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Chan gapes for a second more, hands pulling at the edge of his hoodie in a pathetic attempt to cover himself. There’s still cum on his hand and his mind is foggy from his orgasm, but he tries to look as apologetic as possible, looking between Minho and Woojin with big glassy eyes.

“I-I didn’t mean to, I was just-uh-”

A single look from Minho is all it takes for Chan to fall silent, eyes dropping to the floor and murmuring quietly, “‘M really sorry.”

Minho hums noncommittally and holds the headphones up to his ear where the audio has started again from the beginning. A devilish smirk spreads across Minho’s face as he looks over Chan’s trembling form. The man is still staring resolutely at the floor, although his eyes are teary and he’s chewing lightly on his lip.

“Listening to yourself get ruined baby? You have so many people ready and willing to fuck you silly, but you just had to get off right now,” Minho says, voice calm as he moves forward into the room to set the headphones down, “Are you that desparate, baby boy?”

Chan whimpers, not looking up, “I’m really-”

He cuts himself off when Minho reaches a hand out to tilt his chin up, his smile is gentle but the look in his eyes has a shiver running down Chan’s spine, “Look at me when you’re speaking, Channie.”

Shaken Chan stammers, “I-I’m really, really sorry . . . sir.”

Minho’s eyes flicker to the side, “And?”

Chan follows his gaze to where Woojin is still leaning against the door, quietly watching the interaction. Chan swallows thickly, “I’m sorry, daddy.”

Woojin smiles and for just a second Chan relaxes, but before he can find any real relief in Woojin’s kind eyes Minho is yanking his head back to look up at him again.

“Good, but sorry isn’t going to cut it. Bad boys deserve to be punished, right Channie? And have you been bad?”

The tears come back with a vengeance and Chan wants to look away, but he knows Minho expects him to maintain eye contact. Knows because Minho wants to humiliate him, make him feel small and powerless. And god does it work.

“Y-yes, sir, I was bad, a-a bad boy.”

Minho coos mockingly, thumb gently massaging Chan’s jaw, but before Chan can even attempt to lean into the comforting touch the hand disappears, leaving Chan feeling strangely cold.

“That’s right. Up,” Minho commands and Chan doesn’t hesitate, standing on shaky legs while still trying to cover himself. Seeing this Minho scoffs and it makes Chan curl into himself just slightly.

“On the couch, Channie, legs spread and arms by your sides.”

Following the orders wordlessly Chan bites his lip as he gets in position. Like this he feels so open, so vulnerable to the prying eyes of the other two men in the room, even though he’s almost fully clothed. And despite the shame is tightening his chest he also feels the coil of arousal in his stomach, his cock already getting hard again.

Woojin moves forward first, while Minho rummages around in the backpack he’d brought in. Chan doesn’t have the chance to see what Minho is doing before Woojin blocks his vision. Chan looks up at the older man helplessly and Woojin tsks.

“Puppy eyes won’t work Channie, you broke a big rule didn’t you?”

“I-I . . . yeah . . .” Chan mumbles and sucks in a breath when Woojin’s big hands start rubbing at his thighs. He still has his sweats on, pushed down enough so his cock is out, but Woojin makes quick work of yanking the offending material all the way off. He'd forgone boxers today and Woojin hums appreciatively as Chan’s face heats up in embarrassment.

Woojin resumes massaging his thighs, fingers traveling up, up, up just shy of where Chan so desperately wants to be touched. But he doesn’t dare ask, or even beg, for that yet.

Chan is letting out soft huffs of air by the time Minho turns around and Chan’s stomach tightens incredibly at the small device in Minho’s hand. The tear of tape makes Chan flinch and he whimpers quietly when a small bullet vibrator is secured against the tip of his dick.

“M-Min-” Chan is cut off when Minho flips the switch for the toy, sending indescribable pleasure coursing through Chan’s body. His back arches beautifully and his hands curl into fists but he obediently stays still, not doing anything that could result in an extended punishment.

