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my end and my beginning

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The sun was just cresting the eastern horizon when Izuku stepped up to the priest’s house. The midsummer festival would be starting in a few hours, but for the first time, Izuku was going to miss it.

He had a much more important task than merely celebrating the longest day of the year.

Typically, at the midsummer festival, the first spring harvest was taken to the nearby shrine dedicated to the local god, Bakushinchi. However, between a mild winter with little snowfall and a dry spring leading into a hot summer, the ground was parched. Drought gripped the area with a ferocity not seen in nearly a century. The villagers of Musutafu were barely scraping by with what scraggly crops they’d managed to grow and the last of their winter stores.

After much meditation, the priest Toshinori had announced that this year’s midsummer offering would be far more substantial: a virgin sacrifice, an Omega mate given to Bakushinchi as tribute.

Upon hearing the announcement, Izuku had stepped forward. “I’ll do it,” he had said.

At nineteen, Izuku was the only young adult in the village who still had yet to wed. All of the other people his age had already mated and started families of their own, or had set off from the village to find their way in the wider world. But Izuku had been strangely isolated from a young age, ever since he came home one day as a child with a strange starburst mark on the inside of his left wrist. At the time, he told his mother it was a gift from his friend “Kacchan” with whom he played in the woods.

The mark was from an evil spirit, some of the parents in the village had whispered. Others had wondered if Izuku had made the mark himself to get attention. Regardless, they had watched their own children a bit more closely when they played with Izuku—in case the boy tried to mark them in the same way—and warned them not to get too close to the fey-touched child.

Even as he got older, however, he couldn't stop thinking about his friend with the incredible red eyes, ash blond spikes, and self-assured smile. Kacchan had wormed his way into Izuku's heart as indelibly as the mark on his wrist; no one could compare for the love-struck boy, who presented as an Omega in his early teens.

Now, some fifteen years after that fateful day in the woods, Izuku was still alone, still marked, and still treated like an outcast in his own village.

Shaking his head to clear his mind of the memory, Izuku knocked on the door of the priest’s house. A moment later, Toshinori opened the door, smiling rather sadly at Izuku. “Hello, young Midoriya. Thank you for volunteering.”

“Yes, sir. I’m ready to do whatever is needed to take care of our people, especially to keep a child from having to suffer this fate. But… if I may ask one thing, please?”

Toshinori nodded, putting a hand on Izuku’s shoulder—the older Alpha's grip surprisingly strong for his emaciated form. “Don’t worry, my boy. I will make sure Inko is cared for.”

“Thank you, sir.” Izuku sighed with relief. “Should we get started? I don’t want to keep Bakushinchi waiting.”

“Yes, yes. We have much to do and not long before midday. Chiyo is already inside getting things prepared for you.”

With a nod, Izuku followed Toshinori into the house. In the center of the main room, the elderly priestess Chiyo was adding fragrant oils to a tub of steaming water. “Chiyo will help you bathe and dress,” Toshinori said. “We have ceremonial robes for you to wear. Then, after a public blessing at the beginning of the festival, you will be led to the shrine, as is the custom for our midsummer offerings. Are you absolutely certain you want to do this?”

“Yes, sir. There’s no one else who can do it. I’m honored to help save our village.”

Toshinori nodded, turning away quickly—but not before Izuku caught a flash of tears in his eyes. Despite the coldness of the rest of the village, Toshinori had been like a father figure to Izuku since the death of his sire many years ago. “You are too good for this village anyway, my boy.” Clearing his throat heavily, Toshinori straightened, turning back to Izuku and giving him a winning grin—seeming to take on the aura of his younger, more fit self as he did so. “I know you will make us proud!”

“Thank you, Toshinori, sir.”

Chiyo stepped over to Izuku then, starting to tug at his clothes. “Come, come, the water will be cold before you can even wash if you keep this up!” 

Blushing faintly at the idea of being naked in front of Chiyo—though he knew that as the village midwife, she had likely been the one to preside over Izuku’s own birth—Izuku turned away from the elderly Omega woman before he stripped out of his clothes and settled into the bath. He let her handle washing his curly, forest-green locks while he cleaned himself. She then applied a special salve all over his body, removing the few scraggly hairs on his arms and legs until his skin was completely bare.

After washing the salve away, Chiyo poured more hot water into the tub and allowed him to soak quietly for a bit, letting fragrant oils soften his skin.

