state, you were personifying an eyeball.

The seconds continued to tick by. 

Then, the eye blinked and disappeared from the opening, only to be replaced by what you quickly realized was a nose. A lupine nose.

An inhale.

An exhale.

An inhale.

An exhale.

The growl you heard next finally shook you from your daze. It was loud and deep and entirely nonhuman. 

Kit-tan,” the creature rumbled, confirming your suspicions about the origin of the creature. You didn’t see it rub its face against the door, you only heard the creaking and sweeping of something moving across the ruined wood.

Finished with playing games, a single clawed arm burst through the center of the door, peeling back the wood with laughable ease.

You cursed, watching as the furred limb was joined by its match. The door was pulled apart just as you were scrambling for the window, deciding then that broken bones and fractured ankles were worth it if it meant living .

Unfortunately, you didn’t get that far.

The headlines had been growing increasingly more alarmed each passing day. A simple brief about a bite in a newspaper one morning eventually evolved into a country-wide story that gripped the residents of Tokyo’s municipality. People were getting bitten. People were getting sick. The culprit? What was thought to be a dog eventually became a quirk-related crime after a teary nurse recounted her harrowing nighttime run-in on national news.

After each attack, the newspapers would blare whatever unlucky ward or distract had been the latest to be hit. Four wards in total had witnessed attacks that broken double digits. That Wednesday, as you stood at the train station having just come from the dentist, you could see the news ticker scrolling beneath the large screens of the station.

‘Wild dog quirk runs rabid in Suginami.’

‘Bite attack strikes the eleventh victim.’

It was scary, sure, but being a Musutafu resident you didn’t give the headlines much thought. So what if there was supposedly a wild man running around biting people? So far he had only stuck to Tokyo and that municipality was enormous . There was no need to worry just yet.

Besides, every available hero and wannabe do-gooder was out in full-force, eyes peeled, eager to snatch the ‘dog’ off the streets.

Catching the latest boogeyman would amount to decent media attention and a near-guaranteed jump in the ranks.

Thoughts about the dog-man left the forefront of your mind you as soon as your phone vibrated with a text and were furthered buried once your train arrived. All that concerned you at that point was food. You were hungry. You hadn’t eaten before your dentist appointment and the hygienist ordered you to refrain from eating for at least thirty minutes after. Which meant your entire commute home was focused on all the food you were going to eat once you were able to.

Maybe you’d stop for some fried chicken?

An uneventful day eventually shifted into an uneventful night. Once you were full and sated, you had settled into your couch to sketch up the idea for a laser whip you had been bouncing around when you heard a knock on your window.


Your apartment was several floors up from the ground. All you should have been seeing when you looked out of it, were the tops of buildings.

Not the face of All Might.

It had been clear in the rules you set up when you moved to your new apartment -- no visits. Since your relationship with Fourth had mutually been ended, All Might had been insatiable with his need to bother you. In his mind, a hurdle had been removed and you were ripe for the picking… which was definitely not the case.

You thought you had made it clear during his last unexpected drop-in that it wasn’t going to be tolerated. In fact, you had mused out loud about the security system you were half-tempted to install. If he wanted to play games with a support scientist, you’d play games. Sure, he’d probably ultimately win because he didn’t have that mental stop sign you had as a normal human being, but damn, you’d happily leave him with a few burn marks as a couple of heartfelt mementos. 

Tempted as you were to simply ignore him, hoping he’d go away, the continued banging didn’t let up. In fact, it got worse when it became clear you weren’t jumping to your feet to let him inside your home. 

A particular hard bang had your window making a jittering sort of sound and you wondered then how expensive the glass would be to replace.

“Fine,” you hissed at him, glaring. At seeing your seething face approaching, the already-raised fist hesitated in the air. 

Unlike your previous places, the windows of your new apartment were a pain in the ass to open. But they were large -- large enough that All Might was able to squeeze inside with a grunt. You shivered, feeling chilled air enter your pleasantly cozy abode as you quickly worked to slide the window shut. Though a helping hand would have been appreciated, it never materialized. 

Did you really expect All Might to help?

Once the window was closed, you swirled to face him, more than ready to start an argument.

The gall!

“What have I told you about…!?” 

Your heated voice trailed off when you finally caught a good look at your unwanted intruder. 

All Might. The All Might, looked terrible. He looked to be on the verge of death. 

Okay , he usually looked on the verge of death with his generally emaciated body--

But the state he was in that night was something else entirely. 

His bulk had faded away once he had stepped inside your home, body unable to produce the light coughs that usually went along with the shift of forms. He was red-faced, typical gaunt features pulled even tighter and covered in a thick sheen of sweat. Dark was rimming his eyes but it looked much worse than the circles someone would get from lack of sleep -- the unusual paleness of his skin made them stand out horribly. He looked sunken. He looked ill.

Yagi Toshinori truly looked like he was about to die.

“Are you okay?” You murmured, dropping your pretense of annoyance as actual concern took over. 

Did you dislike him? Well, yes.

But the thought of him being seriously hurt was terrifying to you.

Your change of attitude didn’t go unnoticed by Yagi. Though, in normal circumstances, he would have welcomed your doting, it was different when he actually wasn’t feeling good. This wasn’t some act he could bask in.

Pity was not what he wanted.

