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write like you're running out of time

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yoongi knows he promised namjoon he’d be home before 4:30. he’s very aware of this in fact. remembers namjoon threatening him if he didn’t return, namjoon would withhold cuddling for a month and kisses for even longer. he remembers namjoon pulling on his long coat and slamming the door to yoongi’s studio. namjoon never slams doors. when he does, it’s a jarring experience because that means he’s beyond pissed. his gentle giant is mad at him. probably furious. taehyung and jimin have been blowing up his phone with text messages about namjoon staying up and waiting for him to the point where he regretfully had to mute them. jin’s been calling him, leaving many a voicemail, talking about “breaking promises” and how his dinner was cold. jungkook texted him to let him know he ate his leftovers cold and how hoseok is threatening to cut his dick off if he doesn’t start heading towards the dorm right now.

but he has to finish this. he has to song. their comeback is soon, almost a month away and he just wants to perfect this last track. filming will start soon and he has to get this done. all the other producers have been on his ass about it, needing a completed version done by tomorrow.

he checks the clock.

7:15 am. he hasn’t seen sunlight since yesterday when he left.

it’s the predetermined “tomorrow” today. he’s been living off of monster energy drinks he had been hoarding in his room and mint cough drops he keeps in case his throat is sore. it’s not enough sustenance for him to not fall asleep (he knows he has at least twice) but he continued working.

his left eye is twitching and he’s pretty sure he has carpal tunnel. the tips of his fingers feel numb and he knows without looking his eyes are definitely bloodshot. he’s depleted of all energy, all his willingness to stay awake even more is set at a low bar.

he checks the clock again.

7:16 am.

it’s only been a minute since the last time he checked. time is definitely against him.

he feels like there's an impending threat, like everyone will be disappointed in him if he doesn't get this finished.

despite the crushed cans and the crinkly bag of cough drops and his withered fingers and overall shitty ass posture, he needs to continue working. it’s imperative for him to keep working, just until he is fully satisfied with the song. he just needs to give it a listen through, send it to hitman bang and maybe adora to offer backing vocals and then he can finally go home and fall into his egyptian 1,000 thread count sheets seokjin gave him when they got separate rooms.

there’s a pounding outside his door that prevents him from clicking on his screen, shaking him from his semi-benumbed state.

he swivels in his chair, head spinning with red lines and blue sparkles, scooting towards the incessant pounding.

he opens the door, seeing a red-faced namjoon staring down at him.

he’s dressed in one of yoongi’s oversized hoodies, still straining against the bulk of his chest and arms and a pair of gray sweatpants with food stains covering the crotch. he wonders what that’s about, looking between the stains and namjoon’s quite frankly furious face until namjoon pushes himself inside and blocks the door from being shut.

yoongi turns back around the give it a final listen through.


oh fuck, namjoon really is pissed. mega pissed.

usually his boyfriend would be happy to yoongi, a bright smile to accent the usually sweetened voice but this. this will not end well for yoongi.

he doesn’t answer.

“hyung, i asked you to be home by at the very least 4:30. it’s 7:20 now.” he sounds exhausted. not as angry but disappointed.

“i had to work on this namjoon. you of all people should know that.”

he hears shifting behind him, assuming that namjoon has now crossed his arms.

“i know that hyung but-” his voice breaks towards the end. “-but i wanted to actually cuddle you to sleep tonight. you’ve been pulling all-nighters for too many weeks. you can barely stay awake during dance practic, even when hoseok yells at you.”

yoongi turns in his chair a little bit, seeing a pout on namjoon’s face.

“i guess i just miss you. you’re at the dorm but you’re not… really there.”

yoongi looks at namjoon and attempts to stand. blood rushes to his head, making his frail frame fall into arms. he looks into namjoon’s eye for a second before leaning all the way in and wrapping his arms around the younger. he presses his face in the space between namjoon’s pecs.

