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Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Place

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His breath left him as a warm wet exhale before it drew in, sharp and cool and shuddery. The clasp of his fingers curled into the sheets, and then it happened again -- the gentle pulsing push in, just a bit. Just a little, and Katsuki couldn't help letting another of those molasses breaths escape before he buried his face in the pillow to try and muffle the sound that shivered out with it, barely there but giving away so much. Giving away everything.

Gentle had never been quite his style; not publicly, anyway, not where someone could see him and get the wrong idea. The only person who got to see that was here, skin against skin with him, mouth pressed sweetly to the sweaty nape of his neck.

"More?" Eijirou's voice was gravel, a rasp that slid against his skin, made him swallow hard to try and stifle another embarrassing noise. Instead he nodded and felt his hand pulled from the sheets, entwined with Eijirou's as he carefully pulled out just a bit, just a little, and then gently pushed deeper.

It made his head bow forward, made him whine, and then he did it again. And again. And again. The steady squeeze of Katsuki's hole tightened when he pushed just so, made him hiccough in response, entire body clenching. He couldn't keep in the sound then, couldn't stop it from loosing in a shaking shivery wave of noise that would have mortified him if it hadn't been so fucking amazing, momentarily overlapping with the pain of feeling himself stretched and stuffed full so that they mingled, forced him to gasp with need.

That mouth was on his neck, Eijirou's tongue darting out and tasting the hinge of his jaw when Katsuki turned his head. "God, you're so..." So something, and he could feel the way Eijirou was shaking against his back. "Perfect."

"'s you." He didn't even sound like himself; voice low and steady, too fucking soft, but that was how he was when it came to Eijirou. "Except your dick, it's too fucking big." That earned him a laugh, and goddamn. He'd never thought it would be good, laughter in bed, but fuck. It was, Eijirou's chest shaking against his back, the faint shifting of his hips, all of it combined to make him breathe out, more tremulous this time. He folded his arms under his head and pushed back, not bothering to stop the moan that followed. "Shiiiiit, that. You fucker."

Fuck, and he was grinding against Katsuki's ass, face buried in his shoulder. "Ngh. I'm a fucker? You're the one who's..." Who was something, and then he ground down once more before putting a hand on his left hip, nipping teasingly at the back of his neck. "C'mon. Get on your knees, man."

Ugh. "Fine, but if you pull out, it's my fucking turn."

There was that fucking laugh. "Big talk, Katsuki. C'mon." C'mon, and Katsuki left his hands folded underneath his chin, let Eijirou move slowly, one hand braced by Katsuki's side, the other bringing his hips up with an ease that went straight to his cock, pushing his thighs apart. "There we go."

Yeah, there they went, all right, because Katsuki knew what came next, and he wasn't wrong about it. Twenty years of living with this asshole in some form or another had given him a pretty good idea about what Eijirou liked, what he wanted. When he pulled out, it was long and leisurely, and that would be the last slow thing about it.

The next thrust was deep, hard enough to jar his entire body and draw out a yelp that he would deny until hell fucking froze over, but goddamn it was good. Good enough that he arched his back and set his knees wide, canted his hips and cursed, loud and filthy. Both of Eijirou's hands cupped his hips, adjusted his stance, and... "Holy fuck, shit, shit, there!" Right there, an explosion of pleasure like something out of the shitty romance novels Eijirou pretended he didn't read when he was soaking in the tub, burst of light behind his clenched eyelids. "Motherfucking fuck!" It made him scramble, left arm flailing out to hold himself in position, right reaching below to cup his erection, grasp tight.

Neither of those things so much as gave Eijirou a moment's pause. There was some kind of stupid fucking sex metronome in his head, Katsuki's fuzzy thoughts decided, telling him the right tempo and pace he needed to make Katsuki come, make his brain shut down from the intensity of the building orgasm. Each thrust, deep and hard and so goddamned good, told him that he wouldn't manage to last long. The best he could do was hold on and shove his ass back in time to meet each push into him, stroke his dick, and try not to come because even this could be a competition and he still fucking hated to lose. The problem with that was that Eijirou hated losing, too, and the asshole knew all of his tells, knew what he wanted, knew what would make him blow his fucking load, and when Katsuki felt him lean down, he had to accept that it was over. The sharp pressure of teeth coincided with the next thrust and his orgasm hit him with all the weight of a fucking train, body shaking, rim tightening around that too thick cock in a steady pulse.

By the time his brain started working again, Eijirou's hips were pressed against his ass, grinding in a few last shaky thrusts, and his face was buried between Katsuki's shoulder blades, moan muffled against his skin. That asshole had no right to be so goddamned hot, especially when he had made Katsuki come first. "I hate you," he lied, and felt Eijirou's unsteady laugh, out of breath and kind of braying and one of his favorite sounds in the world.

The kiss against his jawline was no surprise when it came. "Yeah. I love you, too."

"Happy anniversary, asshole. Now get off of me, you owe me dinner."

He'd never get tired of that laughter or the way it felt against him or the warm arm that crept around his waist. "Go out and fetch it dinner or delivery dinner? Because if we get delivery, we don't have to get dressed."

Good point. "Delivery and then it's my turn." One more kiss, and this time he turned his head and met Eijirou's mouth with his own.

"Sounds like a plan. I like your plan."

"I have great fucking plans, now get off of me and order it while I go wipe off some of this goddamned lube."

Twenty years was a good start, Katsuki thought, hissing when Eijirou pulled out of him, but he was no fucking quitter. He was aiming for forty and then sixty and then the rest of their lives.

He'd take as fucking many as he could get.