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Sharing Beds in November

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  • Robb Stark X Arthur Pendragon
  • Tauriel x Valkyrie
  • Napoleon Solo X Midge Maisel
  • Lara Croft X Diana Prince
  • Vortigern Pendragon x Sansa Stark
  • Erik Lehnsherr X Susan Pevensie
  • James Kirk X Rey
  • Klaus Mikaelson x Kisa
  • Daisy Johnson X Eggsy Unwin
  • Blair Waldorf X Stiles Stilinski
  • Beverly Marsh x Eleven
  • Matt Murdock X Selina Kyle
  • Lydia Martin X Bucky Barnes
  • Natasha Romanoff X John Wick
  • Darcy Lewis x Derek Hale
  • Joseph Dredd x Octavia Blake
  • Maria Hill x Merlin
  • Thranduil X Loki Odinson
  • Steve Rogers x Mera
  • Dean Winchester x Wynonna Earp
  • Daenerys Targaryen x Clarke Griffin
  • Ravenna X Morgana
  • Murphy and Connor MacManus x Anna
  • Frank Martin x Lorraine Broughton
  • Baby Doll x Priest 
  • Gretel X Prince Nuada
  • Margaery Tyrell X Roan
  • Maleficent X Jareth
  • Dutch x Leonard McCoy
  • Sam Winchester X Felicity Smoak
  • Diana Bishop x John Constantine
  • Queen Freya x Conan
  • Roxy Morton x Leo Fitz x Jemma Simmons
  • Faramir x Jon Snow
  • Lucian x Tamara
  • Snake Eyes x Katia Van Dees



Chapter Text

Robb sighed as he let himself fall heavily into the bed. Arthur was already lying down, an arm thrown over his eyes. They were in campaign, so there wasn’t that much space to go around, but the Born King did have his own bed.

For some reason, Robb didn’t point that out to him. 

Arthur raised his arm a bit, and gave Robb a look. “I should get up.”

Robb cleared his throat.“Why? Just stay there.” Why was he offering?

Arthur snorted and sat up. “Not the best idea, Stark.”

“Why not?”

“That smile of yours is a bit much and I have very little self control.” Arthur pointed out. Robb didn’t even know he was smiling. “Wouldn’t wanna do anything that might land us in trouble.”

Robb felt his heart stuttering for a minute, but he still reached his hand and grabbed Arthur’s shirt. “Just stay.”

And he really did.

Chapter Text

Tauriel did drink a bit too much wine with Valkyrie. However, elves were more resistant to it than most people. Valkyrie clearly wasn’t ‘most people’.

Somehow they ended in some shabby inn -Tauriel was seriously concerned about the cleaning standards of this place -both lying on the bed, looking at the ceiling.

“This was good.” Valkyrie decided. “The fight, the wine…” She looked at Tauriel. “The company.”

Tauriel couldn’t contain a grin. “So what for tomorrow?”

Valkyrie groaned tiredly. “If I’m alive… I have a job. I could use some help.”

“Sounds good to me. I hope you don’t hog the blankets.”

Valkyrie’s grin was devilish. “I’ll keep you warm if I do.”

Chapter Text

“Are you going to behave?” Midge demanded, hands on her waist.

Napoleon rolled his eyes. “I’ll do my best to not attack you and your curlers.”

She gave him a look. “This is how I sleep. Any problems with it?”

Napoleon shrugged. “None whatsoever.” He came in the bed’s direction. “Give me room.”

“I prefer to sleep on the left.’’ She informed him.

“So do I.” He informed her. “And…” He cut when he saw she was about to protest. “I have to be closer to the door, in case someone comes in.”

That made Midge snap her mouth shut. “Fine.” She gave him her back and pulled the sheet up to her face.

Napoleon sighed. How was this his life?

Chapter Text

“Yes, you do.”

Diana chuckled, as she let Lara get more comfortable against her. “I promise you, Lady Croft, as soon as we’re back to what some call ‘civilization’ I’ll take you out for dinner. I might even let the sword at home.”

Lara laughed. “Will you wear a dress?”

“I don’t mind dresses.” Diana told her. “I quite like them, to be honest. I have a beautiful red one.”

“You probably look amazing in it.” Lara sighed. “I don’t wear dresses.”

“You can wear whatever you want.” Diana assured her, resting her cheek against the top of Lara’s head. “Just be on time.”

