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Game Day

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Christmas morning dawned bright and sunny.  Tywin and Sansa got up and dressed, Tywin in a pair of soft black pants, the red sweater with a golden lion and Sansa in a pair of black leggings, black came below the exact same sweater.  They made their way to the kitchen, Sansa pre-heating all the ovens for each of their different temperatures while Tywin got the coffee and tea going and turned on the Christmas music that Sansa loved.  He pulled out a wrapped box from the pantry and turned to her.  


“Your first present for today.”  He said holding it out for her smiling broadly.  Sansa smiled sweetly and patiently opened the wrapping paper and opened the medium sized box.  She pulled out the first piece of red fabric and saw that it was an apron with the words “Lady Lannister” on it and a pair of lions.  She beamed up at Tywin and set the box down, immediately putting the apron on before looking back into the box and seeing another with “Lord Lannister” and the same lions on it.  He slowly put the apron on as Sansa kissed him thoroughly.  


“I love them!”  She beamed at him.  Sansa placed post-it notes with what was to go in each oven and what time it would need to be.  Tywin began cutting up various fruits and putting them in large bowls.  Then he moved onto getting the pancake and waffle batters together.  They worked in tandem as everything came together.  Myrcella and Tommen were the first ones to drift in.  


“Sansa, Grandfather!”  They both said running up and hugging them both.  “Merry Christmas!”


Sansa hugged them both tightly and kissing the tops of their heads.  “Merry Christmas Cella and Tommen.” 


“Merry Christmas.” Tywin said hugging both of his grandchildren.


“Can we help?”  Tommen asked smiling.


“Of course.”  Sansa kissed both their heads again.  “Let’s get you both aprons.”  She went over to the hooks with the aprons on them.  Tywin smiled at them and his heart ached a little with the thought that he could picture her doing that someday with their own children.  “Pick out which one you want to wear and I’ll tie them.”  Myrcella and Tommen looked at each other excitedly and looked through the lots of options that Sansa had brought with her.  Tommen picked the green apron with a print with lots of cats and Myrcella picked the pink and pastel colored paisley apron.  They each put their apron on over their heads and Sansa adjusted the neck bands and tied the sides.  


Sansa had Myrcella help her to put the batter on the griddle for the pancakes and Tommen helped Tywin with the waffle batter on the waffle irons. 


“Cella, can you refill the big kettle for tea with some filtered water and start it to boil?  I’ll start coffee.”  Everyone else leisurely came in right as the coffee and tea were done.  Genna, Kevan, and Dorna looked at Tywin wearing the apron and helping to cook with shock and disbelief. 


“Since when do you cook, Ty?”  Genna asked with surprise.   


“Since my lovely fiancee likes to cook and bake and is actually very good at it and it makes her happy so it makes me happy.”  Tywin said evenly as he removed another waffle from the iron and Tommen put the last of the batter in. 


“She made Cella and I the best peppermint cocoa this morning!”  Tommen exclaimed.


“Grandpa and Sansa made the best cookies, cupcakes and dinner two weeks ago.”  Myrcella said happily as Tywin beamed at Sansa and his immediate family.


“The cookies were delicious and I think I gained about 7 pounds between those and dinner when I left.”  Jaime said as he took a sip from the coffee cup that Sansa passed him.  “That’s perfect, Sansa.”


“I got the caramel creamer you liked.”  She smiled at him.  “And Cersei, I got the Mocha creamer you like.”  She said handing another mug to Cersei.  Cersei inhaled the aroma and took a sip.  


“Oooh. That’s wonderful.”  Cersei said quietly as she hugged Sansa carefully while balancing her mug.  “You are my favorite person other than my two children.”    


Sansa handed Tyrion his mug of Royal Breakfast Tea and he took a sip.  “You are a queen, Sansa.”  


“Thank you Tyrion.”  She smiled as Arya and Jon came over.  


“I would like to try that caramel creamer in mine.”  Jon said as he went over to the fridge and added some to his coffee.  Arya smiled and shook her head as she drank her black coffee.  Sansa refilled her own coffee and added some of the mocha creamer to it before everyone sat down to the table piled with food.  At each spot there was a champagne glass with a mimosa (made with sparkling grape juice for just Cella and Tommen). 


“Before we start, I wanted to make a toast to my love and my soon-to-be-wife, Sansa.  I can say without any doubts that our lives are so much better and richer with you in our lives.  I’m happy to welcome Jon and Arya into our family too and look forward to having both of them in our lives.”  He lifted his glass in tribute to Sansa and gave her a tender kiss.  


