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Untamed Flame

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Hitoshi was exasperated.

Enough to isolate himself in his room and avoid every living soul demanding his attention. At least physically, he had no problem texting. Sure, it was mostly short, rude answers but he knew his friends learned to deal with it by now. 

It was somewhere nearing eleven pm when everyone usually went online. The class group chat without Aizawa exploded with eager conversations, memes; the usual disaster kids they were in full mood. From time to time he allowed himself catch a glimpse of the conversation, snort at one meme or another, or check if he had missed anything important. 

In the end, however, it irritated him more. 

The reason: Denki spammed the chat as always. Okay, it wasn't directly the reason, but the fact that his name tag flashed each time he sent a message. In addition, when he switched between chats, the nickname appeared at the top of the list of chats. Perhaps they didn't talk for two days, but his chat was still pinned to the top. Therefore, each time switching between chats or entering the app, it was the first thing to flash in front of his eyes. 

Loads of hearts attached to the nickname Annoying Blondie

A new message from Midoriya popped up on the screen, and he immediately jumped on the opportunity to be distracted from dwelling in his miserable pique. 


And then I told her I just thought it’d be cool and she said she’s mad ಥ_ಥ

Shinsou snorted. 

Midoriya tired to do a new move during their Hero Training, which was reckless and dumb (as usual). It had been long while since he broke his bones, but that didn't mean he wasn't trying to on each goddamn opportunity he had. Today could have ended up in the E.R, but Midoriya got a quick hold of it and was mostly fine. A few scratches at best. 

Uraraka, fairly enough, gave him a piece of her mind later on. Both were pure souls so he wouldn't call it an argument, but Midoriya was dramatically whining nonetheless. It was as hilarious as nerve-wracking. 


What a love quarrel


It's not!!! 

But rly what should I do??? I don't want her to be mad at me! 

Shinsou needed every thread of sheer willpower to not roll his eyes, ignoring the notification from the class chat. 


Do I look like someone who's good at it?



No offense but u and Kaminari fight all the time so 


We don't fight, we disagree 

And not all the time 


Weren’t u fighting the whole summer break?




The quarrel happened two days ago. He had no idea why Midoriya thought they were fighting throughout the summer break - they were actually a lot together, maybe even a bit more than Shinsou could handle.

No to mention, the last time they actually fought was way before summer break. They had quite weeks since May, up until now. It was just natural they would have a fight eventually, weren’t it?

Plus, he couldn’t deny the fact that after being wrapped in each other for so long, he was glad to take a few days off of his boyfriend.



Idk cuz ur fighting now

R u guys okay? ಠ╭╮ಠ 


Jfc couples have quarrels

Shit happens 

Shinsou hoped it was the case, at least. 

A few more notifications appeared and he slid his finger up on the screen to get rid of it. Rather mindlessly, not really paying attention to his lazy movements. 


Mmm ok

But if u still wanna talk… 

Once again he had to fight the urge to roll his eyes. Shinsou disliked sharing their problems, and it was fine, wasn't it? It was his and Kaminari's business, not anyone else’s. Wanting to tap Midoriya a friendly ‘fuck off’ as a response, he also decided that his neck hurt and it was time to switch position on the bed. 

Shifting slowly, he didn’t notice the bouncing icon from the class chat. Not paying attention to the way his screen changed, he pitched his other arm to grab his earphones. Plugging them to the phone, he quickly tapped the response, only after hitting ‘send’, he realized that it was no longer the chat with Midoriya. 

It was the class chat that received the enchanting words of 'fuck off'

And because karma just loved him, it was sent under a spam of messages sent by no one else rather than a certain loud, vibrating blond. 

Panic slammed his skull.

Hurriedly he deleted the message, typing ‘sry wrong chat’ without reading what exactly Denki said up there. But it was too late: a new message from the blond flashed for a moment in front of his eyes before it got deleted. It lasted long enough for him to notice it was the middle finger emoji, followed by a mocking text.


