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Another harsh, electronic sound burst from the speakers, and bright lights washed the crowd in a neon glow that gave Katsuki a headache… or maybe that was just dehydration.

Fuck, it was hot.

He wiped sweat-soaked hair from his face as he looked down to the other man at his side. Deku was still as energetic as ever. His forest green curls were matted to his skin, freckles glistening in a variety of colors as the lights around them continued to change. The nerd must have sensed Katsuki’s gaze on him, because his shining emerald eyes shifted upward to meet Katsuki’s, crinkling at the edges.

His mouth opened widely as he shouted something completely swallowed by the music. Katsuki rolled his eyes in exasperation at the blaring sounds around them, leaning closer so Deku would know to repeat himself.

“IS— GREA— RIGHT, KACCHAN?!” His face was alight with so much joy that Katsuki didn’t have the heart to tell him he still didn’t have a clue what the hell he’d said, so he just nodded vaguely, hoping he was meant to agree.

Deku whooped and continued dancing around, hips swaying back and forth to the heavy bassline in a way that made Katsuki lick his lips. Thank god, because if Izuku’s ass wasn’t here to distract him, Katsuki’s ears would be bleeding. He hates rap music. 

He’d only agreed to attend the outdoor concert because Deku had literally begged. The two of them spent all their damn time together now-a-days, so Izuku probably didn’t have anyone else to ask. And, if Katsuki was being honest, it might have been an excuse to have the nerd all to himself for an evening.

Since they’d become hero partners, the old crush he’d tried really hard to actually crush in high school had only grown in exponentially larger waves until he drowning in it. He thought he was treading for a while, but now here he was: deep enough to attend a concert for a band—group...rapper…whatever the fuck—that he didn’t even like, all because he wanted to spend time with Deku.

He was so fucked.

They’d both had a couple of drinks already—not enough to say they were drunk, but enough to make them a little more fearless, more fluid. Deku turned to yell something at him again, and again, Katsuki didn’t hear. This time, he slid a hand onto Deku’s right hip and leaned over his shoulder. 

“Didn’t catch that, nerd.”

Deku turned his head, soft lips brushing Katsuki’s ear. “Dance with me!” he shouted.

A scarred hand reached back for Katsuki’s, dragging him closer and pressing it to Izuku’s hip. Katsuki let his fingers slide beneath his partner’s damp shirt, feeling the definition of the thick v-line he’d admired far too many times as the round curve of Deku’s ass found his groin. Both nerves and euphoria surged through his veins.


They’d never danced like this before. Sure, they were close, but not this kind of close. Did other people dance like this with friends? He wasn’t sure, but he wasn’t going to question it, either.

Deku ground his hips back against him, waist shifting in ways that stretched and contracted his sweat-soaked abs beneath Katsuki’s fingertips. Katsuki pressed against him from behind, dragging palms up the taut skin of his stomach to pull his solid figure tighter against him, relishing the feel of his body, the scent of his musk.

God, that smell was everything. Katsuki had grown to associate it with Izuku’s dripping body after a hard workout, and damn if that alone didn’t turn him on.

Deku’s arms lifted, reaching behind to weave fingers in Katsuki’s hair as his head fell back against his shoulder, damp curls tickling Katsuki’s cheek as a wide smile stretched Izuku’s full lips. Katsuki groaned at the scrape against his scalp, tipped his chin down to nose at Deku’s neck, scenting him further and feeling tempted to taste the salt with his tongue... before he realized where they were:


In public. 

At a very, very busy concert. 

He and Deku might have been the appropriate ages for this kind of shit, but they were still pro heroes. It wouldn’t be ideal if photos of the two of them like this showed up in some tabloid.

But fuck, he wasn’t willing to give it up, either. 

Hopefully, their casual attire would be enough to keep any wandering eyes unfocused, to make them less recognizable. Deku’s grey muscle tank could hardly be likened to his green jumpsuit, and Katsuki spared about a millisecond of his pining thoughts to hope that would be enough of a disguise.

Damp as it was, the shirt clung to Izuku like a second skin, though Katsuki’s fingers kept peeling it away from his abs, tracing the dips between each swell of muscle as heat unrelated to the weather began to build inside him. He moaned lowly, sure he was growing hard, letting his hands roam freely, greedily feeling every part of Deku he could reach. He grazed over tight muscle, practically groped at solid pecs. 

