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To Those Flowers

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Helena - Written 21 Nov. 2019

Greshamsbury, Barsetshire, ENG – 1838

“It is a girl, my lady.”  Thorne accepted the squalling babe from the midwife and proceeded to wrap the child in a clean warm blanket.  He shushed the newborn and rocked her in his arms to quiet her wails.

Arabella accepted a peaceful child into her arms.  “Another, Doctor Thorne?”

“Another.”  Arabella’s eyes closed and she made to lift the child and hand her back to the Doctor.  “Bring her to Scatcherd.”

Thorne’s brow wrinkled in concern but he quickly took the newborn from her mother’s weakened arms.  “Mrs. Scatcherd is no longer here, my lady.”

Arabella made no response, for she had already fallen into an exhausted sleep.

Thorne handed the child to the midwife and leaned down to feel for the unconscious mother’s pulse.  It was weak, but no more than usual.  Thorne noticed her breathing but found it normal.

After deeming her merely exhausted from childbirth, the still-concerned physician carried the baby out to meet the rest of her family.