“I look forward to our life together and am excited for our future together.”  Sansa said sweetly.  “But I think everyone is hungry, so let us eat.”  Everyone ate with some talking and there were plenty of leftovers.  After breakfast had been packed up and put away, they all adjourned to the game room and they played several games together, including a few huge games of Uno that Arya, Tommen, Tywin and Kevan each won a round of followed by Yahtzee.  Sansa, Cersei, Jon and Genna each took a win for Yahtzee.


After that, Tywin and Sansa shared the love seat and both took a short nap leaning into each other.  Everyone else ended up playing some more games or also taking a short nap on other sofas. Later, everyone settled down in the formal dining room for Christmas dinner and it went by smoothly.   


Later that night, Sansa presented Tywin with a beautifully wrapped medium sized box and a thick, heavy envelope on top.  He looked at her a little confusedly.  “Open the box first and then the envelope.  I got you these about 2 weeks ago.”  She said in explanation.  He gently opened the box to reveal the large gold picture frame that she had placed a selfie she had taken of the 2 of them together a few weeks ago.  They had been on the balcony with the sunset behind them and Tywin was kissing her cheek in the picture.     


“Sansa,”  He whispered as he gazed at the photo of them looking so happy together, remembering how after she took the picture, they had made out like teenagers. “I love everything about this.”  He took her hand and walked them over to his home office. He cleared a small space on the desk and placed the picture frame where he would see it often.  “It’s perfect for here.  I can get another frame to put a wedding picture of us in my office downtown.”  He kissed her tenderly and walked them back to their room.


“Don’t forget the envelope.”  Sansa said blushing.  Tywin broke the wax seal with a heart on the envelope, unsealed the heavy envelope and he pulled out the thick papers while they both sat on their bed.  


Good for a massage.”  He said reading the first one a small smile.  Good for one time to pick where we go for a meal.  He flipped to the next one.  Good for a blowjob. Gods Sansa.”  He kissed her passionately. 


“Mmm. Ty, keep going.”  She said as they broke their kiss to breathe.  


Good for a weekend away.  Good for a fishing trip.  You do realize you’re coming with me on that fishing trip, right?”  He asked her smiling.


“Of course.  That was the plan.  We can fish for fish and then I can fish for some of your amazing cock.”  She said as she kissed his nose.


Good for a night of strip poker.  Oh, my lioness, you are treating me to so many lovely things with these.  Good for a fantasy fulfilled.  Gods Sansa.” He said barely holding it together.  His cock became more and more aroused as he had continued reading the coupons.  


“But wait, Ty, there’s more.”  She said sensuously running a finger down his chest..


Good for a quickie.  Sansa you’re killing me with your creativity.  Good for a night at the ballet or opera and good for an excuse to not go somewhere.  Sansa.”


“This one is a freebie, love.”  Sansa said as she kissed him thoroughly as her fingers managed to get his shirts together to quickly pull them off him as they broke for air.  She pulled her clothes off quickly while Tywin shed his pants and underwear and laid down on their bed.  She had changed her bra earlier in the day to a fancy red with gold lace bra and matching thong.  She pulled back as Tywin moved his gaze to her body, his cock now fully erect.  Sansa shimmied down the bed as she kissed his chest and abdomen before swallowing most of his cock down her mouth and throat.  She managed to bring him almost to his peak before she pulled off, removed her thong and quickly sheathed her soaked channel over his cock.  She moaned as one of his hands and lips played with her breasts that were still covered with the lace bra.  The other played  with her clit.  They both moaned and growled loudly.     


“Ty, I’m going to come on your cock.”  Sansa moaned as she clenched tightly around him, milking his cock hard as he came with her.  She collapsed on top of him and he brought an arm around her to support her. 


“Gods, I love you so much Sansa.”  He whispered to her.


“I love you so much too, Ty.” They waited a few more minutes before Sansa had the strength to get off Tywin and go over to the bathroom to get a cloth to clean herself up and brought another to get Tywin cleaned up.  She peeled off her bra and peered out from the bathroom doorway with a seductive leer.  “Ya going to join me for a shower so I’m all clean for my dress appointment tomorrow morning?”  


He jumped up quickly and followed her into their bathroom, taking her on the counter quickly.  She moaned, her nails scratched against his back as he growled.  They both came and made their way over to the shower.  Tywin shampooed and conditioned her hair before he took her loofah and put her favorite lemon body wash on and washed them both down.  They dried each other off  and he pulled on some silk pajama pants and she pulled on a short silk nightgown.


“I love you Ty.”  She said softly as she cuddled close to him and he pulled her so she was flush next to him.  


“I love you too Sansa.”  He said as he kissed her head before they closed their eyes.



