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Blind Or Blinded

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" I'm sorry but I can't do it anymore I'm quitting this job " the worker said 


" ahh finally I've been waiting to hear this I'm just wondering how you could make it for 5 months here " the blind girl said rudely 


" your mom was paying me every end of a week but now I can't handle this its stressing me " the worker said and went to pack her things 


Seriously mom you were paying her every end of the weeks just to let her stay jihyo said to herself 




" WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER TO LET HER QUIT ? " jihyo's mom asked shouting 


" nothing " jihyo replied not paying attention to her mom who is shouting at her 


" you fooled her right ? you did your stupid pranks on her didn't you ? " her mom asked 


" well you got your answer by yourself you're really smart " jihyo said coldly 


" when are you going to understand that you need them to help you jihyo you need their help " her mom said


but she got shouted by jihyo saying " NO I DON't , I-I-I can live without anyone's help " 


" oh really ? then tell me what I'm wearing " her mom said and smirked at the way jihyo got confused by her question 


" you can't ask me something like that you know I'm blind I can't see what are you wearing " jihyo said 


" yeah you're blind you can't see and that's why you need their help " the old woman replied hoping that she convinced her blind daughter


" jihyo my baby I'm doing all of this for your safety you can't walk in this house alone you can't cook to yourself you can't even know which rooms are you in its hard dealing with all of this things on your own plz let them help you don't push them away " the old woman said with her teary eyes 


" but mom they are sucks they don't even understand me and some of them take the advantage of me and fool me you don't understand how much I'm suffering with them " the younger girl said to her mom feeling weak and she never wanted to feel of that


" if you don't want them around you then you have to do the surgery so you can see again then you're not gonna need anyone even me and your dad " the old woman said praying for her daughter to accept her suggestion 


" come on mom we already talked about that I'm not doing the surgery " the younger girl said 


" but why " her mom asked " MOM STOP IT " jihyo shouted again not wanting to talk about that subject 


Jihyo never liked anyone to talk with her about the surgery she always gets mad every time they ask her to do it she just doesn't want to do it because she wanted to punish herself with being blind her whole life she had her own reasons she never wanted to tell anyone about it because she knew what their answer would be 


Jihyo stood up and took her cane heading to her room but her mom held her hand and said " wait let me help you " 


" I can deal with it just leave me alone and don't stare at me while I'm walking " jihyo said taking her hand from her mom 


Her mom sighed and just stood there watching her stubborn daughter walking alone and that's the only thing she could do to her daughter 




" YOU WHAAAT " momo screamed at her best friend with a shocked reaction 


" what momo you heard it clearly don't act like that " jeongeon said to her shocked friend


" ohh come on momo like this is the first time for us hearing this you are just overreacting " nayeon said to the shocked momo


" I know but I always get shocked about how stupid this jeongeon is " momo said 


" hey I'm not stupid " jeongyeon said 


" yes you are " momo said " momo is right jeong you are stupid " nayeon agreed 


" what's the thing about me fighting with my dad and leave the house makes me stupid huh ? " jeongyeon asked the tow girls that sitting in front of her 


" no its not this part that makes stupid " nayeon said " its you telling your dad that you don't need his money that makes you stupid " momo continued 


" that doesn't make me stupid because I have my money " jeongyeon said " oh really? from where did you get them ? " nayeon said 


" I have my card " jeongyeon said not noticing that she is being really stupid " yeah you mean the card that has your dad's money " momo added making jeongyeon to hit herself for how stupid she is 


" ahhh I should've thought about it before yelling at him about the money part what I'm gonna do right now " jeongyeon said while her head was leaning on the table 


" hey don't worry you got us " momo said feeling sad for her friend 


" yeah you can use our money until you find a job yeah surly we won't let you use it for your whole life " nayeon said and got a slap in her arm from momo 


" what ? " she asked " you have to be nice to her really nayeon what made you say that " momo scolded 


" what I'm right she can't use my money for her whole life she needs to find a job and gets her own money and she is the one who said that to her father I'm not inveting anything " nayeon defend herself 


They both turned their gaze to the messy jeongyeon in front of them jeongyeon just nodded and said " nayeon is right I need to find a job and thank you for offering your money to me guys " 


" it means that we are going to see the responsible yoo jeongyeon finally " momo said making jeongyeon giving her a death glare


" well we still don't know about momo " nayeon chuckled


" hey what was that ? wait are you teasing me ? " jeongyeon asked 


" what me no no I'm not teasing you " nayeon responded smirking " then why are you smirking ? " jeongyeon 


" you guys stop being childish and lets go to eat because I AM STARVING " momo cut them 