“i’m sorry joonie.”

it’s muffled behind the thick layer of fabric that makes up namjoon’s (yoongi’s) hoodie.

he looks up namjoon, who’s still staring down at him sadly.

“you say that everytime, but you always force yourself to stay awake.”

yoongi squeezes namjoon’s waist tighter, trying to insinuate his apologies. he’s not good at this. this feeling thing. namjoon makes him fluttery and smiley and like sunshine and rock road ice cream. he hates rocky road ice cream.

“i didn’t know it bothered that much, joon.”

namjoon grabs yoongi’s chin and lifts it. “of course it bothers me, hyung. you push yourself sometimes, trying to be the best.” he rests his head on yoongi’s chin.

“sometimes you don’t have to be the best, hyung,” he whispers.

yoongi nods, turning to his electronic clock. he turns back to namjoon’s face and smiles.

7:25 am. the sun is about to come up.

“if you want,” he begins, clearing his throat, “we can watch the sunrise together? i know it’s a greasy move and you’re probably still mad at me but-”

namjoon cuts him off with a kiss on the forehead. “of course hyung.” he reaches for yoongi’s hand and squeezes it.

they open yoongi’s door, dashing down the hallway, passing by namjoon’s own studio for the elevator. they finally reach the it, clamoring inside and stabbing the up button. the elevator is taking too slow, both biting their lips in anticipation. it feels like they’re running out of time, finally reaching the top floor and rushing for the roof exit.

the door pushes open with ease, yoongi almost falling onto the plush grash sitting at the top of the building. the air is crisp and cold, hitting yoongi’s face. fresh air. he breathes it in and slow inhales, hearing namjoon do the same. they turn towards the east in astonishment, seeing the very edge of the bright star in the sky.

he looks down at his watch.

7:28 am.

the sun.

he looks in awe, the darkness of the seoul night fading away slowly, the swirls of bright orange and red and blue mixing together. it’s gorgeous, stopping both of their breaths. pale yellow melts into the colors like melted butter, saturating the picture. the stars fade away leaving yoongi and namjoon and the sun on the rooftop.

yoongi pulls on namjoon’s sweatshirt, pulling him down by the collar and kisses him.

namjoon smiles into the kiss and sighs.

they watch the sunrise to completion, finding a spot to sit down on one of the rooftop’s lawn chairs. yoongi sits on namjoon’s lap, holding his hands against his face to warm his cheeks.

“just so you know, i’m still mad at you,” namjoon whispers against the column of yoongi’s neck. yoongi gasps and turns around to look into the younger’s eyes.

“really?” he frowns.

“not as much i was,” namjoon says. “but yes. i will be withholding hugs for a week and kisses for two.”

yoongi pouts, trying to emphasize his puppy dog eyes. they prove ineffective when namjoon pinches his thigh.

“stop that hyung. you promised me you would be home.”

“i said i was sorry! i took you to see the sunrise! i hate the cold! please tell me my efforts aren’t going unnoticed.”

namjoon looks at yoongi, a pout on his pink but chapped lips.

“fine. you may give me one kiss. just for today until the 2 weeks are up.”

yoongi relents, pressing a kiss onto namjoon’s forehead. then the tip of his nose. then on both cheeks and one on his lips.

“i said one,” namjoon mutters.

“you didn’t stop me.” yoongi presses another on his lips.

“hyung!” namjoon shoves his shoulder lightly, barely moving yoongi away. “i’m still supposed to mad at you!”

yoongi laughs and presses a final kiss on his forehead.

he pulls back and looks into namjoon’s eyes. he can see a faint reflection of the sky in them.

“i love you, joonie.”

namjoon wraps his arms around yoongi midsection and pulls him in closer. it’s uncomfortable for both parties. yoongi’s knee is resting on namjoon’s crotch and yoongi can feel a charlie horse coming along. but they stay snuggled together, building the other’s walls around them.

“i love you too, yoongi.”