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Their Dad

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Every Friday, the students of class 1-A got together and had a movie marathon in the commons area. Aizawa knew this. He was even invited to come to them. He came the first time but stopped after that. He wanted them to have some time to themselves. He didn't want to intrude on that. However, he made sure to fill the kitchen with snacks for the movie night during his time off.

He thought everything was prepped for their movie night. He got all their favorite snacks and drinks. 'Of course,' he grumbled. 'All that is going to be gone tomorrow morning.' He sighed. He was in his room getting ready to to grade papers. Nezu had made the teachers a separate building, an apartment complex. As soon as Aizawa was told which apartment was his, he informed his class. He gave the class his number too. Luckily, most of them already has his number from after USJ. He didn't know what made him give his number. Maybe it was the fear of them being in trouble all alone.

Aizawa was startled from his thought with a loud bang. He looked at the source of the sound, his front door. As Aizawa headed to the door, he hoped they hadn't done anything illegal. The fact the voice he was wearing yell at him sounded like Bakugou didn't alleviate his anxiety. It didn't register to Aizawa what Bakugou was saying till he was almost to the door.

"Dad! Shitty Hair, Raccoon Eyes, and Pikachu broke the fucking DVD player! Fucking hurry up, Dad!" Bakugou was yelling. Aizawa felt his eyes sting. 'Did he?' Aizawa wiped his eyes real quick, just to be sure, and opened the door. Bakugou stared at him with drooping eyes. Aizawa realized in that second that Bakugou didn't realize what he just said.

"What's with the yelling?" Aizawa sighed, slumping against the doorframe. Bakugou gave him a glare, albeit a sleepy one.

"Damn Shitty Hair, Raccoon Eyes, and Pikachu killed the fucking player. We can't have our movie marathon and I'm tired. Those motherfuckers keep trying to fix it and I'm fucking done." Bakugou grew more agitated with each word. Aizawa sighed, throwing his head back. 'Of course they would try to fix it themselves. Though,' Aizawa glanced at Bakugou, 'I didn't expect Bakugou to be the one that came to get me.'

"Let's go before they electrocute themselves," Aizawa grumbled. Bakugou grunted and headed for the dorms. The walk was quiet. Aizawa wanted to mention Bakugou's slip of tongue but anxiety stopped him. 'If I bring it up, will he deny it? Would it make things uncomfortable?' This is why Aizawa didn't deal with emotions. This was why he preferred to think logically. He liked to consider himself rational, but it would be stupid to deny that he can't think rationally when it came to these kids. Instead of risking it, Aizawa stayed silent as they made their trip to the common room.

The first thing Aizawa noticed as he entered the common room was Kirishima and Kaminari arguing about how to fix the player. Iida was switching sides and yelling at the other at different points. The rest of the class was either watching silently or trying to calm them down.

"Quiet," Aizawa drawled, activating his quirk as Bakugou sprawled out on one of the many multi-colored cushions decorating the ground. The class stared at him before glowing.

"Aizawa-sensei!" Hagakure cried, jumping up to great him.

"Thank God you're here, Sensei!" Ashido gushed, joining Hagakure. "We didn't mean to but we broke the player and we tried to fix it but it seems to have only gotten worse and-" The rest of her statement was drowned out by the rest of the class offering their own accounts of what happened. Aizawa noticed the tears in the three responsible's eyes. The others looked guilty as well. Aizawa raised his hand.

"Bakugou told me what happened. Let me take a look at the player, okay?" Aizawa interjected in a soft voice. He didn't want to make them worried.

"What's our punishment then, Aizawa-sensei?" Kaminari asked. Aizawa glanced at him, Ashido, and Kirishima. Aizawa ignored that question. He didn't know yet what to do about that. Right now, he just wanted to fix the DVD player so they could have their movie marathon night.

Aizawa stared at the player. 'How the fuck did that do that? These kids.' Aizawa couldn't help the horror that just looking at this player caused. 'Holy fuck these kids are going to be the death of me.' Aizawa took a deep breath before working on the box. 'The kids are lucky I help Yamada with his speaker.' Aizawa would turn to Yaoyorozu and ask for a tool when necessary. After almost an hour, he plugged it back in and got up.

"It should be working now." Aizawa was quickly swarmed by his students.

"Really, Sensei?"
"Are you staying?"
"How did you do that?"
"Can you teach me?"
"Oh me too!"
"Me too!"

Aizawa was startled. His gaze softened aa they all continued to ask. These kids… He could never tell them no and it's like they knew.

"I'll stay," Aizawa softened even more upon seeing them glow with such joy. "I'll think about teaching you how to fix appliances." They still were happy and joyful. Shouji and Tokoyami got a cushion from Yaoyorozu and sat it down for Aizawa. He thanked them as he sat on the cushion. He glanced around and saw that everyone was huddled together in groups of three to five. He was the only one that was by himself. That didn't bother him though. As the movie started, he focused on the TV.

He didn't realize they had sat him in the middle till he felt a weight in his right leg. He looked down to find Kouda. Aizawa smiled softly. Of course he would fall asleep first. Aizawa thought back to the last time he was at the movie marathon. He couldn't remember who had fallen asleep first. He only remembered cleaning up and sneaking out after everyone had fallen asleep. As we focused back on the movie, he slowly felt pressure being adding from both sides. As they got further into the movie, more students fell asleep. Almost all of them were angled toward him and only four were actually laying on him. Kouda, Tsuyu, Todoroki, and Jirou had managed to secure him as a pillow. While Kouda and Todoroki used his legs as pillows, Jirou and Tsuyu were laying partially on his shoulders and partially on their male classmates.

Aizawa gave a content sigh as he leaned back against the couch they had set him in front of. 'Maybe I should come to these things more often.'

*Aizawa let's the three off with a warning.*

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Aizawa knew the jokes his students made. Most of them were vine references. He found the class's running 'Endeavor is burning trash' joke hilarious and thought it deserved more recognition. While he loved all the jokes in equal measure, the joke about Midoriya being All Might's secret child had been one of his favorites. While it was always humorous to watch Midoriya's reaction to the tease, All Might's reaction was so funny that it could get Aizawa through a whole month. Aizawa knew that Midoriya and All Might were close so he tries to keep the teasing to a minimum, but it always nagged at the back of his mind what the true nature of their relationship was. He thought he knew until one day during free period.

"Hey, Dad! Can you help me real quick? I'm not sure I understand this problem Ectoplasm assigned," Midoriya called without looking up. Aizawa froze in his spot up front for a second. His breathe caught in his throat. 'All Might isn't here. He just called me....' Aizawa shook his head and hoped he hadn't been lost in thought for too long.

"Sure," Aizawa hoped his voice didnt sound as flustered as he thought it did. "Which problem exactly?" Aizawa walked to Midoriya's desk and almost buckled under the pressure of the students' gazes. 'Why the fuck did you have to call me 'Dad' in public? I can't just internalize it and never voice it like last time.' As Aizawa helped Midoriya through the math problem, he felt the stares of his class. Aizawa glanced up long enough to notice Bakugou wasn't watching. Bakugou was doing homework for some other class, minding his own business. 'Funny that they'd be the ones to call me 'Dad'. Not sure how that conversation would go down.'

"Thanks, Aizawa-sensei!" Midoriya beamed at him. Aizawa felt a warm feeling at the smile but he couldn't help the smallest bit of sadness that came from being called sensei.

"You're welcome, problem child," Aizawa softly smiled as he made his way back to the podium. On his way, he heard the whispers of the class.

"Did Deku just call Sensei 'Dad'?"
"Aizawa-sensei didn't bring it up either!"
"Maybe he didn't want to embarrass him?"
"Aizawa-sensei is sorta like our dad...."

That had almost made Aizawa fall flat on his face. 'These kids really are trying to kill me. Those fucking gremlins.' Despite his thoughts, he felt happiness swell in his chest at their words. Their conversation was cut off by Bakugou yelling at them to shut up so he could "fucking study shit."

Aizawa crawled into his sleeping back and closed his eyes.

*Aizawa says nothing about it. Shockingly (not really), Bakugou tells Midoriya hes going to be Aizawa's favorite.*

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Aizawa tried not to think of the kids' home lives. He had gotten a glimpse of all their families when he had gone to ask permission for the students to stay in the dorms and some had concerned him. If he thought about it, a terrible feeling would engulf him. He honestly did try to not think about it. They were away from their parents. They were safe. Until their phone rings. Every time one of their phones would ring, a cold feeling would overcome him.

He hadn't been there when Yaoyorozu got the call, but he had been the one to find her during the call. He had simply been walking from the teachers lounge and was headed toward the dorms for 1-A when he heard what sounded like an upset voice. As he neared the voice, he slowly identified it.

When Aizawa turned the corner, he saw an upset Yaoyorozu. She fidgeted and placed as she listened to the person on the phone. She was a mixture of anger and sadness, and Aizawa wasn't sure which he would prefer. He remembered meeting her parents. While the had seemed kind, his mind could never stop replaying the words they had said. There was no wonder in Aizawa's mind why Yaoyorozu sometimes had an issue with her confidence. He was torn from his thoughts when Yaoyorozu gave an almost malevolent laugh.

"You want me to get married?" She snapped to the one on the phone. Aizawa felt his heart sink. He saw her freeze as she took in the callers response. Her face turned soft, almost sad.

"I'm too young, Mother," Yaoyorozu pleaded. Her body was frozen. Her face was a mixture of shock and sadness. Aizawa's heart wrenched. When he had been at her house, her parents had said "While being a hero is an admirable career, she's going to be a proper lady when she gets married." You didn't have to be a genius to realize what path they wanted for her.

"Being a HERO isn't a passing fancy," she softly urged. Her face was becoming more frantic as the conversation went on. Her face stilled.

"No. It isn't. I want to be a hero. I don't want to settle down." Yaoyorozu shuffled her feet as she stared at the ground. Aizawa felt his heart ache at seeing her like this. He wanted to protect her, but he knew that's not what she needed. If he was right, she was tired of being 'protected'.

"No. Not even just an arrangement for a future marriage." She was starting to gain her anger back and Aizawa was too. 'Just drop it' Aizawa scowled. 'Isn't it clear she doesn't want that.'

"Mother, I got to go. Yeah. Love you too. Bye," Yaoyorozu rushed to end the call. She growled and threw her phone to the ground. She leaned against the wall of the 1-A students' dorms. It wasn't long before she was crying into her hands. Aizawa felt pained. He slowly walked over. He bent down and grabbed her phone.