Izuku didn’t seem to mind. 

He only pressed backward harder, reaching behind himself to pull Katsuki closer. His eyes shuddered closed as he tilted his face toward Katsuki’s throat, lips grazing against it. The touch burned his skin, sent fire through his groin. Fuck, he was definitely hard.

Seeing Deku’s god-like body all worked up and sweaty got Katsuki going even in completely platonic contexts. He couldn’t count the number of times he’d had to take a brief trip to the bathroom to relieve himself after seeing Izuku that way from training or even just the heat.

But this—touching him, feeling him—was going to give Katsuki’s brain material for the next month, he was sure.

His thoughts were interrupted when a white light flashed above them, followed a moment later by a heavy rumbling beneath their feet. Deku paused his motions to look up at him with widening eyes as another flash lit the sky. This time, the rumble came more quickly.

Before the two of them could move to shelter, the rain began to fall.

The multicolored lights that lit the park suddenly went out, along with the speakers. The crowd burst into motion, shuffling around and trying to connect with their friends in the darkness of the quickly growing storm, no light to guide them but the moon and stars overhead, brightened by the occasional flash of lightning. Deku yelped and grabbed Katsuki’s hand, dragging him from the crowd, away towards where he probably thought there would be some sort of shelter.

The rain fell in a torrential downpour, harsh and unforgiving, already soaking through Katsuki’s hair and clothes. Water dripped from his chin as he used his free hand to wipe droplets that clung to his lashes, vision blurring through the liquid and intoxication. Deku pulled him closer to speak, but the noise of the storm was just as difficult to hear over as the concert itself, and Katsuki almost stumbled to the concrete, feeling as though his legs were made of water when he bent forward to hear.

“Kacchan! Where can we go?!”

Katsuki’s apartment was closest—they should go there. Deku had never been to his penthouse before, but there was a first time for everything. Plus, no respectable place would be open for them to duck into at this hour, and Katsuki was beginning to realize he was just a little bit more drunk than he thought he was.

He really liked the idea of Izuku coming home with him.

“My place,” he blurted.

He didn’t wait for Deku to agree before dragging him away in the direction of his apartment. If he made a noise of refusal, Katsuki didn’t hear it. The rain poured and thunder vibrated beneath their feet as they half ran, half stumbled through the storm and otherwise empty streets. Everyone had apparently turned tail and hidden inside, choosing to avoid the elements. Unfortunately, they didn’t have that option.

None of the street lights were on, and no cars drove the flooded roads. Even the bars were dismally black as the two of them sprinted a few blocks toward Katsuki’s apartment, hands still intertwined. The sidewalks splashed beneath them as Katsuki clutched tightly to Deku’s hand, leading him along. His fingers were slippery, almost slimy with a gross blend of sweat and rain, but at least Katsuki could be sure he was still there in the darkness.

“Kacchan! KACCHAN!”

Katsuki felt Izuku pulling on his hand, slowing him down. He yanked Katsuki to the side, beneath a tiny, single-door awning that kept them at least partially safe from the downpour temporarily.

“Sorry!” he shouted, scrunching his eyes open and closed in the darkness. Katsuki caught the briefest flash of viridian as his vision adjusted to the lack of light. “The rain is burning my eyes! Just gimme a second and we can go again!”

He laughed. “You fuckin’ wuss. We’re not that far away.”

“We should just wait until it slows!” Deku rubbed at his eyes again, and his elbow jabbed Katsuki in the ribs. “Sorry,” he mumbled, still rubbing. 

Katsuki hadn’t realized how close they were, but the awning they took shelter beneath really wasn’t large enough for the two of them. They stood toe-to-toe, nearly chest-to-chest. The air was humid and wet between them, heat becoming far more obvious while protected from the opposingly cool rain.

He elbowed Izuku back playfully. “Watch it, nerd.”

Izuku giggled, musical against the white noise of the downpour, and Katsuki wanted to hear it again, to taste it. He wanted to savor the sound against his tongue… but he couldn’t, not without freaking Deku out, not without embarrassing himself and outing this damn crush he’d been nursing forever. So he did the next best thing: poked him in the side, right where he knew the nerd was ticklish.

