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World of Light: The Subspace Emissary II

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The blazing-white sun glazed in the afternoon, hovering over the floating arena. The cries of the audience faded into the center, where four swordfighters were attacking one another. The polished steel gleamed as the light flashed on their surfaces, partially blinding both the challengers and audience watching from the distance. When two of the warriors were knocked out into the abyss that seemed to go on forever before being picked up by strange technology in the arena, the only two fighters that remained were a certain, blue-eyed blond, elf-like man, clothed in green, wielding a sword in his left hand, and a brown-haired angel garmented in white with a metallic bow that halved into two blades at will. With one slash, the green-clothed warrior knocked the angel off the stage, but not before the divine being used his own power of flight from the gods above and launched himself back, slashing and continuing the fight.

Sitting in the participant row of the crowd, a short, stout man with blue overalls, a brown moustache, and a red cap on his head was sitting next to who appeared to be a princess dressed in pink. A look of concern on his face, the red-clothed man got up, walking from the battle stage. The princess, named Princess "Toadstool" Peach, noticed he was walking away.

"Mario?" she replied.

As Mario walked to what appeared to be his new and improved room, he sat down on the chair in front of his desk, laying his red cap imprinted with an "M" on it. Short locks of dark brown drifted behind his ears, covering his head. As Mario stroked his moustache, he took a doctor's stethoscope, admiring it for a while before setting it on his desk.

What are we still doing here? Mario thought. Ten years of peace… and I feel as though things haven't changed yet. When Mario noticed an old photo stocked away, he slowly took it out, his white gloves brushing away the dust. Behind those pale layers of gray, worn-out marker spelled out "Smash Bros. 2008", revealing the old gang posing for the picture – Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Yoshi, Kirby, King Dedede, Wario, Meta Knight, Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Zero Suit Samus, Pikachu, Pokémon Trainer (with Charizard, Ivysaur, and Squirtle), Jigglypuff, Lucario, Ness, Lucas, Captain Falcon, Marth, Ike, Fox, Falco, Wolf, Olimar, Pit, R.O.B., Mr. Game & Watch, Ice Climbers, Sonic, and Snake.

After all this time, Mario wondered, could it be that there's something we haven't finished yet? Suddenly, Mario was getting flashbacks – everything was in a dark tone, just like the days back when the Subspace Army first attacked. He remembered the enemies involved, how Mr. Game & Watch was harvested and cloned for the Shadow Bugs within him, how the Ancient Minister lost his species to extinction, and how the fighters they allied with turned out to be nothing more than trophies, the one thing they all had in common, but he didn't know why. Why they always fight whoever they come across. Are they some sort of even more ancient civilization lost in time?

Are they… simply toys in the mind of another, playing by a story?

When Mario heard the fan cries of the audience, he suddenly woke from his daydreaming, running out of his room towards the winner of the recent match.

"Link, Link, Link!"

Running out to the winning platform, Mario noticed Link won, leaving an unconscious Pit wounded as though he lost a play fight. Once Mario stepped on the platform, he shook hands with Link, congratulating the Hyrulian.

"Nice, Link! You and everyone else certainly are improving! Strange how we all don't turn into trophies nowadays and I'm the only one that always has to tend to the injured fighters," Mario replied.

"Yeah," Link responded in a soft tone. "It's been like this ever since the fight against Tabuu. Don't you think so, Mario?"

While Link was talking, Mario was just smirking at Pit's tantrums, who was just wailing at a few bruises and crying how much the pain that was delivered to him was so great that he might "die". When Mario suddenly remembered he was in the middle of a conversation, he focused his attention toward Link, answering with, "Of course. I still remember the days, even though I wish I forgot a long time ago."

When the two fighters heard Pit still crying, Link giggled and said, "I think the angel needs you, Mario. Good thing you got a doctor's job years ago."

"And I am still glad I got it," Mario answered. "Take care during the next match, okay?" And just like that, the short plumber walked off the winning platform with Link, getting ready for the next match. Walking off to Princess Peach and Zelda, Mario was suddenly stopped by a familiar face.

"Snake!" Mario replied. "What a pleasant surprise, you old chap! Heck, I almost didn't even notice the eyepatch you're wearing!"

Covering Snake's right eye was a black eyepatch. When Snake noticed it, he said, "What, this thing? I'm wearing it because… because… You know, I certainly can't remember. It makes as much sense as Ike suddenly growing up into a man." Pointing to Ike, Mario noticed the blue-haired mercenary turned from a teenager to a real warrior, bulging muscles and a new look sporting him as he was chatting with Sonic and Ness.

"Anyway," Snake uttered, "I have some news from the Master Hand."

"Master Hand!?" Mario exclaimed.

"Shhh…" Snake whispered while covering Mario's mouth with his hand. "This is a secret between the few of us that know. Come with me."

Following Snake to an abandoned room in the floating arena, Mario saw that the Ice Climbers, Wolf in a new uniform from his previous outfit ten years prior and with his visor missing, the Pokémon Trainer with Charizard, Ivysaur, and Squirtle, and Lucas were all here as well.

"I'm sure you're all wondering why I brought you here today," Snake pronounced. "You probably don't think it's possible for the Master Hand to communicate with us outside his world now, but times have changed ever since Tabuu's defeat." Taking a parchment of paper, Snake laid it on the only table in this room, and the fighters gathered around.

"What is that?" Wolf snorted, straightening his new war uniform. "Some kind of morse code?"

"As a matter of fact, yes," Snake answered. "Thank you, Wolf O' Donnell. I know this kind of stuff when I see it. This thing came to me in a vision. Without word, I heard the beeps and quickly wrote it down."

"What does it say?" Lucas asked.

A brief moment of silence hung over the fighters as Snake glared at Lucas with his only visible eye. "Do I really have to explain this to you, kid?" Snake finally asked. "If you're so interested in knowing what it says, it reads, 'ISLE OF THE ANCIENTS FOUND. PEAKING OUT FROM THE DEPTHS OF THE OCEAN. HEAD ON OVER IMMEDIATELY. FIND THE LAST SUBSPACE BOMB. OVER.'"

"Well, let's get going right away!" Mario exclaimed.

"I wouldn't be so sure, plumber," Snake responded. "You see, this message is given to the bravest of fighters who fought against the Subspace Army: us."

When everyone in the room heard about this, they looked at Snake with a face of confusion. "What do you mean?" the Pokémon Trainer finally spoke up.

"Yeah," Mario butted. "I thought the Isle of the Ancients was destroyed a long time ago, with all the Subspace Bombs going off, forever lost in the darkness."

"I dunno why it needs only the few of us to check what remained of that godforsaken place," Snake uttered, "but from what I heard, the last Subspace Bomb somehow survived and we have to investigate that thing."

"Wait, wait, wait," Mario replied. "I thought only R.O.B.'s kind could detonate those Subspace Bombs – two of them each – but weren't they all wiped out?"

"This could mean something," Snake responded, "but whatever it is, only the few of us can ever know what's going on."

"But first of all," Mario asked, "who's going to keep it a secret? Second, why does it need to be kept secret? Thirdly, why only you guys?"

As the dim light flickered above Mario and the others, the quiet air flowed through the curves of the chairs, silencing whatever noise the tiniest specks of dust altered, including the fighters. Once the stillness faded away, Snake riposted, "It's because… For once, you're right. We don't know what we're doing. But whatever the Master Hand orders us to do, we do it without question or ask for his reason why. As for you, Mario, it's best if you hide that we're leaving for the Ruins of the Ancients."

"But," Mario rebutted, "won't the other fighters become suspicious?"

"We're all simply toys," Snake answered. "Playing according to the mind of another being not of this world, I think…"

"I doubt nobody will notice," Mario questioned. "What if we have evolved to the point where we have our own free will? Not merely just slaves?"

A single moment passed by. Neither knew what was going to happen to them, regardless of the task they were all given. Walking out of the room without a single one answering, Snake, Wolf, Ice Climbers, Pokémon Trainer with Charizard, Ivysaur, and Squirtle, and Lucas ran off, grabbing a map and whatever equipment they could find, leaving Mario with a look of worry on his face. Later, when the bright sun was beginning to dim into a neon-orange and lower itself in the sky behind the horizon, the stout plumber stopped them before the moment they set out the door to the hovercar garage.

"Be careful," Mario uttered. "I'll make sure nobody finds out."

Everyone started to walk out, except for Charizard and Lucas, who ran towards Mario and gave him a farewell hug.

"We'll miss you, old buddy," Lucas wept.

Once the hug was broken, Mario patted the blond-haired boy's and the Pokémon's shoulders, answering, "I'll miss you guys, too."

"Charizard!" the Pokémon Trainer cried out. "Come over here! I need a mount! You too, Lucas! The others are waiting for you!"

Once Charizard and Lucas walked off, they waved goodbye to Mario, who shut the wide-open door behind them, getting into a nearby hovercar with the others and fly away towards the Ruins of the Ancients.

I hope they'll be alright, Mario thought. After all, the Subspace Army can't have returned, right?

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The sun rose on the horizon, revealing the mountains bathed in green and the sky cloaked a ravenous violet fading into a bright blue. Mario was the first to get up, slipping from his shirtless, cyan boxers into his usual clothing, straightening up his cap. Slowly climbing out from his bed and walking from his room, he noticed most of the other fighters were already up, either getting ready for another battle at the arena or gossiping about something. Wait a minute...

Mario heard Zero Suit Samus talking with Fox, Captain Falcon, Zelda, and Peach. Starting to get worried about what the situation could be, the stout plumber ran over to the group immediately, trying to hear what it is they were talking about.

Zero Suit Samus, her voice sounding sassy but tough as well as gentle, resounded, "And there I was, just cleaning up my Power Suit, when all of a sudden I caught a glimpse of Snake taking Mario somewhere in this place. I followed them to one of the old stash rooms, where Red with his three 'Pocket Monsters', the Ice Climbers, Wolf O' Donnell, and Lucas were talking about some sort of ruins partially sticking out of the ocean, and they just left with one of the hovercars in the big garage missing."

Peach, looking rather suspicious, asked, "How do you know they left for some ancient ruins?"

Just then, Mario noticed the blond-haired bounty hunter in the skin-tight blue Zero Suit pulled out a small parchment with the morse code on it, having the translation on the bottom. "I have proof," she answered. Mario felt shocked when his secret was gossiped. Terrified, he ran towards Samus Aran and pulled her away from the conversation.

"How-a did you know this?" Mario lamented. "I thought we kept this a secret."

"Should have kept your skeleton in the cupboard better, pal," Zero Suit Samus responded, playing with the parchment in her hands. "Now everyone knows about the disappearance you kept from us." And that Mario did remember. It had only been a few days ever since Snake and the others left, and he had been keeping the fighters from knowing about their absence and what remained of the Subspace Army.

"But... you're not supposed to know about our friends disappearing." Mario objected.

"Well," Samus rebutted, "if you had really kept it under the rug better, maybe I wouldn't have known, but nope. Even I have feelings about this situation."

"Look," Mario interrupted. "I don't know why this is happening, but as long as everyone plays along, we should be fine, right?"

"Play along with what?" Before Mario could answer, Samus Aran walked off, throwing the parchment with the morse code and translation on the ground. When Mario picked it up, he deeply sighed and watched as Peach shook her head, heading on over to the central stage to participate in the next battle.

I was right… Mario pulled the cap over his face. We might be self-aware we're in a story. Snake and the others should have never gone off. Who knows what could happen?

Hundreds of miles from land to sea, Snake, Wolf, Pokémon Trainer, Charizard, Ivysaur, Squirtle, Ice Climbers, and Lucas were driving their hovercar towards to what appeared to be a set of islands, some scattered far apart and closer than others, surrounding the largest of them at the center.

When the other fighters saw their destination, Wolf said, "That's our Isle of the Ancients? That looks like nothing more than a buncha islands in the middle of nowhere."

"You wanna know why we're here?" Snake asked. "Two things. One: Take a look at the map. Try to figure out if they are like pieces of a puzzle long lost in history."

Pulling out the map, Snake gave it to the fighters behind him. When everyone took a glimpse of the old Isle of the Ancients, they quickly figured out there are some pieces of what remained, and the rubble that survived being sucked into Subspace now looked more luscious green and less of a civilization.

"Second," Snake then answered, "you see that glowing cross at the center?" When Snake pointed to the center island, the other fighters saw that it looked almost like a perfect circle, and there was a glowing area that shined like a cross, even though it was off-center.

"The brightest part is our destination," Snake lamented. "The area where the two light lines intersect."

When the fighters found a place to land their hovercar, they unpacked their stuff and set out for the glowing area in the center of the bright cross.

"I hope we'll be alright," Lucas whimpered.

"You were brave enough to fight against Tabuu, kid," Wolf resorted. "If you can manage fighting against the entire Subspace Army, then you can manage looking for a home powerful enough to rip a hole to another dimension."

When the group was walking through the uncharted territory, they noticed pieces of a city that seemed to belong to the Ancients. As they walked through ruins of a long-lost civilization, they came across what appeared to be a development nursery where more of R.O.B.'s kind was made. Nowadays, the place looked like a cemetery, metal corpses lying around with wires sticking out, and their bodies were rusted and covered with moss.

Lucas was mainly observing the Ancients with Charizard, looking over the few frozen stuck in the ground and disjointed. Slowly walking up to one of the unburied graves, Lucas held Charizard's paw while placing a small, white flower he found in the forest on the soft dirt.

"I'm sorry about what happened," Lucas said. "I wonder if there's anything we can do to avenge your kind." Walking off while still holding Charizard's hand, Lucas was just about ready to head back to the rest of the group before finding out the fighters already went off without them.

"Guys?" Lucas whimpered. "Snake? Wolf? Ice Climbers? Anyone? Why'd they go off without us?" When the blond-haired PSI boy hugged Charizard, he didn't know that the Fire-Type Pokémon was starting to pick up the Pokémon Trainer's scent, knowing that they were still walking off to the glowing area in the light cross's center. Once Lucas gathered his confidence, he saw that even if they were far separated from the group, he can still figure out where they're going and meet up with them there.

"Come on, Charizard!" Lucas cried when he ran off to the destination. "We can still catch up!" And just like that, Charizard flew towards Lucas and headed to their location.

Meanwhile, Snake and the others figured out that few of their teammates were left behind while wandering through the deepest part of the overgrown forest.

"Don't you think we should wait up for them, Snake?" Red asked.

"It's fine," Snake replied while brushing away the thick bushes. "I'm sure either they can follow to our location or wait for us to get back."

When Snake cleared a path for the group, the fighters saw they were on the edge of a small plain that seemed to curve in on itself somewhat like a crater, with the last Subspace Bomb in the center, dull-colored and scratched while plants surrounded its surface and dug into the center timer. But, since it was abandoned for years, the detonating wires fell off and several species of tiny insects were living underneath the rubber coverage.

"Well," Snake replied, "there it is. The last Subspace Bomb."

"We gonna be taking it home?" Wolf asked.

"Sure thing," Snake answered. "From what I heard, we have to take it back to the base and study it further, maybe even learn a little something about our enemy…"

Lucas and Charizard were still away from a distance when they saw the rest of their group attempting to dig up the Subspace Bomb and analyze it further. The blond-haired PSI was about to call out for them when they suddenly heard a strange noise.

"What was that?" Popo and Nana stammered while hugging each other.

"I don't know," Red said, Ivysaur and Squirtle at his side, "but whatever it is, we're ready."

Just when the noise was quieting down, a big gush of air rushed above the trees, above Lucas and Charizard. Observing from a distance, the group saw that out of the blue appeared a powerful war plane that looked and behaved much like a dragon. The artificial monster had metallic scales, and its heavy wings were carried by fast jets strong enough to break the sound barrier. The spines on its back were so sharp they looked like they would cut through steel, and their eyes glowed an unholy flame. When the machine caught its eye on the group, it flew down with a mighty roar, and its mouth opened to reveal fire in the back of its throat. Once it was on a low levitation from the ground, it shot a great ball that seemed to burn half as bright as the sun, scorching the tall grass in its path.

"Everyone, get out of the way!" Snake exclaimed. When Snake and the group jumped away, the fireball hit some of the trees, resulting in a powerful blast that left a large crater after the explosion. After the group got up, they saw the machine flew back for more, firing more blasts at the group, all while everyone was dodging the explosions, figuring out a plan on how to get that thing on the ground.

"What the heck is that thing!?" Red asked, hiding in the tall grass.

"I don't think we know, but for the sake of this fight, we'll just call it... a Winged Firestorm," Snake answered, ducking once the creature flew overhead.

Once Snake was at a clear spot, he readied a missile with his RPG, firing at the monster's base of its neck. The moment the machine saw Snake with the weapon in his hand, it dashed right towards him, but not while Wolf started to jump on the beast and claw through its steel skin. The marks that were exposed revealed a weak spot underneath the metal. Once the exposure was shown, Wolf jumped off and landed next to Snake.

"Nice work, Wolf," Snake replied.

"It's nothing," Wolf responded.

The Ice Climbers were jumping onto its back, using ice to crack open the weak spot and make it wider, hanging onto each other while the beast was trying to shake them off. Lucas and Charizard were going on over to help their buddies, but they were stopped by the fireballs blasted from the machine. Once the weak spot was revealed, Red turned the cap on his head behind him, and turned to Squirtle.

"Alright, buddy," Red replied. "Squirtle, use Hydro Blast!"

Once Squirtle got perfect aim, the young Pokémon fired a powerful blast of water, drenching the fire spreading on the ground and cutting through the metal skin on the machine. When the monster felt the water shearing its neck, it let out a weak roar before it crashed into the ground and died, right next to the last Subspace Bomb.

"Way to go, guys!" Snake said.

"That dragon was no match for our teamwork!" Nana peeped.

When Red saw Lucas and Charizard waving at them, he remarked, "Come on, guys. We forgot Lucas and Charizard. They were trying to get to us all this time. The least we can do is reunite with them."

"Good point," Snake answered. "Well, then. Let's grab the bomb and get out of here. Huh?"

When the group looked up at the sky, they saw more of those Winged Forestorms, and the one they defeated was leaking out a few Shadow Bugs, the primary enemies of the Subspace Army, even though there was only a tiny portion of it. As the black-and-purple mist poured out onto the ground, creatures known as Primids rose up, with scars on their faces this time and sporting claws on their hands, and their eyes were more red, downcast, and dull, each one having three or more eyes on their faces, one, or a very rare addition of two. Once the fighters noticed the Primids shuffling like zombies behind them, the dragons spewed out more Shadow Bugs from their bellies, the latches opening and, like bombs, slowly floated to the ground, creating all the past minor enemies of the Subspace Army.

"Shadow Bugs?" Red said. "What are they doing here? I thought we sealed the gateway to Subspace forever!"

"Well, they probably somehow found a way back into our world," Snake answered. "Now, just stay together and let's fight our way out of here."

"What about the bomb we were supposed to bring back?" Wolf asked.

"The bomb is not that important right now," Snake responded. "We'll have to come back another day."

The sky was darkening with a black-red cloud above the Ruins of the Ancients, and the Primids' eyes glared brighter in a blood shade, signs of mouths dripping and slobbering violet their stained, jagged teeth (which they didn't have before), and sprouted demonic wings that were never actually used for flying and instead only used for intimidation. There were a few Primids in the classical style from ten years ago, which tensed up the atmosphere waiting to arise.

The Primids started running rather fast and began attacking the fighters. Snake grabbed his grenades, pulling the triggers with his mouth and rolling them beside the Primids' feet, which exploded in place. Wolf grabbed his blaster, firing the enemies in the air while Red got Ivysaur and Squirtle to fire their poison seeds and water blasts on the ground. Meanwhile, the metal dragons circled around them in the air, burning a circle in the grass and dropping out more Shadow Bugs, trapping Lucas and Charizard outside when they were just running in to help their buddies.

"We can't just stand around doing nothing," Lucas cried. "We've got to go in! Fly us over that wall of fire!"

After Lucas got on Charizard's back, the PSI boy kicked with his heel, light enough to get the Pokémon going. Once Charizard spread his wings, he flew over the tall flames, his body covering the last speck of sunlight that was hidden from the black-red cloud. When the two fighters got on over, they saw Snake, the Ice Climbers, Wolf, and Red with Ivysaur and Squirtle attacking the Generators spawned by the metal dragons, which created Mites in small groups that teamed up with the minor Subspace Army members.

Snake was still blasting many of the metal dragons out of the sky with his Nikita, those either crashing into the sky or in the sea, Wolf and the Ice Climbers grabbed their weapons and attacked the Buckots that were just about to pour hot, liquid iron on their heads while avoiding the drops that spilled out and disintegrated the ground below them. The Pokémon Trainer was in a safe spot, giving orders to Ivysaur to spew poison mist, intoxicating the incoming Primids and forcing them to collapse and die, while Squirtle used his shell attack and, like a Koopa, whacked himself against the other enemies, leaving a Shadow Bug mess like soft gore where some of the Subspace Army minor members should be.

"Red!" Lucas cried out. When the Pokémon Trainer saw Lucas with Charizard, he tried running towards them, but all of a sudden, the largest of the metal dragons, tainted blue with golden scar-like stripes, landed next to the last Subspace Bomb where the Primids, Mites, Buckots, and all the other dragons and minor Subspace Army allies gathered around. There, the lead dragon opened up its stomach to lower down a floating platform, and there were six strange figures. Because of the unholy smoke staining the fighters' eyes, they couldn't figure out what they really looked like, but they could add the details of the silhouettes against the fire. Three of them looked almost identical to each other, short, human-like bodies but not quite, each one of them holding different weapons of choice – fists, sword, and arm cannon; two of them seemed to be psychic as they were levitating a few inches off the ground, and one seemed to have long, silky hair, a thin sword multiple times as big as the wielder himself, and one wing sprouting out from his right shoulder. Once the wildfire was spreading, the minor Subspace Army members were closing in around the fighters, their bloodshed eyes glowing brighter than ever.

Knowing that not all of them will survive the Subspace Army's new recruits, Red ran towards Lucas and Charizard, hugging them tight and saying, "Lucas, take Charizard with you. Fly back home and tell everyone… the Subspace Army has returned, and this time they have new recruits. Whatever you do, don't look back."

"What?" Lucas exclaimed. "Are you crazy?"
"Trust me," Red replied. "We'll find our way back to you."

Just when Lucas got on Charizard's back again, the Pokémon started growling sadly, and the Trainer answered, "No, Charizard. This is the last order I'm going to give you for now. Promise you'll come back for me when this is over."

When Charizard and Lucas took off into the skies, they were blasting all sorts of flying enemies from the sky, even a few of the metal dragons with PK Fires and Flare Blitzes. After they saw an opening in the black-red cloud, they flew out against the broad daylight, heading out to the mainland and leaving the rest of their friends behind.

Meanwhile, the Pokémon Trainer, Ivysaur, Squirtle, the Ice Climbers, Wolf, and Snake were eventually beaten up and unconscious, while the Primids gathered two pairs of arms from the Ancient corpses. Two of the strange figures cast some sort of magic on them, granting the limbs sentience. The Primids placed the enchanted robot arms in the trigger holes and started the countdown. The last Subspace Bomb was activated and began the countdown to 10 seconds.

"It wouldn't be long now," one of the strange figures whispered, still hiding in the shadows against the fire. "Soon, we'll find more resources to create the perfect world, and no one will be around to witness it. Take the trophies we got prisoner. We'll follow those that escaped to the rest of their friends."

When the last Subspace Bomb finished the countdown, a large explosion ripped through the air, filling the air with a hole leading to the depths of space, and the black-red cloud started expanding faster. The metal dragons escaped the explosion, few flying into the portal to ready the defenses while most of them went into the mainland, the leader heading in Lucas' and Charizard's direction.

Chapter Text

Back at the floating arena, Mario was in his room, slumping on his bed. Holding the old photo of the group, he was thinking about the friendships he made all this time, and how it could probably be all broken because of the secret revealed about the last Subspace Bomb. Just then, Mario heard a knock on the door and slowly slid the photo in his overalls' pocket.

"Hey, it's Sonic," the voice from outside called out from the door. "Is it fine if I come in?"

"Yeah, sure," Mario answered. "The door's open."

Sonic slowly walked in, the door creaking, quietly waving at Mario who was still sitting on the bed. Rubbing his eyes, the blue hedgehog sat on the bed, next to the plumber.

"By the way," Sonic lamented, "I'm sorry about what happened earlier today."

"No, no. It's my fault," Mario replied. "I was the one who got into this mess when I helped Snake and his friends head over to what remained of the Ancients. They received a note from the Master Hand to check out the last Subspace Bomb."

"Listen, Mario," Sonic said. "Despite everything that's happened all because you won't tell the truth, I'm one of the many fighters who can take the blame, because that's what a good friend does. I've been living in this world unaffected by those transformations, and I have noticed recently that you guys haven't been transformed yet. Wonder why. Regardless, I am always happy to provide with what you can't remember. We can be more than just toys, y'know."

Mario thought about the times he put his teammates in a tough situation and helped them get out of it, considering he was one of the few trophies who was only here for fighting. Holding Sonic's hand, the plumber answered, "Thanks for your advice, hedgehog. I'm sure we can think of something to keep this under control."

Sonic and Mario smiled at each other, but just then Ike walked in, tired and catching his breath.

"What is it?" Sonic asked. "Is there something wrong?"

"Uh-huh," Ike responded. "Lucas and Charizard are back, and they're in the center stage, trying to tell the crowd about an… attack, or something?"

Just then, Mario got up from his bed, running off. Sonic and Ike were following the plumber, the blue hedgehog eventually catching up because what else would you expect from the fastest thing alive?

Mario, Sonic, and Ike eventually met up with all the other fighters – Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, Wario, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Mr. Game & Watch, Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Zero Suit Samus, Pit, Marth, Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Fox, Falco, Pikachu, Lucario, Jigglypuff, R.O.B., Ness, Captain Falcon, and Olimar – seeing that Lucas and Charizard were trying to tell everyone about the fight they just witnessed while the crowd was mumbling in fear.

"Listen, everyone!" Lucas cried out. "The Subspace Army has returned, and we have to get ready!" However, no matter how hard the blond-haired PSI boy tried to make all of it sound true, it seemed no one believed him except for all the other fighters. Lucas looked at his friends, tears in his eyes.

"Please," Lucas wept. "You have to leave. The Subspace Army has taken our buddies and is on their way here. There are new recruits we haven't seen yet, but we can tell they're very dangerous. If we're not careful, we might be next on their killing list!"

"Woah, woah, woah," Fox spoke, trying to calm Lucas down. "What happened?"

"Snake and the others have been captured," Lucas answered as calmly as he could. "Charizard and I were the only ones to escape."

The fighters all looked at each other, worry in their faces. Link, his voice sweet and compassionate, replied, "We understand, kid. Now come on. We have to get out of here before- What the-?"

Just then, the sky turned a dark red, the people were screaming in fear, and the Winged Firestorm colored blue soared through the sky, breathing Shadow Bugs onto the stage. When the fighters saw the purplish-black specks falling, they moved out of the way, watching as they clustered together to form Primids and the lowest members of the Subspace Army.

"It's the Winged Firestorm Pro!" Lucas exclaimed, trembling in fear as Charizard growled. "They've found us!"

"I thought this would never happen again," Lucario muttered, "but I guess we'll be doing this once more." Readying their choices of weapons, the fighters all rushed towards the minor Subspace Army members. The dragon, in the meantime, was hovering over the arena, and a voice was booming out from its mouth: "Take as many as you can prisoner. Raid the items room and steal whatever you can find. These resources are perfect to recreate the weapons of the past."

The minor Subspace Army members rushed towards the fighters, their claws outspread and their blood-red eyes glowing bright with envy. Mario rushed in, blasts of fire coming out of his hands, as he punched a few Primids in the face and burned them alive. Luigi followed in to his brother, but since he was more cowardly he only went out with a few fireballs while slapping the Primids with his hands, crying in fear.

Peach was pelting with turnips, Bowser slamming and knocking them sky-high, Wario rode his bike, running over the Primids; R.O.B. and Mr. Game & Watch were beating up whatever enemy attacked them. Link, Pit, Marth, and Ike were using their weapons and swords, Sonic went faster than the naked eye and launched the minor Subspace Army members into oblivion, Samus in her Zero Suit was agile in her movement and with her newly equipped jet boots kicked most of the Primids out of the Midair Stadium, and Zelda launched blasts of magic, and the Primids that fell out of the center stage spontaneously combusted down below.

Once all the fighters cleared the area and everyone in the crowd evacuated, more Shadow Bugs were raining out of the sky, but this time they just stood there as they took their physical forms. The Winged Firestorm Pro flew back, and it just hovered in midair as the hatches in its stomach opened and black rope fell down in the Midair Stadium. Then, three figures slid onto the stage, meeting the fighters on the stage as the Subspace Army backed away as best as they could. The figures almost looked exactly the same to each other – peculiar bodies that resemble a humanoid's structure while still being rather small, and all they wore were black cloaks marked with two perpendicular lines colored many different shades of the rainbow flowing like fire, with the insides of their hoods so dark you can't make out their faces, and their arms were sticking out – with only a few different features; the figure with the red arms was wielding its bare hands, the one with dark blue a sword, and the one with orange a motion-controlled arm cannon. More figures slid down onto the stage, but they weren't wearing masks and instead exposing their faces, as many of them too were wielding weapons of their own. The faces looked peculiar being supported by their single-colored bodies, and each one of them resembled humans but were unique in their own way.

"What are those things?" Zelda asked.

"I don't think anybody knows, princess," Zero Suit Samus answered.

"Please," the figure with the fists called out onto the empty stadium. "Don't hesitate to call us by our preferred names: the Ultimates of the Mii Fighter clan. Although I feel like just Ultimates are a better choice."

"Three types - Brawler, Swordfighter, and Gunner, three times the pain," Sonic spoke to the fighters. "I've got a good feeling they don't remember me anymore..." Fox looked at Sonic, starting to grow a little suspicious about the blue hedgehog. For whatever reason, the Star Fox mercenary knew there was something Sonic wasn't telling the other fighters.

"What do you want from us?" Meta Knight cried out.

"Just a little something," the Gunner Ultimate replied. "How about… giving yourself up for Tabuu?"

"But Tabuu's dead," Pit objected. "We killed him a long time ago and sealed the doorway to Subspace forever."

"Why do you think you see the Subspace Army in front of you?" the Gunner Ultimate asked. "Not that you can ask us. We are just the first in command, y'know. Wait… that robot…" When the Gunner Ultimate noticed R.O.B., she sent out two of the Mii Fighters to drag him out. R.O.B. tried struggling, but their grasp was firm. Eventually, they let the robot go and pushed him onto the ground.

"Well, well, well," the Swordfighter Ultimate said. "If it isn't the Ancient Minister himself. I almost didn't even notice you lost that thought translator when we heard your cloak burned up, which WE have by the way."

"Hey, and don't forget that 2D render you guys brought with you," the Brawler Ultimate replied as he pointed to Mr. Game & Watch.

"Enough fun and games-a," Mario said. "Why have you come here?"

"Oh, just to bring you guys a little present," the Swordfighter Ultimate answered. "You're pretty obvious about the rules of the world have be altered a lot so now you can't die but you can't turn into trophies either, right?"

"Sure, we're sure," Zero Suit Samus remarked.

"Well," the Gunner Ultimate debated, "all you know is just a tiny fraction of what really happens around here nowadays. Bring out the Dark Cannon!"

The pilots inside the metal dragon heard the command and the latches on the airship's stomach opened once again, gently lowering down a familiar weapon from the past. The fighters all looked at it in fear when they remembered what it does.

"I'm sure many of you have seen a Dark Cannon, or used it, before," the Brawler Ultimate said, "and how it's charged with the pure essence of Tabuu's Off-Waves, capable of turning anyone back into their trophy selves. But as we were recovering the last existing one from its long-lost tomb, we noticed it does something a little different – one that you are unable to reverse for as long as you live on this worthless planet. And, just for fun, we will be testing it to show you what it can do as of now. Troops!"

Few of the Mii Fighters dragged out Mario, Link, Zelda, and Zero Suit Samus out of the group, and the fighters cannot do anything to stop them. Once the Dark Cannon was set in place and it started charging, those that were dragged out to be perfect targets looked at the others and gave each other a face of worry.

"Don't worry," Link sighed. "No matter what happens to us, we just want to tell you guys how much we all lo–"

Before Link was about to finish, he felt himself get hit by the Dark Cannon's bullet, which also rammed right into Mario, Zelda, and Zero Suit Samus in one strike. After a brief second of blinding light, the fighters saw that Mario, Link, Zelda, and Zero Suit Samus were slowly waking up. When the targeted fighters got up, they felt perfectly fine – to make things even stranger, a little floatier. However, just as soon as they looked to their right, they saw what appeared to be four more unconscious bodies lying next to them. When those fighters too got up, they blankly stared at their original copies, while the rest of the group looked with shocks of fright in their faces.

Mario was observing his cloned copy, muttering, "Is that… me? As Dr. Mario? That coat… the headpiece… oh, no…"

For Link, he thought, "Could that be… an alternate version of me? That kid who looks like he belongs in a cartoon? Toon Link?"

Zelda, her face looking rather terrified, stammered, "Sheik? The person I pretended to be when I ran away from Hyrule Castle for seven years?"

Zero Suit Samus, confused, said, "Since when did my Power Suit have a mind of its own? Being Samus is one thing, but I've just officially become Zero Suit Samus. I wonder who's piloting that thing now that it's out of my life…"

"What happened?" the targeted fighters asked.

"Fragments of your minds are now in separate bodies," the Swordfighter Ultimate answered. "What the Dark Cannon does now is split an important part of your personalities into a completely different person, those of which will revolt against you and destroy you."

"You'll both have new abilities compared to when you were whole," the Gunner Ultimate said, "but hey, you'll get used to it because this will never go away for as long as you live. And as for the rest of you, you're all next."

The Mii Fighters and the Ultimates then readied their weapons as the Dark Cannon was beginning to charge once again. It seemed like all was lost for the fighters, but Sonic rushed in and snatched the Dark Cannon out of the Subspace Army's hands.

"Looks like we'll make sure none of this ever happens again," Sonic remarked, his face away from the charging weapon. And just like that, the blue hedgehog snapped it in two and tossed it over the stage, deep down into the chasm below.

"Good work, Sonic-a," Mario cheered.

"You idiot," the Brawler Ultimate growled. "What have you done? The Dark Cannon will explode when it's finished charging and now it's snapped in half. There's unidentified matter in that large pit, and if the following explosion connects, half of the Midair Stadium will become demolished!"

"Well," Sonic smirked. "Looks like you should have told me before I broke it. But, it's your loss."

"Shut up!" the Gunner Ultimate exclaimed. "Subspace Army, ATTACK! Take whoever you can prisoner and get the rest of our troops in the items vault back up here immediately! We need to have hostages and resources and flee as soon as we can! We have two minutes max!"

Soon, it was going to be a big blood battle between the Subspace Army and the still rather small group of fighters, and when the two minutes are up, no one wins in the end, so the best solution is to head towards the emergency exit and stop whatever gets in their way. Lucas and Charizard were just about to go with them, but they felt themselves latched in chains by the classic Primids, pulled towards the metal dragon while the Primids who ran into the items room came back with whatever they got.

"We have to get out of here as fast as we can!" Zelda cried. "We're going to have to take whatever vehicle we can find and go!"

"But Charizard and Lucas are being taken away!" Marth said, pointing at the Pokémon and PSI boy who are being dragged into the blue-tainted metal dragon by chains and were struggling to get free from the Primids and Mii Fighters, crying for help.

"We can always come back for them later," Zelda answered. "Right now, we all have to get out of here before this place goes down with us in it!"

Marth, nodding his head in command, waved towards the two fighters being taken prisoner with the items into the Winged Firestorm Pro, yelling, "Don't worry! We'll come back for you! Just hang in there!"

Just like that, all the fighters that weren't captured ran off towards the vehicles in the emergency exit, with a quartz bridge to cross the abyss. Most of them managed to get across, but the Ultimates noticed they too were getting away.

Waving to a large red Nagagog, the Brawler Ultimate pointed to the bridge at the exit and ordered, "Destroy that bridge before any more of them escape!" And then, running towards the quartz bridge, the Nagagog slammed its body into the quartz, sacrificing itself as if fell to the bottom. The leftover rubble was crumbling, splitting the bridge. Mario, Link, Zero Suit Samus, and Zelda managed to make it before the bridge broke, but their replicates were hanging on for dear life on their side, not letting go of the other.

"We gotta save them!" Mario told the three.

"But didn't you hear the Ultimates!?" Link asked. "They said that these clones will destroy us when we least expect it!"

Mario looked at the fighters hanging on for dear life, all while he saw the blue metal dragon flying off with the Ultimates, the Subspace Army, the Mii Fighters, and their friends Charizard and Lucas prisoner. A sharp light in Mario's eyes gleamed when he looked at the rest of his companions, saying, "The rest of you, go on without us."

"WHAT!?" all the fighters exclaimed.

"We'll be catching up with you," Mario answered. "And it's our job to make sure almost all of us gets out okay. Link, Zero Suit Samus, Zelda. You three will have to team up with me and save our buddies. Us guys will be going on Samus Aran's Ship. Until then, goodbye."

Many of the fighters were starting to weep, knowing that their friends may not make it. Sonic, looking at the flames spreading across the Midair Stadium for whatever reason, wept, "I guess this is goodbye if you guys don't make it." With a quick dash, the blue hedgehog hugged the red-capped plumber, and Mario hugged Sonic in return. Once the hug was broken, everyone ran off towards the exit, and Link, Zero Suit Samus, and Zelda stayed behind.

"Well, come on," Mario replied. "We gotta help our replicates. They are living beings, after all, whether they're good or evil. And this place is gonna blow up any minute. If we don't get out right now, we're history."

Grabbing Dr. Mario's hand, Mario and his teammates pulled the clones up, as the white-coated doctor got out first, followed by Toon Link, then Samus, and then Sheik. Once the replicates were on solid ground on the now-broken quartz bridge, the eight fighters ran off towards the exit, ready to grab Samus's Ship and fly out of here.

Meanwhile, all the other fighters were heading towards the hovercar parking lot. There were a series of large spaceships, two of which were the Big Blue and a large Wolfen Assault.

"Looks like we're going to have to pick one or the other," Meta Knight said. "The space will be cramped, I know, but at least they're the only ones so far that have enough fuel to get us out of here."

Suddenly, a Greap landed between the large group of fighters, splitting them apart. As the minor Subspace Army member was rapidly swinging its scythe-like arms, Captain Falcon, Meta Knight, Marth, Ike, Pit, Olimar, R.O.B., Mr. Game & Watch, Peach, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Lucario, Jigglypuff, and Wario were on the Falcon Flyer's side, while Luigi, Diddy Kong, Fox, Falco, Yoshi, Kirby, King Dedede, Ganondorf, Pikachu, Ness, and Sonic were at a larger version of the Wolfen Assault. When the Greap started charging towards those at Wolf's ship, a large slash suddenly ran right through the Greap's thick skin, damaging its internal organs. Once the Greap was killed, the fighters saw that it was a Phantom summoned by Princess Zelda. After the Phantom disappeared, the Hyrulian princess looked at her hands, muttering, "Those Ultimates were right about one thing: we do have our own unique abilities." Mario, Dr. Mario, Sheik, Samus, Zero Suit Samus, Link, and Toon Link caught up to Zelda, and Mario was tugging at her dress, saying, "We found Samus's Ship. Now, let's go with the group we're stuck with and fly out of here, everyone."

Once everyone got in their ships, turned them on, and hovered off the ground, the last Dark Cannon that was broken had just finished charging, and once it fired, it created a small blast that connected with the unnatural matter in the abyss, making a chain of explosions and destroying parts of the Midair Stadium. The lead metal dragon of the Subspace Army got out just in time, but the three ships didn't even leave and got caught in the blast, splitting from each other and flying off miles into the different corners of the land before they crashed.

Chapter Text

High up in the heavens, where gods and goddesses watch the land from above in the kingdom of Skyworld, someone was looking through a small mirror pool in a vast, empty room. That person was the wisest and fairest of the gods: Palutena, Goddess of Light. As the green-haired maiden was watching through the mirror, spying on the land, she noticed an explosion going on in the center. Driven by curiosity, she used her staff to zoom in on the situation. Covering her mouth in shock, she saw the Midair Stadium, engulfed in flames and crashing down onto the land.

"Oh, no," Palutena muttered. "I sure hope Pit is alright with his new friends." As she was about to walk off to investigate this further, she suddenly noticed the Winged Firestorm Pro flying off into the distance. As Palutena used her staff again to zoom in, she studied that the dragon looked like something not of this world and is part of none other than the Subspace Army.

"I thought those guys were taken care of ten years ago by Pit and his friends," Palutena said. "Well, now that they're back, I think now's my chance to join the battle this time."

Opening the door outside to Skyworld, Palutena was just about to walk off to the mortal world, taking a deep breath as she looked behind her one last time. Just then, she saw a figure running towards her from the shadows.

"If you're going," the figure called out, "it's my duty to make sure you're okay." The figure that walked out was a person that looked almost similar to Pit, but he had dark brown eyes, raven black hair, wings, and clothes, and he had a gloomy, irritated mood rather than happy and cheerful – Dark Pit.

"Why, Pittoo," Palutena replied, "if you really want to fight against a powerful army, you're going to have to work hard to earn it."

"Two things," Pittoo lamented. "One: will you please stop calling me Pittoo? You know how much I HATE that name. Second: you know how much I care for Pit-stain. Why, he sacrificed himself for me and I at least helped save him from a fate worse than death. The least you can do is let me go out with you so I can find Pit and make sure he's fine. And another thing, I was fighting against the Underworld Army and the Forces of Nature, pretty much because I AM a copy of Pit."

"Well, alright," Palutena said. "However, you'll have to be able to fly if you want to join the battle."

"You gave Pit his own usage of the Power of Flight ten years ago," Dark Pit lamented, "and I have Pandora's powers for my wings. It was nice serving as a replacement of captain of the guards, but I would like to see him again soon."

Dark Pit ran towards Palutena to the door, ready to stretch his wings and take off, but they were stopped by another voice.

"Stop this instant!" the voice of a childlike person echoed through the room. When the second figure walked into the light, it was revealed to be Viridi, Goddess of Nature.

"You are not taking one step out that door, Lady Palutena!" Viridi commanded.

"Oh," Palutena giggled, "and why's that?"

"For reasons unbeknownst," Viridi answered, "the Underworld Army AND my Forces of Nature are teaming up with the Subspace Army, laying waste to Skyworld! Even my powers are useless to stop them!"

"This sounds bad," Palutena resounded.

"You think!?" Viridi asked. "The Forces of Nature were supposed to eliminate humans but were destroyed by your faithful little angel, and the Underworld Army disappeared after Hades was defeated! Do you think this could be the cause of the Subspace Army's return? Because if so, then I don't think our troops can hold them back from destroying Skyworld for long."

As Palutena and Dark Pit looked out into Skyworld, they saw that the Forces of Nature and the Underworld Army were not attacking each other, but they were instead with some of the minor Subspace Army members breaking apart pieces of Skyworld.

"Then I guess we have no choice," Palutena said. "There's far too many that not even the centurions can exterminate them all. You're going to have to bring out the All-Powerful Sky Barrier."

"What!?" Pittoo and Viridi exclaimed. The Goddess of Nature then objected, "Are you crazy? If you and Dark Pit lure these creatures out there once the barrier is activated, you may never come back and be stuck with those miserable humans forever!"

"Well, Pit never came back after the fight against Tabuu," Palutena replied. "It would be nice to be stuck with him forever instead of wait here, wondering if he'll ever come back, not even knowing that he'll grow old and die."

"But he's an angel," Viridi said. "He can't truly die, but his friends can."

"But there's more to why we must help him this time," Palutena said. "Now, once we lead the Subspace Army out of Skyworld, we'll send you a signal to activate the All-Powerful Sky Barrier so that no one can get in or out, only helping humans with your powers, okay?"

Viridi, shock in her eyes, then moaned, "Okay, then."

Once Palutena and Dark Pit stepped onto the platform again, Palutena turned to Viridi and said, "Oh, one more thing. Please promise to never attack the humans for as long as I'm gone, despite how much you think they're contaminants and should be wiped out."

"Why would I?" Viridi replied. "The Forces of Nature would never listen to me right now and I doubt they ever will, so I can't even attack the humans if I want to."

"Good," Palutena smirked. After the argument, the goddess and the angel doppelganger jumped off, diving straight down to the soft, fluffy clouds down below.

The Monoeyes and the Daphnes in the air were the first to notice the pair falling from Palutena's Temple. Firing their balls of magic and bombs, the monsters attacked recklessly. Dark Pit flew in front of the Goddess of Light, grabbing the blades in his hands and clasping them together into a metallic bow in one snap. Purple light glowed from inbetween the handles stuck together as Pittoo fired a shower of arrows, raining down on the Underworld Army and the Forces of Nature.

After Dark Pit and Palutena landed on a rather large cloud, the goddess turned towards the black-winged doppelganger and said, "Okay, Pittoo. All we do is lead the armies of monsters out of here and have Viridi seal them out of Skyworld forever with the All-Powerful Sky Barrier."

"But isn't that dangerous as well as crazy?" Dark Pit objected.

"Like I said, it's something no one on the Skyworld throne has even attempted to do," Palutena sighed. "It's very risky in a scenario where we might not even come back, but it's for the best. We have been defending the heavens for long enough. It's now our chance to give those in the land of Arcadia to fight back too."

After Palutena finished, both she and Dark Pit heard the rumbling of the black-red cloud hovering above them. It then started raining Shadow Bugs from on high, and thus the Subspace Army has joined in the fight as mentioned before.

"Just when we thought this situation couldn't get any worse," Pittoo moaned.

Teamed up, the three forces rushed against the two divine beings and, despite having a huge number, were defeated easily. Palutena swung her staff around, firing projectiles of light from the tip, and Dark Pit used Pandora's powers to lift himself up into the air, grabbing his Hydroshock Arm and electrocuting those who even dare cross his way. Pittoo then took his bow and split it in half back to its two-bladed form, jabbing at the Primids that slowly walked towards them like zombies.

After the intense fight, the mere fraction of the Subspace Army was defeated, and the Underworld Army and the Forces of Nature retreated into the outer borders.

"Nice job, Dark Pit," Palutena panted. "You know, you just might serve as another bodyguard after all."

"All in a day's work," Pittoo sighed.

"It looks like you're sounding just like Pit," Palutena giggled.

"Wha- no, I'm not!" Dark Pit objected.

"Come on," Palutena replied. "More of the three armies are closing in on us, and we have to lead them out." As the large swarm of the three allied armies flew at a fast pace and the black-red cloud blotched the sun, the green-haired goddess and her black-winged doppelganger took a jump onto one of the lower clouds.

They suddenly saw someone feet away from them. The body structure seemed to resemble that of a grown woman, tall, slick, and beautiful. Silence lingered in the air for a while before the stranger said in a saucy British accent, "Hold it right there, fair maiden. And is that an angel I see?"

When the stranger turned around, she was revealed to have short, raven black hair, her black glasses were resting on her beautiful face with a small mole on her side, and her clothing was flowing with black and topaz blue, almost the same texture as her hair, laid with white, long gloves, slick high heels, and gold jewelry clipped onto the locks stuck on her arms. She was sucking on a small, sugar-coated lollipop, and the pairs of sapphire guns she was wielding were held by both her hands and attached to the sides of her feet, all of them with handwriting engraved, "Love is Blue", and her shadow resembled that of a woman with butterfly wings.

"Well, well, well," the woman said. "Didn't think I would bump into you two out here."

"Bump into us?" Palutena asked. "What are you talking about?"

"Oh," the stranger then lamented. "Where are my manners? My name is Cereza, but you may call me Bayonetta. Don't the markings in my clothing look… familiar to you, Goddess of Light? I studied about you and your doings, so I think you might look just like people pictured you in the temple walls."

Bayonetta took one of the garments hanging loosely from her clothing, and the end displayed a moon with a small circle behind where the pointed ends meet, and there were markings on the side. Dark Pit held it in his hands while Palutena was hovering over his shoulder, observing it.

"That symbol," Palutena muttered. "I've been reading the history of humans and learned about their deepest secrets. You must be one of the last Umbra Witches left in your universe, right?"

"Umbra Witches!?" Dark Pit exclaimed. "I remember you warned me about these women, that they hunt down angels without second thoughts! We can't seriously be talking to a killer!"

"How precise you are, little raven," the Umbra Witch replied. "Ever since I woke up with no memories of my past, I still had the urges to hunt down any supernatural being with wings. Now that I made it up all the way to Skyworld, the place where no ordinary human being can get to, it'll be my greatest pleasure to exterminate you little pests." Cereza pulled the lollipop she was sucking out of her mouth, threw it onto the ground, and smashed it with her heel before grabbing the guns resting by her waist.

"I don't know what this feeling is," Bayonetta objected, "but when I come across angels that look dangerous, I have no choice but to kill."

Dark Pit grabbed his metallic bow, starring at the blue guns Cereza was flipping around with, licking her lips.

"Stay calm, Pittoo," Palutena whimpered. "After all, it's way better than having an overpowered 'Sayinian' kid (whatever you call him), or a certain fat, green ogre who by many resembles love and life… I think…"

"Thanks…" Pittoo moaned in disgust. "Now I can't get those sick, twisted images out of my head…"

"My miserable pleasure, Dark Pit," the green-haired goddess giggled. As the Subspace Army, the Underworld Army, and the Forces of Nature were closing in on them while the black-red cloud was covering more of Skyworld, Viridi shouted out from the temple, "What's taking you guys so long!? Send the signal to activate the barrier already!" The Umbra Witch saw the large swarm passing overhead, and her glasses started to glare from what remained of the sunlight at the heavens.

"Enough fun and games," Bayonetta replied. "Let's dance, boys."

As the three armies started shrieking in unholy screams, they started diving down behind the Goddess of Light and the black-winged doppelganger. Bayonetta jumped above Palutena and Dark Pit, her guns giving off radiant sheens as she pulled the triggers on both her hands and feet and started dancing in midair.

Moving gracefully like a swan, the Umbra Witch was dancing madly as the tiny bullets fired from her weapons pierced straight through the monsters. Few members of the Subspace Army, Underworld Army, and the Forces of Nature felt the magical energy melt through their skin and destroy their internal organs completely as they dropped from the sky like flies just infected with pesticide.

When Bayonetta turned around, she saw that Dark Pit and Palutena were cornered by Skuttlers and Armights.

"Dark Pit, LOOK OUT!" Palutena cried when she was that a Skuttler Mage was about to knock Pittoo unconscious, and he didn't have enough time to counteract. However, before he was hit, he felt the wind gushing upward in his face as he quickly shut his eyes and heard the monsters fleeing in terror. When Dark Pit and Palutena looked up, they saw a giant fist colored a pale purple, decorated with butterfly jewelry and covered in a thin, black lace. The fist was emerging out from a portal on the cloud, surrounded by whips of thick, black hair. When it slipped back, the two divine beings saw Bayonetta, fully naked as the hair which summoned the fist wrapped around her breasts and hips.

Once the hair transformed back into her clothes, Bayonetta giggled, "I guess I changed my mind. I don't want to hurt you two anymore."

Dark Pit felt the blood rush up to his head when he just saw what Bayonetta looked like when she summoned the fist. Any moment, he felt like he was going to pass out, but Palutena kept him up straight. "W-w-what was that?" the black angel stammered.

"Umbra Witches such as Bayonetta can summon the limbs of Infernal Demons," Palutena answered.

"Infernal Demons?" Dark Pit asked.

"Yes," the green-haired goddess replied. "When chosen, they are bound to their masters for life, becoming their shadows and aiding their help. The Umbra Witches use their hair as clothes, and it is also used to open the portal from the Land of Inferno, bringing in their Infernal Demons to aid in their fight."

"I guess that makes sense…" Pittoo muttered.

"There are several types of Infernal Demons, angel," Bayonetta said. "My main one's Madama Butterfly. But enough about that. Right now, we gotta get you two out of here and keep those monsters out of your world. The history lesson will have to continue another day."