Oops wrong chat lmao

Shinsou’s stomach dropped to the floor.

“Okay listeners,” Mic’s voice was cheerful as always, “Well start working on your English assignments today. Arrange in the pairs you wrote down last week and I’ll hand you the worksheet.”

Fuck. Hitoshi pinched the bridge of his nose. Karma continued to spoil him with her loving nature, didn’t it? Of course Mic would choose today to start working on the projects in English, and obviously Hitoshi and Denki would be in a middle of a fight. Who would have thought otherwise? Signing heavily, he noticed Denki pacing to his table. 

Throwing his stuff, the blond dragged a chair from the other side of the table, plopping down. Being the usual human disaster he was, the blond accidentally knocked off Shinsou’s bottle of water that was on the table. It hit the floor with a dull thud and rolled until it met Hitoshi’s shoe under the table. The purple head quirked an eyebrow, meeting gold eyes glaring at his direction. 

“Pick it up.” 

Expressively rolling his eyes, but Kaminari leaned and lifted the bottle, dropping it on the table. “Sorry.” 

Okay, this is a shitty start. 

Someone whispered that “Shit is about to go down” , making Shinsou’s shoulders stiffen. He prayed to every existing upper power that shit would not go down, because starting a World War Three with the blond in front of the whole class didn’t sound tempting. 

They would have to suck it up. 

“Here, boys.” snapping back at his papa’s voice, he noticed that Denki already fake-beamed at the teacher and took the paper. Before Mic continued his way to the rest of the awaiting students, he made sure to give Shinsou a supportive squeeze on his shoulder. Which didn’t help but was appreciated nonetheless. 

“I’ve read most of the books listed here,” informed Denki, eyes skimming the paper. “So we can start.” 

Hitoshi’s sharp mouth moved before he had the chance to hold back the horses, “Finally a use of your brain.” 

“Thanks babe,” hissed, voice dripping venom and sarcasm. 

Hitoshi hated the course it took but couldn’t stop it. Opening their notebooks, he waited for the blond to hand him the assignment sheet. When it didn’t happen, he clicked his tongue and aggressively snatched the paper from Denki’s hands. “I need to at least see the fucking questions, don’t you think?”

“Go ahead, I’m not stopping you.” 

The struggle not answer back was severe.

There weren’t a lot of questions, but it didn't mean Present Mic didn’t do a great job at picking the most annoying ones. Especially because he hadn’t read a single book from the listed novels, which meant he couldn’t really contribute at the moment. Not before he at least read the summary of the future-chosen book. Scowling at Denki, he noticed the blond was fiddling carelessly with his phone while chewing on a pen. 

“Put that shit away right fucking now,” barked, receiving a fair glare. 

“I’m searching for a summary for you, asshole.” 

“We didn’t choose a book.”

“We’re going to do it about The Giver, it was the last one I read and I remember it better than the rest.”

Instead of nodding and rolling with it, like he should have done, Shinsou grimaced. “Ah, reassuring.”

“Says the guy who forgot our half a year.”

“Are you seriously bringing this up again?” Hitoshi dropped the pen he was holding, “You said you weren’t even mad.”

“Because I really wasn’t, but that doesn’t mean you can mock my memory when your is as bootless,” retorted. 

Forcing a breath in, he gritted his teeth. “I'm not going to continue this in front of the whole class.”

“You started.”

It was true, but he was too egoistic to admit. “Doesn’t mean you didn’t do your part.” 

At this, he noticed a visible nerve popping in Denki’s head. A quiet voice in his head told him that it was the time to stop, take a step back and both cool down, but since when did he listen to the rational part of his brain? He could blame the hormones later anyway. 

“You just can’t not be a witty asshole for a single fucking moment, can you?” gold daggaress flashed with anger, as Kaminari leaned his arms on the table. “Can we please concentrate on the assignment instead of our relationship problems like, y’know, mature adults?”