He huffed and mimed like he was going to make a rude remark---

Until you approached, reaching up over his slightly slumped form to draw his head down, stroking long bangs out of his face so you could rest the back of your palm against his forehead.

Insult disappeared, replaced with a tempered almost-pout.

Some doting wouldn’t be too bad.

“I’m fine,” he grumbled, jerking his head to the side to lose your hands but purposely leaving it still within your reach. When your palms returned to his cheeks, he looked at you out of the corner of his eye, melting into the warmth of your hands..

Gently, you turned him so he was back looking at you head-on.

“You don’t like right,” you said in a soft and quiet way that had his shoulders loosening. You were genuinely worried. “You need to go to the hospital.”


“All Might, I mean it. Like… you really need to go to the hospital or a doctor or something.” You searched for the right words. “You... do not look good right now. You really need medical help.”

“I’m fine .”

“You’re not fine,” you said, rolling your eyes. But there was fear there. Fear that he didn’t know how to respond to. A different kind of fear than what he was used to. “Why else would you come here? Obviously, you came here for a reason and the reason is you don’t feel good, isn’t it?”

His jaw shifted before it went tight, eyes narrowing as he worked up an excuse. He was All Might -- he was not some dog running to you with his tail between his legs.

“I’m not a doctor,” you said, sighing and pressing your palms tighter against his face, bobbing his head as you shook yours. “You need to stop thinking I am. Stitches are one thing but All Might, you’re sick . Like really sick. Like, I’m afraid to keep you here because you look like you’re about to drop dead. What if your appendix is about to burst? Or something is failing?”

As you spoke the pull of his frown grew more exaggerated as it became clear it wasn’t a topic you were going to drop. 

“I’m not going,” he snapped, pulling his head away for good by standing at his full height. “I didn’t come here because I was sick. I came here to get patched up.”

“Patched up?” You echoed. 

With an annoyed sigh, he started on the buttons of his overcoat, shrugging it off when they were undone and rolling up the sleeve of his sweater—

“What happened ?” You breathed when the grisly state of his arm was revealed. 

It had been partly bandaged, a hack job that was undoubtedly done by the villain himself, but he hadn’t even come close to binding all the marred flesh. All the bandages had done was sop up the still-oozing blood.

“Got bit,” was all he offered.

His explanation, though horrifyingly lacking, did suddenly shape the injury into a form you could make out. Puncture marks curved along his skin. You grabbed his wrist to lift and check the underside of his arm -- from what you could see, there were teeth marks there too.

Something had bitten down onto his arm. 

“By what ?” You asked. “ Who ? Did Ryukyu’s dragon form get hold of you?”


A dog !? There’s no way in hell a dog could have had a mouth so big. It would have had to have been massive .

No, a dragon made a little more sense.

What dog hero was there in the area that could have gotten him? None that you knew of. Unless it was someone new who hadn’t broken into the public consciousness yet? An average Joe, maybe? Could a normal person really give an injury like that to All Might? A bite?

A dog bite.



Dog bite.


You hesitated when the floodgates opened and your mind recalled the news stories that had been clogging up the media channels. All of which had mentioned a dog bite. The brief sentences of symptoms came after. Sweating. Groaning. Bite marks. Fever. 

Slowly, you dropped his arm, pulling yours back into your chest.

“Where… were you tonight?” You asked, making a conscious effort not to jump into any conclusions. 

The morbid curiosity you had over his injury was gone. You looked… apprehensive. 

Yagi snorted, certain he knew what you were thinking. He was constantly consuming the news -- that’s how All Might knew exactly where to be or what heroes were worth targeting. 

He, however, had hoped you hadn’t been.

He examined his wound, gingerly peeling off the sodden, red, bandages and carelessly dropping them down to the floor. You didn’t react, he observed. He cast a guarded look toward you.


In the Shibuya ward .

It was right next to Suginami. 

“All Might—”

“It’ll be fine .”

“It won’t be fine! They say the quirk user is rabid .”

“It’s hysterical journalism, idiot girl. The bastard isn’t rabid.” He snorted. “Even if he was, rabies doesn’t act this way. You don’t get sick right away.”

You gaped at him.

Was… All Might seriously trying to educate you on rabies?

“How in hell do you know what rabies looks like?” You ventured to ask, disbelief evident. 

“I looked it up,” he snapped back.

At what point had the villain brought out his phone to Google rabies? Was it when he had tried bandaging the wound himself? When he was undoubtedly jumping back to his probable-lair, ruined arm cradled against him?

The look on your face insulted him. 

His indignation baffled you.

Then, you were putting your hands on your head, trying to ground yourself to what the fuck was happening and the mind-blowingly lack of sense All Might possessed.

“Just because… they say rabies… doesn’t mean… actual rabies. It could be… the closest sickness… they can associate it with.”

“Can you just clean up my arm?” He hissed, attempting his usual snarling intimidation. However, his normal bad guy tactic didn’t work as well when he looked so ill. “So I can go to bed?”

“You can’t go to bed!” The man was an idiot. “You can’t sleep until a doctor looks at you! You don’t fall asleep when you're dealing with something like this!”

“It’s a bite , not a concussion, idiot girl.” A heavy, annoyed sigh filled the room as he glared at you. “Are you going to help me or do I have to handle this myself?”