Bumpety Bombs traveled in swarms as they rushed towards the three fighters, beeping and ready to blow up. Once they all created a massive explosion that dissolved the cloud, Bayonetta, Palutena, and Dark Pit jumped off, they were diving towards the earth face-first, looks of no fear through their expressions. Dark Pit used Pandora's powers to steady his glide, Palutena used her godlike powers to slow down her fall, and Bayonetta used the emblem hanging around her neck to transform into her Crow Within. As the three fighters were falling, Skuttler Cannoneers were firing grenades, lasers, and heat-tracking missiles, and Primids were riding on the backs of Feyeshes and Monoeyes, throwing whatever weapon they had at them.

Bayonetta in her Crow Within form dashed into the enemies' faces, clawing their multiple eyes out and blinding them that they fell to their deaths. Palutena reflected the energy projectiles blasting out, and Dark Pit went in close melee counterattacks as he stabbed the monsters repeatedly. Once the three fighters were clear, Palutena sent a powerful blue laser blasting sky-high as the signal to tell Viridi to use the All-Powerful Sky Barrier.

"Do it, Viridi!" Palutena yelled as the three allied armies flew right towards them the more they were closing in on the ground.

Once every single monster was out of Skyworld, Viridi used all the powers from her staff to bring out the barrier – a large, blue, spherical force field – surrounding the heavens. Some of the monsters tried their best to break it, but to no avail. Once the three fighters were about to prepare a rough landing in a thick forest with a now-combined army of monsters after them, Dark Pit slowed down his gliding, Palutena used her powers to parachute onto the soft, mossy ground, and Bayonetta transformed back to normal as she struck the landing.

Because the branches were thick with leaves, the monsters couldn't find the trio in the forest and gave up the search. Brushing the dust out of her hair, Palutena panted, "Nice job getting us out of here, Cereza."

"Yeah," Bayonetta replied, "if it wasn't for the fact that you're stuck with me in Arcadia forever."

As the Umbra Witch was walking off, Palutena used her staff to freeze Bayonetta in her tracks. "Not so fast," the Goddess of Light objected. "When my father Zeus was on his deathbed, I promised to look after his most-trusted creation – Pit – and I'm not going anywhere until I reunite with him. Now, we're going to look for him, and you're coming with us because you know how much we don't trust angel killers…"

Bayonetta was struggling with her feet stuck to the ground by a bluish-green light, and Dark Pit walked up to her.

"Our worlds are in a crisis, and we somehow ended up here," Pittoo then said. "If you help us look for Pit and his friends, maybe we can learn a bit more about our main enemy…"

Bayonetta took a long look at Palutena and Dark Pit, and after a brief moment of silence passed, the Umbra Witch sighed. "Okay," Cereza said. "But that doesn't mean I'm your prisoner."

With a wave of her staff, Palutena freed Bayonetta, and they were just about ready to walk off. After the Umbra Witch rubbed her now-released legs, she flipped her short hair and asked, "Okay. Which direction do we go?"

"Well," Palutena answered, "since we gods and angels can detect where a major enemy source is coming from, I'm guessing… east… I think…"

"You're not good with navigation, are you?" Pittoo moaned.

"Doesn't matter where we end up," Bayonetta replied, "as long as we follow those monsters." Pointing above the bushes, the three fighters saw the monsters that were searching for them were flying off east, the direction Palutena predicted.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Dark Pit cried. "Let's go!" And so, the three fighters followed the swarm of retreating monsters through the thick forest as the black-red cloud passed overhead.

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The black-red cloud of the Subspace Army now covered the entire sky, turning the land of Arcadia into a realm of monsters. The metal dragons flew around, their fiery blasts spreading across mountains. The Winged Firestorm Pro was gliding its way back to the Ruins of the Ancients.

Deep in its thick steel skin, the Primids were helping the Mii Fighters bring in the items they stole from the Midair Stadium. They brought the items stuffed in a bag into the room where they kept Lucas and Charizard captive, who were both chained to a pole. Lucas had his hands cuffed in front of him, while Charizard was muzzled and restrained through iron clips.

As the items were spilling out the bag onto the floor, the Brawler Ultimate walked up to the prisoners and guards, saying, "Excellent work, Primids. We conquered the entire land of Arcadia and we now have the Smashers on the run." He pointed at the prisoners, Lucas with fear in his eyes.

"Don't worry," the Brawler Ultimate lamented. "We have plans for you. The days in which you have spent with your friends will be nothing more than a dream... Now then, we need an item count, see if everything is in order... We need them to create new Subspace Bombs and Dark Cannons by which we can power…"

One of the Primids passed the list to a Mii Gunner, which she passed to the Brawler Ultimate. Lucas was weeping silently, afraid of being kept as a hostage. "It's no use, Charizard," Lucas quietly wept. "We'll never see our friends again and they'll be in big trouble too…" The Pokémon growled, tears in his eyes as well.

"Let's see…" the Brawler Ultimate was surfing through the list when he noticed something off. Even if you couldn't make out his face, there was a sign that he was ticked off about something. "Where are they…?" he whispered. He turned straight at Lucas and Charizard and stormed right up to them.

"Where do you have them?" the Brawler Ultimate asked.

"Have what?" Lucas muttered.

"You clearly know what," the Brawler Ultimate responded in anger. "I'm talking about the ultimate power. The most powerful weapons in the multiverse, that which unlock who you truly are meant to be inside. Jewels so pure some believe they were formed out of the cores of stars, the only batteries for our bombs and cannons. The Smash Balls, where are they!?"

"I don't even know what's a Smash Ball!" Lucas cried.

"You will soon enough," The Brawler Ultimate said as he stormed out of the room. "I have no idea how, but we will drag them out..."

Just then, a Primid dropped a strange, rainbow-glowing capsule with a black figure inside, which rolled towards the Mii Fighter chieftain. When the Brawler Ultimate felt the tip of the capsule touch his leg, he jerked out of the way immediately.

An Assist Trophy, of course! Lucas thought. Charizard and I can use this advantage out of here!

The Primid who dropped the Assist Trophy was about to grab it, but the Brawler Ultimate said, "Be careful when you pick it up. An Assist Trophy is only activated when a fighter touches its base. Since the rules have been altered, who knows what could happen if you attempt on doing so… that thing might even destroy our ship if you're not careful."

Afterwards, the Brawler Ultimate walked out of the room. Because the Shadow Bugs were never fighters to begin with, they touched the base of the Assist Trophy and it had no effect. Even if some of the universe's logic has changed, few of the rules seem to be unaffected.

Driven by curiosity of who was trapped in there, two of the classic Primids asked the Mii Fighters through gurgling alien sounds if they would like to give it a try. However, the Mii Fighters looked puzzled and turned the Primids' offers down. Eventually, the Primids turned towards Lucas and Charizard and growled signs of pleasing.

"Sure, I guess…" Lucas spoke. "We are fighters, after all. I suppose I'll satisfy your curiousity... if you are willing to unchain us, of course."

The Primids then grabbed the keys hanging on the wall and unchained Lucas and Charizard. After Lucas was massaging his partially swollen hands and Charizard was shaking his wings, the Primids growled again in plea and pushed the Assist Trophy into Lucas's chest.

"Alrighy, since you want it so much…" Lucas spoke, grabbing the Assist Trophy and holding it high with his hand below its base. The Primids and the Mii Fighters stared in shock as particles swarmed around the base and the figure inside took shape, growing larger and adding more color through each passing second.

The figure was fully formed, in the appearance of a boxer with tanned skin, black hair, blue-green eyes, and wearing a black tank-top with green shorts, black sneakers, and light-green boxing gloves. He was only taller than Lucas by a few inches. The Mii Fighters were reaching their weapons, and the Primids stood in confusion as to what they asked for. Because Assist Trophies were only made to serve their summoners, the boxer suddenly lunged himself towards two of the Primids, knocking them out through one deadly blow.

The Mii Fighters charged towards the boxer, and the Assist Trophy charged up his punch and knocked out most of them. Those that survived the hit ran out of the room, scared of the boxer.

"Uh… Thanks, I guess," Lucas said.

"No problem," the boxer replied. "By the way, where am I?"

"High up in the air, in the Winged Firestorm Pro," Lucas answered. "You sure picked a bad time to come out and fight."

Attention, all unites, the Swordfighter Ultimate called on the ship's broadcast radio. Two of our prisoners have escaped thanks to a couple dumbass Primids, and they're accompanied by an Assist Trophy. Please approach with extreme caution and kill on sight. We have contacted more Winged Firestorms to come in and exterminate the targets should they escape, so hold them back as best as you can.

"By the way," the boxer responded, "I'm Little Mac. And you must be…?"

"Lucas," the blond PSI boy replied while Charizard growled in excitement. "Next to me is Charizard."

"Well, looks like we're going to have to get you out of here," Little Mac said. "I don't know what's going on, but this place looks dangerous. Come on."

"No," Lucas said when he used his psychic powers to drag Little Mac to him and Charizard. "The Ultimates are going to call more Winged Firestorms if we don't destroy it first."

Lucas let Little Mac go, and Charizard growled at the boxer with determination. The three fighters ran off to the doorway to the control room, but they were stopped by Primids - both classical and newly designed - and Mii Fighters. Roturrets were firing at the door frames, but Little Mac was a very fast target hard to hit as he was tiny enough to slip through the bullets and punch underneath one of the rotating turrets. The cannonball effect created from the uppercut blow caused the Roturret to bounce all over the place, hitting enemies to and fro.

Lucas used his PK Fire once again to trap some of the Mii Fighters in pillars of flame, and Charizard flew towards the Buckots, his wings sharply cutting through their bodies. Once the three fighters got on their feet again, more Mii Fighters and Subspace troops dashed toward them.

However, Little Mac, Lucas, and Charizard wouldn't even bother looking back as they stormed up all the way through the Winged Firestorm Pro's neck, knocking out enemies with their gifted abilities. Once the three fighters got up to the control room, the Ultimates were already there, their choices of weapons ready to attack.

"There's nothing you can do now," the Gunner Ultimate said. "We'll kill you all, take the Smash Balls out of wherever you're hiding them, and Tabuu will reign supreme once again."

"I thought trophies can't die," Lucas objected. "Why are you doing this? What's going on?"

A moment of silence passed, and the Brawler Ultimate answered, "Oh, kid. There's so much more you don't know about the outside world." Suddenly, a Scope Primid shuffled in, weak after the hits it received from Little Mac, Lucas, and Charizard.

"NO! DON'T YOU DARE FIRE THAT GUN, YOU IDIOT!" the Swordfighter Ultimate exclaimed as the Scope Primid was ready to fire. Both the fighters and the Ultimates ducked out of the way when the Primid with its dying breath missed and fired at the control panel, creating a massive explosion that majorly damaged the wires. The Winged Firestorm Pro cried weakly as its metallic body was burning up in the atmosphere.

Lucas, Charizard, and Little Mac groaned when they got up, and they saw the Ultimates were already running to several escape pods. The strong wind was gushing through the cracked windows as the Gunner Ultimate yelled to the fighters, "You may have destroyed our ship, but this is only the beginning! We've got big plans coming and we don't need you getting in our way!" Just like that, the Ultimates each took their escape pods with the Mii Fighters, all blasting out to the other Winged Firestorms. Explosions were bursting around as the spare emergency pods were destroyed, trapping the fighters inside.

The metal ceiling was about to cave in on Little Mac and Lucas, but Charizard flew in, lifting it up with all its strength.

"We gotta get out of here!" Lucas cried. "There's no way out and we're trapped!"

"You know I'm not much of an air fighter, right?" Little Mac responded. "If any of those little rascals of this... 'Subspace Army' come rushing towards us while we're hundreds of feet in the air, I'll eventually become helpless."

"Don't worry," Lucas replied. "Charizard and I will help you, right?"

Charizard growled in pain as the weight was crushing his strong wings, the leaking Shadow Bugs creeping in closer, and the Winged Firestorm Pro collapsing in the air. The three fighters were now helpless, falling onto the hard ground in the mountains while Primids were falling from the sky, disintegrating into Shadow Bugs just as soon they landed on the falling rubble. Charizard swooped in, with Lucas and Little Mac landing on his back. Once the three fighters got onto ground safely, they saw the other Winged Firestorms flying off, their dragon-like bodies cruising in the black-red cloud.

"Told you I don't do so well in the air," Little Mac panted.

"Which reminds me," Lucas said. "Why don't you disappear?"

"Come again?" Little Mac asked.

"I thought Assist Trophies were supposed to disappear after they were summoned to complete their task," Lucas answered. "Unless… it must be the alternated rules of this world."

"Who knows?" Little Mac replied. "Looks like I'm stuck with you until the end of time."

"But what did the Brawler Ultimate mean when he talked about the 'Smash Balls' and their ultimate power?" Lucas questioned.

"That I don't know," Little Mac lamented. "I was put in that capsule at the beginning of this world, long forgotten until now. How am I supposed to know what a Smash Ball is?"

Lucas and Charizard looked at the strange world set before them, watching as the metallic dragons soared away to cause more havoc on the world.

"We can worry about those Smash Balls later," Lucas spoke. "Right now, we need to find out where all those Shadow Bugs came from, and who's creating them. Mr. Game & Watch was freed from Tabuu's control, so there must be some bigger force playing at hand. I guess with your strength, we can make it through this."

And so, Lucas, Charizard, and their new companion Little Mac ran off, following the Winged Firestorms off to their new location, deep in the eternal black-red darkness.

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The Falcon Flyer was soaring through the sky, burning as bright as a comet. The ship crash-landed in the plains, a deep crater where there was once soft ground now filled with uprooted flowers and sprouting trees. Peach, Bowser, Wario, Donkey Kong, Mr. Game & Watch, Pit, Marth, Ike, Meta Knight, Lucario, Jigglypuff, R.O.B., Captain Falcon, and Olimar climbed out of the rubble caused by the demolishment, shaking off whatever dirt they had on them.

"Phew," Captain Falcon said. "That was a close one. Good thing we all survived the crash, right?"

"Sure," Peach replied. "I'm just worried about everyone else, especially Mario and Luigi… where are they?"

"The only thing I'm curious about is where we are," Pit objected. "We're on the run from the Subspace Army and… they've taken over most of the land."

"Pit's right," Ike said. "We're running like cowards when we should be fighting back against what they have in store."

"But where do we go from here?" Lucario asked.

"We came in from that direction, right?" Pit answered, pointing northwest. "The rest of the group in the Wolfen Assault probably landed there, and we're bound to meet up with them if we hurry."

"What about Mario and HIS group?" Peach objected.

"That I don't know," Pit replied. "The blast scrambled up my circuits that I can't figure out where they landed."

"Pit," Meta Knight said. "You don't have circuits. R.O.B. does."

"Oh, right," Pit giggled in dumbfoundedness. "I kinda forgot. Heh-heh…"

"So," Captain Falcon spoke, "you're trying to tell us that we should head northwest like Pit said to meet up with those at the Wolfen Assault, all while looking for a thought translator to see where our friends at the Prime Ship are?"

"I guess…" Marth answered.

"Well, let's do it!" Captain Falcon exclaimed. "We're gonna go there, beat up a buncha enemies and rescue Samus!"

"You do realize Samus is strong enough to defend herself, and haven't you stopped flirting with her already?" Pit asked.

"Of course I know she's too shy to admit she has feelings for me!" Captain Falcon spoke in a boastful tone. "Now come on! Let's get going already!"

"Hold on just a minute!" Meta Knight cried out.

"What is it?" Pit asked.

"We are in very dangerous territory, and the Shadow Bugs might capture us for answers," Meta Knight replied. "It would be best if I go alone and lead them away, lest risk the lives of all of you. I'll be heading to where the large Wolfen Assault landed; the rest of you go your separate ways."

"Good luck, Meta Knight," Marth replied.

Meta Knight unfurled his cape into a pair of bat-like wings, unsheathing his Galaxia Sword and flying off into the distance. After hoping for the best from Meta Knight, the rest of the Falcon Flyer Group saw Shadow Bugs raining on the desolated plains, not forming but more of just fading the moment they touched the ground, and the fighters felt nervous being alone after ten years of peace. Little did they know in the distance, a figure that resembled some sort of peculiar ghost was watching them from a cliff, hidden by the naked eye.

So the day of reckoning is upon them, the figure spoke in a heavenly voice. Perfect...

Far northwest, on the only plateau in the land, the Wolfen Assault had been in a state of demolishment for quite some time. From the wreckage climbed out Luigi, Yoshi, Diddy Kong, Ganondorf, Kirby, King Dedede, Fox, Falco, Pikachu, Ness, and Sonic, brushing the dust off their wounded bodies.

"Is everyone-a okay?" Luigi cried.

"Seems like everyone's doin' fine," King Dedede answered in a stereotypical Southern accent. "Goshdang, my head..."

"Wonder where we landed," Falco spoke, looking at the strange terrain. Fox pulled out a GPS from his side pockets, the static ringing out through the small speakers.

"I can't get a good location as to where we are in Arcadia," Fox answered. "However, it looks we're stranded somewhere in the southeast. We can meet up with the rest of our pals in the meantime."

Sonic had a look of determination as he walked up to a nearby rock and rested his feet, one leg in front of the other. The blue hedgehog looked out into the black-red darkness, watching the Winged Firestorms and Shadow Bugs soar through the sky.

We have to end this, Sonic thought, hearing the commotion from the rest of the Wolfen Assault Group as they were asking who else is okay. All I want to do is see Mario again. I really care about his safety… the safety of all of us. It looks like I'm the only one who hasn't been turned into a trophy, but it looks like my memories of my homeworld will disappear from this world soon. I've got to do something to reunite with everyone else, but… where are those in Samus's Ship?

"And what were you talking about when we confronted the Ultimates?" Fox asked the blue hedgehog. The Star Fox mercenary knew this was a question that had bugged him back when the Miis attacked the Midair Stadium. "You said they don't remember you anymore. Care to explain what happened?" Sonic got up from his place and turned towards Fox, looking at him straight with emerald-green eyes. Out of all the fighters, Fox seemed to be the most caring. To Sonic, Fox acted more like his best friend Tails if he was a father figure rather than a sidekick.

"I've been explaining secrets to what you know and could not know, and out of all the friends I spilled gossip to you are pretty much my favorite," Sonic answered. "However, even I have secrets I don't want to bring up. Let's just say that... the Mii Fighters and I... had kinda been in a relationship. Somehow, they forgot about what I did to save their clan, and I didn't want to let them fall into despair after... what happened back at my homeworld..."

Fox held Sonic's cheek, aware of what the blue hedgehog was talking about. Even when Sonic didn't want to tell in front of the other fighters, Fox knew of the hardships he went through.

"People grow out of their guilt eventually," Fox spoke. "I think it would be better if I didn't know about what happened to your planet, or what you did on other worlds to obtain such knowledge." Sonic pulled away, his blue quills swaying behind him as he stretched in place.

"I'll be going off to find Mario and the others," Sonic told the group. "The rest of you go do your thing and try to take down the Subspace Army."

"Stay strong, rodent," Ganondorf responded. In the blink of an eye, Sonic dashed down the plateau into the woods. Fox McCloud looked back at the other fighters before he climbed his way down, already knowing a planned course.

Once the fighters all got down to the bottom of the plateau, they didn't notice another strange figure watching over them unseen. All that was revealed about this figure were two claws clinging over the edge.

"Little do they know they'll all be attacked by the serpent's fangs," the figure chuckled. "This is going to be so much fun…"

Mario slowly opened his eyes. He saw three figures he couldn't make out all because of his blurred vision. The audio coming from their speeches was almost muted, just voices he could barely hear. When he opened his eyes again, his pupils adjusted their size, and the imagery became sharper. He could at least make out the colors, mainly green, white-and-brown, and neon blue.

"…Mario?" the voice coming from the green figure called out, barely audible and fuzzy. Mario opened his eyes, this time wide open, and he regained full conscious. He saw Link, Zelda, and Zero Suit Samus above his body.

"Mario, are you okay?" Link asked.

When Mario groaned as he got up, he looked around: the black-red sky drenched in eternal twilight, the wreckage of the crash-landed ship in a now-destroyed flower bed, and the replicates from the Dark Cannon still unconscious.

"What happened-a?" Mario asked.

"We're stranded far away from our friends," Zero Suit Samus answered, "no thanks to you, fatty."

"Samus!" Zelda snapped.

"It's Zero Suit Samus now, and you know it. The one inside my Power Suit has forever taken that name from me," the bounty hunter replied.

"But you shouldn't put all the blame on Mario," Zelda objected. "After all, it isn't his fault we were stranded far away from our friends!"

"But he was clearly the culprit behind keeping the secret of our friends disappearing!" Zero Suit Samus lamented.

"Just because he got involved doesn't mean it's all his doing!" Zelda objected.

The two girls started quarreling and bickering among each other over who is to blame behind all this. Link tried to break up the fight, attempting to speak up.

"YOU TWO! SHUT IT!" Link yelled, pushing the princess and the bounty hunter away. "Our replicates are waking up!"

Mario, Zelda, Link, and Zero Suit Samus were watching as Dr. Mario, Sheik, Toon Link, and Samus stirred up from their knockouts, rubbing their heads from the big impact. Once the clones stood upright, the original fighters saw that what the Ultimates said was right: they were made to kill their copies and take their places as the true originals. Toon Link started yelling and flailing his small sword around, rushing quickly towards Link.

"Lemme at him! Lemme at him!" the kid swordfighter cried, Link holding him up and away from his face. Sheik grabbed her daggers and started flailing madly like a ninja, but Zelda was using her magic to protect herself. Samus was charging up fireballs and missiles, but her attacks were all rather slow as Zero Suit Samus used her Plasma Gun and Jet Boots as she kicked the Power Suit to the ground. Mario was clasping Dr. Mario's lab coat, all while avoiding the doctor's shocking punches.

"Everyone, stop-a!" Mario yelled. Both the original fighters and their replicates calmed down with their battles. Despite being clones made from the last Dark Cannon, Dr. Mario, Sheik, Samus, and Toon Link all obeyed when Mario said stop with the fighting.

"We're stranded in one of the many uncharted territories of Arcadia," Mario said. "All of us are going to have to work together in order to survive the incoming Subspace Army and reunite with our teammates, regardless of who's at fault here. Is that understood-a!?"

The Prime Ship Group all looked at one another, deeply lost in anxiety. None of them knew what was about to happen to them, so they decided to stick for the best. The fighters all stared at each other, nervous about the long journey ahead.

"Yes, Mario," the fighters all answered politely.

"But where do we go from here?" Sheik asked. "Your friends are probably somewhere far off, and we don't know where we are…"

"We can start by following those metal dragons," Mario responded, pointing at a small cluster of them far off in the distance, burning everything as usual. The fighters all nodded, and Mario smiled.

"Let's a-go, then," Mario said. "There's no time to waste and there'll be monsters spawning soon. It's better if we look at where we are and find where our friends landed."

The group then started walking off into the thin end of the forest, where idle monsters with Mii faces were waiting for them, such as Ancient Robots and Faceberuses. There were also some signs of Subspace Army monsters too, blending in well with the Mii-faced monsters.

"We're going to have to be very careful around here…" Mario whispered. The deeper the woods got, the thicker the atmosphere became, making a single breath heavy with every take-in. Eventually, Toon Link got sleepy by the air, tugging at Link's tunic like a little kid, yawning.

"Sweet," Toon Link muttered. He ran off, his hand slipping from Link's, running over to a rather large nest. The young Hylian eventually fell asleep on some unusually large eggs, almost the size of his body.

"Toon Link!" Zelda yelled. "Get out of here!" The other fighters looked in the direction of the large nest, seeing Toon Link resting his head as a rather large creature the size of an ostrich creeped up towards him. Filled with hatred and thinking that Toon Link might do something with the eggs, the creature lunged itself at the young Hylian but was stopped dead in its tracks. Literally, when Link got in and stabbed it in the chest with his Master Sword.

When Link grabbed Toon Link and jumped out of the nest, the young Hylian woke up to find out the rest of the Prime Ship Group was surrounded by more of the bird-like creatures, each one resembling chicken-like birds colored yellow all over.

"I think they want us to leave their territory, whatever they are…" Samus said, her Power Suit readying a missile.

"Be careful, everybody," Dr. Mario replied. "I don't think we can beat these birds alone, and speaking of alone…"

The Mii-faced monsters with the Subspace Army members walked up to the bird-like creatures, their eyes glowing red with lust as the black-red darkness thundered across the sky. The monsters then rushed towards the fighters, cawing with anger. It seemed all was lost for the fighters, but just then, they heard a voice.

"Genkai wo koeru."

With the sound of that voice, a small tornado blasted inbetween the creatures, powerful enough to send all the bird-like creatures into a forced retreat. Once all the feathers caused by the tornado slowly unobstructed the view of Mario and the gang, they saw a stranger glowing an unearthly blue, facing in their direction. Once the color from his body disappeared, the stranger was revealed to have spiky blonde hair, dark purple clothing with a shoulder guard and belt, and glowing blue eyes the same color as the tornado effect he created. The fighters all looked surprised at the stranger, Link most of all.

"Thought you needed help," the stranger replied in a smooth tone. "Thanks the gods I heard your cries of help far off from the distance."

"What cries of help?" Link asked. "We didn't give any cries of help. We were just ambushed…"

"By Chocobos?" the stranger spoke. "These kinds are more aggressive than I remember..."

"No, wait," Zelda cried. "We do need your help. Just about any we come across- Wha…?"

As the black-red cloud streaked thunder from the sky, it was raining Shadow Bugs, more of which that joined to form more of the Primids, their multiple eyes glowing a bloodshed red. The stranger pulled out his unusually large and thick sword with just one hand and started to hold the blade. The Prime Ship Group watched closely as a bar somehow above the stranger's head was filling up, and he started glowing the unearthly blue once again, with the bar disappearing.

"Let's do this, babies," the stranger muttered.

The stranger started rushing towards the Primids and Mii-faced monsters, gliding like there was no gravity below him at all. Despite carrying a huge sword, the stranger managed to do a triple front-to-backflip far behind the creatures and slashed them with a powerful beam from his blade. Mario started to generate fire from the palms of his hands, running towards the Puppits and Autolances. Dr. Mario paired up with Mario, and combined Mario's fire attacks with his electricity powers, and the two of them created a powerful blast that eliminated the enemies in their path. Zero Suit Samus got on top of Samus, the woman in the Power Suit firing missiles and bombs while the bounty hunter did backflips and used her Plasma Gun and Jet Boots to fry her enemies into barbecued obliteration. Link and Toon Link simply used their arrows, boomerangs, and bombs, slashing the enemies that were close with their Master Swords. Zelda created blasts of magic, while Sheik used her Deku Nuts to "warp" to random places and catch the monsters off-guard with her jabbing daggers. Teaming up with the stranger, the group managed to chase all the monsters in the area away, no survivors of the Subspace Army.

"Whew-a!" Mario sighed.

"Thanks, Mr. uuuhhh…" Link said.

"If you wanna know my name, it's Cloud Strife, 1st-class SOLDIER," the stranger answered. "But if you like, you can call me Cloud."

"Cloud?" Zero Suit Samus asked. "What a peculiar name from someone who just saved us."

"Yes, that's my name…" Cloud replied. "Just don't question it."

"So," Mario asked. "Where you from-a?"

Silence passed through the air, the fighters staring at Cloud. The 1st-class SOLDIER sighed, responding, "I… don't really know. I never even knew where I came from or who I really was. All I remember since I got here was my name, what I was capable of, and the enemies I came across."

"Hey, we don't blame you," Link said. "We all had that problem too when we got here. The only other person we knew who didn't lose his memories yet was Sonic the Hedgehog, and he talked on and on about his and our homelands for the past ten years, building up our memories as time went by."

"How does he do that?" Cloud questioned. "Visiting your homelands and learning about your past lives?"

"What would you expect from the world's fastest living being?" Sheik answered in the form of another question.

"Anyway," Dr. Mario said. "We're trying to navigate our way back to our friends, but we're trapped in uncharted territory. We're hoping you can help us, since we notice you were stuck here too."

"Not interested," Cloud answered.

"What?" Zelda exclaimed. "We need to get back to our friends as soon as we can! There's a new war going on in Arcadia, greater than what happened ten years ago! And all you're gonna do is reject our offer for help?"

"Fine…" Cloud answered. "I'll help you. But first, we're gonna learn a little bit of ourselves, why we were brought to this hellhole..."

Mario took the picture he stowed in his overalls pocket, glancing at it. The picture was slightly worn out from the fighting and crashlanding, the marker saying "Smash Bros. 2008" barely smeared. The round plumber in red folded the picture back into his pocket and said, "We're gonna need all the help we can get. So, from now on, you're an official member of the Super Smash Brothers Club."

"A member of a small club, called 'Super Smash Brothers'?" Cloud Strife asked, his eyes glowing blue in question. The other fighters looked as Mario, Toon Link rubbing his head in confusion.

"If you want help," Cloud answered, "you're talking to the right guy. Come on. I think I might have known where your pals were last sighted. Right next to a small village, untouched by this Subspace Army, though I doubt that black-red cloud had no effect on their nice clear skies. In the meantime, we can figure out where your little guys landed, and we can go from that point on."

"So, let's go then!" Toon Link yelled. "We don't have time to waste and we gotta get those friends of yours back soon!"

Cloud looked at Link in confusion, shaking his head. "Was he always like this, so bratty, naïve, and danger-loving?" the ex-soldier asked.

"Who knows?" Link answered. "He and the others were just born from a Dark Cannon, and I have no idea how he behaves, but it's a long story. Let's get going right away."

The group, with their new companion Cloud Strife, ran off deeper into the woods, on the lookout for any monsters in their path. Deep in the trees, hidden by the thick leaves, another strange figure was spying on them, observing them. The figure was kept within the darkness, the only lights shining were their reddened sclera and green eyes with slit pupils.

"So they think they can gather everyone up in time for the final battle?" the stranger asked themselves in a soft but cunning voice. In a crystalline hand that was the color of foggy ice, some sort of pink sludge was slithering through his fingertips as though it had a mind of its own.

"I guess I'll wait until SHE strikes..." they chuckled within the sound of silence.

Without another word, the figure warped out of the darkness, disappearing from the area and never seen again... for now.

Chapter Text

As the black-red cloud got darker above the woods, a light shower of Shadow Bugs started raining from above. A blue blur started speeding through the deep forest, the blur belonging to none other than Sonic the Hedgehog.

Mario, where are you? Sonic thought, the air blowing through his blue quills. I need to know about all of this. I need just a sign…

Once Sonic got the chance to stop when he saw an opening of light from within the forest, he couldn't believe his eyes. He saw half of the mountainside was demolished, making a nasty scar on the land. As the blue hedgehog zoomed downward to check it out, he noticed all the trees were black and sooty, every one of them turned upright. There was still signs of small fires and smoke, so Sonic knew the attack was just recent. As he looked out into the black-red twilight, he saw the Winged Firestorms flying off in the direction he was running towards, dropping Shadow Bugs through their latches.

As Sonic was walking through the desolation, he stopped when he noticed he almost stepped on a budding flower. The sprout was emerging out of the ashes, small and only had a couple leaves on its stem, its white flower just ready to bloom. Sonic knelt down to take a closer look, observing the small plant.

"Don't worry," Sonic told himself. "We'll make this end soon. I'm sure of it. You'll grow up to be the first and the most beautiful flower to ever survive the Subspace Apocalypse." The blue hedgehog closed his eyes, the sprout delicately held in his hands, and he shed a small tear which landed on the bud. After Sonic got up, he walked off to the southeast, with the flower just blossoming right behind him when he wasn't looking. It glowed with a faint rainbow aura, almost as if it was a sign of things to come in the near future.

As Sonic was still running through the burned forest, he saw the Shadow Bugs from earlier slowly crawling towards him. The entities clumped together, forming some sorts of monsters Sonic had never seen before. These monsters looked nothing of what he saw in his past encounters.

These kinds of monsters had long, red, tentacle-like arms with fused guns at the ends, they were supported by crimson cones with the tips inverted downward and fading into a wisp, and their faces were stretched all over their bodies, their smiles showing jagged teeth and eyes asymmetrical and uneven. Everytime they spun around, they shot deadly bullets in all directions. Eggrobos and other Badniks flew in with other Subspace Army creatures, all having one thing in common: kill Sonic.

"Let's see," Sonic muttered. "These new creatures… Howzabout I call you guys, uhhh… Triggergoplas? How you like that?" The Triggergoplas growled in giggles as they were spinning like tops for momentum, teaming up with the other creatures and robots.

Once the monsters moved in towards Sonic, the blue hedgehog zipped out of the way immediately and ended up behind them in a fraction of a second.

"Hey, fellas," Sonic said. "You're gonna have to be faster than sound to step up to my level." The monsters were caught off guard as the blue hedgehog spindashed in the form of a spiky ball, his quills so sharp they cut through the metallic skin of the Triggergoplas, leaving their peculiar bodies gushing with oil. Once Sonic got back on his feet, he was surrounded by a series of Badniks. All the blue hedgehog really did was smirk, and he picked up speed again, grabbing the robots and tossing them high into the air. Before they even started falling, Sonic jumped up and started flailing madly with his multiple punches and kicks. Once he finished beating the enemies, Sonic eventually threw both of his fists downward, creating a small explosion from the demolished bots. The minor members of the Subspace Army started running towards him but were eventually distracted by his super-fast speed and jabbing punches.

Once Sonic defeated all the robots and monsters, he wiped his forehead, panting, "That's the best you can do, huh? Pathetic." However, just when he was about to take a step faster into running southeast, he felt a shot of pain pass through his body. There was no blood on his furry skin, but Sonic was feeling the pain travel up to his head, giving him a nasty ache.

"W-what… is t-this- IT HURTS!" Sonic groaned, the pain in his head worsening. His emerald eyes started to show a gleam, flashing around in a full circle before splitting and forming into a cross off-center. Once the glare was finished, Sonic's eyes started generating a series of sparks, every one of them spreading around and causing them to give off a powerful glow. The pain overwhelmed him, and Sonic's emerald eyes were now glowing white with the blue hedgehog slightly levitating off the ground.

When Sonic regained full conscious, the blue hedgehog saw that everything was black. As he looked around, he felt like he was in a ballet of stars – each glittering entity dancing around like they were all filled with life. Sonic's eyes were watering with mixed emotions as galaxies and nebulae moved around gracefully. The blue hedgehog eventually came across a star half the size of his body. It was bright, but it was reflective enough to help him see himself with a new look, probably made from the headache. As Sonic observed his new form, he noticed he had golden irises and was giving off a rainbow hue, flowing like fire.

What is this place…? Sonic thought, his bright golden eyes filled with wonder. What is this form I'm in? The fire doesn't seem to hurt me… Am I transported somewhere different…?

As Sonic was looking at his new body, he felt something on his chest. There, he saw a strange gemstone shaped like a circle stuck to him, different multi-colored lights flashing around like water, and there was a black cross off-center.

Wow! What is that stone? Sonic thought again, observing how he was speaking without his lips moving. Strange how I can talk, and my mouth doesn't open once. Oh, well. I guess I should ask someone where I am…

As Sonic in his new form was walking around this new universe, he suddenly saw someone lying down on the unnatural ground. Filled with curiosity, the blue hedgehog walked towards the person, trying to make out the form. As he got closer, he saw the person was a girl, probably an adolescent at best. The girl looked like she was wearing a uniform, tainted and dirty with aged blood stains, some crumbling off. The uniform was all in many different shades of black, the fabric of her legs flowing twice the length of her body and thick boots right at the bottom. The uniform also wrapped around her chest, leaving her bare arms exposed and forming a big hood at the back of her neck. Her bare arms were protected by two spiny guards, each one on her naked shoulders, and her gloves infused with brass knuckles went up to her elbows. From what Sonic could figure out from her was she was a multitasker, for as he looked at the weapon laying next to her, he noticed it was a huge sword almost as long as the fabric trailing behind her legs, and it was covered with a series of guns each filled with different types of ammunition. The girl's hair was dark gray mixed fading to a rainbow again at the ends. Her face was covered with scars, she sported faint, dark circles under her eyes, and her lips were small and thin.

Excuse me, miss? Sonic tried to ask her. Are you okay? However, just when Sonic tried touching her to wake her up, he felt himself clip right through her like a ghost. Sonic looked a little worried about what's happening, but he suddenly freaked out and ran a safe distance with a scared scream when he saw the tattoo on her left upper arm. It was the symbol just like of the Subspace Army – a hollow circle with a line at the middle slashing horizontally and stopping halfway.

Is she a member of the Subspace Army? Sonic asked himself. I have to know about this…

Just then, the girl slowly sat up, her golden eyes gently opening. She couldn't either see or hear Sonic as she got up and started looking around.

"Hello?" the girl asked, her sweet voice echoing throughout the vast area. Sonic tried answering, but to no avail.

I wonder what's she's doing here… Sonic thought. I guess I should follow her and see where she ends up at…

Just then, thoughts started ringing out in Sonic's head, almost as if he's actually hearing the girl talk about her life story.

Darkness, the girl began, her thoughts flowing through the blue hedgehog. I woke up in the darkness, no memory of who I was. Ever. All I knew was that I was all alone…

Am I hearing this like it's from… a memory? Sonic wondered. What is going on here? I have to know. Somehow, this probably can connect to my answers…

As Sonic followed the girl, he noticed it was like she was playing through a story. The girl was walking around, unfamiliar with her environment, admiring the dancing cosmos.

I was looking around, filled with joy and sadness at the same time, the girl's voice rang out in Sonic's head again. It felt like I can just make a new world and start from there.

Suddenly, I heard a strange voice. The girl turned around in shock when she saw something Sonic had never seen before. The strange thing looked like a new form of entity flying around, but was completely different from the Shadow Bugs, each particle in a smaller shape and black all over. The clustered swarm of particles were surrounding a strange, glowing object obstructed from everyone's view, and it was just floating like a cloud.

"Hella…" the cloud spoke, its manly voice booming out so loud it gave the dancing stars a little scare as they jerked away slightly.

That was the name HE gave me, the girl's voice rang again. Hella…

Hella, huh? Sonic thought. I want to know more about this girl. Maybe she has something in common with the Subspace Army…

"Greetings, Hella…" the cloud spoke to the girl. "Do not be afraid. You are now in the depths of my domain from now on."

"Who… who are you?" Hella asked, her voice throbbing.

"I am… the Master Core…" the cloud answered.

Master Core? Sonic asked himself. It sounds awfully similar to Master Hand, but what do I know? It's just a memory… that I'm somehow participating in…

"Master… Core?" Hella asked again.

"Yes," the Master Core answered. "And you have just become one of my many servants… in the land of Arcadia."

"Ar… cadia?" Hella asked again.

"It is otherwise known in the common tongue as the Land of Imagination," the Master Core answered. "A land with neverending possibilities, no limitations, and a world where the greatest of your dreams come true…"

I was easily tempted by the Master Core's offer, Hella's voice spoke again, with Sonic hearing every word. Little did I know that by entering in his land I learned a little about a life-changing experience…

Sonic's eyes started glowing white again, and the blue hedgehog felt himself being carried into the air.

Nononononono, WAIT! Sonic cried. I need to know more about this! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!?

The moment Sonic opened his eyes again, he sat up in shock. His heart was quivering fast, and he was panting hard. As Sonic looked around, he noticed he was in a new area of the large forest, confused in which direction he was in. The blue hedgehog then noticed his eyes were back to their normal emerald color, his body lost the glowing rainbow fire effect, and the strange gem fused to his chest disappeared.

"Was it all a dream…?" Sonic asked. "No… no, it can't be… Hella… Master Core… what is it that ties them together… I have to find out who this Hella person is… She's the only clue I have so far…"

When Sonic the Hedgehog got up again, he didn't know which direction was southeast, so he started running around, lost in the deep woods. Every second, he ran meters of where he last ended up, and he had no idea which way was out. When Sonic got up to the top of the trees, he saw he was so far off he couldn't even find the burnt area of the forest, only the Winged Firestorms still in the direction he was going.

"I guess that's my only way of heading southeast," Sonic said to himself before jumping onto the ground. Just then, he heard the rustling of the branches and the birds flying off. When Sonic heard the noises, he felt eager and prepared for who he was about to witness. Once the blue hedgehog heard another branch snap, he dashed towards that direction, only to come to an opening and clash into a familiar face.

"HEY! Watch where you're going!" Meta Knight cried. "…Sonic? Is it… you?"

"Yeah, of course it's me," Sonic answered. "What are you doing here?"

"I predicted that the monsters will come and capture my friends, so my plan was to distract the troops and let my companions finish the mission," Meta Knight answered. "How did you get over here?"

"Well, it's a long story," Sonic lamented. "Basically, my eyes started giving off a strange glare when I was down in the burned area of the forest, they started glowing white, and I think I was having some sort of… vision… before ending up here? Could it probably be because I'm the only one unaffected by the trophy transformation after years of visiting each and every land I know?"

"Wait, wait, wait," Meta Knight objected. "What did that glare, by chance, look like?"

Sonic looked around, grabbing a small, dry twig lying on the ground. The blue hedgehog tried to remember the feeling of the glare in his eyes from before, but it was practically hard for him. Instead, he tried to remember the emblem shown on the strange gem. So, he drew a small circle, making a cross with its center to its lower right.

"Is that what the symbol looked like?" Sonic asked again. Meta Knight closely observed it, taking a long look at what Sonic drew in the ground.

"Of course…" Meta Knight mumbled. "I never thought this day would come…"

"What?" Sonic asked. "What is it? What are you talking about?"

"When you were having that vision," Meta Knight asked, "there was a high possibility there was a strange gem fused to your chest, and it looked precisely like that symbol you drew. Am I correct?"

"Yeah," Sonic answered. "It looked exactly like that. Why?"

"My spiny friend," Meta Knight spoke. "you have just been affected by a Smash Ball."

"Smash Ball!?" Sonic exclaimed. "But I thought those were an urban legend! Could... this be some effect given to me all because I'm not a trophy?"

"Seems to me that way," Meta Knight replied. "I always knew one of us will ever have the chance to get a vision, explaining how it all began, the war between light and darkness, order and chaos, peace and freedom."

"What you're trying to say is… after we get out of here, we'll find out about what I experienced in that vision?"

"Definitely," Meta Knight answered. "Now, come on. These woods are full of Tabuu's spies, and we need to get out of here before- What the-!?"

Before the two fighters could even walk out of the area, a wild Clubberskull emerged out from the bushes, growling with an ear-piercing roar.

"A Clubberskull," Meta Knight said. "It probably heard us talking about the Smash Ball and wants to kill us before we can give out any proof. Be very careful, Sonic. It's by far the most dangerous and most powerful of all the enemies in the Subspace Army and any other army it belongs to."

"Danger's my middle name, Meta," Sonic answered. "It's probably heavy, so that makes that thing rather slow to catch up. I can knock this thing out faster than you can say ''Sonic Speed!'" The blue hedgehog started spindashing, but the monster's one small eye glared with malice as it swung its huge arms faster than Sonic. As they hit the blue hedgehog like giant clubs, Sonic was rammed right into a bush with Meta Knight, the two of them climbing out and brushing off the loose twigs, leaves, and berries.

"I warned you," Meta Knight groaned. "How you feeling, buddy?"

Sonic coughed, rubbing the bruises all over his aching body, "I think I have a nasty percussion…"

As the Clubberskull crawled closer, cornering the two fighters, it was about to swing its massive arms again before it felt bullets pierce its tough flesh. The one-eyed, human heart-shaped monster looked it its left to see Bayonetta, Dark Pit, and Palutena running towards the beast.

"Finally some help came," Meta Knight said. "What took you so long?"

"We had to find our way through the dark, scary woods," Bayonetta answered. The Umbra Witch then pointed at the Clubberskull, shaking its meaty skin.

"What is that thing?" Bayonetta asked.

"A Clubberskull," Dark Pit answered.

"Yeah, basically that," Sonic too replied. "Apparently, they're one of the most powerful, if not, THE most powerful, monsters of the Subspace Army. Despite its heavy weight, it's super-fast, so be extremely careful…"

As the Clubberskull rushed towards the fighters, they all jumped out of the way, ending up behind the monster and catching it off its guard as they flew in with punches and kicks. However, the flesh was super thick and no matter what the fighters threw at him, it barely made a dent. But that "barely" just might be their one chance in victory.

"We're going to have to need a distraction," Meta Knight groaned. "The rest of us will have to keep it focused on us."

"Already on it!" Sonic exclaimed. The blue hedgehog dashed towards the Clubberskull, moving so fast that not even the monster's arms could catch him. Eventually, the beast felt Sonic start to claw through its tough flesh, and it couldn't even feel a thing because it was so tough. The Clubberskull then saw Bayonetta, Dark Pit, Palutena, and Meta Knight ready their weapons, and it started crawling towards them. Since it was moving so fast, Sonic had a hard time hanging on but grabbed on its stringy bands of tissue and continued drilling with his spindashes.

The fighters tried dodging out of the Clubberskull's path, Meta Knight teleporting to and fro, Palutena, Dark Pit, and Bayonetta firing their only projectiles at the monster. Meanwhile, Sonic was drilling deeper into its thick skin, eventually cutting through all the layers and reaching to the center. The monster had the other fighters cornered by its huge arms, ready to crush them hard into the ground. Just then, the Clubberskull froze in its stance. Meta Knight, Dark Pit, Palutena, and Bayonetta saw its only eye beginning to bulge, and Sonic emerged from its socket spindashing, leaving light-yellow juice at where the monster's eye used to be. As the beast's body fell down stone-cold, the blue hedgehog landed on his feet, shaking off whatever mucus he had on his quills.

"Looks like we proved that thing who's the fastest thing alive around here, right?" Sonic cheered. The Clubberskull's dead body was then carried off by a small cluster of Shadow Bugs, carrying the corpse off into the woods as the fighters watched it disappear into the depth of the luscious green.

"So sorry to intrude on you two cuties," Bayonetta said.

"It's nothing," Sonic replied. "From what I can gather from my travels and rumors, you must be Bayonetta, Palutena, and Dark Pit, am I correct?"

"I guess it's an honor to meet you, Mr. Sonic," Palutena answered.

"You've probably heard of Meta Knight, the Galaxia Warrior," Sonic then said, holding Meta Knight close to him. "Is that correct?"

"I'm sure we've all studied about him and his doings," Pittoo answered. "What are you two doing around here?"

"When I bumped into him," Meta Knight replied, "I heard him talk about receiving a vision because he is the only one unaffected by the amnesia effect by a trophy transformation. It could be the work of... a Smash Ball…"

"Smash Ball?" Palutena asked. "I've never heard of it before."

"Whatever it is," Meta Knight said, "we have to find out how it works, and fast. The Subspace Army can spawn out of nowhere and capture one of us, like Charizard and Lucas."

"Well," Sonic replied. "Let's just reunite with the Falcon Flyer Group in the southeast and wait for the Wolfen Assault Group to catch up. But before we do that… can I tell you what I saw in the vision?"

The fighters all sat down, and Sonic took a silent, deep breath before resting his legs as well.

"I saw… a girl," Sonic said. "She was just lying down, in a strange world filled with cosmos. She looked like a brave fighter, and she had a mark on her left upper arm which resembled closely like the Subspace Army symbol. She had no idea who she was or where she came from, just wandering around in the darkness. Then, a strange figure who called himself the Master Core appeared behind her and gave her the name Hella, told her she was in the land of Arcadia, a world beyond her dreams. The last thing I heard before I woke up was that she was about to experience a life-changing crisis…"

"Hella, huh?" Bayonetta replied. "Maybe she has something in connection with the Subspace Army, maybe even solving why this is happening…"

"We better hurry and team up with our friends," Sonic answered. "Any moment now, more monsters like that Clubberskull from before might appear out of nowhere."

"That Smash Ball is waking up," Meta Knight replied, "The one that was untouched by the magic of the Hands shall be the one to bring the others into the light…" Eventually, Sonic ran off to the southeast, but slow enough for Meta Knight, Palutena, Dark Pit, and Bayonetta to catch up, following the Winged Firestorms flying off farther southeast towards a large desert.

Chapter Text

The darkness seeped in as the black-red cloud rolled in the sky. Lucas with Charizard and Little Mac heard the roaring of the monsters far off from the distance, a slight look of terror in their eyes. They were just in the rocky plains of the desert mountains, on the lookout for any Subspace Army creatures.

"Wow," Lucas said. "I never knew how big the world is now…"

"It must've been the alternated rules after the defeat of this Tabuu…" Little Mac replied.

"As you know, our objective is to find out about the Smash Ball, right?" Lucas said. "The glare in our eyes signified that we might have something in common with each other, so if we hurry, we might find what we're looking for."

As the three fighters were climbing over the rocky face, Charizard suddenly picked up a strange scent. The Pokémon started growling and flew above the small mountainside. When Little Mac and Lucas saw Charizard flying, the two fighters climbed up, trying to see what Charizard found. There, the three fighters saw what appeared to an abandoned lab, the thunder from the black-red cloud flashing to show the symbol of the Subspace Army on a rather large sign.

"This place c-could be dangerous," Lucas stammered. "We have to be careful around here… Who knows what could spring up and attack us?" The blond-haired PSI boy, the Pokémon, and the small boxer walked closer to the building, they were keeping their guard up constantly, but it suddenly dropped when a strange figure warped right in front of them, startling the fighters.

The cat-like thing appeared to be black all over, three peculiar fingers on his hands, his tail fading into a bright neon orange. A strange gem was fused to his left shoulder, the same color as the tip of his tail, and his eyes were giving off a dim glow exactly the color of the Shadow Bugs.

"P-please, strange creature…" Lucas stammered, fear in his eyes. "We didn't mean any harm. We were just looking around for evidence of the Subspace Army. We'll get out of your way, if that's okay with you…"

"That's right," the stranger telepathized, "unless you want to suffer the wrath of Shadow Mewtwo…"

"Mewtwo?" Little Mac asked. "Isn't Mewtwo one of those… legendary Pokémon, whatever you call them?"

"You must be Mewtwo, right?" Lucas said. "If you have something in common with the Subspace Army, maybe you can help us."

"I'm sorry," Shadow Mewtwo telepathized in answer. "My abilities lie to serving no other master but Tabuu only, and his job is to make sure I eliminate all who dare cross his path." A Shadow Bug fell out of Shadow Mewtwo's gem on his left shoulder, and the psychic Pokémon caught it before placing it back on his shoulder, where it merged with him into his black body.

"Is he some sort of…?" Little Mac asked Lucas before the blond-haired PSI boy butted in.

"Vessel for Shadow Bugs?" Lucas answered the small boxer. "Of course he is. Didn't you see the Shadow Bug fall out of him a minute ago? These little critters are parasitic, infecting a certain host and replicating inside, brainwashing them into working for their true master. The only other person we know who went through a similar situation was Mr. Game & Watch, not even knowing he was being harvested for the Shadow Bugs within him and imprisoned by Tabuu."

"Looks like someone knows their history very well for being a coward," Shadow Mewtwo telepathized, floating a little higher into the air. "Besides, I sure loved the look on your faces when you have to flee for your miserable lives."

"Wait," Lucas said. "You don't mean that…?" Just then, Lucas suddenly remembered the situation at the Ruins of the Ancients, how he and Charizard were the only ones who escaped, and the strange figures they tried to identify in the fire.

"You're one of the people who attacked us, weren't you? Back at the Ruins of the Ancients?" Lucas exclaimed, suddenly knowing the three Ultimates were probably with him at that time too.

"How precise you are, kid," the Pokémon telepathized in answer. "There's so much more you don't know about us nowadays…" Shadow Mewtwo then got on the ground, his feet barely touching as he stood right in front of the three fighters, inbetween them and the abandoned building. His orange-tipped tail whipped back and forth as his peculiar hands started creating sparks of violet-colored lightning, slowly growing larger the more force the Pokémon put in. Little Mac, Charizard, and Lucas saw what he's going to do next and readied their battle stances.

As the Shadow Ball grew as large as Shadow Mewtwo could possibly make it, the Pokémon telepathized, "Hope you can enjoy these last few seconds here, because you'll never know anything about the Subspace Army." It seemed like all hope was lost for the three fighters as the huge ball came flying towards them from the Pokémon's fingers, but a giant blue slash reflected it back at Shadow Mewtwo, slamming right into his chest with enough brute force to send him flying towards a small set of stray gas cans, creating a small explosion on impact.