As he reclined in the tub, Izuku rubbed at the starburst mark on his wrist, a habit he'd developed ever since the day he ran home from playing in the forest to show it off to his mother. He closed his eyes, thinking back to the day he'd gotten the mark.

"Kacchan, you're my bestest friend," Izuku said with a grin.

The boy in question, with his spiky blond locks and deep red eyes, looked up from where he'd been poking a stick into a fallen log. "Course I am, Deku. You don't have any other friends 'cause you're a crybaby who can't do anything. That's why your name spells ‘useless.’"

"That's mean, Kacchan!” Izuku replied, pouting, his eyes starting to burn with tears. “I don't want to play with you anymore. I'm going home."

"Wait—" Kacchan stood from his crouch, reaching over and grabbing Izuku by the wrist. The taller boy dragged him close enough that he could smell the sweet, almost acrid scent of burnt sugar that always hung around Kacchan. "Hang on. I really do want to be friends with you. Here, I'll prove it." Izuku winced as he felt a sudden burn on the tender skin of his inner wrist, just below his scent gland.

When Kacchan let go, a small starburst had been etched into his skin. The mark was smooth and shiny in red, black, and yellow, looking like the colorful tattoos Izuku had seen on the Alphas in his village. "Whoa… Kacchan, that's so cool!"

"Yeah, I know; I'm the one who did it. This mark proves we're friends, okay?"


But no matter how Izuku tried to explain, his mother didn't understand. "Izuku, you aren't going back into the woods, and that's final!"

He wondered if Kacchan still remembered him the way he remembered Kacchan. What was he like now? They were close to the same age—did Kacchan find someone in his own village to mate?

Was Izuku just touched in the head for falling in love with the idea of a person he hadn't seen in fifteen years?

"Izuku, it's time to get out," Chiyo called, shaking the Omega from his thoughts. When he got out of the water and dried off, his skin seemed to gleam in the low light of the lanterns scattered around the room. 

“Now then… let’s get you dressed and prettied up for your new mate, shall we?” Chiyo murmured. She draped a ceremonial robe over Izuku’s shoulders, letting him slide his arms through the sleeves before she wrapped the gold belt around his waist. The robe was sheer, red fabric with dragons embroidered along the hems, their gemstone scales sparkling under the lantern light. The silky material glided across his polished skin with barely a whisper, making him shiver. The design and vibrant color reminded Izuku of a wedding gown—except scandalously sheer. Izuku flushed when he realized the robe did practically nothing to hide his body, but at least where the two sides of the robe crossed, it was opaque enough to give him a little bit of modesty.

Tugging Izuku down onto a padded bench, Chiyo brought over a tray full of small pots and several brushes. Following her instructions, Izuku allowed Chiyo to paint his face—lining his eyes with kohl, rouging his lips. His skin she left bare, “to show off your freckles,” she said with a smile.

“There is one last thing that… well, it’s not technically part of the preparations, but you might find it helpful,” Chiyo said, her voice dropping to a near-whisper. Out of her obi she drew a vial of oil and a polished wooden dowel of some sort. It started out with a rounded tip that grew wider gradually, with a flared base. “Bakushinchi is known for being… well-endowed, a Prime Alpha. Use your fingers with this oil to stretch yourself, then push this inside to make sure you are prepared for him.”

After a long moment, Izuku’s eyes widened almost comically. “You mean—”

“Oh, look at the time! I’ll leave you be for a bit, we’ll return to fetch you when it’s time to go to the village square!” Chiyo hurried off, leaving Izuku alone in the room. He chewed on his lower lip, looking down at the items she’d pressed into his hands. Should he…? He was no stranger to exploring his own body during his heats, but…

But somehow, if that was something he was expected to do today, it might be better to make sure he was prepared in case Bakushinchi wouldn’t want to wait.

Izuku shifted around on the bench until he was lying on his back, legs to either side. The silky, sheer fabric parted around him, leaving his whole lower half exposed. He used the oil to slick his fingers, then started to explore; he began by simply touching his entrance with one finger, smearing the oil around a bit, testing the tightness of his entrance. It felt so strange, yet… somehow thrilling to be touching himself like this outside of a heat!