“Hey!” Deku yelped, jerking backward on instinct and exposing himself to the ocean that fell from the sky. He was super ticklish, and Katsuki huffed a laugh when Izuku realized he was getting wet all over again. The wide, doe-eyed look of surprise made Katsuki’s heart flip in his chest, and before he realized it, Deku had grabbed his wrist and yanked him back into the rain, too. Katsuki lost his balance on drunken toes and slammed right into him, knocking them both to the sidewalk and splashing in the flood waters. 

His head swam, and his lungs seized. Shit, was Izuku okay? Did he hurt him?! He’d rolled them at the last moment, on instinct, so Katsuki took most of the impact, but still…

Laughter broke his train of thought. He furrowed his brow, trying to see his partner in the darkness. Katsuki could feel Deku’s chest pressed up against his own, scalding compared to the cold cement and water at his back, and when he finally gained some semblance of sight, it was Izuku’s smiling face that he saw. His vision had adjusted just enough to catch his dimples, the water dripping from his long and pretty lashes. Katsuki had to keep himself from fixating on the freckles that crested those rounded cheeks, adding shine to the already glittering emerald green of his eyes.  

He was so fucking gorgeous.

“I just wanted to get you wet, too.” Izuku giggled, pushing himself up a bit. When he did, his weight shifted, settling where his legs straddled Katsuki’s hips. He braced himself above him with both hands on the sidewalk by Katsuki’s face, then scrunched his eyes again, trying to blink out the water. Katsuki reached up to wipe away some of the wetness, quickly becoming distracted by the feel of Izuku’s soft skin beneath his fingers. His thumb moved slowly across Deku’s cheek, and his eyes fluttered to follow it before that forest gaze set on Katsuki’s, searching.

Neither of them said anything for a moment, and Katsuki realized his other hand rested on Izuku’s hip, against bare skin where his shirt had ridden up. When did that happen? His heart pounded in his chest, thrashing against his ribcage at their proximity. He moved his thumb along the dip there, massaging, testing.

If Deku didn’t like it, he’d pull away, right?

He hadn’t moved yet.

Katsuki squeezed him tighter against his hips, lifting his own just slightly, and Izuku dropped to his elbows, closing his eyes as their noses brushed. Water dripped from his hair to Katsuki’s cheeks. The rain kept pouring around them.

“Kacchan…” He breathed. “Wh-what’re you… doing…”

Even as he said it, his thighs shifted, pressing himself downward. Maybe it was for balance. Maybe it was instinctive. Maybe it was because he wanted Katsuki just as much as Katsuki wanted him.

Heat ignited in Katsuki’s gut, quickly and all at once, a consuming inferno that grew in spite of the raging storm around them.

Deku wasn’t pulling away. 

He was getting closer.

“You don’t like it?” Katsuki grunted, already knowing the answer. He nudged Izuku’s nose with his own, drawing his attention.

Deku opened his eyes, pupils dilating for a moment before his brow furrowed, breath coming shallow between parted lips. Suddenly, he pushed himself up and away, sitting back on his heels. 

Katsuki’s gut wretched, air stolen from his lungs as though caught in a vacuum. Shit. He shouldn’t have just assumed...

“Kacchan, we should go to your house…” Izuku said, not meeting his eyes. He wiped his face again. “It’s still pouring and… um… we should just... get inside.”

Watching that startling gaze look everywhere but to his own brought a swirling miasma of nausea to Katsuki’s stomach. He did his best to swallow around the lump that fought its way to his throat.

He fucked up. He fucked up. He fucked up.

How could he fix it?

Izuku pulled away completely and pressed up to a stand. Katsuki’s heart splattered into the puddle beneath him.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. What was he thinking?

He had to fix this.

“Come on,” Izuku snapped, voice cutting to the bone. He sounded impatient, irritated, and Katsuki wasn’t sure how to respond to that, so he pushed to his feet and started walking. 

“Let’s go then,” he said, not looking back.

They only had a few blocks to go, and they took them in silence, rain having decreased to a slower drizzle. It didn’t take long to reach his apartment building, but time passed slowly. His hand felt empty. 

By the time they’d gotten inside, it looked like they’d each gone for a swim in full dress. Water dripped from their bodies to the black tile flooring while their shoes sopped and squished with each step. It was fucking disgusting.

Katsuki just wanted to get a damn shower and go to bed. Izuku hadn’t said a word since they’d started walking, and Katsuki wanted to forget his night ever happened. He hoped Izuku would, too. 