Far off into the desert, Sonic, Meta Knight, Palutena, Dark Pit, and Bayonetta were running off, trying to look for a nearby Subspace base for evidence of the Smash Ball, but just when they heard a loud bang go off on their left, the blue hedgehog stopped in his tracks, looking at the smoke.

"What are you doing, idling around here for?" Meta Knight asked Sonic, tugging at the hedgehog's white glove.

"I saw a blast occur over there," Sonic answered, pointing at the smoke.

"Maybe we can find a clue about the Subspace Army," Palutena remarked. "Come on! Someone might need our help over there!" The small group of fighters then started running off towards the rocky area of the desert, a cloud of sand trailing behind them.

As the fire calmed down next to the abandoned building, Lucas, Charizard, and Little Mac got up, rubbing their bodies off the dust that flew towards them. When Shadow Mewtwo climbed out of the rubble, brushing the soot to avoid getting burned, he saw someone new as he tried adjusting his vision.

"What?" the Pokémon telepathized in question. There, he saw a blond-haired man, wearing black clothing with a red jacket, his blue eyes the same glowing color as his crimson metallic sword. Sonic, Meta Knight, Bayonetta, Palutena, and Dark Pit ran up the rocky face, just in time to see what happened.

"So, you're this Shadow Mewtwo I've heard so much about," the stranger said, his voice in a cheery British accent. "Well, as long as I, Shulk, am involved with this, no one is getting hurt."

"You don't know who you're messing with, Bionis chosen by the Monado Arts," Shadow Mewtwo telepathized in humor. "Once Tabuu regains his full strength, he will rise again to recreate the Great Maze, and they will be nothing you can do to stop him."

"Try me," Shulk said, grabbing the Monado Arts by the hilt of the blade, the large circle at the base starting flashing different symbols. When Shulk picked a red symbol found in his blade, he then started glowing red, grabbing the sword with his left hand. Eventually, Sonic, Meta Knight, Palutena, Dark Pit, Bayonetta, Lucas, Little Mac, and Charizard all stood up with Shulk against Shadow Mewtwo.

"I can tell you're looking for a Smash Ball, according to an old legend," Shadow Mewtwo telepathized in lamentation. "Turns out, you already found one of them, in that little blue rat." As Shadow Mewtwo said that, he pointed at Sonic, knowing he was the only one unaffected by a trophy transformation.

"Correction: it's hedgehog," Sonic objected. "If you're gonna threaten me, do it properly."

"Enough games, creature," Shulk said. "This is the Monado's power."

Shadow Mewtwo was about to release another Shadow Ball but was quickly knocked out of his guard when Little Mac came in too fast and did an uppercut punch from behind. The Pokémon started warping out of the group, firing his psychic bolts at Charizard, Meta Knight, Palutena, and Dark Pit, who were now flying towards him. Once the four fighters bolted off the ground, they flew in so quick that not even Shadow Mewtwo was able to react in time. However, one of the bolts hit Charizard before he blasted fire at the Pokémon, knocking into Dark Pit. Palutena managed to charge up her particles from her staff, and Meta Knight rushed in with powerful slashes from his blade. Shadow Mewtwo managed to use his Disable ability to make the masked warrior dizzy, but Shulk rushed just in time, glowing green thanks to the Monado Arts and jumping high enough to grab Meta and attack with a mighty slash that knocked the Pokémon onto the ground. Once Shadow Mewtwo got back up, he saw Sonic and Little Mac charging right towards him. Once they were in close, Shadow Mewtwo was about to release a powerful melee attack before they could even land a blow, but Bayonetta got in the way, using her Witch Time. Because she didn't do it fast enough, she used her Bat Within to transform into a swarm of bats, obstructing the Pokémon's view. Once Shadow Mewtwo scared the swarm off, the bats clustered back into Bayonetta's original form, and Lucas used his PK Freeze to seal Shadow Mewtwo in ice. Once Shadow Mewtwo thawed himself, he saw the fighters in front of him, charging right towards him.

"So, you think this is all a game, huh?" Shadow Mewtwo telepathized. "You haven't seen my ultimate power yet…" When the Pokémon got up, the other fighters stopped and watched as Shadow Mewtwo used the Shadow Bugs in his body to transform himself into his ultimate form: his X Mega Evolution, which was now coated purple like the Shadow Bugs with gleaming white eyes. Shadow Mewtwo then started blasting powerful psychic beams at the other fighters while they dodged and ran towards him, and he charged up his Shadow Ball, but Shulk rushed up to him in time, using his Monado Arts to use his Speed ability, and he ran almost as fast as Sonic, using a backslash behind Shadow Mewtwo, and then Sonic spin-dashed deep into the Pokémon's front. Once all the fighters ran up to Shadow Mewtwo, the Pokémon got up, brushing the dust off his body with his telekinesis.

"You may have defeated me," Shadow Mewtwo telepathized, "but that taste of power was just the beginning. Good luck trying to learn about our ruler in time, because there won't be enough…" Just like that, Shadow Mewtwo warped out of the abandoned building's area, technically resulting in a small victory for the reunited group of fighters. Once the fighters brushed the dust collected on their skin, Sonic and Meta Knight turned towards Lucas and Charizard, relieved of their survival.

"Sonic!" Lucas cried, running towards the blue hedgehog and hugging him tight, avoiding pricking himself on the quills.

"I missed you so much, buddy," Sonic wept, his eyes filled with tears of joy. Meta Knight flew in just in time, joining in with the group hug.

"How'd you escape from the Subspace Army?" Meta Knight asked, filled with relief as Charizard joined the group hug too.

"Well, it wasn't easy, but you know about how air-headed Primids nowadays are," Lucas answered.

"And what about the rest of our buddies?" Sonic asked, breaking up the group hug. "Snake, Ice Climbers, Red, the gang you went with, where are they?" Lucas looked down in shame, shaking his head and showing that he doesn't know where the others were. When the other fighters saw that some of their friends' friends were either missing or dead, they stepped in closer to understand what's going on.

"… I see…" Sonic said, knowing that even Lucas and Charizard don't know where Snake and his gang are at. "Well, we'll rescue them somehow. These buddies you met with are Little Mac and Shulk, right?"

"Yes," Shulk said, looking at the blue hedgehog in awe. "How'd you know?"

"Well, after the defeat of Dr. Eggman, I managed to find a way to travel across the universe, visiting different worlds and learning about the heroes and villains… It's a long story, basically," Sonic answered. "However, when I finally came across Master Hand, he transported me to this world, but wasn't fast enough to transform me into a trophy and wipe out my memories, and I've been on the run since."

"In other words," Meta Knight butted in, "he's the only one who was unable to turn into a trophy, and that's why he was affected by a Smash Ball."

"Smash Ball!?" Lucas said. "Where!?"

"He's not sure, kid," Bayonetta answered. "According to the little blue rodent, he experienced it somehow during some sort of certain event followed by a splitting headache. Isn't that right, Sonic? Sonic?" The blue hedgehog then looked at the building, looking at the place in stern. The blue hedgehog then rushed inside, attempting to investigate the place.

"Sonic!" Little Mac called out, trying to run to him, but Meta Knight placed a hand on his back.

"Not now, my little comrade," the small warrior objected. "It's something he has to experience for himself."

Inside the abandoned laboratory, Sonic slowly walked around, investigating the place. As he looked around, he saw only one florescent light on the ceiling was still operational and glowing but still flickering, and it was bright enough for the blue hedgehog to get a good view of the place. The checkered tiles on the floor were dazed and dirty, the splotched walls covered in muck. Every footprint that Sonic left permanently stayed in place because of the thick dust and the dead air in the laboratory. As Sonic kept walking down the hall, he saw what appeared to be an empty kitchen complete with a television set now broken, a small bathroom, and a tiny fold-up bed attached to the wall, the pillows turned inside-out with feathers sticking out and a couple springs tearing through the fabric.

This must be someone's house, Sonic thought, his hands dragging alongside the door frames. Probably a place where you can lounge and work at the same time… Just then, Sonic saw a Shadow Bug on the floor. It was tiny and barely noticeable, but it was there, just at his feet. The Shadow Bug didn't seem to do anything, but Sonic noticed it was rather afraid as he took one small step and the creature backed off.

Strange how this Shadow Bug is alone, Sonic thought. I thought all of them were evil, and they only traveled in clumps. The Shadow Bug slowly floated and rested on Sonic's long, black nose, tickling him a little.

I guess this little guy isn't so bad, Sonic thought again. The blue hedgehog giggled as the Shadow Bug peered closer to his face, making him cry a little. Just then, the tiny purple ball of fluff flew off deep into the dark hall.

"Hey, wait up!" Sonic called. He ran fast enough to catch up to the ball in the darkness and came across a work table in another room. As he saw the Shadow Bug hover in the air, the blue hedgehog watched as it illuminated itself in a bright violet light and rest itself in a small jar. Sonic slowly placed a small-holed lid on the jar with the Shadow Bug, and the tiny fluff ball lit up brighter, giving off a faint purple glow on the walls. As Sonic looked around, he saw that the work area was filled with designs and blueprints in ways that even he can't figure out because of the strange language. They didn't even look like those machines of war were made by the Subspace Army themselves.

Almost as if they were made for a reason.

As Sonic took a small glance at the blueprints, he felt his head starting to hurt badly, almost just as bad as the incident at the burned forest. As the blue hedgehog groaned loudly, the glare in his eyes caused them to give off a white glow just like before. At that point, Sonic's eyes glowed so brightly that not even the Shadow Bug he befriended could illuminate itself to be that blinding. Giving off a loud yell of pain, Sonic collapsed again, everything going dark.

When the blue hedgehog woke up again, he saw he was giving off a rainbow-like fiery hue with golden irises and the Smash Ball fused to his chest just like before. As Sonic sharpened his vision, he looked around and saw that the only window in the room was letting in some sunlight. The Shadow Bug from before was still in its jar on the table, almost like nothing happened.

Strange how this is all a memory when stuff like this happens and you're still here with me, Sonic telepathized, just like before. Unless you have a way of appearing in visions like I do… When Sonic grabbed the jar, he looked around and saw that nothing was now cluttered in the lab. The blueprints were all gone, and the place looked so clean now. When Sonic walked out of the room, he saw that no one was there, looking rather empty. As soon as Sonic walked outside the door, the sun was blinding his eyes when he looked around and saw no rocky desert. Instead, he saw a luscious field with splotches of trees here and there. Flowers the blue hedgehog had never seen before bloomed right at his feet, almost identical to the one he saw growing in the burned forest. When Sonic looked to his right, he saw a huge arena, looking exactly like the Midair Stadium. As Sonic ran towards the arena, the Shadow Bug in the jar started chirping quietly. The faint glow in the jar created a small path leading right through the arena's wall.

Through there? The blue hedgehog telepathized in question. Sonic probably assumed this is what the Shadow Bug wanted him to do, so he ran straight headfirst through the wall. Once Sonic noticed he could pass through solid objects, he clipped right through, seeing that he was in a huge crowd watching what was going on.

The Arcadium, Hella's voice rang again. In that huge arena, there was the Master Core, the big-head boss of the place. Sonic suddenly remembered it was a memory, where this girl named Hella was talking to him through what she experienced. As Sonic heard the voice, the Shadow Bug in the jar he was holding chirped quietly again, and the blue hedgehog saw the Master Core himself. The strange entity, simply floating like a black cloud, was at the center of the arena. Just then, the quartz bridge rolled down, and the first person who walked out was Hella.

"Behold, one of the first of my many creations, Hella," the Master Core's voice boomed out through the Arcadium as the large audience applauded in ear-splitting cheers. As Sonic saw Hella from a good distance, he noticed she looked more beautiful than when he first heard of her existence. The raven-black girl with the now-violet eyes had an expression on her face that told her she was excited about here. As Sonic watched again, he saw hundreds of thousands of what appeared to be fighters, most of them more out of place than others.

I was excited the first day the Arcadium was open, millions of people participating to watch us fight, Hella's voice rang out again in Sonic's head. There were so many fighters here, those whose faces I can never remember, and the Master Core called them all trophies, even though I didn't know why…

"I officially declare the Arcadium, the arena for fighters across the multiverse, open!" the Master Core echoed. As the audience cheered, Sonic and the Shadow Bug in the jar saw the sorts of fighters all down below, looking rather excited about this.

"Let the battles begin!" the Master Core boomed.

As what felt like hours passed, Sonic noticed Hella was fighting like no other warrior at her time. The stances she took, the magic she used, the way she swung her huge sword, there was no telling she did not fight like an ordinary Subspace Army member.

Even though I didn't have my memories, Hella's voice echoed in Sonic's head, I was very skilled in my combat movement. Pummeling my enemies into oblivion and watching them get fished out of the unidentified matter below the stage, it was all rather entertaining to me, but still not enough to know what's going on, or how it could be illegal if I did my own thing...

Once the sun started to set, Sonic walked through the arena walls to outside, seeing that the laboratory Hella was walking to was actually one of the many homes just outside the Arcadium, and each house was identified with the fighters' certain symbols, Hella's being the Subspace symbol. As Sonic the Hedgehog walked in to see what Hella was doing inside, he saw the raven-black warrior inside, the long fabric on her legs trailing behind her seat.

Every day, Hella rang out again, I was building new inventions and wacky gadgets for my weapons, each one deadlier than the last, after receiving the materials I earned in my victories. It wasn't all just for me, but for other fighters and the Master Core himself too. The one thing I didn't know was about the situations the Master Core was going through. According to his law, no trophy is allowed to be outside their homes after sunset, for it was the hour of his own personal business.

Personal business? Sonic thought. The Smash Ball's colors projected the rainbow light like water, not even bothering Hella on her work table. The blue hedgehog looked with his golden eyes as he saw the Shadow Bug touching the side of the jar from inside, probably thinking about what happens next.

Little did he know that I had been waiting for this day in eons, Hella's voice rang out. That night, I was going out to see what the Master Core is doing, and nothing will ever stop me. As soon as the black-clothed warrior got up from her work desk, she grabbed her weapon and ran outside, faster than Sonic ever could run. As the blue hedgehog followed the girl, he noticed she was avoiding being spotted by the hovering robots in the air, all of them simple discs quartz-white with searching lights protruding from below them. When they passed below Sonic, they didn't see him somehow, so they didn't give off an alarm, which was lucky.

As Sonic followed Hella sneaking in, he followed her to one of the many rooms in the Arcadium, right outside the Master Core's office, which was the only room off-limits.

"I won't let a silly sign stop me," Hella whispered, slowly ripping off the warning sign off the door and sneaking in. Sonic followed her in, passing through the door. There, he saw the Master Core, gathering books and scrolls of whatever he found in the items vault. Putting them all in small steel boxes, the black cloud pushed them towards what appeared to be a Mii Fighter, probably of the female Brawler type and wearing sort-of cool gear. Sonic saw that Hella was watching from a distance, looking at the Master Core putting all her inventions and crafts in separate containers, giving them all to the Mii Fighter, which she put all of them in a special magic bag.

"Make sure that the Ancients receive this technology in time, for it is necessary to their survival," the Master Core told the Mii Brawler.

The Ancients? Sonic thought. I thought those robots made all that technology by themselves before the Subspace Army. The Shadow Bug in the jar Sonic was holding chirped quietly again, trying to make the blue hedgehog pay more attention to the conflict.

"Also," the Master Core boomed throughout the room, "hide all this precious knowledge in your Chamber of Secrets, deep in your city." The Mii Brawler nodded by command, putting all the books and scrolls in her magic bag before she carried it out of the office on her back. Just then, the Master Core noticed Hella was hiding this whole time behind the items.

"Hella…" the black entity boomed again. The raven-black warrior walked out of the shadows, her rainbow-tipped hair waving in front of her dark-circled purple eyes. Sonic watched in vain as he probably predicted that she might be punished without any dialogue, and the Shadow Bug creeped in closer to him in fear.

"I warned everyone to stay inside their homes after sunset," the Master Core said. "You somehow disobeyed me, and I already knew what you were doing…"

"But you just can't let us keep living like this!" Hella exclaimed in objection. "All we do is fight and fight alone, forced to battle unknown strangers we'll never meet, and all you're doing is stealing my hard work to provide for someone we don't even know is out there! Don't tell me there's nothing to stay away from! You promised me a land beyond my imagination, but this isn't the dream I was given, nor anyone's, for that matter! For once in your life, could you just open your eyes and see that this is not what WE wanted!? Why don't you let US create our OWN worlds, with whatever rules WE can dream of!?"

"HELLA!" Master Core yelled, his voice so great it shook the whole Arcadium. "Whatever I decide is not up to you. Head back to your home now. I'll be coming over first thing in the morning to transform you into a trophy, making you forget what you just experienced tonight."

Hella tried to grab the hilt of her weapon, but hesitated. Instead, she calmed herself down and slowly walked outside. The warrior passed through Sonic, making him turn towards her as she walked out the door.

I wanted to fight the Master Core that night, Hella's voice rang out again in Sonic's head, but I remembered there were some things you can't get involved with, and it was too late. When the blue hedgehog looked behind him to see the Master Core, he saw the black entity was focusing himself directly at him.

"You're probably wondering why this all happened," the Master Core spoke to Sonic.

So, wait, Sonic telepathized. You can see and hear me, even though this is just a memory of someone else, like that girl.

"I am capable of many things, Sonic the Hedgehog," the Master Core spoke again, "and Hella is no exception. I already knew you wouldn't be the only one affected by a trophy transformation, allowing you to keep your memories thanks to your fast speed."

But why remove memories of all the other fighter's past lives? Sonic telepathized in question.

"It's best to not even know about all the pain and suffering they went through to become ultimate," the Master Core answered.

But memories are what make a part of us, probably the most important ingredient, Sonic telepathized in objection. If you take that away from us, we probably won't even remember who or what we once were. Sure, it's harsh and painful, but they're memories worth remembering.

"But I always have good reasons for wiping memories from trophies," the Master Core said. "Hella, as you just saw, may be suffering by amnesia from the transformation, but that's because she should've never known about her true destiny, and you know that well too…"

But can you tell me why this is all happening? Sonic asked through telepathy. Why I'm the only one who can see the Smash Ball inside us?

"That's something YOU have to see for yourself," the Master Core answered. "After all, you are all just the children of a being greater than you. However, I will give you a hint: Tabuu is the one giving you these memories for a reason." Then, the Master Core disappeared from the room, leaving Sonic and the Shadow Bug in the jar alone. As soon as Sonic walked out of the empty room, he ran straight to Hella's house, where he passed through the lab's walls. When Sonic slowly peered to look inside the work room, he saw Hella, tapping on one of her unfinished projects. The warrior-slash-scientist had a look of anger and spite, jealous that she didn't have power equal to the Master Core. As she looked more at the project on her desk, her fists started clenching and her face turning red, her purple eyes gleaming bright with envy.

The blue hedgehog kept watching, the fire-like rainbow hue flowing like it was being caught in a wind, and the Shadow Bug in the jar Sonic was carrying in his hand backed up, mildly afraid. Filled with fire in her eyes, Hella yelled and knocked off her equipment in one swipe, and she grabbed the chair she was sitting on and smashing everything else like a baseball bat. After she made a huge mess of the place, she slammed her fists so hard that she broke the lab table in half, covering her hands in splinters and deep cuts. When she took a look at the desolation she caused with her melee methods alone, she placed her wounded hands in her face and started crying, her bitter weeps mixing in with her silent hiccups.

Sonic watched as she kept crying, her jealous heart growing stone-cold. As the blue hedgehog knelt beside her, he placed a hand on her back, trying to make it seem like he was actually touching her despite being able to pass through solid objects. After Hella wiped her face, she slowly got up, finally free of her fears and anxieties.

I wouldn't let the rules of the Master Core stop me, Hella's voices rang out through Sonic. I was going to find out about myself, one way or another. Grabbing a map stocked away in her drawers, she pulled it out, revealing the uncharted corners of Arcadia.

My objective was to find the Mii Fighters and find out who I really was, despite the risks, Hella's voice said. However, I couldn't go alone, and none of the other fighters were brave enough to stand up to the task. So, I had to create my own companion. As Hella put together whatever equipment she had left in her lab, she was grabbing all sorts of formulas that were in her fridge past the over-expired grub stocked deep within with small gadgets and batteries.

A companion that was small enough to fit in a tiny jar, Hella's voice rang out again through Sonic as he watched her mix different compounds together, even brushing off the dust she collected on her clothes from her first encounter of the Master Core, which had tiny particles form the black entity known as "Swarm".

A companion as black as the shadows which can dominate over heroes and villains alike, Hella's voice said, the blue hedgehog seeing the warrior piece together wires and switches, carefully connecting each gear.

A companion… that would call me its one true master… Hella's voice said again, and Sonic finally saw her extracting a little bit of her color from her purple irises with a special tiny dropper as she placed of drop if it in a jar with a small, while, woolen pom-pom and a black garden ant. Her plan was to fuse the three components into one, single form with all the other mixtures she carefully poured in the jar with measuring containers. Once Hella started the machine by pressing a few buttons on the control panel, she then flipped the largest switch she could find, which generated electricity. Since the mixtures were conductors as good as water, the electric currents passed through freely, sparking up the whole room so bright that all the florescent lights in Hella's house bursted, leaving the place a total blackout. Just then, a faint, purple light started glowing from inside the jar as Hella grabbed a flashlight by her desk and looked inside the jar. Sonic watched as her peered at what she had created.

A Shadow Bug, Hella's voice said. When Hella opened the jar, the tiny creature flew right into her face, making her giggle a bit. As the Shadow Bug hovered around her face, it started chirping quietly before landing back into her jar, which she slowly closed. When Sonic saw that the Shadow Bug was created, he looked down to the Shadow Bug he was holding in the jar and saw it was probably the same one, which probably explains why it was alone and didn't attack after all these years. When Hella grabbed her usual weapon, the huge sword with a series of guns attached to the base, she placed the jar her Shadow Bug was in in her side pocket, grabbing her map and walking outside her laboratory.

I was going to find out about myself, Hella's voice said to Sonic. However, when I did that, I was never the same again… Just as soon as Hella walked outside the Arcadium's area, Sonic felt his eyes glowing white again, noticing he is probably going to be heading back to where he was before.

After Sonic woke up in shock, he noticed he was normal again, and the Shadow Bug in the jar he was carrying was still on the broken table. The blue hedgehog then grabbed the jar and walked down the dark hallway, catching up speed as he ran out of the abandoned laboratory. When he got outside, he was in the rocky desert again, with the same red-black twilight, with Lucas, Charizard, Little Mac, Meta Knight, Bayonetta, Palutena, Dark Pit, and Shulk waiting outside. Once Sonic ran up towards the other fighters, he felt like he was ready to tell them what he just experienced in another vision.

"Guys, there's something I have to tell you, and it's probably life-changing," Sonic said, placing the jar with the Shadow Bug behind his back.

"What's that?" Palutena asked the blue hedgehog, noticing the jar.

"Oh, this?" Sonic pulled out the jar with the Shadow Bug, saying, "I just found him all alone. You know how Shadow Bugs usually travel in groups and attack on sight? Well, he was rather peaceful and insisted I take him with me, so I thought I would give him the nickname 'Faker'. Y'know, because it reminded me of Shadow the Hedgehog calling me that name back at my home planet."

"Okay, we did not need to know about your encounter, just glad to see if you're okay," Meta Knight said. "Now, what did you see in that vision?"

"Well," Sonic said, "I saw the Midair Stadium was once known as the Arcadium on land, and there were hundreds of thousands of fighters not like us, and Hella was one of them. One night, she snuck into the Master Core's office, even though she clearly was not supposed to, and she saw all the recollected knowledge of the worlds they came from being taken to a city filled with Mii Fighters, and her technology for the Ancients."

"But I thought the Ancients were masters of technology before they became extinct," Palutena objected.

"Unless R.O.B. was lying to us before his cloak was burned, and for good reason," Meta Knight answered. "Go on, rodent."

"Eventually," Sonic continued, "she became whiny that the rules here aren't fair, and she was jealous that the Master Core had all this power to do whatever HE wants and not his toys, even though he clearly said this was the 'Land of Opportunities'. So, she decided to seek the Mii Fighters herself, and she eventually created the first Shadow Bug, namely Faker, in this jar." When Sonic held out the jar again, the other fighters saw the Shadow Bug floating around, suspended in the tiny jar with a small-holed lid.

"But I still don't get what was the big fuss over the Smash Ball," Lucas said. "Isn't that the key weapon to Tabuu's destruction?"

"Only one way to find out," Sonic said. "But first, we have to find it, and maybe even find out if it is worth finding or not."

"Did you find anything in that lab that could help us?" Bayonetta asked the blue hedgehog.

"Outside of this Shadow Bug?" Sonic answered. "Definitely not… oh, except for these little things…" When Sonic pulled out the blueprints from before, the other fighters pulled them open, looking at all the different gadgets labeled on the paper. They were all trying to read what the writings on the blueprints said, but they couldn't make out the language.

"This is obviously spoken in Ancient tongue," Palutena said. "There's no way we can ever find out what it says, and we don't have your R.O.B. around to read it, and even then would we not have a single thought translator around…"

"Unless we find someone who at least knows the languages of the Ancients and whatever race they come across," Sonic answered. "Even I don't know this, but across that desert, miles away from here, there's a huge city that is filled with all sorts of races… or was from what I've learned. Nowadays, this place is filled with even the harshest of the harsh, and the only living civilian might be the species capable of translating. Well, I guess your talent can be a bit pricey, considering if you're a squid-like creature, and squids are mentioned to be rather smart. I luckily visited this place before I even heard about the Subspace Army…"

"Just might be all the information we need," Lucas said. "Now, if we can find one of those civilians, we might be able to figure out what those machines and blueprints were used for…"

"Then we have no time to waste," Meta Knight said. "We have to find the rest of our friends, rescue those still under the grasp of the Subspace Army, find out about this Tabuu, and use that knowledge of why he wants ultimate power to destroy the Subspace Army once and for all. Now, let's go!" With a slightly reunited party, the group of fighters decided to have a change of plans: head west towards that new city known as Civiltatula.

Chapter Text

Running across the snowy mountainside, avoiding many of the Subspace Army allies, the Falcon Flyer Group was seen running off to the northwest, hoping they can meet up with the Wolfen Assault Group and stop whatever enemy is in their path. Once they were in the clear, they stopped for a little break.

"Do you guys think Meta Knight will make it out okay?" Pit asked. "He said he should go alone, and I don't think he might be safe out there…"

"He's been studying old legends of the land ever since the Subspace Army took his ship," Lucario answered. "That's one of the many reasons why they nicknamed him 'The Lone Swordsman'."

"It just seems no matter where we go, we're never safe," Pit said. "Gee, I sure miss being with Lady Palutena in Skyworld, and my old buddy Pittoo…"

"You kept talking about them ever since you first arrived in Arcadia," Ike replied. "I'm sure your old friends would have taken care of themselves after ten years."

"Guys, do you hear something?" Captain Falcon whispered in question. When the bounty hunter heard the snow crunching from a distance, the fighters got up, readying their stances. As the sounds got closer, they were just about prepared for the worst. However, there appeared to be instead a small duck, his body all brown and his head purple. Seconds later, the duck was followed by a brown dog with black ears and nose, his collar red. When the fighters saw the duck hopping onto the dog's back, they lowered their weapons.

"Aw…" Pit said. "Isn't that adorable? A duck and a dog are the best of friends…"

"Stay back, Pit," Marth said. "They might be some random stranger's pets, and he might not like it if you go ahead and – "

"Come on, Marth," Pit objected before turning towards the duck and the dog. "What's the matter, buddies? You lost?" The angel crept in closer to the unlikely duo, the two animals walking towards Pit. As soon as the angel gently grabbed ahold of the dog's collar, the other fighters felt rather alarmed. Then, the dog started licking Pit's face, making him giggle while the duck was ruffling his feathers.

"It's alright, guys," Pit said. "These animals are friendly." Just then, Pit took a look at the golden tag on the collar. The angel took a closer look at the tag before he noticed he couldn't read.

"Ike?" Pit asked. Could you read this for me, please?" The Beorc walked over to the duck and dog, taking a good look at the words on the retriever's collar.

"That's the name you guys share, isn't it? Duck Hunt?" Ike asked. The dog and duck barked and quacked in response, and Ike probably assumed that it was their name. Just then, Ike took another look at the tag, and he said along with the description under the name, "Property of Subspace Army: return at once to avoid surrender. What does that mean, guys?"

"It could probably mean they ran away from the Subspace Army," Peach answered. "Poor things. I hope no harm happened to them. Wonder why…?" Then, Ike flipped the tag around to find out it read something else.

"What does it mean they're 'Powerful Retro Figures'?" Ike asked the other fighters again.

"Probably means that they might have some old-school, classic, 8-bit abilities," Pit answered.

"Old-school, 8-bit what?" Ike asked. Suddenly, they heard a powerful gust of wind in their direction, and the other fighters saw what appeared to be a red-orange warrior that looked much like Meta Knight, and his wings resembled that of a butterfly.

"…Meta Knight?" Lucario asked the warrior.

"Don't you fools know who I am?" the warrior responded. "I was originally known on my home planet as Galacta Knight, and thanks to the powers the Construct God has given me, I have become a more dominant figure: Morpho Knight!" Duck Hunt then started growling and quacking at the stranger, and the other fighters brought up their weapons again.

"Now, now," Morpho Knight said. "I don't want any bloodshed, especially from the Duck Hunt traitor. All I want is Meta Knight, for he had studied legends about a Smash Ball and knows about its uncharted abilities."

"Smash Ball?" Pit exclaimed in question.

"You heard me right," Morpho Knight answered. "I heard he has finally found one of them, which we need to create more Subspace Bombs and rebuild the Great Maze. In one of your friends, I presume."

"Enough games!" Marth exclaimed. "How do you know all this!? Which friend are you talking about!?"

"I swear I'm not even lying," Morpho Knight answered. "All of the Subspace Army has heard about one of the Smash Balls escaping after ten years of dormancy and has found its way into the body of the only fighter who was too fast to even be transformed into a trophy…"

"…No one can be that fast enough to outrun a trophy transformation, unless…" Captain Falcon objected. "Oh, no…"

"What?" Ike asked the bounty hunter.

"The only person who was too fast to avoid being transformed into his trophy self! Sonic the Hedgehog!" Captain Falcon answered.

"You got that right, warrior of the nine planets," Morpho Knight said. "We have finally heard about the blue rodent, and we'll do everything in our power to drag it out of his dead body and make sure you don't find out the truth."

"The Smash Ball is our only key to victory," Pit said. "If you really want to get to Sonic and Meta Knight so badly, then you'll have to go through us!"

"…Very well," Morpho Knight answered. Spreading his wings, the butterfly warrior released hypersonic waves that were so loud it made the fighters barely deaf. As the Big Blue Group clenched their ears against the soundwaves in pain, Duck Hunt tried to bury their heads in the snow because they were too sensitive to the noises. Just then, the duck and the dog were starting to generate pixels, and the pixels took shape into what appeared to be an 8-bit gunman, which he used his Western guns to shoot at Morpho Knight's wings, disabling the soundwaves. Once the fighters got up, they saw the gunman generated from Duck Hunt absorb back into the dog's body like it was nothing.

"Oh," Pit said. "Guess you really were a retro fighter…" When Duck Hunt heard the response, the duck and dog barked and quacked in praise. When the other fighters got up, they saw Morpho Knight struggling out of the deep snow, noticing he was grounded as he looked at his damaged wings.

"Suffer in damnation, you cowards!" Morpho Knight swore as he unsheathed his fiery sword and jumped into the air. The other fighters jumped into the air as they avoided the large beam that was emitted from the blade's slash. Morpho Knight got onto the ground before Marth and Ike could land a hit, and the butterfly warrior started clashing swords with the two blue-haired swordfighters, the fiery magma crystal clashing with the silver-tipped Falchion and golden-plated Ragnell. Duck Hunt then started rushing in, the dog pulling out a clay pigeon from the generating pixels and flung it into the air, flashing red symbols appearing as reticles for a strange, invisible Blaster. When Morpho Knight felt the pieces of stone fly onto his mask, he brushed off the dust and saw Marth and Ike before jumping out of the way.

Pit started flying in, firing his arrows with his metallic bow at the butterfly warrior. Then, Morpho Knight jumped into the air and charged towards the angel, but not before Pit launched himself at the warrior, splitting his bow in half into two blades and slashing Morpho Knight's mask off. The butterfly warrior, covering his face with his big gloves, turned away from the other fighters as they rushed towards him. Just then, he regenerated another mask before looking at the Big Blue Group.

"Do you think I'm through with you yet?" Morpho Knight asked. Suddenly, the butterfly warrior flew high into the air, beginning to draw in power. He started glowing red and split himself into four more copies of himself.

"He can replicate!?" Pit exclaimed. "That's so unfair!"

The Morpho Knight clones then gathered huge stones, flinging them at the other fighters. Everyone ducked out of the way, only to realize they were blocked off by what appeared to be pillars made from the rocks and the Morpho Knights jumping on top of them, ready to unleash a powerful strike.

"Everyone, destroy the rocks!" Lucario yelled, attacking the pillars. The fighters then started lashing their all at the stones before the Morpho Knights began to slash. There wasn't enough time to destroy the other three pillars as the three butterfly warrior clones hit the ground, making rocks fly everywhere before jumping into the air again. Once all the other fighters dodged the pillars, they saw the Morpho Knight that tried to break the pillar but noticed it was destroyed was trying to pull his sword out of the ground, and the other fighters started jabbing and punching him immediately like a sandbag. Once all the fighters dealt the final blow as the three clones started flying in, Morpho Knight crashed into the snow, his replicates disappearing into thin air.

"You are going to regret this day," Morpho Knight moaned, the other fighters walking towards him. "We'll find your friends and use them in unimaginable ways." The butterfly warrior then pointed towards Duck Hunt, R.O.B., Mr. Game & Watch, Bowser, and Wario. "As for the duck and dog, thanks a lot for betraying the Subspace Army, especially when you're friends with the original traitors." Getting up, Morpho Knight then unfurled his broken butterfly wings and teleported out of the area, leaving only a faint red-orange light where he last was.

"He said he's going to find Sonic and Meta Knight if it's the last thing he'll ever do," Captain Falcon said.

"Come on, then!" Pit exclaimed. "We gotta get to our friends quickly and tell them they're being hunted for this Smash Ball, whatever it is!" With Duck Hunt, the Big Blue Group continued running northwest, out of the snowy mountainside and into a deep forest.

Deep in the forest, where once was a paradise garden now stands a desolation of ashes from the Winged Firestorms. The Wolfen Assault Group journeyed deeper as they looked around, noticing there was more destruction everywhere.

"This looks terrible," Ness said. "I feel sorry for the poor creatures that didn't make the destruction out alive…"

"You're going to have to save your worries for later," Fox said. "Right now, we have to look for Sonic."

"Because you wanna tell him about leaving footprints in the ground doesn't work when you run faster than the speed of light?" Falco asked.

"No," Fox answered. "What I mean is we don't know why, but a lot of Subspace Army members are looking for him because – "

"We know, we know," Ganondorf interrupted. "Because of the fact that he's the only one outside all of us who was fast enough to avoid a trophy transformation. Do you think I don't know? You clearly remember I was first in command of the Subspace Army ten years ago. But what you didn't know was about the ones who were rejected before and are now probably in command right now…"

The fighters stopped in their tracks to understand what's going on and looked at the King of Darkness in question. "Whatever do you mean?" Falco asked.

"Sorry if I have to bore you with exposition, but I clearly remember the previous generals that were chosen to help the Ancient Minister in creating the Great Maze, back when we thought we were working for the Master Hand," Ganondorf answered. "His powers brought us here, and we were really deceived by Tabuu's given orders without even knowing it. Meta Knight was one of the trophies who was summoned because of the command of his ship. He told us that this could be the doom for us all, for he clearly knew the Master Hand would never take parts of our world for his own selfish needs, and someone else might be behind all of this. However, we only laughed in response and banished him from his ship, where he ended up in Marth and Ike's place. King Dedede knew about the situation that was going to happen and ran from us with a bag of strange looking brooches with his face on it, never to be seen again.

"There were only a few of us to be elected for command. I was chosen to organize the Ancient Minister's armies, Wario was made a bounty hunter with a trusty Dark Cannon at his side, and Bowser was made to look for the toughest in the fleet. He originally suggested the only spawn he ever had, but they had the King Koopa separated from his son for reasons unknown. Once those chosen for the original Subspace Army were picked out, everyone else was taken for use in the near future; in other words, they were immediately sent back to their homelands. One of the warriors walked up to me, determined that he should take my place."

"Any idea what this guy looked like?" Luigi asked.

"Hardly remember," Ganondorf continued, "except that he had long, silver hair and one wing sprouting from his right shoulder. His face and figure is all but a blank. He said to me, 'This is not fair, what you're doing. You are merely a reincarnation of an ancient demon long-lost in history. I am the eternal abyss, son of Loki's spawn Jenova, eldest sister of Fenrir and Leviathan. I can take control and build it up to the strongest army you have ever seen, if only you give up your place.' However, I was consumed by greed to take over Hyrule as intended, so I turned down his offer. Being rather pissed, he grabbed me by the neck, his glowing blue eyes shining through his thick locks. 'I will be in charge when you're gone,' he told me. 'The Subspace Army made their promises to bring us back one day, when the darkness falls. Every night that passes into day, the moon waits behind the land, eager for vengeance in its struggle against the light.' Then, he let me go and walked off with the rejected soldiers. I still fear the Subspace Army did keep their promises, as I noticed no one ever commands these monsters in such a way as they did."

"Sounds awfully similar to one of the guys that Lucas described," Ness said. "Did he do anything after you cast him aside?"

"Nothing out of the ordinary," Ganondorf answered. "The only thing he ever did was ship to us a large vessel of Smash Balls, legendary jewels fused with the powers of the stars, days after his rejection. Little did any of us know is that they have a mind of their own. They often contain memories of their creator's origin and they're really picky to call anyone's body their own vessel. They were hidden from our world and they have now found a way to communicate with us, but only through the bodies of trophies who havn't transformed into statues for ten years by one who hasn't been transformed at all."

"Sonic's the only one we know so far who hasn't been transformed into a trophy and still manages to keep his memories of our homelands and his," Fox said. "You don't probably mean he's possessed by one, do you?"

"Got that right, anthropromorphic creature," Ganondorf answered.

"Did you guys hear something?" Falco asked the group. The rustling of the trees swayed the branches above them with the black-red darkness behind the leaves. Then, the fighters saw what appeared to be a strange figure hopping back and forth, grunting with every jump. From the sounds the figure was emitting, the Wolfen Assault Group thought that that it was a woman, jumping to and fro. Once she landed on the ground right in front of the fighters, she stepped out of the shade, revealing herself. She had light-gray skin with dark-gray hair tied up in a ponytail, and she wore a blue sport bra with black yoga pants and bare feet. The other fighters saw how she looked whenever she stood upright, perfectly straight, pointing their weapons at her.

"Sorry if I arrived unnanounced," the strange woman said. "I think I'd like it better if you refer to me as the Wii Fit Trainer."

"What do you want from us?" Ganondorf asked her.

"Just for a little bit of fun," Wii Fit Trainer answered. "I'm merely a warrior forced to ally with the Subspace Army."

"Bounty hunter?" Fox asked. "You sure don't look like one, considering you're an ally from Tabuu."

"Don't be fooled by appearances," Wii Fit Trainer said. "I'm a lot stronger than I look, so don't kid yourselves. In the meantime, why don't we all relax with some hardcore exercising?"

"No one wants to fight, lady," Falco objected. "We dealt with it ten years ago. It won't happen again. All we want are just new allies to fight against Tabuu. Why don't we make a little deal?"

"Falco, are you crazy!?" Fox exclaimed. "You're gonna get yourself killed!"

"Patience, Fox," Falco said. "I'll find a way to get her of our backs."

"You do realize she's right in front of us, listening to every word we say?" Ganondorf remarked.

"Of course I realize it!" Falco answered. "Don't you see I'm trying to think of something? Anyway, Wii Fit Trainer, you sick of working for Tabuu?"

The light-gray skinned woman looked at the space gang leader, thinking about the decision she was about to come to. "Um, I don't know…" she answered.

"Listen," Falco said. "We're all sick of fighting each other, over and over, attacking whatever new faces seem threatening to us. You probably know that too, after ten years in isolation in this strange land. Why don't you just take a break and fight for the better good of this world?"

"Because… they're orders that I'm supposed to follow, no questions asked," Wii Fit Trainer answered. "I can't just simply… betray the Subspace Army."

"You got problems, you take a good look, girl," Ganondorf butted in. "I was fooled by Tabuu once and betrayed by him so that I can turn into a trophy. Don't tell me there's orders to follow from that coward!"

"That's not what I really meant," Wii Fit Trainer said. "I'm doing this because I have no choice. I'll join your stupid party, but only if you stop bothering me about pointless details."

"Deal," Falco said. "You're officially part of the Wolfen Assault Gang. Our mission: reunite back with our buddies southeast and find the third group we were stranded away from."

"What's that noise?" Fox asked. The fighters heard a low, rumbling sound appearing from the distance Wii Fit Trainer was spotted at. As the wind got stronger, the fighters all looked up to see a tough-looking general hovering in the air. He was clothed in red all over with a golden skull with wings on his cap, wearing a black cape, and his pupils and irises were missing from his blank white eyes. The stranger settled his feet on the ground, clenching his fists. When all the fighters saw who they were dealing with here, they readied their stances, all except for Wii Fit Trainer.

"Major Bison, leader of Shadaloo!" Wii Fit Trainer lamented. "I was not expecting you here. Please forgive me..."

"Enough of your precious lies, traitor," M. Bison boomed. "I know what you did, and you're planning on turning your back against the Subspace Army." The general then grabbed the light-gray skinned woman by the neck, tightening his grasp. The other fighters stood up against M. Bison, but the general told them to back off.

"Please let her go," Ganondorf said. "Whether she's the enemy or not, we don't want any harm done to her."

"Well, well, well. If it isn't the King of Darkness himself," M. Bison remarked. "I almost didn't even recognize that face. Remember the time when you were chosen to be in charge of organizing the Subspace Army? I remember, and every single one who lived to tell the tale…"

"Just as I feared," Ganondorf lamented. "There was a good reason why I turned away from the Subspace Army ten years ago. It was because of the fact I realized I was tricked by the Construct God. That doesn't mean I'm still getting used to having friends."

"Then you're probably rather weak," M. Bison said. "If you wish to see the Trainer alive, then you better do as I say: give me the one who has awoken the Smash Balls."

"We know who you're after," Fox said, remembering Sonic the Hedgehog. "We're not going to let you take him from us. He's the only thing we need to know about Tabuu and these Smash Balls."

"Last chance," M. Bison threatened, squeezing his fist and making Wii Fit Trainer choke. The fighters grabbed their weapons, ready to fight. "Give me the blue hedgehog or she dies."

"This seems all rather cliché, don't you think?" Falco asked. The fighters nodded in response, knowing about this rather familiar situation. "Someone makes a life-for-life deal, only to break it in the end…" When everyone stepped up to M. Bison again, Falco said, "Why should we even give up Sonic for Wii Fit Trainer? You're gonna have what you want and kill her anyway."

"Sad, but true," M. Bison chuckled. The general then tossed Wii Fit Trainer on the ground, causing her to crawl to the other fighters while catching her breath and correcting her body position. The other fighters then looked up to see M. Bison hovering in the air. Purple lightning sparked from his clenched fists as his blank white eyes looked down upon the Wolfen Assault Group.

"Now that you made it pretty obvious," M. Bison said, "I'll kill you all and look for the blue rat myself, and there will be nothing to stop me!" The other fighters then readied their weapons, challenging the red-clothed general.

"Psycho Crusher!" M. Bison yelled. He flew lower to the ground and made a forward punch with the purple sparks, but Pikachu and Yoshi managed to dodge it. Yoshi curled up into his egg form and rolled into the general, and Pikachu used Quick Attack, zipping in and out of place while leaving lines of electricity. Kirby and King Dedede then jumped into the air, with M. Bison following them high up in the air.

"Psycho Warp!" M. Bison yelled as he teleported in and out of place, a gravitational force field in the areas he appeared and disappeared out from. Kirby with his Cutter Sword created a blade beam with King Dedede throwing a Gordo, and the two of them launched several projectiles at the general. M. Bison managed to avoid them with his move but was crushed to the ground by a Gordo. Once M. Bison got up, he saw Diddy Kong, Fox, and Falco dashing and grabbing their guns.

"Headstomp!" M. Bison cried. The red-clothed general then jumped up into the air, falling headfirst straight down. Once the three animal fighters saw M. Bison falling, they managed to get off the ground, away from the falling general. Once M. Bison's head collided with the ground, he created a shockwave from the collision which spread across the forest, uprooting the smaller plants. Once all the fighters who were caught by the shockwave got up, Ganondorf, Luigi, Ness, and Wii Fit Trainer rushed towards the general, knowing that he was becoming weak from the impact.

"Psycho Punisher!" M. Bison flew up and charged a huge punch from the purple sparks in his fist. He was just about to land his most powerful hit on the fighters, but they jumped and attacked. Luigi used his Cyclone move, Wii Fit Trainer used her footbags and launched them at the general, and Ness used his PK Flash. Once the green entity hit M. Bison, the general was launched high into the air before crashing down to the ground. Before the general could even recover his strength, Ganondorf rushed in with a Warlock Punch, a move powerful enough to send M. Bison sky-high.

"This is not the end!" M. Bison cried as he blasted off, a small light flickering from the launch. The other fighters saw the Wii Fit Trainer getting up, who was cracking her spine with various poses.

"You got a little bit of forced conflict behind you, W.F.T.," Fox said. "You knew all along the enemy can't be trusted. We'll be wiped out of existence if we lose."

"Don't you think I know what happened to all those who had to surrender to Tabuu?" Wii Fit Trainer answered. "The Ancient Minister lost his people because of his negotiation with the enemy, from what I heard, and it was all Lord Ganondorf's fault they're gone."

"Listen," Ganondorf objected. "That was back when I thought I was working for the Master Hand for his promise of Hyrule, not even knowing the risk I put R.O.B.'s kind in. Forgive me if I was stubborn enough to even see the truth. When I found out I was tricked, I gave up working for the Subspace Army. Now I'm a wanted Gerudo. Didn't you hear M. Bison from before? You turned your back on them, so that means you're one of us now." The Wii Fit Trainer looked around, seeing all the new faces from the other fighters. The light-gray skinned woman then took a deep breath, relaxing her shoulders.

"So, I've heard you're looking for your friends, right?" Wii Fit Trainer asked.

"Mainly Sonic," Falco answered. "He has a Smash Ball, according to Ganondorf, which means he's on the run. Most of our friends are missing, others enslaved. It good to make sure that everyone makes it out okay, even if it means to risk feeling the sun's warmth again."

"Major Bison didn't just appear out of nowhere," Wii Fit Trainer said. "He had to have had a secret base around here."

"Secret base?" Ness asked.

"Yeah," Wii Fit Trainer answered. "Ten years ago, after the first defeat of Tabuu, some members of the Subspace Army survived to create hidden areas scattered all over Arcadia. There might be a high chance some of your friends are in there."

"Then we have no time to lose," Fox said. "We gotta reunite with our friends and prepare for the final battle." The other fighters then ran off, heading north to one of the secret bases which Wii Fit Trainer described.

Chapter Text

Out of the woods, as the black-red cloud got darker, Mario's group was heading to the location Cloud Strife described. The original fighters and duplicates journeyed far off with the 1st-class SOLDIER, across a flat mountain range.

"Strange how it had been ten years I was stuck in this world, and only now have I found someone like me," Cloud said to Link, who was walking beside him. "I had been learning a lot about the Subspace Army, even capturing a few Primids for interrogation." Just then, Toon Link ran beside the taller Hylian, tugging at his green tunic and ready to fight whatever monster is in their path.

"Funny that some of the people you call trophies have been stuck here for this whole time and still haven't grown up," Cloud remarked.

"Well, the rules of this land are rather strange," Link answered.

"Only the Master Hand choses who really wants to change," Mario then replied. "Even we can't ask the Hand of Creation how he decides things should be done. If he likes, he can simply reverse the effect."

"So, you said you have no recollection of your homeland, Cloud," Link said. "How do you know who we'll be up against?"

"It's strange, really," Cloud answered. "However, outside of knowing my name, there's not really much I can tell you outside of the fact that my attacks are powered by Mako poisoning."

"Poisoning?" Zero Suit Samus asked. "Who or what poisoned you?"

"… Wish it was a what," Cloud answered, "but sadly, it's a who. Silver hair, sword three times as long as his own body, one giant wing sprouting out from his right shoulder, unforgiving terrorist back at my homeland, who would have guessed?"

"Lucas had been talking about these new Subspace Army members the moment he returned to the Midair Stadium," Zelda lamented. "Wonder what they all wanted before…?"

"When I met him," Cloud told the gang, "it was after I heard about the attack of the Midair Stadium. I left the village just a few miles from here, and I met him deep in the woods. There was no word of warning; he just flew towards me, his sword clashing with mine. We kept on fighting, both our bodies flying into trees and demolishing the area around us, and all I wanted was to ask him why they wanted to attack the floating arena in the first place. However, he never said anything to me and left me a note before flying off."

"Can we see it?" Mario asked the 1st-class SOLDIER.

"Sure thing," Cloud answered, reaching into his back pocket and pulling the parchment of paper out. "I read it before, and it's best that you read it for yourselves." Mario, Dr. Mario, Link, Toon Link, Zero Suit Samus, Samus, Zelda, and Sheik then unfolded the note, trying to read what it said. The result was rather confusing, as the note answered:

So, you really want to know what was our goal in the first place? Why only now, after ten years, we decide to attack this place once we were defeated? You're going to have to meet me in the village you took refuge in once the time is right. Until then, I can never tell you our main goal. Let's just say before, we wanted to steal your items and use them to create more Subspace Bombs. We noticed we were a few items short after our generals raided the arena, so we had to desolate the land in search of them. That's all I have to offer, except that you probably know a few things of the Master Core's origin, Cloud Strife, Hero of the planet Gaia, 1 st -class SOLDIER.

- Sephiroth

"Is it true?" Sheik asked Cloud, who was in front of them. "That you know something about the Master Core's origin?"

"A little, yeah," Cloud answered before stopping the walk. "As I was in the village last night, I saw a strange figure that looked a lot like the Master Hand himself, except he was all wispy and ghostlike. He touched me with his forefinger, giving me some details about the Master Core, and it all had unknown origin about his birth. Since the first age of Arcadia began, the Master Core didn't make the land as you see here today. It was someone else who was in charge – Tabuu, the God of Construction."

"Tabuu!?" Mario exclaimed. "What has that monster have to do with the Master Core!?"

"Believe me," Cloud continued, "I was as shocked as you were, Mario. Turns out Tabuu was in charge of controlling the Master Core, possessing his body and preventing the black entity from taking over. Together, they became known as the Goddess of Oblivion – Ragnarokk."

"Wait," Link objected. "Why is it that two divine beings that are technically classified as male can combine their powers to become a woman?"

"Like I said," Cloud answered, "I don't know just yet about how it works. Anyway, it was believed that Ragnarokk sculpted Arcadia from modeling clay, filling it with all sorts of junk and garbage which somehow created a spark of life and – boom – the land you see here today. After the creation, Ragnarokk created all sorts of different races, from the highly intelligent Mii Fighters to the technology masters Ancients, each one uniquely different. But the most prized possessions of her domain were the ones she called her own 'trophies'. However, while the Master Core side was pleased with her hard work, the Tabuu side felt rather disappointed in her all-knowledge only used on the fun things in life, and she wanted to have order and perfection, therefore planning to create the Great Maze, a world where anyone can have their own rules. Then, yada-yada, Master Core was angry because of this, became powerful enough to split himself from Tabuu and fight against him, and destroyed the Construct God, never to be seen again."

"If the Master Core defeated Tabuu those many years ago," Zelda asked Cloud Strife, "how come he's back?"

"Well, from what I learned so far, they always come back whenever one is defeated," Cloud answered as best as he could.

"So that's why Tabuu stayed alive after all these years," Link said.

"And was also strong enough to prevent the Master Hand from fighting back and binding him in the Chains of Light," Cloud answered.

"You mean the Master Hand was… just a shell-a?" Dr. Mario asked.

