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Game Day

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Genna arrived before Kevan and Dorna the next day on Christmas Eve. She pulled Sansa into a big hug and kissed her cheek.

“I’m so happy to have you officially joining the family!” Genna said boisterously as Tywin rolled his eyes slightly.

“Genna, I’m so happy to see you, too!” Sansa said smiling and hugging her again. “Genna, This is my sister, Arya, and my cousin, Jon.” Genna hugged each of them tightly.

“So glad to meet both of you!” Genna said happily smiling at Arya and Jon. Genna pulled Tywin into a hug as Dorna and Kevan arrived. Kevan beamed at Tywin and Sansa as Dorna hugged Sansa.

“Arya, Jon, This is Tywin’s brother, Kevan, and his wife, Dorna. This is my sister, Arya, and my cousin, Jon.” Kevan and Dorna shook both of their hands and everyone made their way inside. They all spent most of the morning and afternoon out on the yacht and in the sea. Later, Sansa curled up next to Tywin on the large day bed with the shade up to keep them both out of the sun.

“Ty,” She began.

“Hmm, Sansa?” He said opening his eyes to look over at her.

“What do you think of having the wedding here on the yacht?” She asked softly. Tywin nodded.

“If that is what you would like then I think it is a marvelous idea.” He said kissing her head.

“I also think we should delay our official honeymoon until after the football season is over, if that’s ok with you?” Sansa said

“We did meet through the team, so that makes sense and I can make that work, love. Don’t get me wrong, I could definitely wow you with little notice, but with having time, it’ll be perfect. Where do you want to go?” Tywin asked her smiling.

“How long do you want to be away?” Sansa asked. His eyes met hers as they both darkened.

“A month with you mostly to myself?” He asked leering at her, need evident on his face. “We could make the master suite below more to your taste and just stay here on the yacht and travel to wherever you want to go. Dock it or anchor it nearby and we could take the helicopter and rent a car if we needed to go somewhere.”

“That sounds perfect.” Sansa said snuggling closer to him. Tywin pulled out his phone and texted Captain Salladhor Saan to come up to where he was on the sun deck and to bring Anatoli, the first officer, Diane, the head chef, and Amelia, the purser with him. “Salladhor, Anatoli, Diane and Amelia should be here shortly to go over the wedding and honeymoon preparations.”

“Wonderful.” She said, getting up and going over to the bar and getting a large glass of chilled white wine for herself and a glass of Tywin’s favorite whiskey for him before coming back over to him. She relaxed against him as they watched their families together.

Salladhor came by a few minutes later with Anatoli, Diane, and Amelia. Sansa and Tywin adjourned to a table under the awning, bringing their drinks with them. Diane brought a large pitcher of lemonade and a pitcher of ice water with her.

“Mr. Lannister, Ms. Stark, How can we help you?” Salladhor asked as he and the staff took out their tablets.

“Let’s get right to the point. Sansa and I are getting married in eight days on New Year's Eve.”

“Congratulations!” Everyone said to Sansa and Tywin.

“Thank you.” Sansa and Tywin said together.

“We wanted to have it here on the yacht.” Sansa began. “There won’t be too many guests, Maybe 15-20 at the very most. Probably closer to the 15 mark if we’re being realistic.”

“Let’s plan for 20 just in case. I would rather have extra than not enough.” Tywin stated as the staff all nodded, taking notes as they went on their tablets.

“I was thinking of having the ceremony on the back of the bridge deck.” Sansa said. “I’d mostly like to use lights and flowers for decorations. Nothing overly complicated or overdone and have the ceremony start around 5pm.”

“Since there won’t be that many people as guests, we could do one of 2 things.” Amelia began. “We could change the layout and turn the table and have a small archway for the ceremony in the same space to do both together, or we could pretty easily do the ceremony there and then turn over the space and put the table in.”

“Can you show me how that would look in the space?” Sansa asked, standing up. Everyone else followed Sansa and Amelia as they walked down a deck and went over to the space.

“We’d take the second table and chairs out and then turn this perpendicularly. That will free up a lot more space on the aft end and we can decorate and add flowers, lights, an archway maybe here.” Amelia said moving about while Sansa’s eyes followed her delighted.

“I like that idea better, Tywin.” Sansa said turning to him. He smiled at her.

“Then that is how we will proceed.” Tywin stated.

“Red, gold and white for colors? I was thinking that I would like to have red asters and white orchids along with any other similar colored flowers.” Sansa asked Tywin.