"I would ask how you feel," Aizawa told her softly. He slowly raised up as she moved her hands from her face. "But I already think I have an idea." She opened her mouth as if to speak. No words came out.

Instead of words, a sob passed through her lips. She rushed forward and hugged Aizawa. Aizawa froze, just for a second. He stuffed her phone in his pocket before hugging her. One hand was on her lower back while the other between her shoulder blades. He tried to rub soft circles to help. Eventually, he concluded to just holding her tightly.

"They want me to-" she mumbled, cutting herself off with another sob. Aizawa held her tighter.

"I heard. I know." Aizawa's voice stayed soft. His chin was rested on her head. "Remember that it's your decision. You can pick the path they want for you or make your own." Yaoyorozu sniffled.

"How do I know which is better?" She had slowed in her crying. Aizawa gave a slight hum.

"Whichever one makes you happy is the better one in my opinion. I'll support whichever one you pick." Yaoyorozu pulled back to look Aizawa in the eyes. Tears gathered rabidly.

"I don't want to be a trophy wife that used to be a hero." She barely held back her sobs as she told him. Aizawa gave her a soft, encouraging smile.

"Then don't. Be a pro hero." Yaoyorozu's tears had paused as she stare at him in awe. As her shock left, the tears came full force as she tackled him in another hug. Aizawa held her tightly yet again. His shrt was getting soaked. 'I'll worry about that later.' When her tears had finally stopped, they slowly parted. Her face was tear stained and her eyes were red. Aizawa didn't mention it as he gave her a soft smile. She wiped her face and returned his smile with a bigger one.

"Thanks, Dad," Yaoyorozu gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked off, heading into the dorms. Aizawa was frozen in place with shock. 'At least she had the decently to let me panic alone.'

Aizawa slowly lowered himself onto the ground. This internal panic didn't last long because he remembered he had Yaoyorozu's phone still, and he needed to give it back to her. His solution was giving it to Jirou with instructions to give it to Yaoyorozu.

*Aizawa was later found curled up in his sleeping bag in the teacher lounge staring at a wall. Upon being asked what was wrong, his only reply was "three.... THREE." It was decided it was best to leave him be.*

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*Warning: If you have issues with some gender identities, I'd stop reading now. This chapter will have a gender fluid character. There will also be hate in this chapter. It doesn't last for long but it is crucial to this story.*

Aizawa had told the kids on the first full day of school to tell him if there was anything he should know that would help them. Not many students came forward. Honestly, he had been shocked to see Bakugou in the teachers' lounge waiting for him. Bakugou had revealed he needed Aizawa to enunciate when speaking, as well as keep his mouth uncovered. Aizawa only asked if Bakugou had any aids to help with his hearing issue. Upon Bakugou's scoff, Aizawa dropped the subject.

Kouda had been the next day. He had appeared in the morning. He had hesitated before signing to Aizawa that he had social anxiety. Aizawa reassured Kouda that there wouldn't be anything to worry about. Aizawa didn't like press and therefore didn't find it necessary to teach public speaking.

Aizawa knew he didn't know everything about his students, but he tried. When something was wrong, he either asked or offered an ear. However, this matter didn't seem to be something that could easily be resolved. He had to try though, right?

Throughout class, there had been a tension in the air. While everyone seemed hostile towards Mineta, the kids seemed livid everytime he got near Kaminari. As far as Aizawa knew, the two were on good terms. Because of this tension, he called for them to stay back after class ended. They walked to the front. Kaminari fidgeted while Mineta looked at him with curiosity.

"What do you want, Aizawa-sensei?" Mineta asked. Aizawa tried to focus on Mineta but he couldn't help noticing Kaminari shuffling away from Mineta.

"I noticed there seemed to be something going on between you two," Aizawa informed them. He gauged their reactions. While Kaminari seemed a mix of uncomfortable and horrified, Mineta seemed to come to a realization.

"Oh!" Mineta laughed. He patted Kaminari's leg. "Kaminari is just confused! That's all this is about, Sensei." Aizawa noticed how Kaminari stiffened. Aizawa wasn't prepared for Kaminari to jerk away from Mineta.

"CONFUSED?" The growl that came out of Kaminari scared Aizawa. He had never heard anything like that come out of Kaminari and it terrified him. "I'm not confused. I'm gender fluid." Mineta scowled.

"No. That gender doesn't exist. You are a boy. You always have boy pronouns and now you want us to use girl ones?" Kaminari glared.

"I came out because I felt comfortable and I wanted to be addressed properly. I'm a girl today so yes," Kaminari hissed. Her posture was tense. Aizawa took in this information as the two glared at each other. 'I've been fucking misgendering Kaminari.' Aizawa sighed.

"Kaminari," Aizawa spoke in his signature soft tone. Kaminari turned to face him quickly. The fear on her face showed she had forgotten he was there. "Why didn't you tell me from the beginning? I could've made sure to use the right pronouns. Do you have a system set up to let others know? Does the class know? Do you want me to get you the school skirt for when you want to wear one?" Aizawa had too many concerns and apparently Mineta wasn't having that.

"Aizawa-sensei, don't encourage this behavior. This..... identity..... doesn't exist." Aizawa never wanted to murder a fucking kid more in his life. Aizawa took a deep breath in, which didn't help considering Kaminari looked close to tears.

"Mineta," Aizawa gritted out. "Other genders exist and same for sexualities. If you can't accept that, you can no longer stay in this class." Kaminari snorted.

"How will he respect me when he can't even respect the other girls in our class?" Aizawa's breath hitched. He knew Mineta was perverted but no one had told him how bad it was. That statement was all Aizawa needed to keep the kid out.

"Mineta you are expelled from UA on ground of sexual harrassment and bullying other kids for being genderqueer." Aizawa didn't stop to notice Mineta's shock. Aizawa preferred to focus on Kaminari's look of shock. She grinned and glowed.

"Thank you," she whispered as Aizawa started to drag a bawling Mineta to the principal's office. Aizawa felt warm as he dragged the kid and left him in Nezu's office.

After school, Kaminari answered all of Aizawa's questions. Before leaving, she turned and hesitated before giving a soft call.

"Dad?" Aizawa's head snapped toward her. His breath hitched. It took him a second before he could answer.

"Yes?" She smiled softly.

"Thank you." Her grin grew as the words left her mouth. "I really am grateful." Aizawa softened.

"I know you are," Aizawa's tone was just as soft as his gaze. 'These kids...' She left without another word. Aizawa was left alone. He was cleaning up when a thought hit him. 'Four of them....... FOUR.' Oh he already felt knew what he was going to be doing later.

*Not only does Aizawa go and get the skirt for the uniform but he also gets Kaminari a wide range of different colored skirts. Just in case.*

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Aizawa worried about the kids. He knew he shouldn't but it was just an accepted fact. Because of this, sometimes he'd stay and grade papers on the kitchen table of the students' dorms. The kids knew. He'd seen some pass through the times he had stayed. Typically, Tokoyami, Jirou, and Todoroki. Occasionally, you would see Bakugou or Midoriya. Sometimes, Hagakure would come down.

Tonight was different. Instead of simply getting what he wanted and leaving or starting up small talk, Tokoyami had walked in, made a glass of water, and sat right across from Aizawa. The kid stayed silent. Aizawa continued working. 'If he wants to speak, it would be best to just wait for him to say it. He'll talk when he's ready.' Aizawa could feel Tokoyami's gaze but he refused to look up. He didn't want to add pressure. Aizawa was ripped from his thoughts by a soft voice.

"May," Tokoyami's voice was quiet. He cleared his throat before continuing slightly louder. "May we talk, Sensei?" Aizawa looked up. Tokoyami's eyes had a pleading, soft look to them. Aizawa sat down his pen, never taking his eyes of Tokoyami.

"Of course," Aizawa answered. Tokoyami opened his mouth before shutting it. Aizawa waited. "Take your time. We have all the time you need," Aizawa urged softly. Aizawa didn't know what was about to go down but he could tell Tokoyami was nervous. They stayed silent for a few minutes.

"You don't have to say anything," Tokoyami blurted. His voice came out loud and curt. "I just need someone to listen." His voice had taken on a more desperate, nervous tone. Aizawa nodded. Tokoyami relaxed a bit.

"I....." his voice was soft. Tokoyami took a breath. "I.... don't think I'm straight. I mean," Tokoyami turned frantic. "I'm not gay either. At least, I dont think I am. At the same time though, I'm not ace. I don't find people attractive right of the bat. I spend time with them and one day I realize that they're attractive and I don't know why. It makes no sense. I know it's wrong bu-" Tokoyami was starting to hyperventilate. Aizawa never let him finish his sentence.

"No," Aizawa didn't mean for his voice to come out hard. He wanted to soothe Tokoyami but instead Tokoyami flinched. Aizawa softened. "You're not wrong. To me, you sound demi. Sorry, demisexual." Tokoyami stared at Aizawa.

"So..... it exists?" Tokoyami sounded so small it tore at Aizawa's heart.

"Yes. Now I'd look into it and make sure that's what you really are experiencing but from what you said....." Aizawa trailed off. Tokoyami had tears. Before he knew what was happening, Tokoyami had jumped up, ran around the table, and tackled Aizawa in a hug. 'I'll get used to this. Eventually.' Aizawa and Tokoyami stayed in their embrace for a few minutes before Tokoyami pulled away.

"Thanks for listening, Dad," Tokoyami blurted before running to the elevators to go back to his room. Aizawa stared in the direction that Tokoyami went with a soft gaze.

'He didn't give me the chance to tell him I was asexual.' Aizawa sighs. 'I'll tell him when I get the chance.' Aizawa went back to his grading.

*The typical post-dad panic doesn't set in till about 2 hours later when he starts grading Tokoyami's paper.*

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After the installation of the dorms, Aizawa started doing perimeter checks after school. When the kids found out, they begged to be involved. So, everyday after school a different kid would get dressed in their hero costume and do perimeter checks with Aizawa. They would work their way around the outside of the walls while another teacher worked the inside. Because of this, a lot of kids had started hanging around UA. This wasn't much of an issue. The students would talk to the kids while Aizawa finished up his sweep. He didn't mind when they got sidetracked like this. Sometimes they'd continue their walk but just have the kids join.

Kirishima seemed to be the most popular. He would always great them with a smile and tell them stories. To be completely frank, Aizawa never really payed attention to the stories. He just heard the kids cheering and asking questions. He heard sound effects from Kirishima and concluded he was telling a hero story. 'Probably something related to All Might.' Aizawa knew what kids wanted to hear. They wanted to hear the story of a flashy hero who saved the day with a smile.