"Afraid so," Cloud answered. "I'm probably one of the few fighters right now who has little to no connection with the Subspace Army and is still being hunted down for it. Speaking of which, we're just about here at the village. You can restock and heal up if you like." The fighters noticed they were almost at the village Cloud was talking about and ran up the last hill, which was hardly steep.

"Now, I gotta warn you," Cloud said. "These residents are pretty much animals. Literally. So, whatever you do, don't go hugging them and squeezing them because of how cute they are, and also-" When the other fighters looked around the village, they noticed it was empty, almost like the town was deserted.

"That's strange," Cloud Strife lamented. "The quiet little town of Smashville is awfully, erm, too quiet…" The Prime Ship Group was then looking around, noticing the village looked like ghosts invaded the area. Everything was appearing to have been knocked over and the cabinets were wide open, so it seemed like whoever lived here left in a hurry.

"This town probably has something in the area," Cloud told the others. "If you look around, be very careful, for I have a feeling that whoever or whatever chased these people off is still here." Zelda then wandered off from the group, something catching the princess's eye. She then ran off to what appeared to be a barrel stocked away in a bait shop.

"Hey, guys!" Zelda then called out to the others. "Look who I found!" Walking out of the building, the princess came out with a small figure cuddled in her arms, almost the same height as Toon Link. As she was walking to the others, the figure squirmed out of her arms, falling face-first onto the ground. The fighters then saw what appeared to be a boy with dark brown hair, a red t-shirt with a blue "1" on the front, with dark blue shorts and red sneakers, with big black irises in his eyes and a red triangle nose on his face. In his hands, he was wielding a wood-cutting axe stained with blood.

"Strange how one of the Villagers survived this catastrophe," Cloud said. "From the looks of things, it seemed like he was trying to hide while defending himself. We gotta be careful since whoever attacked should be around here." Villager then slowly stirred up, noticing he was surrounded by new faces. Grabbing his blood-stained axe, he held it by the handle with both hands, signifying the other fighters to back off.

"What's the matter, buddy?" Toon Link asked the scared boy. "You look like something was after you." As Villager tucked the axe into his pocket, he ran towards Zelda, hugging her in fear.

"Don't worry, Villager," Zelda whispered. "Whoever was after you, it's all okay. We've got your back."

"I don't think so," Cloud objected. "If Villager was fighting with that axe, then probably the stranger who's after him might be rather pissed as he has some unfinished business to attend to." Just then, the wind started shifting. The black-red cloud rolled in the sky, pushing against the rather strong gusts. When the other fighters looked up from Villager, they saw another stranger just standing there behind the now-vacant fountain.

"Just as I feared," Cloud said.

"What?" Link asked him. "Who is it?"

"It's the guy I was talking about just earlier," Cloud Strife answered. "I may not remember a whole lot, but I know this guy was a monster back at my homeland. He burned down villages, slaughtered innocent people, and attempted to take my home planet's main force to become powerful."

"You don't mean to tell us he's…" Mario objected.

"That's right," Cloud answered. "Sephiroth, the One-Winged Angel."

"Correct you are, Cloud," the stranger said as he walked out of the shadows, unfurling his only raven-black wing. He was wearing battle garments of black and silver, his long hair covering his face where only his glowing blue eyes pierced the darkness in his face. He was holding his sword in his right hand, which was covered in blood, and his face and clothes were also colored red from the murdering he caused. He had a large gash on his forehead, which he was shrugging off. When Villager saw Sephiroth's face, he hid behind Zelda, cowering behind her long skirt.

"Would you look at that?" Sephiroth said. "The Hero of Gaia stands against me once more."

"I thought I killed you years ago!" Cloud exclaimed.

"Now, now," Sephiroth said. "I don't want to start a fight just yet, considering you have the only survivor in Smashville."

"Survivor?" Dr. Mario asked.

"You should have seen the looks on his old friend's faces" Sephiroth said. "It was a shame, really. You should have been here sooner to witness it." Villager then poked out from behind Zelda's dress, angry over the fact that the one-winged angel killed his friends, but Link blocked him with his Master Sword.

"I knew you would be waiting here," Cloud said. "Now tell us: what is your plan now after noticing those items were missing?"

"The answer was really simple: kill whoever is awakening them," Sephiroth answered. "We know a Smash Ball can only thrive in the body of a fighter who was not even transformed into a trophy for ten years, and have been triggered by the fastest warrior alive. I'm talking about the only fighter who was fast enough, way too fast, faster than the speed of light, to avoid getting hit by the essence of the Off-Waves."

"What do you mean the only fighter who was fast enough to escape a trophy transformation?" Cloud asked. "Everyone knows you're lying, and no one is ever fast enough to avoid their fate." Just then, Mario tapped on Cloud's back, fearing about what's to come.

"Cloud-a," Mario told the 1st-class SOLDIER, "remember when I told you about a certain someone named Sonic the Hedgehog and how he used to constantly travel the cosmos, learning everything about-a us?"

"I distinctly remember," Cloud Strife answered. "Why do you ask?"

"You haven't been seeing some blue blurs once in a while, were you?" Link asked.

"Maybe, maybe not," Cloud said. "Why do you ask?"

"We're probably afraid about these-a... Smash Balls," Mario answered. "After all, if it wasn't for the fact of his super-fast speed, we would have hardly known each other."

"Which means he's the only one who has the first activated Smash Ball and knows the secrets to Tabuu's origin," Sephiroth answered.

"Why do you think you're really telling the truth about all this?" Cloud objected, turning towards the one-winged angel.

"Maybe he's right, for once," Zero Suit Samus said.

"No, I don't believe in any of this," Cloud said. Zelda and Sheik walked up to the 1st-class SOLDIER, next to his side.

"The both of us agree," Zelda answered. "The one-winged angel seems untrustworthy, even though just about everyone knows about Sonic."

"I don't think he's lying this time," Link said to Cloud.

"What does he know about the Subspace Army!?" Cloud exclaimed.

"Now, now," Sephiroth objected. "Being the first in command is rather tough, but I can assure you everyone gives me a straight answer on where to find the blue rodent. Only then will I be able to spare your lives, even though one of the survivors already hit me hard with his axe." When Villager heard about this, he stepped up, clenching his stubby fists.

"I know you're lying," Cloud said. "You're going to kill us, track down where their friend is, drag the Smash Ball out of his body, and use it to create a Subspace Bomb, where you can grab more Smash Balls and recreate the Great Maze once again. Do you really think we would give up one of our friends for 'the greater good'? What good do you even have?"

"Enough, Cloud!" Sephiroth exclaimed. "You really think I'm going to kill you like you were no use to me? You have the Master Core's origin, and the little blue rat has Tabuu's. I'm going to kill whoever's in my path, and nothing will stop me." The one-winged angel then flew high into the air, spreading his only wing wide open. The fighters then looked up, ready to fight.

"I guess it's somehow in your blood," Sephiroth said. "All you want to do is fight and fight alone, not even caring who or what you face. Luckily, there are many ways to skin a wolf." Sephiroth then rushed towards Cloud, pushing the 1st-class SOLDIER so far back his feet sank into the ground. The one-winged angel's sword was grinding against his Buster Sword, jabbing abruptly so much sparks flew out. When the other fighters rushed towards him, Cloud then held the blade with both of his hands and started charging his Limit Break. His body then was giving off a blue glow, and he used his Cross Slash move on Sephiroth, making the gash on the one-winged angel's forehead to grow even larger and launching him into a nearby house. Once Sephiroth climbed out of the rubble, he saw Link and Mario running towards him.

"You really think your friends will save you, Cloud?" Sephiroth said. "Pathetic." Generating black lightning from his hands, the one-winged angel split a path between the two fighters and caused them to jump out of the way. Sephiroth then teleported right in front of Cloud Strife, clashing swords against him. Cloud was still trying to block the fast thrusts, but Sephiroth grabbed a Black Materia and started glowing dark green-blue. With a mighty slash, the one-winged angel cut deep through Cloud's skin, causing the 1st-class SOLDIER to fall over himself. Link ran over to Cloud's side, concerned about his health.

"Cloud, you okay?" Link asked him.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Cloud answered. "I've gotten used to these deadly wounds by now." As Link watched underneath the torn clothing, he saw the gash was quickly mending itself, the blood drying up into a smaller, brown clot. Sephiroth then stepped in again, still giving off that dark green-blue hue. He unsheathed his long sword once again, sweat and dirt rolling down his silver locks. Link stepped in to defend Cloud as he stitched his clothes together, blocking the one-winged angel's attacks with his Hylian Shield. The reflective metal on Link's Master Sword gleamed as it clashed with the rusted and dull Masamune of Sephiroth's.

"I won't let you lay a hand on Cloud!" Link yelled. "You're not touching a single one of our friends!"

"Then you're a weak coward!" Sephiroth said.

"You don't know anything about us!" Link objected, still clanging swords with his opponent. Link then used his grappling hook, its claws slashing through Sephiroth's wing and dragging him down to meet with the Master Sword's blade. Link then followed with a strong kick, but Sephiroth quickly got off the ground to continue the fight. Toon Link and Villager then started running towards him despite the fact that he would kill anyone in his path whether adult or child of any gender. When the one-winged angel saw the two fighters dashing towards him, he launched powerful Black Materia at them, each one leading into short-fused blasts. Toon Link blocked the explosions with his shield while Villager pocketed them and flung them back at Sephiroth and obstructing his view. Just then, Samus and Zero Suit Samus jumped in, grabbing their guns and blasted lasers and bombs at him. Zero Suit Samus then used her Plasma Whip and lashed on Sephiroth's face, giving him a burning blister on his right upper eyelid. Samus then kicked him from behind but was hit so hard by his wing that she flew into another house, the impact demolishing the small place. Once Sephiroth teleported into the air again, he used his Jenova move, slowing down the other fighters for a short period of time. During the delay of Jenova, he then targeted Sheik launching herself at him, using Shadow Flare on her. The gravitational force drew the Sheikah survivor in before finishing with a brief explosion that launched her towards Dr. Mario. Zelda jumped into the air too and used her Nayru's Love move to reflect Sephiroth's next Shadow Flare, launching him towards the ground, where all the other fighters were waiting for him.

When the one-winged angel got up again, his grabbed his Masamune katana blade, ready to strike them with his ultimate power – the Octoslash. Glowing similar to Cloud when he used his Limit Break, the one-winged angel quickly dashed at the other fighters. They dodged out of the way just in time when Sephiroth was creating a blade tornado out of his move. Everyone then saw Cloud was clenching his stomach.

"Cloud, are you all right-a?" Mario asked. Cloud Strife was groaning in pain as he was suddenly giving off a rainbow hue. Once Cloud got up, he slowly opened his eyes, revealing what appeared to be golden irises.

"…Cloud?" Link asked him. Sephiroth then looked down to see Cloud Strife's golden eyes, looking at the gleam which flowed around the fighter's irises before leading into a cross off-center.

"Impossible!" Sephiroth said. The 1st-class SOLDIER then jumped high into the air, his eyes now glowing white, dashing towards Sephiroth with a series of slashes – the Omnislash. Locking the one-winged angel in a death stroke, Cloud used multi-elemental blades of light before following down with a mighty explosion which demolished the entire village of Smashville. Sephiroth was slammed into the ground by the blast, his body weak from the damage he was given. After the one-winged angel got up, he saw that he was defeated by the Prime Ship Group.

"Don't think you've seen the last of us," Sephiroth told Cloud Strife and the others. "The amnesia effect of the trophy transformation is wearing off, so don't get too carried away with some of your newfound memories." Just like that, the one-winged angel flew into the air, warping out of the abandoned town. A small stance of silence hovered the area, leaving the fighters in utter darkness.

"What did he mean… the amnesia effect was wearing off?" Mario asked.

"Who knows?" Zero Suit Samus answered. "Ten years have passed ever since any of us ever transformed into a trophy, so there might have been a high chance some of our memories are returning."

"But Cloud is the only one we saw so far who was somehow affected by one of these... reawakened Smash Balls, according to Sephiroth," Link objected. "And not including Sonic, Cloud could probably be the only other one out of the group who has made any encounter with the Master Hand…"

"Therefore leading to Cloud being able to harness the Smash Ball's power," Zelda said.

"Do you remember anything from your homeland, Cloud?" Sheik asked the 1st-class SOLDIER. Cloud's memory was a little hazy at first, but it was at least enough to make sense of what was going on.

"I... am trying to remember a little bit," Cloud answered. "I was an ex-mercenary who joined Avalanche, and the Buster Sword you see here was given to me by a friend named Zack Fair. I think I know a little bit more, but we'll have to wait until the right time for me to tell you. I'm going to look for a vehicle I stowed away with me I understand is of best use right now."

"Go ahead-a, Cloud," Dr. Mario said. The 1st-class SOLDIER then walked to one of the surviving houses while the other fighters sat down to rest.

"What about the little guy we picked up?" Zelda asked, pointing to Villager. "His friends are probably dead by now, and his hometown is no longer a safe place to live. Where do you think he'll stay?"

"He'll just have to go with us," Link answered.

"And about Cloud's encounter with the Master Core?" Mario asked. "I thought those that weren't even transformed into a trophy can share a body with the essence of a Smash Ball. I didn't know that it applied to fighters who were already transformed and are somehow making physical contact with the Master Hand."

"I think the Master Hand works in weird, mysterious ways," Link answered. "It's probably as though he wants all of this to happen…" Just then, Cloud Strife walked out with what appeared to be a motorcycle. The vehicle itself was coated in black with strands of gold, and the bronze engine was exposing itself through the shell.

"This baby is what I call the Fenrir," Cloud said to the other fighters. "Named after the Wolf Titan in Jarnvior, it is what I use to signify others of my bravery."

"So, what's the game plan here?" Link asked.

"We're going to have to split up," Cloud answered.

"Split up?" Zero Suit Samus objected. "Are you crazy? We've been looking for our friends in this uncharted territory ever since we crash-landed!"

"Hear me out, please," Cloud said. "The few of us are going to have to take this motorcycle while everyone else goes on without us."

"Where do you think you'll be driving us?" Zelda asked.

"We're going to look for one of these hidden Subspace lairs I heard is popping up frequently around here," Cloud answered. "We'll be searching for answers about the enemies' contact with Tabuu. Everyone else will have to go with Villager and look for your friends. You'll all have to look out for each other while we're gone."

"I'll be going with you," Link answered.

"So will I," Mario said.

"As for me," Zelda said.

"Whatever it takes to forgive those who weren't blamed for all of this," Zero Suit Samus said.

The replicates were then left with Villager to look for their friends as the other fighters got onto the Fenrir with Cloud Strife driving. Once the engine started revving, Cloud looked at the other fighters and said, "I know you guys are good deep inside, and you know that too. The effects of that Dark Cannon may have scarred you, but you'll grow out of it and fight for the safety of this world. Promise you'll look for our friends and tell us they're at least safe. Let's go, everyone. We've got some bad guys to catch." Cloud with Mario, Link, Zelda, and Zero Suit Samus then drove off on the Fenrir down the flat mountainside, leaving Villager with Dr. Mario, Toon Link, Sheik, and Samus to keep going down south to look for the others.

At the now-desolated Ruins of the Ancients, the only gateway to Subspace was generating the black-red cloud, with the Winged Firestorms flying around the area. Shadow Bugs were constantly raining from the sky, creating the deformed Primids and other minor Subspace Army members. Deep in the gateway of Subspace, a world which looked similar to Arcadia thrived, except it seemed like it was just created thousands of years ago. More creatures made from Shadow Bugs thrived, and in the center of the land was a lake reflecting the faint, blue light like mercury, and in the center of it all was what appeared to be the Judgement Fortress, a black opal abomination of a castle with a green, vertically-slit pupiled eye on the side with a glowing rainbow orb on the top. Deep in the fortress, all sorts of villains and enemies alike were living inside the walls, and Sephiroth managed to seek refuge in there. The one-winged angel was watching the Shadow Bugs drag in the remains of the Winged Firestorm Pro into the throne room, which was in the rooftop of the fortress's orb. The purple entities then surrounded themselves around the golden-scarred, blue-coated dragon, breathing life back into it's metallic body. The monster's eyes then started flashing again, unfurling its wings to reveal scars mended together by the Shadow Bugs all over itself before walking off to take flight into the skies once again.

"It's almost time to create the perfect world, Tabuu," Sephiroth said. "All we need is to make sure every single fighter is here as prisoners, and then we can rebuild the Great Maze once more." Just then, Morpho Knight, M. Bison, and Shadow Mewtwo warped in the room. When Sephiroth sensed they were coming, he turned toward the three generals.

"So you finally made it," Sephiroth said to them. "I was worried you weren't even going to return from your missions. So tell me, have you found that infamous hedgehog yet?"

"No, but some of our soldiers turned our backs against us," Morpho Knight answered.

"Especially those that needed to serve in order to spare their kind," M. Bison said.

"I gave you strict orders to find the blue rat, and all I got were betrayal messages," Sephiroth told the others as he walked towards them. "As if they were anything important!"

"I did find who we are looking for," Shadow Mewtwo telepathized. The one-winged angel walked toward the legendary Pokémon, anxious about their possible victory.

"However, some of his new companions were in the way," Shadow Mewtwo objected. "They were all powerful, but Sonic had the only visible Smash Ball which made him even stronger."

"You know very well you would never let his friends stop you from your goal," Sephiroth said in anger. "My encounter with Cloud is one of the many proofs that the trophy effect is returning some of their memories, making sure that more of the Smash Balls are stirring from their dormant sleep."

"Maybe that's the reason why," Shadow Mewtwo telepathized in answer. "The reason why the Subspace Army was defeated in the first place. The reason why I was kidnapped to be the parent of Shadow Bugs." Sephiroth looked at him in confusion, suddenly remembering that he's fighting back against his restrains.

"You will never win," Shadow Mewtwo telepathized. Out of anger, Sephiroth then punched the Pokémon in the face. The one-winged angel then unsheathed his long sword and grabbed Shadow Mewtwo by the neck. He was about to stab him until the Mii Fighters walked into the room.

"Put. Him. Down." That was what the Sword Ultimate said to Sephiroth. When the one-winged angel heard the order, he threw Shadow Mewtwo to the ground, forcing the Pokémon to start heavily panting.

"His memories are returning," Sephiroth told the Ultimates. "Any moment now, he'll cast away the Shadow Bugs who possessed his body, and the Subspace Army will slowly be wiped out to extinction."

"Then make sure he stays alive and prevent him from losing that crystal on his left shoulder," the Gunner Ultimate said. "It may not be as powerful as a normal Shadow Synergy Stone, but it's the only thing we need to keep these monsters thriving." Two Mii Brawlers then grabbed violet-glowing rope, lassoing Shadow Mewtwo in place. Placed under bondage, the magic rope prevented Shadow Mewtwo from warping out as a Mii Gunner walked up to him, holding what looked like a special taser coated a dark gray. Once the black sparks touched the crystal on his left arm, Shadow Mewtwo was crying in pain, violet veins glowing through his black body where the Shadow Synergy Stone was emitting the brightest. After Shadow Mewtwo shed his tears of agony, he then fell unconscious, when the Mii Fighters then untied him and dragged him away.

"There are some things you don't know about this world, Sephiroth," the Brawler Ultimate said. "Even if you are first in command of the Subspace Army, WE are in charge of creating the world Tabuu planned."

"But do you even know why you're serving him? Is it out of pity you're doing this?" Sephiroth asked the three Ultimates. Slightly offended by that question, the three commanders then walked off without answering, leaving the Mii Fighters in the room. Sephiroth then looked at the end of the throne room, where he came across a small crystal ball sitting on an ebony pillar. Blue light was swarming around behind the glass, reflecting the walls off like water.

"The day of Arcadia's end is upon us," Sephiroth said. "All we need to do is make sure that the fighters of this world never realize they're already ahold of the Smash Balls."

"Then go out and send your best soldiers," the voice from inside said to the one-winged angel. It sounded almost like Tabuu's voice, keeping himself hidden behind the foggy glass with only his wings shining through.

"This Great Maze needs to be completed in time before the seraphim arrive," Tabuu's voice continued. "They will do whatever it takes to keep myself separated from... her..." Just then, two strange figures in the darkness walked in behind Sephiroth.

"Sephiroth," one of the figures said, his voice sounding deep and slightly robotic. "The prisoners you ordered to bring in?"

"Yes?" Sephiroth asked. "What about them? This better not be any bad news."

"Sorry to tell you this, but they're bad," the other figure spoke out, his voice sounding a little hoarse as he leaned forward in what appeared to be his transportation vehicle. "They escaped. Every single one of them."

"WHAT!?" Sephiroth yelled, unsheathing his katana. Some of the Mii Fighters in the room were scared of the outburst coming from the one-winged angel that they backed away from the area.

"Despite how crazy this sounds, the fighters we managed to capture somehow escaped when we were least expecting it," the stranger with a strange red gem attached to his chest said. "They burned one of the outside prison buildings, and the Ultimates are severely wounded. I just hope their offspring hear about this in time..."

"Then don't just stand there," Sephiroth commanded. "Dead or alive, go after the fighters and bring them all here!"

"Yes, Sephiroth," the stranger with the red gem responded. Once he teleported out of the throne room, the only other figure with the transportation vehicle stayed behind.

"But, what about me?" the kid asked. Sephiroth then walked up to him, putting away his katana blade.

"You're pretty much too young to go on a journey this dangerous," Sephiroth answered.

"No, I'm not!" the boy complained. "I polluted islands and helped my dad take over galaxies!"

"Yes, I know that," Sephiroth answered. "Until you can see you papa again, you'll have to stay behind. In the meantime, why don't you go and have a little fun?"

"What kind of fun?" the kid asked, his face still in the shadows.

"You know about the Comet Observatory, right?" Sephiroth asked. "Why don't you take one of the Winged Firestorms and shoot it down? Once you do that, you can meet up with the Subspace Army in Civiltatula. Would you do that for your father?"

"You know me," the kid cackled like a little imp. "Of course I will…" The figure then drove off in his transportation vehicle, leaving Sephiroth in the room all alone. The one-winged angel took a good look at a few Mii Fighters who were doing experiments on a female Mii Brawler. One of the Miis poured some strange liquid down her throat, which she coughed out once the entire vial was empty. She started making noises from her mouth, which was unheard before, and the Mii Fighters surrounding her were happy of a mission accomplished.

"More Mii Fighters are getting their voices back from a recent antidote," Sephiroth told himself. "Wonder if they have retained their memories of Arcus..."

Chapter Text

*hours ago


That was all that Snake saw as he was adjusting his eyesight. As he was looking around, his vision was becoming a little less blurry. Opening his eyes a little bit more, the soldier noticed he was resting on a hard prison bed, which was creaking the more the springs supported his weight. The room was a dark gray, and the only florescent light was flickering. When Snake tried to get up and look around, he noticed that his hands couldn't move.

"…The hell…?" Snake mumbled to himself when he felt like his arms were aching. Then, as he looked down onto his chest, he noticed his hands were tied behind his back. He was under hostage.

"Great," Snake groaned. "I'm stuck as a prisoner for who knows how long…" Just then, the only steel door in the room started to open. Sephiroth then walked in to greet his new guest.

"Why, if it isn't the mercenary of the Big Boss," the one-winged angel chuckled. "How are you enjoying your hospitality?"

"Well, I'd enjoy it a little bit more if you release me from these bondages," Snake answered.

"There is a good reason why we decided to keep you like this," Sephiroth said. "To prevent people like you escaping."

"You think something like this would stop me?" Snake answered. Just then, out of annoyance, the one-winged angel grabbed the soldier by the neck, his glowing blue eyes glaring madly at him.

"You wanna get some sleep, buddy?" Snake teased. "You don't look so good after all this bloodshed…"

"Any moment now," Sephiroth objected, "we'll be taking all of you into Tabuu's lair, where you will serve him for all eternity. And do you DARE think insults will anger me more?"

"…Maybe," Snake smirked. Just like that, Sephiroth grabbed a leash and collar and clipped it around Snake's neck, linking him to the bed post. Then, the one-winged angel took out a gag and placed it in Snake's mouth.

"This'll shut you up for a while," Sephiroth said as Snake was struggling with the bondages, his muffles slightly muted. Afterwards, Sephiroth warped out of the room, slamming the door in front of Snake.

Struggling with the tight ropes, Snake started to sneak into one of the back pockets behind his belt. As his hands were adjusting to the bondages, the soldier pulled out a swiss army knife, switching into the blade and rubbing it against the ropes.

First rule if you're ever going to capture someone, Snake thought, always empty their pockets first. Smiling underneath the gag, he managed to remove the ropes off his hands. He then started to cut off the ropes surrounding his upper arms, clip off the collar around his neck, and strip off his gag. After massaging his hands, Snake put the knife back in his pocket, looking around the room for a way out.

"Why do I even need this thing…?" Snake mumbled to himself as he removed the eyepatch and tossed it onto the stone-cold floor. As he looked on the ceiling next to the flickering light, he saw the vent was big enough for him to squeeze through and crawl his way out of here. Snake then jumped off the hard prison bed, knocking the nails out of the vent and opening a hole. Once the soldier was at the right altitude and launch, he climbed in, crawling out of here. Once he felt like he was at the right spot out of the room, he grabbed his GPS, trying to get a good view on how to get out of this prison. Once he came across another vent, he kicked it down and jumped through. Before he knew it, he was out of his cell and in the hallway.

"The rest of my buddies have got to be here somewhere," Snake said to himself. He then started walking down the hallway, checking through all the windows and attempting to save whoever's trapped. However, as he was busting down the doors, Snake saw that all the prisoners that were in here before all died of either starvation, thirst, torture, loneliness, insanity, suicide from hopelessness, or all at once.

Gee, Snake thought. I hope none of my friends don't go through those scenarios… Once Snake busted down another door, he saw Popo and Nana – the Ice Climbers – sitting in the only large stool in the room, chained back-to-back with cold-proof links, each bouncing small ice balls as their only entertainment. Just then, they heard a loud snap, and the chains that held them in placed loosened. Once they looked towards the door, they saw Snake freed them from their prison, holding thick pliers in his hands.

"Thought you could use a little help," Snake said.

"What about Red and the two Pokémon?" Nana asked.

"And Wolf?" Popo chimed in.

"We'll be rescuing the rest of the gang soon enough, don't you worry," Snake answered. The soldier and the Ice Climbers then ran out of the room, trying to look for the rest of the hostages. Just then, the fighters heard the Pokémon Trainer's voice, almost as if he's crying for help.

"That almost sounds like…" Popo muttered.

"Come on, kids," Snake interrupted. "Who's up for a rescue mission?"

The small group ran towards the direction the cries for help were calling from, and they managed to find him just in time. There, Snake and the Ice Climbers saw the Pokémon Trainer cuffed in shackles with his hands in front of his chest, being pushed around by the mutant Primids holding cattle prods, with Ivysaur and Squirtle trapped in special element-proof containers carried by the cowardly Poppants.

"Please," Red cried. "Don't hurt my Pokémon! They're all I have!" The Primids kept zapping him anyway, while the Poppants were becoming more afraid of the torturing and starting to run away with Ivysaur and Squirtle. Just then, Snake and the Ice Climbers jumped in, delivering deadly punches and kicks along with icy hammer swings, knocking out all the Primids in the room. Popo and Nana used their ice powers to break off the shackles on Red. Snake then noticed the Poppants running off from the fight and used his bazooka, killing the fearful monsters. The blast was enough to make the containers roll towards the fighters. The Pokémon Trainer then opened the containers with the press of a button, and Ivysaur and Squirtle jumped out. Red then grabbed his Pokéballs, and the two Pokémon were drawn inside before they shrank down into his pocket.

"Where's Wolf, by the way?" Snake asked Red. "Have you seen him?"

"Of course, I have," Red answered. "I saw him carried of by the Mii Fighters down the dark side of the prison. We gotta go rescue him!" The accompanied fighters then ran off to where they heard painful howls.

Dragged on a leash and muzzled, the Mii Fighters were dragging Wolf O' Donnell into some sort of electric cage. As he was growling in anger, he was cussing a lot at the peculiar-looking warriors, struggling to break free. Just then, Ivysaur started unleashing some sort of sleeping powder behind them that put the Mii Fighters into a deep sleep. When Wolf noticed what's happening, he held his breath until the air cleared. The recruited team then ran towards him, detaching his muzzle and leash. Once the anamorphic pilot got up, he brushed off whatever dust he had on him.

"I could have done it myself, thank you," Wolf resounded.

"You were in pain," Snake answered. "We had to do something."

"Why not just kill the bastards as usual?" Wolf objected.

"There's something we haven't figured out about the Mii Fighters," Snake answered. "Until then, we're trying our best to not kill every Mii Fighter we come across." Suddenly, the fighters heard more cries of pain from deep down in the prison.

"Sounds like someone's here with us," Red said.

"Then let's go and rescue whoever needs our help," Snake answered. The fighters then ran off towards the screams of agony, where they found the three Ultimates in front of a small group of Mii Fighters dressed in black with a white "M" on their chests. In front of them were two devices: one that looked like a capsule with a strange, small creature generating electricity from the inside which looked like Pikachu but different; the other was some sort of table with a young boy in a green tunic and dirty blond hair with a steel sword and a wooden shield that closely resembled Link attached to it.

"Now, I'm sure many of you are familiar with the matter at hand," the Brawler Ultimate spoke. "These two particular fighters are rather special."

"AS you can see," the Gunner Ultimate spoke, petting the container with the small creature, "we used to have two generators with these kinds of cuties scattered over Arcadia so we can generate power for the Subspace Army in two locations at once. The moment we lost power from one of the creatures, the moment we thought all hope was lost, until we discovered this thing is so strong with electrical charges that it can even hurt itself. For a short test of how much, we'll be testing it on this young boy here…" The kid was squirming with the cuffs, trying to break loose.

"When we used the last Dark Cannon," the Swordfighter Ultimate said, "we were expecting it to create more than one kind of replica. Turns out we were right the moment we abducted him out of sight."

"You monsters!" the boy yelled while trying to bust off the table. "Someone will look for me, and you'll be in big trouble!"

"The only problem was it hopefully worked for one of the clones, but definitely not for the other," the Gunner Ultimate replied. "Which is why we were hoping the young Pokémon's electricity could power up the table to make the young boy more powerful than any other kid in this land and one of us." Snake and the others were hiding during the conversation, hearing everything.

"Geez," Snake whispered, "every word they said does not sound good…"

"We gotta find a way to free them, and fast," Wolf responded as quietly as he could.

"We're going to have to distract them and free the two prisoners," Snake answered. "Now, Red will bring out Ivysaur and Squirtle and make them fire at the Mii Fighters. Meanwhile, Wolf and the Ice Climbers are going to-"

"Over there!" the Brawler Ultimate exclaimed, suddenly noticing the fighters in their hiding spots. The Mii Fighters readied their stances, locking onto the small group.

"Or we could just use Plan B," Snake scoffed, readying his rocket launcher and firing at the enemies. There was a huge blast, and both the Ultimates and the Mii Fighters went off flying. Once the smoke cleared, the fighters ran towards the captives. Wolf clawed through the glass on the container, breaking the tiny mouse-like creature free. Meanwhile, Squirtle and Ivysaur were helping Snake pick at the cuffs that kept the young boy held in place. After the two prisoners were free, they noticed they were looking at some new faces.

"…Pichu?" Red said in question as the small Pokémon bounced in joy.

"Thanks for saving us, guys," the young boy said. "We didn't get the chance to use our new abilities, I think…"

"Don't mention it, kid," Snake responded. "By the way, you have a name?"

"Link…" the boy responded.

"Link, huh?" Wolf said. "Well, we already have one Link back in Arcadia, but you kinda look like the younger self of him."

"Why don't we just call you 'Young Link'?" Popo asked.

"I really haven't met this other Link yet, but since you like that name so much I guess it's okay," Young Link answered. "By the way, do you know where we are?"

"Yeah," the Pokémon Trainer answered. "We're somewhere in a prison just outside the gateways to Subspace. Our original goal was to study the last Subspace Bomb further and learn more about Tabuu, but apparently, we're their captives. Now, we're planning to reunite with Charizard, Lucas, and all of our other friends."

"Do you mind if we join you?" Young Link asked while Pichu bounced in glee. "We've been waiting for a way out of here." Just then, the three Ultimates walked in, their cloaks covered in soot and small flames surrounding their cloaks.

"Where do you think you're going?" the Gunner Ultimate asked.

"We're getting out of here," Snake answered. "Somewhere where you will never reach us."

"I think that can be arranged," the Swordfighter Ultimate objected before pulling out his sword from his right shoulder. He then started rushing towards Snake as his first target, but Wolf O' Donnell jumped in the way as sacrifice. Once the Swordfighter Ultimate noticed he didn't hit Snake, he looked down on the ground to look at WHO he hit. There, the fighters and the Ultimates saw Wolf clenching his left eye, a small gush of blood leaking out and dripping onto his knuckles.

"…My eye… Ow… My eye…" Wolf moaned. When the other fighters ran towards him for comfort, they were shocked when they saw a nasty, vertical slash on Wolf's left eye, the scar now red all over as what remained now became a blank white stained pink. The anamorphic pilot was trying to get up, but the pain that permanently blinded his eye was far too great. After the other fighters started carrying him, the Ultimates were ready for another strike and called in more of the Fighting Mii Team.

"The prisoners are getting away!" the Gunner Ultimate ordered. "Get them!" Once the Mii Fighters were catching up to the fleeing prisoners who had a limping fighter slowly losing blood, Snake and the Ice Climbers started firing bullets and ice crystals from their weapons, killing some of the enemies. When the fighters felt like they lost the Fighting Mii Team down the long hallway towards the exit, Wolf started crawling into a corner comforted by Pichu. Snake then pulled out a spare eyepatch he kept in his pocket and a small melder powered by electricity, pinning Wolf in place.

"I need you to hold his muzzle," Snake said to Young Link. "This is going to hurt a bit, Wolf, so you have to keep as quiet as you can. Okay?" Wolf nodded. Then, Snake carefully placed the eyepatch on Wolf's critically damaged eye, which was losing more blood through each passing second, and started zapping it with the electricity melder in hopes the eyepatch would fuse to the skin and prevent the blood from escaping. It was getting painful for Wolf, but he tried holding in his howls as his muzzle was clamped shut. The Pokémon Trainer suddenly noticed the Mii Fighters were hearing the muffled cries and figured out where they're heading next.

"Are you done yet?" Nana asked Snake.

"Almost," Snake answered. "Repairing wounds takes time, and I learned it the hard way from the military. Almost done, and… there. Good as new." Once Snake put the melder back in his pocket, Wolf suddenly felt that the pain was gone, and replaced with his left eye was a black patch and two long pieces covering the scar. After Wolf got up, he started firing his blaster at the incoming Mii Fighters while running towards the exit with the others. Once they were outside the door, they looked around, noticing the Ruins of the Ancients was now left in complete chaos: where the black-red cloud covering all of Arcadia was at its darkest, where what remained of a great past civilization was now left in rubble, and Winged Firestorms dominated the skies. In front of the exit were a series of fighter jets, laid in perfect formation.

"Okay, guys," Snake told everyone in the group, "I'm gonna be blowing up every jet in the area except for the one we are taking. Once Wolf starts up the engine, we make a run for it." After the fighters all picked a certain jet, Snake started laying a C4 on each other jet, making sure he got every one of them. Once he was done sticking the bomb onto the last one, he started running towards the fighters, but suddenly felt a sharp blast on the side of his stomach. Snake was clenching his side, noticing he was scraped with a small burn from what felt like a plasma blast. Looking towards the exit, the fighters saw the three Ultimates waiting for them, the orange-armed fighter with the arm cannon reloading her ammo.

"Give it up already!" the Brawler Ultimate ordered. "It's game over for you. For all of you."

"Tabuu and his servants have heard the news of the Smash Ball and are willing to find and kill whoever has the only visible one, or else more will appear out of nowhere and damn us all!" the Swordfighter Ultimate said. "We have constructed a special type of machine that can read the long-lost memories of a trophy. With that thing, we can use it on any fighter to know the secrets of their past, especially the treasures they're possessed by. All we have to is find the fastest thing alive, for we've understood the tales of his escape from the Master Hand, and I'm pretty sure you've figured out about the Smash Ball thriving in the bodies of fighters who have never been transformed…"

"Looks like they're onto Sonic the Hedgehog," Red told the group.

"And I thought they mentioned dragging them out of our dead bodies, with the only visible one slowly bringing the others into the light," Popo replied.

"Then we gotta get out of here, and fast!" Young Link exclaimed. The Ultimates then started walking towards the fighters as they were getting into the jet and starting it up.

"What the hell are you waiting for!?" Wolf yelled as the Ultimates then started picking up the pace and running. "Press the damn button already, Snake!" Once the soldier saw the jet was hovering off the ground, he pressed the trigger, and the C4's all went off. The Ultimates were caught in the blast, and the jet was powerful enough to hold itself in place until the explosion cleared. When the smoke was departing, the fighters saw the cloaks the Ultimates were wearing burned off, along with their thought translators, revealing them to be Mii Fighters themselves. For the Brawler Ultimate, he had a red body color with black hair with short tuffs sticking out on the right side of his head, black eyes, and black eyebrows. The Swordfighter Ultimate had a dark-blue body color with blond hair that parted in half, blue eyes, and golden eyebrows. As for the Gunner Ultimate, she had an orange body color with brown-ginger hair that seemed to split at the center of the head, black eyes with long eyelashes, and brown-ginger eyebrows.

"Looks like we're going to be having a fight, are we?" Snake smirked. The Pokémon Trainer on top of the jet then sent out Ivysaur and Squirtle, with Wolf, Pichu, Young Link, and the Ice Climbers walking to their side. The three Ultimates Revealed then rushed towards the fighters, with the Brawler unleashing a heavy shot put, the Swordfighter releasing a small tornado, and the Gunner shooting plasma blasts. Wolf and Snake jumped out of the way, firing their all at the approaching Ultimates Revealed. The Brawler then lunged himself towards Pichu, but the tiny Pokémon zipped out of the way just in time. Pichu then started charging up his electric attacks, electrocuting both the Ultimate Revealed and himself. Nana was cornered by the Swordfighter, using her ice powers to freeze him in place. Then, Popo came from behind and started whacking the Ultimate Revealed from behind with his hammer. Young Link was trying to block the Gunner's missiles and charge shots with his Deku Shield. When the Ultimate Revealed left an opening, the Hylian kid then unleashed his flurry of attacks from his Kokiri Sword, launching her towards Squirtle as he crawled into his shell and flung himself, knocking her back. Ivysaur used his vines and wrapped the three Ultimates Revealed, strangling them in place, as Snake started launching his bombs at the Ultimates Revealed.

Now scarred and bruised, the Ultimates Revealed were slowly trying to get up as the prison was now set up in flames from the explosion by the jets. With their last ounce of strength, the Ultimates Revealed were running towards the fighters who were now heading to the remaining jet and put Ivysaur + Squirtle, Popo + Nana, and Pichu in a headlock. With looks on their faces threatening the other fighters to back off, Red then called back his Pokémon with the Pokéballs. Pichu and the Ice Climbers then squirmed out of the Mii Fighters' grasps, pushing the weak enemies aside and heading back to the jet. Once the Ultimates Revealed saw the fighters were getting away, they watched as the jet was ready to depart. They were just about ready to run towards and kill the last fighters on the ground but were suddenly critically attacked themselves – Wolf at the Brawler, in which the anamorphic pilot used his claws and fangs and started mauling the Ultimate Revealed; Young Link at the Swordfighter, when he used his Kokiri Sword and stabbed the Ultimate Revealed in the stomach; Snake at the Gunner, after he fired his gun at the Ultimate Revealed's chest.

"You don't know who you're messing with," Snake said to the now-dying Ultimates Revealed. "We are the Super Smash Brothers." Snake, Wolf, and Young Link then jumped onto the jet, where Red with his hidden Pokémon, Nana + Popo, and Pichu were waiting for them. After the fighters flew off in the jet, avoiding all contact with the Winged Firestorms, the Mii Fighters from before were running to the takeoff pad only to find the Ultimates were badly wounded. With terrified looks on their faces, the warriors then started carrying their leaders away from the burning fire as the Winged Firestorm Pro 2.0 flew in and carried the Mii Fighters and the Ultimates into the gateway of Subspace.

*hours later

Sephiroth was in the technology room where they kept whatever technology remained of the Ancients, watching as the mutated Primids were building a new contraption for creating the Great Maze again. As he was looking at the busy monsters, a small, female Mii Brawler walked in with a sad look on her face. Of course, the Mii Fighters couldn't say anything for somehow being autistic.

"What is it this time?" Sephiroth asked. The Mii Fighter took out a notepad and pencil and started writing. When she was done, she presented it to the one-winged angel, and the notepad read, "It's about the Ultimates. They're passing away. It's crucial you tell this to their children at once urgently."

"Ah, yes," Sephiroth said. "The sons and daughter of the Ultimates. I'll tell them right away." The one-winged angel warped out of the room, leaving raven-black feathers in his trace.

Just outside the Judgement Fortress, three Mii Fighters were sitting next to the mercury lake, admiring their reflections. They were the children of the Ultimates. The Mii Brawler was the son of the Brawler Ultimate, and he had a red uniform, light-tan skin with long black hair, a slightly angled-down mouth, and eyes and eyebrows black and close together. The Mii Swordfighter was the Swordfighter Ultimate's only child, and he had a dark-blue uniform, light skin with short blond hair waving into little tuffs in different angles, blue eyes, and blond eyebrows. The Mii Gunner was the Gunner Ultimate's daughter, having a yellow uniform, light skin with long, dark yellow hair, hazel eyes with a small, round nose and a slightly angled-up mouth with a small, visible lower lip shape, and dark yellow eyebrows.

"This world is so beautiful," the Mii Brawler said. "Too bad Arcadia is not as bright and vivid as this. What a shame…"

"This world is supposed to look like Arcadia thousands of years ago," the Mii Gunner answered. "Tabuu said it just doesn't feel the same without something from the Master Core's world, so he hopes on finding the Smash Ball and recreating the Great Maze again."

"Man, wish we could go out and look for those who have been affected by the blue blur himself," the Mii Swordfighter rebutted.

"Mii Swordfighter," the Mii Gunner objected, "Mommy told me that I'm not ready. I'm quite positive the Mii Brawler's dad said the same thing to him when he was growing up, and I think your father has told you so as well. When they see we're capable of defending ourselves, then there's a high chance we'll survive in the dangers of Arcadia. I mean, we've traveled across both worlds most of the time we spent with the Ultimates, our parents…"

"Guys," the Mii Brawler said to the other two Mii Fighters. "Sephiroth's coming." As the one-winged angel walked towards the three young warriors, he had a look of bad news on his face.

"I'm afraid I have to tell you pranksters something important," Sephiroth told the Mii Fighters. "It's about each of your single parents. Hours ago, they were wounded by the prisoners who escaped earlier."

"How bad is it?" the Mii Brawler asked, each one of the Mii Fighters scared.

"Critical," Sephiroth answered. "There's no chance they'll survive…" Noticing the endangerment of the Ultimates, the Mii Fighters ran into the Judgement Fortress, worried, with Sephiroth walking behind them. Heading into the Judgement Fortress's hospital room deep underneath the mercury lake, the Mii Fighters with Sephiroth saw their parents in medical beds, each one of them with burns and deadly wounds.

Shocked by how the Ultimates looked, the Mii Fighters ran towards their fathers and mother, all of their followers terribly sad. Shadow Mewtwo warped in, alarmed by the news, followed by M. Bison and Morpho Knight. The stranger in the shadows was also in the same room, the red gem on his chest the only thing visible in the dark. The Mii Fighters went to their parents, holding their weak hands.

"How did this happen?" Sephiroth asked the Brawler Ultimate Revealed. Slowly turning his head, the Mii Fighter tried saying something, but remembered that they had no voices and the thought translator was the only thing they communicated with. So, through sign language, the Brawler Ultimate Revealed told the Subspace Army bosses about how the attack happened.

"They'll pay for this," the Mii Brawler wept. "You can't leave us like this…"

"We're not ready to serve Tabuu," the Mii Swordfighter replied. "This is a big burden we have to carry… Please, you can't go…"

"How could anyone ever let this happen?" the Mii Gunner said. "We're too young to become rulers of a nation…" The three children of the Ultimates started hugging their single parents, tears in their eyes. As time passed by, the heart rate monitors started beeping slower, eventually ending in one long noise, and the Ultimates died in their children's arms. Realizing the terrible truth, the Mii Fighters began to cry, with the followers lowering their heads in loss and mourning.

"The Ultimates are dead," Shadow Mewtwo telepathized in sadness. "They lived for a good cause: to carry out the deeds of Tabuu and retrieve the pieces of the Master Core's world." The Mii Fighters were then outside on the fortress's only balcony after a few minutes before the funeral even began, weeping in agony. Their tears were dropping from the height, absorbed by the mercury lake down below. Sephiroth slowly walked in, hoping he could give out some comfort of a senseful human being.

"I know what it feels like… to lose a loved one," Sephiroth said, sitting down next to the Mii Brawler, Swordfighter, and Gunner. "And I think it's right that they should be avenged in some way. Your parents told me years after your birth and experimentational success of bringing back the Mii Fighter's long-lost voices that I would make sure you deserve to rule righteously. The Ultimates knew one day you three would replace them. You're all never too young to carry such a big weight on your shoulders." The Mii Brawler turned his head towards Sephiroth, hugging him deeply in shame and fault. The Mii Swordfighter and the Mii Gunner joined in, trying to be comforted by the one-winged angel.

"There, there," Sephiroth said. "Let it all out. I was sad too that your parents died, but I knew that one day you'll do something to end all this." The Mii Fighters broke the hug, wiping away their tears.

"Is there a way? To honor what they did for all of us?" the Mii Swordfighter asked, each one of the Mii Fighters with looks of determination on their faces. "To finish what the Ultimates started and rebuild the Great Maze?"

"There is a way," Sephiroth answered. "However, if you're going to do it, you'll have to trust me. Otherwise, it could spell doom for both you three and your kind, just like how R.O.B. and the Ancients suffered."

"First things first," the Mii Gunner replied, "we're going to have some new uniforms made. Not exactly like the past Ultimates, but something to honor their deaths and future vengeance."

"That would probably take a few hours until your new uniforms are made," Sephiroth objected.

"Then we'll just use one of the contraptions you were making before," the Mii Brawler answered. "What was it you were building?" Sephiroth then took in the Mii Fighters to the research room, where the Primids were working on the new weapons of the Subspace Army.

"These machines were originally planned for the first invasion," Sephiroth told the Mii Fighters. "However, they were long lost into history, but we managed to recover copies of them." The stranger with the red gem appeared in front of the one-winged angel and the Ultimates's children.

"I'm sure you three remember Infinite, the one of the few warriors who teamed up with me during the explosion of the last Subspace Bomb," Sephiroth said. The stranger was revealed as another anamorphic creature in the form of a jackal found in Sonic's world with the red glowing gem with black spirals swirling around on his chest, his body was black with white, jagged spikes on his long hair and tail, with metallic boots and a mask with black spirals in his ears, and his left eye was gleaming red with a yellow iris.

"Of course we remember," the Mii Brawler said. "He teamed up with Shadow Mewtwo to help power the Ancient's corpses to toggle the Subspace Bomb."

"Yes," Sephiroth answered. "The Phantom Ruby and the Shadow Synergy Stone working together can create unbelievable things, like reanimate lost limbs and cause them to function well. Both of them alone are incredible, like the Phantom Ruby of this world to create virtual warriors and the Shadow Synergy Stone to replicate the Shadow Bugs, but they're unstoppable together, as we'll be channeling their powers to bring back one of our long-lost friends with the device we were making before. However, the machine has a one-time use, so make the resurrection count for someone who won't fail us warming our enemies up."

"Then let's get cracking," the Mii Gunner replied. "We don't have much time to waste. And we're hoping afterwards to create long-lost voices for the rest of our kind…" Walking up to the resurrection device, Sephiroth with the Mii Fighters watched as Shadow Mewtwo and Infinite were strapped down with the Shadow Synergy Stone and the Phantom Ruby attached to wires.

"Processing resurrection device," the Subspace computer spoke. "Scanning for warriors from a dated… ten years ago." As Sephiroth and the Mii Fighters watched, they saw the list of the bosses that used to work for the Subspace Army.

"The list includes Petey Piranha, Rayquaza, Porky Minch, Galleom, Duon, and Ridley," the Subspace computer spoke. The mutated Primids were waiting for a certain selection to be made by the Mii Fighters, and Sephiroth was patiently waiting for an answer.

"Be careful who you choose," Sephiroth whispered to them. "One screwup will have all the blame put on you." The Mii Brawler, Mii Swordfighter, and Mii Gunner were thinking carefully one who to choose in this one-time decision.

"We pick… Ridley," the Mii Brawler said.

"Ridley selected," the Subspace computer said. As the monitors showed, Ridley was highlighted with a white outline, signifying he was picked.

"Why Ridley?" Sephiroth asked.

"He was the only fighter outside all of the others to almost kill the Super Smash Brothers," the Mii Gunner answered. "He has his own unique style and would be perfect if he would rise once again. Because of this, we pick Ridley."

"Ridley it is," Sephiroth said. "Wise decision." Once the Primids selected Ridley, the computer monitors showcased Ridley being constructed and a progress bar on the side. The machines then started powering up, collecting some of Infinite's and Shadow Mewtwo's powers and transporting them into the resurrection pod.

"Stabilizing structure: 15% progress…" the Subspace computer spoke "Replicating DNA: 32% progress…" The Mii Fighters and Sephiroth started watching as the resurrection pod was creating an eerie purple mist and slowly taking shape.

"Rebuilding intellectual and physical form: 50% progress," the Subspace computer said. "Regenerating biological cellular structure: 85% progress." The children of the Ultimates watched in awe as the creature they chose is rebuilding and moving, releasing a thunderous roar.

"Almost finished," Sephiroth said. "All we have to do is give him the right size…" However, during the progress, Shadow Mewtwo was recovering memories from his past: remembering the Pokémon Trainer, the last Subspace Army invasion, the loss of many of the Pokémon, the fact that both he and many more were taken, tortured, and mutilated. Suddenly snapping out, Shadow Mewtwo broke the wires that connected to his Shadow Synergy Stone and broke the table he was attached to. During the time when Shadow Mewtwo was waking up, the computer was starting to malfunction.

"ERROR: progress terminated," the Subspace computer spoke. The Primids saw the computer was blinking out, they quickly started typing in codes to reboot the system. The creature trapped in the resurrection pod was being shocked with many sorts of lightning colors, the Judgement Fortress beginning to shake.

"Shut it down!" Sephiroth yelled at the Primids. "Shut it down!" The Mii Swordfighter noticed Shadow Mewtwo was out from his position.

"The legendary Pokémon is away from the device!" the Mii Swordfighter told the other Mii Fighters. "It looks like he's recovering memories! Whatever you do, do not let him destroy that Shadow Synergy Stone!" The Mii Fighters then started cornering Shadow Mewtwo, lassoing him in the bright purple rope from before. One of the Mii Gunners then walked in, with the taser. However, once the sparks touched Shadow Mewtwo's crystal, it had no effect on him.

"That little trick doesn't work on me anymore," Shadow Mewtwo telepathized in boast. "I've gotten stronger by the minute…" The legendary Pokémon then broke free of his bondages and pushed the Mii Fighters away, both the Ultimates's children and their followers. Infinite got out from his position to stop this madness, and both M. Bison and Morpho Knight tried using their powers to bring down Shadow Mewtwo. Noticing the scenario, the Pokémon warped out of the research room and away from Subspace.

"Unable… to- shut down – ! #$ $(%$!?:{! # - help…" the Subspace computer said as its systems were overloading. The Ultimates's children got up, watching as the creature in the capsule was still roaring as more of the multi-colored sparks kept shocking him. Sephiroth then unsheathed his long sword, slicing at the computer screen and breaking the device, which resulted in the whole room going black.

"System… rebooting…" the Subspace computer said from a different area, and the computer fixed and repaired itself. Sephiroth looked with anger at the Mii Fighters, upset over the fact that the idea of a perfect warrior coming back ended in failure. Then, M. Bison, Morpho Knight, and Infinite went to their side when they felt embarrassed on their first day.