“Quite honestly, my lovely lioness, whatever you want to make it perfect for you, I will enjoy and approve. The only thing I have any preferences on is the menu. I’d prefer that we have some Ahi Tuna and Filet Mignon.” Diane began to take careful notes. “I was also thinking that we’d have several cakes instead of just one. A triple chocolate cake and a lemon cake at minimum.”

“Maybe a red velvet one and a vanilla one, too.” Sansa added. “Maybe some shared appetizers at the table after the ceremony then the salad course, then entrees?”

“So shared appetizers, salad course, entrees and much later cakes for dessert?” Diane asked.

“Yes. For the appetizers, how about some coconut shrimp, mini-crab cakes, bacon-wrapped sea scallops, and some mini-fried cheeses?”

“We can easily do those as well as everything else.” Diane said confidently.

They went over several other venue type decisions and went over their pending guest list. After a half hour, the crew were confident that they could easily pull off the wedding. “We’ll not be needing access to the yacht until maybe the day or two before the wedding, so beyond anything you all might need to do for initial prep work, please have everyone take the next 5 days to spend time with their families or off as a paid holiday.”

A chorus of “Thank you Mr. Lannister.” sounded and they all departed with another word of congratulations to their boss and his soon-to-be-wife. Salladhor brought them in to the dock and Tywin and all of the Lannisters and Starks made their way in to Casterley Rock.

Sansa cornered Jon as they headed in from the dock to the house. They sat down on an outdoor sofa in one of the gardens. “Jon, I need to ask you something.”

“Sure, Sansa, what did you need?” Jon asked.

“Since I’m not talking to my father, I need someone else to give me away.” Sansa began.

“Well, Robb can definitely-” Jon began.

“I don’t want Robb to do it. I want you to give me away. I’ve been closer to you the last 8 years than I’ve ever been to Robb. You helped me move out of Winterfell and move in to school my freshman year and were always there for me. You helped me stay away from Winterfell all these years. You’ve been more of a brother to me than my actual brother has been. You’ve been the big brother Robb should have been but wasn’t. You let me move in with you and helped me through some of the heartbreaks that my family and my romantic life put me through. Robb never sat and held me as I bawled my eyes out over a stupid boy and brought me ice cream and chocolate and watched cheesy Rom-Coms with me to make me feel better. Robb didn’t make sure that I ate between studying and writing papers and working.” Sansa’s eyes glittered with happy tears at the memories of how Jon had helped her through the years. “You’ve been the proper big brother and man of my family and you’re the only one I want to give me away at me wedding.”

“Sansa, I-” Jon was actively crying and hugging her tightly. “I would be honored to give you away.”

“Thanks, Jon.” She returned the hug just as fiercely.

“Always, Sansa. Always.” They hugged a little longer. “I’m tired of my job and all the travel. I’m going to see if I can find something here in Lannisport to be closer to you and your new family.” Jon said quietly.

“I would like to be able to see you more. Besides once Ty and I have kids, they’re going to need their Uncle Jon.” Sansa smiled at him.

“Of course. I’d hate to deprive my future nieces and nephews another family member.” Jon beamed at Sansa. They both got up and he looped her arm into his and they met everyone else back in the house. Sansa kissed his cheek before grabbing Arya and pulling her aside to the next room.

“Would you be my maid of honor?” Sansa asked her sister.

“Of course.” Arya told her as if it was something like the sky being blue or the grass being green.

“Thank you!” Sansa said hugging Arya tightly.

“You’re my sister and best friend. I love you and am glad that I can be here for your big day, marrying the man of your dreams.” Arya told Sansa with a broad smile on her face. They came back over to everyone else. Tywin came over to them, smiling softly at Sansa.

“I have contacted Melinda Hart and set up for you all to go dress shopping the day after Christmas her shop. She has the largest and most exclusive wedding dress shop in Lannisport. You should hopefully be able to find something for yourself and everyone else. I’m having my tailor come for Jon and sending another up to Robb the next day to get them both tuxes made.”

“Oh thank you Ty!” Sansa squealed as she smiled and kissed him soundly.

“You’re welcome.” He told her smiling softly at her.

“You are the best!” She kissed him again before running over to where Cersei, Arya, Myrcella, Tommen, Dorna, Genna, Kevan and Jon were sitting. Cersei hugged Sansa and nodded over to her father smiling.

Tywin picked up his phone, seeing it was Robb that was calling him. “Yes, Robb?” He said as he picked up.