It was not how you expected your night to go. A part of you wanted to wish All Might the best with his non-rabies, escort him to the door and lock it. Let him handle his own problems as they had nothing to do with you.

Unfortunately, that part of you was nowhere near large enough to coax you to turn your back on him. When he made a little woozy stagger, running an annoyed hand through his hair to try and disguise his weakness, your fate was further sealed.

“Just…” You sighed, looking him over, cradling your arms against you rather than folding them. “Don’t die on my couch, alright?” 

You wished you could have claimed that request was a joke but you were entirely serious. The last thing you needed was morning light to reveal the very dead body of All Might in your apartment.

He raised his nose at what you said … but softened at how thick your tone had been. “Like I would die from this .”

That didn’t make you feel any better.

- - -

While All Might settled on your couch, arm raised and extended in a half-assed attempt to keep blood from staining the fabric, you worked on gathering what you would need to clean and tend to his injury. Unquestioningly you had a decent supply of medical supplies stashed away and within a surprisingly short time you were working away on the tattered mess of his arm.

You didn’t have any kind of medical training but you had gone through enough wound tending with him thanks to previous (albeit much more minor) injuries: clean, disinfect, bandage then cross your fingers he wouldn’t go septic or something. 

It was the first time one of his injuries that you worked on extended past a flesh wound, however. Clearly the man wasn’t perking up and, by the time you were finished bandaging, his haze was all-encompassing. Questions of yours went unacknowledged and the sharp slaps you left on his cheeks were feebly brushed away. 

He did not look good.

“All Might…” You shook him by the shoulder and he grumbled at you, batting your touch away again. “... I think I’m… gonna call an ambulance.”

“Let me sleep,” he slurred to you. 

All you had were visions of The Long Sleep. 

You tried multiple times to change his mind. Nicely. Not-so nicely. Logically… As a favor to you. The man would not budge and ultimately kicked off his boots and demanded a blanket from you as he tilted sideways on the couch. 

You may have announced that, fine , an old fool like him deserved to die if he was going to act so stupidly, leaving to stew in your bedroom.

… Before eventually returning with a pillow and blanket that you carefully set around him.

Though he was clearly passed out, you didn’t expect to sleep so easily. It felt like every ten minutes you were slinking out to check on the man to make sure he wasn’t convulsing or dying.

But in the early hours of pre-dawn, your body failed you. Intense worry was actually a detriment to you and, instead of motivating you to stay awake, contributed to your exhaustion. You don’t remember falling asleep but you do remember jolting to awareness at hearing something.

You weren’t awake enough to recognize what the sound was, but you couldn’t shake the feeling that had been a loud crash or thump. Immediately thoughts of All Might rolling off the couch entered your mind and that’s what you expected to see when you headed to your living room…

Not a hulking figure standing in the middle of it.

Still, there was no fear. Just squinting as you fumbled around the hallway wall near you for the light switch. Had All Might bulked up? Why? Was he feeling better? God, had he broken your couch? He wasn’t planning on trying to weasel his way into your room was--

The was the swish of something by the figure’s waist. The first time, you thought it was the movement of a hand. The second time, you realized the angle and movement were all wrong.

Whatever it was, it wasn’t a hand.


You had started saying his name just as your finger found the light switch, flicking it up. You didn’t get a chance to finish -- the ‘Might’ fell apart in your mouth when light revealed what the figure was.


Two large ears that were settled on top of the creature’s head twitched in your direction at hearing you speak and he turned along with them. 


Teeth .

It was shocking, honestly, seeing a giant near-animal standing in your living room. It’s presence was so far out of the realm of possibility that you found yourself standing dumbly, trying to wrap your head around what it was you were seeing. Even the beast appeared to be processing what was happening.

You knew exactly what the beast looked like.

It looked exactly like a werewolf.

Thing was, werewolves… they didn’t exist. Well, save for the occasional quirk that had people taking on wolfish characteristics.

But there was no doubt you were looking at something that bore a striking resemblance to a specific horror creature.

Horror movie .

Some senses returned to you and your eyes quickly darted to the couch--

An empty couch.

Senses completely returned to you when the creature moved, shifting forward slightly, breaking your spell.

What the fuck was standing in your living room?

Instinctively, you sprinted backward and immediately the creature took chase. You could hear it snarling and snapping behind you ran back into the safety of your bedroom--

Which you realized was not safe at all once you closed and locked the door, recognizing you had sealed yourself into a dead-end. 

You had many adrenaline-induced thoughts as the creature pounded against the bedroom door. Jumping out of the window, trying to beat the monster away with something you could use as protection in your bedroom, hoping that All Might would come crashing in--

All Might’s disappearance was in the back of your mind. Because, despite how illogical it was to think that the monster was indeed a werewolf… things did fit into place. A dog bite leading to a sick Might? Him disappearing but this monster, with two large upright yellow ears, appearing? A similar enough build that you confused them in the dark?

And the rasped out, obvious, ‘kitten’?

From the clashing of jaws as the monster leaped for you, it was safer to assume that even if it was All Might, trying to communicate with him probably wasn’t the best idea and would most likely result in you being gored.

With a flick of the wrist you sent the monster back several seconds so that it was just breaking down the door while you were scrambling for the window, possessing every intention of jumping out of it--

Either the creature's reflexes were mind-bogglingly fast or it had expected a time trick from you. There was no hesitation when it ripped down the door a second time and lunged to you, a clawed hand wrapping around your waist and sending you down to the ground.