The next day, Sansa, Arya, Cersei, Jon, Myrcella, Tommen, Dorna, Genna and Bronn all got into the extra long limo that Tywin had booked for them. They were headed to a Melinda Hart's dress shop that was only opening for Sansa the day after Christmas. She hoped to find a dress that would work for her and a dress for Arya and anyone else that wanted one.  


They all filed in to the dress shop and Bronn stayed closer to Sansa’s vicinity as a precaution.  Sansa was met by Melinda Hart and about 7 other assistants.    


“Ms. Stark.  I’m Melinda Hart and I am deeply honored to have the privilege to assist you and your entourage for your special day.”  She began with a huge smile.  


“Please call me Sansa.  I’m so excited to work with you and hope that we can find something today.”  Sansa told her shaking Melinda’s hand.  “I would like to find my dress and then once we have that, I’d like to have anyone in my party find their gowns.”


“I have a space for your entourage over here.”  Melinda said turning to another room.  They followed her over to the largest area with a few comfortable sofas set up around a dais in front of the large mirror.   


“This is my sister, Arya and my cousin, Jon. This is Tywin’s daughter, Cersei, and her children, Tommen and Mrycella.  This is Tywin’s sister, Genna, and his sister-in-law, Dorna and this is my bodyguard, Bronn.  He will go where I go.”  Sansa introduced her party to Melinda as one of the assistants brought out some bottles of champagne and sparkling grape juice. Myrcella and Tommen loved getting to be part of the experience and being there.


Sansa, Cersei and Arya walked around, Bronn following them, with Melinda looking at different dresses.  Sansa grabbed one off one of the racks and asked that that one be brought in.  Cersei and Arya each asked her about a few others and they had them brought to the dressing room.  Sansa stopped when she saw another dress.  


“Ooooh.”  She said softly as she looked at one with lots of floral appliqués and tulle.  The back was open with a lot more of the floral appliqués that gave it a tattoo-effect.  She smiled brightly.  “I love this one.”  She carried it with her.  


“If you’ll follow me, we’ll get you into a fitting room.”  Sansa followed Melinda and Bronn followed them.  They got to the room and Bronn checked it over briefly before going back outside.      


“I will be right near here outside the room if you need anything.”  Bronn told her as he stood across the hall from the dressing room that Sansa was placed in.  


“Thank you Bronn.”  Sansa smiled before going into the room and looking at the dresses that were waiting.  She held out the gown still in her hands to Melinda. “I want to try this one first.”  She quickly stripped out of her sun dress and Melinda helped her into the dress she had picked.  “Oh my gods.”  Sansa whispered as she looked at herself in the mirror.  The dress fit her perfectly.  The delicate-looking floral appliqués all over the bodice looked soft and romantic.  With her hair up in the bun, the beautiful back was on full display.  The train went back about 4 feet behind her.  “I love it.”  Sansa said tearing up a bit.


“Do you want to go show everyone?”  Melinda asked.


“Yes.”  Sansa nodded as a few more tears fell.  Melinda opened the door and one of the other assistants went ahead to gather the entourage together.  Bronn looked at her and smiled.


“You look beautiful Sansa.”  Bronn told her quietly as they walked slowly back to the main area.  


“Thank you Bronn.”  Sansa smiled.  Everyone was gathered back together by the couches and mirror.  Cersei looked over and saw Sansa coming over.  


“Oh gods, Sansa, you look amazing!”  Cersei said as Sansa came over.  Sansa stood on the dais and one of the assistants spread out the train.  


“Sansa.” Arya, Genna, Dorna and Jon all said softly at the same time.


“I love this dress.”  Sansa said turning to look at them.  


“Sansa, you look like a princess.”  Tommen said softly.


“You look so beautiful.”  Myrcella added.


“Tywin will love it.”  Genna told her.  


“Sans you look…”  Arya said tightly as she inhaled deeply, trying not to cry.  “You look stunning and beautiful.”  


Jon looked at her and started crying.  “You look amazing and so happy.”  Sansa pulled Jon and Arya into a hug and started crying too.  


“I’m so happy to have you both here for my special day.”  She said happily.  “This is it.  This is my dress.”  Everyone smiled and clapped and congratulated Sansa on the dress.  Cersei and Genna softly steered her over to the jewelry section of the store with Melinda and Bronn following.  


“I saw this earlier and I think it will be perfect for you with this dress.”  Cersei said as they came over to a beautiful pearl necklace that had diamond motifs that were shaped to look like flowers and winded around several of the pearls before dropping down and ending with a dainty pearl with some diamonds on the very end.  Melinda took the beautiful, one of a kind necklace out of the display case and Cersei deftly placed the necklace on her neck.  Sansa teared up at how perfect it looked with the dress.  


