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new message from 1 (489) 5987 - 2351

1 (489) 5987 - 2351 [3:29 pm]: hey, it's gilbert blythe from professor stacy's class

GiLbErT bLyThE [3:30 pm]: when should we meet up to work on the project?


Ruby Gillis added GiLbErT bLyThE to the best of '17


the storyclub:  one new message from annE

annE [3:34 pm]: of course ruby had to add him

best bosom friend [3:36 pm]: who?

annE [3:36 pm]: gilbert! he's in my literature class and i Can't stand him 

annE [3:37 pm]: and of course that means that he's my partner for the project that's worth 20% of our grade


new message from GiLbErT bLyThE

GiLbErT bLyThE [3:40 pm]: ann? 

GiLbErT bLyThE [3:40 pm]: i'm free on mondays and wednesdays if that works for you 


the storyclub:  one new message from annE

annE [3:41 pm]: he doesn't even have the decency to spell my name right! 


new message sent to GiLbErT bLyThE

annE [3:41 pm]: read 3:41 PM


the best of '17: one new message from mad-eye moody

mad-eye moody [3:42 pm]: um, ruby? who did you just add?

Ruby Gillis [3:43 pm]: gilbert blythe he's in my and anne's literature class 

ew, charlie sloan [3:43 pm]: eyyy he's on my soccer team 

GiLbErT bLyThE [3:43 pm]: hi everyone


new message from GiLbErT bLyThE

GiLbErT bLyThE [3:44 pm]: is everything okay? 

annE [3:44 pm]: everything is perfectly fine

annE [3:44 pm]: i just have no interest in talking with people who think it's okay to mock someone behind their back

GiLbErT bLyThE [3:44 pm]: wait what? 

GiLbErT bLyThE [3:45 pm]: what are you talking about? 


the best of '17:  one new message from Tillie

Tillie [3:45 pm]: ooo an athlete ;))

Josie Pye [3:45 pm]: tillie you already have two guys that want to date you

Josie Pye [3:45 pm]: at least let poor ruby and anne have a chance


the storyclub:  one new message from annE

annE [3:46 pm]: he is so infuriating! 

cole macbaddy [3:47 pm]: why did ruby even add him?

annE [3:47 pm]: because she thinks he's cute

annE [3:47 pm]: but he's not even that cute! 

annE [3:47 pm]: sure, from certain angles one might say he's attractive, but that's not even close to the point


the best of '17: one new message from Ruby Gillis

Ruby Gillis [3:48 pm]: hey there are plenty of guys that want to date me

Jane Andrews [3:48 pm]: yeah, "guys" that go to school in a completely different state


new message from GiLbErT bLyThE

GiLbErT bLyThE [3:48 pm]: anne i'm sorry 

GiLbErT bLyThE [3:48 pm]: i swear i didn't mock or say anything about you behind your back 

GiLbErT bLyThE [3:49 pm]: i was defending you from billy andrews


the storyclub: one new message from best bosom friend

best bosom friend [3:49 pm]: so you consider him attractive?? 

cole macbaddy [3:50 pm]: ;))))) 

annE [3:50 pm]: that could not be Further from the truth

annE [3:50 pm]: what i'm saying is that some people would consider him attractive

best bosom friend [3:50 pm]: and that you're one of those people??

annE [3:51 pm]: diana!!


the best of '17:  one new message from Ruby Gillis

Ruby Gillis [3:51 pm]: that was one time!! 

ew, charlie sloan [3:51 pm]: after your crush had said he started dating someone else

Ruby Gillis [3:52 pm]: no one wants your opinion charlie

Josie Pye [3:52 pm]: well maybe anne does

annE [3:52 pm]: what's that supposed to mean 

Josie Pye [3:53 pm]: oh did you not know that charlie has a crush on you??

