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Great Minds Think Alike

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“I’m telling you mate, she’s off her rocker.” Harry proceeded to sharply punch his friend in the shoulder. Ron looked at Harry’s eyes before his attention went to his now hurting right shoulder. No matter how much his friend kept berating him or otherwise telling him to stay quiet, he will always be 100% straightforward with what’s on his mind. And it’s not like his friend could deny it. No matter how close they are (as friends or something more, he can’t tell), Harry had to admit Hermione wasn’t herself. Harry shook his head in disappointment.


“Ron, just try to imagine yourself in her shoes for a moment.” Harry requested. Still not convinced, Harry continued.


“Look, I know she’s not acting like herself. But consider where we’re at right now. We’re at the brink of war, Voldemort is out there doing Merlin knows what at this moment, she’s had to come back from the dead, Bellatrix Black has some target on her back, and now she has to deal with all of that, plus maintaining her grades and preparing for the NEWTs. Wouldn’t all the piles of stress building up cause her to act out of character?” Harry finished with a deep breath. He watched the gears turn in Ron’s brain. After a moment, Ron’s shoulder’s slackened.


“All right, you win.” 


“Ron, this isn’t about winning, this is about being there for our friend. Once she’s ready to talk about it, she’ll tell us.” Ron looked to say something but closed his mouth and nodded. Finally, Harry could relax again.


“Come on, let’s see how she’s doing.” Harry motioned Ron to follow him. With a hint of reluctance, Ron followed his friend to talk to their bushy-haired friend. As they climbed the creaky stairs towards Hermione’s and Ginny’s room, they heard a different set of footsteps making enough noise until they could listen to them at the top of the staircase.


“Bloody hell, what’s she doing?” Ron whispered. Harry gave his friend another sharp look before he went forward towards the door and knocked. The footsteps stopped as the creaking and noises coming from the upper floor silenced with only hints of sound coming from the kitchen downstairs.


“Hermione? It’s me, Harry. Ron’s here with me as well. We just wanted to check up on you.” Harry finished rubbing the back of his neck. In retrospect, it sounded better in his head, but the delivery made this visit sound forced. Finally, the door opened to reveal Hermione looking very disheveled. Her face was flushed as if she ran around the entire Burrow ten-fold and didn’t look like she wanted to be bothered if the glare was any indication. 


“I’m sure I can handle my well-being by myself, thank you. Well, since you’re here, I wanted to ask both of you something.” Hermione looked at them with disapproval. They were accustomed to getting on Hermione’s nerves ever since day one, but generally, she simmered down after a day, a week tops (and it was only one time; how was he supposed to know that mixing goat blood with ginger root would cause an explosion?). “That means yo- look at me when I’m talking to you!” Ron all but jumped out of his pants at the sudden outburst of anger. Harry silently pleaded with Ron to listen to her. Ron turned his eyes towards Hermione’s outraged face.


“That’s better. Now, I have a suspicion that you’re talking behind my back.” Hermione accused. Immediately, Harry shook his head. 


“Hermione, we would neve-”


“You’re a terrible liar, Harry.” Before Harry could respond to her, more footsteps were heading up the winding staircase. Ron looked down the stairs to see a flash of long red hair, making their way closer towards them. He internally groaned at who it was.


“What’s with all this noise here?” Ginny looked at the three of them in annoyance. She could hear the whole bloody conversation happening from the living room. It wasn’t uncommon in the house. She’s routinely had to listen to the boys continuously bicker over the stupidest petty problems. What was the point of waking the whole house over what items you want to be shipped to your shop she needed her damn rest? Over time she’s grown a tolerance to it, but on a day where she just finished de-gnoming, she needed a place to relax and take a nap. 


“Boys. Just overly concerned for their female companion. Well, I appreciate it, but as I said before, I’m completely capable of handling things myself.” She said in a more controlled manner. Slowly, the boys relaxed. 


“Sure, just...don’t scare me like that again. You almost gave me a bloody heart attack.” Ron pleaded, grasping his chest for added effect. Ginny rolled her eyes at the little act Ron was showing all of them. Now she could cross off ‘Performer’ on the opportunities Ron could have as a job. 