But then again, the other students told stories too. They would boldly shout the phrase "I am hear!" They would do their best All Might impression for the kids. None of them were half as popular as Kirishima was. Kirishima told his story quietly. He and the kids would lag behind Aizawa a bit. Often, Aizawa would glance back to check on them. The kids would hang off every word coming from Kirishima's mouth in awe. Aizawa didn't know what stories Kirishima told. He only knew the kids loved them.

One day, the kids had cone just as Aizawa and Kirishima were about to head back in. Kirishima had deflated along with the kids upon realizing they wouldn't have story time. Aizawa didn't know why he said that they were posted as guards for a while. He wasn't sure what came over him when he told the kids they could have story time. He just knew Kirishima and the kids were ecstatic.

Aizawa watched as Kirishima told his story. As usual, Kirishima spoke softly. The kids gave Kirishima all of their attention. Aizawa was closer to the group than he usually was so he was able to hear bits of the story.

"My dad...."
"..... and the he....."
"...... my friends....."

Aizawa chuckled. 'So Kirishima tells stories about his family?' Aizawa couldn't help the warm feeling settling in his chest. There was no doubt that Kirishima told different stories than the other students. Aizawa was thrown from his thoughts when the kids started getting anxious.

"But what happened to your dad?"
"Is Red Riot's dad okay?"
"Wow! He got badly hurt to save you and your friends!"
"But is he okay?"

The kids only got louder and more worried. Aizawa frowned. He had no knowledge of anything like this. Aizawa stared at the fiasco. None of the stories ever caused this much of a frenzy.

"Sorry. I uh..." Kirishima gave a shy smile. "I probably shouldn't have told you guys that story. You guys wanted a new one and I hadn't told you guys this one so...." The kids started up again.

"We liked the story!"
"We loved the story!"
"But how is your dad?"
"Is he okay?"

The kids were loud. They all wanted to know about Kirishima's dad. 'Were all of his stories about his dad?' Aizawa smiled. 'It makes sense.' The kids started rattling off questions again. They were too hyper in Aizawa's opinion but they were nice. Kirishima laughed.

"Of course he's fine. All those stories I told about him were after that incident. Some of those he told me himself." The kids were beaming. 'I guess that answered my question.' Kirishima glowed as the kids asked for another story.

"I wish I could but you have rung me all dry." Aizawa glanced over in shock. Kirishima had to have more. He spent 15 years with that man. Instead of voicing that, Aizawa offered a suggestion.

"Why don't I tell all of you a story?" Kirishima and the kids stared.

"Really?" Kirishima gushed. Kirishima loved hearing stories and, if he had an issue sleeping, would come and ask for a story. Aizawa always told a story about some operation he was on. Those the only stories to tell besides his high school ones. Actually, he had told Kirishima some of his high school ones. Aizawa nodded.

"This will be the tale of how I joined the heroics course." As Aizawa told his story, Kirishima and the kids stared in awe. They had been memorized since he started his narration. As time went on, the kids would interject with small commentary. Sometimes it was simple little questions. Eventually, the tale ended.

"How'd you beat the people in the hero course?" One kid asked. He looked puzzled. "You said you used your quirk and then explained how you attacked but you didn't say what your quirk was." Aizawa chuckled.

"I guess I didn't." Aizawa smiled softly. "I'm sorry. My quirk is erasure. I can erase other people's quirks as long as I look at them." The kids went from anticipating to awed. They swarmed him.

"You're Eraserhead!"
"Wow! Red Riot's dad!"
"You're my favorite hero!"

The kids were too much. Aizawa couldn't focus as he took in what they said. 'Red Riot's..... dad?' Aizawa almost cried as the kids started shouting their favorite Eraserhead stories. Aizawa told them that their guard time was up but they could come whenever after school to see him. The kids left, a glowing smile plastered on their faces.

Aizawa and Kirishima walked in. If they were both blushing, they never mentioned it.

*Aizawa would later start telling Red Riot stories to the kids.*

Chapter Text

Aizawa didn't dislike shopping. He just didn't like the crowds. The mall was the place for crowds and people. People weren't Aizawa's favorite. When he had told Ashido this, she just laughed.

"But we're people, Sensei!" She had bounced up and down, a grin plastered to her face. "I also know you love me and my class and we're people. Therefore, you don't hate people." Aizawa raised an eyebrow as he crossed his arms.

"I said they weren't my favorite. Never said I hated them." Aizawa decided it best not to touch her statement about his feelings for the class. She wasn't wrong and the simple fact her grin was growing showed she knew she had hit her mark.

"You were thinking it though," she pointed out. Aizawa sighed. 'She's not wrong.' Ashido glowed as Aizawa stayed silent.

"Please just..." Ashido trailed off. She took a moment to steady herself. "Please be my escort to the mall," Ashido pleaded. Aizawa observed her. She had came in here with so much confidence. That left her in this moment. Aizawa sighed.

"Why not ask Midnight?" Aizawa asked. "I'm sure shopping would be more comfortable for you with a woman." Ashido cocked her head in confusion.

"Why would I pick her over you?" Aizawa felt his heart stop. Logically, he knew it didn't actually stop, but she seemed so sincere that he swore it could kill him.

"When," Aizawa cringed as his voice cracked. He cleared his throat. "When do you want to go?" Ashido gave him a hopeful look.

"Saturday. Is that okay, Sensei?" Ashido started to play with her hands.

"Of course," Aizawa nodded. "I'll inform you at what time we'll leave later. Understand?" Ashido nodded.

Her grin came easily. She beamed as she gave him a mock salute. "Understood, Sensei!" She left the room to go to lunch.


In hindsight, Aizawa should've asked how long they'd be shopping and why. As soon as they walked in, Ashido bolted to the nearest store. Aizawa followed. With every shop, she purchased at least one thing. Everytime they entered a new store, the bag from the previous was given to Aizawa. He honestly didn't mind. He just wished he had known that it was gonna turn out like this.

It was in one store that Aizawa would finally do something besides just hold bags. This store was bigger. It had two floors with an escalator. Ashido had left his side for a second to go try on some clothes. He waited outside the changing room that was occupied as a woman and girl came in. The girl went into a room near by while the woman decided to take a seat near Aizawa. The woman glanced over at Aizawa before checking her phone. She stayed silent for a bit before deciding she was tired of it.

"Who are you waiting for?" Her voice came out loud, mostly because it had been so silent. Aizawa gave her a look before pointing at Ashido's changing room. The woman nodded with a hum.

"My daughter's here getting a new dress," the woman stated. She cut a glance at Aizawa. "Yours?" Aizawa shrugged.

"She asked to go out to the mall. We went." Aizawa knew he was being curt. Hell, he probably sounded rude to her. He just wanted to go get cheap mall food before going home. However, he was here for Ashido and they'd stay until she was ready to leave. The woman gave him a smile. It was small. Aizawa was sure it was fake.

"That's so sweet," she gushed, startling Aizawa. He turned to her fully for the first time. She gave him a bigger smile upon receiving his full attention.

"You came because she just wanted to go out," she elaborated. "Not many dads would do that. I find it sweet." Aizawa couldn't help staring at this woman. Not because of the implications of him being her dad.

"Why wouldn't I?" The words left his mouth before he could help it. He internally cringed. 'These gremlins have ruined me.' The woman seemed just as shocked as he had previously been. She laughed.

"You really are a great dad," her voice was soft. Aizawa stared, wide eyed. The moment ended as Ashido came out of her room. Aizawa's focus snapped to her. Ashido took in the woman with a scrutinizing gaze. Aizawa cleared his throat.

"Did it fit?" Ashido's gaze left the woman and softened upon settling on Aizawa.

"It did but....." she shifted her weight. Her gaze was suddenly everywhere but on him. Aizawa just raised an eyebrow and waited. "The color." The words came out simply. Aizawa could tell it wasn't so simple.

"Whats wrong with the color?" Aizawa frowned. "You loved it earlier." Ashido frowned. She gave him a look.

"It doesn't work." Aizawa sighed in frustration.

"Doesnt work with what?" Aizawa said slightly clipped. Ashido growled.

"My skin." Aizawa froze. He stared at her flabbergasted. Upon noticing her seriousness was not leaving in favor for her humorous smirk, Aizawa gave her an incredulous look.

"Who cares?" Aizawa blurted. Ashido stared in shock. "If it makes you happy, who cares how it goes with your skin?"

"But others-"

"But nothing," Aizawa growled. "Its their problem if they think it clashes. It's their problem if they don't like it. YOU like it. It makes YOU happy. Who cares about THEM?" Ashido was gazing at him in awe. Before long, it was replaced with a look of joy. She bent over and kissed him on the cheek.

"Thanks, Dad." She practically skipped out of the changing rooms area. Aizawa grabbed the other bags. He had forgotten about the woman entirely.

"See," she said. Aizawa froze and turned to her. "You are sweet." Aizawa cleared his throat before giving a slight bow.

"Nice talking to you. Bye," he spoke softly and quickly. She gave a soft smile.

"Likewise. Have a nice day!" She called as he started to catch up to Ashido.

"You too," he called back. By the time he got to Ashido, she had bought the sweater.

They had decided to leave after that. They got food before pilling into Aizawa's car. The car was silent for a few minutes.

"So...," Ashido started. "Who was that woman?" Aizawa glanced at her. She was staring at him with her head cocked. Aizawa shrugged.

"Just a fellow parent." Ashido dropped it. Aizawa never mentioned her slip up. He did notice that Ashido wore that sweater around campus. Aizawa feared that she was still insecure about it until he saw Shinsou compliment her.

'She'll be fine.' Aizawa watched as the two chatted about the sweater. 'She's not alone.'

*That also happened to be the day that Aizawa announced that Shinsou would be taking Mineta's spot.*

Chapter Text

Aizawa hated politics. Actually, it would be more accurate to say he hated when politics was affected his class. UA was a school that had a lot of leeway. Unfortunately, UA wasn't exempt from this.

The school board had "requested" that all hero course students write an essay on what inspired them to become a hero. Or, as Aizawa negotiated, they could write about someone who had been a hero in their life. To simplify it even more, Aizawa had told his kids that they needed to write an essay on why they chose to be a hero. He explained that they could write about how they were supported or how they overcame prejudice to get to where they were. Most of the kids seemed to relax the more he explained the prompt.

