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Falling Slowly

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When Weiss woke up the next day, she was holding Ruby in her arms. She had never recalled feeling quite so rested. She spent the morning just staring at the younger girl sleeping, half-convinced that she would wake up from this dream soon. Half-convinced that last night never happened. It was too good to be true, surely.

But sure enough, all that happened was that Ruby woke up too, and for her efforts, Weiss was rewarded with a lovely kiss. One that turned into something a little bit more than just a kiss. Weiss had waited so long, so who was to begrudge her if she wanted to straddle Ruby Rose and furiously make out with her?

"Someone's in a good mood," Ruby said, her eyes half glazed over. Weiss scoffed, kissing the tip of Ruby's nose as she hovered over her.

"I wonder why," Weiss said.

"It's a mystery," Ruby said.

"Total head scratcher," Weiss agreed.

"It's got me stumped, for sure, Watson," Ruby smiled. Weiss started laughing, collapsing on top of Ruby. She squeaked in surprise, before laughter overtook her too.

"I'm not Watson," Weiss managed to recover, rolling off of her girlfriend (girlfriend! The thought made Weiss jump, before she paused). Weiss turned to Ruby, her expression suddenly hesitant.

"What's wrong?" Ruby asked, propping herself up on one elbow.

"This," Weiss gestured between the two of them. "Is real, right? We're together. Girlfriends?"

Ruby took half a beat before snorting at Weiss, burying her head in her pillow to muffle her laughter. Weiss started blushing, and smacked Ruby's arm in annoyance.

"Ruby!" she exclaimed. Ruby turned over and wiped a tear from her eye. She shook her head before cupping Weiss' face in her hands and kissing her.

"We've been dancing around each other for months, re-enacted a gay rendition of Titanic on a yacht, danced on the beach by the moonlight before kissing each other, and you're wondering if we're together?" Ruby leaned her forehead against Weiss'. "Yeah, I think it's safe to say we're girlfriends, Weiss. Sorry for laughing at you, it's just that I thought I was supposed to be the disaster gay in this relationship."

"I was just making sure," Weiss murmured, eyes shut. "It felt a little too good to be true. Like I'm going to wake up any moment."

"Trust me, you're not dreaming," Ruby said softly, tipping Weiss' chin up to stare at her. "But the feeling is mutual."

So there they were for a long while, just lying in bed and touching each other and talking. Weiss felt... peaceful. Like the clouds had finally parted, like the haze had all faded away, like she held the girl she loved in her arms. There was no more urgency, no more doubt and uncertainty. All her life boiled down to for a while was just the breeze through the window, the lightness in her heart, and Ruby Rose beside her. It was easy. She didn't anticipate it being quite so easy. Though, she hadn't much thought about what was going to happen after she managed to get Ruby. She had caught a snowflake in her hand, except it wasn't melting. It was all fine and lovely.

Then Ruby had to pee. And Weiss realised that they would both have to eventually go downstairs and face the terror couple known as Blake and Yang. Weiss groaned.

"Can't we just stay here forever?" Weiss lamented, sinking into the bed like the over-dramatic teen that she was.

"No can do, I'm afraid," Ruby said, giving Weiss a kiss before getting out of bed, stretching out. Weiss took a moment to lament, before getting the covers off of her as well.

"Fine. But let's go down together," Weiss said. She blew a short exhale. Ruby walked over to her and gripped her hand. She didn't have to say anything. Weiss knew, from the look on her face. Always.

After Ruby went to pee, she joined Weiss at the top of the stairs. She gave her a reaffirming nod, and the two went downstairs hand in hand.

Blake and Yang sat on the couch, leaning against each other and scrolling on their phones. Yang lit up like the afternoon sun as soon as she saw the two. Blake perked up, her smile more reserved, though no less genuine.

"You owe me twenty bucks," Blake told Yang. Weiss frowned.

"What can I say, I thought I had them pegged," Yang sighed.

"You were betting on us?" Ruby asked. Blake shook her head, stretching her legs out atop the coffee table.

"We were betting on what time you would come downstairs," she corrected them. "Yang swore there was no way you two were coming down before two."

Weiss dug the heel of her free palm into her forehead. "I swear, the both of you are so annoying," Weiss groaned. Both Yang and Blake scoffed.