“Well, glad to know that you’re okay, Hermione. Err, want to listen to the radio, Ron?”


“Yes, sure, let’s go,” Ron said with too much enthusiasm as the two of them raced down the stairs. When they were out of view, Ron shot Harry an ‘I told you so’ look. 


“Okay, so maybe she isn’t the best state of mind right now. Just give her some more time, and if something is wrong, we can ask for help.” Harry whispered. 


“More time to go as nutty as Hermione? No way, Harry, we need to talk to somebody now.” Ron hissed out. Harry had his chance at proving him wrong, but what he’s seen has validated his point. Harry couldn’t be calling the shots now that they’ve all been shown Hermione isn’t in the right state of mind. This time Harry’s shoulders slackened in defeat.


“Alright. Who do we go to?” That was something he hadn’t thought of. It would be easy to send her to St. Mungos for an evaluation, but hearing what his dad told him about that place, Ron didn’t want to send his friend where they mistreat the mentally ill for their twisted pleasure. He could contact one of the Aurors, but they would just take her to St. Mungos. 


“Dumbledore.” He didn’t mean to say it out loud, but it slipped as he was thinking about that possibility.


“Dumbledore?” Harry looked at his friend, incredulously. He knew that his best friend needed help, but going to Dumbledore? 


“We don’t know what’s going inside her head; for all, we know those Death Eaters could’ve made Hermione all loopy.”


“Why not St. Mungos?” Harry asked. Ron was reluctant to tell him what he knows, but seeing that he had no other choice, he relented.


“My dad told me about the shite that happens in that place. What techniques they use to make their patients “sane” and “normal” again. There’s a case going on that isn’t being discussed inside the Ministry. They don’t want it to go public because of the outrage by the community.”


“What community are you talking about?” Ron bit his tongue for what he was going to say.


“The community that Ginny is a part of. You know, being with that Lovegood girl?” Harry thought about what community he was talking about before he connected the dots.


“You mean the LGBT community?” 


“Yeah, that’s the one,” Ron grumbled. 


“Do you have a problem with that?” Harry questioned. Ron didn’t respond. He knew if he did, he’d be lying. He didn’t like Luna. That freak manipulated her sister into becoming a part of that cult, and now she’s all about standing up for the “fairer sex” or whatever that means. He missed the old Ginny, who was kind and innocent. It annoyed him to no end seeing the two of them kiss, and the time he saw the two of them come out of their bedroom looking disheveled almost made him vomit. He couldn’t understand why Harry was so okay with it. 


Harry looked at his friend. He could tell when his face darkened that he wasn’t supportive of the LGBT community. Harry didn’t know the community existed until he found the book inside the Black library: To Love is to Kill: The History of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Communities in Britain by Hazel Bamford.  It took a while to get through their history, especially the more detailed parts. By the time he finished, his heart had ached for all of them. They were witches and wizards, muggleborns, and purebloods. They were tortured, bullied, raped, and killed for who they were and who they loved. He was happy for Ginny and Luna, and they’re more students like them in Hogwarts, scared to show their true selves because they might become a target or a pariah. Even if Draco Malfoy came out, he would make fun of him for other things (like being a ferret) because being LGBT isn’t an insult, it’s a source of pride. Right now, Ron needed a history lesson of his own.


“Hey! Where are you going?” Ron called out toward his friend, who ignored his cry. Once he reached his room, Harry went towards his chest and took out Bamford’s book. Hedwig screeched at him when he closed his chest with too much force.


“Sorry, Hedwig. I’ll give you a treat once I’m done trying to knock some sense into Ron.” Hedwig tilted her head to the side as he went out of the room. When he came back, Ron was lying on the couch, listening to the radio. Harry could hear the faint static coming through as the male voice talked about Britain's latest news. Once he was close enough to Ron, he let go of the book, and it landed in Ron’s lap. He saw his friend glance over the title.