Todoroki didn't. He stayed tense. He would glance at Midoriya before staring at his desk. Aizawa could tell that Todoroki didn't like the assignment. Aizawa couldn't do anything to help besides offering ideas of what to write about. Aizawa sighed. 'If only I could help ..'

"Oi!" Bakugou's voice cut through the chatter of the class. Aizawa turned his gaze to Bakugou. Bakugou's gaze held some hostility. "Could we talk about about a personal hero?" Aizawa blinked.

"Yes," Aizawa nodded. He noticed Todoroki stare at Bakugou. Bakugou clicked his tongue.

"So....." Bakugou glanced back to Todoroki. "Can it be one that we found recently?" Aizawa pursed his lip. He glanced between Todoroki and Bakugou.

"If they motivate you to do better...." Aizawa trailed off. He didn't know what was being played but he knew he was going to feel the ramifications. "I'd say you can." Todoroki's eyebrows scrunched as he stared at his desk. Bakugou nodded, apparently satisfied with the answer.

"Umm...." Midoriya's quiet voice took Bakugou's place. "So as long as it's personal and explains why we want to help people and be heroes, we can write about anything and anyone?" Aizawa already felt the regret pooling in his gut as he nodded.

As the class went back to its lively chatter, he noticed that Todoroki had gotten up to talk to Midoriya and Bakugou. The three spoke softly unlike their classmates. From that point on, the three could be seen talking to each other whenever they had the chance. The feeling in Aizawa's gut grew upon each encounter. The last time he saw the three so close was when they turned their papers in together the next week.


Now, Aizawa knew the options and ideas he gave his kids were not what the school board wanted. He expected to be reprimanded. Maybe even suspended for a bit. Of all the possible options, his last would've been him being summoned to the school board's office.

As he waited, his mind wandered to the three who despite typically staying apart turned abnormally close during the week of the essay. 'Oh god.' Aizawa felt ready to vomit. 'What'd they do?' Aizawa had not read the papers. In fact, he had been instructed to only collect them and submit them, nothing else. Aizawa fidgeted. He was saved from his silent punishment when a man came out and gestured for him to walk into the office.

Turns out, the office was in fact a board room. The room consisted of a big table. People filled either side and a man sat in the head seat.

"Please," the head said. "Sit. Aizawa-san, yes?" Aizawa gave a curt nod as he took the seat across from the head. The man smiled.

"I'm Sohma Ryu. I'm the head of the school board. I'm sorry to call you from your class." Sohma stopped as he took in Aizawa. "Do you know why you're here?" Aizawa shook his head. He didn't trust his voice right now. Sohma sighed.

"You remember the essay we asked for all hero course students to right?" Aizawa nodded. "Well, your class took some..... liberties with the idea. Now that wasn't our problem. We loved the variety. Its just...... three students stood out." Aizawa felt his heart sink. Sohma raised an eyebrow.

"You seem to know what we're talking about." Aizawa shook his head.

"Not really. All I know is three students who usually don't hang out together turned theirs in together." Aizawa internally flinched. 'They can tell you aren't telling the whole truth you fucking anxious hobo.' "Why is it an issue?" Sohma grabbed a paper from a file and handed it to Aizawa.

"Why don't you read it yourself?" Aizawa frowned. He glanced at the others before reading the top of the paper. This paper was Bakugou's. Aizawa felt panic hit him full force. He took a deep breath before reading the essay.

By the time Aizawa finished, he knew he was crying. The paper told of hiw people had always told Bakugou he could be a hero except for his mother and father. The first to truly mean it when they said he could be a hero was his dad. Aizawa couldn't help the gasp that had escaped when it was revealed that Bakugou's dad was his homeroom teacher, Aizawa Shouta aka Eraserhead. Aizawa handed the paper to Sohma before wiping his eyes.

"That's what Bakugou did." Aizawa managed to say after a few beats. "But what did Midoriya and Todoroki do to warrant my summons?" Aizawa didn't receive a verbal response. He was handed another paper. Aizawa stared at Sohma for a moment before reading the next paper.

This one had been Midoriya's. Aizawa read the messy scrawl as it told of a father who was gone and a dad who was there before the dad knew it. It told of an idolized dadthat wouldn't know he had a son till they finally met officially. Aizawa had finally allowed himself to cry over Midoriya's essay when the handwriting revealed the idolized dad who had always been there, even if it wasn't physically, to be Aizawa. Aizawa wiped his eyes and handed back the essay.

"And Todoroki?" Aizawa didn't care that his voice was rough from crying. He needed to know what his kid had done. Sohma gave him the last paper. This one read Todoroki Shouto.

"I didn't choose to be a hero. Well, not when I was younger. Only recently I decided that I truly wanted to be a hero." Aizawa almost cried. These were only the first sentences of Todoroki's essay. As the essay went on, it detailed how he thrived to be a better hero out of spite. Of all the things Aizawa expected from Todoroki, this would never had been imagined. Aizawa read with growing sadness. Aizawa had been keeping steady until the third body paragraph.

"While my father is a mean, disgusting disgrace to the hero profession, my dad is the reason I have hope." The essay continued to talk about Todoroki's dad and the influence this had on his life. Never once was the dad revealed. Aizawa handed the paper back. Sohma and Aizawa stared at each other for a few moments.

"Not to be rude, Aizawa-san, but you understand we asked you to come now?" Aizawa nodded. Sohma smiled.

"Good. Now just give us an apology and you can be on your way." That floored Aizawa. He stared at Sohma. He glanced at the others at the table.

"I'm afraid I dont understand." Aizawa shifted. He knew his tone was rude but he didn't like what was just implied. "What is there to apologize for?" Sohma gave another of his forced business smile.

"Your students wasted our time with a fake story." Sohma gave a forced chuckle. "I'm sorry they dragged you into it but you are in charge of them so they are your responsibility." Aizawa griuted his teeth.

"I assure you, sir," Aizawa growled. "I know my students well enough to know that they may cause trouble but they'd never do what you're implying. This," Aizawa gestured towards the file of papers, "is true. Dont ask for personal essays if you cant handle them." Aizawa got up. He needed to leave before did something worse that what he's already done.

"Excuse you!" Sohma snarled as Aizawa headed towards the door. Aizawa stopped and turned to look Sohma in the eye.

"Leave me and my kids out of your idiotic schemes!" Aizawa couldn't help the fact is tone was hard. He couldn't control how his voice had been louder than he had spoken to anyone in years. He marched out of the room with his head high. Aizawa didn't take a deep breath till he was in the elevator. 'He better leave my sons alone.' Aizawa finally allowed his head to work again before realizing that he had just screwed himself over.


Nezu had pulled some strings to allow Aizawa some protection. The kids had been more rowdy than ever after his random disappearance a couple of days ago. He thought it was going to die until one free period.

It had Todoroki who seemed to connect the dots. Everyone had been asking Aizawa what was going to happen to their essays. Aizawa had made some comment about them being scrutinized and Todoroki connected the dots.

"Is that why you were gone a couple of days ago, Sensei?" The class went silent as they stared at Aizawa. Aizawa sighed.

"They didn't...... appreciate... three of your essays and so they called me in." Aizawa glanced at the three responsible. "Wanted me to apologize. I told them to keep students out of the schemes and they wouldn't have issues." The class seemed satisfied except the trio.

After class, Todoroki stayed behind while the others left for lunch. Aizawa just raised an eyebrow. Todoroki stayed silent for a few minutes.

"Was it us calling you our dad?" Aizawa always admired Todoroki's bluntness but boy did he wish it not exist in this moment. Aizawa shook his head

"More that they thought you guys were yanking their chain." Aizawa sighed. He looked Todoroki in the eyes.
"I informed the head of the school board that my sons would never lie just because they didn't like an assignment." Todoroki's eyes filled with shock. After a second, they softened.

"I thought they wanted personal essays?" Aizawa snorted.

"They did." Todoroki smiled as Aizawa smirked. "They couldn't handle you guys telling them your own experiences." Todoroki nodded, his face blank.

"I'll make sure to be incredibly dull next time, Sensei. I thought it was going to be graded on your standard." Aizawa held back a laugh.

"Not everyone can be on our level, Todoroki." Aizawa smiled. "Now go to lunch." Todoroki nodded.

"Alright, Dad." Aizawa leaned on the podium as Todoroki left the room to meet up with his froends.

'Maybe I can get used to being a dad.'

*The essays for the other students did mention the parental role Aizawa held on their lives but just not as much as our trio of trouble. The others had in passing while the trio made it a big center piece.*

Chapter Text

Aizawa, despite loving his little makeshift family, always encouraged his kids to talk to their family. Funnily enough, when he first told them this, they wouldn't stop talking in class. When he had asked them what had gotten into them, they smirked and told him they were talking to their family. After Aizawa wept, he clarified he meant their blood family. They had agreed, but they rarely asked to leave for the weekend to see them.

While Todoroki would ask to got visit his mother, Tsuyu seemed to be the only one that consistently visited her family. Everytime she asked, she would tell Aizawa detailed plans for the visit. Aizawa was thankful that she maintained a relationship with her family while being apart of his makeshift one.

However, Aizawa couldn't help the sinking feeling that came after she was picked up. Everytime she was gone for a weekend, Aizawa would check his phone, just in case. Whenever he heard of a villain attack and she was gone, he'd run through her plans for the weekend over and over until he was positive she wasn't there.

Yamada and Yagi would try to console Aizawa when this happened. Aizawa knew that he had bad seperation anxiety. He was just happy he was always wrong. The class eventually learned this side of Aizawa one particular weekend.

Tsuyu had left Friday afternoon to spend time with her family. More specifically, she wanted time with her younger siblings. She practically glowed as she told Aizawa what she had planned. As he walked her out to be picked up by her parents, she turned to him and asked him what he would prefer: a scarf or a sweater. Aizawa thought for a bit before saying "sweater." She had nodded.

"See you later, Dad!" She called as she ran to her parents. She hugged them as she laughed. "Hey, Pa, Mom. How are you, ribbit?" She left without looking back. Aizawa tried not to focus on the panic induced by her parents being there. They had heard.

When Saturday arrived, Aizawa felt a little better. Well, about the Asui parents hearing their daughter call her teacher 'dad'. He still felt the familiar anxiety that came from her leaving.

He had relaxed. Earlier that day he had gone and bought groceries. He was putting them up when the kids turned on the TV. All of a sudden, the voice a reporter drifts through the dorms.

