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Fire Emblem Fates Rewrite (Heirs of Fate)

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The Hoshidan-Nohrian war has drawn to a close after years of bitter battle and bloody turmoil. In two separate timelines, a choice was made to swing in one of two directions. One followed the path of birthrights and love, the other conquest and fate. In both, the war ended, but different victors rose from the ashes of a destroyed kingdom to attempt reconciliation. Peace was established between Hoshido, Nohr, and all other countries on the continent of Pheuyura... But chaos still reigned in one forgotten by the sands of time. Neither holy nor hellish, the land of Valla was a shell of its former self from before the war. It was widely assumed to be abandoned, none living within its borders, but this could not be further from the truth. One figure yet remains in the Kingdom of Midnight, and he shall be the one to bring his creation to ruin. Peace has existed for many years in spite of the Vallite issues, but that is all about to end with the actions of a single man... The time of revenge has come, and a war will come with it... 

(The scene opens to show a cutscene. Many fighters from the previous war are standing together, though shadows cover their eyes. Among them are Corrin, Takumi, Azama, Orochi, Kaden, Setsuna, Oboro, Hinata, Sakura, Felicia, and Rinkah. They are battling fiercely with invisible soldiers, and they stand to defend a small crowd of children. These children are known as Kanaya, Kiragi, Mitama, Selkie, Hisame, Sumiko, and Brand. Fear is shown on all of their faces, and weapons are in their hands. It is unknown which figure speaks next, but it is undoubtedly one of the elder fighters)

???: Go! 

(The children hesitate before following the direction, leaving the area behind. A building fades away into the distance as the children sprint through the woods surrounding their previous location. The cutscene ends as all of the children stand hunched over themselves, breathing heavily)

Kanaya: Mother... What happened to Mother? Are they going to be okay?

Kiragi: They told us they would be alright... 

Mitama: Why should we believe them so easily? They told us there was peace, and then we were attacked.

Brand: We couldn't just have a normal diplomatic trip for once! No, of course not! Everything always has to end in disaster! 

Hisame: Brand, take a deep breath. We're going to be fine. 

Sumiko: We have to be alright... I'm sure we'll be alright... 

Selkie: I smell something... We're not alone!

Kiragi: Oh, damn it! Where are they?

Selkie: Um... Everywhere...? 

Sumiko: Ack-! I see them!

(Invisible soldiers appear around the young children)

Hisame: We can't just stand around and let this happen. Come on. Ready your weapons.

Kanaya: How do we have any hopes of winning? If our parents got hurt, then--

Mitama: Doubt will have to live in the past... We need to try our best to win.

Brand: Our parents always trained us to fight... It's time to use what they taught us to fight back.

(The battle begins. The setting is a road in Hoshido surrounded by trees. The enemies are all invisible soldiers of Valla. The objective is to rout the enemy)

(After the battle, the seven children all stand together once again)

Brand: How in the world did we pull that off...?!

Hisame: I can't say I entirely understand it either, but I do know that we can't waste our time standing around here. We're out in the open. Anybody could attack us if we stay here for too much longer.

Kanaya: Mother... Is she going to be okay? It looked like everybody was fighting really hard back there...

Kiragi: I wish I could tell you... But they're good at fighting! They ended the last war! They wouldn't just leave us if they didn't think they would be okay. We'll see them again soon.

Sumiko: We... We need to head back to the palace... It's safe to say this diplomatic visit to Nohr is as good as canceled. We need to tell the others about what has happened.

Kiragi: Uncle Ryoma will need to know what's happened... He can't do anything if he doesn't know about it.

Brand: How are we even supposed to get there? It's not as if we know where we're going. We don't have a map or anything.

Mitama: I would argue that we have something better.

Hisame: I would agree. We have a kitsune.

Selkie: Huh?

Mitama: You're going to lead us to the palace by smelling the path we took. You've got an increased sense of smell, right, Selkie?

Selkie: I do!

Hisame: Perfect. I'm glad to see we have a plan figured out. Are we finished waiting? The longer we stand here, the slimmer our chances of survival get.

Kanaya: I-I'm scared... I've never been alone in the wild like this! I barely even get the chance to leave Castle Shirasagi, and it's always with Mother and Uncle Takumi.

Kiragi: Father taught me how to survive in the wild a long time ago. I still remember most of what he told me. I can use that to help us get back there.

Selkie: I think I found the start of the route!

Kanaya: Selkie, can you sense anything about our parents? Are they okay?

Selkie: No... The only way to find out would be to go back.

Mitama: Which isn't an option for us right now. Don't get any ideas, Kanaya.

Kanaya: ...

Hisame: Mitama has a point. I know why you're not ready to think such, but we need to get going.

Kanaya: Fine...

Brand: How many days away from the capital are we?

Kiragi: We've been on the road for two days... I bet it would be something like that on the way back too.

Brand: Two days... Alone in the wilderness for two days... Damn it all!

Hisame: Yelling and getting angry about it isn't going to change our situation. Getting to the palace will change our situation though.

Brand: Gods, I hate it when you're right...

Selkie: I hope Mother and Father are alright...

Mitama: I'm sure we'll find somebody to help... We have to. It'll be okay... I hope.