The air was completely knocked out of you when something heavy dropped on your back, blanking your mind. Above you, or behind you, a deep growl was heard, clearly indicating that it was the monster that had pinned you down. 

Fight or flight was abandoned -- fear had immobilized you and, when you felt the pressure of something sharp begin to clamp down on your shoulder, you squeezed your eyes closed and whimpered, expecting a terrible death.

It just so happened that, at the same time you released your pitiful sound, the creature froze. 


The pressure at your shoulder shifted before it was pulled away altogether. You, however, were completely unaware of what was happening behind your back. With your forehead against the floor, you could only wait for your inevitable demise.

The hair around your neck moved and you felt it -- the flash of hot breath against the skin by your ear. Instinctively, your shoulders pulled up as you flinched, hairs rising as your body warned you of a very dangerous presence by an exposed sensitive place. 

Visions of your neck being torn open.

Another breath.

Nearly decapitated as it bit down and tore.

Another breath.

Another breath.

Another breath--

Your eyes opened.

It wasn’t a breath. 

It was an inhale

You didn’t need to see in order to know the monster was pressing its nose into your hair. Burying itself in it, breathing the scent of you in. Just as it had experienced at the door, familiarity had returned a presence of mind to the creature. Enough that the instinct to hunt was momentarily sated by you.

You weren’t something that it wanted to hunt.

A pleased rumble vibrated across the creature as it nuzzled against you, tangling its maw in your hair.

It knew it liked you.

It knew it liked you a whole lot.

“Kit . Was all it was able to croak out in it’s hoarse, broken voice.

You had no idea what to do.

You didn’t like how close the fanged jaw of Monster Might was to your neck, a steady stream of drool soaking your skin and clothing, but you’d take some strange affection over mindless gutting any day. Still, you had no desire to move as you were afraid any shifting on your end would break the spell and he would tear you to pieces. 

So, you allowed the creature -- rather, All Might -- to snuggle into you, bathing his face in your smell until something wet caressed your neck.

You shuddered.

He was licking you.

Up and down the side of your neck his tongue trailed,  making you flinch and shudder each time it passed up by your ear. You tried hiding that part of your neck against your shoulder once more but the beast just switched sides, greedily lapping the salt of the skin it assumed you were offering up to him.

The overgrown puppy was licking you.

But… the thoughts of him being a puppy quickly evaporated when you started to recognize a steady rocking motion against the back of your calf. Not only that, there was a warmth pressed against your leg that was dragging against the fabric of your sweatpants and leaving what you quickly realized was dampness.


The time for affection was over. He clearly was getting too into it. 

“Alright,” you said, audibly swallowing as you started your first, slow squirm. No sudden movements. “Alright--”

The body against you went rigid and a nose sharply pressed against your neck -- a clear warning that moving wasn’t going to be tolerated. 

“All Might,” you squeaked, aware there was a certain… drag happening across your pant leg -- something was catching onto the fabric. “ All Might!”


“Don’t kitten me,” you hissed, smacking the back of your head into his nose. What would you say to a dog that was misbehaving? “Bad! Bad!

He growled at that. 

Actually growled.

Maybe you were crazy but you could understand perfectly what was happening. Some visage of All Might was attempting to woo you in the worst possible way and any implications that he was some kind of dog were not appreciated.

Had you done something in a past life that warranted continued punishment?

“I’m not fucking you,” you snapped/squealed after feeling a strong, hitched hump against your leg. “I wouldn’t fuck you if you were normal and I’m especially not going to when you’re like… like this .”

Kittan , was the thickened response. You would have said he purred the word but that felt blasphemous considering he was clearly canine.

“Let me up!”

The request was ignored -- the licking had started up again as his attempt at wolfish romance continued, drool dripping and running down your neck. Was this something that happened to everyone who was bitten or were you just an unlucky one, victim to All Might’s infatuation with you?

... And annoying libido.

-itt-n,” he grumbled again, as it was the only word repeating on an unending loop in his head.

You just took it as the only word his primitive mind could string together.

He shifted then, moving away from your neck as his entire body adjusted over you. The pin his upper body had on you was released and you attempted to crawl away from him--

In your foolish haste, you hadn’t army crawled but had slowly risen to your hands and knees with the intent to stand once you escaped the cradle of his body. Although he recognized your attempt at escape, and was quick to snatch at you, he also couldn’t ignore the fact you had essentially presented yourself to him. The flash of anger he had was quick-lived as he settled over you, slotting himself against you.

You froze when he essentially rolled himself across and behind you, two fuzzy forearms settling on either side of you and his torso butted up against your back--

And something very rigid nestled right between your legs, jerking up against you with enough force that your knees were momentarily lifted from the ground.

Hotness traveled across your entire being, starting at the tips of your ears, traveling down your spine and, embarrassingly pooling deep within your gut.

You had been basically mounted on your bedroom floor.

It was a struggle to speak -- your tongue felt like lead, your throat was tight and all you could do was swallow in an attempt to wet the mouth that had quickly gone dry. 

If you looked straight ahead you could see the underside of his jaw as his much larger form curled around yours. You could hear his loud breathing. Watch as saliva continued to steadily stream from his jaw. It was supposed to be disgusting. Horrible.

