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Rose Drops

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“Are you crying?”

“I am not! I've just got... Something in my eye...!” The blue hedgehog muttered. Sonic swiped an arm cross his flushed muzzle, trying to resist another sob. The last thing the hero wanted was to cry in front of her of all people.The pink hedgehog wrinkled her nose at him.

“Gross, c'mon, don’t do that!” she scolded lightly, handing her friend a tissue. Sonic rolled his eyes, accepting it.

“thanks, Ames.” Amy smiled, a hand over her mouth in a poor attempt to hide a satisfied giggle.

“I never thought you would be the type to cry over something like this. This means I win right?” The hero hated to admit defeat after just three movies, but Amy had him beat fair and square. He glanced over at Shadow, the dark anti-hero sleeping soundly across from them in an armchair. Lucky bastard.

The pink hedgehog had invited the two heroes over for a movie night. She had set out snacks, board games, and festive party decorations in her living room that Shadow commented were 'a bit much' for three people.

Late in the evening, After a careless statement on Sonic's part about girls being ‘emotional’ , the simple get-together had turned into a ridiculous competition of who would last the longest watching sad movies. Shadow reluctantly agreed to be the referee, but the ultimate life form soon fell asleep an hour into ‘The Notebook’. Sonic and Amy had hardly noticed, both of them watching the other for any slip ups.The final movie chosen was titled ‘Forrest Gump’. Amy seemed more excited about this particular movie than Sonic was, and something told him that was a bad sign.

Now here he was, the hero of Mobius, crying his eyes out at three in the morning over a Tom Hanks movie.

And Amy looked as if she had just won the lottery.

“Yeah, fine you win.” the blue blur replied, narrowing his eyes.

“I still think you cheated; you were way too excited for this movie for some reason!”The girl shrugged, still smiling as wide as ever.

“I know you're a sucker for underdogs is all. It's not cheating.” Sonic pouted crossing his arms over his chest. He may have admitted defeat, but he was still going to complain about it.

“well what did you expect? I mean that Forrest guy did everything for that what's-her-name girl. He chased her for years and she STILL leaves him in the end! I mean that’s messed up, he loved her more than anything and she knew that. I mean, who does that--”

Sonic cut himself off abruptly as he turned to Amy. If the hero had not been paying attention, he would have missed it entirely. The brief, dark expression in those teal eyes. Something about it had made time stop altogether.At first, the hero wanted to ask her what was troubling her. She seemed fine a minute ago, right? The words dried up in his mouth the moment he realized what he had said. His pointless rant opening old wounds that had healed a long time ago.

If Amy knew Sonic caught on, she did not give it away. Her friendly grin still present, but slowly fading. The pink hedgehog’s teal eyes became glossy as she turned away, pausing the movie. Sonic suddenly felt his stomach turn.The room was quiet. Too quiet.

He did not know what she intended to say, but the hero was not prepared for it.

“I have to go, I'll be right back.” he mumbled quickly. Amy nodded, still flicking through the pause menu. She seemed to be avoiding his gaze altogether.

“Ok...Have a good night.” she replied quietly. Sonic slipped over to the armchair and pulled his varsity jacket off of Shadow’s lap.

He stopped for a moment. Should he wake him? Should he tell him that he was leaving?‘

No.’ Sonic thought quickly. ‘He’d just chew me out about it anyway...’

Without another word, the cobalt hero sped out of the door as quickly as he could, leaving the small, quiet neighborhood in a flash of blue. He felt guilty for saying he would be back, but saying goodbye felt a million times worse. The lights of downtown flew by him, dancing across his vision, but all the hero could see were those tearful eyes. Suddenly the world felt too small and he put on another boost of speed, eager to get home.

The familiar silhouette of Tail's workshop through the trees could not have come any sooner. Panting heavily the blue hedgehog slammed his hand on the front door to catch his breath the moment he reached it. It probably was a bad idea to use up so much energy for a simple run home, but at least he had something else to focus on besides the crawling anxiety in his stomach.