Lara also closed her eyes. “I will.”


Chapter Text

Sansa Stark was shaking on their wedding night. She was young and beautiful, but he’d heard all the horrors she'd gone through.

Vortigern was a monster in many ways, but not on that one. He wouldn’t take her by force or fear, because he knew he’d kill the man who’d dare to the same to his daughter.

She was afraid of him, she didn’t need to be even more. He had time to have an heir, he could be patient with that.

Sansa already knew he had all the power there and brutalizing her just because he could didn’t appeal to Vortigern at all.

“Lay down, Sansa.” He commanded her.

She didn’t look in his direction while she followed his command.

He sat on his side of the bed. “I won’t touch you tonight.” He informed her simply. “I’ll wait until the time comes when you aren’t shaking in fear anymore.”

“My King…”

“Good night, Sansa.” He cut her, making her realize that discussion was over with.

He remained awake for a long time, and only when he started pretending he was asleep Sansa finally relaxed and actually slept.

Chapter Text

“You can have the bed. I’ll take the settee.”

Erik arched a brow. “It doesn’t look that comfortable.”

Susan shrugged. “You’re still recovering from the drugs they gave you, so you need more rest.”

“I’m not about to offer to sleep in that.” He informed her.

Susan snorted. “I wasn’t expecting you to.”

He was carefully looking at her, clearly planning something. “Why don’t we share it?”

Susan misunderstood him on purpose. “The settee?”

He smirked, but it lacked actual heat. “The bed.”

“Sounds lovely.” She decided, with a skip on her step just to annoy him. “You’re so sweet, Erik.”

He was looking at her as if she was insane. Good. That would teach him.


Chapter Text

“It’s just for this night.” Rey insisted as she sat on her side of the -really -small bed.

Kirk gave her a flat look. “You’ve said that already.”

“And you mind your hands.” She warned.

“I have plenty of women who want me to touch them.” He told her flatly. “I don’t need to be taking advantage of you.”

Rey narrowed her eyes at him. “You touched my ass earlier.”

“It was an accident!” Kirk insisted. “I’m not 15 to do this type of bullshit.”

Rey gave him a doubting look. “Fine.”


Chapter Text

“That’s what I call diplomacy.” Klaus drawled from his side of the bed.

Kisa snorted. “Aren’t you supposed to be charming?”

Klaus turned to her, resting his head on his hand. “After all of this, I was pretty sure you considered me very charming.”

She gave him a look. “No. This was definitely out of hate.”

Klaus chuckled as she sat up.

“Where are you going?” He asked as he saw her picking her clothes up.

“I’m leaving.” She threw over her shoulder. “This was great exercise, but I have things to do.”

“I don’t, and I doubt you do.” He called. “So why don’t you come back? Power nap, second round.”

She turned to him, an arched brow. “You’re joking.”

“I never joke about power naps.” He spoke, charming as the devil. “Besides… I still hate you.”

She smirked. “When you put it like that…”


Chapter Text

“I don’t think I can move.” Eggsy groaned.

“I think I’m dead. Like, actually dead.” Daisy offered from her place.

They’d both dropped on the first bed they’d found, and weren’t even fully on it.

“I think I need a shower.” Eggsy carried on whining.

“Good luck. I’m not getting up.”

“Neither am I.”

“So we’re sharing this bed.” Daisy warned.

“Fine by me.” Then he threw his arm around her waist.

“What the hell, Unwin?” She gave him a look.

“If we’re sharing, we’re cuddling. That’s the rule.” He mumbled sleepily by her ear.

Daisy snorted. “Well, if this is the rule…”

Chapter Text

“Are you sure you’re going to be okay?” Stiles asked, for what he felt like it was the millionth time.

He’d met some pretty complicated girls on his time, but Blair Waldorf took the freaking cake. She was clearly shook by her first experience seeing a supernatural creature. Would she admit it and ask for his help?

Hell no.

She was so damn proud. She had this image of herself she was grasping onto and Stiles was at a loss on how to help.

“I am fine.” She told him again.

“Fine.” He gave up. “I’m going them.”

“Wait!” She grabbed his hand. “I… I don’t know a thing about those things.” She started, quite sensibly. “If it comes back, I won’t know how to defend myself. You should stay.”

