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The Extraordinary Prime-Ministers

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1757 James Waldegrave (Whig)

The Earl Waldegrave is only notable for one thing—he is famous for being the Prime Minister with the shortest time in office, as he was only Prime Minister for a grand total of four days.
During these four days, he tried to form a government, failed, and stepped down from his position as Prime Minister, because he didn’t want to fall out with his friend the king over political matters.

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1880 Strephon Le Fay (Liberal-Conservative)
Le Fay was the first ever Prime Minister to have supernatural aid in gaining office. He was not so much voted, as magicked into office. He was half-fairy, his mother being the fairy lady Iolanthe, and his father being the Lord Chancellor. However, he suffered from two issues. The first issue was that his upper half was immortal, and his legs mortal. The second was, due to his upper half being conservative, and his legs being; in his own words, ‘thrashing radicals’, he was unable to properly make up his mind about any subject politically speaking.
The Queen of the Fairies had endowed him with the ability to pass any bill which he proposed as an MP. So, with this ability, he quickly rose through the ranks, until he became the leader of both parties, and after that, Prime Minister.

Neither side liked him very much. The Conservatives hated him because he wanted to open up the peerage system by permitting people titles via a process of competitive examination. The Liberals hated him because he came across to them as if he wanted to get into politics just so he could get married.
The House of Peers hated him because I. of the examination policy, II. because they were all in love with his fiancée, Phyllis, and were jealous of Le Fay’s love of her, and III. because, though he was the Lord Chancellor’s son, he was a bastard, had been raised in modest conditions, and had worked as a mere shepherd before entering politics. The House of Commons, meanwhile, believed him to be an overly-romantic toff who had no idea what he was talking about.

In any case, Le Fay’s policies turned out to be completely pointless because, a short while after getting married, he was spirited away to Fairyland, along with his new wife, a number of members of the House of Peers, the leaders of the House of Peers, The Earls of Tolloller and Mountararat, the Lord Chancellor, and a palace guard. In the ensuing power vacuum, an election was called, and the Liberals, led by William Gresham, were able to get into power.

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1990 A. Spring Cabbage (L.B.P.P.)

Spring Cabbage was not Prime Minister for very long, owing to the fact that, as soon as its first cabinet meeting took place, a resistance group, led by ex-Prime Minister Carpenter and Labour leader Kinnock, broke into 10 Downing Street and conducted a coup against its government, restoring order to the country, and ending the era of the People’s Parliament once and for all.
Spring Cabbage, however, was not going to go down without a fight, as, prior to the first session of Question Time, it had a great number of explosives placed underneath the Houses of Parliament. During this first session, it leapt on the detonator in the sight of everyone else, blowing Parliament, and itself, to kingdom come.