“Cersei, it’s beautiful and perfect.”  She told her soon-to-be step-daughter.  Genna quietly gestured to Melinda to pull out a beautiful pair of earrings.  The pear-shaped diamonds were in an X shape and ended in a simple large matching pearl at the end.  


“Let’s try these on with it.”  Genna said as Melinda passed Sansa the earrings.  She placed them on and looked at herself in the mirror. 


“They’re perfect, Genna.”  She hugged Cersei and Genna and smiled.  “Thank you both so much.”  


“Let’s get you some shoes and a veil.”  Melinda said as they walked over to the shoes and Sansa picked some low heels.  They walked over and Melinda picked out a veil that had the same floral pattern on the edges. She delicately placed it in Sansa’s hair and when Sansa turned around to look at herself in the mirror, she gasped and slapped her hand over her mouth to stifle the sob at how happy she was as the tears came again.  


“I love it all.  It all looks perfect.  Thank you everyone.”  She stated clearly.  “Cersei, Genna, Dorna,” Each of them looked attentively up at her.  “I don’t think it actually needs any alterations, do you?”


All 3 women eyed the dress critically several times, before shaking their heads.  “No.”  They all said together.  


“I think this was meant to be your dress and your dress only.”  Cersei told her.


“Wonderful.  Ok, I would like to go get changed back into my other clothes.  Please pack up everything and then we’ll move on to dresses for everyone else that wants them.  The colors to stick with would be red or gold since that’s the color theme or black would also work.  Look around, and I’ll be back.”  She went with Bronn and Melinda, with Bronn standing outside the room after a quick check inside.  Melinda got everything bagged and boxed up for Sansa while she changed.   It didn’t take long for Cersei, Arya, Myrcella, Genna and Dorna to pick out dresses.  Sansa was delighted to sit between Jon and Tommen and approved all the dresses that everyone wanted to be worn to her wedding.  


“Mr. Lannister has already taken care of everything.”  Melinda said smiling and giving Sansa a hug.  


“Thank you so much! I will be sure to tell anyone that I came here.”  Sansa smiled broadly and gave her another hug.  Everyone from her party made their way out to the waiting limo with their dresses and other purchases.  They went back to Casterley for lunch.     



While Sansa and her entourage were at the dress shop, Robb went over to meet with his dad back in Winterfell.  “Dad.  Thanks for meeting with me.”


“Well, one of my children wants to meet with me.”  Ned sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose before rubbing his hands over his face.  “I’m hoping that this one may be something that might end well for me.”  


“Well, that potentially remains to be seen.”  Robb smirked sitting next to his dad.  “Sansa’s getting married next week.  Roslin and I were invited, but you and mom weren’t obviously.”


“I’m not surprised.” Ned sighed heavily.  


“She was right though, you and mom and me were out of line with regards to how we’ve treated Sansa and Arya.”  Robb said.


“Yeah.  I should have stood up to your mother more on their behalves.”  Ned said getting up and pouring a large glass of scotch for himself and passing another to Robb.


“It’s not too late.  I wanted to talk to you about next week.  Can I bring Bran and Rickon with me?”  Robb asked hesitantly.  “I think that it might go a long way to try to make amends with Sansa and Tywin.”  


“I’d want you to take them, but your mother will never allow that.”  Ned admitted taking a large sip of his scotch.


“Take her to the cabin at the lake and lock up her phone.  Tell her that I volunteered to watch Bran and Rickon and you wanted to spend some time together just the 2 of you.” 


“That might work.”  Ned said.  “We’ll do it.”


Robb called Tywin right then.  “Hey Tywin,  I’m with Dad right now and he said Roslin and I can bring Rickon and Bran.”  Robb said as he had placed the call on speaker phone.


“How soon can you all come down?” Tywin asked.  


“How soon can you get mom up to the lake house?”  Robb asked.  “Its in the middle of nowhere, Ty with little to no cell service or internet.”  


“I could probably have us leave in maybe 3 days, so have you all head down on the 29th?”  Ned said.  


“I can make that work. I’ll have the jet come get you 4, maybe send Jon with it to get you.”  Tywin said matter-of-factly.  “My tailor can come then to fit you and your brothers after you get here for your suits.”


“Sounds like a plan, Tywin.”  Robb said.  


“Ned, you’ll need to make sure that you control your wife.  We can send them back around the 2nd if that works for you?” Tywin asked. 


“That works.”  Ned said.


“We appreciate this, Ned.  I’m not saying Sansa will change her mind, but it will be a good gesture.” Tywin said.  


“I realize that.  I’d like to try, even if it ends up being too late.”  Ned said as they finished the call.