“Which floor are you?” Deku murmured as they entered the silence of the lobby. The deep breath he took after was audible. Here, there was no rainsound. No thunder or lightning to disguise their inability to speak. The quiet felt louder, more pronounced.

“Penthouse. Stairs are this way.”

Izuku nodded, and Katsuki watched as his jaw clenched. He seemed so frustrated, and Katsuki felt like such an idiot. He hoped this wouldn’t make things permanently weird between them. He could live with one night like this, but he didn’t want to lose his best friend over it. 

Katsuki’s brow furrowed, familiar wrinkle forming in between as he tried to come up with some excuse for what happened. On their way up the stairs, he replayed the motions in his head, trying to figure out what he could say to explain without confessing his feelings and making Deku uncomfortable. He felt like he was barely staying above water, hoping desperately that Izuku would throw him a life raft, would forget this whole thing and just move forward.

The intensity on Deku’s face, the tightness of his lips as they ascended flight after flight had Katsuki second-guessing that such an opportunity would ever come. His mind raced in an attempt to design a plan, but he kept becoming distracted by Izuku’s severe countenance, so unlike the usually bubbly and over-sweet guy he spent most of his time with.

He’d just vetoed scenario 26 when he found himself in front of his door.

Fuck. No plan.

He unlocked the door with Deku right behind him, then pushed inside. He didn’t even get his shoes off before the wind was knocked from his chest, back slamming into the wall. The room lit up with green, and Katsuki coughed, wheezing.

“Oops, sorry!”

“What the fuck, Deku?!” He was pinned, a new lightning sparking around his shoulders where Izuku held him firmly.

The asshole was smiling at him. Smiling!

“Didn’t mean to hurt you. Just… uh…” He bit down on his lip. “Excited.”

“Excited about what, you dick?!”

“About this.”

Instantly, cool lips met his, pressing and moving and prying his own apart. It took Katsuki about three seconds to realize he was being kissed, and to respond in kind.

His mind went blank and his hands found Deku’s waist while their lips moved together, Izuku’s tongue pressing inside his mouth to map it thoroughly, palms exploring Katsuki’s body with enthusiasm, sending sparks beneath his skin, heat washing through his veins.

He’d thought Deku was pissed, not… whatever this was. Having Izuku in his arms like this was a dream come true, a fantasy he wasn’t totally sure was even real. Maybe he’d hit his head too hard on the sidewalk out there. Maybe he was dreaming.

Then again, if it wasn’t real, where was the harm in enjoying it? Suddenly, Katsuki was happy not to swim, happy to let go and drown in this new sea of indulgence.

He didn’t have to hold back anymore.

He deepened the kiss, hands sliding beneath Deku’s shirt, squeezing at the muscles of his back before bringing them around to his front. He dragged his palms up strong obliques, brushed his nipples with calloused thumbs, and Izuku whimpered against his lips. The sound went straight to his quickly thickening cock. 

When they finally broke for air, Deku grinned. “Help me outta these wet clothes, Kacchan.”

Oh, fuck.

Katsuki reached for the hem of his top and yanked it overhead, mouths clashing back together with more intensity, more fervor. Saliva smeared around their lips as Izuku pulled at his shirt, exposing his abs while Katsuki simultaneously yanked at Deku’s waistband. Izuku kicked off his shorts and broke their kiss long enough to tug Katsuki’s top over his head, then dove back in, arms slinging around his neck, fingers weaving through wet spikes and nails scraping Katsuki’s scalp.

The pricks of pleasure-pain sent more blood to his groin, still constricted by his shorts as Katsuki slid his palms down to Izuku’s muscled ass, groping and squeezing. He gripped the backs of Izuku’s thighs, lifting them to straddle his waist, carrying Deku to the bedroom. Katsuki was so high on his touch that the weight felt like nothing, like everything. Having Deku in his arms was exactly what he wanted, needed, craved for so fucking long that he’d move hell and high water to make him feel good right now. All he wanted was to savor it, savor him.

He dropped Izuku on the mattress with a soft bounce before immediately dropping to the bed himself, positioning between his thighs. Deku smiled. 

“Not wasting any time, huh?” He laughed, quirking a brow.

Katsuki leaned down to capture his mouth again. “Not another damn second,” he husked against it.

Lips pressed together with sloppy desperation, Deku reached awkwardly to unbutton Katsuki’s shorts, unzipping them quickly and jerking harshly on the belt-loops to shove them downward.