Closing his eyes, he briefly pictured a flash of blond hair and red eyes before he shook the thought away. He cautiously breached his hole with the tip of his one finger… so far, so good. With careful movements, he worked his finger in and out slowly until he could feel his entrance relax enough to add a second finger. He spilled more oil over his hand just in case before he continued, since it was rare for Omegas to slick without the hormone surge that came with their heat.

While working the digits in and out of his hole, he started to spread the two fingers apart, hoping that it would open him up more. The wooden rod wasn’t that big, but it was at least as wide as three of his fingers, so he had some work yet to do.

The feeling wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t so—Izuku moaned aloud suddenly when he felt his finger brush up against that spot inside of him. He tried to angle to hit it again, but he couldn’t quite seem to get it... Pulling his fingers out, he shifted on the bench until he was on his stomach with his ass up in the air, working his fingers in from behind.

With the different angle, he gasped softly. He suddenly felt so much more open , his eyes fluttering shut at the feeling of just two fingers inside. He slid a third finger inside himself on the next thrust, biting his lower lip to stifle another gasp at the new stretch. By spreading his legs a bit wider, though, he was able to relax into it, his body becoming accustomed to the feeling of fullness. He shifted his hand slightly, and there! He found the spot again, the place inside that made him see stars behind his eyelids. "K-Ka…" Crying out, he suddenly became aware of just how hard he was, his cock leaking slightly—and dripping slick, besides. He could feel his cheeks burning with a mixture of arousal and embarrassment as he thought about what he needed to do next. 

Taking a deep breath to steady himself, he pulled his fingers away and slicked up the wooden plug with the rest of the oil. It slid into him easily enough at first; but the widest part of the bulb was a bit of a stretch, making him wince slightly. Once it was fully inside him, he could feel his hole closing around the narrow stem attached to the flared base. Izuku relaxed his legs as he caught his breath, slumping rather gracelessly until his whole body weight was supported by the bench under him. The plug was surprisingly heavy inside him and he was intensely aware of it as his body thrummed with hazy warmth. He felt like he did just before his heat would kick in properly...

Moments later, Izuku heard a knock on the door followed by Toshinori’s voice. "Izuku, my boy, it’s time.”

Izuku stood on wobbly legs, tugging on the front of the robe in an effort to make sure it properly hid his erection before he stepped out of the room.

Even just a couple of hours after sunrise, the day was already blazing hot, not a cloud in the sky to offer any relief from the oppressive heat. Thankfully, Toshinori was quick to complete the traditional blessing for the offering that would be taken to Bakushinchi that morning. Izuku kept his head down the whole time, staring at the ground with his hands clasped in front of him, intensely aware of the feeling of slick still gathering around his entrance. He could hear whispers from the crowd—"Good riddance," "Demon-marked"—and quiet sobs that must have been his mother, but he didn't meet anyone's eyes. Better to just forget about them and let them forget about him.

“All right, Izuku. Let's get going.” Toshinori helped Izuku to climb up into a small cart, which the priest himself would drive to the nearby shrine. It wasn’t that far of a walk, but he wanted to make sure Izuku stayed in pristine condition until the offering could be completed. The ride was over in about ten minutes, at which point Toshinori helped Izuku down. “Now it’s all up to you. Just ask Bakushinchi to ease the drought. Beyond that… good luck.”

“Thank you, Toshinori. Please take care of my mother for me.”

“I will.” With a heavy sigh, Toshinori pulled Izuku into a fierce hug, the Omega returning it just as tightly. The familiar scent of incense and tea enveloped Izuku like a comforting blanket before his father figure pulled away reluctantly.

Then, alone, Izuku turned toward the cave and stepped inside.

The way to the altar was illuminated by small lanterns, already burning with flickering light. Izuku picked his way across the floor of the cave until he made it to the roughly-hewn slab of stone that served as an altar. Across the sides were carvings of his visage, the intense eyes and spiked hair a common thread carried throughout all of the art of Bakushinchi in the shrine.

Sighing, Izuku settled himself on top of the slab; he gasped when the movement made the plug shift inside him. His fingers itched to reach back and tug the thing out of him, but he didn’t know how long it would be until Bakushinchi showed up.

Just then, the lanterns sputtered and died. Izuku flinched as the cavern was suddenly plunged into darkness—but there was no wind to blow them out, nor water to douse the flames. One moment, there was light; the next, none. 

However, there were footsteps coming from deeper in the cave. “H-hello? Who goes there?” Izuku called out, his hands clenching in the thin fabric of his robe in an effort to keep them from shaking.

