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Fire Emblem Fates Rewrite (Heirs of Fate)

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(The chapter begins immediately after the previous one. Kana, Kanaya, Shigure, and Lyci can be seen near Anankos' dragon form on the map.)

Shigure: Now that he's shifted, I believe this is his last stand. He can't pull out any extra power after we defeat him this time. 

Lyci: So, that means that we're about to end all of this... It's the last battle. 

Kana: You're right... Wow. Who would have guessed that we would have been tasked with killing a god a few months ago? 

Kanaya: No matter how much has changed, I'm not going to let it get me down. We're going to win today. 

(Whatever units have been deployed will partake in dialogue next. Those not deployed will not speak.)

Shiro: If this is what we have to do, then that's fine by me! I have no problems with taking out a god. I just doubt he's ready for me! 

Galatea: Too many people have suffered under this monster for us to back down now, so I'm going to power through no matter what awaits me! 

Tempest: The legacy that drove us to this point... They are all watching over us, and I'm sure they are praying for our victory. 

Kiragi: I wonder if gods have a weak spot right between the eyes... Because we all know that's where my arrows are going to wind up! 

Sumiko: I-I'm not the weak little girl I was when this all first began, and Anankos is going to find that out firsthand! 

Midori: The only medicine that can fix this disaster is your death... And I'd be happy to act as the agent of the fallen! 

Asugi: Imagine what others will think when they hear that I helped to kill a god... Heh. You're not ready for what I'm about to do to you. 

Mitama: Imagine the beautiful poetry this will inspire... Of course, you won't survive long enough to hear it!

Hisame: Too many lives have been lost for us to lose our drive now. I will ensure that you meet an early grave... It's about time. 

Caeldori: I know many people are counting on us to finish this, and I'm happy to do what I can to defeat you once and for all! 

Selkie: You want to play around, huh? Alright! Just don't say that I didn't warn you... I can be deadly when angered. 

Rhajat: You directed us all down the path of darkness, so I'd be happy to show you how it feels in return... You won't survive it though. 

Brand: I don't know how you can stand there and act like this isn't your fault... Then again, I suppose you've gone too mad to care. Allow me to drag you back into hell! 

Siegbert: I've come far in my pursuits of defending Nohr from evil. I won't let you ruin all our hard work. 

Owen: Do you have any idea how many people died while you tried to create this world? I doubt you do, and even if you were aware, I don't think you bothered to think of them... 

Forrest: I will no longer allow my fear to keep me from fighting. I'll do what I have to in order to see you defeated! 

Luna: I was trained in the ways of the assassin before this whole incident began, you know... Perhaps you'll be my next target. 

Timpani: Too many people have suffered by now for us to back down... You aren't going to be ready for what's about to happen! 

Sophie: I'm not as clumsy as I once was, and I'd be happy to show you just how good I've gotten with a lance up close! 

Soleil: Can you imagine how many girls have suffered because of you? It's criminal, truly. Allow me to avenge them here today! 

Ophelia: The great Ophelia Dusk refuses to be defeated here today! I have evolved to become stronger, and I won't let you forget it! 

Nina: Can you imagine how much you've hurt everyone? Absolutely pathetic. I guess it's up to me to show you... Up close and personal.

Percy: Justice is always on the side of good, and I am an agent of purity itself! I'm not going to let you get away with this! 

Dwyer: For once, I find myself motivated to act... Look at what you've done. This is all your fault, and you had best not forget that. 

Jasper: Who would have thought that a simple farm boy like me would wind up defeating a god...? Then again, I guess you had it coming. 

Velouria: I have some anger to let out on you, punk. You brought this on yourself, so don't come whining to me when you wind up hurt. 

Ignatius: I've never been a fan of violence, but I know that sometimes, you don't have a choice... I believe now is one of those times. 

(After all this dialogue has played out, the camera pans back to where Kana, Kanaya, Shigure, and Lyci are standing.)

Kana: It seems we don't have a choice... Not that I would have chosen otherwise anyways! 

Kanaya: You aren't going to win today, Anankos! That's a promise! 

Lyci: We'll defeat you once and for all here today! 

Shigure: Together, everyone! Our fight ends now! 

(The battle begins. Your units are clustered together at the center of the map. Anankos is located up at the top. He has three different phases and three health bars as a result. One is centered around his left claw, another at his right, and a third at the center. The center one cannot receive damage until his claws have been removed. After the center health bar is depleted, a final segment of the fight will begin with a fourth health bar on the center segment. Many high-leveled units are scattered around the map as well. The objective is to defeat the boss.)