"I'm here at ^^^^^^ Mall where a villain Attack has taken place." Aizawa felt a cold feeling overtake him. "The villain appears to have an ice related quirk. So far, no heroes have arrived on scene." Aizawa rushed to the commons area. The class was staring at the TV in horror.

"What time is it?" The class turned to Aizawa. Aizawa stared at the TV. "What TIME is it?" He was met with a soft mumble from Midoriya. Aizawa breath quickened. 'No no no no no."

"Stay here!" Aizawa snapped. The class look at him with worry and fear. "Stay here till I get back!" He turned and started running. Only one thought replayed through his mind. 'No heroes have arrived.' Aizawa pushed out his phone and dialed Yagi. Yagi answered quickly.

"Go to the class and look after them. I'm leaving to get Tsuyu."
"On my way. Explain everything when you get back, okay?"

Aizawa mumbled a soft yes and hung up. When he tried to call Yamada, he only got a voicemail. Aizawa left a frantic voicemail and hung up. 'It'll be fine. Yagi will be with them.' A part of Aizawa rebeled though. It reminded him that no one was with Tsuyu. He ran faster.

When Aizawa arrived, he first checked the ambulance area. Some people were there, but he didn't see his kid and her siblings. 'Fuck fuck fuck.' He ran into the disaster zone. 'She can't stay in cold temperatures. Neither can her siblings.' Aizawa ran through the ice and snow. He eventually found the villain fighting a fire quirked hero. Aizawa didnt recognize the hero. The hero seemed young and inexperienced. He kept taunting the villain and making showg attacks instead of being productive with it.

Aizawa saw red as he launched into the fight. In an instant, neither person's quirk was working. In the midst of their confusion, Aizawa used his capture weapon to secure the villain. The hero turned to Aizawa.

"I had this under control!" The hero shouted at him. "Why did you take away my spotlight?" Aizawa huffed as he pulled the villain toward him. He used the momentum throw the villain into one of his own icebergs. When he heard the crack, he knew he had knocked the man unconscious. Aizawa turned away from the hero to go find Tsuyu and her siblings.

"Answer me, bastard," the hero growled. Aizawa turned and glared. With everything that was going on, he didn't need this man.

"Well, first of all, you shouldnt call this man your spotlight. Your job is to stop villains like him and protect the citizens. Instead of getting the job done as quickly as possible and assisting in finding people, you drew out your fight with him and risked lives." Aizawa knew he was shouting at this man. His throat was raw. "Second of all, there are people out there! This is a mall! What about the people who have quirks that make them susceptible to the cold? You could literally kill someone with what you just did!"

Aizawa didn't care for the reply. He turned and left to find Tsuyu and her siblings. As he searched, no sign of them came. Aizawa couldn't help the fear taking over him. 'Maybe a paramedic found them when I was with the asshole.' He prayed he was right.

When Aizawa got to the medic area, he was greated with a loud shout calling his name. Aizawa rushed to Tsuyu and her siblings. While her siblings each had a blanket and a heat pad, Tsuyu had only a heat pad, which she set down in favor of running and hugging Aizawa. Aizawa held her as she rambled.

"Ribbit, I knew you'd come, ribbit. I was gonna call but my phone couldn't get service, ribbit. I'm sorry Dad, ribbit." Aizawa held tighter. He released her and surveyed her with a frown.

"Shouldn't you have a blanket?" Tsuyu shook her head.

"My brother and sister needed it more. They aren't as used to the cold as me, ribbit. Those were the last blankets." Aizawa frowned. He went to the kids.

"Are you still cold?" When the kids nodded, Aizawa took off his capture weapon. He handed it to them. "It may not have originally been designed to work as a scarf, but it is pretty warm." The smiled and thanked him as the started working it around themselves. He smiled before turning to Tsuyu.

"Thank you," Tsuyu's voice was soft as she glowed at Aizawa. Aizawa took off his sweater. 'Good thing I make sure to wear muscle shirt underneath just in case.' He handed it to Tsuyu.

"You need warmth and you're not gonna get that just from a heat pad." Tsuyu stared at him in shock before slowly grabbing the sweater. She put it on with a soft thank you.

Aizawa stayed with the siblings as they waited for the Asui parents. As they sat together, Aizawa told stories about himself and Yamada in high school. He even told a story of an incident involving Yagi and the teachers lounge coffee maker. When the parents arrived, Aizawa said goodbye to them. He wasn't going to see Tsuyu again until Sunday night.

When he saw Tsuyu Sunday, he had been suprised to see her with a store bag. Aizawa listened as she told Aizawa how the rest of her weekend went.

"Ribbit, I washed your sweater." She had held out the bag as she told him that. "I also have a gift in there, ribbit." Aizawa raised an eyebrow, but took the bag without hesitation. Upon opening the bag, Aizawa found his sweater and another sweater. This sweater was a dark green. Aizawa felt the sweater. It was incredibly soft, but it still felt durable. Aizawa gave Tsuyu and big smile.

"Thank you." Tsuyu shook her head.

"No. It's a thank you for all the stuff you've done for us, ribbit." Aizawa nodded, tearing up. She smiled and left, making her way to the dorms. She had left Aizawa to cry by himself.

*Later, he would hear a lot of his kids calling their birth parents Pa and Mom. But this came an emergence of someone the class called Ma. No one will tell Aizawa who it is.*

Chapter Text

After Tsuyu had been picked up, Aizawa had headed to the rest of the kids. When he walksd into the common room, he was greeted by Yagi. Yagi had been the first up and the first to reach him.

"Aizawa," Yagi whispered. His head bowed to meet Aizawa's eyes. "Are you okay? Where's Tsuyu?" Aizawa stayed silent as the kids pooled around them. It didn't take Yagi long to realize why Aizawa was silent.

"Aizawa, let's go. What do you say to some tea?" Aizawa frowned and shook his head.

"The kids," Aizawa mumbled. Yagi frowned.

"They'll be fine for a few hours." Aizawa hesitated before nodding. Yagi nodded before guiding Aizawa out of the dorms.

They walk to the teacher's lounge. Yagi kept his hand on the small of Aizawa's back. Aizawa followed wordlessly. The silence between them was comfortable and Aizawa was already calming down. When they got inside, Yagi lead Aizawa to a chair and left to go make tea. Aizawa couldn't help himself.

"No coffee?" Yagi jumped. Aizawa cracked a smile as Yagi turned to stare at him.

"I'm afraid of breaking the machine again," Yagi chuckled. Aizawa chuckled, nodding his head.

"Best to avoid that." Yagi snorted as he carried the tea over to Aizawa. They sat in silence.

It wasn't until Yagi was pouring another cup for them that Aizawa started talking. Aizawa's voice stayed soft and quiet as he explained everything. Yagi listened. He questioned nothing, just nodded along.

"That's why you're wearing a muscle shirt." Aizawa nodded. Yagi smiled.

"Yagi...." Aizawa hesitated. Yagi waited patiently. Aizawa stared at his tea. "Thank you." Yagi smiled.

"No reason for you to thank me, Aizawa." Yagi was glowing. Yagi turned hesitant rather quickly. "You can call me Toshinori, you know." Aizawa looked up.

"Shota then." Yagi beamed. Aizawa swore that if Toshinori kept this up he'd end up blind.


Aizawa started to depend more on Toshinori. Before long, it felt weird for Toshinori to not be by his side. The class seemed to love having Toshinori around. Traditional breakfast and dinner had Toshinori present now. Same with the Friday night movie marathon.

Not long after Toshinori's presence became familiar, Aizawa heard the mentioning of Ma. He had no clue who Ma was but he wanted to know. Whenever he asked the kids, they would always laugh and give him a knowing look. Aizawa swore that the suspense would kill him. The more time passed, the more he heard the class talk of Ma. At first, he had thought or was a nickname for Yaoyorozu. He found out he was wrong when he heard Yaoyorozu talk about Ma.

Aizawa had given up on finding Ma. Toshinori had offered to find out for him, but Aizawa didn't want to trouble Toshinori. Toshinori seemed to know when Aizawa needed him and stuck by his side. It was in one of those moments when Aizawa learned who Ma was.

It was the traditional movie marathon. The class had been lounging around in the common area. The large pillows had been taken out and, as usual, the class was arguing over what movie should be watched. Aizawa, who used to have his own pillow, shared his pillow with Toshinori. After thirty minutes of arguing, Toshinori gave Aizawa a concerned look.

"Why are they arguing?" Toshinori's voice was low. His face and voice filled with concern. "They didn't do this my previous times." Aizawa sighed.

"I made them pick a movie before you arrived last few times." Toshinori nodded. He looked back at the kids with a fond look.

"Guys!" Hagakure yelled. "Let Ma pick the movie!" The class froze before launching at Toshinori with excitement.

"What you want to watch?"

While Toshinori answered the kids, Aizawa stared in shock. His head felt like it was filled with cushion. His thoughts were static.

"Shouta?" Toshinori's soft voice broke apart the static. Aizawa hummed. Toshinori smiled. "Good. Just making sure you were okay with my pick." Aizawa didn't actually know what Toshinori had picked. He had only heard Toshinori calling him.

The movie had been romance, and Aizawa didn't mind at all.

*When Toshinori had found out that Aizawa was called dad, he had coughed blood, scaring the kids.*

Chapter Text

Aizawa loved his daughters. This, usually, consisted of Uraraka, Yaoyorozu, Tsuyu, Jirou, Ashido, and Hagakure. While Kaminari joined whenever they felt, Kaminari wasn't apart of the group that bombarded Aizawa's apartment.

"You want a girls' day?" Aizawa asked. The girls nodded, looking anxious.

"We haven't had one. Not really anyway." Aizawa sighed. 'They got a point.' Aizawa knew it was hard for them. They may not mention it, but he knew that only having six girls bothered them at time. It had helped when Kaminari joined occasionally. They had no issues with their male classmates and mostly male teachers. He knew that it was just overwhelming at times. Sometimes people need a breather. Aizawa crumbled.

"I'll mention it to Midnight. I'm sure she wouldn't mind escorting all of you to the mall." The girls deflated. That through Aizawa off. He didn't like seeing them upset, hence why he crumbled.

"You can't take us?" Hagakure's voice was soft and it broke Aizawa.

"Its not that," Aizawa soothed. He kept his tone soft and quiet. "I just thought since it was a girls' day you'd want a woman to take you." The girls stared at him with a confused look.

