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Game Day

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While Sansa and Tywin, relaxed and fell asleep, Arya, Jon, Tyrion, and Jaime were all gathered in the den.


“Myrcella and Tommen are asleep in their room.”  Cersei said as she joined them, pouring herself a glass of wine before sitting next to Arya.  


“So what are we going to do about my parents?” Arya asked the group.     


“What do you think Sansa would want?”  Jaime asked. 


“Why don’t we bring her and dad into this?  Take the guesswork out.”  Cersei asked as everyone nodded.  “I’ll go get them.”  Cersei got up and walked over the few hallways to where her father’s and now Sansa’s room was.  She knocked gently and waited.  Tywin got up and threw on a robe before going to the door.  


“What?”  He asked, partially closing the door as he opened the door.


“We’d like to talk with Sansa and you about your thoughts on her parents.  Tommen and Cella are asleep, but the rest of us wish to discuss vengeance, specifically what Sansa would like.”  Cersei said.  


“Give us a bit to get dressed.”  Tywin ordered.


“We’re in our lounge when you’re both ready.”  Cersei said turning to go back.  


“Everyone would like to discuss your wishes, apparently.”  Tywin said with an eyebrow raised.  He pulled on some black silk lounge pants and a matching black silk button down before pulling his red silk robe back on.  He pulled out the long red silk nightgown with black embroidery on the neckline and slipped it over her head before holding up the matching long, red silk robe.  She tied it tightly around her waist before they trod over to the lounge nearby barefoot.  


“So vengeance?”  She asked settling in next to Tywin with a mug of tea.  


“What do you want Sansa?” Tywin asked next to her. “Whatever you want I will make happen.  If you want me to take everything from them, their business, their land, anything you want, I will make it happen. If you simply wish for them to leave us alone instead we can do that too.”


“Hmm.”  Sansa hummed as she thought while she sipped her tea. “ I think I would like to go with them leaving us, all of us” She said looking at Jon and Arya “alone. If they aren’t able to handle that then gradually take everything.   Start small, see if that makes them pay attention and stop.  Even though they’ve hurt me, I don’t want to hurt them back. I just want them to  leave me alone.”


“My sweet Sansa. It will be so. I feel it would be easiest to meet with only your father. Do you want to be there or do you trust me to do it on my own?”  Tywin asked as Sansa stood and began pacing the room. 


“I trust you and I have no wish to see them, but I want us and my father to bring in each of the families that Arya and I were promised to and I want him to tell them he had no right to make such promises.  I want them to also understand that they have no rights to Arya and I or our time and that there will also be consequences for them if they don’t immediately move on from this.”  Sansa said as she kept pacing.  “I want my father to know that he will be fucked beyond belief if he does not listen to me and if he and my-“ she sucked in a deep breath.  “my mother put so much as a toe out of line, there will be consequences.” 


“If it’s all the same to you Sans, I would like to join Tywin and you at that meeting.” Arya said standing up and hugging Sansa tightly. 


“Nothing would make me happier, Arya.”  Sansa said hugging her sister tightly back.


“I’ll arrange for it in 2 days time, for the 23rd.”  Tywin said.  “In the meantime, let’s all go to bed and we can deal with this tomorrow, when my man will have more information.”


“I appreciate you all so much for your support and help.”  Sansa said looking at each of Tywin’s children and Jon and Arya.  “Thank you and good night.”  She smiled, allowing Tywin to steer her back to their room.  They removed their robes and just went back to bed, falling asleep quickly.


The next morning, Tywin took a call from Varys with what he had managed to uncover so far.  He told Varys to try to watch Ned, Cat and Robb and to report to him if any of them made any moves or left the North.  He also told him to have Robb followed when he came south.


He went to find Sansa and their family.  They were lounging in the cabana by the outdoor pool under the trees.  Everyone in comfortable chairs while Tommen and Myrcella played in the pool with Jaime and Jon.  Everyone else had glasses of wine or beer with them.  Sansa saw Tywin’s face as he approached.  


“What’s wrong, Ty?”  She asked sadly as he took her hand into his, Arya holding her other hand.  


“I heard back from my intelligence man.  He said that in his initial dive, you were to be engaged to Gawen Glover.” Tywin said as she took a deep breath.  


“Of course mother would try to marry you off to them.  I’m almost surprised she didn’t try to have you married off to Domeric Bolton.”  Arya said angrily as Sansa paled a little.  