"Thanks to you idiots, the perfect plan to bring back one of our most powerful soldiers was ruined," Sephiroth said.

"Leave the Mii Fighters out of this," Infinite objected. "It isn't their fault Shadow Mewtwo has grown strong enough to escape into the outside world." Afterwards, the lights went back on. The Mii Fighters and Sephiroth watched as the resurrection pod opened, revealing the new and improved last of the Space Pirates – Ridley. The creature started crawling out of the machine that brought him back, roaring for fresh air. Like from a dream, the space creature slowly opened his eyes to explore the new environment around him.

"…Where… where am I…?" Ridley hissed in question. "What… is this place? What happened?"

"You are in the Judgement Fortress, inside the last Subspace gateway," Sephiroth answered. "Thanks to the rise in technology, we were able to resurrect you after your last defeat… with minor effects." From what the Mii Fighters and the bosses clearly saw, Ridley was much smaller than he first appeared, slightly taller if they were to compare him to Bowser.

"And how long was I out?" Ridley asked.

"Ten years, from what we heard," the Mii Gunner answered. "But… the good news is it somehow worked despite being smaller than usual."

"We were hoping you could join us for domination over Arcadia for Tabuu," Infinite said.

"Domination?" Ridley hissed, being a little more abusive in his voice. "For Tabuu? Who even is Tabuu? Was I really gone for ten years?"

"Ridley, I know this all sorts of confusing, but you'll be a lot happier when you finally join up with the Construct God," M. Bison said.

"All this time, I thought I was working for the Master Hand," Ridley objected. "Whoever this Tabuu guy is, I do not wanna stand beside him. It… just doesn't seem right, even if I'm a murderous monster…"

"Ridley," the Mii Brawler said, "it's difficult to believe, I know, but you'll get used to it."

"I can't do this," Ridley objected. "From now on, I'm on my own. No master, no rules, just destruction. I don't know who this guy is, and I never wanna know."

"Ridley, this is the last straw!" Sephiroth spoke in a stricter voice. "Join Tabuu or there will be consequences!"

"Sephiroth," the Mii Swordfighter asked, "don't you think Ridley's message turning our offer down may be because of those sparks from before…?"

"Of course I know! Why would you say that!?" Sephiroth yelled at the Mii Fighters. Ridley then started roaring, unfurling his wings and taking off into the air. The space creature started glaring madly at the Subspace Army bosses, self-aware he was betraying the ones who brought him back. Flying almost as fast as the speed of sound, Ridley started unleashing fireballs in the room, setting the place on fire and flying off, leaving claw and tail marks all over the floor, walls, and ceiling. Infinite created virtual water to put out the fire, and everyone saw Ridley was gone too.

"This would have never happened if Shadow Mewtwo made a fool of himself," Sephiroth said. "We're going to have to use those long-lost plans, and they'll be perfect for world domination. Let's go, Ultimates Reborn. From the time that passed, it looks like your new uniforms are ready." The one-winged angel with Infinite, M. Bison, and Morpho Knight left the research room, with the Mii Fighters left behind. Taking a look at the mess Ridley and Shadow Mewtwo had caused, the Mii Brawler turned towards the Mii Swordfighter and Mii Gunner. While he was looking at them in belief of shame and disappointment, the gleam that went in a full circle leading to a cross off-center flashed in his eyes. It was small, but small enough for the other two to notice and get the gleam as well.

"That gleam in your eyes…" the Mii Gunner said. "Is that…?"

"Strange how we all have it too," the Mii Swordfighter butted in.

"…It's probably nothing," the Mii Brawler answered, noticing the gleams in their eyes. "Let's get going. Sephiroth and the others are waiting for us to leave Subspace." Walking off, the new Ultimates left the research room, with the computer still functioning after all the chaos that took place. When the place was empty, the monitor flashed an image of Ridley, Shadow Mewtwo, and the Mii Fighters, picking up some sort of weird energy from all of them. The results broadcasted on the second screen showed the image of a Smash Ball, the only thing they had in common somehow.

"Hella would be surprised by these news," the Subspace computer spoke. "Sending information… She responded with, 'I will wait for the perfect time to reveal their secret, for I already know WHO they are.'"

Chapter Text

*location skip

Sonic, Meta Knight, Bayonetta, Palutena, Dark Pit, Shulk, Lucas, Charizard, and Little Mac were grouped together, running through the dry, arid frontier, heading to the direction of Civiltatula, the city the blue rodent described.

"Are we there yet?" Lucas asked, slowing down in pace from exhaustion.

"We still have a long way to go," Sonic answered, "but we can take a break if you like."

"Yes, please," Lucas panted. However, Meta Knight walked in front of Sonic, his eyes giving off a slightly angry hue.

"Are you nuts?" Meta Knight then objected. "We are on the run from the Subspace Army, and you need to rest? Our enemies can't and never will rest until they have what they want."

"So, you're saying there's no time for breaks?" Sonic asked. "Y'know, you just need the time to sniff the flowers, as I always tell myself."

"How can I if we're stranded in the middle of nowhere where there's bound to be a lot of enemies spawning for no reason?" Meta Knight answered in the form of another question. "You're the only one who's bringing back the Smash Balls, regaining our memories. It's crucial we all work together to make sure the Subspace Army does not have what they want."

"And you're saying the fact that my existence is releasing the ultimate power which our enemies need to power the Subspace Bombs?" Sonic objected. "This is all kinds of confusing, even I don't seem to be following this…"

"Sonic. Meta Knight. Zip it," Shulk butted in, breaking up the argument. "Once we find out what kinds of crazy contraptions the Subspace Army is building with these blueprints, we'll be able to find out where they're making them and blow the place up. Simple as that, don't you think?" Sonic and Meta Knight then looked at each other with forgiveness, taking a look beyond the horizon in the direction they were heading off to.

"Since a war is never fair, and our enemies never take a vacation, I guess we should go through the Meta Knight route," Sonic answered. "It may not be the most logical – believe me, I know – but it's the only thing getting closer to reuniting with our friends." The blue hedgehog then pulled out the jar with the neon purple Shadow Bug named "Faker", taking a small glance at the tiny companion. Running off with a trail of dust, the other fighters started to follow him to their destination.

Thousands of miles above the black-red cloud coating all of Arcadia in darkness, a small, red-coated dragon called the Winged Firestorm Mini went lightning-fast into space, deep into the crystal-clear night sky, right in front of a rather large ship in the form of a futuristic castle powered by what appeared to be a glowing orb barely as dense and bright as the other stars. Inside the Winged Firestorm Mini, piloting the creature, were a series of Magikoopas and Hammer Bros., all lead by none other than the Koopa King's spoiled little son himself – Bowser Jr. – sitting in his Koopa Clown Car.

Watching tiny stars with what looked like eyes on their faces flinging themselves at the Winged Firestorm Mini, Bowser Jr. merely shook his head in disappointment.

"Uncle Sephy said I could have a little fun blowing up the Comet Observatory," Bowser Jr. said to himself, "and that's what I'm gonna do. Whatever it takes to reunite with my papa. Okay, boys! Fire when ready!" The Magikoopas started laughing when the Winged Firestorm Mini opened its mouth, napalm fire heating up in the back of its metallic throat. The giant fireball released landed right at the center of the spaceship's core, blowing up the Comet Observatory. Jewels shaped like stars flew out from the explosion, dropping through the black-red cloud waiting down below.

Coincidentally, Sonic and his team were at the same place the star-like jewels fell from the sky. As they looked around, they saw rainbow-glowing gems falling from up above, clearing the sky a little bit for them to observe the beautiful celestial bodies of space. Once the jewels touched the ground, they exploded into more gems shaped like stars. As the fighters looked above, they saw the Comet Observatory burning up in the atmosphere, turning into rubble. The rubble started landing around them like meteorites, iron-hot to the touch.

"Everyone, get out of the way!" Sonic yelled, pushing Palutena and Dark Pit out of the way followed by Lucas, Charizard, Bayonetta, Little Mac, and Shulk. Once everyone was hiding in a nearby cave, the blue hedgehog ran back to get Meta Knight, who had his legs trapped underneath one of the large pieces of rubble. Sonic started lifting it up as the last incoming debris was falling right above them.

"Go, M.K.!" Sonic groaned as his legs started wobbling from the excessive weight. "Run for cover!" Meta Knight flew into the cave as Sonic ran away from the collision just in time but couldn't back out from the shaking of the ground, which was so powerful it knocked him into the dry sand, rendering him unconscious. The last thing he heard were the voices of the other fighters from the cave, after the debris stopped falling from the sky.

Slowly waking up from the collision, he felt if the jar that was carrying Faker was still there unscratched, and it was. Giving a sigh of relief, he was trying to see what was tickling his nose at the time, waking him up. As he sharpened his vision, he saw a tiny, star-like being glowing yellow with large, black eyes, tapping the blue hedgehog's long, black nose with its stubby arms. His friends ran up to him just in time, trying to see if he's okay.

"Sonic!" Lucas said. "You all right?"

"Yeah," the blue hedgehog answered. As soon as Sonic got up and put the jar with Faker back in his quills, the star-like being started dancing like it was suspended in space, its squeaking voices echoing, relived of Sonic's survival with the catastrophe.

"What is that thing?" Pittoo asked.

"I have no idea," Sonic answered. "That was the first thing I saw when I woke up. I wonder what it's doing here." The star-like being was flailing its arms, almost as if it was terrified.

"By the way, buddy," Sonic asked the star-like being, "what do we call you?" The star-like being then started spinning in the air, creating waves of light that lasted long enough for the other fighters to read. Once the star-like being was finished, the waves of light read:

I am what you call a Luma. A terrible threat caused our home to explode like a supernova! Now, we have nowhere to live in the stars, and Mama's trapped and sleeping.

"Trapped?" Little Mac wondered. "Sleeping?"

"Where do we find your Mama?" Palutena asked the Luma. The star-like being started waving its arms, signifying the others to follow it as it flew off.

"Hey!" Sonic exclaimed. "Wait up!" The fighters started running after the Luma, following the thin streams of light. Once they were in the open, in the center of a huge crater were more of the Lumas - some red, blue, green, others white, black with blue eyes, or purple. The fighters then got into what the Lumas were protecting: a large, cyan-colored crystal with a sad girl trapped inside.

"That's your Mama?" Shulk asked. The yellow Luma nodded.

"How do we get her out of here?" Lucas asked. The Lumas started dancing around in waves of light, giving another message:

Maybe try breaking it. It could free our Mama…

"Break it, huh?" Sonic asked in wonder. Meta Knight unsheathed his sword, unleashing a flurry of attacks at the crystal. When the others saw what the Lumas meant by breaking the crystal, they started attacking, revealing cracks on its surface. Once Little Mac dealt the finishing blow, the crystal shattered into many pieces, unleashing a blinding light. After the light cleared, the fighters saw the sad girl trapped in the crystal was a mysterious woman with silky, blond hair. A long lock of it covered her right eye, which each one of them were a deep-space color and sparkled like the cosmos, and she was wearing a silver crown on her head. Her earrings looked like they were twinkling, and her dress was as blue as the waters of the earth. She was wielding a wand in her left hand, and she was slowly regaining conscious as she started sitting up in what remained of the crystal she was trapped in.

"Oh, dear," the woman said, her voice echoing like the Lumas. "I wasn't supposed to arrive here until another hundred years…"

"Well, we got you outta here," Sonic said. "Do you mind telling us your name for those who don't know, miss?"

"My name is Rosalina, protector of the galaxies and mother of the Lumas," the woman answered.

"So, do you mean you're a mother physically or mentally?" Sonic asked, the question having nothing to do with the situation.

"SONIC!" Meta Knight yelled angrily as Rosalina and the other fighters giggled.

"I guess you could say I'm both," Rosalina said.

"Nah, that's fine," Sonic replied. "Anyway, why was your ship falling from the sky?"

"The Comet Observatory's main core was destroyed," Rosalina answered, the yellow Luma cuddling up into its mother's arms. "Someone from this world has finally destroyed our home, even though we had no idea how we got here or where we came from… or how we became like this…"

"Well," Sonic said, "I know you were once a human girl when you first came across those Lumas, and…" Before Sonic was about to begin the story, the Winged Firestorm Mini roared before landing to the rubble. Hearing the rumbling, all the frightened Lumas disappeared into thin air except for the yellow one, who stayed close to Rosalina. Sonic and the other fighters then crawled out of the crater, noticing the red, robotic dragon. Then, Magikoopas and Hammer Bros. fell from the Winged Firestorm Mini's stomach, and they were all followed by Bowser Jr., who slowly glided to the ground in his Koopa Clown Car.

"Looks like I found the prisoners who escaped from the previous version of the Winged Firestorm Pro," Bowser Jr. said. "I wasn't expecting you guys to show up. I just wanted to see if the protector of the cosmos was still alive after I purposely destroyed her home for fun…"

"Don't get too soft, boy," Bayonetta interrupted. "Who the hell do you think you are?"

"I was the boy who was separated from his father for years to come," Bowser Jr. answered. "The kid who stayed away from his papa for ten long years, trying to finish what he started after his betrayal to Tabuu. Bowser Jr.'s my name, and you picked a bad time to disturb our invasion. I'll give you another warning: if you ever dare of stopping our attack on Arcadia, there will be consequences." Bowser Jr. then jumped into the Winged Firestorm Mini, and the Magikoopas and Hammer Bros. watched as the red dragon took off into the skies towards the city of Civiltatula. Shadow Bugs started raining from the sky, forming Spaaks, Tickens, Bytans, Bucculi, Auroros, Shaydas, and paper-thin but boogieboard-wide flounder-shark hybrids with long, whipping tails and a hundred eyes on their faces – Halicarptus – which dove into the ground and emerged with stretchy jaws that would swallow a victim whole and carry them deep underground to suffocate them from the pressure.

"Alrighty, guys," Sonic said to the new recruits. "Looks like we're taking the road to the city the HARD way." Sonic started running towards the Magikoopas and Hammer Bros., avoiding their magic beams and flying hammers. Once the blue hedgehog managed to get behind their backs, he kicked them into oblivion, followed by his spin-dashes that were hard to predict. Shulk used his Monado Arts to switch into Speed Mode, allowing him to run faster than the Shaydas were able to catch up to him. Dodging the Subspace monsters' slashes, the Bionis jumped into the air, using his signature Backslash to split their bodies in half between each of their two heads. Charizard rushed up to the Tickens, breaking their hard shells to reveal innocent baby chicks that flew out of harm's way, and Lucas used his Rope Snake to grab the incoming diving Auroros. Bayonetta went high into the air and started firing her Bullet Arts at the Spaaks, knocking them out of the sky. Little Mac and Meta Knight charged at the Bytans and Bucculi, unleashing flurries of attacks and jabs. Palutena tried jumping over the soft ground, for she knew that Halicarptus love swimming in there, and once one jumped out, she zapped them with her staff. Dark Pit fired his arrows from his Silver Bow at one Halicarptu, splitting its thin, stretchy body in two.

Sonic started running out of the dangerous part of the frontier just in time, but remembered his friends weren't as fast as he was when he saw they were still surrounded by a lot of enemies. The blue blur then started running faster than the speed of sound, beginning to curl up into a ball at the incoming enemies who all suddenly noticed him. Sonic started grinding into a few ancient pillars as some of the Halicarptus rammed into the hard stone since they couldn't actually swim through a solid surface. The blue hedgehog's friends got out of the soft sand and onto hard ground, Sonic jumped right in front of them, with the monsters chasing after him only to be crushed by the pillar. The only creatures that survived were the Halicarptus, who were squirming underneath the weight only to die seconds later. After the fighters noticed the bad-ass action Sonic preformed, they started applauding in wonder.

"Don't thank me," Sonic replied. "That's how I do my job around here." Once he took another step, he started feeling the pain from before, clenching his stomach. Worried about Sonic's health, Meta Knight and Rosalina ran to his side, with the yellow Luma hiding behind Charizard's wings.

"What's with him?" Rosalina asked Meta Knight while Sonic was groaning badly.

"He's going through another phase of the Smash Ball," Meta Knight answered. "We're going to have to back away from him slowly and figure out what he's seeing this time." After the fighters were backing off, Sonic stood upright, opening his white, glowing eyes once more.

After Sonic got up, he saw that he had the rainbow hue, glowing golden irises, and Smash Ball attached to his chest once more. He took the jar with Faker out of his quills, still thinking about how this is possible. Looking around, the blue hedgehog saw where he last left off – Hella with the very first Shadow Bug traveling to the Isle of the Ancients for answers of her long-lost past and why they were using her technology. As Sonic observed, the black-haired girl came from a long journey, holding the map she was carrying up to her face once in a while.

Time passed by ever since I started looking for the Isle of the Ancients before heading for the location of the Mii Fighters I somehow knew but never... really studied, Hella's voice echoed in Sonic's head. I had been travelling for weeks without the Master Core's acceptance, wandering the far corners of the land. I was growing tired, weary, and the only person I could ever talk to and share my feelings with was the Shadow Bug I created. The blue blur watched as the time with Hella sped up around him, and he wasn't moving at all as he watched her walk to her destination. Finally, after a long journey, Hella looked awfully exhausted.

I had been far away from the Arcadium for a long time, Hella replied. I suddenly came across a rather large mountain where the map said was the Isle of the Ancients. I felt like I was lied to, but I decided to not give up when I travelled so far. So, with all my strength, I climbed to the largest tree on the mountain at the very peak. There, I unpacked my stuff and took a deep rest. Sonic the Hedgehog started observing over the time the black-haired girl was sleeping, the mountain started to rumble. Taking off into the air, the mountain started lifting up, revealing what appeared to be hovering devices underneath. Buildings that were invisible at the time started fading into sight as the clouds seemed to lower themselves above them. The Shadow Bug in the jar at Hella's side watched as the mountain was beginning to float into the skies and tried to wake her up, but to no avail. After the rumbling stopped, Hella stirred up from her sleep after quite some time. The Shadow Bug was chirping signs of annoyance, and Hella calmed it down by gently rubbing the jar it was encased in. As the black-clothed warrior looked around, she suddenly saw what once appeared to be a mountain was actually a long-lost city.

I finally found it, staring with eyes of wonder, Hella said. The hidden city of the Isle of the Ancients, floating high above the clouds. Sonic watched as Hella got up from her resting spot and looked around her. The blue hedgehog then started following her around, the rainbow hue surrounding him trailing behind. Hella was looking around, admiring the chrome-colored buildings and futuristic technology lighting the pathways. Then, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted what appeared to be a small R.O.B. simply walking out of the building. Noticing someone not of their kind is on the island, the robot started releasing loud beeps to signal anyone else to see what it sees. More robots that looked much like the small R.O.B. walked out of more buildings, trying to see what's going on. Sonic was in front of Hella at that time, but the R.O.B.s simply passed through him. As the blue hedgehog watched through the crowd of robots, he saw that they were looking at Hella and her Shadow Bug with curiosity. Just then, the R.O.B.s parted way for what appeared to be the lead robot, her head a white platinum with golden arms and a silver body. She was trying to communicate with Hella, but her own language consisted of only beeps in frequencies even Hella couldn't understand. Eventually, a cream-and-red colored R.O.B. brought to her a dark green cape with a thought translator attached to it. When the lead robot put it on, she managed to keep it snug.

"I'm not very good with introductions, human," the lead robot said. "I'm known by a lot of names, but you may call me the Ancient Minister."

"How come your city was disguised as a mountain?" Hella asked.

"We had kept our secret for years," the Ancient Minister said. "We recognized the technology you made for our survival."

"They're not much," Hella replied. "They're just made for random battles."

"Nonsense!" the Ancient Minister objected. "We were most pleased with your work."

"So, what you're trying to tell me is that you're thankful for my inventions to build machines to replicate the need for an increased life?" Hella asked.

"I guess if that's how you want to put it," the Ancient Minister answered. "Thanks to your devices, we have decided to treat you as a friend from now on."

"A… friend?" Hella asked. "That's nice. I mean… I've never really had a friend before, and I always fight with those I know…"

"That's alright," the Ancient Minister answered. "We'll be having a party at the Great Hall for thanking you for your inventions." As time passed, the Ancients were setting up a banquet and treating Hella as the guest of honor. There was music and food beyond anything Sonic could imagine, and even though he was viewing this through a memory he was a little hungry…

After the hours had passed, Hella with the Shadow Bug in her pocket was walking with the Ancient Minister through the courtyard, admiring the view from on high.

"So..." Hella asked, "about your voices, how come you never actually talk?"

"We communicate through special understanding only we could read," the Ancient Minister said. "It wasn't until your inventions helped us talk to other species better."

"Maybe you wouldn't be needing those doohickeys once you find another kind who reads your language…" Hella resounded.

"Maybe…" the Ancient Minister replied. "Anyway, what brings you here to the Isle of the Ancients? Is it because you want the inventions you have back?"

"No, no," Hella answered. "I finally see you're happy with my little toys. It's just that… I am one of the many species who was supposedly abducted from my homeland and transformed into a trophy, which would remove all memories of anyone's past. I was eavesdropping on the Master Core and told someone to bring both my technology and the past knowledge of anyone in this land to the Isle of the Ancients…"

"I think you may have misheard him," the Ancient Minister said. "We don't have the knowledge that you seek. However, there is a more elderly species far away from here. They are called the Mii Fighters, based off beings from other universes. Deep in their city is the Chamber of Secrets. There, you will find who you truly are. However, once this vast knowledge is read, you will never be the same again. The land of the Mii Fighters is hidden in the pit of Ginnungagap, the area where Muspelheim – the fire – and Niflheim – the ice – meet. The map to the land of the Mii Fighters is hidden in the stars. Follow the Northern Star, which is so bright it even shines during the day, and you will never lose your location."

"Thank you so much, Ancient Minister," Hella answered, tucking the Shadow Bug into her pocket. "There are some blueprints left on your table, so you can use my technology for yourselves. I promise I'll come back to visit sometime. Anyway, how do I get down from here?"

"With your inventions of teleportation, of course," the Ancient Minister answered. With a rather large cannon, the robot shot her, warping her out of the Isle of the Ancients. When Hella woke up, she found out she was back in the land of Arcadia where the mountain she visited before once was, and she remembered to follow the Northern Star to the land of the Mii Fighters and find out everything about herself. Walking out of the woods and into the uncharted territory, the black-haired girl was sketching the new areas and creatures she founded along the way.

From A to Z, Hella's voice rang as Sonic watched her travelling, I found new species that were submissive to my will – Armank, Armight, Auroros, Autolance, Bombed, Borboras, Bucculus, Buckot, Bytan, Cymul, Feyesh, Floow, Gamyga, Glice, Glire, Glunder, Greap, Mite, Mizzo, Nagagog, Poppant, Puppit, Roader, Roturret, Shaydas, Shellpod, Spaak, Ticken, Towtow, and Trowlon. I charted and observed each creature on how they behaved, understanding the ways of the wild. During my long journey, I was starting to remember heading back to the Arcadium to prove the Master Core wrong about us after I completed my quest to follow the Northern Star.

Eventually, Sonic the Hedgehog saw Hella stumble into an empty land, where it was filled with nothing but icy-cold waste. The wind was blowing almost as powerful as a hurricane, the large crystals slicing and bruising the girl's soft skin. The map that Hella was holding onto at the time started to shred into pieces, and the sky was so foggy even the Northern Star couldn't shine through the blanket of the snowy clouds. Her Shadow Bug companion started shivering and sneezing, cuddling up next to Hella for warmth in her pocket.

"Where am I supposed to go!?" Hella cried. "I feel like I've been walking around in circles. I'll die here… The Master Core was right. I was too careless in my actions and so damned myself…" The black-haired girl started weeping, with Sonic walking right up to her side, the rainbow hue the only thing illuminating the thick, icy fog. Just then, a spark of fire flew right past her face, followed by a series of more sparks. Hella wiped away her frozen tears to find out there must be some generator of warmth around here. Walking towards where the sparks got brighter and holding her breath from the incoming smoke, Hella saw huge bursts of flames gushing out from special pillars. When Hella looked around, she observed the snowstorm colliding with the sandstorm. She saw the fire and ice then swirl around on another before being sucked into a hole larger than anything she's ever seen, and above the pit was the Northern Star shining the light on top of the two areas.

"The place where fire and ice meet," Hella said to herself. "Ginnungagap! I found it!" Geysers of hot and cold erupted from the mouth of the pit and scrapped her left arm, both freezing and burning her a little. Hella backed away from the pit, trying to see where she can find a way into the land of the Mii Fighters. As Hella was trying to think of a way in, the colossal pit started shaking, and the land underneath the black-haired girl's weight collapsed. Hella felt that she was falling, and she started screaming in terror that she was falling to her doom. Sonic jumped in, feeling the fire and ice flowing around him but not do any physical harm to him. Once Sonic got onto the ground, he saw Hella lying unconscious, surrounded by strange, exotic plants. She slowly stirred up, feeling the Shadow Bug she made was still in the jar in her pocket. There was artificial sunlight generated from the fire of Muspelheim, and many of the plants had that icy texture of Niflheim. Trees and flowers that Sonic thought were extinct thrived, and the fresh air breathed through in small gusts. Hella was in an entirely new land hidden deep below Ginnungagap.

The rustling of the plants disturbed the silence, encouraging Hella to bring her guard up. She started to carry her weapon, looking around the new environment she was in. Emerging out of the bushes, a Mii Brawler wrapped around in a ragged tunic emerged, followed by a Mii Swordfighter wearing a leopard's tunic and a Mii Gunner clothed by a giant leaf. Their weapons consisted of rocks for the Brawlers, sharp, hard leaves for the Swordfighters, and ancient plasma for the Gunners.

"Stay where you are, outsider!" the Mii Brawler spoke. "You dare invade our homeland when we were safe for many years to come?"

"I- I'm sorry," Hella muttered. "It's just that… I wanted to visit your ruler and ask for your knowledge…"

"You seek us for our knowledge?" the Mii Gunner said. "Intruder from the surface, we'll be taking you to the Ultimates for interrogation." They eventually grabbed some rope and tied Hella's hands in front of her body, dragging her to their city. As Hella was observing, she saw the land didn't look or feel like an all-knowing nation. She looked around, seeing the tons of Miis that didn't even become Fighters swinging through the vines on the trees next to their stone huts. Hella was then placed in front of the three Ancient Ultimates, who were cloaked with black star leaves.

"What brings you here to our secret land, outsider?" the Swordfighter Ancient Ultimate said.

"She was found beyond our borders, looking for the vast knowledge we contain within these walls," the Mii Brawler said.

"I wasn't looking for any harm," Hella objected, struggling with the bondages. "I was only travelling, hoping you could unlock the secrets to my long-lost past…"

"Your persuasions don't seem to have that kind of effect on us," the Brawler Ancient Ultimate said, gently grinding his stone fists together.

"If you please don't arrest me," Hella explained, "let me tell you why I came here."

As the time had passed, Hella's voice rang out in Sonic's head, I told the Mii Fighters about my residency with the Master Core and the fact that I needed their knowledge to find out who I really am. As a bonus, I promised to make their nation better than before, for I saw that they were living in toil and torment.

"Say no more," the Gunner Ancient Ultimate said, releasing Hella from her bondages. "We'll be taking you to the Chamber of Secrets. But be careful: this vast knowledge is not meant to be looked at by anyone, for anyone who reads them will run in fear of who they truly are…" The three Ancient Ultimates each placed their left hands on the edges of their thrones, opening a passageway that extended deep underground in the center of the room.

"Good luck…" the three Ancient Ultimates said. Hella took the long staircase down into the pit, looking around the damp, empty chasm. Sonic was slowly walking behind her, trying to find the all-knowledge in the Chamber of Secrets. Finally, right in front of her, Hella found the collection of scrolls and books in front of her that the Mii Fighters have saved over the many years. They were all listed in alphabetical order, each one with every name in all of Arcadia. Hella started viewing in the "H" section of the collection because of the first letter her name started with. Once she finally found a scroll that started with her name – only one – she started to open it and began to read. Turns out she discovered it was a note taken from the Master Core herself.

I was pretty alarmed when I discovered the Master Core himself wrote down most of this information about all of us, Hella's voice echoed through Sonic. Nonetheless, the note read, "Hella is by far one of my most prized possessions. She is my favorite character and deserves to be treated equally, like all of the other fighters. However, my bondage to Ragnarokk prevented me from doing so. Hella was also a part of me, and she was on Ragnarokk's side for using ultimate power to create a land where everyone could get along. When I couldn't handle it anymore, I split myself from Ragnarokk, leaving only Hella behind. She was the one who had all the order, I had all the power, and I knew I had to do something to keep her away from my domain. If I didn't have, it could lead to an all-out war involving imprisoning me. To protect her, I stripped her of her true powers, transformed her into a trophy to wipe away her memories, and made her think she was one of the brave warriors I created. I hope she never finds out, and even then, I already know I can't kill her… for we were once whole…"

Hella was surprised that she was lied to this whole time, how she was stripped of her ultimate power, how the Master Core didn't kill her when he had the chance. Lowering her head, the black-haired girl tucked the scroll in her pocket, the Subspace tattoo on her left arm exposing. She walked out of the Chamber of Secrets in front of the three Ancient Ultimates, bowing her head in thanks.

"Were you shocked to find out the truth?" the Brawler Ancient Ultimate asked.

"Oh, no…" Hella answered in nervousness. "Not at all. Really, I'm fine. So… do you think you could warp me back to the Arcadium with some sort of special device, if you have one?" The three Ancient Ultimates clapped their hands, and the Mii Fighters presented to her a special elixir glowing green. Once the cork popped off, Hella could smell a faint, apple-scented flavor emitting from the peculiar juice.

"Once you drink the whole elixir," the Swordfighter Ancient Ultimate said, "you'll fall into a deep sleep, making us easier to carry you back to your home, making the long journey back seem like just a dream." Hella then took the elixir and slowly drank it. Once the bottle was empty, she felt awfully woozy, beginning to yawn as the Mii Fighters placed her on a leave-woven bed and started to carry her to the outside world.

When Hella woke up, she found out she was back in her lab, and her Shadow Bug was still in its jar carried in her pocket. She slowly got up, taking out the scroll she had with her the whole time, reading it word-for-word again, wondering if she really did have long-lost abilities more powerful than the Master Core? If she was so weak before that he had the chance to turn her into a weak trophy? If she could do something to treat all fighters equally? After she walked out the door of her lab, she found out the Master Core himself was right in front of her, with the Swarms forming the structure of a human man.

"You've been away for quite a long time," the Master Core said.

"I had to find out who I was," Hella answered. "To see how much we can learn from ourselves…"

"By befriending the Ancients and the Mii Fighters?" the Master Core objected. "To help make their lives better? You seriously don't think I can't see and hear everything across this land? I should have never planned this future when I created Arcadia…"

"I told you before, old man," Hella replied, the Master Core standing in front of her. "Sometime soon, people are gonna be waking up and finding out who they really are, and there will be nothing to stand in your way. Had it not been for me, you would've been abducting warriors from other lands and erasing all memories of their past lives by now. But I guess that wouldn't really matter, considering the fact you ARE dragging warriors from their homelands…"

"Had it not been for you, Arcadia would never exist," the Master Core answered. "You know how much I dearly care for all of the fighters in this land, and I was doing it all for you without you even realizing it…" The Master Core started holding Hella in his arms, his snake-like arms wrapping around her chest. Hella then pushed him away, thinking that something isn't right.

"This… this all seems like a lie," Hella replied. "If you really cared for everyone and wished you were one right now, then I might ask you to give up being taboo. No one should ever have that unlimited power…"

"Give up being taboo?" the Master Core asked. "But I need that power to make sure you all live equally. Isn't that what you wanted?"

"Yes, but," Hella answered in objection, "this is not what I asked for… If you really cared, you would have given those who have been abducted back their memories and a way back to visit their worlds once in a while."

"Memories are dangerous for warriors new and old," the Master Core objected. "The pain they went through is not allowed in my world. Here in Arcadia, we remove all of the suffering and the consequences. What you did is make the rules of this world even worse by bringing order and change after reading that scroll." The Master Core then yanked the scroll out of Hella's hands, burning it into ashes with his magic. He then grabbed the Shadow Bug that Hella was keeping with her and crushed the jar with his hand with the creature trapped inside.

"Tomorrow morning," the Master Core said, "I'll be creating a new city called Civiltatula, the world where every creature could live under my rules and not yours."

"You say that there is no purpose on leading a successful life for all," Hella objected. "It's you who never chooses to change. Aren't you the REAL villain here?"

"Enough, Hella," the Master Core answered. "Tomorrow morning, I'll be taking you into the Arcadium, giving you the death penalty."

"But… you said trophies can't die," Hella objected.

"Well, who says that when you discover you and your master were once one?" the Master Core asked, the black-haired girl trembling as the Swarm-made figure walked out her lab door.

"One day," Hella said, "the Goddess of Oblivion will return, and I'll be making the perfect world in her honor, and I'll make sure all of the fighters stay secluded to my orders. Besides, you clearly said, in the scroll, that you can't kill me because you can't exist without me?"

"I can make sure you don't rise again when I finish your life," the Master Core said. "The land is constantly changing with your actions, and every law is altered. Goodbye, Hella…" Transforming into a giant cloud, the Master Core left the front of her lab house, leaving the black-haired warrior to sit alone.

With the thought that she's part of an all-powerful goddess.

She gently picked up a piece of the fractured jar with her very first Shadow Bug, the small tears reflected on its transparent surface. Looking down on her arm, she saw the Shadow Bug she made rub her cheek before disappearing into the walls, never to be seen again. Filled with rage, anger, jealousy, and unforgiveness, she stood up, thinking about a plan for changing the rules of the world.

"I can't do this alone," Hella said to herself, Sonic watching from afar. "What the Master Core has that I don't is an army of his own. He could command every trophy to turn against me, no questions or objections asked. I gotta get help." She then took out a communicator and started to contact her best friend, the Ancient Minister. The display screen started flashing green, revealing the lead R.O.B. answering the communicator.

"Hello, Hella," the Ancient Minister said. "Is there anything I could do to help?"

"I'd like you to contact the Mii Fighters," Hella answered. "Give them the best equipment you've built. I'll be going out into the wilderness on my hyperdrive hover pack to collect certain creatures to aid us. Before I leave, I'll be making more Shadow Bugs to form into beings just like the Master Core can do."

"What are you saying?" the Ancient Minister asked in slight fear.

"We're in a war," Hella answered before shutting off her communicator. After those events, Sonic the Hedgehog saw everything going white, eventually flashing before his eyes. When the blue blur woke up, he suddenly realized he was right in front of the city of Civiltatula, where the futuristic buildings were an eerie black opal, the lights flashed many different colors, and the rain poured its heaviest. Deep within the city, Primids with multiple red eyes, useless wings, and bleeding mouths were dominating the streets, walking around like an apocalypse of the undead. Many of the creatures Sonic had encountered before were all there, simply idling around like there was no one to intrude them. As the blue hedgehog looked up in the black-red sky, he saw the Winged Firestorm Mini fly into what appeared to be the tallest building in the city.

"Wonder where all my buddies went?" Sonic asked. "Either they were way ahead of me when I was vision-walking, or they're WAY back where I first appeared." As Sonic looked behind himself, he saw the rest of his gang running towards him, alarmed that they found him. The blue hedgehog ran back to the group, panting after all that running.

"Well?" Meta Knight asked. "What did you see in that vision?"

"I kinda figured out something," Sonic answered. "It seemed like there was some sort of ancient being called Ragnarokk, the Goddess of Oblivion, and apparently, the Master Core and Hella were once one. She found out about herself, befriended the Ancients and the Mii Fighters…"

"Did the vision mention anything about the Smash Ball?" Lucas interrupted, followed by Charizard nodding.

"Not that I know of," Sonic answered. "Anyway, it looks like we're just about here at our destination – Civiltatula, the City of Monsters and Nightmares."

"Are you sure we'll find someone in there who can understand these blueprints?" Palutena asked the blue blur.

"If there's anyone left in there, maybe," Sonic answered. "All we need to do is find someone who at least reads our language and understands the speech that is in the blueprints, even if he or she can't speak the common tongue…"

"Whoever's in there," Bayonetta chirped, "we'll be needing their help in the incoming invasion. New monsters just spawn out of nowhere, and the previous monsters you've encountered are even worse than ever. Wonder why…"

"I dunno either," Sonic answered. "Any moment now, the Subspace Army probably snagged some copies of the original blueprints. We've gotta find someone in there and fast." Sonic, Lucas, Charizard, Little Mac, Shulk, Bayonetta, Palutena, Dark Pit, Meta Knight, and Rosalina with her Luma ran towards the border of one of the most dangerous territories they've ever set foot in – Civiltatula.

Chapter Text

Shadow Mewtwo was warping in the deep woods, running away from the Subspace Army. He was trying to get rid of the Shadow Bugs scarring his body, filling his mind with mixed memories. It was a constant battle between the Pokémon he once was and the monster he became for the Subspace Army. The Phantom Ruby that paired with him made the situation even worse. It drove him even crazier, forcing him to scratch the Shadow Synergy Stone off his left shoulder. His psychic and physical attacks did no good since the crystal only healed itself. The Shadow Bugs started tormenting him, making him go insane. Eventually, he saw himself in a pitch-black room with a red light above him. In front of Shadow Mewtwo was Infinite, the wielder of the Phantom Ruby.

"Get out of my head," Shadow Mewtwo telepathized.

"Oh, but I can't leave," Infinite objected. "I'm already a part of you. I already know where you're hiding, and the Subspace Army will track you down no matter what the cost…" The masked jackal warped closer, face-to-face with the tortured legendary Pokémon.

"Let me do this on my own," Shadow Mewtwo telepathized in agony. "I don't need any of your help. All you do is make things even worse."

"Thanks to your little accident," Infinite said, "one of our biggest bosses ran away from the Subspace Army. All we've been doing is making you grow stronger, so powerful that even our little toys have no effect on you anymore."

"Please… leave…" Shadow Mewtwo telepathized. The room that the Pokémon was trapped in with Infinite vanished, leaving him back in the woods. Shadow Mewtwo's purple eyes contracted, crying over the sudden truth that he can't get rid of the horrible memories that scarred him for life. Just then, he heard a motor running from a distance. He saw Cloud with Link, Mario, Zelda, and Zero Suit Samus driving the Fenrir to one of the hidden Subspace areas for answers of the incoming monsters. Then, without warning, Shadow Mewtwo used one of his Shadow Balls at the motorcycle. Cloud saw the incoming projectile in time and knocked all of the other fighters off. The 1st-class SOLDIER jumped off just in time as the Shadow Ball hit the Fenrir, causing the motorcycle to blow up. The other fighters got up and saw the catastrophe, looking at the direction the projectile came from. Shadow Mewtwo was simply standing there, afraid for the first time.

"Alright, Subspace boss," Cloud said, walking towards Shadow Mewtwo with Mario, Link, Zero Suit Samus, and Zelda. "We were on a little vacation for answers and looks like we'll be getting a few today."

"Listen, listen," Shadow Mewtwo telepathized in fear. "There's a huge threat. You don't know it's coming. Just leave me alone!" Shadow Mewtwo shot violet electricity from the palm of his weirdly-shaped hand. The other fighters, alarmed, dodged just in time. Threatened, Cloud Strife grabbed Shadow Mewtwo's hands, squeezing them tighter as seconds went on.

"Last chance, bitch," Cloud ordered. "What kind of monsters are they brewing up in Subspace?"

"I'm warning you," Shadow Mewtwo telepathized, squirming out of Cloud's grasp. "Stay- stay away from me-!" Before Shadow Mewtwo cloud finish, he accidently blasted a huge Shadow Bug pillar at Cloud, piercing his stomach.

"Cloud!" Link yelled. As the fighters watched, Cloud Strife was being engulfed by the Shadow Bugs, many of them leaking into his mouth and ears. After a short period of time passed, Cloud's body fell down, slowly getting up. The 1st-class SOLDIER's body was a darker color, producing a black-violet mist.

"…Cloud-a?" Mario asked. Before Mario could lay a hand on him, Cloud quickly jerked his neck, looking at the other fighters with glowing yellow eyes. The Shadow Bug fighter got up, popping his spine and shoulder. Link, Mario, Zero Suit Samus, and Zelda looked at Shadow Mewtwo, the Pokémon looking terrified.

"I swear it's not my fault," Shadow Mewtwo telepathized in fear. Zelda launched a blast of magic at the Pokémon, but he simply vanished into thin air, leaving the other fighters to face Shadow Cloud alone.

"Looks like we're going to have to do this like it was ten years ago," Mario said. "We simply attack the faker and rescue the real companion." Mario's hands clasped over the blade of Shadow Cloud's Buster Sword the second the Shadow Bug warrior swung his weapon. Mario jumped out of the way, and Shadow Cloud glared at the prepped warriors. Zero Suit Samus went in first, using her Jet Boots to fire blasts at Shadow Cloud's face. However, the Shadow Bug fighter was blocking the blasts, but felt himself grabbed by Link's clawshot. The weapon that Link was using was starting to rust after ten years, so it didn't grab on as long. Shadow Cloud then pushed Link to the ground, delivering quick jabs with his foot. Link pulled up his Hylian Shield, avoiding the hits. He tried hitting Shadow Cloud with his left hand, but noticed he was growing weaker with that hand somehow. Just then, Shadow Cloud knocked the Master Sword out of the Hylian's hands, leaving Link to run and grab it. Shadow Cloud was about to use his Limit Break's Blade Beam, but Zelda used her Nayru's Love to reflect it back at the Shadow Bug warrior, protecting Link.

Mario jumped in, launching flaming punches at the Shadow Bug fighter. Shadow Cloud counterattacked with a Climhazard, slashing vertically into the air and landing with a powerful blast that sent Mario flying into a nearby tree. Zelda started kicking Shadow Cloud in the face with her heel, zapping some of the Shadow Bugs off. The possessed 1st-class SOLDIER grabbed Zero Suit Samus's plasma whip, kicking the bounty hunter between her legs. Before he could kick again, the blond-haired woman grabbed her gun and stunned him, leaving Link to deal the final blow. With a quick stab, Link shoved the Master Sword, now in his right hand, through Shadow Cloud's chest, leaving the possessed 1st-class SOLDIER to die.

"L-link…" Shadow Cloud panted as dark purple juices trailed out of his wound and mouth. Link unsheathed his sword, terrified of the terrible action he had to do to save his friend. Once the Shadow Bugs left Shadow Cloud's dead body, all that remained was a trophy of the 1st-class SOLDIER. The golden trophy base showed Cloud Strife in combat on both feet, holding the Buster Sword in front of him with his two hands. Zelda and Link backed away while Zero Suit Samus and Mario walked closer. Then, the Hero of Hyrule ran to the 1st-class SOLDIER's trophy lying on the ground, ready to touch the base like it was supposed to work before.

Where… where am I? Cloud Strife slowly woke up, noticing his body was transparent with a rainbow aura. The strangest thing was he had all the memories of his homeland, but not in his trophy form. Little did he know this is what happen to fighters when they transform – their spirits and real memories split from their bodies, helpless in the world, forever cursed to walk the earth if anything happened to their vessels.

Am I still in the Lifestream? Cloud looked around, unaware of the new environment around him. The Cloud that was hidden in the transformation was only here when he turned into a trophy, so he couldn't remember anything that happened in Arcadia.

Tifa? Barret? Anyone? He saw peculiar-looking strangers surrounding what appeared to be him. Cloud Strife started peeking in to see himself, only to look at it in shock. There, the spirit of the warrior found himself frozen in a still form, and those eyes did not describe him at all.

IS THAT… ME!? He saw Link reaching over to the trophy's base, trying to save him with a simple touch. The spirit of Cloud tried to call for help, not even remembering that the Hylian was his friend.

Someone… anyone… help me… Bring me back! After Link touched the base of the trophy, Cloud quickly jerked up as if he woke up from a nightmare. Panting heavily, he saw his friends gathered around him, almost as if he remembered something from a dream.

"What the hell just happened?" Cloud Strife asked, getting up from his rest position.

"You were possessed by Shadow Bugs," Link answered. "We had to do something. I had to do something…"

"What matters is that you're okay, Cloud-a," Mario said. "Is… is there anything that's troubling you?" Cloud Strife sat up, wiping his forehead from the sweat.

"I… thought I had a dream…" Cloud answered. "When I was in my trophy form, I think… I mean, this world is already confusing enough as it is… Anyway, I saw myself, separated from my body, thinking I was still in some sort of Lifestream, looking for a girl named Tifa… these memories are all returning to me slowly but surely..."

"Which means it could probably work for the most of us too," Mario answered. "All this time, I've been away from the place I call home…"

"Red described once having a legendary Pokémon called Mewtwo," Zelda objected. "Did you see what appeared to be his counterpart a few minutes ago? It looked like he was being tortured mentally… almost as if he didn't mean to attack us and have us deal with the Shadow Bugs possessing Cloud alone…"

"Wherever this creature is, we need info on the new monsters," Cloud replied. "We're almost at the Subspace base, and Link and Zelda could suit up in the meantime. Looks like they could use a change…" The two Hylians nodded, walking off into the bushes to change.

As time had passed, Mario, Zero Suit Samus, and Cloud were waiting for Link and Zelda to be done. Once they heard the rustling, they saw the new and improved warriors they once knew. For Link, his blond hair was tied up into a ponytail with two locks in front of his ears, he was equipped with a bow and arrows, his Master Sword was now exposing its handle on Link's right shoulder (which he could wield the sword with his right hand and the Hylian Shield in the other), and his tunic was now a sky blue with white markings very different from the traditional green color of legends. As for Zelda, her hair was now a light blond with two bangs in front of her jeweled headpiece, and she was wearing a short-sleeved dress colored white with a dark shade of pink decorated with golden jewelry.

"Damn, guys!" Zero Suit Samus said as a compliment. "These new looks are really good on you! By the way, what do you think Link has?" The bounty hunter noticed Link was carrying some sort of tablet device with a Sheikah symbol on his waistband.

"Oh, this?" Link pulled it out, noticing the tablet. "This thingy is called a Sheikah Slate, or so I've been told. Basically, the Sheikah had some long-lost technology more advanced than anything in all of Hyrule. With this contraption, I could be able to make remote-detonated bombs, research enemy devices, and more."

"Looks like we got a science expert on our side," Cloud said. "Nice decision."

"So, looks like we're ready to head into the Subspace base then?" Zelda asked, flipping her new hairdo with her hand.

"Just about-a," Mario answered. "And with that nifty Sheikah Slate Link has with him to replace his old clawshot, it might be of some good use in the future." Afterwards, Cloud Strife, Zero Suit Samus, and Mario went with the new and improved Link and Zelda to the nearby Subspace base.

Deep in the forest, where more desolated trees burned to the ground and monsters dwelled, the Falcon Flyer Group walked in the direction they thought would help them find Sonic.

"Guys! Over here!" Peach exclaimed. There, in the distance, the Big Blue Group saw a person trapped underneath a burning tree trunk. Captain Falcon and Bowser started to lift up the heavy rubbish as Marth and Duck Hunt pulled out the person who was trapped. R.O.B. lifted the unconscious man in his robotic arms, laying him down. The stranger was revealed to have white hair, a black coat with golden traces, and in his partially gloved hands were a sword shaped like lightning and a tome with four symbols: a lightning bolt, a flame, a wind slash, and a dark eye, each one signifying thunder, fire, wind, and death. The man slowly stirred up, looking at Jigglypuff now cuddling to his side for comfort.

"Where… where am I?" the man asked, getting up. "The last thing I remember was waking up here with no memory of what happened, dragons that I've never seen before showed up and started burning the forest… The last thing I saw was the sky growing dark and strange, purple entities raining…"

"What matters is that you're alright," Ike replied. "Tell us, stranger. What brings you here in our aid of need?"

"Where are my manners?" the man answered in the form of a question. "I forgot to introduce myself. My name's Robin, and I'm a very skilled tactician in both planning and magic."

"You were with someone, weren't you?" Pit asked.

"Oh, I was," Robin answered. "I was with a princess warrior named Lucina, but when those monsters attacked, I was alone when I woke up and I couldn't find her anywhere…" The fighters then started hearing laughing from the distance, bringing up the fighters' guards. Appeared right in front of them was a tall, shadowy man. He was cloaked in dark purple and black, and he carried a book with the cover signifying death. His face showed signs of elderly age, and he was stroking his small black beard with long fingernails.

"Validar!" Robin exclaimed. Just then, the shadowy mage dropped down onto the ground, almost as if he was wounded. He then slowly absorbed the Shadow Bugs, forming into a demonic dragon with six purple eyes, two long, golden horns, and thin, spidery legs, towering over the fighters. Before the warriors could advance, the dragon shrunk back, revealing Validar once again.

"So sorry about transforming into the Fell Dragon Grima," Validar hissed in glee. "Hard to keep him inside your body when you're the one possessed through series of precise rituals…"

"Possessed?" Robin asked.

"Yes," Validar answered. "With the time of reckoning upon us, it's worth it to be the vessel of your master when Tabuu calls upon all of us to rebuild the Great Maze. Soon, there will be a time when everyone will finally get what they want…"

"Excuse me… get what they want?" Ike objected. "If they really want us to feel happy once more, why don't they give us presents? Why do they have to go out in a full-blown war against us?" Silence lingered in the air as the trembling Validar slowly shifted away from the fighters.

"I… have to go…" With a puff of smoke, Validar vanished into the black-red cloud.

"That's odd," Robin asked himself. "I clearly thought Validar would be more menacing than that… almost as if some otherworldly force doing something to make him so... cowardly…" Suddenly, with a flash of lightning, a terrifying monster landed right in front of the fighters. Its body started glowing an eerie red marbled with black, and pieces of its body looked like they were made out of ancient stone. Its four eyes laid horizontally on its rocky face were glowing in an order of white, red, blue, and yellow. Its four arms were carrying an arm cannon of the wind element, a glowing ball of the fire element, a long, plasmatic sword of the water element, and a huge spear with metal at the tip of the thunder element. The creature sprouted two dragon wings on its back and was standing in a form similar to Grima. Fused to itself was a crystal cage which appeared to be its control center. With a mighty roar, the creature took off into the air.

"What is that thing!?" Pit asked, terrified.

"Loos like some sort of Blight Ganon," Captain Falcon answered. "Heard it from Ganondorf's gossips when he was reigning as captain of the Subspace Army. Strange how it looks like all four of them combined somehow to create what Validar called his master…"

"Looks like we're going to have to call it a Blight Grima since it behaves awfully a lot like Grima…" Robin answered, bringing out his tome and Levin Sword. The Blight Grima rushed towards the warriors like a dragon. Marth and Ike jumped out of the way just in time, but Pit was pinned to the ground by its weight. Jigglypuff floated in and started attacking with soft-looking by nasty punches as the Blight Grima breathed a mixed elemental storm on Pit's body, scarring him a touch. As Jigglypuff kept landing hits with Donkey Kong, Robin pulled out his Thunder Tome and started charging his Thoron. The Wind Elemental arm cannon and the Fire Elemental ball fired blasts of magic at the incoming fighters. Wario rode in on his bike with Mr. Game & Watch before jumping off and farting at the Blight Grima's face. With the monster angry, it got off Pit, following Wario as Mr. Game & Watch jumped onto its back, trying to whack the crystal cage on its back.

Olimar stood from a distance as he commanded his Pikmin to latch onto the monster as gashes started forming on its arms and legs. With a huge whip of its tail, the Blight Grima forced the fighters to either jump or duck. After they got up, Robin was just about ready to fire his Thoron, but the monster started slashing with its Water Elemental sword. With another tome ready for use, Robin started using Arcfire at the creature, burning its face. R.O.B. jumped onto the Blight Grima's back, attacking the crystal cage with Mr. Game & Watch. Peach and Bowser pelted the incoming monster with fireballs and turnips but were quickly knocked onto the ground with its Thunder Element spear, which launched deadly bolts in all directions. After dodging the fast arms, Robin noticed R.O.B. and Mr. Game & Watch attacking the crystal cage, which was weakening the monster.

"Everyone, don't attack its body!" Robin yelled. "If you want a quick kill, aim for the cage! It's the exposed weakness!" Robin then jumped into the air, using Elwind and Nosferatu on the Blight Grima's crystal cage. Pit flew towards the creature, avoiding its four deadly arms and started firing arrows of light with Palutena's Bow at the cage. As the fighters kept avoiding the monster's attacks and attacking the crystal cage, the monster eventually was on the brink of collapsing as its cage was starting to show cracks on its surface.