Katsuki barked a laugh, sitting back just enough to pull them off completely along with his briefs, finally letting his overly swollen dick slip free. He didn’t miss the way that Izuku’s eyes followed its bob. Hungry. 

“Impatient little shit,” he huffed.

Izuku’s green eyes lifted again as he grinned, wrapping his legs around Katsuki and dragging him closer. He rolled his hips, sliding their erections together, and Katsuki couldn’t help the soft groan that escaped.

“You, too.” Izuku teased.

Katsuki ducked his head. “Fuck yeah, I am,” he murmured. His lips found Deku’s jaw, his throat, tasting the salt and rainwater that stuck to his skin. He pressed open mouthed kisses along his neck, sucking at the sensitive area where it met his shoulder and feeling embers coat his veins when Izuku released a feathery whine in response.

“S’that good?” he asked, voice husky with intent as he nosed Izuku’s jawline, encouraging him to lift it. He did, tipping his head back and giving Katsuki free reign of his throat.

Katsuki took what he was given, licking and tasting as Deku continued grinding up against him. He sucked the sensitive skin into his mouth and bit down, pride spiking when he pulled back to see blood already pooled there. He wanted to mark Izuku. He wanted to leave him a piece of art mottled in blue and purple watercolors, shades that told the world he was Katsuki’s. 

Shit, he’d be beautiful like that.

“Nnngh... y-yeah… s’good.”

Katsuki let his hands explore the body beneath him, feeling and massaging, appreciating as they made their way lower. He separated their figures enough to slip between Izuku’s thighs, pulling them up and apart before trailing fingers down his leaking cock and settling between his cheeks. 

Deku’s breath caught, form trembling when Katsuki massaged the tight muscle. 

“This okay?” Katsuki murmured, nipping his ear. Izuku nodded rapidly, lifting his hips to press Katsuki’s fingers harder against his hole, and Katsuki smirked. “Needy little thing, aren’t you?”

“Kacchan!” Izuku whined, lifting his hips again, encouraging.

“Don’t fuckin’ worry—I’ve got you, alright? Just gimme a second…” He sat up to reach for the drawer on his night stand, pulling out the lubricant he’d stashed there. He popped the top and drizzled it between Izuku’s cheeks, then all over his fingers, rubbing it around. He leaned down to kiss Deku again, and the nerd huffed at him.

“Touch me,” he breathed. His eyes were misting, twilight forests on display as he became more and more desperate for Katsuki’s touch. “Please!” 

Katsuki froze. The sticky warmth already sitting deep in his gut seemed to thicken. If his cock was hard before, it was aching now.  

“Shit, Deku. That fuckin’ word…”

Izuku whimpered. “Please.”

Instantly, Katsuki reclaimed his lips, pressing one finger in and feeling Deku jerk against him as it deepened. He swallowed every cry, whine, and moan as he stretched him, adding fingers and scissoring until he could fit four easily.

Izuku’s cock was leaking all over the place, tears slipping down his cheeks as Katsuki curled his fingers, teasing his prostate and bringing him to the brink. He, himself, had been harshly grinding against the bed, doing his best to resist the wet heat his fingers had been buried in for the past twenty minutes.

“More.” Deku croaked, voice hoarse from cries and nearly incoherent. “Need more, need you.”


Katsuki pulled his fingers free and quickly soaked himself with lube again. He lined up against Izuku’s ass and pressed his head to the opening, gut tightening in anticipation. There, he forced himself to pause. 

“Ready?” he asked, wanting to be one-hundred percent sure. The last thing he wanted was to hurt him.

Izuku huffed with frustration, sobbed as he rambled. “Yes, yes, yes! Now, Kacchan. I need you! Please, please…” He begged through his tears, hips shifting to press against him, and Katsuki was more than happy to comply.

He slid inward slowly, feeling the ring of muscle squeeze tightly around him until his head pressed all the way through, catching on the rim before he rocked himself deeper. Deku’s palms scorched his skin as they dragged up his sides and around to his back, clawing as Katsuki bottomed out, grinding deeply inside and working to find the right angle to drag over his—

“AH! Kacchan! Holy fuck… nnngggh...”