"We asked you for a reason," Jirou stated. She huffed. "If we wanted Midnight, we would've asked her instead. Stop making decisions without thinking, Sensei." Aizawa held back the tears.

"Ok," Aizawa nodded. It took everything in him to keep his voice steady. "I'll come. I'll tell you the specifics later." The girls left smiling.


Aizawa wasn't a big fan of shopping. Shopping with the girls though.....

He had expected the topics of their conversations. He knew they'd talk about periods, actors (some talked about actresses instead), and clothes. While he knew Ashido had insecurities about clothes on her body, he didn't know that the others did. Mainly, Yaoyorozu and Hagakure.

Yaoyorozu felt uncomfortable with tighter clothing. Aizawa understood that. He had always thought it was about the restriction of tight clothes. He didn't know it was because she felt fat until today. He talked to her about it. She had softened. She told him that she was fat. It was hard for her to lose weight. Aizawa gave her only one piece of advice.

"Your quirk depends on the lipids in your body. Of course your body stores fat. It knows you need lipids so it stores them. Why would you want to get rid of the thing that protects not only you but other people? For beauty standards? They can fucking shove their opinions up their ass. It's your body not theirs."

Yaoyorozu had cried before telling him she'd try to not let herself be pushed by society. Aizawa had only held her. He pointed out that if she wanted to be skinny she could. He just didn't want it to be the reason she didn't wear what she wanted. He was just happy the other girls knew how to keep to themselves.

Hagakure's seemed obvious know. Aizawa was actually upset he didn't notice it earlier. He should've thought about the repercussions of being invisible. Well, invisible to everyone except yourself.

Aizawa noticed while she was looking at clothes. She kept muttering and sighing sadly. Aizawa stayed back. 'If she wants to talk, she'd tell me.' Aizawa forgot his track record of being patient in the mall.

Aizawa didnt intervene until she was growled at a dress. He raised an eyebrow.

"Is there an issue?" Hagakure was silent. He didn't need to see her to know she was upset. She kept quiet. Aizawa figured she was waiting till he changed the subject. He wasn't though. He was going to wait for her. She sighed.

"They don't have my size." Aizawa nodded.

"What's your size? I'll go ask an employee." Hagakure was silent for a few moments before telling him. He left and headed toward a cashier. If he went there, he could ask for help. Sadly, the worker told him that the dress didn't come in that size. Aizawa tried not to think of that. It didn't work. 'Not ^out of stock^ but it ^doesn't come in that size^.' Needless to say, Aizawa wasn't happy.

When he met up with Hagakure, he told her they were out of that size. She had seemed put out but she seemed a little happier. Aizawa knew he made the right call.


Aizawa had thought that would be the only bit of today. He had been mistaken. Later, the girls had picked out dresses for each other to try on. They all changed while Aizawa waited outside. He was the designated judge and audience. When he had pointed out there was no need for a judge, the girls had given him a look and told him that they would just say whether he liked the dress or not.

While the girls were changing, a group of men came in. Three went into changing rooms while 2 stayed outside. Aizawa guessed they were about ten years younger than him. They didn't seem to cqre.

"Hey, man," the blonde man greeted. Aizawa glanced him, but didn't say a word. "Who you waiting for?" Aizawa stayed silent. He really didn't want to talk to anyone besides his kids, and Toshinori. He might allow Yamada or Nemuri. Aizawa didnt need to answer as Hagakure's voice flowed through the air.

"You ready?" Hagakure sounded excited. Aizawa snorted.

"I should be asking you that, but go ahead." Aizawa now had the attention if the men, but Aizawa was focused on Hagakure as she opened the door. The dress was silver. It shimmered as, or it at least seemed like, Hagakure posed. Aizawa couldn't help the chuckle that came from her antics.

"Fabulous, " Aizawa complimented, a laugh still in his voice. She beamed and Aizawa melted. Their moment was interrupted.

"What's the point of wearing a dress when no one can see you?" The black haired asked. Aizawa felt anger surge through him. He glared at the men.

"Yeah," the blonde agreed. "Just leave it to people who can actually be noticed." Aizawa saw red.

"I dare you to say that about my daughter again," Aizawa growled. The men swallowed. Hagakure shuffled. Aizawa could tell she was selfconcious. Aizawa had to fix this.

"It fit you properly?" Hagakure had hummed in agreement. Aizawa could tell she was upset. "Let's get it. We're going to be going to a hero ball soon anyway." Aizawa could feel the excitement over take her.

"Really? Thanks, Dad! I'm going to go to tell the others!" Hagakure left in a blur. Aizawa turned to give the men next to him a warning look. 'Fucking try me, bitch.' Luckily, the men got the message and stayed quiet.

Soon, all of the girls ran to Aizawa. They were still wearing the dresses that they picked out for each other. As Aizawa explained that he and Toshinori were going to take the class to a hero ball, he noticed the men listening in. After he finished he couldn't help himseld.

"You all look gorgeous. I'm sorry I momentarily forgot my job." The girls looked confused for a moment. Realization appeared in their eyes. The turned to look at each other and compliment each other.

Aizawa did love their dresses. He loved how happy they seemed in them. When they went to check out, Aizawa had grabbed the dresses and payed for them.


After the arrived at UA, Hagakure pulled Aizawa into a hug.

"Thank you, Dad." She left as soon as she pulled back from the hug. Aizawa couldn't help the warm feeling growing in his chest.

*The girls had the pleasure of telling the class about the hero ball. Toshinori pouted for a good hour afterwards because he wasn't the one to break the news.*


So I'll try not to do many author's notes. I just wanted to know y'alls opinion of an idea I had. So, I was thinking of doing little shorts of antics happening in the class. This will include ships and just random stories. Now, my question is whether y'all would prefer them being interludes like my Yagi Toshinori chapter, or if y'all would prefer it being it's own book? I really love the idea and I want to know which y'alls thoughts.

Chapter Text

Aizawa couldn't tell you when Shinsou had become a part of his makeshift family. It hadn't been when Shinsou had joined the class. There had already been a lingering feeling before that. If Aizawa had to guess, he'd say it was when he was training Shinsou on the side. Aizawa couldn't stand to see potential waisted, and he especially couldn't stand to watch a kid, who reminded him too much of himself, lose a precious dream. Aizawa couldn't watch Shinsou's dream die, and he would fight to make it happen.

It had only been in case any spots opened in a class or to have Shinsou win the next year's sports festival. Aizawa had reached out and offered Shinsou training, which Shinsou agreed to eagerly. It had taken forever to get Shinsou's endurance up. It had taken even longer to teach Shinsou proper fight form. While Aizawa found Shinsou's idea of fairness in a fight refreshing, Aizawa knew it was dangerous, so he had made sure to remind Shinsou that people like them couldn't afford to play fair. No hero could really.

"We cant afford to be fair," Shinsou repeated slowly, "because the villains won't." Aizawa nodded. Shinsou stared off for a bit. "But, Sensei, by doing this aren't you trying to make a fair fight?" Aizawa froze. He stared at Shinsou in shock. Shinsou stared at him with a look that consisted of confusion and curiosity. Aizawa gave a small smile.

"The villians will fight unfairly and dirty. By fighting unfairly as well, we create a fair fight." Shinsou stared in awe at Aizawa. Aizawa chuckled. "Now lets practice that move again. Last time it was a bit too unbalanced. Try not to fall over."


Aizawa never understood why his kids waited a good while before telling him important information. One day, Aizawa had decided to end practice early to celebrate Shinsou's excellent scores. It had been simple yet he noticed how Shinsou didn't seem completely happy. He kept asking what was wrong, but Shinsou refused to answer. Aizawa didnt find out why till later.

By this time, Shinsou had opened up a bit. The conversation had been a rollercoaster, ranging from gen z humor to how the world was dying because people can't take responsibility for their actions.

Right now, the topic of conversation was gender roles.

As Shinsou ranted, Aizawa listened. Aizawa hated gender roles. It had been hard growing up as a boy wanting long hair. His parents had been strict about boys having short hair. Once he joined UA, he had managed to scrounge up enough courage to grow out his hair. Aizawa was si lost in thought that he almost missed something important.

"I mean," Shinsou's voice was laced with anger and irritation, "gender roles just wrap people into a neat little box, unable to escape. It is meaningless and pointless. People are so attached to gender roles that they hurt people like me for identifying as neither. Like it's so FRUSTRATING." By the end of it, Shinsou was growling. Aizawa frowned slightly.

"Shinsou?" Aizawa asked softly. Shinsou sighed but looked at Aizawa expectantly. "You're nonbinary?" Shinsou froze. Aizawa could see panic setting in.

"Sensei-" Shinsou's voice was laced with fear. Aizawa raised his hand to silence them.

"You could've told me," Aizawa reassured. "I feel bad that I've been misgendering you. You're not my first genderqueer kid and I'm sure you won't be my last. I'm sure some of the others haven't came out yet." Aizawa sighed. It honestly pained him that his kids were scared to come out. But, Aizawa knew he could only wait for them to be comfortable enough to tell him. Shinsou sniffeled.

"Thanks, Sensei," Shinsou's voice drifted around Aizawa despite how soft their voice was.

"No need, kid. Thank you for telling me."


Aizawa had accompanied Shinsou to ask their parents about them joining the hero course. As the two sat there, it had became apparent to Aizawa that they had not came out to their parents. As the parents called Shinsou 'he', Aizawa resisted the urge to flinch. Aizawa understood that Shinsou hadn't came out, but he couldn't bring himself to say 'he'. Aizawa decided to just not use pronouns at all.

Afterwords, Shinsou was silent as they walked back to UA. Aizawa hesitated before wrapping his arm around them. If Shinsou cried, Aizawa never mentioned it.


Despite not knowing when Shinsou joined the makeshift family, Aizawa could pinpoint the moment he realized he had another kid. It had been a quiet day for the most part. Or, it started that way. Lunch had came around and that typically meant Aizawa would go to the teacher's lounge and hangout with Toshi. It seemed the world had other plans.

As Aizawa walked down the hall, he heard raised voices. 'I swear to anything holy if it's one of mine.' As Aizawa neared, he recognized Shinsou's voice.

"Leave her the fuck alone!" Shinsou growled. When Aizawa turned the corner he saw everything. Aizawa barely recognized the girl as someone from class 1-C. Shinsou was standing in front of her in a protective stance. Three guys and three girls were standing across from Shinsou.

"No. We're not going to leave him alone," one of the girls said. She had stressed 'him', and that made Aizawa sick.