But then he started to move his hips and it got just a little harder to think straight.

Clothing separated you from the appendage that was pressed and rubbing against your crotch -- sweatpants, underwear… layers of protection. However, the harsh jerking motions of his humping were awakening something in you that you had prayed had been completely eradicated, not just lying dormant -- gone forever, signaling the end of your relationship.

Clearly, much to your self-loathing, it wasn’t dead as each thrust had it growing a bit brighter. He was a monster but he was All Might . Your All Might. And even in his hairy wolf form, you felt your body happily responding to him, pleased at the way he felt against you, how natural everything was.

How much you missed it.

Of course, common sense was screeching in your ear to stay strong but…

The sawing of his cock continued as you felt added pressure settle against your back sending your upper body to the floor. In fact, Monster Might picked up speed, his symphony of grunting breaths ringing in your ears. They were foreign and oh-so-familiar all at the same time. Even the position you were in -- face down, ass up -- was oddly comforting.

What the fuck was wrong with you?

Now, All Might wasn’t exactly in the right state of mind. The thoughts floating around his newly-transformed brain weren’t concrete musings with a voice -- his voice -- they were very much flashes of impulses. The drive to hunt, which had been all-encompassing after his grueling metamorphosis, had very much fallen to the wayside thanks to the sweet wafting scent of a known mate and the longing of a nice fuck.

The humping, and consequent mounting, further fanned those flames. But a new primitive feeling made itself known -- frustration. His cock was pushing against the relative coarseness of sweatpant material and was not being wrapped around the warm velvet of you . How could he breed you if he wasn’t inside of you?

With a huff he pushed off of you. 

Oddly dazed, you blinked as you tried to sit up, painfully aware of how much colder you suddenly felt without the furnace of his body heat pressed against you and the silent complaint you had that he had stopped things.

It’s for the best, you thought to yourself before your lower body was tugged off the ground completely. The pulling against your waistline was unexpected and, having not braced yourself, you face smacked directly into the floor.

“Hey!” you legitimately shouted, trying to twist and roll over as your legs and pelvis were whipped up and down. “What the hell are you doing!?”

It soon became clear enough that he wasn’t trying to rip you in half -- the idiot was trying to take your pants off. After smacking his clawed hands several times, All Might finally huffed and let go, allowing your legs to drop down with an unceremonious thump.

“You and I both know that--”

You had made the mistake of looking back and you grew slightly dimmer at taking in the heaving, gnashing form he was in, looming over you like he had just downed a deer and was ready to gorge.

Legitimately, for a second, you had forgotten how monstrous he looked.

His fangs weren’t the only thing that caught your eye.

It was impossible not to glance down and stare at the noticeably bright red cock that was protruding proudly from the sheath at his groin. It’s vividness stood out against the mottled blonde, brown and grey mix of his coat. And, much like his mouth, his cock was oozing just as heavily -- an ample slickness coated it that was obvious even in the dimmed light of your bedroom. 

It was not at all human, you observed to your horror and horrified arousal. The shape was off, the thickness was off and it was bigger than what you remember All Might’s cock being. Or was your memory downsizing All Might’s usual endowment?

His cock also flared at the bottom, taking on a more bulbous form near the base--

There was a sudden somersault of your gut. 

You gaped at his dick before looking back up at his face -- a deer caught in headlights. 

You weren’t doing anything.

Just staring.

Worst part? You were well aware you were staring.

Because you were waiting to see what would happen next.

You didn’t know how much humanity was floating around in All Might’s brain but you could sense the cockiness radiating off him at having seen your ogling. He was partially baring his teeth at you -- it didn’t take you long to realize it wasn’t a sign of aggression, it was a smile.

Well, probably more of a smirk or a grin.

Slowly, All Might lowered himself closer to you, a massive clawed hand pressing against your turned shoulder, silently ordering you to look forward. 

You did so.

Resting on your forearms, you stared at the floor with wide eyes as you felt a single claw dig into the back of your neck and follow the path of your spine -- between your shoulders, running along your back, traveling down to your lower back…

When it approached the area of your tailbone, you felt it hook.

Catching the waistband of your pants.

Catching the waistband of your panties.

Pulling them both down as it moved.

Either All Might had been playing games with you earlier or he had suddenly remembered how pants worked.

Strange anxiety took the form of an inferno blazing across the back of your neck that also had you shivering. That seesaw feeling of your body grew worse when you felt the oddly chilled air of the room whisper across you bare ass when your bottoms were tugged half-hazardly down.

A satisfied chuff left him at seeing your cunt peeking up at him, the muscles in your thighs contracting and dancing in anticipation. You obviously wanted him. Still, he sat back on his haunches and waited, breathing in the dampness of your arousal and giving you the opportunity to skitter away if you wanted to. 

Truthfully, he wasn’t sure how he would react and might very well give chase. But his humanity came to him in pulses -- the strong kick of something animalistic that would ebb enough for him to think before being triggered again by something in the environment. 

At that moment, though, he really wanted to see a definitive choice. He wanted you to signal that you were picking him. And after a minute or so of inactivity, you looked back over your shoulder at him.

He was staring at you. You were staring at him. Neither one of you moving--

Well, until you swallowed -- brows dipping slightly as you gave him a questioning look on what he was… well , waiting for.

He snapped.

