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PJO Youtubers

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Do you ever have those nights where you decide to watch random youtube videos instead of sleeping even though you have something important on the next day?
This was one of those nights.

I was watching some stupid stunt videos when one thumbnail caught my eye. A hot blond guy with glasses was taking a selfie with a punk girl with blue highlights.
Skydiving with my sister.
I clicked on it, thinking that it might be fun and if it wasn’t I could just move on.
The video started in an aerial field. There were guys loading boxes and packs on a type of plane I didn’t know and the punk girl in the thumbnail was checking her parachute.
“Hi guys, Jason here. Today we are skydiving with my sister, who is unsurprising reluctant.” The camera turned slightly to reveal blondie but still kept punk in the frame, “Say hello Thals.”
‘Thals’ flipped the camera off. “Jason, I don’t care about that right now I need to know if this isn’t gonna kill me.” She spoke quickly with… fear maybe? Jason chuckled fondly.
“It’s okay Thalia, let me check.”

The camera switched to the open door of a plane a good way up in the air, the motor drowning out almost all of the sound. The camera turned to Thalia in a sky diving suit clinging to the edge of the doorway. There was a faint ‘Ready?’ as Jason extended a hand. She grasped it and they jumped. There was a lot of screaming even when the parachutes deployed and they drifted down much slower. It looked terrifying and amazing all at once.
The camera cut to the two walking away from the aerial field.
“So Thals, how was that?” Jason asked, his tone both amused and concerned.
“Fuck you for making me do this. I hate you.”
Jason flipped the camera towards himself. “There you have it guys, she hated it. Next time I’ll be ziplining down the Eiffel tower with whomever wants to join but until then,” Jason did a little wave, “Bye!”

That was coo-oh shit it’s 2 am.