“Dunno,” shrugged as indifferently as he could, fully aware how much Denki despised when he did it during heated quarrels, “Can we?” 

“Uh sorry, forgot that you’re a fucking kid.” 

“Need to respect the elders, after all.”

At this point, the realization that half of the class was staring at them, rather annoyingly, hit his head. Clearing his throat, he recollected his thoughts, noticing Denki’s uncomfortable and rather embarrassed shifting in his place. Turned out, Bakugo was grimacing at them, which made both of the teens fell silent. 

“So, The Giver?” 

Swallowing down, Hitoshi felt how dry his mouth was. “Yeah.” 

Denki once again lowered his eyes to his phone, this time Hitoshi knew he was searching for a summary. “You can read the book in one evening though, go to the library and borrow it. If you can’t handle reading it in English I’m pretty sure they have a translation of it." 

“Thoughtful,” muttered, picking up the pen that almost rolled off of the table. A moment later his phone buzzed and a new notification from Denki’s chat popped on the screen. He tapped on the link and a site with a very long summary appeared in front of his eyes. 

Not admitting that he was slightly amazed by Kaminari’s ability to send him only the best option that would actually help him, he started to skim the text, trying to get an overall picture of what the book was about. Kaminari’s eyes were still glued to the screen, reading it, too. 

An adorable kitten sneeze echoed in his ears after a few minutes of silence. 

Lifting his gaze, he noticed Denki shivering, goosebumps forming on his arms. It was still rather warm outside, so they were wearing their summer uniform. Yet, the air conditioners in classes were at full power so they wouldn’t melt from the heat. Shinsou knew Denki got cold pretty easily and tended to forget the jacket in his room or locker. 

Automatically, his hand fished his jacket from the school bag. Without sparing a glance he offered it to him, feeling how Denki took it from his hand. “Thanks,” mumbled, wrapping the cloth around his shoulders. Usually, Shinsou would think how cute he looked, drowning in his clothes; but today he refused to let the thought pop in his head. 

The time rolled by painfully slow. They finished reading the summary and concentrated on the questions, Shinsou trying not to think how much he wanted to hold Kaminari’s hand. 

“First task: Write a brief summary of the book,” read from the paper.

Denki chewed on his pen. 

“Okay, I can do that. Arrange author’s biography?” suggested, looking at Hitoshi. 

Nodding, he wrote on the top of the page ‘Author - Biography’, starting to search the web for the information. It was asked in the next task, with a few points explaining what exactly he needed to include in it. So he started with a brief overview of the author’s life, scrolling down the long and tiring text he had yet to read. 

“Kami,” Mina leaned back on her chair, looking at the blond. “Please tell me you’ve read Of Mice and Men and you wanna help me and Tsu out,” begged, batting her eyelashes. 

Kaminari let out a laugh, “No, this one I didn't read. Sorry,” smiled apologetically. 

“Even if he did, he would first finish what he started and then help you,” muttered Hitoshi. The look he received from the blond wasn’t to his liking. He hoped he didn’t accidentally added fuel to the flame that was just beginning to cease. 

“You don’t have to be an asshole to Mina too, y’know.” 

“Kay chill, I just asked,” Mina hurried to soothe the tense atmosphere spreading again, “No need to for you two to fight again.”

“Well if he didn’t start, I wouldn’t either.” answered Denki as if it was the most obvious fact in the universe. 

“I didn’t start shit,” argued the purple head. “Be less drama queen and avoid it. But it’s just my opinion.” 

“Don't fucking start-” 

Kaminari suddenly rose up. He tore off the jacket and threw aggressively at Shinsou’s face, ducking his phone into the pocket of his pants and trudging to the door. Almost tripping over a bag, cursing, but eventually he made it out of the class. 

Silence spread between him and Mina. The girl stared at the door, and then turned her face to him, opened her mouth, but whatever was about to come never came because he stood up. 