"Final blow!" Robin yelled as everyone jumped out of the way to watch out for the final blast from the Blight Grima's four arms. "Thoron!" With a stream of lightning hitting the monster's cage, R.O.B. and Mr. Game & Watch jumped out of the way, watching as the Blight Grima fell to the ground. As everyone cheered for their victory, the crystal cage broke, revealing a warrior made entirely out of Shadow Bugs. Unsheathing a flaming chainsaw sword, the possessed fighter glared at the others with a look of rage and flew right towards them.

Duck Hunt started running in, pulling out a rusty can and started kicking it, an 8-bit reticle aiming and firing at the metal gunpowder-filled can. As soon as the reticle and the can hit each other at the Shadow Bug fighter, it caused a fiery explosion which knocked him back. Once he got back up, he grabbed ahold of Robin. The Shadow Bug fighter's hands turned into vicious, man-eating claws, slashing and jabbing at the tactician. Pit flew into his rescue using Palutena's Power of Flight. Grabbing his Upperdash Arm, the white-garmented angel whacked the Shadow Bug fighter in the head, releasing Robin of his grabbed state. The stranger got up, releasing a long spear-like weapon from his hand that stabbed the ground, causing him to fly with a nasty kick towards Olimar and Mr. Game & Watch. The two fighters jumped out of the way just in time, leaving the Shadow Bug fighter open for a flurry of attacks from Donkey Kong. Once the gorilla landed the last hit, the Shadow Bug fighter felt himself Falcon Punched right in the chest by Captain Falcon, giving him a nasty burn by the deadly final blow. As the stranger's body fell down stone-cold, the Shadow Bugs that surrounded him retreated away with the wind, leaving only their victim's trophy behind.

Duck Hunt started sniffing the trophy's base, wondering what to do with the kinky prize from the warrior's former self. Once the duck started poking the dog in confusion of what to do, the bird flew on top of the side of the base, not even knowing the help of another fighter can reanimate the said fighter. Once the duck felt the base was starting to disappear, he flew back onto the dog's back as the other fighters saw who they just saved. As they observed, the fighter they rescued had silver hair with brown-red eyes and slightly vertical pupils. He was wearing silver-white armor mixed with velvety black, and his blue cape flowed behind him. He showed he had only bare feet, and his golden chainsaw sword, the Yato Blade, was glowing a crimson-pink mist.

"…What the… What happened to me?" the stranger asked.

"It's okay, stranger," Robin answered. "You safe with us now."

"We've been noticing we've dealt a few heavy blows on you when you were possessed," Pit said, rubbing his aching neck.

"Possessed?" the stranger asked.

"Oh, yeah… right…" Pit stammered. "You've been taken over by Shadow Bugs and… It's a long story, basically. Anyway, what's your name? I'm Pit, captain of Lady Palutena's guard."

"My name's Corrin, Prince of Hoshido and Nohr," the stranger answered.

"How come you're the prince of TWO kingdoms?" Peach asked.

"Well, all I remember is my birth started the war between two nations, forcing me to go into hiding when I was forced to make a life-changing decision," Corrin answered.

"Well, we'll all have to make a choice, someday," Marth answered.

"Yeah, like we're forced to find our friends in an event that'll destroy not only this world but ours as well," Ike butted in. "And if we don't rescue them now and prepare for the final battle, we'll be stuck here enslaved, never knowing of the worlds that were destroyed in the making and rebuilding of the Great Maze."

"So, you're participating in a life-changing crisis that'll end both worlds as you know it?" Corrin asked. "Do you mind if I join you? These… Subspace monsters are spawning everywhere, making their numbers more powerful."

"I guess you could come along," Peach answered. "But… how'll we get to Sonic and his buddies in time before the monsters do?"

"Leave that to me," Corrin answered. Before any of the fighters could ask him, the half-dragon prince transformed himself into a winged, reptilian beast, his face completely changed with small antlers.

"How could you do that?" Pit asked in wonder.

Corrin in his dragon form spat out a gush of water on the ground, spelling out, "I'm a half-dragon so I can transform into one at will. Come on. I'll take you to the direction you were heading to. Thanks for saving me, BTW." While Corrin was talking this whole time, Ike was away, fully dressed in the clothing he wore back when he was a teenager. No one questioned why the sudden change, but time was running low, so there was not enough to ask.

"Let's get going then," Ike answered in his younger self, pulling out the Ragnell and jumping on the half-dragon's back. The fighters who couldn't fly all got on Corrin's back, and both Pit and Duck Hunt were the only ones who passed, for even though the dog was the heavier one of the two in the Duck Hunt gang, the duck was still able to fly and carry the mutt fast enough to catch up to the others. Corrin then took off into the sky with the Big Blue Group, followed by Pit and Duck Hunt, flying off to the northwest.

As time went by, the Wolfen Assault Group with the Wii Fit Trainer got to the edge of the Subspace Army's base camp, hiding in plain sight. The fighters watched from the distance as they saw M. Bison demand the Fire Primids a way in as they opened the gate doors.

"Never really liked the guy anyway," Wii Fit Trainer sighed. "We're going to have to break our way in, no matter what it takes to get what we need."

"What are we looking for again," Falco asked, tired off his ass.

"We need to find where they're keeping your friends, remember?" Wii Fit Trainer answered in the form of a question.

"How do we break in?" Ness asked, Pikachu cuddling close to him.

"Simply attacking the monsters is what we don't do anymore," Wii Fit Trainer answered. "Right now, we'll have to break in through sneaking pastures."

"She's right," Fox said. "Simply attacking the monsters won't be enough. It's the cameras we have to worry about." When the fighters gazed out of the bushes, they saw two surveillance cameras pinned to the sides of the gate.

"These devices have 360-degree cameras, always on 24/7," Wii Fit Trainer answered. "No matter what we do, we'll always get caught by whatever powerful monster comes to our heads and be in serious trouble. The only way we could get in is if someone is powerful enough to bust in and break the security system, and not just through hacking. Not even the best of code-breakers could disable it. You'll have to literally destroy it with brutal force."

"I think that could be arranged," Ganondorf spoke from a short distance. When the other fighters turned their heads, they saw Ganondorf was hiding in the bushes this whole time, giving himself a new look. As the fighters observed, Ganondorf now has a pointier nose, longer red hair, and clothes that really styled a Gerudo chief. His long, red cape decorated with gold draped over his back, and he was wielding a thick, rusty sword.

"What do you think?" Ganondorf boasted. "With a few companions, we'll break in in no time! Fox! Ness! You're with me! Everyone else wait outside until we get us all in." The Gerudo chief put away his thick-ended sword, bringing Fox McCloud and Ness along with him.

"Shouldn't we think of a way to break in without being spotted?" Ness asked.

"That's the whole idea of this world," Ganondorf answered. "We never do." The three recruited warriors jumped out of the bushes, landing in front of the Fire Primids, who noticed them. Fox grabbed his blaster and fired at one of the Fire Primids before it could even launch a flame, and Ganondorf beheaded the other before it could contact the others with a special alarm it carried. The cameras picked up everything, but Ness used his baseball bat and whacked the devices, breaking their screens and causing them to malfunction and combust.

"That wasn't so bad, was it?" Ganondorf asked the other two fighters.

"Those cameras might have already picked up the footage while we were attacking the guards," Fox answered. "Any moment now, security is gonna come in and mess us up. We have to get in there and fast." The three fighters nodded, looking back at their hiding place before breaking the steel door down. As the recruited teammates were heading down the Subspace base that Wii Fit Trainer described, Ness thought he could try talking to Ganondorf.

"So, do you know anything about your past?" Ness asked. "Ten years have passed, and the only fighters we know that haven't been transformed are already having contact with this Smash Ball already in our time of need."

"I was the King of Evil back when I thought I was working for the Master Hand," Ganondorf answered. "Ten years ago, I was driven by greed for Hyrule's domain, but I didn't know why until today. Once we find out where are friends are, I can guarantee you I won't try to murder another important species again."

"That's why you're you clarified you're evil," Fox interrupted. "You don't care who you kill, as long as you get your way."

"When I killed the Ancients ten years ago," Ganondorf went on, "I didn't know WHY I did it. Maybe it's because Tabuu no longer saw a use for them and so wiped them out in the most gruesome way imaginable…"

"Guys, do you hear something?" Ness asked, lowering his voice. From what the three fighters heard in the walls, they heard heavy punches and kicks, and unholy screams from the monsters.

"Over here!" Fox cried. He was already running off in the hallway, with Ness and Ganondorf following him. When they came across a gallery of doors, they kicked down the one where the noise was the loudest. There, in the chaos, they saw a martial artist, barefoot, wearing a red headband on his forehead and keeping up his black hair. His sweating torso and six-pack were showing through his white, torn-up robe, all barefoot as shown by his ragged pants and black belt.

"Shinku Hadoken!" the stranger yelled as he clasped his hand and formed a massive fireball, launching it at certain monsters, such as the Giant UFOs and the Octoroks, and burning them. He then felt himself zapped by an incoming Glunder, but he used his Focus Punch and stopped the Subspace monster dead in its tracks. As all of the creatures in the room were cleared, the stranger looked at Ganondorf, Fox, and Ness at the door's frame.

"I didn't notice you were here this whole time," the stranger said, removing the headband just to wipe his head.

"So, let me get this straight," Ganondorf asked. "You're here the same way we got in? To disable the security to force the Subspace Army to lose connection with the other bases and find out who's captured so you can help them escape?"

"That what you guys are trying to do as well?" the stranger answered in the form of another question, tying his red headband onto his forehead again. "Guess we're looking for the same thing. The monks I was trained with called me Ryu, the tireless wanderer. And you must be?"

"I'm Fox McCloud," Fox answered. "This is Ganondorf, the ex-King of Darkness and chief of the Gerudo who reign in the Black Desert Valley. The boy we have here is Ness, and he's special with his psychic powers."

"Mind if I join you?" Ryu asked. "I've been looking for a way out ever since I got in. These monsters are planning something, and whatever it is can't be good."

"Never is," Ness replied. Then, as the recruited teammates were walking out of the room to look for a way into the security facility, the Subspace computer sounded out throughout the hallway.

"WARNING! WARNING! Intruders have breached the facility. Please report to suspects immediately… located within the main door gallery," the Subspace computer echoed. Shadow Bugs and Miitopian monsters leaked out of the vents, surrounding the four fighters.

"Looks like we'll have to fight our way into the security chamber," Ganondorf said. "Sure hope the others outside are okay…"

Waiting in the bushes outside the gate, Falco Lombardi was watching as he saw the area was completely empty.

"They've been gone for too long," Falco told the others. "Besides, nothing has happened ever since they busted in."

"But Ganondorf and his companions told us to wait here, no matter what happens," Wii Fit Trainer objected. "At least until the lights are off, we're not going to break in just yet."

"You know how much I love a good danger," Falco answered. "Even if we all have to face one of the worst monsters yet, I'll still be able to break in no problemo…" Before Falco could finish, a tiny earthquake that nobody noticed rumbled. A small rock landed on the dirt, but it was sharp enough to poke a creature that had lain dormant for a long time. The rustling of the bushes parted way for a massive Clubberskull, who just so happened to find their hiding spot outside the gateway as the other fighters looked up in fright.

"Spoke too soon," Falco mumbled. Pikachu, Diddy Kong, Kirby, King Dedede, Yoshi, and Luigi all cried in fear.

"Run, everybody! RUN!" Luigi cried. The Clubberskull let out an unnatural roar, scaring the fighters out of their hiding spot. Since it was powered by Shadow Bugs, it almost felt impossible to beat the monster, as Falco tested with his blaster and reflector. The Wolfen Assault Group started running off, trying to lose the fast, diabolical beast. Its two heavy arms dug deep in the ground, causing massive shakes that attempted to stun the fighters, but they jumped just in time. Primids stood in their way, ready to attack, but the Wolfen Assault Group threw them right in the Clubberskull's only eye. Eventually, the fighters saw their only chance of escape was through the Subspace military jets and copters but realized the metal fence surrounding it was powered with volts so deadly even Pikachu couldn't handle them.

The Clubberskull jumped in front of the fighters, slamming its arms and not even realizing it ripped a way through. As the Clubberskull didn't even feel shockingly deadly bolts of lightning surge through its gruesome body, the Wolfen Assault Group ran towards a Subspace copter, kicking the Primids out. Once Falco got the copter running in the air, he steered it out of the area as the Clubberskull jumped again, slamming its fists onto almost all of the now-demolished aircrafts. Diddy Kong grabbed the machine gun at the side of the jump pad of the copter, firing away at the Clubberskull. Once the beast noticed the Wolfen Assault Group was getting away in a copter, the Clubberskull started smashing through half of the Subspace base, sounding off an alarm. All sorts of Primids tried to pin down the Clubberskull with grappling hooks with tasers attached to them, but the beast started swinging the creatures back and forth, scratching the walls.

"I'm gonna go get the others!" Falco cried.

"It's too late!" Luigi objected. "The base is gonna blow up in a few seconds, and we'll lose not only the friends we had before but the friends we have now!"

"Gonna try anyway!" Falco repeated. "Falco Lombardi to Fox McCloud! Do you read me? Over!"

Inside the base, Ganondorf, Ryu, Fox, and Ness were attacking the monsters with whatever equipment they had, trying to save their friends from the incoming Giant UFOs that will abduct them and take them far away. Fox noticed his communicator was receiving transmission, so he pressed the receiver button on his headset.

"Fox McCloud to Falco Lombardi! I hear you! Over!" Fox yelled.

"I'm gonna blast a way in! Over!" Falco said over his headset. The rest of the Wolfen Assault Group saw the surviving Primids got in fighter jets of their own ready to fire at the copter.

"No use, Falco!" Fox yelled as the monsters whaled in on the group. "We'll bust the security and you get outta here! Besides, these walls are impenetrable! You did your best. Hope we'll meet again another time… Over…"

"No time for giving up!" Ryu yelled as he used his Shoryuken on an Ancient Robot. "There's gotta be a way in to break us out!" In the copter, Kirby watched as the Subspace jets were about to fire at them. With his cuddly powers, the pink puffball created out of the pureness of his heart a Star Allies Sparkler. Wearing a heart-shaped visor, Kirby, with a squeal, helped everyone in the copter to get on the creation he made. Once the jets fired missiles at the copter, the Star Allies Sparkler flew out of the midair explosion with everyone on it. With a star-shaped blast, Kirby released out of his mouth a beam to melt a hole into the roof. Ganondorf, Ryu, Fox, and Ness all saw their way out, and so jumped out of the cooling-off hole and onto the Star Allies Sparkler. The Giant UFOs flew in to stop them, but Kirby launched another blast to blow the Miitopia monsters out of the sky, flying off into the distance.

"How did Kirby do that?" Fox asked Falco.

"I dunno," Falco answered. "Always best not to either underestimate or ask the little guy." Kirby turned towards the recruited Wolfen Assault Group, smiling at them as the Subspace base blew up right behind them.

"Where do we go from here?" Ryu asked everyone. "We don't have any info on where any prisoners might be, and I'm just stuck with you in the middle of nowhere."

"Poyo!" Kirby peeped.

"Pika!" Pikachu chimed.

"We'll be going somewhere, all right," Wii Fit Trainer said. "To the place where it all began… the main tower next to the Ruins of the Ancients: the Yggdrasil." When the fighters looked from a distance, they saw the tower they were heading to was big enough to spot from a very far journey, but the Star Allies Sparkler that Kirby mysteriously made would get them there in no time.

Chapter Text

Heading down south, Dr. Mario, Sheik, Samus, Toon Link, and Villager were looking for whatever friends they could reunite with. Just as soon as they went over the last hill in the forest, the fighters saw a crash-landed jet submerged deep in the ground. As soon as the replicates and Villager lifted the cockpit hood, they saw what appeared to be Snake, Ice Climbers, Wolf, Pokémon Trainer with Ivysaur and Squirtle, Young Link, and Pichu. Dragging their unconscious bodies outside, the fighters carried them far off from the exploding jet.

Snake rubbed his eyes, looking at the new faces he's seen.

"…Mario? Link? Zelda? Zero Suit?" Snake moaned. The soldier got up, rubbing his face. "The hell happened to you guys? Who the hell is this kid you brought with you?"

Wolf, straightening his uniform, looked at the new faces he came across. Red kept Ivysaur and Squirtle out of their Pokéballs just to see what they're looking at here. Young Link slowly creeped towards Toon Link, the two of them mimicking each other like from a mirror.

"Sorry for first introductions," Dr. Mario stammered. "I'm-a Dr. Mario, and this here's Samus, Sheik, Toon Link, and Villager."

"I recognize most of them," Snake answered.

"We noticed you're the friends our original masters talked about," Sheik said. "Is there, by chance, any reason why your jet crashed?"

"It started when we had just escaped our prison," Popo answered. "We had just busted out, and a short while later, there was a blast that knocked our jet here!"

"Did you catch the suspect?" Toon Link asked.

"We took a GOOD look at him," Nana answered.

"Where is he now?" Sheik asked. Villager, Pichu, and Young Link looked at the crashed jet, terrified. The other fighters didn't notice what they were really staring at.

"He's… right there… in front of us…" Young Link stammered. The fighters looked at the rubble, noticing the one creature crazy enough to destroy their jet was none other than Ridley. The scratch marks on the hull and the tail whips with the remaining fire explained everything. The beast was to blame.

"Ridley!" Samus said. "Thought you were dead for good, though you're a lot smaller than I remembered…"

"It was all thanks to an accident from one of the so-called 'Tabuu worshipers'," Ridley hissed. "I noticed everything changed around here, and I just wanted to have a little fun."

"By destroying our only chance out of the Subspace Army?" Snake interrupted.

"Hey!" Ridley objected. "It was self-defense!"

"Just tell us why you're here," Red asked, Squirtle and Ivysaur at his side.

"I want to settle a few scores on people who double-crossed me in the past," Ridley answered.

"Which means…?" Samus asked.

"They ruined my life ever since they resurrected me!" Ridley roared. "Ten years, I had been waiting for a moment to get revenge, but I noticed… things have changed… Before I came back to life, I was greeted with something far more precious than gold or jewels, like I was destined with something…"

"Okay, we've heard enough of the monster's lies," Samus said, loading her arm cannon.

"Wait, girl!" Snake objected, standing in front of her. "This could mean one of the Smash Balls everyone's talking about. Don't you think so? They may have all sorts of monsters on their side, but we a Ridley. Isn't it great to finally meet one of the big guns?"

"Out of my way, serpent," Samus replied, "unless I have to get through you too. Literally."

"Don't you know WHY you want to kill me?" Ridley asked, trembling. "The destined object was probably leading me to join you. I have no idea why… I just never had a friend before…" Samus lowered her weapon, giving the other fighters a sigh of relief. Just then, Samus quickly picked up her arm cannon and fired, but not at the last Space Pirate. Instead, she only scrapped the tip of his right wing, aiming at something else. The other fighters looked at the area Samus fired, noticing a body was lying down on the soft grass in the black-red sky. When he got up, it was revealed to be Shadow Mewtwo, though he was moving like he never slept in days: jittery and afraid.

"You were trying to attack us," Samus remarked as she walked towards the wounded Pokémon, who noticed he was charging a Shadow Ball.

"It's not my fault!" Shadow Mewtwo telepathized in fear. "L-listen! There's a device… a map to its location hidden deep within the city of Civiltatula… only then can you release me from my… deepest n-nightmares…" Shadow Mewtwo started crawling backwards on his back, the other fighters looking at each other.

"Looks like he's in pain," Young Link said.

"You think?" Toon Link said. Before any of the other fighters could figure out what was up with Shadow Mewtwo, they heard laughing from a distance.

"How conspicuous, Shadow Mewtwo," the voice echoed. "No matter how many times you run from me, the Phantom Ruby will target the Shadow Synergy Stone and lead me to some fresh meat…" The stranger preforming the voice suddenly appeared out of nowhere, creating red, pixelated mist around him. The fighters started taking their stances, Ridley scraping the ground with his claws.

"Stay away from this, whoever you are!" Sheik yelled, rubbing her golden accessories.

"I'm not here for a simple fight, buffoons," the stranger replied, hovering in the air.

"You're one of the guys who attacked us back when we first arrived in the Ruins of the Ancients!" Snake replied, holding a loaded gun.

"Correct you are," the stranger replied, staring at Shadow Mewtwo. "You may call me Infinite, in the brief moments that remain of you."

"Don't be getting too soft, Infinite," Samus objected. "Tell us, what do you think you're doing?"

"I'm just here for my friend," Infinite answered. "He seems so lonely."

"He's in pain, you idiot!" Snake replied. "He wants that Shadow Synergy Stone removed, and we'll be taking him to a device that'll bring him back to the Pokémon he once was."

"Now, how are we going to provide for the Subspace Army without more Shadow Bugs?" Infinite replied. "Of course, if you really want to get to Civiltatula, you'll head to the Black City in the far northeast. If you really want to see your Shadow Mewtwo alive and well, I'll take good care of him while you run. Flee, screaming for mercy, and I'll let you live…"

"Don't trust you," Snake replied. As he looked at Shadow Mewtwo again, he noticed, along with the other fighters, that the Pokémon vanished during the conversation.

"Now look what you've done," Infinite replied in anger. "You've stalled me so that my prize could get away…"

"What?" Nana asked. "No we didn't."

"You're wasting my time, mortals," Infinite said, charging up a red plasma ball. "Time to die." With a blast from the red plasma ball, Infinite made sure the Phantom Ruby was a heat-tracker. The plasma ball was targeting Samus, but she curled up into a ball and rolled away just in time. The explosion which was generated by the plasma ball started generating into a red, pixelated arena, all sealed inside a transparent dome, trapping the warriors inside.

"Welcome to the boss level," Infinite echoed, "where I am in charge of the rules. And I will summon whatever I like." Ridley flew into the air to grab ahold of Infinite, but the masked jackal spawned cubes out of nowhere which thrusted right at him. They were coming in fast, but Ridley managed to dodge them all just in time before being hit by one, starting to get strangled by strange tentacles from the arena's treadmill floor. The illusion that Infinite created seemed like the fighters were running fast towards him in a prison treadmill, when really they were trapped in one place. Infinite started firing Phantom Bricks at Toon Link and Young Link, who were running towards him while everyone else was avoiding the chaos created by the masked jackal. Young Link was blocking the deadly blows while Toon Link used his clawshot and hooked onto Infinite's tail, lifting himself up. Once Infinite noticed someone was locked onto him, Toon Link landed on his face, whacking the masked jackal with his Master Sword. The fighter's enemy was lowered enough for Young Link to jump onto Infinite, pinning him to the ground and jabbing at the Phantom Ruby with his Kokiri Sword.

Infinite grabbed ahold of Young Link, creating more Phantom Bricks and knocking Young Link off. Infinite then created holograms of heat-tracking missiles. The holographic missiles started flying towards the fighters who were still dealing with giant tentacles made from the Phantom Bricks. Samus noticed the missiles that were incoming, so she teamed up with Pichu and Ridley, avoiding those that were targeting them. Pichu then started using Thunder on Infinite, summoning a lightning cloud to zap him. Once Infinite was stunned, Ridley flew in and started clawing the jackal's face. The Phantom Ruby was starting to show a small crack on its surface, so Dr. Mario avoided more of the Phantom Brick tentacles and holographic missiles. Running as fast as he could to outrun the treadmill, the doctor jumped high enough to grab the jackal's leg. While Villager was fighting off more of the chaos created by Infinite, he noticed the jackal was being strong enough to sustain attacks from the rest of the gang and still keep in control of all the racket. Infinite then created another bundle of holographic missiles, and they all flew towards Villager. As soon as Snake started throwing grenades and Wolf blasts form his gun, Villager jumped over the missiles and pocketed one, throwing it back at Infinite. The blast obstructed the jackal's view, causing some of the tentacles, Phantom Bricks, and even part of the treadmill arena to vanish like a glitch found in a computer.

"Go, Ivysaur! Go, Squirtle!" Red yelled, pinned to the back of the sides while avoiding the tentacles. Ivysaur and Squirtle started firing their elemental powers at Infinite while the Ice Climbers hopped to and fro between the obstacles to whack their icy hammers in the masked jackal's face. As soon as Infinite was down to the ground, the arena almost disappearing, Ridley flew in with a fiery blast, slashing and clawing the wielder of the Phantom Ruby. Weakened, Infinite slowly got up, noticing the Phantom Ruby on his chest was starting to crack.

"Well, I guess this is what you get for trying," Infinite scoffed. The fighters ran towards him as soon as the arena vanished, ready to attack again.

"Nice job for beating me so far," Infinite told the fighters. "This isn't the end, however. It'll be coming… very soon…" With a menacing laugh, Infinite warped out of the zone, leaving only a fragment of the Phantom Ruby. Samus picked it up, noticing the piece of the Shadow Synergy Stone that was next to it at that time. The bounty hunter slowly made the two touch, noticing the spark of life they're creating. As soon as the two shards were placed together, a small, white flower bloomed right below her feet, followed by the two fragments disappearing.

"If what these two beings say is true about being related to one another, that could mean doom for us all," Samus told the others. "Ridley, sorry about trying to kill you like you did ten years ago…"

"Sorry for being a lying brat," Ridley answered. "We'll have to get to Civiltatula and find that map to the special machine at all costs. I've heard it could replicate your long-lost memories and cast out any evil that has possessed you. Before, all we had to do is simply beat the vessel of the Shadow Bugs, but since times have changed, we'll just have to do it the hard way by heading into the forbidden city."

"Let's-a get going then," Dr. Mario said. The half of the Prime Ship Group then started walking off, into the city of the darkest fears.

*location skip

As the sky turned so dark that not even the black-red cloud of the Subspace Army was visible, the rain started pouring heavily in the middle of the night. The thin fog started rolling in, but the neon lights were shining bright enough to go through the mist. Walking on the streets was a lone person, looking mighty sad. She was wearing pink shows with cyan laces, black shorts with a white t-shirt with strange language written on it, and she had a bright orange hairstyle that resembled a lot like a squid. Her eyes were surrounded by a small, dark band, and she had orange pupils and pointed ears. The strange-looking squid girl looked around the empty place, afraid of any monsters to come attack her, for she had no weapon to defend herself. Hearing an incoming spaceship, she looked up into the air to notice the prison ship hovering over the area. Running as fast as she could, the squid girl hid in a street alley behind the trash cans. Three figures dropped from the ship, looking around for any prisoners. They were none other than the Mii Fighters in their new uniforms as the Ultimates Reborn. They all had metallic breathers with large glowing goggles of their favorite color, and they were wearing black camo hoodies with the shape of the Master Core with the Smash Ball imprinted on their backs, still exposing their hair without the hood. The Brawler Ultimate Reborn had a red imprint, the Swordfighter Ultimate Reborn a dark blue, and the Gunner Ultimate Reborn a yellow imprint. Looking around, a small group of Primids with multicolored ink-filled tanks and guns dropped from the ship.

"Looks like it's all clear, but don't be fooled by appearances," the Brawler Ultimate Reborn said.

"Whatever you do, keep a low profile and terrorize as much as you can," the Swordfighter Ultimate Reborn told the Primids.

"Capture whatever prisoners you could find and report when you're done clearing the area," the Gunner Ultimate Reborn ordered. Just like that, the three Ultimates Reborn jumped back onto the prison ship and flew off, leaving the Primids to search the area. The squid girl accidently knocked over a trash can while peeking over to see what was going on, and only one Primid heard the noise from the alley. The daemonic creature shuffled towards the noise, the Splattershot in its hands. The squid girl suddenly transformed into her cephalopod form, camouflaging her orange body in the multi-colored trash.

While the Primid was looking around for the cause of the noise, the orange squid quietly squirmed out of the trash, transforming back to her humanoid form. Not making a noise, the squid girl put the Primid in a headlock, strangling the monster. Just as the Primid was about to fire its Splattershot, the squid girl threw the creature behind her, grabbed the handle of the tank's gun, and blasted the Primid's brains out with Shadow Bug-colored ink. Slipping the Splattershot off the dead Primid's back, the squid girl put the device on, and the ink inside it transformed into the color same as her squid-like hair. Then, the squid girl noticed the other Primids heard the noise coming from the alley. As soon as the squid girl heard the incoming shuffles, she threw a pyramid-shaped Splat Bomb right in front of the monsters. Once she walked out, all that was left was orange ink covering Shadow Bug-bleeding bodies. Looking off into the distance, the squid girl saw the prison ship heading to the tallest tower in the city, where it met up with the Winged Firestorm Mini.

That'll teach those monsters not to mess with the Inklings' technology, the squid girl chirped in her own language. I'm going to be getting those plans for the devices if it's the last thing I'll ever do. I'm heading off for the Olympius. Clicking her Splattershot, the Inkling transformed into her squid self and swam through the ink, emerging at the other side of the road where more Subspace monsters were waiting for her. The Inkling took out a Splat Roller and started charging at the incoming Autolances, burying them in the ground and splatting their heads off. Incoming Scope Primids perched on the rooftops, firing at Inkling. The squid girl noticed where the yellow shots were coming from, and used her Super Jump move to hop onto the roofs and use her Splattershot to fire at the Primids. She jumped back onto the street to continue attacking rival Octoling clones created from Shadow Bugs, their eyes glowing red. As she avoided the enemy ink, she covered it with her own and swiftly swam past the enemies, planting another Splat Bomb behind them.

"Woomy!" the Inkling chirped, looking behind the desolation she caused to her rivals. Just then, she saw an incoming truck speeding past her, and it was also heading towards the tower she was running towards. Creating an ink path with her Splattershot, Inkling turned into her squid form and started swimming in the ink towards her destination. However, before she was about to catch up with the truck in another alley, something or someone ran right over her. The Inkling immediately jumped out, turning back into her normal form and clasping over her Splattershot. When she looked at who or what kicked her out of the ink trail, she saw what appeared to be Sonic, Meta Knight, Bayonetta, Palutena, Dark Pit, Lucas, Charizard, Little Mac, Shulk, and Rosalina & Luma.

"Woah, woah, woah!" Sonic said once he felt something he ran over. As the blue hedgehog and the other fighters looked behind, they saw the orange-haired squid girl getting up.

"Sorry, miss," Sonic said as he helped Inkling up. "Didn't see you there since it's so dark…"

"How could you not see her incoming?" Shulk asked the blue hedgehog. "There was an ink trail right in front of you…"

"I guess you're right…" Sonic replied, rubbing the back of his head before turning towards the squid girl. "Hey… you must be one of the Inklings we were searching for, right?" The squid girl muttered in her language, which consisted of "strange fish dialogue".

"Any idea what she's saying?" Dark Pit remarked.

"She could probably understand our language and several others but not say it," Palutena answered. Inkling grabbed her Splattershot again and looked for a clear area to spread her ink. Firing at one of the building's walls, she managed to make a small mark. The squid girl then walked over, writing something in the ink with her finger. When she was finished, she spelled out the word "Clementine" whist pointing to herself.

"Clementine, huh?" Bayonetta replied. "That's your name?"

Clementine chirped while nodding.

"So, Clementine," Sonic asked, "do you think you could translate these?" The blue hedgehog handed Inkling the blueprints they had before, trying to keep them dry from the heavy rain. Charizard unfurled his right wing to keep the prints dry as the squid girl observed. Giving the blueprints back to Sonic and the others, Clementine ran back to the ink splatter on the building wall, writing another message.

"I've seen those devices before," the writing spelled out while Inkling was chirping. "It was hidden in the tallest tower, deep in the center of the city, along with my species' technology. The Subspace Army call it the Olympius."

"Do you think you could take us there?" Meta Knight asked. "You are pretty much skilled with distant combat, according to your Splattershot."

The Inkling pulled out her Splattershot, pointing to the direction of the tower.

Let's do this, boys! Let's blow up the Olympius and weaken the Subspace Army! Clementine chirped in her own language before running off.

"What'd she say?" Little Mac asked.

"I have no idea," Sonic replied before heading off as well. Charizard growled as he was trying to keep the tip of his tail nice and dry from the rain. Lucas managed to come in and create a mini PSI Magnet to protect the Pokémon's tail tip.

"Just in case you don't wanna die from the extinguished flame," Lucas said. Charizard growled in thanks, flying off towards the fighters who have gone ahead of them with Lucas following him. Running off into the streets, Inkling started chirping again, waiting for the truck from before. Once the vehicle drove past them, Clementine grabbed the back of the truck, signifying the others to jump on. Sonic grabbed onto Inkling's legs first, followed by Bayonetta, Little Mac, Shulk, Charizard, Lucas, Rosalina with her Luma, Palutena, and Dark Pit. Everyone held on for dear life as the truck was driving crazy-fast. Grabbing onto a ladder, the Inkling pulled everyone up, safe and sound. As they were on the roof of the truck, Octoling soldier clones and Feyeshes with Mite and Generators dropped out from the sky, all while music from the truck played. The catchy lyrics were loud enough to be heard from the fighters, and they went something like this:

Here we go, off the rails

Don't you know it's time to raise our sails?

It's freedom like you never knew

Don't need bags, or a pass

Say the word, I'll be there in a flash

You could say my hat is off to you

Oh, we can zoom all the way to the moon

From this great wide wacky world

Jump with me, grab coins with me

Oh yeah!

It's time to jump up in the air (Jump up in the air)

Jump up, don't be scared (Jump up, don't be scared)

Jump up and your cares will soar away (oohoohooh)

And if the dark clouds start to swirl (Dark clouds start to swirl)

Don't fear, don't shed a tear, 'cause

I'll be your 1UP Girl

So let's all jump up super high (Jump up super high)

High up in the sky (High up in the sky)

There's no power-up like dancing

You know that you're my superstar (You're my superstar)

No one else can take me this far

I'm flipping the switch

Get ready for this

Oh, let's do the odyssey!

Odyssey, ya see! (x7)

Odyssey, odyssey!

Spin the wheel, take a chance

Every journey starts a new romance

A new world's calling out to you

Take a turn, off the path

Find a new addition to the cast

You know that any captain needs a crew

Take it in stride as you move, side to side

They're just different points of view

Jump with me, grab coins with me

Oh yeah!

Come on and jump up in the air (Jump up in the air)

Jump without a care (Jump without a care)

Jump up 'cause you know that I'll be there

And if you find you're short on joy (Find you're short on joy)

Don't fret, just don't forget that

You're still our 1UP Boy

So go on, straighten up your cap (Straighten up your cap)

Let your toes begin to tap (Toes begin to tap)

This rhythm is a power 'shroom

Don't forget you're the superstar (You're the superstar)

No one else can make it this far

Put a comb through that 'stache

Now you've got panache

Oh, let's do the odyssey!

It's time to jump up in the air (Jump up in the air)

Jump up, don't be scared (Jump up don't be scared)

Jump up and your cares will soar away (oohoohooh)

And if the dark clouds start to swirl (Dark clouds start to swirl)

Don't fear, don't shed a tear, 'cause

I'll be your 1UP Girl

Now listen all you boys and girls (All you boys and girls)

All around the world (All around the world)

Don't be afraid to get up and move

You know that we're all superstars (We're all superstars)

We're the ones who've made it this far

Put a smile on that face

There's no time to waste

Oh, let's do the odyssey!

While the song was playing, a Winged Firestorm flew above the truck, raining Shadow Bugs on its roof. Big Primids and Metal Primids started forming, and Auroros with Bombeds hopped onto the top of the truck. The truck started passing through a cloud of natural amaranthine gas. Once the fighters breathed it in, they felt themselves taking more damage by the minute.

"Always hated amaranthine gas from the beginning," Sonic said.

"We gotta be careful, then," Lucas replied. Inkling then tossed a Splat Bomb, blowing up the first wave of Shadow Bug monsters. The incoming monsters started running towards Sonic, trying to grab him. Rosalina suddenly flew to his rescue, using the Star Bits from her Luma and slicing few of the Metal Primids open.

"Y'know, Rose, I would have ran from the situation safe and sound and attack with one of my Spin Dashes," Sonic told Rosalina.

"I was making sure you weren't hurt, if that's okay," Rosalina answered.

"Right…" Sonic muttered as he jumped into the air, using his Homing Attack at a Bombed that has Lucas cornered. After hitting its head, Sonic covered Lucas from the explosion as Meta Knight flew in, warping behind the Big Primids and cutting their heads off with his Galaxia Sword. Little Mac started punching the Auroros, counter-attacking the amaranthine gas in the air even if the Bombeds with their big explosions didn't touch him. Charizard released a puff of fire, burning the air and suffocating the Metal Primids, making them drop like bugs. After minutes of fighting in the large amaranthine gas cloud, the fighters were all exhausted from the critical damage, but they won against the monsters. Once the song that was playing finished, the amaranthine gas cloud vanished, and the black-red sky was clear enough to show that the truck was driving to the Olympius.

"Almost there," Meta Knight replied. "Once we find a way in, we'll burn this place to the ground so that none of this precious technology is in the hands of those creatures." Before the truck could pass through the tower's driveway, a shadowed figure flew from the sky, so fast it collided with the truck in a fiery blast and knocked everyone off. Sonic stirred up, looking at who or what smashed into them. After everyone got up, they saw what appeared to be Dr. Mario, Sheik, Samus, Toon Link, Villager, Snake, Pokémon Trainer with Ivysaur and Squirtle, Wolf, Ice Climbers, Snake, Pichu, and Young Link all riding Ridley. The fighters on the last Space Pirate jumped off, eager to greet everyone they missed.

"…Snake? Wolf? Red? Popo and Nana?" Lucas wept. "I THOUGHT YOU WERE ALL DEAD!" The blond-haired PSI boy ran towards the gang that they went with to the Ruins of the Ancients, giving them a big group hug. Charizard stirred up to find out the old gang they traveled with is all right, rushing towards Red and nuzzling him in relief.

"Good to see you're alive, Charizard," Red cried. Ivysaur and Squirtle walked right next to the fire Pokémon, ready to be brought back into their Pokéballs. The Pokémon Trainer bounced his three Pokéballs and drew Charizard, Squirtle, and Ivysaur in, placing them in his pocket. Dark Pit was taking a look at Snake, wondering who that person is.

"Nice job with the emo look, Pitty," Snake giggled. "You decide to go dark all of a sudden?"

"It's Pittoo- I mean, Dark Pit," Pittoo snarled, his face red from embarrassment. Rosalina and Bayonetta walked to his side to meet these new companions.

"I'm sure our new guest didn't mean any harm," Bayonetta replied. "Which might make a good bodyguard, if you know what I'm saying…"

"I think I know what you mean," Snake replied, glaring at Cereza with a cheeky look.

"Wolf!" Sonic cheered as he hugged his old companion. "Like the new look, especially the eyepatch. I like the new uniform you brought with you to the Ancients, especially with the metallic legs Fox and Falco have now."

"What about the Ultimates?" Meta Knight asked everyone. "What happened to them?"

"…We… sorta killed them off…" Young Link replied.

"And their children are out for vengeance," Ridley butted in. "I dunno what happened, but it looks like some science experiment that brought back their long-lost voices…"

"Children?" Sonic replied. "The Ultimates had children? That were tested for their voices? What do they want? Revenge on you guys? Who the hell brought Ridley with these people!?"

"Easy… easy…" Dr. Mario said as he was calming down the hot-headed hedgehog. "He's a friend, okay? Nothing to get upset about… if we could figure out WHY he suddenly decided to become one of us… Is it because of his now-small size?" Clementine the Inkling slowly walked towards the Space Pirate, rubbing his rough skin while chirping.

"How did you guys survive?" Rosalina asked, hugging the Luma.

"Probably escaped…" Palutena replied. Before any of the fighters could continue with anything, the truck behind them exploded, and Bowser Jr. was crawling out with his damaged Koopa Clown Car and a dead Primid.

"Thanks a lot, you morons!" Bowser Jr. wailed. "Now my special delivery package is ruined and you had to fight to my favorite music and blow up the truck! How am I gonna explain this one to Papa…?"

"…Papa?" Nana asked, holding hands with Popo.

"Apparently, the little wimp is Bowser's only son," Sonic answered. "Dunno what happened to his mother after his birth…"

"Enough you LOSERS!" Bowser Jr. yelled. "Prepare and suffer the wrath of my new buddy: DJ Octavio – leader of the Octoling clan and expert partier!"

"What do you mean?" Emerging from the burning truck, a giant DJ box flew out, revealing a big, purple octopus with a golden-and-black cap on his head, covered in swag jewelry and surrounded by reeks. He placed his tentacles on the stereo, mixing a mad jam.

"Be seeing you, if you survive, that is!" Bowser Jr. laughed, flying off on his Koopa Clown Car. The fighters looked up into the air to fight the octopus DJ. Emerging from the DJ box, two metallic fists attached by chains flew out, covered in purple ink. Clementine saw the fists flying towards her first, and she immediately started shooting before they touched her. Sonic jumped up into the air and started spindashing, avoiding the enemy ink from the falling bombs. Grabbing onto Dr. Mario with his clawshot, Toon Link spun the doctor at the killer octopus DJ, slamming the fighter in Octavio's face.

As Dr. Mario was landing shocking punches at DJ Octavio, Pichu crawled onto the stuck fists and started using its electric powers, and since metal's a good conductor of electricity, it easily passed through the chains and traveled freely. The enemy ink on the ground was slowing and damaging fighters like the Ice Climbers and Wolf down, but they took good aim with their projectiles. DJ Octavio finally threw Dr. Mario out of the robot, firing Splat Bombs everywhere and creating a colorful explosion. As the party lights kept shining, everyone started getting temporarily blind from the bright seizures. Bayonetta and Snake quickly shut their eyes, firing their guns at the octopus DJ. The Octarian then started flying into the air, launching rocket fists at everyone. Dodging out of the way, Young Link teamed up with Villager and reflected/pocketed the incoming Splat Bombs and tossing it back at DJ Octavio. After the killer octopus DJ was starting to become weak, Sonic the Hedgehog home-attacked DJ Octavio as the final blow. Once the robot stereo was about to explode with colorful, deadly ink, so Palutena quickly tossed out a manhole cover she found on the road so that everyone could hide from the blast. Once the machine exploded, all the fighters jumped into the sewage hole, safe and sound.

"Finally," Sonic said. "We're away from those little creeps."

"Booyah!" Inkling chirped.

"Now, all we have to do is travel in these dark sewers that will probably lead us to some sort of vent passage," Sonic replied, walking forward to the direction of the Olympius. "Let's just hope some giant turtles that have studied ninjutsu don't pop out of nowhere and surprise us." Clementine and Dark Pit looked at each other, shaking their heads.

"How do you know we'll be at some sort of way in the tower?" Meta Knight asked.

"I'm sure Sonic knows," Palutena replied.

"Yeah, when you've been gone from your homeworld for ten years, some of your friends have probably been kidnapped as Assist Trophies, and all your memories have been wiped out by the crazy rules of the world, some dumb crap is definitely on the rise in the blue rat's brain," Snake lamented.

"Hey, you don't know what I have to go through after ten years of the Subspace Army's disappearance," Sonic objected, turning his head to face everyone behind him. "I had to tell every little detail of your guys' backstories, and now I'm on the run with the people I cared about all because I'm the first one that has discovered a Smash Ball that is slowly bringing fractions of the ultimate power back and returning much of your memories. By the way, what does it feel like to turn into a trophy?"

"…It kinda feels… strange…" Samus replied. "Almost like you're in a dream. You suddenly remember everything that had happened in your past, but you're kept in a world where you forget the people you encountered as an empty… accessory…"

"Sorta like an inanimate toy that has been long forgotten, not even knowing that he's playing by a story," Sonic resounded. The group stopped, thinking about what Sonic said by that. They slowly took a moment of looking at each other before heading off to the direction they think would lead them to the tower.

*location skip

Cloud, Mario, Link, Zelda, and Zero Suit Samus already made their way towards the Subspace base. However, once they arrived, they saw from all the demolishment and the giant Clubberskull corpse that someone was already there before them.

"Great," Mario replied. "How are we gonna know which monsters that Subspace Army is going to make next?" Link took a patch of soil, placing it on his Sheikah Slate. The tablet measured the compounds in the soil, calculating and beeping with a result. When Link brushed the dirt off the Sheikah Slate, he showed the Prime Ship Group the image portrayed from the DNA in the area.

"We will," Link replied, looking at an image of the Star Allies Sparkler that Kirby created, calculating the direction it went to next. "We will…"

Chapter Text

Flying in the air, Corrin with the Falcon Flyer Group on his back tried to target Validar and the Grima spirit that possessed the evil mage. However, the black-red cloud kept fogging up in the northwest, and it was rather distracting, especially for one of the fighters having enhanced eyesight. Eventually, it was so dark that none of the warriors could see anything once they whacked some sort of flying object. Fighters, young and old, were falling from the sky, unconscious after a vast, star-shaped explosion. After falling for what seemed like an eternity, Corrin in his normal form grew his dragon wings and started grabbing whoever was in the air, even though it was hard to see. The weight eventually kept him falling, but the half-dragon prince was strong enough to slow the landing, falling into some sort of barren landscape in the middle of nowhere, where the air was neither hot nor cold… almost like there was no life at all.

R.O.B. stirred up, rubbing his circuits. He then looked around, noticing that the new-looking Ganondorf was lying unconscious next to him. The Gerudo King got up, looking at R.O.B. and seeing that the ex-Ancient Minister was all right. The Duck Hunt dog was sniffing Wii Fit Trainer, while Diddy Kong hugged and high-fived Donkey Kong. The Falcon Flyer Group reunited with the Wolfen Assault Group.

"Boy, am I glad to see everyone's alive!" Pit cried, hugging Kirby. "By the way, what happened to Sonic on your side?"

"We were just going to ask you where's Meta Knight," Fox replied. The recruited groups looked at each other, knowing that maybe their friends left for a reason.

"Meta Knight had to leave for fear of being hunted," Ike answered.

"Strange," Falco replied. "Last time we had Sonic, he had to leave for looking for the rest of our friends, and the typical blue rodent forgot that running faster than the speed of sound won't leave any footprints."

"I'm just glad everyone's safe and sound," Peach replied, hugging Luigi. "Pray tell, Luigi, do you know what happened to your brother?"

"I dunno," Luigi wept. "He and his buddies are probably gone, and we don't even know where they're at… Maybe they're dead, looking for those who went to the Ruins of the Ancients… Sorry…" However, the only thing that mattered was that Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox, Pikachu, Luigi, Ness, Captain Falcon, Jigglypuff, Peach, Bowser, Falco, Marth, Ganondorf, Mr. Game & Watch, Pit, Wario, Ike, Diddy Kong, King Dedede, Olimar, Lucario, R.O.B., Wii Fit Trainer, Robin, Duck Hunt, Ryu, and Corrin are perfectly fine. Suddenly, out of the blue, the biggest ship that had ever appeared flew right over the fighters.

This piece of incredible work was made to replicate similar to the biggest weapon ever created by the Subspace Army: the Gunship. This city utopian-like spaceship has its main power supply attached to its seven multiple cannons, and it was a diamond white in color. Emerging from the Gunship copy, the Winged Firestorm Pro 2.0 flew onto the ground, shaking off some of its Shadow Bugs. The three Ultimates Reborn jumped out of its stomach latch, brushing their weapons.

"Now, now, baby," the Gunner Ultimate Reborn said to the metal dragon. "Don't want to pick your wounds if you're gonna heal them off." The machine growled as it belched a small army of mutated Primids, all of them standing in place as they looked at the fighters. The three Ultimates Reborn wiped their dusty hands on their black hoodies, pressing the only button on each of their masks and transforming them into special headsets so that their faces could be revealed.

"Like what you see?" the Brawler Ultimate spoke, pointing upwards at the futuristic city weapon. "We call it 'The Legacy'. If you're looking for Validar, he's hiding in there. We were hoping it could somehow copy what the Gunship did: tear literal holes in space by firing extremely powerful lasers."

"…Seen worse," Ganondorf teased. The three Ultimates Reborn looked surprised.

"Are you… mocking our work, oh King of Darkness?" the Brawler Ultimate asked.

"Maybe," Ganondorf replied.

"Wait, so you're telling me you guys can talk?" Falco asked. "Didn't you already tell us you had these thought translators attached to your cloaks or whatever?"

"The ones you called the Ultimates are dead," the Swordfighter Ultimate Reborn answered. "We're their successors, the Ultimates Reborn, and we will start a new age in the Mii Fighter clan by bringing back the voices that were stolen from us long ago!"

"Voices really aren't a big deal," Captain Falcon replied. "Some of the fighters we have here could barely talk."

"The very land you stand in used to belong to our people," the Gunner Ultimate Reborn lamented. "Niflheim and Muspelheim extinguished long ago, but the pit Ginnungagap still stands as a memorial of our old nation." As the fighters looked around, they saw right in front of them behind the small Subspace Army was a huge pit that seemed to go on forever, marking the old home of the Mii Fighters.

"What are you gonna do?" Ike replied in a scoff tone. "Send another big baddie to fight us to the death, no matter what the cost?" The three Ultimates Reborn snapped their fingers, and the mutated Primids collapsed into Shadow Bugs, clustering together into a huge blob. The blob faded, revealing a cyborg body, mixed with light purple, blue, and pink fused to each other. Robotic limbs showed giant fists, swords, and guns from three pairs of arms. Three heads were on the top of the combined torso, revealing the Duon heads on the sides – the blue head on the right and the pink head on the left – and Galleom's head in the middle.

"Galleom? Duon?" Ness asked. "What happened to them?"

"We had the Shadow Bugs make a little prototype for one of our biggest monsters yet," the Gunner Ultimate Reborn replied. "Jotun, show these pests how you do things around here." The three Ultimates Reborn then pressed the button on each of their headsets, making them transform back into their masks, and jumped back inside the Winged Firestorm Pro 2.0 before taking off into the air.

"Oh, and by the way," the Brawler Ultimate Reborn spoke on the metallic dragon's speakers, "we'll be making a pit-stop at the Yggdrasil. Thought we might pack up for the epic battle." The Winged Firestorm Pro 2.0 then flew back to the Legacy, taking off to the direction of the Yggdrasil. Jotun then started growling at the two groups, roaring with an unnatural growl.

The first phase was involved with stomping on the ground and burying his opponents, shooting missiles, propelled uppercut, and charging forward quickly. Fox and Falco started charging their blasters and reflectors, avoiding the mines and the slamming limbs. Pikachu and Jigglypuff used their special moves, rolling into the cyborg's steel body, dealing massive damage.

The three-headed cyborg was too slow to avoid the destruction from the fighters: Robin and Corrin teaming together with Marth and Ike by unleashing powerful projectiles, Ryu and Ganondorf kicking with heavy knockback, Peach, Bowser, and Luigi launching whatever trick was up their sleeves. It was pretty much a bit of a sausage fest. However, when it was a solid victory for everyone, giant bones suddenly emerged from the ground, surrounding the two reunited groups. Jotun was under some sort of control, almost like a ghost possessed the cyborg, since its body was starting to glow blue. Through chaotic methods, the cyborg suddenly developed a will of his own, the heads' eyes glowing gold. Unholy fire emerged from Jotun's six sockets, and a voice spoke like someone else was taking control. The fighters all stopped to see what was about to happen.

It's a lovely day outside, the voice spoke from Jotun.

Birds are singing, flowers are blooming,

On days like these, kid like you…


Lifting up its six arms, blue magic surrounded the bones, pushing the giant bones to the side. They eventually came in massive waves, and it was just only the beginning of the chaos. It seemed like it was going to be over since they were coming in so fast, but suddenly, a fiery slash cut through the obstacles. After all the fighters got up, they saw a red-haired warrior, cloaked in blue and wielding a flaming sword.

"Thought you might need help," the stranger said.

"…Roy?" Marth asked. "I somehow remember you, even though we… never met…"

How nice, the voice spoke from Jotun. A family reunion in the day of your doom. Time for all you love to be put behind the past and wiped out… since "to die" is pretty cliché… Swarms of bones emerged from underground and up above, transforming into battering rams. Roy and Marth jumped up into the air, landing on top of the possessed cyborg. They started lashing at the three heads, counter-attacking the heat-tracking missiles and mines.

"Guess I was wrong when I said the Ultimates Reborn weren't gonna unleash one of our biggest enemies yet," Ike replied to everyone he knew.