"Alright," Aizawa interrupted before Shinsou could speak. The students turned to him. While Shinsou looked relieved, the six looked startled, their faces laced with fear. The six fled. Aizawa didn't bother chasing them. He recognized them and would tell their homeroom later. He looked over to Shinsou and the girl.

"Dad!" Shinsou cheered. "Thank you!" Shinsou looked ecstatic. They turned and helped the girl up. She blushed.

"Thank you," her voice was quiet as she bowed. Aizawa gave her a small smile.

"No need to." The girl looked up in shock. Aizawa gave her his apartment number and phone number in case she needed help or protection. She stared at him in awe.

"Thank you, Shinsou-sensei." With a beaming smile, she left. Aizawa felt the familiar warm feeling. Shinsou was blushing.

"Go to lunch, Shinsou. It's almost over, and I'm sure the others are getting worried." Shinsou left with a nod.

Aizawa couldn't run quick enough to tell Toshi the news.

*Somehow, the news spreads of Aizawa being a supporter for genderqueer kids, and he doesn't even question how people have his number anymore.*

Chapter Text

Aizawa knew most of his kids' hobbies. He knew of Midoriya's collection of analysis journals. Aizawa was even asked questions to expand on Eraserhead section. Aizawa held back his tears until Midoriya left.

Aizawa knew of Bakugou's sign language. Yamada had been the one to inform Aizawa of the development. Bakugou had asked for books that would be good references to learn sign language. From that point, Aizawa would catch glimpses of Bakugou and the books. The first time Aizawa caught Bakugou signing along to one his lectures Aizawa almost cried. It had taken everything in him not to mention it to Bakugou.

Kouda had his animals that he cared for. Sato had his baking. Yaoyorozu had her books. Hagakure had her drawings.

Aizawa hardly knew anything about Jirou's though. He knew she was a musician and that she brought along her instruments, but that was all he knew. He understood though. Not everyone was willing to share their hobbies. Sometimes you could hear her playing throughout the dorms. No one said anything, scared if they did she would stop. Aizawa knew music was personal to Jirou. Maybe that's why he was so startled when she decided to let him in.

Aizawa had been grading papers in his apartment. He had opted for his apartment because he felt he should give the kids space. Apparently, one of his kids had a differing opinion. Aizawa hadn't been suprised to hear someone knocking at the door, but it was who was there that startled him.

Jirou shifted nervously in the door way. Aizawa raised an eyebrow before angling his body to allow her in. She walked in, her face relaxing slightly. He went into the kitchen.

"You want a drink?" Aizawa called back. He glanced over his shoulder to see her nodding. "Hot chocolate sound good?" Jirou gave another nod. With every passing second, she relaxed. After they had settled down with their hot chocolate, they were surrounded in comfortable silence. Eventually, Jirou broke it.

"Would you mind reading something for me and giving me your opinion?" Despite the fact her voice was soft, it sounded loud from the previous silence. Aizawa nodded. Jirou nervously shifted as she pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to him. As he read, he could feel her restlessness.

Turns out that she wanted him to read song lyrics. The lyrics were written out like a poem. A new stanza would start when it changed from the bridge to the chorus and vise versa. When he looked back up, the anxiety had returned.

"How does it go?" Aizawa asked, keeping his voice low and soft. "Like melodically?" Jirou softened a bit. She reached out for the paper. She softly sang the lyrics to her envisioned melody. The words swayed slowly. When she reached the chorus, the words were slightly faster, but they never lost their sway. Her voice expressed more emotions as she dwelved further into it. When she finished, Aizawa clapped. She blushed as she ducked her head.

"You like it?" Jirou looked up. Their eyes met. Aizawa smiled softly.

"Its beautiful. Why wouldn't I?" Jirou beamed. She jumped up and kissed him on the cheek before heading towards the door.

"Thanks, Dad!" Aizawa smiled as he told her it was no problem.

It didn't hit Aizawa till later that the song was a love song dedicated to a girl. 'Did she just come out to me?'


The visits didn't end. If anything, that one visit set the rest in motion. Aizawa never asked who the song was about, but he always offered support. He listened to every idea she had. She'd come and express her concern about how a certain bit would sound. She would ask how he thought a certain instrument fit a certain part of the song.

Aizawa had cried when he heard the final version of the song. Jirou had beamed. She had asked what was wrong, but Aizawa only mumbled that he was proud of her. Jirou had stayed as he cried. Eventually, she left.

"Thank you Dad-" Jirou flushed. "I mean sensei. Dad...... Sensei. See you tomorrow!" She left quickly. Aizawa beamed. He went to his kitchen to get some food before freezing.

'Oh fuck,' Aizawa couldn't help the shock that filled him. 'I know who the song is about.'

*If anybody noticed Jirou calling Aizawa 'Dad-Sensei', they never mentioned it.*

Chapter Text

Aizawa loved his kids. He may be hesitant to admit it but he did. He supported his students wholeheartedly.

When Shinsou had came out, Aizawa had done everything he could to make them comfortable. He made sure a bathroom was added for nonbinary and androgynous people. He wanted Shinsou to feel accepted and Aizawa would guess he did a good job considering Shinsou seems to glow in the dorms.

Kaminari had been a similar situation. The only difference was that Aizawa apparently "didn't have enough students to warrant extra bathrooms." Kaminari had cried when Aizawa double checked to know what pronouns to use for the first time. If he noticed Kaminari and Shinsou talking more as time went by, Aizawa would never mention it.

Midoriya had been a surprise. Aizawa hadn't expected the kid to come to him asking for a pad. Aizawa didn't question it and had been startled when Bakugou came by, making sure Midoriya came by. Aizawa had only nodded. Aizawa never brought that up again.

While Aizawa had gotten use to his genderqueer students, he had been neglecting his other students. He hadn't realized until one day.

Aizawa had been in his apartment grading yet again when he heard a knock at his door. Aizawa hadn't thought much of it until he opened the door. Aoyama stood there almost in tears. Panic flared in Aizawa.

"Aoyama?" Aizawa called softly. Aoyama didn't respond with anything other than a sniffle. Aizawa hesitantly placed a hand on Aoyama's arm before guiding the younger inside. As the door closed softly, Aoyama broke. Before he realized it, arms were wrapped around Aizawa. Sobs came from the kid whose face was now embedded into his chest. Aizawa froze before melting and wrapping the kid securely in his arms.

Aizawa and Aoyama stayed like this. Aizawa knew what had happened. Aoyama had gotten a call from his parents. As the boy cried, Aizawa couldn't help the anger surging through him. No parent should make their kid cry like this. It took everything in Aizawa not to think of his own experiences.

Aoyama had left that night with a lovely new pink cat blanket and a promise to go to the mall that weekend.


The visit to the mall had been fun suprisingly. Aoyama had gotten himself a few dresses and even got some new shoes. While looking at accessories, they had received some weird looks, but they both ignored it. Aizawa only cared about making Aoyama happy, and he would do anything to keep Aoyama happy. Aoyama had left the mall beaming. On the ride home, Aoyama had beamed as he informed Aizawa he was going to grow out his hair.

"Whatever makes you happy, kid."

Aizawa melted as Aoyama whispered a soft "Thanks, Dad."


Aoyama had decided to wear one of the dresses he had bought to the hero gala. Aizawa had basked in the warmth of Aoyama's happiness. If Aizawa had helped Aoyama paint his nails to match the dress and shoes, neither of them would say. Aizawa believed the night was going great. Toshi and him had danced for a few songs and would routinely check the kids. In one of their breaks, the thing Aizawa feared happened.

It had started as loud laughter. Aizawa hadn't thought much of it. It was a hero gala and there was some alcoholic drinks here. He had made sure the staff wouldn't give his kids any though. When the laughter grew, Aizawa decided to go check it out, leaving Toshi to round up the kids.

What Aizawa found made his gut wrench. He felt sick and his heart twisted painfully. It was a pro hero. The hero had friends around him who were clearly drunk. The group was surrounding Aoyama.

"What are you doing wearing a dress," the least drunk one growled. Aizawa barely saw Aoyama as he gave a soft whimper.

"I-" Aoyama's voice came out too soft, too quiet. It sounded wrong.

"Oh..." one of the drunks stated. "You want to be a girl!" Laughter spread as Aoyama flinched back. Aizawa saw red.

"Leave my son alone," Aizawa hadn't realized his quirk was activated. He didn't notice that his voice carried and a majority of the people around them quieted. He focused on the people hurting his kid.

"Do you know who we are?" One of the men slurred. Aizawa glared.

"No," Aizawa's voice came out hard. "But you obviously don't know who I am." Aizawa's gaze became harder and filled with fire. "Now leave my son alone." While some of the men backed off, two decided otherwise.

"What you gonna do, old man?" Aizawa took a step forward. One of the men tried to rush him. 'They really think they can take me on drunk?' Aizawa mentally debated what to do. He decided to make the man regret what he did when he became sober. Aizawa took another step forward before pulling back his arm and aiming his fist at the man's nose. With a satisfying crack, the man went down, his friend staring in shock. Aizawa leveled his gaze on the remaining man.

"Now, leave my son the fuck alone," Aizawa growled. The man grabbed his friend the best he could before running off. Aizawa turned to Aoyama. Aoyama ran over and hugged Aizawa. They stayed in the embrace until the years had stopped.

"You ready to go?" Aizawa's voice was soft and warm. Aoyama nodded. Aoyama held on to Aizawa's hand tightly.

"Thanks, Dad." Aizawa smiled.

"What else was I gonna do? They insulted my son."

If any of the class noticed the tear stains and red eyes on Aoyama, they said nothing besides "are they dealt with?" His class cared for each other and that was all Aizawa needed.

*Everytime Aoyama wants his nails done, he goes to Aizawa. Upon being asked why, Aoyama would reply that Aizawa has more experience. No one dares to challenge that statement.*

Chapter Text

Aizawa never had a full class before. Technically, he has but it never lasted. All his past classes were dwindled down to about 10 around the end of the first semester. From then on, the number would get smaller. Typically, only about 3 survived Aizawa's class. But, you can't say Aizawa didn't try.

Aizawa offered to help all of his students with school work. It had been one of the first things he had drilled into their heads. 'Maybe,' Aizawa mused, 'the reason this class lasted so long was because they listened to me.' Almost every day, at least one student would come to ask a question about class work. Aizawa never minded.