" the expected action from Hiri momo not getting shocked about you being STARVING always " jeongyeon said and imitated momo in the word starving 




" why you are still here ? " jihyo asked her mom when she went to the living room


" I'm going to stay with you until I find another worker to help you " her mom responded 


" you don't have to stay here just go to your home your precious husband is waiting for you " jihyo said 


" my precious husband is your dad who you never called him since you moved here " her mom said 


" ohh really? I just realized that so do I have to call him ? yeah yeah I have to he is my dad at the end right ? " jihyo said sarcastically 


" jihyo I'm not telling jokes here you really need to meet him he is in a bad position since you left the house " her mom said 


" if he is really in a bad position he would've leave that stupid company and come here to meet me or at least call me mom I'm not stupid and I know that he doesn't want to contact me so stop defending him " jihyo said 


She knew that her father doesn't want her in his life when she refused doing the surgery she knew he didn't want to see her because she is blind and he doesn't want to have a blind daughter she knew how much feeling that she is unwanted from her father hurt her 


so she had to leave the house and start her own life without him but it is hard when her mom is around her and reminds her of her selfish father that only cares about the money and his reputation 


" jihyo my baby are you ok ? " her worried mom cut her off from her thoughts 


" yeah I'm fine just don't mention him again I don't have a father in my life " jihyo said


" but he is " 


" no mom stop it don't say anything about him if you really want to stay here so don't talk about him " jihyo said and her mom just nodded 


" ok then let me make the dinner you seem hungry " her mom said " yeah finally I can eat something good not the uncooked food that those workers make " jihyo said her mom just laughed 


" but don't think you escaped from them I already published an ad about you needing a worker and we are meeting one of them tomorrow " her mom said


" at least I'm eating a good food today I don't care about tomorrow right now " jihyo said smiling 


Jihyo never wanted to bother herself about this she just wanted to eat something delicious and spend time with her mom that she barley talk to 




" Hey jeongyeon the cafe that we always hang out in wants some waiters are you interested ? "  momo asked her best friend


" no thanks momo I already found a job and I have a meeting tomorrow just pray they accept me " jeongyeon replied smiling 


" you did ? when ? And how ? And what kind of jobs is this ? How much the salary ? Is it "


" hey hey hey wait wait stop asking there's a lot of questions already " jeongyeon cut the curios momo 


" what you know my curiosity habit " momo said " now answer my questions and don't let me hanging without answers " 


" ok its caring and helping a rich blind girl who lives on her own and I saw the ad and I called the number and her mom answered and told me to meet them tomorrow if I'm serious " jeongyeon said 


" so you are babysitting her " momo said frowning her eyebrows 


" no I'm not I'm just taking care of her and helping her " jeongyeon said " yeah and that what the babysitter does " momo said 


Jeongyeon sigh and say " well you've got a point " 



The next day 



Jeongyeon's pov 


I have a meeting today and I'm so nervous and excited at the same time well its gonna be my first job but I'm gonna have my own money from that job I just want to prove to my parents that I can be an independent woman without their money or help 


" good morning " I greeted the sleepy momo

 " good morning you seem energetic and I never knew that you can wear a formal clothes " momo responded 


" yeah because of the job meeting today" I said smiling " ohh yeah I forgot about that " momo said still sleepy 


" anyways wish me luck I'm going now " I said 

" what about the breakfast ? " momo asked 

" nah I'm gonna eat outside " I said


" alright then good luck in your babysitting job " momo teased " thanks and yeah momo about the clothes they are not mine I stole them from your closet " I said making my way to the door to avoid her 




Thank god I made my way out safe or I would really lose the job before I even start working


Time skip ( I'm just too lazy )


I arrived at the house and god this is so big how could a blind girl lives in her own in this house 


I knocked the door and there an old woman opened it for me I guess she is her mom


" hi I guess you are ms.yoo ? " the woman greeted and asked me


" oh yeah I'm but you can call me jeongyeon and so you are ms.park ? " I said " yeah I'm and come in you don't want to have your meeting in the door right ? " she chuckled 


I just chuckled and came in and started looking around the house while walking with ms.park and the house is so beautiful but I just noticed that there's nothing on the walls not even a one simple poster and there is no pictures on the tables and there's no family picture that sounds weird for me but maybe because she doesn't see so she prefers not to use any of them 


" ok ms.yoo I mean jeongyeon you can sit here I'm going to call my daughter " ms.park interrupted my thoughts 


" ok thanks just take your time " I smiled at her she smiled back and went upstairs 


It seems that her daughter's room upstairs but how can she walk all the way there


 wow I think there is a lot of things about that blind girl I'm going to get shocked from 





To be continued......




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