“What?” Ron asked.


“Read it.” Ron looked at Harry like he grew a second head. Ron flipped to the end of the book. He stared at the lower corner of the book and shut it again.


“Bloody hell Harry, it’s almost 800 pages long; you can’t expect me to read all of that!” 


“I did. It’s something that you need to read. Maybe think about what you believe and make yourself imagine walking a mile in their shoes.” Harry proceeded to make his way towards the stairs.


“Wait, I thought you said we were going to listen to the radio!” Ron called out.


“I’m tired,” Harry muttered. Not that Ron could’ve heard, but he didn’t want to talk to him right now. Hedwig was calling him.





“Hermione, what’s wrong?” Ginny watched the girl pace around the room before finally stopping at the foot of her bed. Hermione looked back at Ginny before she sat down on her bed with her face in her hands and started to sob. Immediately, Ginny rushed forward and did her best to comfort the girl who's crying didn’t falter. 


“I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Harry and Ron think that I’m a freak now.” Hermione’s mind was wrestling if she should tell Ginny the truth. However, the thought of being inside some padded cell or some locked away castle frightened her. 


“Hermione, once you’re ready, look at me.” Hermione sobbed into Ginny’s shoulder for a little longer until she pulled herself together. Slowly, she lifted her head to meet Ginny. 


So beautiful…


‘No, don’t think of her like that!’


“Hermione, you’re NOT a freak. You’re Hermione fucking Granger the most badass, smartest, no-nonsense person I know. One day you’ll be the Minister of Magic or an Auror or a professor or Merlin’s all, you’re capable of doing everything! Whatever is killing you inside right now, I know you’ll persevere. And “when,” not “if,” when you persevere, you’ll be stronger than ever. And if you ever need any help, you’ll always have Luna and me.” Hermione slowly smiled, and Ginny smiled back at her.


‘I  can’t help it…’


Hermione then leaned forward and kissed Ginny. Her lips were as soft as she expected and so warm. Ginny’s eyes widened in shock and pulled away.




“Oh, Merlin, what did I just do?” Hermione whispered to herself. She didn’t know what happened, it felt like she was on autopilot. Hermione’s face flushed red in embarrassment as well as Ginny.


“Is...this what’s been on your mind?”


“Yes. I’ve been...confused for a while now. I’m sorry that I did that, Ginny. I know you have a girlfriend. I shouldn’t have done that.” Ginny cut her off before she could ramble more.


“Hermione, it’s fine. I wished you asked first, but I can understand what you’re going through. I’ve had that feeling before too. When you see that one woman and suddenly you’ve realized you could be into women. Is that what happened?” Hermione nodded her head.


“It’s nothing to be ashamed about, women are awesome. Boobs are awesome, and the sex is  very  awesome. Just remember Hermione, consent is key. You don’t want to be  that  guy. Over time you’ll find that consent can also be very arousing, but consent must be in any relationship. Now, with all the formalities out of the way, let me give you a  proper  kiss.” Hermione’s eyes widened.


“Wait, what about Luna?” Hermione sputtered out, was this happening? How did she go from crying her heart out to be asked to be kissed by Ginny? 


“Don’t worry. I’ll tell Luna about it. She’ll find it funny with that innocent peck of a kiss with my baby bisexual in training, or is it lesbian?”


“I’m not sure.” Hermione rubbed her neck, awkwardly. Suddenly for her, everything went from a mess to something a lot more tolerable fast.


“Well, whichever it is, you’ve got to kiss better than that. Sweep that woman off her feet. Maybe this will help you practice.” 


Ginny moved to look more directly at her. Hermione’s breath deepened. All the freckles on Ginny’s face could be counted, they were inches away from each other.


“Hermione, I want to kiss you. Is that okay?” Hermione looked at her friend’s eyes.


“Yes.” She consented.


This time, Ginny leaned forward. And the two of them met in the middle as their lips locked together in a proper kiss. Hermione slowly put her hand behind Ginny’s neck, and Ginny put her hand on Hermione’s hips. Everything for Hermione felt...right. A few weeks ago, she thought to herself that she wasn’t interested in girls, but now she’s snogging Ron’s sister. 