“Yes, yes. I get it,” hissed, making sure that Yamada didn’t notice a thing. Then, wordlessly, he made his way out of the class, closing the door as carefully as he could behind his back. 

No denying the fact he was angry, and wanted to find Denki to give him a piece of his mind for again making a scene. Of course that was the wrong thing to do, but he couldn’t say that he cared. 

First, he went to the toilet, but didn’t find the blond there. Afterwards, his legs carried him to their usual spot on the schoolyard; though he wasn’t there either. Checking the roof brought to the same outcome. The last place on the list was the library. 

Quietly, he entered the place, immediately heading to a side room behind the science book shelves. It was some sort of an open space, with couches and bean bag chairs. As predicted, he found the blond smeared out on a purple bean bag chair, grimacing at his phone with his tongue sticking out. 

Biting on his lower lip, he slid into the side open room, taking a deep breath. 

However, the moment Denki lifted his gaze and noticed him, he hopped on his legs and began his way out of there. “Stop,” demanded Shinsou, grasping into his shoulder. 

“Lemme go.”


“I will zap you.”

“And I’ll brainwash you.” 

Squirming, Denki turned and tried to scratch Hitoshi’s palm. Catching his wrist with his other hand he pulled his arm away. At that, Denki growled like an angry kitten and tried to shove him aside, which also failed. 

“You can’t win this,” sighed heavily. 

“Fuck you, dick head.”

The blond made another attempt to escape the iron grip, which made Shinsou shove him and pin to the wall, blocking the way with his wide body. “Stop.”

“Let me go!”

“I already said that no. I want to talk.” 

“And I don’t so fuck off.” 

“You don’t make the rules,” he had to dodge a kick between his legs. “Don’t. Fucking. Dare.” 

Denki gave up on physically fighting him - he could tell by how his body relaxed. That didn’t mean he gave up completely, to his dismay. “I will legit scream if you don’t let go-”

At that, his eyes widened as he forced himself to shut his mouth. 

Shinsou froze. Violet eyes slowly flooded with hurt, as he slowly loosened his grip around the blond’s wrists. Taking a shuddered breath, he backed away, expression darkening as his body started to move away. “Fine.”

“Fuck- no, Hitoshi wait!” cried out Kaminari, darting after him and clasping into his wrist. “Sorry, I'm sorry I didn't mean to-” 

“Too late, use your last brain cell better next time.” retorted, shoving him harshly away, “If you even have anything in that empty skull of yours.”

Holding back a retort, Kaminari tried to approach him again. “No, please, let’s- let’s talk-” 

“I don't wanna see your face!” barked, jolting his shoulders aggressively against the blond’s arms. That way he managed to get rid of the parasite hanging on his shoulders, trudging out of the library.

Kicking the trash can wasn’t as satisfying as he hoped, but for now, it would do. 

Hitoshi fell on his back on the grass, under the wide shade of the tree in the backyard. Arms spread to both sides of his body, he closed his eyes and clenched tight fists, nails raking into his skin. 

Perhaps he overreacted. Denki’s dramatic nature was really showing off on him, wasn’t it? But the blond also done a good job. He really wanted to talk to him but Denki just had to say it, didn’t he? He knew Shinsou had problems with people accusing him, so threatening to scream? So that people would find them and assume Shinsou was about to beat the shit out of his boyfriend? 

Really, Denki? Really? 

In his opinion, he had the full right to be very mad. And hurt. And refuse to see Denki’s face. 

Folding one leg up, his knee pointed to the sky. Wind caressed and ruffled the messy bush of indigo on his head. It was relaxing. Maybe he should have came here before encountering Kaminari, take a moment to breath and arrange his thoughts. He needed to stop acting on an impulse, that was for sure. 

Too late, and pointless, to dwell in it now. 