Except, “What was that baby boy?”

Chan realizes his mistake and promptly panics, “S-sir, I meant sir-fuck, please I-”

The vibrations increase in strength and Chan lets out a broken sound squirming uselessly and hands finally fluttering up, unable to keep entirely still but making sure not to touch himself. Minho is quick to grab ahold of his wrists, using Chan’s weakened state to maneuver him down the couch so that his hips are right against the edge.

“You wanted to get off, right baby doll? This is what you wanted isn’t it? For your members to make you feel good? Make you cum?” Minho taunts, struggling only slightly with how hard Chan is wiggling around, trying to escape the overwhelming sensation on his already sensitive cock.

Panting Chan cries, “I can’t-Sir, please, c-can’t, I can’t-”

“Yes you can,” Minho soothes, leaning down to kiss at Chan’s ear before whispering, “But I do think we’re being a little unfair.”

Woojin’s hands tighten on Chan’s thighs and he struggles to hear Minho continue over the fuzziness in his head, “We aren’t really touching you, hm? We should fix that right?”

Chan can’t decide if he wants to protest or beg them to touch him, so overcome with pleasure and the need for his boyfriends. Woojin makes the decision for him, fingers finally coming into contact with his dick, circling around the shaft below the bullet and jerking him in gentle, firm strokes, the cum from his previous orgasm making the slide slick and messy.

The sound Chan lets out is close to a sob and shakes his head while babbling, “So-so good, please, please I can’t, too good-”

A hand pushes his hoodie up on his chest and sudden pinching at his nipples has him yelping and Minho laughs at him, “Well, which is it Channie? Want us to stop? Just let go all together?”

The vibrating stops suddenly and Woojin’s hand stills soon after and Chan is humiliated to find his hips continue canting upwards, searching for something anything. Chan really does sob then, fat tears welling up in his eyes.

His voice is positively destroyed, “No, no, no, please don’t stop, please I’m sorry, I’m s-so sorry, just please don’t-”

The vibrations come back even stronger than before, and the scream Chan lets out definitely could have alerted anyone nearby to their activities, but none of them can bring themselves to care.

Woojin leans down to lick at the swollen tip of Chan’s cock, drawing a shuddering breath from the man below him. He can tell Minho has started tweaking Chan’s nipples by the high pitched whines Chan is letting out now. And god does he want to hear more.

Suckling the tip Woojin doesn’t give Chan any breaks, loving the way he can feel the vibrations from the bullet on his tongue and across his lips.

“I’ll cum, I’ll cum, please, I-I can’t, please I need-”

“You can come baby doll, let it all out,” Minho says soothingly and with that Chan releases right in Woojin’s mouth, legs trembling against Woojin’s big hands. The older man makes sure to lick up every last drop, especially enjoying the pathetic mewls coming from Chan as he does so.

A button clicks somewhere and the vibrations stop and Chan slumps back against the couch. Minho pets at his hair as Woojin rubs soothing circles into his hips and Chan doesn’t think he could have thought of a better ending to tonight. With his punishment over, they can go back to the dorm and cuddle, maybe get a round two in with another member or-

The bullet coming back to life on his dick has him jolting upwards, but Minho is quick to restrain him again.


“This is your punishment, Channie,” Minho points out.

Woojin grins slyly, “You didn’t think we’d just give you a mind blowing orgasm for a punishment did you?”

Chan whines, of course it had been a bit uncharacteristic. Usually Minho preferred edging to overstimulation, and Woojin was more of a traditional spanking kind of guy. Together Chan hadn’t really thought about how they would punish him, but he’s learning. The hard way.

“W-wait, wait, I can’t go again, I really can’t-”

Woojin slaps his thigh harshly, silencing him, and Chan cowers, “Color?”

The vibrations die down slightly as the two wait for his answer, and once he murmurs out a weak ‘green,’ the bullet is working again. He cries out, body twisting in Minho’s hold as he buries his face in the other man’s chest.