"In any case, congratulations both of you," Blake said. "I think I speak for everyone when I say," she paused, looking like she was weighing her words. The anticipation almost gripped Weiss.

"Finally," Yang finished her sentence. Blake nodded.

It was strange. Though she already knew that both of them were obviously going to approve, the idea of facing them still felt a little daunting. It was ridiculous, but she supposed that hearing them actually say it meant all the difference. Weiss squeezed Ruby's hand once, looking over at her and feeling light.

They were going home today. Everyone spent the day packing their items and cleaning around the house. Weiss sighed as she carefully packed all her clothes. She never knew summer vacations were supposed to be like this, and now that she did know, she kind of didn't want to leave. Still, the rarity of times like this meant that it was all the sweeter. Besides, she had a lot to look forward to back in Vale.

The ride back to home was a lovely one. Looking at it from the outside, it would have looked like nothing changed. Everyone still chatted aimlessly, Ruby and Weiss played more road trip games (Weiss completely crushed Ruby, once again), and Blake kept her head buried in her book. But everyone knew, they were all happy. Happier than any of them had been for a long while. Everything had finally fallen into place for every one of them. It was all like it was supposed to be.

Weiss fell asleep on Ruby's shoulder, waking up just as they rounded the corner back into her street. The streetlights were on already, the evening stretched out in the night sky.

"Weiss," she spoke softly. Weiss got up, stretching her spine out a little before she settled back into her seat. She planted a small kiss on Ruby's cheek, then looked back out the window at her house. It was the same as it ever was, but it felt different. A little brighter, maybe. Or maybe that was just everything now.

She didn't move for a while. The car was silent. Weiss sighed.

"I really didn't want this vacation to end," she said. Yang laughed.

"Vacation's always gotta end," she said, smiling.

"At least you brought something nice back," Blake said. Weiss looked back at Ruby, and she didn't care if her smile was all dopey and smitten, she was smitten, and she felt dopier than she ever did every time Ruby kissed her.

"Pretty good souvenir, right?" Ruby asked, motioning up and down towards herself. Weiss laughed, light and airy and loving.

"Best one I've ever gotten," she kissed Ruby again.

Ruby thought for a moment, then opened the door on her side. "I'll help Weiss with her luggage," she told the other two.

With great reluctance, she left her post, all but forcing Weiss to get out, just so she could rejoin her.

Ruby had her luggage out from the trunk by the time Weiss got out. She took Ruby's outstretched hand, and they walked up to the front porch.

"I don't want you to go," Weiss said as they stood on the front porch. Ruby put Weiss' suitcase down, joining both their hands together.

"I don't want to go either, but I'm sure my dad wants me home," Ruby sighed, flickering a glance at the car still running by the curb. Ruby leaned forward and tenderly kissed Weiss. That feeling Weiss had, the one where she felt so full of light, where her heart felt so full she might have burst into a million glittering sparkles of light- she hoped it never faded. She hoped her heart jumped each and every time Ruby decided to kiss her.

"Hey, I'll see you tomorrow, okay? Promise," Ruby squeezed her hands. In her eyes was the same look she had seen every time she had made Weiss a promise. Every time she had given Weiss the whole truth, from nothing but her heart. She wasn't wise to the meaning behind that look before, but something in her assigned it to an 'I love you' now. W

"I will hold you to that, Ruby Rose," Weiss squeezed back. She hoped Ruby found that same look in her eyes. They let go. Weiss watched Ruby walk down to the car. The windows rolled down and Weiss waved goodbye to all of them. She watched them disappear down the street.

Then Weiss was alone.

She didn't feel alone.

She picked up her suitcase and headed into the house, with the promise of every tomorrow seared into her heart.

So there they were, a tomorrow or two later. Ruby and Weiss sat together, on a bench on top of a hill. Ruby had pointed out the spot, and they had borrowed Klein's car to drive up there. It was beautiful. The sun was beginning to set, dipping low into the horizon, casting long shadows and painting the sky a brilliant orange hue that was fading ever so slightly into a light, lovely purple-blue dusk. Weiss felt the warmth on her face, felt the cool winds. Ruby leaned over, curling herself into Weiss, grabbing her arm to throw it over her shoulder. Weiss kissed the top of her head, wrapping her tight against her side. She played with Ruby's hair as they sat there.