“Who are you?” a voice growled from within the darkness.

“I-I… I am Izuku. Izuku Midoriya. I come on behalf of the village of Musutafu as a virgin offering to Bakushinchi.”

“A virgin offering for Bakushinchi. And what makes you think an all-powerful deity like Bakushinchi wants a scrawny thing like you around?” the voice asked.

“I… I volunteered to serve in any way Bakushinchi needs. I am his to mate, to do with as he wishes.”

The lanterns flared to life, brighter than before; but even brighter was the sudden flash of light, a soundless explosion that nearly blinded Izuku before a man appeared out of the center. Spiked blond hair gave way to tanned skin, body completely bare, cock huge even when soft—an absolute specimen of an Alpha with his toned, muscular form. But it was his eyes that caught Izuku’s attention: red like freshly spilled blood. 


The god stepped forward two, three strides, until he could reach out and touch Izuku’s thighs. He slid his hands underneath the filmy red fabric to touch the Omega’s skin, tugging at the material until it parted to reveal Izuku’s straining erection and slick-damp hole. The sudden exposure made him blush. 

“Call me Katsuki,” the god said off-handedly, moving one hand up to pluck at the tie of Izuku's obi. “They gift-wrapped you just for me? The old man shouldn’t have.”

“Please, Baku—Katsuki, before you… do whatever it is you wish to do with me… I have one request.”

“Hmm…" Katsuki looked down at Izuku with something like surprise on his face, curious what the young Omega could be requesting. "I’ll allow it. What is it you desire?”

“My village is dying. The drought this year has been brutal. Please, use your power to bring us rain.”

Katsuki scoffed. “Wow. They must be fucking desperate, huh?”

“W-what do you mean?”

“To have sent me a male Omega for something as simple as rain, they must have really wanted to get rid of you, didn’t they?”

“That's not true!” Izuku protested, even though the god had hit the mark. He swung at Katsuki instinctively at the gibe, the result of years of put-downs and childhood bullying, but the Alpha put up a hand almost lazily to block the punch. The sleeve of Izuku's robe slid down to his elbow from the attempt.

The god’s red eyes widened and he reached out hesitantly with his free hand, brushing his fingers along the jagged starburst mark now visible on the inside of Izuku’s wrist. “ Deku ?" he asked, a note of familiarity in his voice. "Are you really…" Katsuki looked Izuku up and down, a sudden hunger in his eyes as he surveyed his tribute. "You've grown.”

As if a veil over his eyes had been lifted, Izuku’s eyes widened in recognition. “Kacchan?” His cheeks flushed further, adding to the lingering blush already born beneath Katsuki’s gaze. Now that he saw it, he couldn't believe he hadn't put two and two together before: the blond spikes, the red eyes, even the scent of burnt sugar was the same. "Oh, Kacchan, I missed you so much! I thought I'd never get to see you again! I'm so sorry I couldn't come back and see you, my mother wouldn't let me. But I never forgot about you..."

Katsuki brought Izuku's wrist to his lips, pressing a kiss against the mark before moving his lips to the scent gland there. Izuku gasped when a wave of heat coursed through his veins at the touch; Katsuki’s potent Alpha pheromones kicked the heat-like symptoms from before into high gear.

“Deku… You’re mine now,” Katsuki murmured. “Forever.” He yanked Izuku off the stone altar and into his arms, hugging him tightly. Izuku returned the embrace eagerly, tears springing to his eyes.

“K-Kacchan!” Izuku cried out as the plug still buried inside him shifted to press directly against that spot he'd teased earlier.

“Say you’re mine, Deku,” Kacchan growled, his voice low and almost dangerous. “Say you belong to me.”

“I’m yours! I-I belong to you, Kacchan!” 

With another animalistic growl, Katsuki tore the flimsy robe from Izuku’s body, leaving him bare to the Alpha's voracious eyes before he sank his claiming fangs into the gland on the Omega's neck. Izuku cried out as he spasmed from the claiming bite, instincts going into overdrive and heat overwhelming his body.

Katsuki slid his fingers down to cup the curve of his Omega’s ass, teasing at his entrance—only to find the plug there. “Oh… you’re all ready for me, aren’t you?”