Stiles could point out he also didn’t know how to fight off a ghost, and he didn’t even know if it could leave the school and come all the way to Blair’s room, but…

Her lips were trembling in fear.

He was such a sucker.

Somehow he ended sleeping on her bed with her. The lady called Dorota was not amused to find them there.

Chapter Text

“I like this magazine.” El murmured distractedly as she turned the pages.

“Why do you like it?” Bev asked as she looked over El’s shoulder.

“Why do you always ask me that?” Eleven wanted to know. “You always want to know why I like things.”

“Because…” Bev yawned as she got more comfortable in bed. “You’ve had people telling you what to like for a long time. And now, you don’t need that anymore. You can like whatever you want, but I wanna know why you like it, so I can understand you better.”

El looked at Bev, a surprised semblance on her face.

Bev always surprised her, like she did today, inviting her for a sleepover. Bev always made Eleven feel differently, special.

She laid down beside Bev, since they’d be sharing the bed anyway. “I like the clothes and the pictures. They’re so full of color and life.”

Chapter Text

Matt was startled awake by the perfume clinging to the sheets.

Chanel N 5 was all over it, and there was only one woman he knew that wore it so well.


“Yes, Matthew?” She called softly from where she was sitting in front of her vanity.

“What am I doing here?”

“You were shot, darling.” She informed him easily. “I couldn’t leave you to fend for yourself.”

“Right…” He drawled. “Did I spend the night?”

“You did.” She told him.

“In your bed?”

She hummed a confirmation.

“With you?” He guessed.

She chuckled. “You were very respectful, Matthew.You didn’t even hog the blankets.”

Matt sighed. “What should I do with you?”

“Oh careful there, or I might have suggestions.”

Chapter Text

“Put me down, James!”

“You’re freezing, Lydia! How can you still be snapping at me when you’re freezing?”

“I’m not snapping at you, and hypothermia is hardly…”

“Stop talking.” James growled as he dropped Lydia on the small bed on their safe house.

This mission had been a bust from beginning to end, but at least he could stand the cold much better than she could.

He was worried she was going to freeze to death.

“We need to get you warmer.” He decided.

Lydia arched a brow at him. “Is this the moment you say we need body heat, and start undressing?”

James leaned over her, until their noses were touching. “If I have to get completely naked and dance outside to get you warmer, this is exactly what we’ll do. I won’t let you get hurt.”

Lydia sighed. “You’re so dramatic.” She rolled her eyes. “Oh fine. Take off your shirt and come cuddle.”

James wasn’t amused by her attitude, but at least she was cooperating now.

Chapter Text

“I have to go.”

“Why? It’s the middle of the night.” Derek pointed out very reasonably.

“There are limits to this whole friends with benefits thing, Hale.” Darcy informed him as if it was obvious. “If I start staying here every time we have sex, I’ll be basically living in your house. And how is that different from a relationship?”

“We don’t have that much sex in my house.” He pointed out carelessly. “If we were to live in the place we fuck the most, we’d be living on a supply closet.”

Darcy snorted. “Charming.”

“Darce.” Derek grabbed her arm and pulled her back to his side. “Look, you’re my friend. We make our rules, fine? You wanna stay, you can stay. If you really wanna go home, I’ll call you a cab, then you can go.”

Darcy sighed dramatically. “I’m just staying because your bed is awesome.”

“Duly noted.”

Chapter Text

Octavia hadn’t spoken since they'd screamed at each other.

She’d screamed at Joseph Dredd. She was done for; he’d tell everyone she was just a dirty Grounder, and they’d judge her and she’d have no right to defend herself.

She wished she could escape this whole thing, but it was literally impossible. They’d received orders to stay at the Hall of Justice.

She was locked in a room with Dredd; a room with one bed and a man who could ruin her life.

How was that her life?

She didn’t do anything wrong, she was just trying to survive.

“Sleep.” Dredd grumbled from her side.

Octavia gave him an incredulous look. He was in full uniform, laying down beside her as stiff as a board, and telling her to sleep.

“I can’t.” She told him dryly.

“Make an effort. You’re no use if you’re tired.”

“I thought I might not last until the morning.” She reminded him of his harsh words.

He was silent for so long, Octavia thought he’d decided to ignore her.

“You’re a good judge, Blake. But you still need to rest.”

Chapter Text

“I hate boats.” Natasha sighed.