He’s already crying again, squirming and struggling to escape, but between Minho’s hard chest and Woojin’s hands holding him by the hips there’s nothing for him to do and nowhere for him to go.

Minho’s hands move down now to start pumping his cock and Chan whines loudly, shoving his face further into the cloth of Minho’s shirt.

Bigger hands slide under his ass and he yelps as he’s pulled forward, just enough for his lower body to hang half off the couch, his own hands scrambling to grip onto Minho for stability. Woojin meets his eyes from where he’s kneeling on the floor and Chan feels his heart skip a beat.

How can Woojin literally look at him with such loving eyes when Chan knows for a fact he’s about to tease him to literal hell?

Woojin laughs at the bewildered expression on Chan’s face, and lets his fingers dip down between Chan’s cheeks, earning a squeak from the younger man, “What, Channie? Don’t want me to eat you out?”

Chan chokes.

“N-no, please eat me out, please Woo-”

Minho gives him a painful squeeze and Chan corrects himself brokenly, “D-daddy! Please eat me out, daddy, please.”

Woojin doesn’t waste much time, smiling innocently at Chan before pulling his cheeks open. It’s humiliating and exciting at the same time.

The first touch of Woojin’s tongue against his ass has Chan letting out a sob, which is quickly followed by nonsensical babbling for more. And Woojin is more than willing to give it to him, licking a few long stripes over his hole all the way up to his balls before finally pushing inside.

Chan is still crying, tears streaming down his cheeks now, the combination of Minho’s touch, and Woojin’s tongue, and the toy that’s still pulsing against him, Chan feels like he’s being thrown around inside of his own body.

It hurts, it all hurts so much, but it’s so good.

Chan’s pleading has dissolved into incoherent noises and Minho finally takes action, keeping one hand on Chan’s dick he moves the other one up to smother his cries.

Minho’s hand almost isn’t big enough to cover Chan’s mouth, but his resolve more than makes up for it, holding Chan’s head still against his chest and leaning down to whisper darkly, “Quiet now, Channie. Don’t you wanna be a good boy? Let us use you all up?”

Chan makes a muffled sound of confirmation against Minho’s palm, his breaths coming through his nose heavily as he struggles to control himself. Woojin hasn’t let up for anything until this point, pulling back to take a breath.

His chin is wet with spit and his eyes are hazy and dark, he’s looking at Chan like he’s hungry, like he’s starving, like he’s never seen anything so delicious, and Chan seizes up. Minho’s hand over his mouth is the only thing that silences his scream as he cums for the third time tonight.

The hand on his dick doesn’t falter for a second and Chan shakes his head wildly, huffing through his nose and whining loudly, and Woojin smiles at him so sweet and loving.

“Want me to finger fuck you, Channie?”

Chan’s going to die.

Minho answers for him, “Channie can give us one more, can’t you baby?”

Chan’s going to die and he’s never been so fucking ready for it.

He mumbles behind Minho’s hand insistently until the hand moves just enough for him to pant, “Please, please daddy, please please make me cum again, please, Sir, please let me, please-”

The hand clamps back over his mouth and Minho lets out a demeaning laugh, “Such a slut, aren’t you Channie? Our perfect, little slut?”

Chan cries earnestly, head dropping slightly and eyes slipping closed in humiliation, but a rough squeeze to his dick has him springing back up. Minho tuts, “None of that now, we’re being nice and giving you what you want, so you better watch Woojinnie hyung.”

Blinking past the tears in his eyes Chan’s blurry gaze focuses on Woojin below him who’s moved his fingers into his own mouth and-fuck that’s so hot. Woojin’s fingers are so long and elegant, and the slide of them in and out of his mouth has Chan mesmerized. He’s only brought out of his trance when Woojin finally releases his fingers, smile tilting smugly.

“Like what you see, Channie?”

Chan whines, and Woojin laughs before finally, finally lowering his hand down to Chan’s ass.