"Finally," Ruby breathed, closing her eyes as she felt Weiss fingers thread through her hair.

"That's fair. We have waited too long to cuddle up since we sat here," Weiss said, shrugging her shoulders slightly. Ruby shook her head.

"Not that," she breathed a laugh. "Finally. Finally, we're here. Here. You and me," Ruby turned a little to look at Weiss, who smiled in understanding.

"I... We have waited a little bit too long for it," Weiss said, feeling a slight twinge of embarrassment course through her. It felt like Ruby could sense it, because she turned again and kissed Weiss' collar for her effort.

"It's okay. Just means that it's all the better now," Ruby said. "And we have time now."

"We do have time now," Weiss agreed. It was all she ever wanted. To be with Ruby. Together, the two of them, with nothing but each other and time. No doubts, no fear, no apprehension. No worrying if she deserved Ruby. No Atlas, no Schnee. Just Weiss and Ruby. That's all she could have ever wanted. Weiss squeezed Ruby a little tighter at the thought, releasing a little grateful sigh.

"Why'd we wait so long, anyway?" Ruby asked, her fingers wandering to play with the hem of Weiss' skirt absently. Weiss watched the sunset.

"Because I was new here. Because I had everything in Atlas to drag me back," she used her free hand to trace the scar she had grown to know so well. But this time, it was funny, there wasn't any fear or shame or resentment as she did. It was just another part of her, the way her limbs were a part of her. It was who she was now, like there was a before and this was her after. "But mostly I was afraid that you deserved much better than me."

Ruby disentangled herself to properly look at Weiss. With slow and soft movements, she took the hand Weiss had over her scar, bringing it away with a gentle motion. She leaned in close. Weiss didn't look away. Ruby brought up a hand and traced the scar, her touch feather-light. There was no morbid curiosity, there was no pity or disgust. Weiss breathed her scent in deep. Ruby kissed the scar. Once. Then again.

"I was always scared you wouldn't like me back. That you were way too good for me," Ruby said, cupping Weiss face in her hands.

"Not a chance, Ruby Rose," Weiss told her with absolute sincerity. "You are everything I have ever wanted."

"You're the best thing that's ever happened to me," Ruby replied with as much conviction in her voice.

"So I guess we're in agreement," Weiss said, biting her lip. She reached up to tuck a lock of hair behind Ruby's hair. God, she'd always wanted to do that. "You and me."

"Yep," Ruby smiled, brighter than she sun behind her. "You're stuck with me for a while, Weiss."

"Hm," Weiss smirked. "Only a while?"

Ruby tilted her head, considering her words. "Well, you know me, I'm just around until Jaune messes things up with Pyrrha."

Weiss laughed. "Don't you dare."

"Yeah," Ruby leaned back. "I'll be her rebound for a little while, you know. Then after she gets back together with Jaune, you can come back to me. Probably."

"Oh, shut up, Ruby Rose," Weiss said (she loved it, she loved that the mere act of saying her name now felt like it was more intimate, felt like it held more meaning), then leaned in to capture Ruby's lips in her own. Ruby giggled, up on her knees as she held Weiss with such tenderness. Weiss could never get enough.

"Alright so, more than a while then," Ruby said after they parted. She sat back down, and settled back into Weiss' side.

"Much, much more than a while," Weiss said firmly, wrapping her arm back around Ruby.

"What do you propose then, Weiss?" Ruby asked. Weiss pretended to think about it.

"For as long as you'll have me," Weiss said. The sky was a brilliant deep blue now, the last shade of the sky before the night. "Maybe a little bit more even after that."

"I can work with that. I want to be with you forever," Ruby told her. Weiss bit her lip, smiling. This girl, her heart.

"We'll come up with a better, more official proposal when we're older," Weiss noted casually. She didn't see so much as she felt Ruby's smile. Thunderous and joyful. "For now, I think the ice-skating rink is still open. Would you like to go?"

"Yeah, that sounds good," Ruby stood up, all quick and ready. She extended her hand to Weiss. Weiss got up as graceful as Ruby could expect. They walked back, hand in hand.

Everything was fine.