Suddenly, the hero stood up, rigid. He realized Amy had said something to him in his mad rush to escape.

“Have a good night.”

He shook his head in disbelief.

‘She already knew I wasn’t coming back.’

Slowly, the hedgehog put the key into the door, trying to think of how he would make it up to her. He couldn’t leave things like this, Sonic knew. Amy would ignore it, forgive it like she always did, but he was too old to rely on her for making things right again.

“I’ll take her someplace tomorrow as an apology. I’ll tell Shadow so he makes sure I don’t forget.” He nodded to himself, confident of his plan. He had no idea where he would take her or when, but Sonic was always good at planning things under pressure. Tomorrow he would fix everything. Tomorrow would be better and she would smile and laugh like she always did.

But...being Sonic, he ultimately forgot about it anyway.

Amy was busy for the first few days with college classes. Whether this was a coincidence or on purpose Sonic didn't know. Eventually he forgot to talk about it with Shadow, and the event was swept away altogether. Months went by, and Amy had smiled and laughed many times after that day, as if the event had not mattered. Reflecting on it, the blue hero realized that perhaps it wasn’t that big of a deal; they were still friends, and nothing had changed. Friends make mistakes, and he would make many more in the future.

So why was that one mistake all he could think about right now?

Sonic had not slept well since he had heard the news. He had not asked any details and Shadow didn't give him more information.

Sonic sat by himself on the fire escape of the sandy apartment building, squinting his eyes at the sun peeking through the buildings of the city. A shaky sigh left him as he leaned against the open window frame.

He thought he was ready. it had been a week, and Sonic had sworn that no matter what he would show up with the same reassuring smile that he was known for. He needed to talk with Amy properly.

It had been three hours since it started, and Sonic knew that he had missed his chance. The blue hedgehog's absence alone told the world what he felt; He had lost.

The soft thud of a door broke him out of his thoughts. Sonic didn't turn around to see who it was, he already knew.

"People asked where you were."

"Did you tell them?"

The ultimate lifeform undid his tie slowly, thinking.

"I told a few of them it was none of their business. However I believe Rouge has an idea that you were hiding at my place. I refused to let her stay here tonight."

"Oh wow, having a lady over at your apartment this late? I didn't know you were that kind of guy, Shads."

"Shut it, Faker. She's just nosey is all."

Sonic chuckled lightly, stepping off the fire escape into the apartment. He sat in the windowsill, his back to the hazy pink sunset lighting up the cityscape. Any other day, this would have been peaceful. He and Shadow bantering as usual. But today it was different somehow. The world felt hollow and unreal, and Sonic used all of his energy just to breathe. Even Shadow's insults lost their usual edge.

"Are you alright?" Shadow asked softly, removing his suit.The blue hero nodded.


The ultimate life form glanced over at him, unconvinced. Sonic was still dressed but the tie was hanging weakly over his neck, the sleeves of the suit crumpled and rolled up to his elbows.

"You've ruined the suit." he commented dryly. Sonic shook his head slowly, a sad smile making its way onto his face.

"I went for a run." he stated flatly. "I just needed to think about what I was gonna tell her." Sonic shrugged.

"I still feel bad y'know?"

The black hedgehog's gaze softened on the hero, unable to think of a proper reply. He looked out the window behind Sonic briefly.

"It's getting late. You could tell her now."

The hero didn't respond, resting his chin in his hands. The cloudy look in his eyes telling The ultimate life form that his rival had not heard a word he said.

Shadow folded his suit, trying to keep his hands busy as he thought to himself. He was not the best at offering help to others, and wracked his brain trying to find the right words.

"We could race."

Sonic's ears perked up slightly at the suggestion, the dark hedgehog allowing himself a brief smile. No matter what happened the faker couldn't resist a race.

"Yeah," Sonic said shakily. His eyes were a little red, but more focused than before. He stood up to stretch, letting out a deep sigh as he shifted.

"I'm ready when you are."