His torso collided into your back, sending you back face-first into the ground. A thick furred arm wrapped around your waist, though, that keep your ass still enough for him to position his cock back between your legs.

The initial slide of his dick across your cunt was absolutely electric; slick skin on skin, how smooth his cock felt as he rutted it against you. The oozey mess it left against you.

He was snapping his hips against the backs of your thighs as he humped, the speed oddly controlled. Had it not been for the one-armed hold he had your body in, the force of his body would have repeatedly sent you forward or, at least, repeatedly face-first onto the floor. 

It was divine though. Rock your hips at just the right angle and there would be a rubbing pressure against your clit that had your mouth popping open. You wanted him inside you. Whatever secretion was pooling out from his dick was lube enough, judging from the sticky mess you could feel coating your thighs. At the end of every thrust, you hoped the next motion would be aligning himself to your entrance and the slow push in.

But he was taking his time, enjoying how your body felt against his cock, filling the air with pleased gruffs and grunts that only fanned the flames of your frustration.

A particularly hard thrust had you jerking forward, a groan spilling from you as you rested your forehead on your forearm, fingers splayed against the wood. God, you just wanted him to put it in you already.

All Might ,” you called in a half-hearted way, speaking more into your arm than to him. You sighed, squeezing your eyes shut at another seemingly teasing pass across your sex. “All Might… please.

Talking to yourself or not, you still spoke loud enough that the sharp ears of the wolfish-man humping against you caught what you had said. ‘All Might please.’ 

Oh, those were some nice words coming from you.

After one last thrust for good measure, he changed the movement of his hips. He was no longer rubbing against you but prodding, his cock blindly trying to get ensnared by your entrance. After the fourth or so poke, you took matters into your own hands.

He felt your arm press against his as you reached down between your legs, warm fingers gingerly enclosing around his cock--

The jerk of his hips had been involuntary, his shaft passing through your loosely-closed fist. Both of you shuddered at the sensation; without thinking, he rocked into your hand again while you focused on the smooth texture of the squelching of slickness between your fingers. Though he went for a third stroke, the greedy bastard that he was, you were far too wound up to indulge him with a handjob. 

You aligned the head of his cock with your pussy, only pulling away when you felt the beginnings of a stretch gripping him, certain he wouldn’t lose his place if he was to move.

Oh… that sweet, warmness… that was what he had been craving and at the barest kiss of it, he was greedily pushing himself into it.

Fuck , you breathed and thought all at once as the stretching sensation grew tenfold as he entered you. The feeling was… it was something. His size was on your mind sure, but the wetness. It was as if he had dumped an entire bottle of lube onto his cock, his push almost becoming a glide. 

Don’t get ahead of yourself. He’d bust you in two if he just… popped in.

The two of you were silent, save for the heavy breathing, as he worked on getting you acclimated to his cock. The urge to slam in and pound was there and was very strong but…

Well, although the thought of ruining you was terribly appealing, he didn’t want to actually ruin you. He wanted you to give him kisses, after all. So many kisses. You wouldn't give him kisses if you were mad at him. He had actually been hoping you were going to give him kisses when you were holding his face so nicely earlier.

God, he missed you.

God, you were so small.

There was a very good chance he was never going to let you leave the room. 

Slowly he pushed in, only to slowly drag himself out, only to slowly push in again deeper, only to slowly drag himself out--

It was a process. A process that lasted for several minutes and slowly picked up speed once he bottomed-out inside of you the first time. You had groaned then, being so full and feeling the tickle of his fur against your ass. The arm fixated around your waist moved so that his palm was pressed flush against your lower stomach, adding a pressure that had you rolling your head against your arm, eyes fluttering.

You were stretching, accommodating him like the perfect glove you were.  

“Kit-tan,” he groaned and you looked up to watch him mindlessly start to lick at your floor. 

And then he started to fuck you.

Whatever presence of mind he had melted once it became clear the prep was over and you were ready to be mated. 

At every stroke of his hips, each time his cock buried itself in you completely, you saw stars. There was a level of uncomfortableness at first… and oddly enough, it really upset you. This idea that you had forgotten what his body felt like when it connected with yours. But then you were warming up to him and all you felt was full.

Actually, maybe more… stuffed.

And then he was going faster, really taking on a more animalistic pace. From an outsider’s perspective, you were being fucked with purpose. Though, the loud cries and whimpers and sighs you were letting loose would have made it immediately clear you were enjoying yourself. 

At some point, his cock struck a spot deep inside you that suddenly had you folding in on yourself as an unexpected pleasure shot up from your gut and made your limbs go hot. Your pussy clenched around All Might’s cock as you came, internally gushing and creaming around him. 

It was at that moment that you wished All Might had been human. Whenever you really creamed, the man would just light up while you would attempt to hide your face. He never let you, eager to poke fun and torture over how excitable you were… but after his roasting and fucking, he would drown you with love in his afterglow. 

You probably wouldn’t get that same treatment, judging how Wolf Might didn’t even recognize your orgasm -- he just kept pounding and slamming into you, grunting and growling away.

There was a pricking by your stomach as the claws of his hand twitched and started pressing into your skin. You felt an added push from his body as well as he started to lean more into you, angling you both in a way where he was fucking down into you--

He was hitting that spot again. That deep spot. Repeatedly. You mewled and clawed at his forearm, trying to get him to ease up because each thrust had your knees twitching and breathing hiccuping. 