Shinsou sighed heavily and fished his earphones out of his pocket. He tucked them there before the lesson started and forgot to put into his bag. Thanks, me from eight in the morning. Thought bitterly. Plugging it to his phone, he placed the device near him and let the soft music fill his mind. 

One arm covered his face. Perhaps he should return to the class. Or at least message his papa they had an outburst and he needed to calm down. But his heavy body refused to move. Simply didn’t want, if he had to speak truly. It was fine. It wasn’t like he did it every time. 

Present Mic would have to forgive him this time. 

Shinsou lost time to the changing songs. Not aware for how long he’d been lying there, he started to slowly doze off, enjoying the quiet morning. The peaceful atmosphere stretched more and more, making him almost forget completely about anything that had ever bothered him. 

When suddenly external weight was pressed against his chest. 

Eyes wide open and he tore the earphones out of his ears. Looking down, the first thing he saw was a blond tuft of hair, almost shining with gold under the thin rays of light peering from the leaves of the old tree. 

Sighing heavily, Hitoshi leaned back, wanting to push him away but also too lazy to do it. “What makes you think I want cuddles?” 

A soft humm. 

Shinsou felt the arms around his chest tighten, and the blond nuzzled into him. Then crawled until the only thing Shinsou saw was Kaminari's face, so the purple head averted his gaze. 

“Baby,” whined Denki, cupping his face. 

Growling, Hitoshi decided that perhaps they were both finally calm and could hold a normal conversation. He did have enough of their ridiculous fight. Hell, he didn’t even remember what it was all about, and doubted that Denki remembered. 

“Let’s just cut it off,” muttered, looping his arms around his hips. Looking up, he met gold, soft eyes, warmness spreading in his chest.

“Yeah,” smiled benevolently. 

Creamy thumbs drew soft circles on Hitoshi's cheeks. The gesture sent intoxicating shivers up and down his body, and he found himself relaxing under the loving touch. Denki leaned in, bringing their lips together. The kiss was gentle, filled with emotions and tickling heat. 

“Ngn,” let out the moment they parted. 

“What?” murmured Hitoshi, caressing Denki's hips. 

“We should get back to class but I’m so comfy,” shamelessly whined, pressing their foreheads. 

“True,” grunted, pushing himself to sit up. He let Denki curl up on his thighs, rubbing his back mindlessly. Stopping the music on his phone with his free hand, he noticed a few messages he got in the past forty minutes (whoa, we’ve been that long out?) from his papa, and a few friends. Entering the app, he texted his loud father that they’d be right back. 

And then he felt a smack on his head. 

Starled, Shinsou shot Kaminari a glance, “What was that for?” 

“Where are the hearts?” 

“Excuse you?” 

A finger pointed to the screen, at the pinned chat he had with Kaminari, where the nickname Annoying Blondie was written in bold letters.

“Ah,” huffed, “I was annoyed yesterday and your chat is pinned so, like, yeah. I’ll change it later back, don’t worry.” 

Denki giggled, stretching to peck his cheek. “Deal.”

The bell exploded in the school, announcing about the long awaited lunch break. 

Shinsou packed his stuff as rapidly as he could and jumped from his sit, before anyone could come and bother him. He found himself bouncing to his boyfriend's table, not amazed by the fact said boy already sat on the table and chatted with Kirishima eagerly. Knowing the red head didn't mind (more correctly: was forced to get used it), he plopped down on the chair in front of the blond. 

Dropping his head on the blond's thighs, he wrapped his arms around Denki's waist, scooting closer and burying his head into the warmth of his belly button. Fingers ruffled Shinsou’s hair, sliding to scratch his nape, the way he liked. One of the drawbacks in fighting his lover was no back and nape rubbing. 

And everyone knew Hitoshi was a sucker for it. 

“Oww, look!” cooed Mina somewhere in the distance, “Our favorite gays are back.”