“Tywin. Roslin and I had an idea. I’m going to talk to my dad and see if he’ll allow me to bring Bran and Rickon next week. Don’t tell Sansa until I tell you if I’m able to do it.” Robb said

“She would really love that Robb. I’ll keep your confidence. Let me know if you or they would need anything. Of course you’ll all stay here with everyone. I was planning on sending one of my tailors up to get you a tux, or I can have him do it here a few days beforehand. I’ll simply have them do the boys too if they are able to come. Do any of you get seasick? Everything will be done on the yacht.” Tywin told him matter-of-factly.

“No, we’re all good there. I’ll ask my father and see what he says.” Robb said.

“Let me know. I can also send the jet for you as well for convenience when you’re able to come down.” Tywin added.

“I’ll let you know, Tywin.” Robb said lightly.

“Thanks for letting me know, Robb. I’ll talk to you later.” Tywin said as they both hung up.

Everyone had dinner together and it passed by nicely. Arya and Jon were getting better acquainted with Genna, Kevan and Dorna.

After everyone else had retired to their rooms, Sansa and Tywin were in the kitchen as Sansa was preparing some things for breakfast in the morning. She had some Christmas music playing as Tywin was checking his email and doing a little work while watching Sansa occasionally. Sansa had prepared the egg casseroles, moved most of the frozen breads into the refrigerator to thaw so they could be baked in the morning and got a few other things together. As she was finished cleaning everything up, “All I Want for Christmas is You” began playing and Sansa squealed happily. Tywin immediately looked up to her concerned. She took one of the wooden spoons to use as a fake microphone, walking over to Tywin with a happy and lustful look in her eyes.

“I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need. I don’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree. I just want you for my own. More than you could ever know. Make my wish come true oh. All I want for Christmas is you.”

He had stalked over to her as she sang along to the song and crashed their lips together hotly when the song picked up. The wooden spoon clattered to the floor as their hands flew all over each other as their lips kissed heatedly. They made their way over to the counter as they blindly backed up without breaking their kissing. Sansa felt her ass hit the counter and she broke the kiss quickly to strip off her panties. Tywin quickly used that moment to unbuckle his belt and open his pants before she used his steady frame to heave herself into sitting on the counter. She balanced as Tywin quickly pulled out his aching cock from his briefs and she undid her wrap dress, he unhooked her bra and freed her breasts.

He continued to kiss her mouth openly as their tongues danced against each other. His right hand tweaked and fondled her breast while the left hand slid between her thighs, touching her clit the way that he knew would excite her quickly. She was already soaked as she moaned as he stroked a finger into her slick channel, quickly adding another finger as she clenched around them, orgasming quickly having already been keyed up to him earlier in the day. He slid his cock in easily all the way as she pulled him closer.

“Ty, I need it fast.” She panted as he increased his pace and tried to drag his cock past her clit every few strokes. She felt herself almost there.

“Come with me Sansa.” Ty said almost at his peak. A moment later they both came sagging against each other as the song held the crescendoing “You.” Sansa nuzzled into his neck and then kissed his cheek.

“I love you Tywin.” Sansa told him quietly.

“I love you too Sansa. I’m so thankful we met.” He responded back as he removed his cock from her and grabbed a damp towel and did a quick clean of them both. They righted their clothes, turned the music off and then packed everything up to bring up with them back to their bedroom. They stopped briefly at Tywin’s office and dropped his work items off on his desk. Tywin and Sansa showered leisurely before getting into their pajamas.

Sansa came back with a large box that was wrapped for Tywin to open. “I wanted you to open this for tomorrow morning.” She said as he sat down on the bed next to her. He unwrapped the box and opened it. He removed 2 of the exact same red sweaters with tasteful golden lions on the front.

“To wear tomorrow morning?” Tywin asked smiling back at her.

“Yes. I got 2 of the exact same size so that it didn’t matter who wore which one.” She beamed at him.

“I love them.” Tywin said, laying them out to wear in the morning. “Thank you.” He said kissing her gently.

“I’m glad you like them.” She smiled as he cuddled her close to him.

“Let’s go to sleep, love. We have a busy day tomorrow.” Tywin quietly said after they turned off their nightstand lamps.

“Merry Christmas, Ty. I love you.” Sansa said moving her arm around him and laying her head on his shoulder.

“I love you, too, Sansa.” He kissed her cheek. “Merry Christmas.”