Course, he only went harder.

The second time you came, you more-or-less slammed your face into your arms and just groaned , melting and twitching and how wonderful the sensation was. You felt… wet and you could only imagine the mess you had left on his cock. But those thoughts became jumbled when he didn’t let up on his fucking and you found yourself trying to roll away to prevent him from repeatedly assaulting something so sensitive. 

He didn’t like that -- he squeezed at you and snarled, huffing and pummeling your cunt har--

A new sensation was making its way to your brain -- an additional something was attempting to jam its way inside of you.

You shuddered, realizing what was approaching. The swelling at the base of All Might’s cock that he was trying to push inside of you. Trying wasn’t exactly the right word -- it was actively happening. You felt his knot push your pussy lips wider, demanding access. Forcing access. 

There was a dull aching throb as your sex complained about the additional girth it was going to have to try and accommodate. All Might was already larger, Wolf Might may be larger and now more?

You licked your lips, oddly welcoming to the stress your body was going through, groaning when you felt the first almost catch of his knot. Then it happened again, and again, and again…

“Fuck,” you hissed, biting your own arm at the strain and the spread and the pain. You almost expected the feeling to disappear once it entered you, like it was an initial hump that you needed to get over… but it didn’t. That sensation of overextension didn’t let up once the knot slipped inside. Reflexively, your sex was attempting to push out the swell but it was too late -- the nature of All Might’s thrusting had changed entirely once you were knotted.

It wasn’t an in-and-out sawing motion anymore -- he was carefully fucking into you without much pull-back. Just a steady pap, pap, pap that had your shoulders flinching up. When he adjusted his knees, you cooed and gasped at the shifting of his knot.

Then he grunted and loudly rolled his tongue around in his mouth, stilling.

There was noticeable twitching of his cock in your gut that was joined by a continued flood of warmth as he unloaded completely inside you. 

“Oh god ,” you breathed, basking in the combination of being stretched and filled. All at once it was satisfying and maddening -- he wasn’t even done and you wanted more. Realistically, when was the next time you were going to be knotted by All Might? Unless this werewolf transformation became a new trick in his bag but you doubted it.

Gluttony aside, you released a guttural groan when you felt All Might press a clawed hand against your stomach -- the added pressure was too much and you were too full. Judging from the mess you felt trickling down your legs, his knot hadn’t been able to contain all of the seed he had dropped in you. 

You wanted more.

All Might appeared satisfied enough, though. Fully embedded he gingerly began the process of rearranging your bodies, bristling happily at the sweet sounds you made each time his knot and cock moved the slightest bit inside you. When he was finished, he was sitting with his back against your bed, you in his lap leaning back on him, impaled and immobile until his knot deflated.

At least with this new position, you could catch the barest glimpse of your messy joining, humming in strange contentment as you rested the back of your head on All Might’s torso, spinning pieces of his leg-fur between your fingers.

“You still need to visit the doctor,” you murmured. When All Might didn’t respond, you looked up at him, staring at the underside of his jaw. “You hear me?”

You felt his complaining sound more than heard it.

You didn’t have the patience to press the issue at that moment, so you let the subject die while continuing to stare up at the wolfish head of All Might. Teeth and drool, that’s all he was. 

Hell, thinking about it, even normal Might could be described as teeth and drool…

Sensing your gaze, the villain tilted his head down, studying you lazily before curling his lip lightly -- another one of his deformed smiles. You shook your head and, despite yourself, smiled softly. 

He saw it. Leaning down, he attempted to bestow long, languid licks across your face, forcing several until you sputtered and shied away. 

“No,” you snapped. “No kissing. You don’t deserve kissing.”

That stung far more than he cared to admit.

Eventually, although he was very loath to let you, All Might’s knot shrank enough that you were able to unseat yourself. Of course, doing so was like opening a floodgate and immediately your cunt was a drooling mess, but at least you could move.

Well, for a few steps. Until All Might decided he wasn’t done with you.

He was half-pushing, half-dragging you back down to the floor. Having had time to allow your arousal to cool, the burning desire to be immediately mounted again wasn’t there anymore… but it didn’t look like he was attempting to position you ass-up.

Ignoring your grumblings, he flopped his head onto your lap, acting as if he was entirely ready to fall asleep. You had to laugh -- it was an actual All Might move and seeing a lupine version of him use it was very humanizing.

“No,” you tapped his nose, ignoring the snarl and actual show of teeth he gave you. “This isn’t how it is anymore.”

The snarl slowly faded as he considered your words. That, joined by the tired look you gave him…

Once more, you had done something that did not sit well with him.

He didn’t want to leave. He had no plans on leaving. He would fall asleep on top of you on the damn floor if he needed to.

But, he had ideas. Plans to try and get you to come around on him again. One of which involved him dragging himself down your body so he was laying idly by your thighs.

Dumb ,” All Might rasped. 

You groaned unhappily, using your foot to push away his face from your lower body. 

So he wasn’t entirely mindless. 

Should you still consider him All Might in the state he was in?  Dog Might seemed apter. All Dog? All Wolf? Generally, the horror stories you knew involving people transforming into wolves didn’t contain parts where the werewolf would proceed to fuck the person they were hunting. 

Maybe you were missing out.

