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Fire Emblem Fates Rewrite (Character Compendium)

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Corrin: My name is Corrin... Well, it is now. It wasn't always like that. I was born not as Corrin, but as Cerulean. My parents were Thalone and Aquaria of Valla. My father was born not as a mortal, but rather as the incarnation of Anankos, one of the founders of Pheuyura. Aquaria was much the same, but she was the incarnation of Akiri, the Dawn Dragon. The two of them and the final dragon, Yugare, promised they would return as humans when the world needed them mosts, and they did.

Corrin: They fell in love pretty quickly, and I was born as Cerulean. Since Aquaria was the younger sister to the Queen of Valla, Arcadia, I had royal blood in me. However, since both of them were the incarnations of the dragon gods, they had and increased quantity of dragon blood, which normally allows one to activate Dragon Veins. The combination was strong enough to allow me to transform into a dragon. That's what makes me... Well, me.

Corrin: The three of us were all rather happy together, if I do say so myself. I was too young to remember it, but I believe those were joyful times... But the peace was not slated to last. That was when Nohr invaded Valla. The king was fed up with his life, and he took out his anger on my kingdom. Valla was taken over, and all of the people within our borders were slaughtered at the king's orders... And my family was broken apart.

Corrin: My father stayed behind to allow my mother and I to escape. We thought he was dead, but he was spared by the power of his draconic blood. The soldiers after us were kept alive by the remaining power from Anankos, who had died shortly beforehand, which means they were left to suffer eternally until justice was served. My father mistook them for the enemy and acted as a distraction, but once they realized who he was, they left him alone.

Corrin: But by then, it was too late for him to come and find me and my mother. We had gone to Hoshido for safety, but the rumors of Valla's destruction had spread far by now. The Hoshidan people were already talking about how all the people had died in the invasion. If the king of Nohr knew that my mother and I had survived, he would have tried to kill us.

Corrin: When anyone asked for her name, Aquaria told them she was Mikoto, a common Hoshidan title. She made her way to the Hoshidan palace, seeking the aid of the king, Sumeragi. They became close rather quickly, and I bonded with Sumeragi's children. At the time, they had been dealing with the death of Ikona, Sumeragi's wife and the mother of his children. We helped to ease their grief without even knowing it.

Corrin: Sumeragi and my mother were never married truly, but she was his consort for the rest of their lives. I became close friends with Hinoka, Sumeragi's older daughter. She and the rest of her siblings grew to call Mikoto their mother, even if there was no official wedding. I thought I would be there, happy and free, with the Hoshidan royalty for the rest of my life.

Corrin: Sumeragi got a letter from Garon telling him to go to Nestra for a peace meeting. They were going to stop the hostilities between Hoshido and Nohr at last. Sumeragi decided to bring me and Hinoka along since we wanted to spend more quality time with our father figure. We all went to Nestra together for what we assumed would be a peace meeting with the King of Nohr and nothing more.

Corrin: Unfortunately, that was not the case. Upon our arrival in Nestra, Hinoka went into a bow shop near the scene of the peace talk, which was a back alleyway of Nestra. The men were planning to move into a more formal environment, but this was the meeting spot at Garon's request. Hinoka went into the shop to get a souvenir for Takumi, her younger brother, while I stayed with Sumeragi since I had a bad feeling.

Corrin: My instincts were correct. As soon as the King of Nohr arrived, he opened fire on Sumeragi. My fatherly figure moved to protect me but was impaled by countless arrows and was left on the brink of death. Iago, one of Garon's advisors, stabbed Sumeragi in the back. Garon finished him off swiftly afterwards, and the King of Nohr kidnapped me.

Corrin: Iago used his immense magical power to erase my previous memories and took me to Nohr as Corrin, a secret political prisoner taken from Hoshido to keep the other country from invading. I grew up from then on out believing I had been taken in by the Nohrian siblings following an incident in which I lost my memories. They treated me like family, though I never got the chance to meet with my adopted father, Garon. If you ask me, that's perfectly fine. I would grow to dislike the man anyways.

Corrin: It wasn't until many years later, after I had left the Northern Fortress were I was being kept, that I learned the truth behind my heritage. I learned that I had a younger sister on my father's side named Lilith. I learned one of Garon's advisors was my father, who was unable to recognize me. I learned my mother was really the second princess to the Vallite throne. But that's a story for another time. For now, farewell!