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Bridge over troubled watters

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Phillips own concern was coming from a place of understanding

Seeing as Phillip has also experienced loss

The loss of a spouse has forever put Phillip in deep inward emotional and mental turmoil


“Everyone is sick and worried about you”Phillip coaxed her gently

“First Aaron Tommy Camille and now you”Kathryn scoffed

“Don’t bite me”Philip glances at her

“How did you get over losing your wife?”Kathryn asked him

“I merely take it day by day”Phillip said to her

“I’m worried I won’t ever survive losing my father”Kathryn revealed to him

“Everyone grieves differently”Phillip said

“You don’t show yours” Kathryn muttered under her breath a bit

Phillip caught wind of the smart remark from Kathryn gritting through his teeth slyly “I am trying here Kate”


“Not trying to rush you or anything”Kathryn’s own voice became laced with concerned

“Supporting you as a friend and someone whom cares deeply for you”Phillip struggles to get the words out

Kathryn noticed Phillip was visibly shaking as he spoke he looked and sounded tense “I crossed a line I apologize”

“I’m not obligated to do so but I wanted to”Phillip tried to calm himself down

“Sorry for throwing fire on you Tommy has been on my case lately and it’s driving me mad”Kathryn sullenly says

“You were hurting as well and I didn’t even bother to ask what was wrong”Kathryn immediately felt guilty