“Arya’s intended was to be Cley Cerwyn.”  Tywin said 


“Gods.  How insane is she?”  Sansa sighed as Cersei took Arya and Sansa’s hands, giving them strength to get through this.  


“There’s more.  Robb may be making his way here.  He supposedly booked a flight for later this afternoon.” Arya and Sansa both gasped at that.  


“Can you have someone tail him when he gets here?”  Tyrion asked running his hands through his hair.


“I’ve already set that up.  As soon as he lands my man has tasked a team to follow Robb.  He will not surprise us.” Tywin stated matter-of-factly.


“Thank you, darling.”  Sansa said to him, kissing him briefly. “Well, no use dwelling on the shit show that our parents are. I presume they’ll let us know when Robb arrives?”  Tywin nodded. “Well then, what would we like to do for lunch and dinner?  Hold up, I’ll ask Tommen and Cella about lunch, you all think about dinner.”  Sansa said getting up and going over to Tommen and Myrcella.  They were done in the pool so they walked up to Sansa and hugged her. 


“Lets go get started on lunch.” Sansa said kissing the tops of Tommen and Myrcella’s heads.  She went back into the house and to the kitchen, both kids dried off, changed their clothes.  They picked out some lasagna for lunch and seafood Alfredo with garlic breadsticks and a salad.  Tommen helped to make the salad and Myrcella got the breadsticks all orderly.  While everything was cooking or prepping, Sansa and the kids made some brownies and lemon cakes.  


While Sansa was trying to occupy her mind elsewhere with the kids, Tywin and everyone else had determined that should Robb go to Sansa’s apartment, they would have him brought to the Rock where they could control the situation better.    They all had lunch out on the veranda outlooking the sea and all had a good time.


That afternoon, Sansa, Tywin, Arya and Jon all sat down with Bronn Blackwater, who was one of the men that worked for Tywin in different capacities for the last 10 years.   He was tall and thin with a sarcastic streak a mile wide.  Jon and Arya asked him all sorts of questions before saying that they were satisfied and that Bronn would do to protect Sansa. 


Robb was in town and had gone to Sansa’s apartment only to be told she wasn’t there by one of Tywin’s men that had been trailing and to please accompany them to see her.  They herded him into the car and drove over to Casterley Rock. The team leader texted Tywin that they were on their way.  Jaime and Tyrion took Myrcella and Tommen out to get some things for later tonight and to get the kids out of the house during what could potentially be an unpleasant confrontation between the Stark siblings.  Jaime and Tyrion told them that one of their stops was going to be the chocolate and candy store that everyone loved and they were planning on buying a lot, so that got both kids very excited to go.  


Cersei had said that she wanted to stay to support Sansa and Arya especially.   They sat out at the long table in the garden under the pergola covered in vined flowers.  Sansa sat with Arya and Tywin next to her.  Cersei was next to Arya and Bronn was behind Tywin and Sansa.  Jon sat on Tywin’s other side.  


“Bronn.”  She said “If we haven’t made up and he tries to get at me, I want you to take him down.”  


“Yes, ma’am.”  He replied with a smirk. She took Tywin’s hand in her’s atop the table and he pulled it up to his lips without breaking eye contact.  


“I’ll be right here next to you the whole time.”  He reminded her.


The security team brought Robb over to the table and he sat down across from Sansa with a frown on his face.  They took a handful of steps back, but remained nearby.  


“Sansa, Arya, Jon, thank gods, what are they doing here?”  He said gesturing to Cersei, Bronn and Tywin.  


“Robb, what are you doing here?”  Sansa said icily.


“I came here to see you.”  He said somewhat evasively.


“No Robb.  What are you doing in the south?  What are you doing here in Lannisport?”  She said glaring at him.  


“I came to visit you.”  He evaded, eyes shifting between Tywin and Bronn.  


“You never called me to tell me you were planning to come.  Nothing.  Not even a text. So that can’t actually be the truth Robb.  The truth. Now.”  Her eyes narrowing.


“Mom said that you were trying to come home.  That you were going to marry Gawen.  She said I needed to bring you home even if you didn’t want to come.”  Robb admitted.  


“I will tell you this once and only once, Robb.  Mother never spoke to me about any type of relationship she wanted me to do until the other day.  I never agreed to that marriage and I don’t ever want to go back north, not now and not for the foreseeable future.  I have been living my own life and I have been so content here in Lannisport.  I have been happily dating Tywin Lannister for the last several months and I love him so much and he loves me just as much.  I’m so happy here.  I know mother doesn’t care if I’m happy or loved, but don’t you want me to be happy?  To love and be loved in return?”  She said looking briefly at Tywin, who was glaring at her brother with glacial temperature.  Tywin squeezed her hand comfortingly as his thumb rubbed comforting circles on the top of her hand. 