Josie Pye [3:53 pm]: i thought you were just playing hard to get 

Josie Pye [3:53 pm]: not that you really have to pretend

cole macbaddy [3:54 pm]: shut the fuck up josie


new message from ew, charlie sloan

ew, charlie sloan [3:54 pm]: oh my god anne i'm so sorry you weren't supposed to know


the best of '17: one new message from Josie Pye

Josie Pye [3:56 pm]: am i wrong?? who would want to date an ugly orphan 

Josie Pye [3:56 pm]: besides charlie that is 

ew, charlie sloan [3:56 pm]: jesus christ just shut up  

mad-eye moody [3:55 pm]: well i'm so glad all of us made a nice first impression with our newest group member


the best of '17  is now on do not disturb


new message from best bosom friend

best bosom friend [3:57 pm]: when i see josie tomorrow i'll punch her i swear it


new message from GiLbErT bLyThE

GiLbErT bLyThE [3:57 pm]: are you ok? 

annE [3:57 pm]: you don't know how to leave things alone do you

GiLbErT bLyThE [3:58 pm]: sorry

GiLbErT bLyThE [3:58 pm]: that girl said some hurtful things and i was worried about you that's all 

annE [3:58 pm]: you don't need to worry about me we're not friends it's not your job 

GiLbErT bLyThE [3:59 pm]: right 

GiLbErT bLyThE [3:59 pm]: sorry again 

The Blythe/Lacroix Fam: one new message from Bash

Bash [6:09 pm]: dellie said her first words!!!! 

Bash sent a video

gil [6:10 pm]: i swear if you teach her curse words 

Mary<3<3 [6:10 pm]: don't worry Gilbert, i already warned him

Bash [6:10 pm]: my own wife and brother, ganging up on me 

Bash [6:11 pm]: i'm hurt you know, truly hurt 

Mary<3<3 [6:11 pm]: how's school going? dellie (and sebastian) miss you terribly 

Bash [6:12 pm]: like you don't call him every weekend to ask how things are 

gil [6:12 pm]: i think this one girl in my lit class hates me 

gil [6:12 pm]: but i didn't even do anything to her and now she refuses to talk to me even though we're partners for an important project 

Bash [6:13 pm]: if it helps, that's how pride and prejudice started 

gil [6:13 pm]: that doesn't help at all 

gil [6:13 pm]: also did you watch p&p recently?? 

Mary<3<3 [6:15 pm]: he and dellie were watching this morning 

gil [6:15 pm]: that's honestly adorable 


new message from Diana Barry

Diana Barry [6:17 pm]: what did you say to anne? 

gil [6:18 pm]: nothing

gil [6:18 pm]: i asked if she was ok after the whole thing with the group chat and she snapped at me 

Diana Barry [6:19 pm]: oh 

gil [6:19 pm]: is she always so aggressive?? 

Diana Barry [6:19 pm]: hardly ever 

Diana Barry [6:20 pm]: stubborn yes, but hardly aggressive 

Diana Barry [6:20 pm]: in my opinion, i think she might like you she just doesn't know how to deal with it

gil [6:21 pm]: ??? so instead she decides to hate me?  

Diana Barry [6:21 pm]: don't tell her i said anything she's excessively stubborn when it comes to admitting she's wrong

gil [6:21 pm]: you think she's wrong to hate my guts? 

Diana Barry [6:22 pm]: maybe

Diana Barry [6:22 pm]: you seem like a good enough guy 

Diana Barry [6:22 pm]: just give her some time to warm up to you

gil [6:23 pm]: i doubt it'll be that easy 

the storyclub:  cole macbaddy sent a video

annE [11:01 am]: where'd you get that video??? 

cole macbaddy [11:02 am]: ka'kwet's snapchat 

best bosom friend [11:02 am]: you hit him with your textbook?? 

annE [11:03 am]: well what was i supposed to do

best bosom friend [11:03]: maybe Not hit him with your textbook? 

annE [11:03 am]: he deserved it! first he was talking with billy behind my back and then he had the audacity to pull my hair and call me carrots! 


new message from Ruby Gillis

Ruby Gillis [11:04 am]: i hope you're happy

Ruby Gillis [11:04 am]: gilbert has a concussion now and can't play soccer for two months

annE [11:05 am]: oh no i hope that won't weigh down on my conscious 

Ruby Gillis [11:05 am]: he might be my first chance at having a serious boyfriend and you just continue to ruin it

annE [11:06 am]: how is my hatred for him jeopardizing your possible relationship? 