Katsuki committed the space to memory, pulling almost all the way out and then thrusting back in, pummeling Deku’s prostate with every motion until he slurred Katsuki’s name like a drunken mantra. He hooked an arm beneath Izuku’s knee and lifted his leg to go deeper, harder, reveling in the broaken moans, slurred pleas.

It felt so fucking perfect to be like this with Deku, to be with him, inside him. His senses were filled, overflowing with the taste, the smell, the feel of Izuku wrapped around him.

All he ever fucking wanted was Izuku Midoriya. And here he was: finally wanting Katsuki right back.

The emotion itself was torrential—uncontrolled and all-consuming.

“Fuck, Deku. God, you’re so fucking good. So fucking perfect for me.”

Izuku whimpered at the praise, lifted his hips to force Katsuki’s dick deeper, bringing the blond himself to the very edge. Pressure had begun to build within him from the moment he’d pressed inside, and it had only grown since then. Every shift, every thrust only fueled the fire of his arousal, an inferno of longing and lust and so much more expanding within his gut. 

Deku wrapped his arms around Katsuki’s neck, crushing their mouths together again as Katsuki groaned into his lips, and he could already feel Izuku’s ass twitching around him, a sure sign that he was close, too.

“Ka-Kacchan,  I— haaaa —I’m gonna, I’ve gotta…”

“Then do it,” Katsuki ordered against his throat. “Fucking come for me, Deku. I wanna feel you come.”

Deku’s mouth fell open as a broken moan erupted, brow curving with mindless pleasure and body jerking as white, sticky liquid spurted onto Katsuki’s abs, smearing between them. The pulsing of his ass around Katsuki’s dick sent sensation bursting through his spine, rushing through his form and down to his fingertips as his own lips parted in a choked sob. His body heaved with choppy breath as his hips lost their rhythm, dick twitching as his seed was spent within. He ground himself deeply, lazily inside, slowly riding out his orgasm and coaxing Deku through his own, peppering kisses across his jaw, his throat, his chest. 

Eventually, he collapsed, right there between Izuku’s thighs, body a dead weight and face buried into the sheets at the crook of Deku’s neck. Izuku didn’t seem to mind. His hands moved to Katsuki’s back and drew light, barely-there circles along his skin, making Katsuki want to melt. 

He didn’t want Izuku to ever stop touching him, to stop feeling him. He didn’t want this moment to end; he wanted this—whatever change had just happened between them—to last.

He inhaled deeply, body more relaxed than he could ever remember. “Mmm… Deku?” He mumbled.

“...yeah, Kacchan?”

“You know I fuckin’ love you, right…?” His words were muffled by heated skin, exhaustion tugging at his eyelids.

His pillow shook a bit as Izuku laughed. “I do now,” he said.

Katsuki huffed, dragged away from the edge of sleep. “Why’d you get so pissed out there, anyway?” He grumbled into Izuku’s shoulder.

“What?! When?” Deku shifted to look at him, forcing Katsuki to prop himself on his forearm.

“Outside, you asshole.” Katsuki frowned. “You shoved off of me and didn’t say a damn word after that!”

Izuku looked puzzled for a moment before his brows lifted and lips curved with a laugh. “Kacchan! I was—oh my god, I wasn’t mad. I was… impatient!”

Katsuki felt that wrinkle between his brows. Impatient?  That would explain the fact that Deku jumped him the moment they got inside. He had sort of let it slip his mind that they were outside, in public again, even if it was raining and relatively clear of bystanders...

Deku giggled, then brought palms to Katsuki’s face and tilted it upward to lock their gazes. “I could never be mad at you,” he whispered. “We’d never been that close before, and I… well… I didn’t realize my, uh… interests were returned before then. I didn’t want to wait any longer.”

Katsuki pushed away. “ Your interests?” He arched a brow. “So this was about sex, then.”

His chest constricted slightly. He didn’t want that to be all they were. He wanted more. 

Izuku rolled his eyes. “Of course not, dummy.” His palms felt warm on Katsuki’s chest before they slid upward to his nape. A thumb grazed the angle of his jaw as Deku looked up at him with watery eyes, with unmasked admiration.

Katsuki felt his cheeks heat before Izuku sat up slightly to press their lips in one more slow and languid kiss. He felt that one; a softer, heavier warmth settled in his bones—a reassurance. When they finally parted, his eyes remained closed, lips still near enough to feel Izuku’s when they moved.

“Obviously, I love you, too.”