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To Those Flowers

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     Beatrice - Written 21 Nov. 2019

Greshamsbury, Barsetshire, ENG – 1835


“Another girl, my dear!”  The excitement and exuberance in her husband’s voice caused Arabella’s eyes to open suddenly and widely.  She had just fallen into a long-awaited doze after welcoming the newest Gresham child.

“Yes, my dear.  Another girl.”  Dr. Thorne looked with concern at the young mother.  Her tone was soft and weak, her eyes not quite alert.

“Your wife is tired, Francis.” He put a hand on his friend’s arm and they quietly left the room with the small newborn nestled near her dozing mother.

Arabella forced her eyes to open.  She would not be negligent. 

“Welcome to Greshamsbury…Beatrice…”  And then the Lady allowed herself some rest.