Ruby Gillis [11:06 am]: because he'll associate me with your rivalry and end up hating me

annE [11:06 am]: like anyone could hate you ruby 

annE [11:07 am]: you look like cartoon birds help you get ready every morning 

Ruby Gillis [11:07 am]: be serious anne 

annE [11:07 am]: i am! if he's truly a good guy he won't care that we're friends he'd just want to be with you 


the storyclub: one new message from cole macbaddy 

cole macbaddy [11:10 am]: omfg anne you gave the poor boy a concussion 

best bosom friend [11:10 am]: anne! 

annE [11:10 am]: i didn't mean to give him a concussion 

annE [11:11 am]: he was being a jerk and yes i may have expressed myself forcefully and angrily but it was totally justified and i may have yelled at him a little too and maybe spit on him okay i'll go apologize 

one missed call from anne (with an e) 


one new voicemail from anne (with an e) 


voicemail transcript: 

Um, hi. Listen, I'm sorry for how I've treated you. You seem like a good guy, especially if Diana says so. I hope you don't completely hate my guts. 


new message from anne (with an e)

anne (with an e) [11:24 am]: i'm free this afternoon if you're willing to work on our project

anne (with an e) [11:24 am]: i'll bring snacks 

gil [11:25 am]: you'll have to write everythign 

gil [11:25 am]: i'm kibda at a disadvantahe right noe 

anne (with an e) [11:25 am]: did i really hit you that hard? 

gil [11:26 am]: lime a smootg criminal 

anne (with an e) [11:26 am]: omg don't ever say that to me again 

gil [11:27 am]: i maje no pronises 


The Blythe/Lacroix Fam:  one new message from gil 

gil [4:38 pm]: bash i think you were right about the pride and prejudice thing 

Bash [4:40 pm]: HA i told you blythe!

Mary<3<3 [4:41 pm]: oh god it's already inflated his ego 

Bash [4:41 pm]: spill blythe our netflix isn't working so this is the most entertainment we've gotten all day 

gil [4:42 pm]: so this morning in our lit class we were supposed to work on our projects

gil [4:42 pm]: but she refused to even look at me and i kept trying to get her attention but nothing worked

gil [4:42 pm]: so i got frustrated and pulled on her hair and called her carrots since she has red hair 

gil [4:43 pm]: and then she hit me across the head with her textbook so now i have a concussion 

Mary<3<3 [4:43 pm]: i'm sorry but how is this anything like pride and prejudice? 

gil [4:44 pm]: but THEN she called to apologize and we met up to work on our project and we ended up having a really nice time

gil [4:44 pm]: she's actually really funny and nice and she's so smart too

gil [4:44 pm]: and she wants to be a teacher

Bash [4:45 pm]: see mary? i did this, the boy's in love now

gil [4:45 pm]: who said anything about love???

gil [4:46 pm]: i barely know her

anne and gilbert have one (1) conversation and are now in love: D iana  sent a photo

Cole [10:12 pm]: and i thought ruby used to have it bad 

Moody sent a photo

Moody [10:14 pm]: and it's not just anne

Jane [10:14 pm]: omfg of course it all makes sense now 

Tillie [10:15 pm]: how to get a boyfriend step one: give him a concussion 

Cole [10:15 pm]: they're never gonna admit they have feelings for each other 

Diana [10:15 pm]: of course they won't anne is too stubborn 


the storyclub: one new message from Anne<3 

Anne<3 [9:23 am]: lgbt mixer is today!! 

Cole [9:27 am]: i know this is mostly for my benefit but why so early? 

Anne<3 [9:28 am]: you were the one who kept complaining about not feeling connected to the lgbt community on campus 

Anne <3 [9:28 am]: now both of you get your butts down here i have a flag for each of us 


new message from 1 (489) 7103 - 2915 

1 (489) 7103 - 2915 [8:58 pm]: hey this is jerry from the mixer, the guy you gave your number to 

Diana [9:00 pm]: hi! it was really nice meeting you earlier 

Jerry [9:01 pm]: yeah it was

Jerry [9:01 pm]: i was wondering if you're free tomorrow would you want to maybe get coffee with me? 