John chuckled, then winced when his ribs protested. “I don’t care much.”

Natasha rolled her eyes. “You don’t care much about most things.”

John had nothing to say to that, so he kept staring at the ceiling above them.

“It’s just a few more days.” He reminded her unnecessarily.

“I’m not exactly complaining.” Natasha shrugged. “Once we get there it’s going to be worse.”

“If you want out…”

“I didn’t say that.” She turned her head to look at him. “It’s just like the old times.”

John looked at her. “Is this supposed to make us feel better?”

Natasha turned her whole body on the small cot and rested her head on her hand. “Things are what they are.” She told him simply. “But, for what’s worth, I’d rather do this with you than anyone else.”

John arched an eyebrow. “Even your new friends?”

She sighed heavily. “Then wouldn’t understand.”

“No, they wouldn’t.”

Chapter Text

“It’s getting late.”

“We still have work to do.” Merlin indicated.

“You can barely keep your eyes open.” Maria pointed out. “And I’m not much better.” She added when he looked ready to protest.

“What do you suggest?” He asked dryly.

Maria checked her watch. “This needs another two hours to finish running. We can sleep until then.”

Merlin sighed. “Fine. I have a bed on the back. You can have it.”

“And then you stay awake? No, we need you sharp. We share.”

“It’s a small bed.” He told her.

Maria arched an eyebrow. “We can be adults about this.”

“Because we’re so mature about everything else.” He told her dryly.

“Then this can be our exception.” She pressed. “Two hours of sleep. I’m sure we can survive this.”

Merlin wasn’t sure they really could.

Chapter Text

There was something strangely comforting about Thranduil’s arms. Loki didn’t feel free to be himself in many places, but when he had this head resting on Thranduil’s collarbone, he felt as if everything would be alright.

“You are awfully quiet tonight.” Thranduil spoke softly, his hand going to Loki’s hair.

“Just thinking.”



Thranduil’s hand stopped its caress. “Yes? What about me?”

“You feel safe.” Loki admitted, scared that he was talking too much.

Thranduil moved so he could look into Loki’s eyes. “Good. I am safe. For you.”

Chapter Text

Steve closed his book, ready to go to sleep.

He was slightly confused by things that happened earlier. There were things still circling his head, and answers he didn’t have.

Mera was a true mystery.

As if his thoughts had conjured her up, the door to his room opened and she came in.

“Mera? What happened?”

She didn’t hesitate as she climbed into his bed -Mera never hesitated. She crawled in his direction, then sat on his thighs. “I’m sleeping here tonight. With you.”

“What?” It wasn’t the best answer, but he was truly shocked now.

Her nose was almost touching his. “I want to stay here with you.” She told him clearly. “Tell me whether I can.”

“I…” He cleared his throat. “This is unexpected.” He admitted.

She gave him a confused look. “I did kiss you earlier.”

“I just didn’t expect that…”

“Should I go?”

Steve’s hand went to her waist, slowly and hesitantly. “No.” He answered at length. “You should stay.”

She nodded. “Good. Because I wanted to do this again.”

And she kissed him.

Chapter Text

“I knew you were a hell of a woman, but this… Even in my wildest dreams…”

Wynonna rolled her eyes, then bit into her donut, just to ignore him harder.

“I mean, a lady that eats donuts in bed…” Dean continued teasing.

She hit him with the pillow.

Was it weird they’d fucked and now she was eating donuts on his bed? Likely, but Wynonna wasn’t exactly like the other ladies. “I’m hungry.” She told him, mouth full.

“We worked up an appetite.” He agreed.

Wynonna groaned. “Are you always this much of…”

“Charming? Sexy? Galant?”

“An idiot?”

Dean chuckled. “Depends on who you ask, I guess.”

“Fair enough. Want one?”

“You’re sharing food?” He asked amused.

“Just because I’m giving you some recovery time.”

Dean laughed so hard he fell off the bed.

Chapter Text

Clarke pressed the heel of her hand to her eye. What time it was? How long had she slept?

She felt the weight on her arm, and turned to see Daenerys sleeping soundly, head resting on Clarke’s arm.

The night before came back to Clarke; they were drinking and laughing. Missandei had been there at some point, but she’d must have left and Clarke and Daenerys probably drank some more and then fell asleep close to each other…

Clarke had never seen a woman as beautiful as Daenerys, but she looked so fierce all the time, so intimidating. Now… Now Clarke could believe she was once a princess, that she might have been young and naive a long time ago.