Shigure: I bet we need to get rid of his claws before we can attack him head on... Move to remove the two claws as soon as possible! 

(If any unit initiates combat with Anankos' claws, the following dialogue plays out.)

Anankos: I may have been forgotten once, but no longer... This world belongs to me! You are mere worms in my way, and I will destroy you here today! 

(When Anankos' first claw is taken out, the following dialogue plays out.)

Shigure: There's the first claw gone! Only one is left! 

(When Anankos' second claw is taken out, the following dialogue plays out.)

Shigure: There! They've both been taken care of! It's time for us to wipe him out! 

(If any unit initiates combat with Anankos' core, the following dialogue plays out.)

Anankos: You cannot stand up to a god, and you will die for assuming such is possible! Perish at once, mortal! 

(When Anankos' core is defeated for the first time, the following dialogue plays out.)

Shigure: Look! There's an eye left over! Get rid of it as soon as possible! I bet that eye is what gives him all of his power! 

(After Anankos' eye is defeated, the following dialogue plays out. 


Kanaya: Did we do it...? 

Kana: I-I think we did...! 

Shigure: His body is beginning to deteriorate... 

Lyci: Look around, everyone! 

(The Astral Plain begins to fall apart, but it does so in a way that acts as the exact reverse of when it first appeared. The throne room of the palace of Valla appears soon after.)

Shigure: Everything is going back to the way that it was before... I can't believe it! 

Lyci: It appears that time is rewinding just as you thought it would! 

Kanaya: No way... You think that things will actually go back to normal then? 

Kana: It looks like that might wind up happening... This is crazy! 

Shigure: If time is rewinding back to how things were before all of this happened, then... I want you all to be aware of how much I care about you. 

Lyci: Everyone already knows... Even if our memories of this event disappear, I don't think that it matters much. We'll still have each other deep down whether we realize it or not. 

Kanaya: I-I don't want to say goodbye though... There's nothing we can do, but... 

Kana: No! We have to promise that we're going to see each other again! 

Kanaya: But it's not possible! We probably aren't going to remember, and even if we did, we come from different timelines! 

Kana: But there are still those stones that would let us travel between the timelines! We have to see each other again! 

Kanaya: How will we know that we've found each other though? What if some of us remember but others don't?

Kana: We... We should recognize each other by a phrase! 

Lyci: How about... "It's good to meet you"?

Shigure: That... That sounds nice. 

Kanaya: If you're so sure that we're going to see each other again one of these days... Alright. I'll remember that no matter what! Even if the rest of my memories disappear, I'll remember! 

Kana: We all will... I'm sure of it. 

(The screen is covered in white light. When it fades away, black can be seen. The screen slowly parts along a line horizontal from the center of the screen as if eyes are opening. Kanaya can be seen on a bed, looking up at an older version of Corrin.)

Corrin: Rise and shine, Kanaya! 

Kanaya: Mother... Mother! 

(Kanaya and Corrin embrace.)

Corrin: You sure are excited... Is something the matter? 

Kanaya: N-No... Just happy to see you. 

(The scene changes to later in the day. Kanaya is in the Hoshidan palace alongside Shiro, Tempest, Kiragi, Sumiko, and Galatea.)

Kanaya: It's... It's good to meet you. 

Shiro: So... You remember it all too. 

Tempest: Shigure was so sure that we would lose our memories there at the end... It seemed he was wrong on the matter. 

Kiragi: Not that we're complaining in the slightest, of course! 

Sumiko: Why would we complain? This is amazing! 

Galatea: I wonder if everyone else remembers too... We'll just have to ask them about it, I suppose. 

Kanaya: I'm so happy everything is back to normal... But something feels different this time. I'm sure of it. Anankos isn't out there anymore to cause problems like he once was. We're safe now, and that means that the events of before aren't going to be repeating. We can relax in peace without any concerns of everything changing. 

Shiro: That's a relief... Everyone is alright now, and that's all we could have asked for. It's as if nothing happened, but this time, he's gone. 

Tempest: He can't bother us anymore... I'm considering that a blessing. We shouldn't take it for granted in the slightest. 

Kiragi: I know that I'm going to enjoy our newfound future for sure this time around! 

Sumiko: I just realized... There aren't any living gods in Pheuyura anymore. 

Galatea: Hey, you're right... The reincarnations of Akiri and Yugare died many years ago, and with Thalone's demise... The only ones left are people. 