Woojin brings his fingers up to Chan’s still spit slick hole and teases at his rim, “You want it right, baby?”

Minho’s hand moves down to cup Chan’s throat, tightening just enough to make Chan’s breath hitch, and he really thinks he’ll pass out if they don’t let up soon.

Bottom lip trembling Chan lets out a strained, “Y-yes, please daddy.”

The slide in is easy, and Chan’s head falls back against Minho’s chest as his hips stutter between fucking into Minho’s hand and down onto Woojin’s finger. His dick is so sore, so red and spent, but he needs this.

Woojin doesn’t make him wait too long before pushing the second finger in alongside the first, although the stretch is definitely more painful, especially without proper lubricant. Chan whimpers and Woojin does the first thing he can think of.

Woojin’s head ducks down so he can lick in between his fingers using as much spit as possible as he fucks into Chan. Chan lets out a long, fucked out noise and Minho smiles as Chan’s hips start to move erratically. His eyes slide over to the remote control that he’d left on the arm of the couch a bit ago and he reaches over without alerting either of the other men.

Chan is babbling again, back and forth between praising Woojin for how good it feels and crying that it’s too much. Minho smiles, almost evilly, before saying loud enough to be heard over Chan’s whining, “Oh baby, this is too much?”

He flips the remote to the highest setting and Chan’s back arches into an angle that looks borderline painful.

Woojin handles the sudden movement with a particular grace that is unique to him, catching Chan by the hip and holding him up so that he can push and lick even deeper inside the younger man.

Chan can’t do anything but whine and moan, unable to form proper words as he bounces messily between Minho and Woojin. Minho can’t help but thrust up against Chan’s back, his own aching and neglected cock welcoming the stimulation easily.

The feeling of Minho using his body for his own pleasure combined with the other sensations he’s being subject to has Chan getting close so fast he barely has time to voice out a warning, “S-sir, d-daddy, gonna-I’m gonna cum, please, please”

Woojin speeds up his ministrations and Minho pants, his own voice strained now, “Go on baby, come for us.”

And Chan can’t hold back any longer, releasing for the fourth time with a guttural moan and finally the bullet is switched off. Chan can't stop shaking as his dick lets out a pitiful amount of cum, eyes scrunched closed and fists pulling roughly at Minho's shirt. His hips buck into Minho's hand a few more times before he finally falls limp.

Minho’s hand fumbles to pull the toy away from his skin and Chan lets out a pathetic whimper at the raw feeling on his dick, but otherwise makes no movements against the action.

Woojin pulls his fingers out slowly, but makes sure to lick one more wide stripe to Chan’s hole, just to make the younger man flinch before pulling away completely.

Chan is nearly boneless against Minho’s chest, eyes droopy and fucked out. He hardly registers the hands rubbing up and down his back or Woojin retrieving tissues from the desk. He’s too focused on regaining feeling in his dick and legs and relearning how to properly breathe.

Woojin has wiped him down before he realizes that Minho is still hard against his back. Shifting slightly Chan looks up at Minho with sleepy eyes, “M-Min, let me-”

“Shh, don’t worry Channie hyung, you were so good for us, wasn’t he, Woojinnie hyung?”

Woojin hums, coming to scoop Chan up into his arms so that Minho can slide off the couch. Chan is in no condition to walk just yet, so Woojin settles on the couch, with Chan tucked into his side. He scratches gently at the back of Chan’s head, and the reaction is almost instant. Chan’s head nuzzles into the crook of Woojin’s shoulder and neck and he hums contently.

“You were so good, Channie, took your punishment so well,” Woojin praises and Chan can’t stop the wide, shy smile that spreads across his face. Too embarrassed to really say anything, Chan buries his head further into Woojin’s neck, and they let him get away with it.

Minho slides back onto the couch on the other side of Woojin, water bottle in hand, before snickering, "Hyungie came in his pants?"

Woojin blushes, glaring halfheartedly at Minho, "Don't be a brat, Minnie."