“Y-yes, Alpha, I wanted to be good, to be ready for you…” Izuku cried out as Katsuki yanked the plug out, tossing it up onto the altar. A gush of slick dripped from his entrance once the plug was out of the way, Izuku’s fresh rain and mint scent making Katsuki groan. Within moments, those burning hot hands were cupping Izuku's thighs, scooping him up with a strong grip and spreading him wide open. Katsuki practically slammed Izuku against a wall before he positioned himself at the Omega’s slick entrance. Pressing his lips to Izuku’s in a ravenous, breath-stealing kiss, he slid home in one thrust.

In the back of his mind, Izuku faintly wondered if it should hurt; but he felt only overwhelming pleasure as his body was manhandled and his hole pounded into, the same heat from the claiming bite licking through his veins. Katsuki’s breath was hot against Izuku’s ear when he spoke. “You belong to me, right, Omega? You want me to breed you, make you fat with pups?”

“Yes! Please!”

“Good, so good for me.” 

Izuku shuddered at the praise, feeling something start to shift deep inside of him. Again, it didn’t hurt—it felt good , somehow. Almost as good as the feeling of Katsuki’s breath against his ear as he whispered an endless litany of filthy promises. Movement grew easier as Katsuki continued to fuck him, a hot, slick sound accompanying the smooth glide every time Izuku rocked his hips to meet Katsuki's thrusts. Izuku’s body was opening up to his Alpha as he pressed even deeper, bottoming out inside Izuku. Izuku threw his head back with a loud cry when Katsuki's length hit the sensitive spot inside him, his nails digging into his Alpha’s back.

“I’ve heard the prayers of your people, asking for help, for relief,” Katsuki murmured, drawing back until just the tip remained buried inside Izuku’s ass. “I’ll take care of them, as long as you take my seed and bear my pups. Can you do that, Deku?”

“Yes! Yours! Anything, please, I’m yours!” Izuku cried out, not a single thought in his mind but Kacchan, Kacchan, Kacchan.  

“So good, so perfect for me, my Omega... “ Katsuki shifted his grip to support Izuku with one arm before he thrust back inside, making him cry out once more at the shift in angle and the feeling of Katsuki’s knot growing in size. The newly freed hand reached down to wrap around Izuku’s cock, stroking it firmly. “Come.”

Katsuki's command made the tension building deep in Izuku’s stomach snap like an overdrawn bowstring. With a wail of pleasure, he came all over his chest and stomach; his vision whited out, eyes rolling into the back of his head and tongue lolling uselessly from his mouth. In the next moment, Katsuki’s knot swelled even bigger inside him, tying them together before he started to come. He filled every inch of Izuku with his seed, pulse after pulse after pulse. He just kept coming and coming, Izuku’s stomach expanding until his skin stretched tight over his abdomen. He felt bloated and heavy as he looked down at himself in wonder—he looked like he was already pregnant with his Alpha’s pups...

Katsuki carried him back over to the rough-hewn altar, still buried deep inside him. He laid Izuku down gently, cradling his head, nuzzling against his neck and scenting him carefully. No one would ever mistake Izuku for an unmated, un-loved Omega ever again.

After that was taken care of, Katsuki held his mate close, rubbing Izuku’s sore stomach with gentle fingers while his other hand reached up to tweak his nipples. “So good for me, Deku,” Katsuki murmured once more, smiling down at his beloved Omega. “You took me so well.”

The praise and teasing touch made Izuku whimper, his cock twitching weakly as another small spurt of semen leaked out. “Hnn… please, Kacchan…” Izuku reached up to wrap one hand around the back of Katsuki's neck, pulling him close. With a smile, Katsuki leaned down and pressed his lips gently to his mate’s, plying Izuku’s mouth open with his tongue and mapping it out thoroughly. When he pulled away for breath, Izuku could hear a soft dripping noise coming from the mouth of the cave. “Is that… rain?”

“Yes... I told you, as long as you’re mine and you bear my seed, your village will be cared for.”

“Kacchan… thank you…” Izuku struggled to sit up, bracing his stomach with one hand. “Can we go see?”

“Of course.” Katsuki scooped Izuku into his arms once more, carrying him toward the mouth of the cave as they remained tied together. The life-giving rain was pouring down, watering the fields and replenishing the reservoirs.

Izuku smiled at Katsuki, green eyes shining with delight as he brushed his fingers along the mark on his wrist absently. "I love you, Kacchan. I always have."

"I love you, Deku. And I always will."