When Clarke came back to herself, her fingers were caressing the curve of Daenerys’ face. She pulled her hand back as if it’d been burned. As far she knew, it was very possible it eventually would.

Chapter Text

“Come to bed.”

Morgana arched an eyebrow, a mischievous smile on her lips. “Are you ordering me, Your Majesty?”

Ravenna was in no mood for games. “Bed.”

Morgana became serious. “I’ve never allowed a single man to talk like this to me. I’m not about to allow you to do it.” She told the other woman.

Ravenna sighed. “Forgive me. I am not well.”

Morgana could see that; she could see Ravenna’s hair losing its life and her skin getting paler. She knew Ravenna’s powers were wanning.

Morgana didn’t care for most people, but -for some reason -she cared about this woman.

She went to the bed and touched Ravenna’s face. “Shall I make you well?” She asked, her voice like warm honey.

This she could do for Ravenna.

Chapter Text

“So you’re criminals.”

“No.” Connor protested immediately. “We kill criminals.”

Anna arched a brow. “Kill a killer…” She started.

“That’s why we kill them by the dozen.” Murphy threw from her other side.

She didn’t know how they kept convincing her to come to their home, lay down on their shabby mattresses they’d pushed together and spend the night drinking terrible vodka and talking to them.

Anna should know better, and they sure as hell didn’t know anything about her. She figured they thought she was a woman running from an abusive husband or something of the type. She didn’t try to disabuse them of this idea.

“You’re amateurs.” She warned them.

"Are you saying you’re the professional?” Connor teased her, but she could hear the question, the sharpness of his voice.

They weren’t joking anymore

Chapter Text

Lorraine heard Frank entering the room, but she ignored him. At this point, she wasn’t sure if he thought he was in control or if it was the other way around.

She’d always thought herself to be pretty smart, but she had to concede that Frank Martin was a worthy opponent. 

The present hotel arrangement was of his choice -he was supposedly giving the cards right now -and they’d be sharing the room so he could keep an eye on her.

He didn’t trust her.

It was adorable.

She sat on the bed, wearing only the oversized T-shirt she preferred to sleep in. “Are you going to offer to sleep on the floor?”

Frank gave her a flat look. “I’m considering handcuffing you to the sink.”


Frank rolled his eyes.

Chapter Text

“Sleep.” The priest ordered her. “I’ll take the first watch.”

Babydoll shook her head. “I won’t be able to sleep tonight.” She indicated the bed with her head. “It shouldn’t go to waste. You sleep.”

He was looking at her, his face unreadable. “Why you won’t sleep?”

“Too many thoughts, too many memories.”

He nodded, as if that made perfect sense. “I could pray for you.”

“I don’t believe in God.”

His eyes burned into her, as if he was looking into her soul and seeing how much of a sinner she truly was. “How do you normally sleep?”

“Nowadays I have to wait until I’m too tired to keep going.”

“Healthy.” He drawled dryly. “And before?”

“When the girls were still…” She stopped talking and cleared her throat. “We shared the bed, held each other. It helped.”

He was silent for a long minute. “I offer that, so you can rest.” He finally spoke. “No hidden intentions, just comfort.”

“Why would you do that?”

“I need you ready to fight, so you must rest.”

She didn’t believe him, but she let him get away with the lie.

Chapter Text

Gretel had not given up on screaming and snarling, not even when Prince Nuada finally entered his room and threw her on the bed.

“If you touch me…”

Nuada crawled over her, but Gretel refused to give him one inch. “Don’t flatter yourself, little human.” He drawled. “I'm just following my father’s orders, and keeping my eye on you.”

Nuada felt the press of a cold blade against his stomach, and was -reluctantly- charmed; she’d snuck a knife without anyone being the wiser.

“You’re too close.” She told him, her voice sugary sweet.

Nuada chuckled. “And I’ll remain close by, little human.” In a fast move, he pinned her to the bed, the blade safely away from him. “I hope you don’t snore, because otherwise this won’t be as much fun.”

“I’m not sleeping with you.” She protested.

This was fun, Nuada decided.

Chapter Text

Margaery was in a very interesting position now, and she wasn’t even playing coy. Roan never did things the way she expected him to, and she hardly knew how to manage him.

