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Yuki and Közi Go Shopping

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Theme: Yu~ki and Közi go shopping in Châtelet-les-Halles.


Essential sentences: “Don’t let it fall!”

“He was comparable to Niagara Falls.”


Author: Klaha_kun


Yu~ki: "I’m delighted that you’re taking me with you to go shopping, Közi. I’ve never been to Paris before."


Közi: "Châtelet-les-Halles. It’s the best place to spend your money when you are a tourist. But… did you really have to buy all of that?"


In addition to all the packages that he himself and Közi were carrying, Yu~ki was proudly sporting a t-shirt and a cap, along with several other gadgets which said “J’aime Paris”.


Yu~ki: “Um… they’re gifts. Wait… oh no! IT’S AN ANGRY CROWD! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!”




The two musicians were literally swallowed by the furious masses of people. The packages that Közi had been carrying for Yu~ki were, for that matter, in great danger.


Yu~ki: “My French rubber duck! Közi, no! Don’t let it fall! Noooooo!!!!!”


Too late. The crowd left them in a dark corner of Châtelet, without a word, without a glance… and without a duck.


Yu~ki: “What are we going to do?”


Közi: “Dunno. People are weird here.”


Yu~ki: “Közi, I’m scared. Look over there…”


From a corner of the dark street, a man was watching them. He was disturbing and powerful, but fascinating at the same time. He was comparable to Niagara Falls. The stranger headed towards the two friends.


Ash: “Közi, it’s been a long time, hasn’t it? Welcome to my lair.”


Közi: “Ash! But what are you doing here?”


Ash: “This is my home. I should be asking you the same question. Let me show you around.”


The handsome hidalgo led the guitarist away.


Ash: “And don’t worry about your friend. My family will take good care of him.”


A horde of people, each stranger than the last, surrounded the poor bassist.


Yu~ki: “Help...”