Fucking finally. I thought you’d never get in Ginny's pants.’


‘You’re disgusting, she’s just helping me out as a friend.’


‘That’s how it always starts, it’s a slippery slope directly towards fucking.’


As fast as she was reveling in the softness of Ginny’s lips, it quickly disappeared. “See, isn’t that better? I would go tongue, but that’s exclusive for Luna. Speaking of which I’m about to head out to Luna’s. She’s gotta hear about the newest member of our club.”




“Our pride club you baby gay. You’re unofficially a member. You’ll be official soon once we get to Hogwarts. Anyways, thanks for the kiss, Hermione.” And with that, Ginny exited the room. Hermione still sat at her bed in stunned silence. Everything around her felt like it was spinning. All of it made no sense to her. 


She was glad that Ginny left when she did; that voice was starting to distract her. The voice. It started a week ago, and she wished it was a one-time occurrence. Truthfully, she knew that it was here to stay and could only be something that Bellatrix has to deal with daily. A very horny, degenerate, perverted, voice in her mind. It never showed up when she was around men, it only happened with women. If this is what it’s like with just Ginny, she could only imagine what problems would arise once she goes back to Hogwarts.


‘Please hurry, Dumbledore.’  Hermione stared daggers at the pillows near the top of her bed, wondering if she should dare scream into the pillow. She did twice already, so maybe a third time couldn’t hurt. When she went to reach for the pillow, her eyes fell upon the ring again. It was still taunting her, begging for it to be taken off. She’s been twisting and playing with it so much that it's become a habit. Hermione looked at the door, still open. Getting off her feet, she closed the door and locked it. 


Using her whole hand, she swiftly removed the ring from off her finger. With the power of the ring drained from her body, she watched fascinated as the changes started to appear. The hair was the same as she last saw it, the pale patches on her skin have spread to her face. She looked below her shirt and saw a couple of spots have covered on her stomach, but nothing else seemed to change. 


‘Well, at least it hasn’t progressed much further.’  The voice in her mind sounded less pleased and more disappointed in her examination. Shaking her head, causing the wavy black locks to fly around, she picked up the ring and placed it back on her finger. She didn’t bother to look in the mirror. She returned to her bed and laid down. The pillow wasn’t giving her a lot of comfort for her head. Frustrated, she picked herself up and grabbed Ginny’s pillow and placed it on top of her own. The second time was more comfortable, and she could see out the window better. It appeared that it was going to rain if the dark clouds storming forward from the light was any indication. Moments later, the first drops of rain came from the sky. The calming tapping of the rain made her eyes feel heavy. Without much resistance, she felt herself being pulled asleep.




The place looked familiar to her. If the front yard and distinct floor mat was any indication, this was her home. Well, her muggle home. Uncomfortable, she tried to turn away from her house but found herself looking back at the front yard again. 


‘Bugger off Bellatrix, I’m not playing your game.’


Yes, you will muddy.” Bellatrix’s voice echoed around her. Hermione found herself walking forward and in front of the door. Despite the trembling hand showing that she had some semblance of control, it wasn’t enough for her to stop herself from opening the door. Immediately, she was met with something gripping onto her leg. When she looked down, she saw a mass of black hair obscuring her view of whoever was underneath.


“Mommy, you’re back!” A young female voice muffled out, still hugging her leg.


“Wh-what?” That’s when the girl looked at her. It almost looked like a replica of Bellatrix if she was about four or five years old. She wanted to stumble back, but she still stood stiff with the girl having a vice grip on her leg.


“Silly Mommy, you said you would come back from the hunt. And now you’re back!” 


