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just as you cry for slaughter

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They reaped the girls first.

Aja Tarron was chosen as the tribute for District 3. She was a couple months younger than Douxie, just young enough that she was in the grade below him in school.

Douxie was just glad it wasn’t Nimue. They were eighteen; this was their last Reaping and then they would be safe from getting killed by other kids on live television. They’d just have to watch.

“Krel Tarron,” Kubritz said. One side of her lip quirked upwards; she seemed like she was happy that siblings got picked. And why wouldn’t she? Kubritz had been reaping for the past eight years and she hadn’t shown remorse when she sent a twelve year old to his death. She was a monster sent by the Capitol.

Douxie glanced behind himself. Aja and Krel’s parents looked ready to fight or faint or maybe both.

If Douxie had been reaped, he knew Nimue would miss him, maybe some of the boys from school as well. He didn’t have parents who would miss him.

Krel started walking to the platform his sister stood upon, a little slowly, as if in a trance. Douxie pushed past him.

He had already made arrangements for Archie, just in case.

“I volunteer!”