Shiro: Thalone wanted one of two extremes. He hoped for a world where the gods ruled over everything, allowing him to exact his revenge against the people who hurt him in the first place... Instead, we're here with a world where there are no gods, the complete other side of the spectrum. 

Tempest: It's a step away from what he would have wanted, and yet... I believe that this is for the best. 

Galatea: I would agree on the matter... I'm sure that the others in the timeline where Nohr won the war are thinking the same thing now. 

Kiragi: I can't help but wonder what they're up to now... Maybe they're just as curious as we are about all of this. 

Sumiko: I hope that they're alright... We won't be able to get in contact with them for quite a while. 

Kanaya: I'm positive that they're alright. Call it a gut instinct... I'm sure that they're going to be alright. 

(The scene shifts to show Kana sitting in his room. A knock comes at the door soon afterwards.)

Kana: Oh, come in! 

(An older Corrin walks onto the frame.)

Corrin: Morning, Kana. How are you doing today?

Kana: Mother! 

(Kana hugs Corrin tightly.)

Corrin: You sure are excited this morning... What's the occasion? 

Kana: No occasion... I just really love you. 

Corrin: Well, I'm not going to object to that... The more hugs for me, the better. 

(Corrin laughs just before the screen transitions. Kana approaches Sophie in one of the hallways of the palace of Nohr.)

Kana: Sophie! Sophie! 

Sophie: Kana... Do you remember? 

Kana: I do... Where's everyone else? I want to talk to them! 

Sophie: They're waiting for us in Siegbert's room. I was coming to look for you so that we could all talk about things together... 

Kana: That means that they all know about it too! We didn't lose our memories! I knew it! 

Sophie: Come on. Let's go see them. 

(The scene transitions to show Kana and Sophie walking into a room containing Siegbert, Owen, Forrest, Luna, and Timpani.)

Sophie: I brought him with me. 

Siegbert: Kana... 

Kana: It's good to meet you, Siegbert. 

Siegbert: As to you, Kana... Well, we were all able to remember what happened. I'm willing to call that a victory for now.

Owen: Something feels different right now... There's less dark energy in the air. I'm sure that you all feel it as well. It's like I'm finally free from something that was bothering me unknowingly for a long time. 

Forrest: I know what you mean. It's a peculiar feeling, but... I know what it means. It points to Anankos finally being dead. He isn't around to cause problems for us anymore. 

Luna: Shigure's hypothesis was correct then... I'll have to track him down one of these days and tell him such, though I get the feeling he already knows, wherever he is. 

Timpani: We need to try and find a time to meet up with everyone else once again. I'm sure that they're dying to talk to us about realizing that they've still got their memories too. 

Siegbert: It would be best if we didn't rush ahead too much. We don't want to find ourselves in trouble by pushing this immediately. 

Forrest: Siegbert is right, but... I want to see them again soon. We'll figure something out. I'm sure of it. 

Luna: I get the feeling we haven't seen the last of them either... It's just a matter of time until we encounter them again. 

Owen: Who knows? Perhaps they'll be the ones to reach out to us this time around... Who can be sure? 

Timpani: Only time will tell, I suppose... And until that time comes, I'm going to happily go back to life as it was before. 

Forrest: It's nice to have our parents back once again... 

Luna: And we can actually enjoy our parents together... 

Siegbert: It will take some getting used to, but I'm sure that we'll adapt quickly. 

Owen: I'm sure the same applies to the others. 

Timpani: You're definitely right! 

Sophie: They'll get through it just like we will. 

Kanaya: We'll see them again one day... I'm sure of it. 

(The scene changes to show Kanaya standing outside the palace of Hoshido. A flash of blue can be seen darting across the screen.)

Kanaya: Huh? Who goes there? 

(The person is shown to be Lyci, but they do not speak to Kanaya at all. Instead, they drop a small blue stone on the ground before disappearing from view once again.)

Kanaya: Lyci? Is that you? ...Is this what I think it is? 

(Kanaya leans over and picks up the stone. A flash of blue light can be seen, and when it clears, another figure can be seen nearby: Kana. Kana is sitting on the edge of a cliff, looking off at the horizon with a blue stone in his hand. Kanaya slowly walks closer before sitting down next to him.)

Kanaya: It's good to meet you.

Kana: It's good to meet you too. 

(The screen fades to black as the two both turn to face each other with smiles on their lips.)

The Heirs of Fate have found their place in the world

And peace has been restored at last. 

As for what is coming next... 

Only time will tell

What fate has in store.