“But you could be so happy with Gawen.  I love Roslin so much and we’re been married for a year.  Mother means for the best for you with Gawen.”  Robb replied trying to sound positive.


“I know you love Roslin and she is so lovely and nice, but Gawen Glover isn’t that for me.  Tywin Lannister is.  I don’t want to marry for anything less than a man that I love and loves me back just as fiercely.  Besides,”  She brought her left hand up from under the table, showing her large engagement ring.  “Tywin already asked me to marry him and I said yes.  I’m gonna marry him and nothing is going to stop us from doing that.”  Sansa beamed at Tywin as Robb truly looked at Sansa with Tywin.  “I found my grand, forever love, Robb.  Please don’t try to break it up.”  She looked over to Robb pleading with tears forming in her eyes.  


Robb took a deep breath and closed his eyes running his hands over his face.  He looked at Sansa again.  “Tywin really makes you happy and you love him?”  He asked hesitantly.  


“Yes, Robb.”  She pulled Tywin closer and Tywin’s face softened as he gazed at Sansa.


“I have only ever loved one other woman in my life and she was taken from me too soon.  I will not allow that to happen again to the only other woman I love.  I love your sister very deeply and plan to give her anything her heart desires.  I won’t let us be parted for anything or anyone.”  Robb contemplated what he heard. He looked between Sansa and Tywin.


“Well, I believe that I have been a bit of a gullible and naive ass.”  He said standing up, coming over to Sansa and getting down on his knees.  “I’m so sorry for listening to mom for too long.  Anyone can see how happy you are.  I’m sorry for hurting you.”  Robb apologized profusely and Sansa took his hands in hers.  


“I forgive you, Robb.”  She looked at him tearfully.  “Please understand that I can’t forgive mother and father.  They have hurt me far too much with their disregard for me and my feelings.”


“I understand.”  He said tearfully.  “I won’t try to fix that.  Gods know mother is too stubborn and father won’t change his mind once she has set it for him.  I’m sorry that they are lost to you and to Arya.”  He said looking at his youngest sister finally and reaching for her hand.  “I’m sorry Arya.”


“You’re going to have to really work to make this up to Sansa and I, Robb.  Sansa may have forgiven you, but I have a bit more to go.”  Arya said solemnly.  He sighed relieved as they chuckled.  


Cersei looked at Robb and looked at him skeptically.  She’d give him a chance, but she would always remain on Sansa’s side when it came to Sansa’s family.  Sansa turned to Robb again.


“Robb, this is obviously Tywin.”  She said officially introducing Robb to Tywin. “And this is Tywin’s daughter, Cersei.”  He shook Tywin’s and Cersei’s hands and they all relaxed a bit.  


“Who’s that?”  Robb asks gesturing to Bronn.  


“Oh, that’s Bronn, my bodyguard.”  Sansa said casually.


“We weren’t sure what your reaction would be and I’m not taking any chances with your sister’s safety.”  Tywin explained.  They all settled down a bit more and shared some light refreshments as Cersei and Tywin got to know Robb a little better.  Cersei had texted Jaime and Tyrion and told them that they could come back and asked if they could bring home a bunch Asian take away on their way back.  


Jaime and Tyrion carried in the huge boxes of take away as Tommen and Myrcella carried in the large bags of chocolate and candy.  Myrcella ran to Cersei and Tommen ran to Sansa.  Tommen hugged Sansa and she hugged him back.  “Sansa, we got your favorite lemon creams at the candy store.”  Tommen told her solemnly smiling at her.


“Oh did you?  Thank you so much!  You are both so thoughtful!  Maybe we can have some of the chocolates and candy for dessert.”  Sansa told him beaming at him as Robb watched in fascination as Sansa interacted with Tommen.   Jaime and Tyrion were unpacking the containers and spreading out silverware, plates, napkins and chopsticks.   “How about you and Cella come with me and we can bring some drinks out for everyone?”


Tommen lit up brightly. “Cella, come on, we need to go bring drinks out with Sansa and put the candy in the kitchen.”  He said tugging at her hand as he pulled Sansa along with him, Bronn following along behind.  The four of them disappeared back into the house and everyone immediately turned to Robb, 


“Robb, I swear if you ever hurt Sansa again, I will kick your ass all over the place.”  Jon told his cousin seriously.  