Diana [9:02 pm]: i'd love to 

new message from GiLbErT bLyThE

GiLbErT bLyThE [12:13 pm]: can you please change my contact name 

annE [12:14 pm]: i think it's nice 

GiLbErT bLyThE [12:14 pm]: anneeeee 

GiLbErT bLyThE [12:14 pm]: we've been friends for a couple of months now isn't that all water under the bridge?

annE [12:15 pm]: yes, but it's fun to get you riled up

GiLbErT bLyThE [12:15 pm]: pleaseeee

annE [12:17 pm]: ugh fine but only to stop your whining

gil blythe [12:17 pm]: thank you <3


photo sent to best bosom friend

annE [12:18 pm]: what does that mean 

best bosom friend [12:19 pm]: a heart? what's wrong with it

annE [12:19 pm]: we don't do hearts that's not us

best bosom friend [12:20 pm]: maybe it's a milestone thing

best bosom friend [12:20 pm]: like with ruby it took you awhile to warm up to each other

annE [12:21 pm]: yeah after FIVE months

annE [12:21 pm]: me and gil have only been friends for two

best bosom friend [12:22 pm]: maybe he wants to be more than friends

annE [12:22 pm]: no that would be insane

annE [12:22 pm]: why would he like me??

The Blythe/Lacroix Fam: gil sent a photo

gil [12:26 pm]: she still hasn't responded what did i do??

gil [12:26 pm]: sure we're still figuring out our friendship, but she's affectionate with all her friends

gil [12:27 pm]: i just assumed we would be the same

Mary<3<3 [12:30 pm]: maybe she's scared to be affectionate because she has feelings for you?

Bash [12:31 pm]: yeah she could be treating you diffefhahoegf

gil [12:31 pm]: what

Mary<3<3 [12:32 pm]: dellie grabbed sebastian's phone before he could finish typing

gil [12:32 pm]: aw that's actually adorable

gil [12:33 pm]: i can't wait to see you all again, i'm going to look at plane tickets as soon as my lit project is done

Bash [12:34 pm]: your project with ANNE ;;))))

gil [12:34 pm]: oh god


the best of '17: one new message from ruby (lit class)

ruby (lit class) [5:05 pm]: okay so my friend is throwing a holiday party saturday night at her SORORITY so who's going

tillie [5:07 pm]: me and jane are in!

charlie sloan [5:08 pm]: yeah i'll go 

moody [5:09 pm]: i'm forcing mackenzie to go so count both of us in 

charlie sloan [5:09 pm]: what about you anne?

charlie sloan [5:11 pm]: and diana 

josie (mean) [5:11 pm]: smooth sloan 

Diana Barry [5:12 pm]: both me and anne will go 

anne (with an e) [5:12 pm]: for an HOUR that's it 

gil [5:14 pm]: i'll go too 

ruby (lit class) [5:15 pm]: yay!! winnie will be so excited! 


new message sent to Winnie Rose

gil [5:20 pm]: so you're ruby gillis' friend? 

Winnie Rose [5:22 pm]: i didn't think you knew her

gil [5:22 pm]: she's in my lit class 

Winnie Rose [5:23 pm]: i'm assuming you're coming to my party then

gil [5:23 pm]: i won't go if it'll make you uncomfortable 

Winnie Rose [5:24 pm]: no i want you to come

Winnie Rose [5:24 pm]: i think it'll be good for both of us 

anne and gilbert have one (1) conversation and are now in love: one new message from cole

cole [6:30 pm]: okay so we have to make sure anne and gilbert confess their undying love for each other at this party 

jane [6:31 pm]: aw poor charlie :( 

tillie [6:31 pm]: oh come on he never had a chance 

tillie [6:31 pm]: moody has a better chance with ruby than charlie and anne  

moody [6:32 pm]: i tell you i MIGHT like ruby ONE TIME 

diana [6:33 pm]: oh! i totally forgot 

diana sent a photo 

moody [6:33 pm]: he sent her a fucking heart??? 

diana [6:33 pm]: and that was from two weeks ago

jane [6:34 pm]: fuck everything else this is the only thing that matters 

tillie [6:34 pm]: and they're totally oblivious??

diana [6:34 pm]: i tried suggesting that gilbert might like anne and she completely changed the topic 

cole [6:35 pm]: god we have so much work to do 


new message sent to kindred spirit

cole [7:00 pm]: if i told you that gilbert has a crush on you, how would you react 

kindred spirit [7:02 pm]: what?? he doesn't have a crush on me

kindred spirit [7:02 pm]: does he??? 