It was supposed to be easy, because he was supposed to be just another man -perhaps less smart than the average -and Margaery knew how to handle men.

Roan wasn’t just another man.

He’d taken her the night before in a way… And she wasn’t implying she hadn’t liked or encouraged it, because the Seven knew she’d been quite enthusiastic about it. However, not many people in her experience were quite that intense.

He’d told her he’d keep her awake this night, which implied he wanted her again.

The problem was… Should she go to his room and try and seduce him? Get back some power?

Should she make him chase her down and…

The door to her room was pushed open and banged against the wall, as Roan stormed in. He didn’t even bother with any social niceties -he never did-, he just picked her up.

“I don’t know why you aren’t in my room.” He informed her as he started carrying her out. “Let’s make sure you’re there from now on.”

Margaery snorted. “You’re so arrogant.”

Chapter Text

“Your parties are insane.” Maleficent growled at him.

Jareth snorted, amused by the whole fiasco.

He had invited the so-called Queen of the Moors to one of his parties. He hadn’t expected her to actually come, but she had, and she’d spent half of the night on a corner observing.

Once she’d started talking to his goblins and drinking…

Well, they were both sprawled on a bed of pillows on one of the corners.

“I give the best parties.” He gloated. “They last days.”

“I can’t handle days of this.” She sighed.

“I didn’t expect you to come.” Jareth admitted. He just wouldn’t say he was happy she had come, because it wasn’t done. He had an image and so did she. He felt lonely very often and he saw the same loneliness in her, maybe that was why she was there.

Maleficent spent long seconds without answering. “I ran out of wine.” She finally said.

Jareth didn’t call her out on it, and didn’t say anything when she fell asleep on his shoulder, while Diaval kept guard. He just decided to sleep as well.

Chapter Text

"Has anyone ever told you you’re pure sunshine?”

Bones’ eyes made his opinion on that sentence quite clear.

Dutch turned to him, hands on her waist. “I already said I was sorry.”

“We’re in jail.” He growled at her.

“It was a slight miscalculation.” She conceded. “And Kirk is on his way.”

“We’ll have to spend the night!” Bones reminded her unnecessarily.

“I’ll keep you safe.” She grinned at him.

Bones groaned, clearly fed up with this whole thing. (Dutch would never say it outloud, but she found it so cute when he was on a full grumpy mode.)

“You can have the bed.” He grumbled, always the gentleman.

“Or…” She pulled a deck of cards from her pocket. “We can play for it.”

“Where did you…” Bones sighed. “You know what? I don’t care. Let’s play.”

They ended up sharing the bed and cuddling. Bones was not the big spoon.

Chapter Text

“Why do we have to stay here?”

Sam gave her an unamused look. “Because you wanted to decide it with rock paper scissors, and you manage to be worse at it than Dean.”

Felicity groaned, unhappy to exist at the moment. “People disappear here.” She whined.

“That’s the point.” Sam reminded her. “We’re investigating.”

She narrowed her eyes at him. “I know! But I’m the research girl! I stay behind the scenes, controlling your lives from afar.”

Sam snorted. “Look, we have a few hours. From what we heard people normally disappear after two am. Do you wanna watch a movie?”

She looked around the tacky motel room. “I’m afraid of what the TV might shows us.”

Sam rolled his eyes and picked his notebook. “Netflix?”

“Yes, please.” Felicity sighed resignedly, as she sat beside him on the bed. This was going to be a long night.

Chapter Text

John had had some interesting hangovers during his lifetime, but he’d never woken up feeling like he’d been repeatedly killed and resurrected the night before. It wasn’t just the fact that his head was killing him, and his body was still drenched in sweat; his mouth had a horrible taste left in it and he couldn’t even move his fingers.

Oh yes… He had almost died the night before.

Not hangover then…

He took a deep breath, trying to get his body under some sort of control, so he could at least move his head… It took long minutes of breathing slowly, until he finally managed to turn his head.

Only to find Diana sleeping with her head pillowed on his shoulder -he wasn’t even feeling that. She’d saved his life the night before; if it wasn’t for her breaking the curse…

Obstinate little witch.

She was trouble.

Chapter Text

“The cut is not as deep as I thought before.” Queen Freya spoke calmly. “I can easily tend to it.”

Conan held her hand before she could touch him. “Cold hands.” He tsked. “I can take care of myself, your majesty.”