“If you betray her ever again, I will fuck up your life and I’ll have all of them help me make it even worse than you can possibly imagine.”  Arya told him gesturing to all of the remaining Lannisters and Jon as Tywin approached Robb.  Robb gulped a bit, intimidated by the older man.


“As I said before, I deeply love your sister.  On that note, I am also an incredibly possessive man and will protect her with any means and cost necessary.  She is incredibly forgiving and if you ever hurt her again, you will regret that day for the rest of your life.  Don’t fuck it up.”  Tywin told him with a feral grin that had Robb gulping and looking scared.  


“I wouldn’t dream of hurting her anymore than I have already accidentally.  I messed up being a naive boy a while ago and don’t want to go back to the quiet and silence we had.  I didn’t take her side or stand up for her or Arya to mom and dad.”  Robb said softly.


“That.  Tell that to Sansa after she gets back.”  Arya said commandingly.  “She’ll appreciate it.”


Sansa came back with Tommen and Myrcella, Tommen carrying a large water pitcher, Myrcella a large pitcher of lemonade.  Sansa carried a large tray with glasses and another pitcher with juice and another with milk.   Bronn carried over several large chilled bottles of different flavored seltzer water. They set all the beverage options down on the table and Bronn poured himself a glass of lemonade.  Everyone started to serve themselves.  


Robb approached Sansa.  “Sansa,  I’m so sorry for being the naive boy that didn’t stand up to you with mom and dad.  I don’t want us to continue the silence we had before.  I’m so sorry.”  Robb said nervously to her. 


“Oh Robb,”  Sansa said hugging him.  “I forgive you.  Let’s not go back to how we were before.”  She smiled at him.   “Let me make introductions.  Everyone, this is my brother Robb.  Robb, these are Tywin’s sons Jaime and Tyrion and these are Cersei’s children Tommen and Myrcella.”  


They all made conversation while they ate.  Robb slowly becoming more welcome amongst the group throughout the evening.  Once they were done eating, they all moved to the family game room inside.  Tywin sent Bronn home and everyone settled in to watch the cooking program that they had all started watching together.   Myrcella and Tommen brought out the candy and chocolates they had helped buy earlier and Sansa brought out some of the lemon cakes and brownies she and the kids had made earlier.  Everyone had some and Sansa enjoyed the lemon cremes and the lemon cakes.  Everyone else enjoyed the variety of candies and chocolates. Sansa and Tywin sat together on the love seat and she tucked herself against his side, his arm around her shoulders and her ear atop his heart.  She closed her eyes and drifted off to the steady beat of his heart.   


Robb looked over at Sansa and Tywin while munching on a brownie.  Tywin was watching her as she slept, a soft and loving expression on his face.  He kissed the top of her head as she nestled in closer to him.  Cersei brought a super soft blanket over and draped it on Sansa. 


Tywin turned his gaze to Robb, catching his eye. He gestured with the hand not draped around Sansa to come over to him.  Robb came over to sit on his other side.  


“Where were you planning on sleeping tonight?”  Tywin asked him bluntly.


“To be honest, I had not really gotten that far.  I was very stupid and had assumed that Sansa would be alone in her apartment and either I could sleep there or we’d already be on our way back to Winterfell.”  Robb admitted sheepishly.


“Well, I’m sure that Sansa would invite you to stay here with us since we do have the space.  I will do that since she is currently indisposed.”  Tywin said gently, gazing softly at Sansa.


“You really do love her deeply, don’t you?”  Robb asked before he could stop himself.  


“Yes,  I do.  I would do many unpleasant and terrible things to anyone that hurt her and I would give her anything that her heart desires or that she asks for.”  Tywin admitted.  “Please stay on her and Arya’s side when it comes to your parents.  They are too self-absorbed and foolish to understand what an amazing woman she has become.  Luckily for them, all she wishes is for them to leave us alone.  So long as they do that, I shall not have to get too much further involved.”    


Robb nodded in understanding as Jon came over.  “Tywin, Robb can just share my guest room with me. There’s plenty of room and he’ll be fine.”


Tywin looked over at Jon with a nod of respect.  Tywin looked over at everyone as they were  winding down.  “Thank you Jon.  I’m going to take Sansa up to sleep, since she’s tired.  Good night everyone.”  He steadied Sansa before pulling her into his arms and carrying her bridal style.  She instinctively pulled her arms around his neck and burrowed closer to him, her head nestled close to his neck.  He took her up to their room and she woke up enough to tiredly wipe off her makeup, put on her face cream and brush her teeth, before stripping and cuddling next to an also naked Tywin.  “Robb is staying with Jon tonight, darling.  He’ll be fine.  Sleep.  You need it.”