“Gays?” Hitoshi lifted his head, “I see only one,” offered in fake-bewilderment, batting his eyelashes no worse then an utterly baffled person.

“No you!” outcried Denki, poking Hitoshi’s forehead like a frisky kitten. It was hard to maintain this game when he was one cute-motion away from crashing Denki in a tight, loving embrace, but he did his best.

“Nuh-uh, totally you,” Shinsou smirked, eyeing Sero. “Tell him he’s the gay.”

“Don’t fucking start-”

Bakugo’s growl was vigorously ignored. “Sorry buddy, but you’re radiating more gay energy when your head is buried in Kami’s thighs.”


“Ew,” loathed Shinsou, “Who would touch this thing?” gestured at Denki with excessive hand movement, as if he was the most hideous creature ever created.

Kaminari mastered the best gasp he could, clasping his hand dramatically to his chest as if he was shot there. “Now I understand what Shakespeare meant by saying: If love be rough with you, be rough with love. Prick love for pricking and you beat love down.”

“Remind me, why did you and Kaminari start this quoting shit?”

“That’s a story for another day,” while answering Kirishima’s inquiry, he remembered that he owed Kaminari a revenge for the earlier attempt to kick him under the belt. Shinsou pushed himself up hastily, catching Kaminari off guard. The blond yelped while the purple head pinned him to the table, trapping between his arms.

“This is rape! Sexual harassment! Call the police!!!” screeched, legs kicking the air from the side. But the shrieks soon trickled into hysterical laughter (that only Hitoshi could find attractive, if we’re being honest); as Shinsuo began to pinch him and tickle his hips mischievously.

Aaaand here they go again.”

“Rip our Pikachu.” a clasp of hands.


“No way, it’s so cute!”

“Cute?!” cried out Kaminari, when he managed to wriggle half of his upper body from beneath Shinsou. But not for long, because the purple head hooked his arm around his buttocks and dragged him back. Puffing air, Kaminari arched his back in another false attempt to escape the attacker, “You’re accusing us for a public make out but he's clearly the one to pin me down and- Hey cut it off!

Biting down on his neck and nibbling on the delicious skin, Hitoshi pressed more of his weight atop the squirming boy beneath him. That way he didn’t let him slip again, despite the palms drumming on his back; none the worse than Bakugo’s furious drumming skills.

“You piece of bitch!”

“How do you live like that?” someone snorted from somewhere in the class. Perhaps Ojiro? He sounded amused which meant no fists were needed to be thrown, hence Shinsou didn’t bother.

“We’re used to it!” crowed the non-blond members of the Bakusquad.

“Actually, it’s not the worst we’ve seen,” mulled Mina.

“Try to sit with them in the same room for an hour and nothing will faze you ever again.”

Finally, Hitoshi gave Denki’s neck one, last libidinous suck and let go; lifting his gaze lazily to look at the innocently radiating squad. “We’re not that terrible.”

Kirishima gave him his reassuring thumbs-up with a wide, toothy grin. “You’re way worse!”

“I swear to fucking God,” breathed out Kaminari, all wrecked up with electrical static in his messy hair, “If I find a hickey-”

Pink ball of noise shoved Shinsou off of Kaminari. The force was unexpected, thus he actually stumbled on his feet for a moment. Mina almost uprooted Denki’s head when she angled it, revealing puffy, red skin that slowly turned purple-blue. The soon-to-be hickey stretched from under the jawline to the middle of the neck.

“Oh my God Shinsou!” exclaimed the girl, turning round eyes to meet his, “You’ve gotta teach me how do you do those nasty hickeys in like, fucking seconds.”

“Don’t encourage him!”

Crooning at his masterpiece, he flashed her a shit eating grin and rounded to the still-smeared atop the table blond. “It’s easy,” started, tilting Denki’s head to the other side; exposing yet touched, begging for attention skin. “You just-”

“Someone help me!”

“C’mon Kami! It’s for scientific purposes!”