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I LOVE Mondays!

Not because of school or anything like that, but because my favourite youtuber of all-time posts on Monday afternoons. His youtuber name is Seaweed Brain and his real name is Percy Jackson. He does gaming videos, collabs with other youtubers and the occasional family vid of his mother, stepdad and little sister who is SO FREAKIN' ADORABLE!

Despite the slow updates, Seaweed Brain had recently reached 10k subscribers including yours truly. He's so handsome with his messy black hair, mesmerizing sea-green eyes and body of a Greek god.

As soon as I got home I sprinted to my room, not even dropping my bag. I opened my laptop (where YouTube was already opened) and clicked Seaweed Brain's newest video titled 'Q&A with Seaweed Brain'.

The video opened up like all the others with Percy sitting in his recording room with a devilish grin on his face and an orange shirt.

'Hi guys it's me. Some of you may be wondering why I'm doing a Q&A, others may be going "finally!" because this has been possibly the most requested video I have ever had so,' He rolled up his sleeves, 'I hope I deliver.'

I snorted. Seaweed Brain might be a famous youtuber, but he rarely says anything about his personal life so viewers have come up with rumours about his love for blue food, his hatred for fish 'n chips and any offscreen romances he might be having because it would be a crime for such a gorgeous man to be single. He could say literally anything, and people would be satisfied.

'Okay, first question!' A tweet popped up on screen and Percy was silent for a couple seconds, "Dear Seaweed Brain, why did you name yourself 'Seaweed Brain'?" Well... I didn't name myself, my girlfriend did when we kids,' Percy chuckled softly, and I figured that whoever he was dating, she was a very lucky girl. 'She called me seaweed brain because my head was apparently full of seaweed and it stuck. Next Question!'

The rest of the video was like that; Percy slowly reading questions and answering with soft smiles on his face. Turns out that he likes blue food because blue is his favourite colour, he hates fish 'n chips because of his strong opinions of "The senseless slaughter of our underwater friends", he was in fact straight despite possible thousands wishing he was not and his girlfriend's nickname was "Wise Girl". It was heart-warming to see him talk so lovingly about his Wise Girl. So romantic!

'And I think that's all for today. I'll see you guys next week!' Percy waved to the camera and the video went black.