“Love you Ty.”  She said before slipping back to sleep.  




Tywin had upped his security and there were more patrols on the perimeter of Casterley. Sansa, Tywin, Jon, Jaime, Arya, Robb and Bronn went up to Winterfell with a group of Casterley security.   The met Ned at the Stark Group office. Ned paled when he saw Robb, Arya and Jon with Tywin and Sansa’s group. 


“Lannister.” Ned almost spat. 


“Stark.”  Tywin growled. 


“Dad.” Arya glared at Ned. 


“Father.” Sansa said icily.


Ned ushered them into the large conference room. 


“Arya, Robb, Jon?”  Ned asked as all of them went to sit 


“I’m going to get right to the point, father.”  Sansa began, her left hand taking Tywin’s, her engagement ring on full display.  “Going forward, I don’t want to see you or have anything to do with you or mother.  I just want you both to leave us alone.”


“What?”  Ned asked looking very confused. 


“Sansa is the sweet one between the 2 of us. She’d rather just wash her hands of you and  mom and leave it at that, dad.”  Arya said. “Me, I’m with Tywin.  I would be all for him taking everything from you and mom. Making arranged marriages for your children is not acceptable behavior.”


“Are you making my own daughter threaten me?” Ned asked outraged. 


“No, she was there when you were speaking to Sansa the other day and heard everything you and Catelyn told Sansa.  She asked me if she could come to threaten you both and I, of course, said yes.”  Tywin and Arya smirked slightly at Ned. “This how this is going to work, Eddard. You will get your wife under control. You will both leave Sansa, Arya, Jon and everyone else that Sansa loves and likes alone. You will not contact in any fashion us.  So long as you abide by that, we-”  He gestured to himself and Arya. “-will defer to Sansa’s wishes and just sever contact with you both.”  Tywin told Ned. 


An assistant knocked on the door and interrupted the meeting.  “Excuse me, Mr. Stark?  I have Robett and Gawen Glover and Medger and Cley Cerwyn stating they have a meeting with you and Mr. Lannister now.”  Ned looked slightly confused. 


“You will be informing both of them that you had no authority or permission from either Arya or I to make those matches and to make sure that they understand that they have no rights to either Arya or me and to move on immediately with their lives.”  Sansa said commandingly.  


“We wanted to make sure that happened with both of us here to see it done.” Arya said.   


“Bring them in.”  Ned said overwhelmed by everything that was coming at him.  The Glovers and Cerwyns both came in and did a double take when they saw Tywin and everyone assembled.  They looked to Ned confusedly as they took seats nearer Ned.  Sansa gestured to Ned.


“Well, get on with it father.”  Arya said.


“Robett and Medger.  I’m sorry, but I must inform you both that the arrangements that Catelyn and I had made with you for Sansa and Gawen and Arya and Cley are not able to be completed.”  Ned began.  Sansa and Tywin cleared their throats.  “We did not have any authority to make those arrangements nor should we have even thought about making them in the first place.   Please accept my apologies for wasting you time.”  Ned said as sincerely as he could.


“I’m not surprised, to be honest.”  Robett said as he rolled his eyes and shook his head.  Gawen looked relieved and mouthed Thank you to Sansa.  They left quickly, glad to be done with this situation.  


Medger looked at Cley and smiled “That actually works well for us.  You can bring your boyfriend home for Christmas then, and your mother will just have to accept it.”  Cley also looked relieved and much happier.  “Thanks for helping Ned.  See you at poker in 2 weeks.”  Medger said as they left.


“Well that was unexpected.”  Tywin said not believing how easy that had been.  “So going forward, no contact unless Sansa or Arya initiate it.  Understand that should she wish it or if you break the promise to leave us alone and I will go to war. You will lose everything. You business, your home, any respect anyone had for your family, and your family.  Well, the rest of your family that doesn’t currently want nothing to do with any of you. I will turn your world upside down and make you both miserable. What I did to the Reynes and the Tarbecks will have been a walk in the park compared to what I will do to you.  They insulted me personally. You hurt the woman I love and with the word from her I will end you. Her kindness is the only thing sparing you and your insane wife.  Do you understand how dire your situation is, Eddard Stark?”