kindred spirit [7:06 pm]: cole!!! you can't just say something like that and then not reply!! 

new message from best bosom friend

best bosom friend [8:36 pm]: anne? where did you go? 

best bosom friend [8:36 pm]: everyone's worried 

best bosom friend [8:36 pm]: did you leave early? 

annE [8:58 pm]: i like gilbert 

best bosom friend [9:00 pm]: congratulations you're officially the last person to know

best bosom friend [9:00 pm]: also where the fuck did you run off to? do you have any idea how worried i was?? 

annE [9:01 pm]: i left to go back to my dorm i couldn't be there anymore 

best bosom friend [9:01 pm]: did you have a panic attack?? 

best bosom friend [9:01 pm]: please tell me you called marilla if you did 

annE [9:02 pm]: nothing that serious i just had to leave 

best bosom friend [9:02 pm]: why what happened

annE [9:03 pm]: i saw gilbert kissing this one girl

annE [9:03 pm]: and i suddenly got really mad

annE [9:03 pm]: then i realized i was jealous that he was kissing someone else

annE [9:03 pm]: because i like him i really really like him 

annE [9:04 pm]: and now that girl's probably his girlfriend and i'm too late 

best bosom friend [9:04 pm]: oh anne i'm so sorry 

best bosom friend [9:04 pm]: i thought he liked you i'm so sorry 

annE [9:05 pm]: and now our lit project is done and winter break starts next week so who knows if i'll ever get the chance to tell him 

annE [9:05 pm]: what if he comes back and doesn't want to be around me anymore 

best bosom friend [9:06 pm]: then i'll gladly hit him with my music theory textbook it's my heaviest one 

new message sent to anne (with an e) 

gil [9:34 pm]: hey are you okay? 

gil [9:34 pm]: i heard you rushed off everyone was really worried 

anne (with an e) [9:36 pm]: i'm surprised you even noticed you were pretty preoccupied 

gil [9:36 pm]: of course i noticed 

gil [9:37 pm]: i was worried something bad had happened

anne (with an e) [9:38 pm]: well i'm fine you don't need to worry about me

gil [9:38 pm]: the last time you said i don't need to worry about you i got hit in the head with a textbook so i'd say i've earned the right to worry 

anne (with an e) [9:39 pm]: well the last time i said that we were partners but now that the project is over we can just quit while we're ahead

gil [9:40 pm]: are you saying we shouldn't be friends anymore? 

anne (with an e) [9:40 pm]: yeah i guess i am 

anne (with an e) [9:40 pm]: you shouldn't have to worry though you have a pretty new girlfriend to spend all your time with 


The Blythe/Lacroix Fam:  one new message from gil 

gil [9:42 pm]: i think i completely fucked things up with anne 

the storyclub: one new message from annE

annE [9:43 pm]: i think i completely fucked things up with gilbert 

new message from Jerry

Jerry [10:01 am]: hey i'm leaving for the holidays soon would you wanna meet up sometime? 

Diana [10:06 am]: i'm really sorry but i have to help out my friend with something

Diana [10:07 am]: maybe after the break 

Jerry [10:09 am]: yeah okay 

new message sent to Winnie Rose

gil [11:21 am]: i'm so sorry i should not have kissed you last night 

gil [11:21 am]: i think i was confused? i saw you and realized some of my feelings didn't completely go away but then there's this other girl who is... incredible

gil [11:22 am]: and for awhile i thought i had at least a small chance but nothing ever happened and i guess i was just sad 

gil [11:22 am]: but i'm not confused or sad anymore i just want to be with that girl but now i've ruined everything and i'm so sorry 

Winnie Rose [1:56 pm]: thank you 

Winnie Rose [1:56 pm]: and if you love her you should tell her 

gil [2:03 pm]: i think i will, if she gives me the chance 

one missed call from gil blythe 


two missed calls from gil blythe


the best of '17: one new message from Ruby Gillis

Ruby Gillis [7:03 am]: merry christmas!! 

cole macbaddy [7:12 am]: why so early?? 