She gave him a flat look. “Are you always this stubborn?”

“You don’t wanna find out.” He warned her. “You know what they say about barbarians…” He slowly brought her hand closer to his mouth. “We just take what we want.”

She arched an eyebrow and ice came out of her finger, layering his lips before they could touch her skin.

Conan chuckled. “Cold woman.”

He flipped her fast, making the Queen gasp and icicles fly. “I need to warm them up.” He commented, his lips bluish because of the cold. “And I have an idea how…”

Freya followed his eyes down, and her throat constricted. She’d loved once, and she’d lost terribly; and this…

This was not love, this was a kind of warmth that might eventually burn her.

And yet…

Chapter Text

“Hm… Isn’t this a bit… Odd?”

“Why?” Jemma asked from her left.

“Are you uncomfortable?” Leo asked from her right.

Roxy cleared her throat. “It’s just… You two are… And I’m here in the middle.”

Jemma turned to Roxy. They were in a safe house and they didn’t have a bed, they had sleeping bags they’d put close to each other. The thing was… Roxy found herself right in the middle of Jemma and Leo, who were -as far as she knew -a couple. She felt a little weird, but not super weird, which was also… Interesting.

Leo also turned fully to her, and now Roxy had both geniuses looking at her. “You see…” Leo cleared his throat. “Jemma and I…” He gave Jemma a hopeless look.

“We were thinking that…” Jemma caught on. “Maybe… No pressure, but… We like you, and we thought you might like us too.”

Roxy looked from one to the other. “Like… like?” She asked, then felt like an idiot.

Jemma giggled and Leo smiled. “Like like.” He confirmed.

“Oh… I do.”

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“It is cold here.” Faramir shivered.

“I haven’t noticed.” Jon commented neutrally.

Faramir gave him a look, before both men chuckled. “I heard this is summer for you.”

Jon shrugged. “I think it’s always snowing here, it’s never any different.”

“Sounds lovely.”

“It is. You just have to know where to look at. The North is not for many, but it is my land.”

Faramir cleared his throat. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you speaking as much.”

Jon laughed. “Very funny, My prince.”

Faramir groaned. “Don’t call me that.”

“We should get to sleep anyway. Tomorrow we’ll keep going, but we need to get as much rest as possible.”

Faramir suddenly felt self concious. “You said something about hurdling for warmth…”

“Aye.” Jon was confused. “Is it a problem?”

“No.” Faramir hurried to say. “It’s fine.”

Oh this was a disaster. Should he tell Jon he was…

No, this was just for practical reasons. Just staying close for warmth. Nothing but that.

Faramir just needed to convince his heart of that.

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“Thank you for helping me.” Tamara spoke softly.

Lucian just grunted a vague answer. “You didn’t look like you belonged there.”

“And… you did?” She asked carefully.

It was some type of prison. Her kidnappers had put her there until they could move her to another location and that was when she met this man.

But was he really just a man?

He was too strong. She’d seen strong men before, but none like him; and he’d had… No, that couldn’t be. She’d misheard it, during the commotion.

He couldn’t have howled.

“I’m used to it.” He replied softly. “We sleep here tonight. Come.”

She looked at the place he’d cleared up for them to sleep. Side by side. “I don’t think so.”

He gave her a flat look. “If I was going to hurt you, I’d have done it already. This is for your safety. Come lie down.”

So this was how it was going to be? Good to know.

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It was just Katia’s luck in life that she kept coming across this silent type of men that were a pain in her ass. At least 47 talked occasionally, now this one…

“So what now?” She demanded.

Snake Eyes (and she couldn’t believe she had to call a grown man this) just looked at her. She’d never thought she’d miss her -kind of -brother, but she did. The more time she spent with this dude, the more she wished she could just find 47.

The ninja indicated the bed with his head and Katia sighed.

At this point… Yeah, why not sleep? It wasn’t like things would get solved in the next hours. They were still on the run.

She laid down and noticed that he sat down on the foot of the bed, so his feet were in the direction of her head.

“You aren’t going to sleep, are you?” She guessed. “You’re going to spend the night awake, keeping watch.”

Once again, he didn’t answer her. Katia was almost considering murder at this point, but she wasn’t sure she could take him on.

She needed to access him better and make a plan in the morning. He might just irritate her enough that she’d be willing to try.