“Seriously dad. If this was up to me, you’d both have worse consequences than just being cut off.”  Arya told him glaring at him. 


“I understand. I will make sure that Catelyn understands as well.”  Ned said seriously. 


“I believe we are done. Make sure that she understands that consequences will be severe if you don’t leave all of us alone.”  Sansa said sternly as she got up to leave. “I’m marrying Tywin, dad.  Tell mom, don’t tell mom, I don’t care, but this man will be my husband.” She said taking Tywin’s hand in hers.  

Ned didn’t even look up from where he had his head on the table.  Everyone else filed out of the room.  They dropped Robb off at his home, Roslin greeted everyone and Sansa and Arya got along with her for the short time they interacted.  After that they went back to the airfield and boarded the jet to go back to Lannisport.  


Once they got back, everyone changed into swim suits and they all joined Tywin’s family on the beach.  Tywin and Sansa were relaxing in each other’s arms under a large umbrella while everyone else was playing along the beach. He began hesitantly. “My lioness, I have a question for you that I would like you to consider.”


“Yes, Ty?”  She asked looking up at him. 


“One of the things that your mother said has been grating at me and got stuck under my skin a little.  That she was embarrassed of you and your chosen career.”  He took her hands in his and looked seriously at her. “I had been thinking about doing this before we spoke with her. Really back to the night that marrying you was on my mind and all the things we would be sharing.”  Sansa hummed an acknowledgment. “I wanted to name you at least co-owner if not full owner of the Lions.”


“Oh Ty. That’s too much.”  Sansa protested. 


“Sansa. You’ll be Mrs. Sansa Lannister. It would be just the right amount. Think of it love, Mrs Sansa Lannister, owner of the Lannisport Lions.”  He said smiling broadly, painting the picture for her. 


“I suppose when you say it like that it does have a nice alliterative ring to it.  I won’t argue with you.”  She sighed slightly. “Co-owners though. We’ll make the decisions together from now on then.  I know it’s kind of last minute, Ty, but what do you think of just getting married here New Year’s Eve?  We can be surrounded by our family and have a small, quiet ceremony here.”


Tywin considered it.  “A new year and a new us.  I like it.  Where here do you want the ceremony?”


“I like the eastern garden that has the sea views and the beautiful canopied arch with all the jasmine vines.  It has just enough space to easily fit us and the little parts of our families together.  I don’t need anything super formal or long.  I’m not religious.”  She said looking at Tywin.


“I’m not religious either.  I think Tyrion went through the process to be able to marry people for one of his friends.”  Tywin agreed.  


“Oh that would be perfect if he still can!”  Sansa said excitedly. “Ty, while we’re talking about our future, I do want children and-” She broke off looking hesitantly at him.  


“When I said I’d give you anything you wanted, I did assume you might want children too.  I would love to have children with you.  I’d like to have them soon, though so I can be in their lives as long as possible.”  Tywin smiled gently at her, and gave her a brief, yet passionate kiss.  “I’m also not planning on any type of prenup of any sort.  What’s mine will be yours.”


“Okay.”  She said smiling back at him.  


“Not worth arguing with me at all?”  He asked smirking as he pulled her to him.


“I’ve learned that there are very few battles I want to fight against you.  I much prefer to be on your team.  Besides, we both agree on most things and I’d rather work with you on so many other things.”  She said kissing him deeply, their faces hidden from view by her large, oversized hat she was wearing.  


“I like being on your team too, Sansa.”  Tywin laughed and they snuck off a ways around to a secret cove where they had a quickie before going back to their families.  


“We’re going to get married on New Year’s Eve!”  Sansa announced.


“Congratulations!”  Everyone offered to them.


“I can still marry people, father and soon-to-be mother.”  Tyrion told them.


“We’d be honored if you would.”  Sansa told him proudly.


“We’ll have to have Aunt Dorna, Aunt Genna, Arya, Myrcella, and I come with you to pick out a gown the day after Christmas.”  Cersei said hugging Sansa tightly.


“Can I come too?”  Tommen asked hopefully.


“Of course you can.  I’d be delighted to have all of you come with me.”  Sansa told them happily, glad that she and Cersei got along so well. They all went back up to the house and Tywin called Kevan and Genna to extend their stays from tomorrow to after the New Year. They were very excited and were looking forward to coming down the next day to meet the a majority of Sansa’s family that would be there.  Sansa called Robb and invited him and Roslin to come down to her wedding in a little over a week.  They said they would be thrilled to come.