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I Just Can't Leave Him Alone

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“You’ve got two choices. Answer our questions now or after we transport you bound, gagged, and dragged through this hellscape you so kindly created. Your choice” Deku kept one hand firmly pressed to the villains shoulder and the other palm pressed into his face covering his eyes with the heel of his hand.

The villain spit at Deku, and Katsuki had seen enough, “Wrong choice, fucker” He knelt down and grabbed his face over top of Deku’s hand and slammed it down to knock him out.

Deku swiped at his face with one hand, “God dammnit, Kacchan!” and then inhaling to no doubt follow up with giving Katsuki a piece of his mind.

“Shut the fuck up, Deku,” he rasped out before tilting Deku’s chin up with one hand and tilting his face, “It’s only hot when you talk like that to the villains.”

Deku surprises him by looping his hand around the back of his neck and surging up to mesh their mouths together. Hearing the growl in the back of Deku’s throat stoked the flame Katsuki felt in his veins and his hand shifted so he was clenching his fingers around Deku’s jaw.

Huffing when he felt Deku pulling back and his fingers digging into his neck, Katsuki growled and bared his teeth when Deku broke contact with his mouth, “Kacchan… not literally on top of the villain we just captured.”

“He’s fucking unconscious not like he gives a shit-”

“Later.” Deku slips his hand from around Katsuki’s net to his cheek and pats it a couple times before dropping his hand down but keeping it extended towards Katsuki, “Now help me up, I think my legs are half-dead from holding this awkward position so long.”

Chuckling Katsuki slaps his hand into Deku’s and grips firmly before pushing himself up and tugging Deku with him, “Oh I know all about how well you can hold awkward positions, Deku.”

Blinking and fighting the flush blooming on his cheeks Deku coughs into his fist and slaps Katsuki’s bare shoulder before turning away to talk into his com.