“No, this isn’t real. You’re not real.” The girl’s face faltered, then it darkened. The girl pushed her back with an otherworldly amount of force. Hermione found herself flat on her back. The child started to laugh as if it was some childish prank before it sounded more maniacal. She couldn’t move her head and could only stare directly at the laughing girl. Before her eyes, she watched as the girl grew taller, her facial features become less childish, her body becoming shapely, and her laugh becoming deeper. Bellatrix stared down at the Gryffindor. Hermione kept her eyes on Bellatrix as she moved closer towards the still down witch. Bellatrix laid down beside Hermione and wrapped one hand around her body. Hermione felt the body heat emanating from Bellatrix surge into her body and her lips near her ear.


“I missed you so much, muddy,” Bellatrix whispered. She squeezed herself closer to Hermione. Her breasts' softness was crushing into the side of her body as she continued, “Did you miss me?” She asked.


“Never,” Hermione responded. She was expecting an angry response, but instead, she heard the dark witch laugh. Not one of insanity but one with amusement. 


“Oh, but I think you did. I think you missed me a lot.” Hermione couldn’t believe how delusional this woman is. She’s said ‘no’ countless times.


“Prove it.” Hermione challenged. Bellatrix again, lightheartedly laughed. 


“Just look down,” Bellatrix replied. Confused, Hermione looked down. Hermione felt herself grow red as she saw the two erect peaks on her chest, standing at full attention. 


‘No. That can’t be. I’m not enjoying any of this. This has to be some sort of trick.’


You might not like it, but I do.’ 


Hermione looked again at Bellatrix, who had a mischievous sparkle in her eye. She opened her mouth to reply, but nothing came out.


No, not again.’


Yes. '


“Your mind says no, but your body says yes. Or in this case, one mind says no, one mind says yes, and your body says yes. Looks like you’re outnumbered. But I wonder if it’s only your tits that are aroused. How about somewhere...lower.”


Bellatrix snaked her way down towards the lower part of Hermione’s body. With her long fingernails, she crawled her way up her leg, past her thigh, and took a turn towards the button of Hermione’s jeans. Bellatrix gave a disgusted look. 


“Such a nasty piece of mud blood clothing.” Bellatrix unbuttoned her jeans and pulled the zipper down. Using both hands, she slowly pulled the pants down. She felt an arousal building from within her.


No. I can’t like this. This disgusting woman is violating my body.’


You mean MY body.’


No, this body is mine. It will never be yours.’


Not for long.’


Bellatrix cooed as she threw the jeans off to the side. “It looks like I was correct.” Hermione could just see the darkened part of her panties. Bellatrix’s hand hovered just above her mound. She felt a tiny moan make her way out of her mouth. Bellatrix looked back at her with a grin.


“Such a dirty little mudblood. You want my fingers inside your cunt?” 




‘NO!’  The other voice chuckled as Bellatrix's smile grew and clapped her hands together.


“I knew it. Don’t worry muddy, I’ll go easy for your first time.” With one hand, Bellatrix pulled the panties down to her ankles, and Bellatrix took a look at Hermione’s pussy. 


“You’ve got some bush muddy. Don’t worry, I don’t mind. I think two fingers to start will do.” Hermione couldn’t look away as she watched Bellatrix curl her hand except for her index and middle finger. Bellatrix looked at her finger, and onyx eyes widened before she waved her wand at the two uncurled fingers. The two fingers now had their fingernails trimmed. Satisfied, Bellatrix's fingers approached closer and closer to her opening. 


No, no, no, n  o, n   o,  yes, yes, yes, ye   s,  y   es, yes, yes, YeS, YES, YES!'


When the first contact was made, Hermione screamed in pleasure. Her head started to hurt, and she looked around. She was in bed. No Bellatrix, all her clothes were on, everything was what it’s supposed to be. The rain had cleared up, though nightfall had replaced the clouds. She could hear noises from downstairs and could only assume dinner was being made. 


“HERMIONE, DINNER TIME!” Molly boomed from down the stairs. Hermione scrambled to her feet and opened the door.


“I’ll be right down!” Hermione called back. She quickly looked in the mirror and made sure she didn’t look disheveled. She flattened some rebellious strands that were sticking beyond their usual boundaries. As she made her way down the stairs, she tried her best to ignore the dull throbbing in the lower part of her body.