best bosom friend [7:13 am]: because the christmas spirit never rests 


new message from gil blythe

gil blythe [8:20 am]: merry christmas anne

gil blythe [8:20 am]: your present should be arriving in the mail soon

gil blythe [8:21 am]: i hope you like it 


the storyclub: one new message from cole macbaddy

cole macbaddy [11:32 am]: anne how are you the best at gift giving 

annE [11:35 am]: it's my own extreme sport 


new message sent to best bosom friend

annE [5:58 pm]: he got me a pocket dictionary i think i love him 

best bosom friend [6:00 pm]: tell him then!! 

annE [6:02 pm]: he's probably with his girlfriend waiting for midnight so he can kiss her 

best bosom friend [6:03 pm]: don't think like that he's probably about as mopey as you are 

anne and gilbert have one (1) conversation and are now in love: Moody sent a photo 

Moody [1:01 am]: why can't they just get their shit together?? 

Moody [1:01 am]: they're obviously in love why can't we just tell them 

Diana [5:20 am]: anne won't believe it unless gilbert tells her himself 

Cole [9:08 am]: they need to hurry up and communicate i need gilbert's psych notes 


new message from Jerry

Jerry [3:17 pm]: i feel like i'm just wasting my time with you

Diana [3:20 pm]: what's that supposed to mean?

Jerry [3:21 pm]: every time i ask you out you say no you only want to be with me when it's convenient for you  

Diana [3:23 pm]: i've been busy 

Jerry [3:24 pm]: we've been "together" for almost five months and i haven't even met your friends 

Jerry [3:25 pm]: are you that ashamed to be seen with me? 

Diana [3:25 pm]: i promise you it has nothing to do with that 

Diana [3:25 pm]: i guess what i thought were real feelings for you was just infatuation 

Diana [3:26 pm]: i shouldn't have led you on like that i'm truly sorry 

new message from gil blythe

gil blythe [7:48 pm]: anne it's been two months are you seriously just never going to talk to me again 


new message sent to cole macbaddy

annE [8:00 pm]: i can't do this anymore

annE [8:01 pm]: why can't he just leave me alone

cole macbaddy [8:03 pm]: because he loves you 

cole macbaddy [8:03 pm]: he's not going to give up on you 

annE [8:09 pm]: oh FUCK he's calling me

cole macbaddy [8:10 pm]: answer him then!! 


one missed call from gil blythe


one new voicemail from gil blythe


new message sent to cole macbaddy

annE [8:12 pm]: he left a voicemail he never leaves a voicemail 


voicemail transcript: 

Hey Anne. I know we're not really friends anymore but I can't stand not being around you. And I know you think that Winnie's my girlfriend but that's not the case. We used to date and when I saw her at that party old feelings came back, but they're no match for what I feel for you.

I think I love you. No, I know I love you. I used to be in denial because I thought that you would only ever see me as a friend. But I can't be scared anymore. If you never want to see me again I understand now, but you have to know how I feel about you. 

I love you my Anne with an e, and that's not going to change anytime soon. 


the storyclub:  one new message from annE

annE [8:18 pm]: he loves me he said he loves me 

one missed call from anne (with an e) 


one new voicemail from anne (with an e) 


voicemail transcript: 

Gilbert. Hi. Things have been... rough between us for the past couple of months, and that's my fault. I saw you kiss that girl and I realized I liked you because then I got jealous. I got so jealous that I never let you explain things properly. I was so stubborn that it was almost too late. 

When we first met I hated you, but when I got to know you, I was scared that you would mean too much to me. I was scared that if I had feelings for you, you'd just decide I wasn't worth it. But that was never the case. You were patient with me, even now after I messed everything up. 

I love you, Gilbert Blythe. I love you wholeheartedly. 


new message sent to anne (with an e)

gil [8:30 pm]: do you really have feelings for me? 

anne (with an e) [8:31 pm]: i do i really do 

anne and gilbert have one (1) conversation and are now in love:  cole sent a photo

cole [9:02 pm]: can you FUCKING believe how long i've waited for this moment


moody [9:06 pm]: tillie you owe me $10 

tillie [9:08 pm]: valentine's day is literally next week why couldn't they wait just one more week

new message from gil blythe 

gil blythe [9:56 am]: happy valentine's day carrots <3

annE [9:57 am]: do you really have to stick with that nickname? 

gil blythe [9:57 am]: yes it's cute 

annE [9:58 am]: you're lucky i love you

gil blythe [9:58 am]: i really am