Musings were cut short when you felt pinching by your inner-thighs. You caught him just as you reached down to bat his face away -- he had been nipping at you, carefully using the smaller front teeth to grab hold of your flesh. 

His head was unyielding though, resisting your push away. He wanted to be settled between your legs and clawed hands wrapped around them, sharp points digging into you in warning. 

“All Might--” You grunted, trying to shift away. An idea had popped into your head about what his intent could be -- why he wanted to be there -- and a rough tongue passing across the sensitive skin of thigh confirmed your suspicions. 

All Might ,” you tried again weakly, brows dipping pleadingly as you watched his tongue continue to loll out of his mouth, slowly licking the insides of your legs. A hard swallow caught in your throat -- this wasn’t right. 

That tongue, though. It was something else. You felt like you were being mesmerized by the dance of a cobra as you watched the fleshy, pink appendage dip out from behind drooling jaws, curling over too-sharp teeth as it rolled against you. Drifting ever higher. And your mind started welcoming more and more thoughts about his tongue. Especially how large it was -- much larger than what he had as a human. 

Although All Might was many things, most of which weren’t anything to be proud of, you had to give him credit when it came to oral -- he was good at it. And an embarrassingly large part of you wanted to know what that tongue could do. The added thickness and length, the texture , the way he could curl the tip of it and really lap.

The grave had already been dug. 

You -- long buried. 

So, a little more couldn’t possibly hurt, right

The fucking had already happened and, on the ladder of fornication, that was the highest rung. 

Besides, the fucking had been for him. Sure, you had enjoyed it well enough, but oral would be about you. All about you. 

Well… 85% about you -- having you come undone was an ego boost for him, you couldn’t deny that. 

You dropped your head back on the hardwood of your bedroom, body melting as his tongue followed the crease of where leg met hip. He knew he had you when you reached down, hands cupping his ears, petting and lightly fiddling with him. 

You could feel pass of air as he breathed against your messy, cum-soaked sex. A mess he had made, and would clean up, and probably make a mess of again. In the distance, your phone alarm began to go off just as you were dubbing yourself a sort of hero. While he was with you, he wasn’t out causing havoc or hurting people. You were doing something for the greater good. A modern-day Joan of Arc? Possibly. You were quite self-sacrificing, weren’t you?

That phone alarm though.

You groaned, its shrill ring was in your ears and strumming your anxiety.

“I have to turn off my alarm,” you declared.

You felt solidness twitch and move beside you as you attempted to push off the arm that was wrapped around you. The living room television was still on, the puttering of machine-gun fire playing quietly as you tried to get up from where you were snuggled on the couch.

Course, All Might only held onto you tighter.

“I mean it, I have to go to work,” you groaned into his chest, pulling off the blankets of the bed to try and force him to let go -- that goddamn alarm still ringing out.

Finally, All Might let up, allowing you to pull yourself out of his embrace and off the mattress. Your phone wasn’t on your nightstand and you felt your stomach drop as you flittered around the room looking for it.

If you weren’t out the door within the next five minutes, you would probably miss the train and you couldn’t be late for work. If you were late for work… there was no telling all the terrible things that would happen.

Suddenly dressed, you assumed it was probably next to the coffee pot in the kitchen -- you must have left it there when you had gone through your usual morning routine. You smoothed out your dress and made your way over to the sleeping hulk in your bed. 

“Love you,” you said, pulling on a bed-mussed bang while leaving a peck on his cheek.

He would run you down if you dared left without giving him a kiss goodbye.

“Don’t forget about the vegetables in the crisper,” he muttered back, face muffled by the pillow he was strangling in a sleep headlock.

You felt the echo of confusion about vegetables as your eyes snapped open and you quickly rolled over, instinctively reaching to grab for your phone on your nightstand. The alarm was equal parts anxiety-inducing and annoying -- when your thumb pressed the large orange snooze button, plunging your bedroom into silence, simple relief filled you.

It was 6 o’clock in the morning, you read, determining you could get away with snoozing your alarm at least two more times before you had to start getting ready for work.

Out of habit, you checked your email only to find junk mail had arrived during the night. 

Then, you tossed your phone on your bed, beside you.

It took several seconds of introspection to remember that you had just come out of a dream. What the dream was, you couldn’t recall. A slight stirring in your loins had you wondering if maybe it was dirty but the details had already been lost to you. At starting a new day, the slate of your mind had been wiped clean. It was a pity, it was always nice to have a sex dream to recall during the boring bits of the day.

There was something bothering you that you couldn’t quite put your finger on, though -- you weren’t sure if it was about the dream or forgetting the dream. Your subconscious, conscious, or any-other-kind-of-conscious didn’t seem eager to let your already-forgotten dream go. 

But nothing was coming back to you. Except for the idea of eating. Last time you had been waddling around a mall in desperate search of the food court…

You had been working through the fact that maybe the ‘it’s such a shame I forgot that dream’ feeling you had was actually moonlighting as authentic sadness over having forgotten something… genuine, when the sudden blaring of your alarm had you immediately searching for your phone to shut it off.

By then, it was clear you had to go to the bathroom, so any chance of sneaking more sleep was unlikely.

It was a pity though. You threw your covers off you, mindlessly pressing the app icon of a bluebird as you headed toward your bathroom.

You had a feeling you would have liked to have experienced that dream again.