Minho sticks his tongue out, "Sorry, daddy."

Woojin glares for a second more before turning his attention back to Chan, who is watching them with tired eyes, skin still flushed and breathing getting deeper.

Minho coos on the other side of him, twisting the cap off the water bottle and reaching past Woojin to offer it to Chan, "You were so good for us, baby. Did you have fun?"

Chan smiles dopily, "Always."

He takes the water bottle with gentle hands, still shaking slightly as he brings the bottle to his lips to drink greedily.

Woojin and Minho watch fondly and Minho snuggles close to Woojin's other side, yawning just a little, "Once you can walk we'll get you back to the dorm. The others ordered from that BBQ place you like so much."

Chan's eyes light up and he makes to sit up, but Woojin pulls him back down with ease, “But first, we need cuddles.”

And as he is maneuvered so that he’s sitting mostly in Woojin’s lap, with his legs thrown over Minho’s, Chan can’t find any reason to really argue. Minho leans over to peck Chan sweetly on the lips, and Woojin follows suit soon after. Chan giggles happily between them, dropping his head under Woojin’s chin and letting his eyes slip shut.

He’s so sleepy, so sated and so happy. Woojin smells so nice, and one of Minho’s hands is rubbing his thigh so sweetly. He could fall asleep just like this, curled up between two of his favorite people, so protected and loved.

The snap of a camera shutter makes him jump a little, but when he looks up it’s only to see Minho smiling sheepishly at him, “Sorry, I thought I had it on silent.”

He’s holding his phone, and really only looks half-guilty, but he holds the screen towards Chan and Woojin to show off the cute photo of the three of them. Chan is nearly asleep in Woojin’s arms, the older man looking well on his way to unconsciousness too. Minho is the only one looking at the camera, wide eyes bright and lovely and also the only one that looks even remotely neat. Because Chan definitely looks a little too disheveled to be innocent, and Woojin isn’t faring much better.

“I’m sending it to the group chat. Ji and Binnie will love to hear what you got up to tonight, Channie hyung.”

Chan feels the tips of his ears heat up and hides back in Woojin’s chest, mumbling, “Shut up.”

Minho snickers as he clicks on his phone and Chan can hear his own phone ping with the notification on his desk. Followed almost instantly by another, and another, and another.

With each text alert, he attempts to bury himself even further into Woojin, and the older man laughs, rubbing his back comfortingly as he leans over to look at Minho’s phone, “Don’t worry, Channie, they’re all saying nice things.”

Minho snorts, “Yeah, really nice things, hyung.”

Chan moans miserably, “I don’t wanna know.”

“It’s mostly Sungie, but I’m sure you could’ve guessed,” Woojin offers, and Chan sighs.

“His head is big enough, you didn’t need to give him this, Min.”

Minho rolls his eyes, “You’re the one getting off to the audio of him fucking you so-”

“Right, I’m gonna stop you right there,” Woojin cuts Minho off, “If you two start bickering, you’ll start kissing, and I don’t think we should start another round. Not here at least.”

Minho pouts, “Speak for yourself, you at least came in your pants.”

Woojin’s cheeks redden again and he glares, “If you stop fighting and cuddle me for ten minutes, I’ll suck you off when we get back.”

Minho pretends to think about it, and Chan offers quietly, “I’ll help?”

And finally, Minho breaks, “Only because you guys are really fucking hot on your knees.”

Chan snorts and Woojin lets out a huff of mild annoyance before moving his arm to hug Minho closer to his side. Curling his legs around Minho just slightly, Chan allows his eyes to close once more.

His body is sore and his dick hurts like hell now, but he wouldn’t change it for the world.

On the desk, his phone buzzes with another alert, and he thinks of the rest of the boys waiting for them at the dorms, at home. Probably fighting over who gets what side dish and what movie they’ll watch later tonight.

His heart feels full and warm, and he knows he wouldn’t change anything in this moment.