"Now's not a good time!" Lucario yelled. With an Aura Sphere, the Pokémon with Pikachu and Jigglypuff avoided the flying bones, lashing greatly at the cyborg's crumbling body. Shadow Bugs were starting to fall from Galleom and Duon's fused bodies, revealing another figure trapped within with only a few tiny holes. From the gun arms, Jotun fired monster heads at Pit and Kirby. However, the white-clothed angel and the pink puffball dodged out of the collision. The monster faces eventually got up and began charging powerful lasers. Pit immediately grabbed Kirby and flew out of the way. The two fighters flew behind the three-headed cyborg, slicing and kicking the machine powering the combined bodies. Jotun was starting to become weak as more waves of bones flew in fast, hitting most of the warriors.

You hurt me, you hurt Jotun-boi, the voice spoke from the three-headed cyborg, pieces of the metallic body showing more of the glowing figure trapped in the fused bodies. Jotun then flew up into the air, releasing a rain of swords, limbs, and monster faces that shot powerful lasers. The possessed Jotun suddenly started digging into the ground, unleashing large gemstones that exploded on impact. As the fighters were avoiding the corundum rain, Wii Fit Trainer and Duck Hunt brought out their footbags and clay pigeons, whacking the three-headed cyborg more. As Jotun's body started cracking, the glowing blue figure was shown more, weakening the half-robot beast.

"One more hit should do it!" Fox yelled. The anamorphic pilot then teamed up with Falco and the two of them created a fire blast that launched themselves at Jotun's three heads, burning and exposing their soot-black skulls. Everyone jumped into the air to stop the creature that was unleashed inside the cyborg as they avoided the deadly missiles and mines.

"Falcon Punch!" Captain Falcon yelled as he delivered the final blow to Jotun's fused chests. After accepting defeat, the three-headed cyborg fell dead to the ground. Eventually, emerging from the corpse was a glowing blue figure, half-transparent and moving with a cheerful attitude, almost like the Master Hand's twin, the Crazy Hand. From bottom to the top, the figure had ragged blue jeans with red sneakers completely different from Sonic's, and they had rusted cuffs attached to them with the chains broken. The stranger had a long tail as bushy as a squirrel's, and he was draped with a black shirt with a blue, torn-up hoodie tied across his waist, along with a nasty scar on his chest. He was carrying a backpack that had a large, raven-like bird with cubic, black-and-grey dragon wings nestled deep inside it. The stranger's right hand was long and scissor-like; his other hand was rusted and dull, having blue shovel tips for his fingers; the both of them had the bracelets from the rusted shackles that had seemed to have the chain broken off long ago, just like the legs. His head was entirely black, other than showing the crimson red hair that went into a purple-tipped ponytail that behaved like a third arm at the back and frosted-tip cowlicks at the front of his bangs. It looked like he had no face, but when he dragged his right forefinger across the area of his mouth, it shown the invisible socket was crying small streams of blood, his long mouth had jagged teeth with a forked tongue, and his left eye had a yellow, pixelated iris.

Worthless thing, the glowing-blue stranger complained, cursing at the three-headed cyborg's dead body. You had one job, stupid! The mischievous trickster then shot blue lightning from the palms of his hands, reducing Jotun's corpse to no more than Shadow Bugs that flew off into the wind. When the other fighters saw what they were looking at, they stared at him, confused.

What? the trickster hissed. You've never seen an all-powerful being before? Wait, wait, don't tell me… you've probably already been interacting with beings as dangerous as I am… Just thinking about all the DEAD time they've gone through… C'mon, that's funny. They were dead and they're back from the dead, so they're working on a dead-end job… Okay, I get it. I'm bad with these puns…

"Need to have a sense of humor before you can lose it," Ganondorf replied. "And just who do you think you are?"

What is with these people and not having proper introductions? the stranger teased. I go by a lot of names, but I'm simply referred to as "Indie".

"Indie?" Pit asked.

I was basically created after the ones that were rejected by the Subspace Army were tossed out for their own neglect, Indie lamented. The anger in their souls had risen to a point where it bursted out with their laughter, forming a twisted, deviant trickster – ME. I was waiting for my time to shine and join the Subspace Army for many years, watching them, but I never found a way until now. Indie's bird-like creature poked out from his backpack, cawing for attention as the trickster's third ponytail arm pushed it back into the backpack. Hopefully it wouldn't make Infinite jealous about another being that can control space and time, though I'm completely different from him.

"Who's this Infinite guy, and why should we care about your twisted words?" Falco objected. "We'll be heading over to the Yggdrasil to put an end to the constant thriving of the Subspace Army, and we'll fly into the gateway to Subspace and bring Tabuu and his kind to extinction!"

So, you wanna hope onto the Legacy and stop their plans, huh? Indie giggled. Well, if you really want to stop them… Indie then formed an arena made entirely out of giant bones, flying high into the air and cornering everyone in the two reunited group with its monster head lasers.

You'll have to go through me, Indie resumed. The trickster started raising large skeleton hands out of the ground, clawing and causing hot nuts and bolts to fly. Donkey Kong and Yoshi were the first to go ahead, running past the fast-emerging skeleton hands and iron-hot rain, Yoshi started whacking Indie with eggs that exploded on impact, while Donkey Kong delivered slow-but-heavy punches. However, it wasn't enough to make Indie flinch. Everyone knew they needed something to really hurt, so they thought that they could simply attack him by throwing whatever they got. While DK and Yoshi were hitting Indie, Ganondorf, Ryu, and Ike were watching out for the lasers that seemed to come out at random from the floating monster heads as they ran towards the trickster. Peach hopped on their heads, grabbing her Toad and squeezing him hard enough to unleash spores on the skeleton hands that retreated back into the ground.

While Indie was laughing like a maniac, Captain Falcon, Marth, Roy, and R.O.B. tried to avoid the crushing bone pillars that was an instant death for anyone who was below them. Once they were stuck, Captain Falcon started wall-jumping, followed by R.O.B. carrying Roy and Marth on his back while he was using his built-in rocket propellers. After they got to the top, Indie was waiting for them, firing large missiles at the fighters who were at the top. Marth and Roy avoided the attacks while Captain Falcon and R.O.B. fell to the ground from the explosion, but the two swordsmen were suddenly grabbed by Indie's ponytail arm and thrown into Fox and Pikachu. Falco and Mr. Game & Watch began running towards the trickster, but Indie pulled out spear-like bones, glazing them with flammable red juices stored in his chest wound before setting them on fire. Luigi, Jigglypuff, and Ness began footstooling on each other, trying to reach the trickster. The spear-like bones started raining down from up above, sticking into the ground and creating flame pillars seconds later. Indie then touched-down on the dirt and turned his arms into cannons, firing madly at everyone on the ground. Avoiding the explosive projectiles, Wario, Diddy Kong, and King Dedede zoomed on Wario's motorbike while Diddy Kong and King Dedede launched peanuts, banana peels, and Gordos at Indie. The trickster then flew high into the air once again, creating thunder from his fingertips that zapped the now-metal ground on impact.

Pit and Kirby with Robin and Corrin joined Olimar as they jumped into the air whilst attacking Indie, everyone avoiding touching the ground until the zapping was over. Once the thunder was gone, the fighters saw that the trickster was starting to become tired, probably because all the unlimited power was wearing him out. So, without reason, the fighters kept telling Indie to keep attacking them with all his powers, but he was growing so weary that he eventually fell onto the ground, stunned, leaving him open to attacks. After everyone kept wailing on him, the final blow was delivered from one of the fighters, launching Indie out of the disappearing arena and into the vacant pit of Ginnungagap. Once the bone arena vanished, the fighters ran towards the edge of the giant pit, watching Indie fly out with his trusty pet hidden in his backpack.

Nice try winning against me, morons! Indie cackled. Wait till Sephiroth and the gang hear about this one! Flying off to the slow-moving Legacy, Indie with his pet took off to the ship, ready to be departing to the Yggdrasil. Corrin turned into his dragon form, while Kirby once again created the Star Allies Sparkler so that those who can't fly can get on.

"First Validar, now THIS guy!" Marth complained, sitting on Corrin's dragon back. "Will the fighting ever stop?"

"As long as Tabuu commands these armies, it's never over," Fox answered, positioning himself on the Star Allies Sparkler. With Pit taking off into the skies, Corrin's dragon form and the Star Allies Sparkler with everyone on the two transports started flying off to the Legacy, which was slowly starting to jump into hyperdrive to its next destination.

On the ship, the three Ultimate Reborn were at the main control room, looking over the Primids working the constant shift. Sephiroth walked over to them, tucking in his only wing.

"So, how does it feel taking control over the entire Subspace Army, Ultimates Reborn?" Sephiroth asked the three children of the Ultimates.

"Feels like we're entirely new," the Brawler Ultimate Reborn spoke. "However, we've been thinking about some of the fighters we've encountered, and they're almost just as powerful as we are-"

"Your Highnesses," one of the genetically engineered Mii Fighters spoke. "Infinite just reported he found someone outside our borders, a being with almost as much potential as he does…" Infinite warped in, grabbing Indie by the neck.

"State your business, wimp!" Infinite ordered Indie, squeezing the trickster's neck harder.

I'm not here to take over your ship, idiot! Indie coughed. I had been waiting for my chance to become part of the Subspace Army, and here I am!

"You reek of fear, Indie, god of parallel dimensions," Infinite lamented, reading the trickster's mind. "I'll let you go, but only if you do exactly what we command you to do…" Infinite then let go of Indie's neck, and the collapsed trickster kept coughing until his throat was clear. Sephiroth and the Ultimates Reborn looked at the stranger struggling to get up.

Don't think this is over, weakling, Indie teased, rubbing his black neck.

"I am NOT weak," Infinite growled, and pulled out a jagged dagger with a red stone on its handle, stabbing Indie. Before any of the Subspace Army leaders could do anything, Indie just laughed, revealing that he immediately shifted his body in a way that the masked jackal wouldn't kill him.

"Had I been any faster, you would've been dead," Infinite growled while Indie still laughed. Sephiroth placed a hand on the jackal's shoulder, calming Infinite down. Just then, the Subspace Army followers heard a call from Bowser Jr. at the city of Civiltatula. The ship's computer displayed Bowser Jr. making the call, with the robot stereo he was delivering to the Olympius burning behind him.

"What happened?" the Gunner Ultimate Reborn asked.

"Well, Sonic and his buddies crashed into the delivery," Bowser Jr. replied over the call, ducking from the leftover explosion. "DJ Octavio tried to stop them, but now they're trapped in the sewers, looking a way into the tower…"

Better hurry then, Indie laughed. They'll be destroying those new inventions we stole from Hella's notes any moment now…

"They are!?" Bowser Jr. exclaimed. "All that hard work will be burning at the hands of those morons!? I'd better stop them!"

You can't do it alone, kid! Indie giggled.

"Who are you one to judge?" Bowser Jr. asked.

"Yeah, what gives you the right to give a child orders?" the Swordfighter Ultimate Reborn.

I'm just saying if you hurry, Infinite will have a little gift for you, Indie giggled.

"What are you talking about?" Infinite asked. Indie tilted his head, his left eye gleaming with yellow pixels. "How do you know all this?"

I can stare into time and space, Indie replied. Why? Didn't Dr. Eggman program that little Phantom Ruby of yours to do such a thing? You can read minds like Shadow Mewtwo, you know…

"You sneaky, little…" Infinite snarled as he lunged himself towards Indie, but Sephiroth grabbed him just in time.

"I think the mischievous trickster is right for once," Sephiroth said. "You can create virtual imagery as powerful as the real thing, right? So, all you have to do is warp yourself over to Bowser Jr. while he calls in troops. We'll be studying this… Indie person a while longer and see what he's capable of, whether he's like or different from Shadow Mewtwo and Infinite combined…" The godlike trickster started doing backflips in the air, hovering while he was preforming those tricks. Infinite brushed his Phantom Ruby, which was slightly cracked.

"Fine," Infinite growled with a less salty attitude, looking at Indie with a mad glare. "But you better not get any ideas, Indie!" Infinite then warped out of the area, leaving the Subspace Army group. As Bowser Jr. hung up, the Legacy jumped into hyperdrive, leaving the area of Ginnungagap. Just then, M. Bison barged into the control room, along with Morpho Knight.

"Sephiroth! Ultimates Reborn!" Morpho Knight said. "Intruders have boarded the Legacy."

"They were the same people that blew up the last Subspace Base I went to," M. Bison replied. "Well, most of them, anyway…" Validar ran into the room as well as everyone looked at the dark mage.

"…I was just about to warn you people…" Validar replied.

"Enough about this," the Brawler Ultimate Reborn ordered. "Morpho Knight, set up the traps around the perimeter, outside and in!"

"M. Bison, you're capable of the heavy combat if anything gets in!" the Swordfighter Ultimate Reborn replied.

"Validar, contact the guns to fire at any intruders on sight," the Gunner Ultimate Reborn ordered. "And don't come back until they're exterminated!" Sephiroth walked in, wondering what he should do since he is the one-winged angel and the son of Jenova.

"…And what do you think I should be capable of?" Sephiroth asked, a cheeky grin on his face.

"You could look after both the Subspace Army and the Mii Fighters," the Brawler Ultimate Reborn replied. "Make sure nothing ever happens to them, no matter what happens." The three Ultimates Reborn then walked off, leaving Sephiroth and the Primids controlling the computer alone in the room.

"I'm sure I will, kids," Sephiroth giggled. "I'm sure I will. It's Tabuu's orders, after all…"

*location skip

At the borders of Civiltatula, Shadow Mewtwo kept teleporting around all sorts of buildings, suddenly sensing that Infinite is coming. The Pokémon's pupils contracted as his head started hurting, trying to cut off the Shadow Synergy Stone. Suddenly, he saw that Cloud, Mario, Link, Zero Suit Samus, and Zelda were just outside the city borders.

Link was trying to adjust his Sheikah Slate since he had no idea how the device works, and this sort of technology was new to him. Cloud was grabbing the handle of his Buster Sword, ready to pull it out when he sees an attacking enemy. Zelda and Zero Suit Samus stood back-to-back, with Mario wiping his forehead and fanning himself with his cap.

"Looks like this kinky thing has some bugs," Link said. "Probably took us to a place we don't know yet… Why did I choose to use a weapon I have no idea it works…?"

"Over here!" Cloud yelled, pulling out his Buster Sword. The 1st-class SOLDIER suddenly spotted Shadow Mewtwo in his hiding spot, and the other four fighters saw the Pokémon was trying to fly away from them, unleashing Shadow Balls and Disable moves. As the fighters were running towards the Pokémon, Shadow Mewtwo used his telekinesis powers by flinging Boom Primids and Scope Primids at the fighters. Beginning to use their projectiles, the warriors noticed he was using Confusion to reflect their attacks, so they jumped out of the way. As Shadow Mewtwo was approaching the Olympius, the Pokémon thought he was safe and sound until a strange figure jumped on him from the darkness. Cloud, Link, Zelda, Zero Suit Samus, and Mario all looked at the stranger standing on Shadow Mewtwo, grabbing the legendary Pokémon by the neck. As the city lights started flashing again, the stranger was shown to be a blue, frog-like creature with webbed appendages, bubbled skin, and a long tongue wrapped around its neck.

"Grenin," the creature croaked as it threw Shadow Mewtwo onto the ground.

"One of the Greninja type, are you?" Shadow Mewtwo telepathized as the Pokémon waddled closer to him, along with the other five fighters. "Once Tabuu has gained full power, you can't stop him… No one can…" Just like that, Shadow Mewtwo warped into the building, leaving all the other fighters to follow in after him.

Deep inside the Olympius, Sonic and his team were squirming around in the vent dock, just like the blue hedgehog said which was connected to the sewage passage. Once the blue hedgehog kicked over an air vent, he jumped down, followed by Dr. Mario, Sheik, Samus, Toon Link, Young Link, Pichu, Wolf, Snake, Pokémon Trainer, Ice Climbers, Ridley, Lucas, Little Mac, Palutena, Dark Pit, Bayonetta, Shulk, Rosalina & Luma, and Inkling, who were all struggling following one after the other. Once all the fighters were inside, the blue hedgehog took a good look around the area.

"…Seems awfully quiet…" Sonic said, holding the jar with Faker the Shadow Bug. "I know these types of scenarios; everytime you're in a quiet place, some powerful monster is going to show up…"

"A little too quiet, if you ask me," Bayonetta replied. "Almost like the place seems deserted. Let's just loot the place and burn whatever's not important."

"That's hugely disrespectful," Snake objected. "Stealing loot when it should be studied is illegal and anyone who thinks otherwise could spend a lifetime in prison followed by execution."

"Snake's-a right," Dr. Mario said. "We need some of this technology to save this Shadow Mewtwo. Once we grab the special device the Pokémon said is hidden somewhere, we can use it to find a way to save the Pokémon from the Shadow Synergy Stone and turn him back to normal. Simple as that, right?"

"Unless he 'accidently' kills us first," Samus answered. Just then, Shadow Mewtwo warped right in front of everyone, aching in pain as the Shadow Synergy Stone projected a message from above the Olympius. Infinite was in charge of the transmission, revealing Bowser Jr. and the Winged Firestorm Pro 2.0.

"Surprised to see me, idiots?" Bowser Jr. said over the transmission. "A little birdie flew over me, telling me to give you people a BIG surprise. You'll have to head to the top of the tower to find out what it is. Until then, see y'all later!" The transmission ended, followed by Shadow Mewtwo immediately disappearing from the area. All that remained was a special headset connected to a heartpacer which was supposed to be the device that might help Shadow Mewtwo. Sonic then grabbed the device and put it in his quills along with Faker's jar.

"Now all we need to do is find a way to the top and see what Bowser Jr. has in store for us this time," Sonic told everyone in his group. "And with Infinite by his side, it looks like it's going to be something dangerous…" Everyone started taking the stairs, running to the roof of the Olympius. Just when they got to the top, where they could almost touch the black-red clouds, Bowser Jr. was waiting for them, all alone.

"So… you all want the surprise, huh?" Bowser Jr. giggled.

"No time for jokes," Meta Knight snarled. "Where is the trap you've set for us?"

"It's here, alright," Bowser Jr. answered. "But you'll have to fight me in order to get your reward." Bowser Jr. then pushed a few buttons, setting his Koopa Clown Car to "Attack Mode". Bowser Jr. then started driving towards everyone, who all jumped out of the way from his vehicle's drill arms. Sonic was the only one to start spindashing at the Koopa Prince's head, but the blue hedgehog immediately felt the pain from the Smash Ball jerk up through his body again. As his body was giving off a rainbow hue, Sonic started growling.

"Not now, vision!" Sonic groaned. However, it was too late, as Sonic's eyes started glowing white once again, and he was suspended in the air, untouchable. Bowser Jr. tried to grab him, but since his Koopa Clown Car was stuck on "Attack Mode", there was nothing he could do but keep fighting. Bowser Jr. then began pulling out cannonballs from the vehicle's mouth, firing at warriors like Pichu and Dr. Mario. The two warriors, followed by Snake and the Ice Climbers, began throwing whatever they've got at the spoiled brat. It was difficult without Sonic, but they managed to weaken Bowser Jr.

"(huff puff)," Bowser Jr. panted. "You got… me… I would try to escape on the Winged Firestorm Pro 2.0, which the Ultimates Reborn have lent me the usage of its powers by my voice command, but I'm terribly tired out at the moment. So, the best I can do is let Infinite summon Jotun while his forces attack you. Okay, Infinite!" The masked jackal hovered in the air, sending down the new and improved three-headed Jotun born from the combined bodies of Galleom and Duon from the prison ship Kin.

"Finish them," Bowser Jr. growled at Jotun, pointing at the panting fighters. As soon as Jotun began charging a powerful laser, it was suddenly hit by something in the air. The only two warriors to notice it were Clementine and Pittoo, who looked up to see a blue figure dropping out from the sky, warping in by a blue beam. The figure was revealed to be a highly-advanced android with the capability of free-will thinking and human emotions, coated in blue titanium. Changing his left arm to a cannon, the robot started unleashing a leaf shield that it used on Jotun, scratching the cyborg's body. It looked at Bowser Jr., relaxing and trying to squirm out of the battle so he could rest, and pointed right at him.

"Hold it right there, kid!" the android spoke. "Don't think this is a battle you could get away from!" The other fighters looked at the stranger, and even Jotun stopped to see who's with them.

"Who do you think you are?" Dark Pit asked.

"My scientific name is Rockman, but I'm known as Mega Man," the android answered.

"Who cares about your name?" Bowser Jr. asked in pants. "Jotun, attack those freaks. I'm gonna have a nap. As for Infinite, do something, like kidnap the blue rat…" As the Koopa Prince was sleeping in his Koopa Clown Car, Infinite was just about to grab Sonic and take him away with the other Subspace Army troops on his side. Meta Knight, while fighting Jotun with the other fighters, looked up and saw Sonic in his Smash Ball vision phase was in trouble, so the swordsman took off into the air and started lashing at the masked jackal. While Infinite was blocking the flurry of attacks from Meta Knight, Inking and Mega Man looked up in the air while avoiding the attacks.

Meta Knight's not gonna stay in the air for very long, Inkling chirped.

"We have to help these creatures then!" Mega Man replied, for he was programmed to understand any language that was spoken to him. The two fighters from a safe distance from Jotun while everyone else was attacking the cyborg launched bombs at Infinite and his troops. The masked jackal tried to aim down below and kill off the warriors threatening to defeat him, but Meta Knight kept delivering a flurry of jabs from his sword, watching out for the incoming Primids, even though he was showing signs of fatigue. Vast explosions appeared around the area from Jotun, and the Subspace troops began launching tasers at Meta Knight and Sonic while bombs from Mega Man and Inkling were surrounding them. While all the chaos was going on, the blue hedgehog was greeted with another vision of Hella, the girl he somehow knows…

Waiting just outside the Arcadium, Hella's voice rang out, the Master Core was bringing all the warriors in his arena to him in the empty fields, for he had seen a vision of his downfall. Sonic, his body glowing with multiple colors, his eyes gleaming gold, and the Smash Ball fused to his chest, watched as the Master Core assembled all of his creations and prisoners to a vast meadow, where the overpassing clouds floated above, arranged in a way that made the sun look like the Smash Ball itself. Shadows were cast on the ground to reveal Hella in her new form, where she was wearing advanced battle armor surrounding her body like an exoskeleton. She was equipped with chains of light, and her cape unfurled like butterfly wings. As she was twirling her weapons, more Shadow Bugs she created out of wrath fell from the sky in a black-red cloud that formed above her, transforming into peculiar beings not from Arcadia, the World of Trophies, at all. Other creatures were whipped by the Primids to join her side, twisted and tormented to be part of her army. Dropping from flying hovercraft were the Ancients and Mii Fighters, wielding technology that made them part of Hella's army.

"Hella, what have you done?" the Master Core boomed.

"Like what you see?" Hella asked. "These Shadow Bugs, which I have created, have been made into new life: Primids. They're dangerous on their own and unstoppable together. They can just simply shift forms into more powerful beings, but I wouldn't bother right now. However, I have a little trick up my sleeve through some new weapon I've devised, and it's all based of your weaknesses. Ancient Minister, Ancient Ultimates, show the Master Core what I mean..." The four leaders each grabbed special cannons, shaped like dragon heads. With a careful aim and a quick press of the trigger, they all fired at random warriors on the Master Core's side, turning them into nothing more than trophies. Once the prizes fell onto the ground, everyone was shocked and were slowly backing away in fear. Sonic the Hedgehog watched as all the scenario was taking place, understanding EVERYTHING.

Those are Dark Cannons! Sonic exclaimed. Now I see what's going on… This is the origin of Tabuu, our main enemy… but… why? Why his backstory?

"The Dark Cannons are powered by something I like to call Off-Waves," Hella answered. "This is what you get when you don't listen to reason and reality, Master Core!"

"I will not stand for this foolishness anymore," the Master Core spoke. "Warriors of Arcadia, attack this imposturous traitor!" All the fighters on the Master Core's side readied their weapons, but Hella simply snapped her fingers, bringing in a large metallic sphere with a red "X" on it. Two of the Ancients stood on both sides, and they pulled it out, revealing a black hole with a timer at the bottom, set to two minutes.

"I wouldn't be so sure, oh Ruler of Trophies," Hella objected. "Powered by the limbs of Ancients only, I have devised a new weapon that will open the gateway to a new life: Subspace. I have found a dimension where you can do whatever you want and create your own rules. All I have to do is destroy everything you love. I have all the power, Master Core. I am… Tabuu, the Construct God, and everyone will bow down to me and bask in my former glory. The Ancients will be destroyed by the explosion, the Mii Fighters might have some sort of alternate mind, the Primids and creatures I've enslaved for my own will might be reduced to Shadow Bugs, but hey: someone's got to take a risk, right?" The Subspace Army cheered, watching as Hella brought out her Chains of Light, slashing at the trophy statues and reducing them to rubble. The fighters on Master Core's side were terrified at the horrible action she had performed, and she simply blew the leftover dust from her weapons.

"Enough of these crazy choices!" Master Core yelled. The black entity then pointed towards Hella, ready to sacrifice everything. "Kill her! Don't let anything stand in your way!" The fighters all started charging towards Hella, the Ancients, the Mii Fighters, and the Subspace Army, ready to die for a greater cause. As the timer on the Subspace Bomb was ticking down, the two sides were slashing recklessly at everyone. Blood and Shadow Bugs spilled on the field's grass, withering the luscious landscape into a war zone in a matter of seconds, and every fraction of the time that passed involved the Primids and monsters weakening a fighter, a Dark Cannon firing at said fighter and reducing him/her into a trophy, and Hella bringing out her weapons to destroy the trophies and kill the fighters. As the Master Core saw that his army was waning and the Subspace Army was waxing with leftover trophies possessed by Shadow Bugs, the black entity saw that it was all over for him.

All the warriors he had collected for a long time were dead, and the Subspace Army was threatening to take over his land – alter his rules.

"From now on, your death will change this land," the Master Core commanded as he was releasing powerful lasers and blasts, all blocked by Hella's sword-like weapon as she was approaching towards him. The black-haired girl then unfurled her butterfly wings, jumping into the air and whipping out her Chains of Light. She threw the pointed tips right into the Master Core, pulling at the true weakness he held inside – a darkened Smash Ball as his only soul vessel. Once she yanked it out, the Master Core's Swarms started swirling around, reducing him to only a floating, white appendence that resembled a right hand – the Master Hand. As the Hand of Creation, weak and trembling, slowly got up, he felt himself latched on with the Chains of Light as Hella cracked open the darkened Smash Ball. Hidden deep inside was the pure essence of day and night, sun and moon, good and evil, yin and yang… the Final Smash. The timer on the Subspace Bomb was almost up, and the Master Hand was still chained to the ground. Hella started flying off while the Primids and monsters stayed behind to accept their deaths. The Ancients knew that what was about to happen was slavery, and the Mii Fighters knew that something of value would be lost involving themselves and their homes. Regardless, both species got into their hovercrafts and flew off.

As the two Ancients powering the Subspace Bomb looked at each other in bravery, the Subspace Bomb eventually exploded into a black-purple blast, covering the entire field. The Master Hand was feeling the magic of the dimension pull him in and permanently make him part of it. Following the gateway opening to Subspace was a powerful light aura surround the planet, doing unspeakable things. The creatures of the Subspace Army were reduced to Shadow Bugs, the Ancients forever lost heir freedom, and the Mii Fighters' voices were stolen – followed by Niflheim and Muspelheim hardening into lifeless stone and destroying Ginnungagap. When Hella flew back to the Arcadium with the darkened Smash Ball, she grabbed ahold of the Final Smash within and used its power to throw the Arcadium sky-high, where it was forever suspended in midair as the Midair Stadium. Sonic the Hedgehog was watching all he witnessed, terrified at the actions she performed.

After feeling the Final Smash surge through me, Hella's voice rang out through Sonic, I wanted to use the Master Core's power and transform it into a dangerous tool. With the Smash Ball, I would take my vengeance upon the World of Trophies, enslave beings of my own will and kill them off when I no longer see a use for them, and create what I would like to call… the Great Maze. I'm sure some of you may have recognized me before, when you encountered me for the first time…

Ganondorf was the first one to discover you, and I was the last one to actually touch you, Sonic said as Hella looked at him, even though it was just a memory. Which means… Sonic suddenly remembered what happened ten years ago, when he temporarily destroyed Tabuu's wings and disrupted his Off-Waves, and the two of them looked at each other. Before Sonic could jump off, he saw what appeared to be the black-haired girl from before, even though it was just a second of a flash.

I've met you before, Sonic muttered. Does this mean…? However, before Sonic was about to finish, the memory of Hella was beginning to vanish, returning Sonic the Hedgehog back to his mission. After Sonic quickly woke up, he realized he wasn't back at the rooftop of the Olympius, back with everyone he knew. Instead, it felt like he was in some sort of cage. It appeared he was in some sort of plasma cube, where only the corners were made out of robotic metal. Once Sonic sat up, he looked at himself, noticing he was bound and gagged. He was biting down on the cloth wrapped around his mouth, and he had a metal collar with rope as the leash. Rope was wrapped around his upper arms below his shoulders, and his hands were tied behind his back. Sonic quickly stood up, pulling on the tight bondages. When he looked up, he saw his old friend Meta Knight, his mask showing signs of scratches, and his arms chained above his head.

MK? Sonic thought as he was groaning through the muffles. Meta Knight looked down at the tied-up hedgehog, shaking his head.

"I'm sorry, my blue comrade," Meta Knight said, tears dripping from his mask. "I tried to protect you from Infinite… We all were… but… he was just too powerful, and everyone else was trying to destroy Jotun… The Winged Firestorm Pro 2.0 lashed out on everyone… but the explosion from Jotun demolished the dragon just in time… You lost Faker when his jar fell out of your quills and the device to save Shadow Mewtwo… I don't know what happened to Mega Man and Inkling when they tried protecting the two of us…" Sonic simply shook his head, simply smiling underneath the cloth wrapped around his mouth. Just then, the door opened, and the three Ultimates Reborn with Infinite walked in. Sonic quickly stood up, trying to get rid of the bondages behind his back, growling through his gag.

"Looks like we caught two live prisoners," Infinite smirked. "Surprised to see me?" Sonic and Meta Knight looked at the four figures, alarmed. The three Ultimates Reborn then pressed the button on their masks, transforming the masks into headsets once more.

"Nice job, Infinite," the Swordfighter Ultimate Reborn said. "Looks like you're not weaker than Indie, after all." Sonic started muffling in anger, knowing what's going on. The Gunner Ultimate Reborn then pulled out a paper card, inserted it into a slot in the board of the plasma cage, and the walls disappeared. Sonic was sitting down during the time, held against his will. As the Gunner Ultimate Reborn walked in, she simply looked at Sonic, giggling.

"Look at you," the Gunner Ultimate Reborn said. "Ten years of chasing you, and the Smash Ball has discovered your weakness: leaving you out in the open for the taking. So nice you could be the participating passengers aboard the Kin, where you're far away from your friends back at Civiltatula, heading towards the Yggdrasil… where you'll finally be a part of the Subspace Army." Sonic then jumped up and kicked the Gunner Ultimate Reborn in the chest, lashing his leash. The other two Ultimates Reborn saw Sonic trying to escape with his superfast legs, and they tried pinning him down, but he simply spindashed out of the way. However, Infinite was about to grab him with the Phantom Ruby's powers, but the blue hedgehog kicked his chest really hard, cracking a piece of the Phantom Ruby off and launching the masked jackal out of the prison ship, leaving a large hole where the wind blew through. The three Ultimates Reborn tried to push Sonic back in, but the blue blur quickly ran behind them and kicked them back into the plasma cage, where he grabbed the paper card with his hands still tied behind his back and trapped the three Ultimates Reborn inside. Sonic then kicked a red button on the control panel, and the shackles on Meta Knight's hands released the Star Warrior.

"Good luck trying to get rid of that rope, blue rat!" the Brawler Ultimate Reborn yelled as Meta Knight jumped onto the ground, grabbing the card from Sonic's tied hands. "This is a special kind of bondage, one where only the computer in the control room can free you with our access with one of those cards, so not even your friend's sword could cut it off – it'll just make the blade dull. Too bad the ship's huge, so you'll never find it in time as we approach closer to our destination, where more of our troops will come in and kick your ass!" As the Brawler Ultimate Reborn was finished speaking, Sonic under bondage-and-silence and Meta Knight ran out of the room, leaving the three Ultimates Reborn trapped inside. Once the two warriors were out, Shadow Bugs leaked through the ship's air vent, clogged the room's hole where it was a sky-high drop, and a Primid pulled out a card where it stuck it in the special hole of the control panel. The plasma walls disappeared, and the three Ultimates Reborn squirmed out.

"Where's our ride?" the Gunner Ultimate Reborn panted, each one of the Ultimates Reborn pressing the single button on their headsets and bringing them back to their masks. "We need to get out of here and prepare the Mii Fighters at the Yggdrasil for invaders!"

Meanwhile, back at the roof of the Olympius, Jotun's body was burning right next to the demolished Winged Firestorm Pro 2.0, and Bowser Jr. was slowly waking up from his knockout. There, he saw everyone except for Sonic, Meta Knight, Inkling, and Mega Man right in front of him, and Mario with Link, Cloud, Zero Suit Samus, Zelda, and Greninja were just walking through the only entrance to meet up with the warriors who fought atop the tower. The five fighters looked around, noticing they were a tad bit late for the party. They all then turned toward Bowser Jr., who was looking around at the demolishment and the only ride out of here was destroyed.

"My dragon!" Bowser Jr. cried. "All the Shadow Bugs are killed off!"

"…Maybe we could help rebuild your ship," Mario responded. "After all, it can't be that hard to repair a ship…"

"It's not like that," Bowser Jr. replied. "Infinite and his gang grabbed Sonic and Meta Knight, with Inkling and Mega Man jumping onto the ship to rescue them! Jotun's corpse is going to blow up any second, and if we don't get out of here we'll be going down along with the tower."

"How do you think we should repair it?" Palutena asked.

"This thing used to be a machine, but after we fixed it, the robot only runs on Shadow Bugs. There should be at least only one to power this thing and get us all out of here…"

"Why'd you change from you evil ways all of a sudden…?" Snake asked.

"I need to reunite with my Papa!" Bowser Jr. answered. "I also know that if I were to kill you all right now, it wouldn't matter anyway since we'll all die." Just then, the shattered glass of the jar that Sonic dropped from his Smash Ball state started glowing a neon purple, and the Shadow Bug Faker floated out. Chirping, everyone looked at the different Shadow Bug as it went to the body of the Winged Firestorm Pro 2.0, breathing life back into its metallic body. The dragon roared once again, and Jotun's corpse was about to explode.

"Thanks a lot, guys," Bowser Jr. replied. "We'll be calling this a truce, and we'll be heading to the Yggdrasil, the opening to the Ruins of the Ancients…" Jumping into the Winged Firestorm Pro 2.0, everyone teamed up with Bowser Jr., who was now holding onto the special device from before, flying away from the burning Olympius, where they will recruit for the biggest battle ever.

*location skip

Meta Knight was running down the halls of the prison ship, followed by Sonic the Hedgehog, who was still bound and gagged. Then, MK grabbed ahold of Sonic's leash, pulling him towards a sound while the alarm was ringing.

"Do you hear something?" Meta Knight whispered. Sneaking right next to a shut door, Meta Knight then started hearing torturing noises from inside. Sonic kicked it down, showing three figures chained down onto torture tables and zapped to death. From left to right, there was a yellow, circle-shaped figure with a large pizza mouth, black eyes, a long nose, and a pair of red gloves followed by a pair of red boots. In the middle was a blue-haired lady, with a tipless sword on the left side of her waist, and she was wearing clothing almost identical to Marth's. On the far right, a brown-red haired princess, wearing a yellow dress that was similar to Peach's. At the torture device's control panel, Sephiroth was tapping his fingers on the keyboard, trying to look for signs of a Smash Ball with no response.

"Stupid computer!" Sephiroth growled. "No wonder people were complaining about 'pending updates'!" Just then, Sephiroth turned around to feel a shoe tap his shoulder, and all he got was a nasty kick in the face from Sonic. Meta Knight lashed his sword at the shackles that kept the three prisoners in place, freeing them. As the three warriors got up, they looked at the two strangers who rescued them.

"Oh, you're in the same mess as us?" the yellow-dressed princess asked, noticing Sonic in some sort of a scrape.

"Pretty much," Meta Knight answered while Sonic nodded, the blue hedgehog's muffles rang. "My name's Meta Knight, and the blue creature you see here is none other than Sonic the Hedgehog."

"Hi, I'm Daisy, Princess of Sarasaland!" the princess spoke. "Here, you have Princess Lucina, wielder of the Naga Blade. On our right is PAC-MAN."

"It's an honor meeting you," Lucina spoke. "Thank you two of releasing us from our imprisonment after a long time of torture…"

"You're welcome," Meta Knight answered, holding the paper card. "Now, we really need your help in getting to the main computer room. You see, Sonic's under a special type of bondage in which only the computer can cut off with one of these paper cards. All we have to do is scan it and get out of here." Suddenly, Sephiroth slowly got up, wiping his bleeding nose and sniffing.

"You… stupid… bitch…" Sephiroth groaned. "I'll make sure that all of you would pay for-" Before the one-winged angel could finish, Sonic kneed him in the crotch before another follow-up kick in the face. The alarm started ringing as incoming Mii Fighters dropped out in the room.

"…For… making me lose my virginity…" Sephiroth groaned as the Mii Fighters helped him up. Inkling and Mega Man kicked down the air dock in the vent just in time, reuniting with Sonic and Meta Knight.

"...And these are Mega Man and Inkling," Meta Knight answered.

"Did we miss something?" Mega Man asked while Inkling chirped. The two warriors then looked at Sephiroth and the Fighting Mii Team.

"Pretty weak for someone who committed thousands of murders," Daisy taunted.

"Fighting Mii Team… Kill them," Sephiroth ordered as he instantly warped out of the area, followed by the black-clothed warriors to begin attacking Sonic and the gang. The seven fighters then started running out of here, looking for a way to the computer room. Incoming Fighting Mii Team warriors dropped from the roof of the Kin, lashing and slashing at the warriors. Meta Knight and Lucina pulled out their swords, attacking the enemies and sparing no one.

"You fight an awful lot like Marth, minus the tipper and almost slow reactions," Meta Knight said, wiping the sweat off his mask.

"I came from a doomed future where I was forced to change my identity and attacks to that precisely of Marth's one time, so I had to do something," Lucina answered and she counter-attacked an incoming Fighting Mii Team member. Sonic bound-and-gagged stood back-to-back with PAC-MAN, surrounded by enemies. PAC-MAN then grabbed ahold of Sonic's leash, swinging him around and making the blue hedgehog spindash into the Fighting Mii Team. Once Sonic landed, he started spinning on his head, kicking at the Miis' faces and knocking them down to the ground before landing with a full split. Swords from many of the enemies slashed against the rope, but they only shattered in fragments that flew on impact and brutally hit everyone in the room, just like it was said to do for any weapon that would try and break the bondages. Daisy grabbed her blue Toad and squeezed the spores out of him, whacking the enemies in the face with special flower effects of her own. Rockman and Clementine began firing their projectiles, with fiery blasts and ink explosions filling the room. Once the area was cleared, the seven fighters ran towards their destination in the Kin, attacking the incoming Fighting Mii Team.

Once everyone was in the computer room, Meta Knight and PAC-MAN immediately barricaded the door, killing the Primids who were locked in with them.

"INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT!" the Subspace computer spoke. The Fighting Mii Team were trying to break down the door, and Sonic was waiting impatiently, sweat rolling down his forehead as he was pulling on the bondages and biting down hard on the cloth.

"Mmph… mmph!" Sonic moaned, struggling with his hands tied behind his back and rubbing on his aching arms wrapped around with rope around the shoulders with the sides of his head.

"Have a little more patience, blue friend!" Meta Knight replied as the computer was constantly alerting the room while its control panel was being searched for by everyone else on his team.

"We'll get you out soon enough!" Daisy answered as the door was being banged on. Sonic kept tapping his feet, trying his best to wait as the alarm was ringing and the door was about to be broken.

"Found it!" Mega Man rang out. Meta Knight tossed him the paper card, which fluttered towards him. The advanced android placed his finger on the slot so he would find it in time.

"Put it in!" Meta Knight exclaimed. Mega Man then pushed the card in, and the light on the computer monitor rang green.

"Removing bondages…" the Subspace computer rang as a special ray gun dropped from the sky on robotic appendages and zapped the bondages right off. The gag vanished, the collar and leash disappeared, and the ropes which held Sonic's arms and hands in place dissolved. Sonic the Hedgehog then massaged his wrists, clenching his fists and grinning once the door broke down, followed by incoming Fighting Mii Team members. The seven warriors were all ready for them, and they gave it their all, knocking out every single enemy that came in out. Once the area was empty, Sonic rubbed the quills on his head.

"Is there a way to steer this thing?" Sonic asked as Clementine chirped while nodding.

"This computer is set to auto-drive to its destination," Meta Knight answered. "There's nothing we can do right now… except wait for the worst…" Sonic, Meta Knight, PAC-MAN, Daisy, Lucina, Mega Man, and Inkling all looked ahead of the Kin's main window, watching as they approached closer to their destination: the Yggdrasil. Sonic looked in all sorts of directions, watching the Legacy and the Winged Firestorm Pro 2.0 also arrive at the exact same time.

"Yeah… except we'll not be alone…" Sonic muttered, smirking.

Chapter Text

Aboard the Legacy, the Falcon Flyer Group and the Wolfen Assault Group boarded the ship, and their landing triggered an alarm that awoke the guns set off by Validar, who was standing right in front of the rivals.

"Stand back… I'm warning you…" Validar trembled, "or I'll be forced to shoot!"

"This was all thanks to your defeat back at our homeland, isn't it?" Robin asked their enemy. "The way you're trembling, and the fact that Grima has possessed your soul…"

"SHUT UP!" Validar yelled as the two groups approached closer to him. The wimpy mage slipped and fell on his behind, trying to crawl away. "That Blight Ganon fusion monster I devised was pretty ingenious, was it not?"

"I think you stole someone else's idea," Ganondorf objected. "It was supposed to be planned by me during the attack ten years ago, but the Gunship, which it was built on, was destroyed in the progress."

"I'm giving you one last chance," Validar stammered. "If you don't surrender to me, I'll be forced to shoot-" Before Validar could finish, he didn't think twice of protecting himself with powerful magic, so he was knocked down easily by Ryu's Focus Punch. The guns then retreated back into the ship's hull, not firing anything at the intruding fighters.

"That was easy," Ryu scoffed.

"That was just the first line of defense," Falco then said. "There are enemies and traps waiting for us inside, so if we were to break in, we'll have to be ready for a heavy line of fire."

"Let's g-g-g-go, then," Luigi stammered, hugging Peach close. While the warriors broke down the only small door to get inside the Legacy, Pit was just about to follow them in, but a mysterious dragon snatched him, carrying him off. As the white-clothed angel saw himself straying farther from his teammates and closer to their actual destination – the Yggdrasil – Pit groaned and saw that he was being carried by a terrible beast: a red-skinned dragon not that of the Winged Firestorms.

"Rathalos!?" Pit exclaimed as the monster roared. "Lady Palutena warned me about you, and that you'll eat me once you land! Somebody help! Hear my prayers, Lady Palutena! I'm too young to die, even though I think I've lived over thousands of years! I never even learned how to reeeeeeeead!" As Pit was screaming for help, Rathalos kept flying through the black-red darkness towards the Yggdrasil.

Meanwhile, Indie emerged from the hull of the Legacy, grabbing Validar's unconscious body and, as he was slowly waking up, bringing him down to the control room, where Sephiroth and the Mii Fighter troops were waiting for him with anger on their faces.

"That was your last chance to prove that your loss at your homeland would not get in the way of doing what is important for the Subspace Army," Sephiroth growled as Indie got behind the one-winged angel, lashing his katana blade at Validar's face.

"Please… this is not my fault, I swear!" Validar trembled. "I didn't realize what a fool I was and I'm sorry for what I did-" Sephiroth then grabbed Validar by the neck, stroking the dull end of the blade across the mage's face.

"What you did was unforgivable," Sephiroth lashed. "I promise you pain without end…" Before Sephiroth was about to behead Validar, a mist of black smoke appeared in the room. The Mii Fighter troops looked behind them, and Sephiroth let go of Validar to see who this newcomer was. Lo, as the smoke cleared, a tall, pale man with white locks and small facial hair, black-and-red clothing and vampire fangs instead of flat teeth appeared out of nowhere. The stranger slowly floated towards Validar, making the black-clothed mage tremble.

"Please, allow me," the stranger replied in a peculiar accent. "My name is Dracula, the Lord of Darkness, and I have come for the worst teammate in your clan."

"What brings you here around these parts?" Sephiroth replied. Dracula then pulled out an Assist Trophy Capsule, balancing it on the base. However, since he was not one of the trophies of this world, touching the base had no effect on the item. Instead, Dracula gave the Assist Trophy Capsule to Sephiroth, letting him have it for safekeeping.

"Found it in your stash vault," Dracula said. "Give it to your leaders at the World Tree, but make sure they bring back my son Alucard, who was sealed off long ago by my mortal rivals, the Belmont clan. Assist Trophies show up at random, so make this new challenger count." Sephiroth tucked the Assist Trophy Capsule in his only raven-black wing, putting away his sword. Dracula then looked at Validar and pulled out Death's Scythe, grinning at him with darkened eyes. With a quick slash, the sound of gushing blood was spilt without a single scream, and Sephiroth and the Mii Fighter troops looked as Validar's now-dead body collapsed on the metal floor, showing a bleeding body and white eyes that lacked pupils to mark those as the people who have seen Death in person. Dracula then tucked the powerful weapon into his cape, looking at Sephiroth.

"He was pretty weak anyway," Dracula said. "Besides, don't you have two more teammates you can count on?" Indie floated right beside Dracula, looking like he was becoming less like himself.

"Give the guy a chance," Indie said. "I'm slowly losing more of myself through each passing day, starting with my fingers…" Instead of the usual blue shovel-tipped fingers that Indie originally had, there was mere black wisp in place. Sephiroth looked at Dracula for a while, thinking about his decision. Just then, the Subspace computer was receiving a call from Morpho Knight and M. Bison.

"Hey, Sephiroth," Morpho Knight said through the screen. "Just a heads up, we'll be waiting for you at the Yggdrasil, and you'll hopefully take care of the intruders aboard the Legacy." Sephiroth approached the computer, tapping on the keyboard without pressing the buttons.

"I'll be with you there," Sephiroth replied before getting ready to end the transmission. However, he suddenly remembered something. "What about Infinite? Are his replicas doing fine?"

"Last thing we've heard," M. Bison said, "Infinite was kicked out of the Kin when Meta Knight and Sonic were captured, and the Ultimates Reborn flew to the Yggdrasil. We haven't heard back from the Phantom Clones, though it seems the security footage says it all." M. Bison then brought up a camera screen, showing Sonic the Hedgehog, bound and gagged, kicking the Sephiroth Phantom Clone in the crotch while Meta Knight was rescuing Daisy, Lucina, and PAC-MAN. Mega Man and Inkling broke through the vent pipes just when the Phantom Ruby clone called in the Fighting Mii Team.

"Are they still on board?" Sephiroth growled.

"Alive and free as a butterfly," Morpho Knight answered.

"Find them and kill them," Sephiroth snarled. "I want you to make sure the ultimate power never wakes up." Both M. Bison and Morpho Knight nodded before the transmission ended itself. Sephiroth then looked at Dracula, sighing.

"You're in," Sephiroth said, "and hopefully you'll be better than Validar."

"I already am," Dracula replied. "While you were too busy focusing on the fighters, I took that Blight Grima of yours and transformed it into a familiar friend, one who's powers are more intense than any other monster and Assist Trophy."

"Which friend, exactly?" Sephiroth asked, transporting the Assist Trophy Capsule to the Ultimates Reborn with his powers. Dracula showed off a small grin, knowing something that no one else in the Subspace Army knew.

In the black-red darkness as purple lightning flashed, Rathalos, with Pit still struggling and crying for help in his claws, was flying towards the Yggdrasil, the waypoint to the Ruins of the Ancients. The young angel then pulled out Palutena's Bow, splitting it in half, and slashing at the monster's claw. As Rathalos was roaring in pain, the red-skinned dragon let go of Pit, and the angel was falling to what was presumably his death.

"Hopefully this works!" Pit cried, admitting he didn't think first before attacking. His wings were flickering with light as he tried to unleash his Power of Flight, wobbling as he was keeping his balance. However, it was too late, as Pit crashed through the roof of the Kin, which was coincidentally below him as it was approaching the landing pad of the Yggdrasil, crashing into people who were already below him through the control room, making the prison ship explode on impact. As Pit slowly rubbed his head, he saw what appeared to be his old friends Sonic the Hedgehog and Meta Knight, as well as five new faces: PAC-MAN, Daisy, Lucina, Mega Man, and Inkling.

"…Sonic? Meta Knight?" Pit groaned. Sonic's ears perked up to hearing a familiar voice, and Meta Knight rubbed his mask as he heard the sound too. The two fighters looked up to see Pit in a burning background, crying tears of joy. Happy with relief, Sonic and Meta Knight ran towards Pit, hugging him, glad to see him again.

"I thought you were dead!" Pit cried. "I thought they killed you and dragged the Smash Ball out of you!" The three fighters broke the hug, looking at the five newcomers on their team. Everyone looked at the fiery explosion, which was caused aboard the Kin, and from the ashes emerged the Sephiroth cloned from Infinite's Phantom Ruby, showing red-and-black pixels as he was very weakened. Eventually, the clone dissolved, showing Rathalos in the background, flying towards the Legacy. When the warriors turned around, they saw they were on the bottom floor of the Yggdrasil, a tall, black-and-neon colored building shaped like a tree, with orb-shaped leaves as central control rooms, and the tip of the tower, shaped like a giant eagle, perched on top, poking through the black-red clouds and serving as the command center.

"So, our objective is to get to the top of that tower, right?" Sonic asked everyone. "Disable the Yggdrasil, weaken the troops, and head over to the Ruins of the Ancients?"

"Seems like it," Mega Man replied. "Looks like we'll have no time to waste. Come on, everybody." The small team then ran through the main entrance, while Infinite, now on the ground, watched from afar, slowly getting up and recharging his powers.

Chapter Text

In the Winged Firestorm Pro 2.0, Bowser Jr. was sitting in the metal dragon's head, flying it to the Yggdrasil. Inside the stomach of the vehicle, Mario, the replicas and the originals, Cloud, Villager, Lucas, Little Mac, Shulk, the three divine beings, Bayonetta, Ridley, Greninja, and all the lost veterans were positioning, prepared to drop down onto the tallest building made by the Subspace Army. Link, straightening his Champion's Tunic, sat next to Cloud Strife, sighing as he looked with determination.

"Cloud?" Link asked the 1st-class SOLDIER.

"Yeah?" Strife replied in question as he looked to his left.

"I felt like…" Link sighed, "Back at the Midair Stadium, I was just about to say something to everyone before we got involved in this fight."

"What were you trying to say?" Cloud asked the Hylian. Link tossed his dirty blond locks behind his pointed ears, looking down at the burned ground from on high as the wind blew across his face from the opened shaft.

"I was just about to tell everyone how much we love each other, no matter how tough things seem to get," Link answered. "Hopefully you'll understand, since all of the other warriors are too fixed in the intense battle." Just then, Zelda walked to the two boys, holding the headset device in her hands.

"I hope you two boys are listening," Zelda said. "With this thing, we might have answers to our mysterious past. However, there's one victim of the Subspace Army who is on no one's side: Shadow Mewtwo. That Shadow Synergy Stone might be torturing him mentally, so we need to destroy it from within as fast as we can."

"Where would we find him?" Cloud Strife asked, Mario and the others looking at the princess. Zelda then pointed down on the middle floor of the Yggdrasil, where there was a huge glass window reflecting the lightning from the black-red cloud above them.

"Are you sure?" Snake asked the princess.

"Either we're correct, or we all die from Shulk's miscalculations in his visions by some powerful monster from inside," Zelda answered. Everyone looked at Shulk, worried about what might happen next.