Only one student consistently came to visit Aizawa.
Every day, Kouda would come see Aizawa. Aizawa would help. At first, the visits were entirely based upon school work. Eventually, the visits would start to be fixed upon Kouda's social anxiety. Kouda was scared what people would think of a hero who was scared of speaking in front of crowds. Aizawa never understood.

"What does it matter if you use sign language instead of your voice? Either way you are speaking. If you have to, say it's easier to control your quirk if you speak JSL. It shouldn't have to come to that though. Just because you speak with your hands instead of your tongue doesn't mean you are a worse hero. If anyone says otherwise, then its obvious who the real hero is."

Aizawa had held Kouda as he cried.


Aizawa had thrown a fit. He wasn't afraid of admitting that. Kouda had came to him after school, tears streaming down his face the moment he saw Aizawa. Apparently, Midnight was making her heroics history class give an oral report about an event in history. That had been enough to send Kouda into an attack, but Nemuri had to throw an extra curve. Kouda wasnt allowed to use sign language.

Yes, Aizawa threw a fit. He had yelled at Nemuri till his throat was sore. His own eyes starting to water. She had sat through it without a single word leaving her lips. She had waited till Aizawa had released all his anger.

"Shouta," she hummed, "I tho6ught you didn't believe in excuses." Aizawa had stayed standing, glaring at her sitting form.

"He has social anxiety, Nemuri," Aizawa growled, his throat killing him. "He was already having an attack just from giving an oral report with him using sign language. You're going to make him give one with his actually VOICE."

"Shouta, he has to learn to get over it," Nemuri sighed. Aizawa tensed. He felt the urge to punch her. He closed his eyes to calm himself down, but he could only see Koyda crying. "I mean, he's going to have to speak on TV in front of a big audience later on life. He needs to get over it."

"Well," Aizawa snapped. His anger had taken the reins yet again. "In real life, there are translators who translate the JSL for those who dont know it." Nemuri took the words in. After a couple seconds, she shifted, a smirk gracing her lips.

"I have an idea," she purred. Aizawa stayed tense but kept quiet. It wouldn't do any good to interrupt her. "He can use JSL, but he needs to personally find someone who will translate for him. They can be the only partnered pair." She gave a blinding smile. "Hows that sound, Shouta?" Aizawa nodded.

"That sounds great. Nemuri," Aizawa answered, his body relaxing in relief. Nemuri smirked.

"Just to be clear," she spoke slowly. "It has to be a fellow student. It cant be a member of the faculty." Aizawa had tenses again slightly. Aizawa ran through the list of kids he knew that knew sign language before nodding.

Nemuri looked satisfied as Aizawa left to tell Kouda the compromise.


Koyda had taken the news suprisingly well. Aizawa had feared the kids reaction. He had expected Kouda to panic but instead Kouda seemed to relax. Kouda had left that night with a hug and a small "Thanks, Dad." Aizawa had melted.

What stuck out you Aizawa though was that Kouda didn't ask about any students who knew sign language. Aizawa hoped Kouda knew someone.

Aizawa had not been allowed to be there for the presentations. After all, it wasn't his subject. But, after school the kids told him and Toshi all about it. They were buzzing with excitement. Aizawa loved the warmth his kids brought. He had almost forgotten about Kouda's until Shouji mentioned it.

"I think Kouda's was the best though," Shouji had said, scaring the room. Aizawa had turned to Kouda with a soft smile. Whoever, before he could ask someone asked what Aizawa was thinking. Well, almost. They technically answered Aizawa's question.

"So Kouda," Ashido practically shouted. "How did you convince Bakugou to help with your project?" Aizawa didnt attempt to hide his pride in them. Bakugou tsked as Kouda gave a soft smile.

"That reminds me, " Kirishima gushed. "How come you did one and helped Kouda with his. Couldn't you two just do one together?" Bakugou glared but said nothing.

Kouda turned and said "thank you", which Bakugou easily returned with "no problem". Of course, only Aizawa, Toshi, Jirou, and Shouji would know what the two had just said.

*Toshi, upon finding out what had happened, had lectured Nemuri about anxiety and panic attacks for a almost 3 hours. Aizawa had almost cried at the sight.*

Chapter Text

Aizawa thought he was starting to get a hang of this whole 'dad' thing. He started growing on each of his kids. His attachment to each kid grew and developed. Shouji was a prime example. Shouji tended to keep a distance from everyone, but not in the same way that some like Todoroki and Bakuhou did.

Shouji seemed to keep a distance for himself. Todoroki wasn't used to people and wasn't good at socializing. Along with that, he allowed himself to be controlled by his hatred for his father. Bakugou was similar. He only knew one way to express how he was feeling and it wasn't healthy. Bakugou was growing though.

Shouji still distanced himself at times though. He'd talk to his classmates and would participate in movie nights and family meals. However, he would sometimes go back in his shell with no explanation. There was no way of getting him out till he was ready. Aizawa had a hypothesis but no evidence as to why. Sadly, Aizawa tends to be right.


While Tsuyu visits her family, Shouji's family tended to visit him. As far as Aizawa knew, Shouji never knew when the visits were gonna happen. Everytime Aizawa came to gather Shouji, Shouji would shrink, his confidant stride turning small and wavering. Aizawa could intervene technically. He could claim his right to be in the room when they met and talked but he held back. After all, if something was wrong, Shouji would've told him.

This day, Aizawa had came in to get Shouji to go see his parents as normal. However, it wasn't gonna stay normal for long.

"You want me to be there with you?" Aizawa asked, his voice softer than normal. Shouji never asked for much and Aizawa knew he couldn't say no. Shouji nodded and Aizawa was sold.

The walk had been quiet. As the made their way to the visiting area, Shouji shrunk like normal. Aizawa had noticed this was a common occurrence. While he did this when meeting his parents, he also did this when in public. Aizawa shook his head. He didn't like this.

"Shouji," Aizawa softly urged, "straighten up. Its gotta hurt your back to fold in on yourself like that." Shouji seemed hesitant. His eyes seemed to analyze Aizawa before Shouji slowly straightened himself.

"How did you know?" Shouji fiddled with his shirt. Aizawa gave a small smile.

"I pay attention." Aizawa chuckled as Shouji gave him a confused look. "You grunt and give an overall uncomfortable vibe when you are like that for too long. You even rub your back when you stand straight again. It's like how when someone turns on the light you flinch back and keep your eyes shut for way longer than the others. When things get too loud, you cringe and become unresponsive." Shouji stayed silent, staring at the floor.

"I....." Shouji mumbled. "I sometimes have sensory overloads...." Shouji jerked, his voice becoming panicked. "I dont mean to! I promise! I understand if you dont believe me or if you think I can't be a hero but-" Aizawa raised a hand. He couldn't hear more.

"Its human to have sensory overloads. Though, most dont realize it's a thing." Aizawa raised an eyebrow. His voice was soft as he explained. "I'm impressed that you knew. It would hypocritical of me to say you couldn't be a hero because of sensory overloads." Shouji froze. Aizawa stopped and turned. He was met with a face of realization.

"You......?" The question was soft and unspoken, but it lingered in the air. Aizawa nodded.

"Though..... it was typically fixated on my eyes." Aizawa gave an encouraging look. "You learn to work through the pain or have backup for when it gets too much. People like us need to be prepared." Shouji slowly beamed.

Thank you, Da-...... Sensei." Shouji stopped abruptly. "Thank you, Sensei," he reapeted slowly. Aizawa was met with that warm feeling again. He didn't care that Shouji stopped himself. Aizawa will let Shouji decide where Aizawa stands in his family.

Or at least that was what was originally planned. Eventually, they got to the visiting area. Shouji walked in confidently with Aizawa by his side. They were met with a growl.

"What's wrong with you? Are you trying to scare everyone? Make yourself smaller!" A woman growled from her seat on a couch. Next to her, a man raised himself up.

"Why did you take so long?" The man's voice was booming. "You'd think with how long it took you'd walk in proper. Are trying to make yourself look like a beast?" Shouji took a small step back as his father approached. Aizawa took a step forward.

"Mr. Shouji," Aizawa gave a small bow, "I'm Aizawa Shouta, your son's homeroom teacher. I'm sorry for the interruption but it's been recently instated that a staff member be involved in any family visits. I hope this isn't too much of an inconvenience."

Mr. Shouji gave a sneer. Mrs. Shouji seemed to think along the same lines as her husband. On the other hand, Aizawa felt Shouji relax behind him.

"Why?" Mrs. Shouji sneered. Aizawa tensed even further.

"It has came to our attention that just because the visitors are family doesn't mean that they are good for the students. With this realization, came this new policy. Sorry again for the inconvenience." Aizawa's own tension left as Shouji relaxed further. Silence invaded the room for a while as Aizawa lead Shouji to a chair across from the couch. Aizawa stayed standing next to the chair.

"So...." Shouji started. His voice not as confident as normal but not as wavering as earlier. "How was your day been, Mom, Pa?" With that simple question, hell broke loose.

"Show me some respect, you monster! I raised you better! I'm not some slang, I'm your father! You know how to address me properly!"

"Show your father respect! It was an act of mercy that we kept you when you..... changed. Dont disrespect the people who took you in even though you are a beast."

Aizawa saw red. Everything clicked and Aizawa hated the fact that he was right. There is a difference between teaching politeness and emotionally and mentally damaging your kid.

"Mr., Mrs., I think it's time for you to leave." Aizawa stated it so clearly. His voice controlled only because he didn't want to risk overloading Shouji. The yelling had been loud and, though the chance was low, he didn't want to risk it.

It had been a long struggle but Aizawa managed to force them out. Now, Shouji was Aizawa's main thought again. Shouji stayed in the chair. He had curled himself into the chair. Aizawa would've left him be if it wasnt for the fact that Aizawa knew he was in pain.

"Shouji?" Aizawa asked, making his voice as soft as he could. Shouji lifted his head and looked Aizawa in the eye

"Am I really that scary, Dad?" The words left Shouji's mouth slowly and dripping sadness. Aizawa shook his head as he sat on the arm of the chair. He reached out hesitantly before settling his hand on Shouji's head.

"Of course not," Aizawa had to admit that the words came naturally. "Kids might be scared but that is because you are something new to them and they fear new things. Adults should understand you. Especially your parents." They stayed like this for a while. The silence didnt end the conversation.

Shouji would eventually start staying how he was every where but that had taken time. Aizawa didn't mind though. Shouji had made his decision and Aizawa was gonna support it with everything he could.

*Shouji joined the Dad-Sensei club with Jirou. Aizawa didn't want to embarrass them by telling them how cute he thought it was.*