"What?" Shulk said. "The Monado Arts aren't 100% accurate…" Ridley shook his head in annoyance before Bowser Jr. walked down, readying his position to jump in.

"Everybody ready?" Bowser Jr. asked. All the fighters in the team gave a thumbs up, the Pokémon Trainer releasing Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard. Relaxing themselves, the whole gang jumped from the Winged Firestorm Pro 2.0, falling down and positioning themselves above the glass room as the dragon circled around in the black-red cloud. Red jumped on top of Charizard's back while Ivysaur and Squirtle hung on, and Lucas was crying in fear before Rosalina's Luma grabbed ahold of him, pulling him close to its mommy. With high winds on the rise, almost everyone positioned perfectly.

"You have the get out here before I kill you," Shadow Mewtwo telepathized, tears in his bloodshot eyes. Inside the glass room, the Ultimates Reborn have found Shadow Mewtwo, surrounding him as the pain from the Shadow Synergy Stone worsened. Purple sparks were generating from the palms of his hands, but the Brawler Ultimate Reborn pulled out the Assist Trophy Capsule given to them from before.

"We know," the Swordfighter Ultimate Reborn answered, "but this mysterious guest will kill you first when we get out of here." Suddenly, the fighters that emerged from the metallic dragon crashed through the glass wall, with Bowser Jr. himself yet to be seen. Once the Ultimates Reborn looked at the direction of the collision, Shadow Mewtwo grabbed ahold of the Assist Trophy Capsule, but the three warriors knew they wouldn't let their guard down. As the small team approached closer, Shadow Mewtwo and the three Ultimates Reborn tugged harder on the Assist Trophy Capsule, eventually having rainbow-colored sparks generate from the glass rim of the item, showing more signs of breaking when all of a sudden, the glass bursted. The mysterious figure that was trapped within showed signs of forming as the light started dimming, and everyone in the room was surprised.

"Is that…?" Zero Suit Samus asked. Samus started charging up her arm cannon, knowing who this mysterious enemy is. From the Assist Trophy Capsule, a black figure that looked very similar to Samus was slowly getting up, glowing blue veins pulsing on her black exoskeleton as she rubbed the strangely-formed arm cannon with her alien hand. The markings on her helmet were different, showing that there was nothing human about her at all.

"Dark Samus," the Gunner Ultimate Reborn said, helping the other two of the Mii Fighter leaders up. "Sephiroth specifically asked for the son of Dracula to emerge! Why are we so unlucky!? Whatever… Warrior of pure Phazon, get rid of these losers…" The three Ultimates Reborn then started running out through the exit, leaving Dark Samus to face Mario and the gang. Shadow Mewtwo was still clenching his body, shooting black lightning from his fingers. He suddenly zapped Dark Samus before she approached the warriors, knocking her deep into the ventral system underneath them. Shadow Mewtwo then started telepathizing in pain, the Shadow Synergy Stone on his left shoulder close to breaking. Samus and Zero Suit Samus grabbed ahold of the possessed Pokémon while an alarm was sounding off, calling in Fighting Mii Team troops.

"Link and I will follow the Assist Trophy," Cloud Strife said to his friends. "The rest of you will have to take care of Shadow Mewtwo and destroy those Shadow Bugs within him." Cloud then grabbed ahold of Link, grabbing him close by the right side of the Hylian's waist. Holding each other close, the two warriors jumped down into the ventral system, away from everyone else.

Meanwhile, Bowser Jr. realized the strong winds that pushed him away from everyone else to their destination, and he was still falling, but through another room thousands of feet up. Once Bowser Jr. crashed through, he broke right through the strong supportive floor, slowing his descent. Also, when the Koopa Prince landed, he ripped a hole right in front of Sonic and his crew, who were just running to the top of the tower.

"Weepy?" the Inkling chirped.

"You're damn right 'weepy'," Sonic answered, looking through the dark floor along with Meta Knight and the others. "Someone's down there, and it doesn't look pretty…"

Bowser Jr. stirred from his unconsciousness, looking around the dim room he was stuck in. As he slowly got up, he noticed his Junior Clown Car was right in front of him, but the young Koopaling himself was covered in some sort of sticky goop, almost like a giant spiderweb, having him barely budge as he tried to crawl closer to his personal vehicle. The stone-textured room led down to a dark hallway, almost like an abandoned hospital in a horror film. Bowser Jr. then started getting terrified as the lights started flickering, showing gruesome images of actual living corpses crawling closer to him. The more the lights started flashing, the more the weak Koopaling could make out the zombie faces: pale, rotting skin, bleeding mouths, ragged clothes, dislodged jawbones, gouged eyeballs, basically anything gory, making Bowser Jr. feel terrified and queasy at the same time. Other monsters creeped out from the shadows: giant spiders, mummies, poltergeists, and mysterious creatures lurking in the darkness. Before any of the monsters even got as close to Bowser Jr. as they possibly could, a chain-like whip lashed right in front of them, breaking some of their limbs off. Bowser Jr. then turned his head to his right, noticing a figure right in front of him. Some of the zombies limped to the direction of the attack, but the figure tossed a bottle of Holy Water, which turned out to burst into a pillar of flames. As the fire from the Holy Water burned the cobweb that Bowser Jr. was stuck in, the Koopaling climbed back into his Junior Clown Car, looking at this strange warrior. Wielding his chain whip, the stranger looked a little like a barbarian, with blond hair supported by a metal bandana-like accessory, wearing ragged clothing and fur boots. Tucked in his neck was a necklace with a strange cross in the front as the stranger took it out for a brief moment before kissing it gently and putting it back in his uniform's neck collar. The warrior then pulled out an axe, throwing it like a boomerang as it sliced more of the zombie enemies. Jumping down from the hole, Sonic, Meta Knight, Mega Man, Pit, Inkling, Daisy, Lucina, and PAC-MAN saw they were cornered by unnatural enemies.

"Simon Belmont?" Sonic asked. The warrior turned to the blue hedgehog, confused.

"Do I know you?" Simon remarked in question, grabbing a zombie by the neck.

"Sorry," Sonic said, rubbing his face as rotting limbs were flung past the warriors. "It's just that I'm a very big fan…" A giant spider then crawled down from the leaking ceiling, but Sonic grabbed its eight legs as Lucina rushed in, slicing the creature's limbs off. More monsters started walking towards the fighters, with Bowser Jr. regaining a little courage as he sent out a small troop of explosive wind-up toys to blow up on impact, standing next to Daisy. Lucina and PAC-MAN readied their weapons next to Meta Knight, while Sonic the Hedgehog paired up with Clementine the Inkling. Pit and Mega Man stood next to Simon on both sides, preparing to attack.

"Pit, Mega Man, and Simon all teaming up to fight monsters," Sonic said. "For some reason, I feel VERY uncomfortable…" The zombies and the monsters lunged themselves at the fighters, snarling and groaning. Simon Belmont began lashing his Vampire Killer, followed by a series of heavy kicks. He flung a throwing cross at the mysterious creatures, scaring them away as Mega Man fired a series of sticky bombs. Pit flew in, firing his arrows from Palutena's Bow, piercing the monsters and killing them on impact. Bowser Jr. teamed up with Daisy, pelting the poltergeists with cannonballs and turnips and scaring them off. PAC-MAN then joined the other two fighters, throwing pixelated fruits at some of the incoming giant spiders, spraying water from his fire hydrant, and punching some of the monsters in the face. Lucina and Inkling stood side-by-side, running around each other in a circle while attacking the zombies surrounding them. Lucina stuck out her Falchion, slicing the zombies in half, while the Inkling rapidly jabbed with her Splattershot. Meta Knight and Sonic were cornered by a few zombies, attacking with the style of fighting they're best with.

"Careful, my blue comrade!" Meta Knight groaned, blocking an attack from one zombie. "One bite from their virus-infected mouths will turn you into one of them!"

"You don't think I know that!?" Sonic replied in question, stretching another zombie's mouth beyond its limit to dislocate the lower jawbone and break the monster's neck. "I've watched plenty of zombie media to get the idea! I know what happens next when you become defeated by the undead!" Sonic then kicked the zombie's head off, sending it flying to another zombie's face, followed by a spindash from the blue hedgehog himself. After the surviving monsters retreated back into the darkness, Simon and the small team congratulated their victory, clapping in relief that the scary room was cleared. Well, everyone except for Bowser Jr., anyway…

"Look at all of you, the High-and-Mighty team…" Bowser Jr. sighed, hiding in his Junior Clown Car. "You're not afraid to stand up to those monsters, and I was really just a wimp trying to get back to my papa…" The young Koopaling sat upright in his personal vehicle, the face on the car sad and terrified. Sonic slowly walked towards him, showing some signs of comfort.

"It's alright, buddy," Sonic said. "You at least got credit for trying. I mean, we have a pretty powerful warrior on our side, trapped in this room for God knows how long…"

"You just don't understand," Bowser Jr. objected, his voice slightly breaking. "I've been away from my papa for ten years, hopefully becoming part of the Subspace Army to reunite with the only family I have left…" Tears started building up in the Koopaling's eyes, and the fighters looked at the sobbing prince. Simon let go of the door handle in the dark hallway just to walk towards the terrified Koopa prince.

"Now, there just might be a day where my papa might die from… those things… and I might never see him again, not even knowing the good deeds he did against the Subspace Army…" Bowser Jr. then started bawling, crying as loud as he could as more tears built up. Sonic and his team started getting irritated by the spoiled prince, looking at the dark hallway.

"I guess we should be going now," Simon said, opening the door. "I've been searching these halls and still haven't found an answer to destroy this resource building."

"Yeah, I guess we should get going…" Sonic groaned, grabbing the Junior Clown Car by its rim with Bowser Jr. still inside, crying loud in sadness that he might never see his father again. All the other fighters then walked off, following Simon Belmont. Pit looked at Mega Man, slightly confused.

"Did Sonic say we look uncomfortable with Simon?" Pit asked. Mega Man then scoffed, grabbing Pit by the wrist and dragging him to the others, ready to leave this nightmarish room.

Chapter Text

Far outside the Yggdrasil, underneath the Legacy's shadow as it landed on the boarding platform, another strange warrior stood outside the gates. He was holding a sword similar to Lucina's Falchion, and he was wearing a shoulder plate on his left. He had blue hair, and he had the mark of the Naga on his right shoulder. His silver cape flowed behind him as he looked up, watching as Rathalos crawled on the surface of the ship, trying to claw through and attack any intruders inside.

"Hopefully my daughter isn't in that ship," the warrior said. "The least I could do is make sure she's okay, even if she knows how to defend herself from the moves of the Hero King…" Suddenly, he heard a hovercraft zooming right into his direction. The hovercraft had a yellow-and-green paint on its plate, and the back was filled with golden-skinned bananas marked with the Kong symbol in red. Two of a species of crocodile-like creatures were on each side, one green and the other blue. Driving the truck was a large, plump, brass-bellied reptilian king with red eyes and a loud laugh.

"With the Kongs gone to defend their Golden Banana horde, I can have all their delicious fruit to myself!" the crocodile king laughed. "Powering my ultimate weapon, these tasty treats will be the power of a lifeti- Whoa, whoa, whoa!" The crocodile king noticed the blue-haired warrior right in front of him, and he tried stepping on the brakes as his two minions held onto the hovertruck's sides. There was no time to stop the collision as a big whack from the hovertruck sent the two warriors flying. A brief explosion took place, and as the blue-haired warrior got up, he saw the crocodile king looking down upon him, furious.

"How dare you stop King K. Rool as he tries to escape with the one thing to destroy Kong Island…" the crocodile king growled.

"Stop you?" the blue-haired warrior asked. "My fellow comrade, I believe those bananas aren't technically yours…"

"Why do you think I'm stealing them for my own evil deeds?" King K. Rool asked. "And just who do you think you are to question the Kremling King, ruler of the Kritters?"

"My name is Chrom, and I clearly didn't know you were coming my way," the blue-haired warrior answered. "I was only looking for Lucina and Robin, my daughter and partner."

"Oh, you have a precious baby you're looking for, do ya? As well as a partner?" King K. Rool asked in sarcasm as the black-red cloud from up above thundered. "Listen, buddy! I ain't lookin' for your kid an' teammate! I've already got enough problems as it is with trying to steal from the Kongs when they're not around anymore! First I had to put up with Bowser's minions, now you…"

"You see that huge ship next to the Yggdrasil?" Chrom asked, pointing to the Legacy and Rathalos. "This strange creature aboard the ship is trying to claw through and attack whoever's inside. I fear that my only daughter is trapped in there, as well as my partner. I'm asking you to team up with me, since there are bigger threats than a stubborn king stealing the same loot as you…"

"What do I know of this 'threat'?" King K. Rool scoffed. Suddenly, purple lightning zapped the two Kritters that were on King K. Rool's hovertruck, which was now burning along with the Golden Banana horde. As soon as the lightning struck, more Kritters and Klaptraps crawled from the hillside, giving off a purple glow in their eyes like the Kritters that were hit. The reptilians looked at their king next to the blue-haired warrior, though not as a ruler anymore and… more like an enemy.

"What?" King K. Rool asked. "Why are you looking at me like that?" The crocodile-like creatures walked closer, grinning evilly, followed by flying Tiki Buzzes.

"Your Majesty," Chrom objected quietly, "I don't think they're on your side anymore…" The Kremlings and Evil Tikis rushed at the two fighters – the green Kritter biting, the blue Kritter spinning, the Klaptrap clamping its jaws, and the Tiki Buzz swooping downward. The four species of monsters started charging, but Chrom unleashed his Falchion just in time. Chrom attacked the same as Roy, but he was different with his Aether recovery, and wind effects to replace the fiery attacks that Roy had, plus with a tipless sword. King K. Rool grabbed ahold of his Blunderbuss, launching a cannonball and sucking few enemies in before firing them, as well as counter-attacking with his brass belly and throwing his crown like a boomerang. The objective was to get aboard the Legacy while fighting off the Kremlings that have somehow betrayed them and stop Rathalos from attacking whoever was inside.

Chrom was the first to rush, lashing at the Kritters and Klaptraps that stood in their way, slicing with powerful wind effects in a manner mainly similar to Roy, along with a moveset mixed with Marth and Ike. King K. Rool tossed Chrom onto his back as he ran, ramming into the Tiki Buzzes that landed on the ground at a bad time. Chrom then jumped off K. Rool's back, preforming a combo move with his sword that launched the Klaptraps. The Kremlings and the Evil Tikis started running after the two fighters, but they managed to get away in time across the flat landscape, killing off most of the Kremling King's minions as they rushed to the Legacy.

Once Chrom and King K. Rool got near the boarding area of the Legacy, they saw the red, dragon-like monster already broke through the hull of the ship, searching for intruders. More of the mutated Primids were surrounding the perimeter, some of them holding weapons that looked like the miniature version of the Dark Cannon. Simply rushing in without a plan, the blue-haired swordfighter teamed up with the crocodile king and started attacking few of the minor Subspace Army troops. The Primids holding the miniature Dark Cannons fired, and anyone caught in their line would be caught in an explosive blast. King K. Rool clawed his way through, throwing his crown as a projectile in the process. Meanwhile, Chrom cleared a way in by knocking out all the Primids, opening a gateway inside.

"Come on, K. Rool!" Chrom yelled, waving towards the entrance. The Kremling King was a little busy at the moment, whacking some Goombas and Koopa Troopas around with his giant fists. Eventually, King K. Rool began running towards the entrance, grabbing Chrom and busting in. After the two fighters got up, they saw the area looked empty, but just on the first floor of the ship. The two warriors looked around, seeing certain ships that were destroyed ten years ago: the Halberd, the ship that carried Donkey Kong when he was trapped in his trophy form, even Galleom and Duon being built again for real as the three-headed cyborg Jotun. As they looked around, they saw many empty display platforms with pictures of the real weapons that were there before. Devices and technology both warriors had never seen before were instead replaced by holograms as the revealed prototypes.

"What… are those things?" Chrom asked, his hand going through one holographic weapon that was a futuristic cannon on wheels.

"I have no idea," King K. Rool answered, admiring another display of a hydra-like android with what appeared to be a hundred heads, each one in a similar pose that looked like Tabuu who fired his Off-Waves ten years ago. "Even from an evil mastermind like me, this stuff is nothing you see every day…" Just then, both King K. Rool and Chrom heard yelling from someone upstairs. Looking around the room, the two fighters saw a hovering elevator with chrome plating with glowing blue outlines. Figuring this was their only way up, the duo got in, and the elevator rose up with no cables to the next floor.

The room was small, but the blue lights were bright enough to make out who was the third guest inside, whacking on the locked metal door as the only way in. The stranger whacking on the door was a black-haired mercenary, clothed blue and wielding a whip similar to Simon's. The Holy Water he grabbed out of his pocket burned in napalm flames when thrown on the ground, and his axe was leaving scratches on the steel of the locked door. The stranger turned around, noticing King K. Rool and Chrom were in the room with him.

"I don't suppose you're here for the same thing too, huh?" the stranger panted, wiping the sweat from his forehead. "I've seen the beast as well and hoping to slay it. I can still hear its roars from outside this door. It's found its prey…"

"Excuse me, but… who are you?" King K. Rool asked, Chrom approaching the stranger slowly.

"My name is Richter Belmont, the destined vampire hunter," the stranger answered, whacking the door again with his Vampire Killer. "There are fellow people trapped in here that I would like to help get out, but the door's jammed…"

"Please, let us help," Chrom said, unsheathing his sword, which glowed with blue gusts of wind. "We can help you break this door down…" Chrom then started slashing at the metal door, followed by King K. Rool and Richter slicing with their powerful weapons, eventually breaking the door down. As soon as the door broke open, the three fighters looked as they saw the creature known as Rathalos, cornering Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox, Pikachu, Luigi, Ness, Captain Falcon, Jigglypuff, Peach, Bowser, Falco, Marth, Ganondorf, Roy, Mr. Game & Watch, Wario, Ike, Diddy Kong, King Dedede, Olimar, Lucario, R.O.B., Wii Fit Trainer, Robin, Duck Hunt, Ryu, and Corrin.

"Stand back…" Captain Falcon said. "I'm warning you, creature!" The monster started roaring, its high screeches so loud it stunned anyone up close, and it was just about to breath fire before something slashed at its wings. As the monster started growling in pain, the Big Blue Group and the Wolfen Assault Group turned around and saw Richter, Chrom, and King K. Rool pulling out their weapons and clenching their fists.

"Thanks for coming to help us, strangers," Marth said. "We could really use some help around here." Chrom, relieved, knelt down in front of Marth, realizing he has reunited with the Hero King.

"I've heard tales about your good deeds, Marth," Chrom sighed.

"Are you okay?" Robin asked, peeking out from behind Marth and few of the other fighters.

"Robin, am I glad to see you!" Chrom said, hugging the white-haired tactician. "Have you seen Lucina yet, my friend?"

"Actually…" Robin tried answering before Corrin tapped his shoulder. Chrom broke the hug to see what was going on.

"I hate to be the breaker of bad news to you, but…" Corrin said, pointing at Rathalos, who was crawling towards the fighters. With a mighty roar, the two groups with their new companions started getting prepared to face a powerful foe.

Rathalos first came down with a mighty swoop, expanding his claws to grab whoever was on the ground. Fox and Falco started firing with their blasters, jabbing and reflecting the powerful fireballs in the meantime. Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and King K. Rool jumped on top of the beast, clawing and punching through its dragon-tough skin. While Rathalos was trying to shake the three animal fighters off, Ike ran in, lashing his Ragnell with an erupting pillar of fire.

Roy joined in, teaming up with Chrom, Robin, Marth, and Corrin, the four of them avoiding the dragon flying in, catching the three animal fighters as they fell, and lashing at Rathalos' wings with their swords. King Dedede and Kirby watched out for Rathalos flying in with a powerful, fiery blast, and the two Popstarian warriors immediately started jabbing at the beast.

The dragon was showing signs of fatigue, trying to shake off Olimar's Pikmin that were thrown onto its body. As it roared again, Yoshi, Lucario, and Pikachu launched powerful projectiles into its mouth, exploding the beast from inside. However, it was just about to fire another flaming ball as it flew into the air, but Richter threw Jigglypuff in ball form at Rathalos' mouth as the rest of the gang kept attacking. Jigglypuff's light body then forced the beast to choke, weakening Rathalos. The moment the dragon coughed Jigglypuff out, having the Pokémon get caught by Peach, Luigi ran underneath its belly, trying not to be afraid as he jumped up, landing a critical punch that knocked Rathalos out.

The beast, now defeated, retreated from the hole of the ship it ripped through, flying out into the black-red darkness. The group looked at each other, wondering what's going on.

"Thought you might have needed extra hands," Chrom panted, putting his Falchion away.

"Don't mention it," Ryu replied. "By the way, what happened to the monsters that were believed to have been inside?"

"Maybe they all left for the Yggdrasil?" Fox McCloud answered in question. "Besides, I think they thought Rathalos could take care of them, and so left off for the World Tree to do… something that we can't figure out yet…"

"We saw weapons on the first floor," Chrom replied. "Well, holograms of it anyway… It looked like they were taken into the building, being shipped to this Subspace Army in a world not of ours…"

"That's why there weren't many enemies at the gate," King K. Rool snarled.

"Whatever they want inside, it can't be good," Wii Fit Trainer said.

"We're going to break in and destroy that building before any of the weapons leave," Ganondorf answered, clenching his fists.

"Just a heads-up: where's Pit?" Ike asked, looking around. "I tried asking you for the past few minutes, but it looks like the fight was too intense to even do a head count."

"Last thing I remember, Pit was about to join us," Ness responded. "Wonder where he's at…?"

"We'll know once we head into the Yggdrasil," Lucario answered. "Let's go, everyone." The warriors ran off, leaving the empty ship to one of the many gateways in the World Tree.

Inside the glass room, Shadow Mewtwo was still struggling as he was held down by Samus and Zero Suit Samus. The Shadow Synergy Stone was beginning to show signs of cracking, the Shadow Bugs that possessed his body starting to hold on as the Pokémon's skin was showing underneath. As the Shadow Bugs started swirling around his body, both Zero Suit Samus and Samus had to let go. Grabbing ahold of the small device they believed would save Shadow Mewtwo, Pichu carried it to Zelda. The princess then snatched it, ready to ask who would risk their lives. The alarm kept going, and more of the Fighting Mii Team troops dropped from the ceiling.

"This is ridiculous!" Dr. Mario exclaimed, trying to warn the Miis to back off. "Who's going to save the Pokémon while we fight the Miis!?"

"Give me the device, Hylian princess," Bayonetta answered, grabbing Snake's wrist. "Army boy and I are going to take a little detour to the dark side. You'll have to defend the Pokémon while we rescue him from within." Zelda nodded and gave the device to Cereza, who was linking it to her head.

"Be careful," Zelda said. Bayonetta then used a strand of her hair and tied her waist to Snake's utility belt, placing part of the device on the soldier's forehead. Wind was blowing hard from Shadow Mewtwo, who was still fighting the Shadow Bugs. The Umbran Witch's hair kept the two fighters close together as the wind got stronger, and Bayonetta managed to stick the last portion of the device on the Pokémon's head. Snake and Bayonetta hugged each other as the two of them turned the headset machine on, zapping them with lightning. After a sudden flash, Snake, Bayonetta, and Shadow Mewtwo were gone, leaving Mario, Dr. Mario, Samus, Zero Suit Samus, Young Link, Toon Link, Zelda, Sheik, Villager, Pichu, Ice Climbers, Wolf, Pokémon Trainer (Charizard, Ivysaur, and Squirtle), Ridley, Lucas, Little Mac, Shulk, Palutena, Dark Pit, Rosalina & Luma, and Greninja alone to face the Fighting Mii Team.

Bayonetta slowly got up, pulling her black hair back into her clothes. She looked to her right and saw Snake crawling to the Umbran Witch.

"Looks like somebody woke from his nap," Bayonetta said, helping Snake get up.

"Where are we?" Snake groaned. The two fighters looked around, noticing they were in some sort of dimension. The ground was made out of the same material as found in the Dark Synergy Stone, and the sky was pitch-black while stardust danced in the air. Darkened opal pillars formed out of the ground and Primids, as they had appeared ten years ago, emerged, staring at the warriors.

"Looks like we'll have to follow the black brick road to the land of the tortured Pokémon," Cereza chuckled. Snake and Bayonetta then pulled out their guns, ready to attack some Shadow Bugs and save Shadow Mewtwo. The Umbran Witch rushed forward along the pathway, transforming into her Panther Within and mauling the first Primids who crossed her path. Snake ran behind her, throwing grenades and firing rocket missiles, grabbing a Boom Primid from behind and breaking its neck. Bayonetta jumped on top of Snake's shoulders, light as a feather.

"Spin me right round, baby," Bayonetta said to Snake, her words as smooth as honey. Snake pulled out his pistol and shot the incoming Scope and Sword Primids while Bayonetta used her "Love is Blue" guns and fired in all directions with magical bullets from both her hands and feet. Cereza then jumped off the soldier mercenary, sweeping him off his feet and running as fast as she could while strands of her hair opened portals to Inferno, unleashing Madonna Butterfly's limbs that dealt powerful blows to the neverending Primids.

Just as soon as Snake and Bayonetta were in the clear, they saw they were in some sort of coliseum, where there was a yellow barrier surrounding them. In the center, hovering in midair, Shadow Mewtwo was about to give up. The Pokémon had been through a lifetime of struggling, and the Shadow Synergy Stone finally broke, its shards flying all over the place. Once the Shadow Bugs were free, they took on the form of their possessor, forming into a real "Shadow Mewtwo", which looked the same as before, but with the Shadow Synergy Stone gone, the Pokémon's body the same color as the Shadow Bugs, and his eyes glowing an eerie yellow. The new and improved Shadow Mewtwo touched down on the ground, his feet barely touching, glaring at Snake and Bayonetta.

The Shadow Bug fighter flew into Solid Snake, slamming him into the yellow barrier surrounding the coliseum. As Shadow Mewtwo was about to strangle Snake, Bayonetta grabbed the Shadow Bug warrior with Umbra Witch magic, smacking him and tossing the possessed creature into midair before she flew up with an uppercut. However, Shadow Mewtwo grabbed her by the neck, tossing her down and unleashing a rain of Shadow Balls upon her.

Snake flew in holding onto a drone, hopping on top of the possessed Pokémon's shoulders. Snake managed to get Shadow Mewtwo down on the ground with a series of C4's planted on the Shadow Bug fighter's chest. Snake loaded a rocket missile, and Bayonetta ran to his side to fire magical bullets, aware that Shadow Mewtwo might reflect them with Confusion.

The two fired their weapons, and Bayonetta transformed into her Panther Within to run faster than the projectiles. Shadow Mewtwo was about to reflect them, but Cereza transformed back to normal and placed the Shadow Bug fighter in a headlock as the projectiles hit his chest, and Snake came in for the final blow with a fist punch.

After Shadow Mewtwo was defeated, all the Shadow Bugs vanished in midair, and the only thing that remained was the trophy that they had possessed. Bayonetta slowly walked towards the prize with Snake next to her, wondering how to get their enemy back.

"How do you think you save another fighter?" Bayonetta asked, playing with her white gloves. "Do you cast some sort of spell, or…?"

"Actually…" Snake answered, kneeling down next to the trophy. With a single touch of the golden base, Snake gave life back to the trophy, and it started glowing with rainbow-like sparks. Once the fight was over, Mewtwo was awakened, with pale white-pink skin and a darkened magenta tail, not with a black body and an orange tail. The Shadow Synergy Stone fused to his left shoulder was gone, and he saw the two fighters who saved him.

"What… what happened?" Mewtwo telepathized.

"You were imprisoned by the Subspace Army," Snake answered, "but we brought you back."

"Thank you," Mewtwo telepathized. The legendary Pokémon slowly levitated off the ground, sighing in relief that the nightmare he had suffered through was over. Suddenly, the yellow barrier broke, and the world that Mewtwo was trapped in was dissolving, along with all the Primids that made this place their home. Bayonetta dragged Snake and helped him stay close to Mewtwo as she wrapped more of her hair around the three of them, hoping they would stay together.

"Now that we're done, do you think you could warp us out of here?" Bayonetta asked Mewtwo.

"It has been a long time, but I'll try," Mewtwo telepathized in answer. Using his powers, the Pokémon warped both himself and the two fighters out of his world before it closed in, revealing only darkness. The moment the three warriors came back to the glass room they were stuck in, they saw many of the fighters they were stuck with from the beginning already attacking the Fighting Mii Team.

"Did we miss anything?" Bayonetta asked.

"You missed plenty," Zero Suit Samus answered, blocking an attack with her Plasma Whip. "Basically, while you two were gone rescuing Shadow Mewtwo, an enemy Shulk calls Metalface arrived in the scene, blasting lasers and clawing his way through everyone, hoping to destroy us all…" When Mewtwo, Bayonetta, and Snake looked, they saw a huge, spiky robot which was presumed to be Metalface, Shulk's rival. The Mechon grabbed ahold of Shulk, who was trying to pull out his Monado Arts.

"Well, well, well," Metalface laughed. "If it isn't Monado Boy, trembling in my clutches. Did your fairy godmother die again in your lucky winning streak?" A sudden burst of energy then flowed from Mewtwo, who blasted the entire glass room, bursting the windows and sending the Fighting Mii Team flying. The legendary Pokémon looked at the Mechon, generating purple sparks from his hands. The other fighters joined up to his side, and Shulk squirmed enough to grab ahold of his weapon, slicing Metalface's hand off and dropping onto the ground.

"You'll pay for this, traitor," Metalface groaned, pointing at Mewtwo. "Yes, you'll pay…" Samus and Shulk ran up to the Mechon, avoiding its laser beams. The bounty hunter then jumped, releasing bombs from her Power Suit, while the Bionis pulled out his blade and started glowing purple, the both of them attacking Metalface. Dr. Mario twirled around in his cyclone move, followed by both Young Link and Toon Link, who latched onto Metalface's jetpacks and clawed their way through with their swords in their left hands. Mewtwo floated in with a quick purple slice from his hands, and Greninja used water from its long tongue to create a shuriken powerful enough to slice through Metalface's body.

Snake and Bayonetta tried staying out of this as best as they could, helping out with only their projectiles, since they were already in a boss fight. Zero Suit Samus, Palutena, and Rosalina with her yellow Luma avoided the Mechon's claw attacks, the three women kicking and jabbing. The Ice Climbers, Wolf, Pichu, and Red's three Pokémon went in, weakening Metalface even more, followed by Villager who landed a big hit with his shovel and a KO Punch from Little Mac. As soon as Metalface was defeated, he went out in a massive explosion, the remains of his robotic body flying off into the depths of the Yggdrasil, crying, "Not fair! I cannot lose!" The warriors looked at the hole the Mechon ripped through, which made a doorway and a shortcut deeper into the building.

"Looks like we have a way in," Rosalina said, the Luma of hers hugging close.

"What about Cloud and Link?" Mario asked in objection. "Aren't we supposed to wait here until they come back with Dark Samus?"

"I'm afraid in times like these, they're forced to find us again in some way," Palutena answered in grief, floating with Mewtwo to the ripped hole in the wall.

"I know a way where we can destroy the weapons before they leave the building," Mewtwo said. "The only thing to do is self-destruct the Yggdrasil at the control room in the top." All the fighters in the group nodded, walking off to the top of the building leaving a destroyed room behind.

Chapter Text

As Cloud Strife and Link began falling through the floor that Dark Samus was launched downwards, the two warriors were pretty amazed by how deep it was. Was the knockback so powerful it sent an Assist Trophy tumbling several floors down? Eventually, Cloud managed to see the floor as he held on tighter to Link.

"Hold on, elf," Cloud said, hugging Link closer. Spreading apart his legs, the 1st-class SOLDIER managed to land perfectly on the floor, causing a booming noise. Link then slowly let go of Cloud when he felt that they were on solid ground.

"Whew… Thanks," Link sighed, adjusting his blue tunic. "Say, do you know where the light switch is?" From what the two warriors could gather, they were somewhere in a really dark room, with only a few glowing objects they can't even make out. Link then pulled out his Sheikah slate, pressing a button that triggered the device to switch to flashlight mode. The light emitted was dim, but it was bright enough for the two swordfighters to find a switch. Then, Cloud pointed at a rusted switch board, where only one button was visible.

"…Is this it?" Cloud asked Link, forgetting that he accidently flicked the switch. Just as the lights buzzed on, both Link and Cloud Strife looked around, seeing all sorts of wacky items in treasure chests, shelves, boxes, and too many storage devices to count. Shelf after shelf, the two warriors could figure out that on one side, there were lots of spherical orbs, some red, others violet-and-magenta with a large "M" on the front, and there was a button in the center. On the other side of the room were the rainbow-glowing capsules from before. Cloud was amazed by how many there were, as well as Link.

"What are these things?" Cloud asked, turning his attention towards the Hero of Hyrule.

"Back at the Midair Stadium, we called them Assist Trophies, Pokéballs, and Master Balls," Link answered. "The Assist Trophies, as you saw before, are capable of summoning other warriors that can only help the user. The Pokéballs and Master Balls, well, summon Pokémon, though the Master Ball calls forth the pseudo-legendries and the legendries, both of which are extremely hard to find. I'm actually pretty surprised by how many there were back at the vault. Be careful, Cloud. If you touch one of these items, the summoned warrior will be bound to the world forever thanks to the alternated rules…" As Cloud walked near the Assist Trophy capsules, he saw figures dancing around, but not in grace and moreover the pain they're going through as becoming mere prisoners of their bound fate. Suddenly, they've heard some demonic laughing from the other side of the room.

Cloud Strife and Link pulled out their weapons, finding out the laughter is coming from not a Primid but Dark Samus herself. The blue Phazon pulsed through her body as she banged on an old computer box next to her. The black-and-blue creature started screeching unholy cries, and the computer box automatically picked up the screams and translated them.

"Are you listening to the cries of the Phazon warrior, Dark Samus?" the Subspace computer spoke as it translated Dark Samus' cries. "If you are, then try to catch me if you can."

"What is this place?" Cloud asked, his glowing cyan eyes brighter than before.

"Here, you are seeing the birth of a new nation," the Subspace computer continued as Dark Samus kept growling. "Everyone knows fighters alone can summon assistants and Pokémon into this world, whether intended for good or evil. Once our professional warriors call them forth, the Subspace Army will become unstoppable. Hopefully you wouldn't be around to experience the glorious rebirth because you'll be dead by then." Dark Samus then fired an alien web-coated missile at the computer box next to her, destroying the device. The lights flickered for a moment, and once they were fully on again, Cloud and Link gasped in awe when they saw Dark Samus on top of a yellow-bodied warrior with a single red eye in the center of its body – the Yellow Devil.

Cloud couldn't handle it anymore. He ran to the Assist Trophies, leaving Link behind in front of Dark Samus and that monstrous thing. The 1st-class SOLDIER then grabbed ahold of a random Assist Trophy, touching the bottom of its base. As the rainbow lights flickered into confetti specks, everyone saw what appeared to be a blond-colored poodle with her hair tied in a bun, and she was wearing office clothing similar to a mayor's assistant. The anamorphic dog being looked around, finding herself in a scary place at a bad time.

Dark Samus suddenly started screeching, commanding in her own language the Yellow Devil to attack. The Phazon warrior jumped from the robot's back onto the floor, where she levitated, and the Yellow Devil broke itself into multiple parts that flew at the three warriors. The Yellow Devil then reassembled back together, its red eye gleaming at Cloud Strife and Link. Meanwhile, the anamorphic dog didn't know what to do the moment she was immediately summoned as Dark Samus charged right towards her with a static arm cannon.

The anamorphic fighter dodged the volts, swinging out her fishing rod. The hook latched onto Dark Samus' neck, with the line wrapping around her. The dog-like mayor's assistant, with a confused and terrified face, reeled in Dark Samus as she was struggling, but the Phazon warrior burned off the line quickly and used a plasma tether to draw the Assist Trophy in.

Meanwhile, Cloud Strife jumped on top of the Yellow Devil, slashing at the robot's single eye while Link ran in from behind to attack as well. The Yellow Devil then started shooting small but powerful lasers as Link blocked them with his Hylian Shield. The blue-clad warrior then jumped up and threw a blue-glowing bomb at the Yellow Devil, detonating it in a powerful explosion with his Sheikah Slate. However, Cloud was hurt by the explosion too, and he flew right into Link as the Yellow Devil was badly damaged. As Cloud Strife quickly recovered, he saw that he was on top of Link's body after the collision, the two of them facing each other.

"Careful next time!" Cloud yelled.

"Sorry, sorry," Link stammered. When the two warriors looked behind themselves, they saw the Yellow Devil was creating a big explosion, a growing fireball suddenly disappearing out of existence as the Yellow Devil was gone. Once Link and Cloud got up, Dark Samus immediately roared at them as she threw the summoned anamorphic stranger onto the floor with her Phazon tether. The Assist Trophy was badly wounded and was trying to unleash a confetti popper, but Dark Samus was glowing blue with wrath as she charged a powerful plasma orb to fire and finish the summoned fighter for good. Just then, Link threw his boomerang, ricocheting off Dark Samus' black exoskeleton. The Phazon warrior jerked her neck to see Link charge up his Master Sword's power and Cloud Strife jumping on top of her. The 1st-class SOLDIER thrusted his Buster Sword onto Dark Samus' head, pinning her down in place as the blade cut deep into her tough skin. Link instantly launched his sword's power, unleashing a wave of light, and knocked Dark Samus out.

Once the Phazon warrior was lying down unconscious, Link and Cloud Strife looked at the trembling Assist Trophy that they summoned, who was wounded at that time. The anamorphic dog then got up quickly, brushing off her scratches. With a cute voice, the summoned fighter began to speak.

"Thanks for saving me," she barked. "I was beginning to become cramped in there…" Link rubbed his head as Cloud stared at her.

"Oh, I just forgot," the Assist Trophy continued. "I haven't introduced myself. My name is Isabelle, assistant of the mayor of Smashville."

"Isabelle?" Cloud Strife asked. "Last time we were at Smashville, the whole place was deserted, and we were told by Sephiroth that he killed everyone off for food except Villager. Didn't think he would mention you."

"I think there were a few survivors," Link butted in.

"Geez, that's terrible," Isabelle chirped. "I'm just at least glad Mayor Villager is okay."

"Villager was mayor of this town?" Link added in question. "He looked like just a kid, let alone younger than Toon Link or Young Link…"

"Well, best not to underestimate the little guy…" Cloud answered. Just then, the three warriors looked at Dark Samus slowly crawling up. The Phazon warrior was wobbling, trying to charge up a plasma ball but failing.

"Hey, Isabelle," Cloud asked. "Can I borrow your fishing rod?" Isabelle, without question, gave the 1st-class SOLDIER her fishing rod, and Cloud suddenly cut off a long piece of the line. He glided to Dark Samus before she could even react, binding the Phazon warrior's arms behind her back and ending by creating a leash from no more than tying the leftover line around her neck. As Dark Samus was struggling with the bondage and screeching, Cloud Strife gave the Phazon alien's leash line to Link.

"We gonna get out of this place," Cloud said. "Until we reunite with the rest of our companions and burn the Yggdrasil to the ground, Dark Samus is coming with us as prisoner." While Dark Samus continued howling unholy cries as she tried to untie her arms behind her back with her arm cannon, Link took ahold of her leash as he pulled her towards her.

"There's a way that leads us out of this room," Cloud then said, pointing to a doorway. "If we go through there, we might find someone to help us. Isabelle, you're gonna be on our team from now on."

"What?" Isabelle exclaimed. "Me? I barely even know how to fight! You saw how I dealt with Dark Samus. I hardly have any experience from throwing all that fruit…"

"Understandable," Cloud replied. "However, the least you could do is remind us when Dark Samus is attempting to get away…" Cloud Strife and Link then walked off to the door, dragging Dark Samus along with them as hostage. Isabelle then shook her head, running towards the two warriors to join with them.

"Hopefully we don't run into powerful enemies, don't we?" Isabelle chirped.

"We hopefully won't," Link answered as the four warriors went through the door, leaving an empty room filled with thousands of wacky items, Assist Trophy capsules, Pokéballs, and Master Balls…

Chapter Text

As both the Falcon Flyer Group and the Wolfen Assault Group scaled through the Legacy, they found it was completely empty, and all they saw were holograms of ancient weapons. Chrom walked towards one of the holograms, scraping some dust off the bases.

"It looks like these things were thousands of years old…" Chrom replied as Richter looked back on him. The other fighters walked off to the control room, curious to see what's up there.

"Probably extinct by now," Richter replied. "They were probably scrapped ideas long forgotten." The blue-haired lord looked back at the black-haired Belmont, nodding in agreement.

"Understand," Chrom replied. "Now let's see how we can pilot this thing before-" Suddenly, the Legacy began shaking.

"Can we NEVER get a break?" Richter moaned.

"We gotta get to everyone," Chrom exclaimed, remembering the rest of the team. "Come on!" Chrom then grabbed Richter by the arm, running up to the main control room. Once the two warriors got up there, they saw the rest of the gang had come across Dracula, and he was towering above them at least over ten feet. His pale face and red eyes glared at everyone, and he was licking his vampire fangs.

"Looks like I found some fresh meat to dine on tonight," Dracula chuckled. "Did you really think the place was abandoned after that Rathalos I sent in?"

"Enough fun and games," Fox snarled. "You better let us take control of this ship or there's gonna be trouble."

"It's fine anyway," Dracula sneered, unfurling his cape as mostly everyone held onto their preferred weapons. The vampire count was then about to unleash a burst of flames… until he suddenly felt a burning kick into his face. Dracula then shook his face as he slowly got up, confused by this nonsense.

"Who did that!?" Dracula yelled. When he then looked down, he saw a blond-haired martial artist, wearing orange clothing and a black belt. He was also barefoot, like Ryu, even with the stance and all.

"Glad I'm here to interrupt someone's monologue," the martial artist spoke, his fingerless-gloved hands engulfed in flames. "Name's Ken, by the way."

"Enough of your foolish games," Dracula growled, his back arching forward. The vampire then grew so large that his head touched the steel ceiling, and everyone stared in awe. Dracula's face then shifted, unfurling demonic wings and sprouting horns on his head. Dracula's clothes were then ripped apart, revealing what was left of a legendary vampire now stands a dark-green devil, staring at the fighters with pupil-less eyes. Just then, all those warriors started rushing in, lashing left and right on his body, barely giving the Lord of Monsters any time to react before the fighters, along with Ken, took down the legendary Dracula without even having him move.

Once Dracula shrunk back down to his normal form, Ken and the warriors looked in confusion.

"This is Dracula, one of the most powerful bosses out there," Richter said. "Wonder why it was so easy to defeat him this time, especially when he did nothing."

"You're right," Falco replied, putting away his blaster. "This isn't anything normal, for what good is a Subspace Army boss if he can't even fight?" Dracula then slowly got up, clenching his twitching body.

"What?" Dracula moaned, trying to stand upright. "Normally, I attack whoever's in my sight, especially the Belmonts, but…" Everyone was still looking at the vampire, probably wondering if he was even worse than Vladimir…

"I need to go back to Subspace," Dracula continued. "Hopefully I can get some answers to this…" Transforming into a giant, wispy bat, Dracula flew out of the control room, outside the Legacy. Once the warriors looked at each other again, they were confused by what just happened.

"Hey, Ken!" Ryu then said. "Nice to see you again, buddy." The two martial artists then gave each other a bro hug, glad to meet one another.

"Nice to see you too, old friend," Ken replied, shaking Ryu's hand. "By the way, isn't it strange that one of the most powerful bosses just simply gives up before we even start a fight?

"That's what I was thinking," Richter replied. "He was probably getting warmed up, but we gotta stay around here, just to be sure he comes back…" Everyone looked at each other, confused by all this, but still managing to stick around in case anyone intrudes the Legacy, even Dracula.

Cloud Strife and Link were walking through the empty halls, alongside Isabelle who was keeping watch over Dark Samus, who was still struggling with the tight fishing line wrapped around her exoskeleton arms, screaming for mercy.

"Is there any way to stop her from screeching so loudly?" Cloud asked, annoyed by the Phazon Warrior's cries.

"Maybe this was a big mistake in tying Dark Samus up," Link replied. "Do you think you can free her, Isabelle?" The mayor's assistant looked at the Phazon Warrior, terrified by its glowing blue "mask". Just then, the other three fighters had to stop walking when Cloud Strife stopped them in their tracks.

"Do you hear that?" Cloud asked.

"Hear what?" Link replied in question before a finger from Cloud was placed on his lips. To the 1st-class SOLDIER, it sounded like he can hear a child wailing and voices clamoring on who should shut the kid up. Luckily enough, these voices were just around the corner in front of them. With enough coincidence, the four warriors saw what appeared to be Sonic with Meta Knight, Mega Man, Inkling, Lucina, PAC-MAN, Daisy, Pit, and Simon trying to cheer up a crying Bowser Jr.

"Is there any way to calm this kid down?" Sonic snarled while the Koopa Prince still cried.

"Not that I know," Meta Knight replied.

"I still feel like I'm gonna smack that kid at any moment if he doesn't stop," Pit moaned, clenching his fists while keeping his anger to himself.

"Now, we just gotta calm ourselves down," Simon said, placing his Vampire Killer on his waist. "We can find a way out of here or be trapped forever having to take care of an overly-expressive prince who won't become an heir to the throne, especially with that attitude…" Just then, Simon noticed Cloud, Link, Isabelle, and Dark Samus in front of them. Once Sonic, Meta Knight, and Pit noticed Link, they felt so glad and relieved… well, mainly Sonic. The blue blur then ran at a lightning speed towards the Champion of Hyrule, hugging him tightly.

"Oh my gosh, Link," Sonic cried, not even aware that Bowser Jr. was starting to calm down. "We missed you so much…"

"It's nothing, really," Link replied, breaking the hug and staring down at the teenage hedgehog. "We were, with enough lucky coincidence, searching for you guys too…"

"Nice to see you again, Link," Meta Knight replied.

"Glad you're back, Link," Pit said, "and you haven't changed a bit last time we met… Well, you kinda changed a lot, actually with the tunic, hairstyle, the fact that you're a right-handed swordfighter now, and all…"

"Anyway, it's good you're back, Link," Sonic said. Suddenly, the blue hedgehog noticed the other three companions Link was traveling with.

"So, this your buddy, Cloud Strife?" Sonic asked, crawling on top of his head and feeling his light-blond cowlicks. Everyone looked at the new warriors, curious about each other.

"Yes, that's my name," Cloud answered as Sonic jumped down. "So, you must be the infamous Sonic the Hedgehog."

"The one and only," Sonic answered. The blue hedgehog then noticed Isabelle in front of him, the apomorphic dog tugging her shirt collar.

"This must be the lovely Isabelle, milady," Sonic teased as he gently kissed her paw in his gloved hand, making the mayor's assistant blush. Everyone giggled when they saw Isabelle covering her face in her paws. Finally, Sonic walked up to Dark Samus, noticing her exoskeleton arms were tied behind her back with a fishing line.

"And this is the infamous Dark Samus, cloned from Phazon energy mixed with Samus's DNA," Sonic replied, looking at the strange alien. "Go figure." Zipping behind Dark Samus, Sonic the Hedgehog managed to snap off the fishing line from her weakened arms. The Phazon Warrior then felt her arms free again, stretching the insect-like fingers on her left hand.

"You idiot!" Cloud yelled. "What did you do!?"

"She was getting tired," Sonic replied. "I just kinda noticed she only feels some sort of connection with us. Plus, her nervous systems could cut off easily if kept on for too long." Dark Samus then rubbed her neck as the fishing line slipped off her body. The reunited warriors saw that the Phazon Warrior was starting to look around, suddenly running off to another connected hallway not one of the fighters checked.

"Where's she going now?" Daisy asked.

"I think she found something," Lucina answered. "Come on!" The fighters then ran off, following Dark Samus. Meanwhile, Cloud Strife and Link looked at Sonic.

"You let go of the bulldog on the leash, and now she's gonna lead us into a trap," Cloud growled.

"I know a lot more about her than you do," Sonic objected. "Now come on. We're gonna lose everyone else anyway." Shortly after, the strange trio ran towards Dark Samus, and the group was back together again after a short period of being apart. From what they saw, Dark Samus had uncovered a locked door, barricaded tight with the toughest of aluminum metal and warning signs telling intruders to keep out. On top of the door frame was a security computer monitor watching their every move. Sonic was the first one to notice.

"Hey, computer!" Sonic said. "What's this room?"

"Behind this doorway is the Yggdrasil's main power room," the Subspace computer replied. "Only members of the Subspace Army can pass through here, but even disguises would not work for intruders."

"Dammit," Simon said. "That was gonna be my idea… time for plan B anyway…" Everyone then thought of breaking down the door to get inside, but the steel door was just too thick. No matter what the fighters threw at the locks, they would not even budge. Eventually, everyone got tired quickly.

"What are we gonna do?" Isabelle sighed. "We're gonna need some sort of firepower to break this door down…" Suddenly, the temperature felt rather warmer than usual. It was then getting hotter, like a burst of energy, and PAC-MAN knew what was up. With a small feat of strength, the pellet-muncher grabbed the fighters in the group and pulled them out of the way, only for everyone to recognize a beam of hot fire blasting into the door. Once everyone looked up, they saw the origin of the blast coming from what appeared to be another Pokemon, though this one was muscular in build and resembled that of a tiger, though it mainly had red-and-black fur covering its body, and its waist belt was engulfed in flames. Once the fighters got up, they noticed the Pokemon trying to burn the door down.

"You gotta be an Incineroar, right?" Sonic asked, obviously the only one who recognized the characters he heard tales about. The Pokemon looked at the blue hedgehog, confused by all this, growling softly.

"Well, we're trying to get in too, so hopefully you could help us," Sonic continued. Incineroar noticed the fighters next to Sonic, and the Pokemon stopped using his flaming beam. Instead, he walked towards the steel door, noticing the aluminum metal was hot and at least soft enough for a sharp weapon to slice through. Drawing his claws out, Incineroar then growled, signifying that the fighters should stand back. With a mighty slice, the Pokemon slashed through the door, opening a pathway through.

Quietly walking through, the small group of warriors saw three familiar figures standing in a dark room, where molding lights flickered above them. It was the Ultimates Reborn, and they were waiting in front of the Yggdrasil's central core this whole time.

"You're probably not the right targets we were looking for, but you'll have to do," the Brawler Ultimate Reborn spoke.

"It's people like you that make this world a terrible place," the Swordfighter Ultimate Reborn continued, each one of the fighters looking at the three leaders in determination.

"People like you were the ones that murdered our parents, and their followers watched as they were drenched in cold blood," the Gunner Ultimate Reborn stated.

"We are here to avenge them and finish what they have started," the Brawler Ultimate Reborn finished. "And now, regardless of whoever you are, you are all going to die." Each one of the three Ultimates Reborn turned around, pulling out their weapons, and the small team recognized they would be having another fight again.

Rushing towards Incineroar, the Brawler Ultimate Reborn ran alongside the other two Mii Fighters, unleashing a flurry of fists. The Pokemon managed to block most of the attacks, but the Swordfighter Ultimate Reborn slashed behind Incineroar. Trying to look for a deadly blow, the Mii Fighter was suddenly blocked by Cloud, clashing swords with the Subspace Army leader alongside Link. While the two blond-haired swordfighters had their hands full with fighting the Swordfighter Ultimate Reborn, the Mii Gunner fired plasma shots at Simon and Dark Samus, with the Belmont lashing his chain-like whip and the Phazon Warrior gliding through the air and unleashing a fury of missiles.

Incineroar then grabbed the Brawler Ultimate Reborn into a headlock, allowing Bowser Jr. to ride in his Koopa Clown Car and ram it into the Mii Brawler's body. Meanwhile, Cloud and Link were teamed up and clashing swords against the Mii Swordfighter, the Ultimate Reborn's blue mask glowing with envy. Out of nowhere, Sonic managed to kick the Swordfighter Ultimate Reborn from behind, running towards Simon and Dark Samus.

Mega Man and the Inkling grabbed the Brawler Ultimate Reborn, pummeling him to the ground and leaving him dazed as Lucina went in for a deadly blow with her Falchion. The Swordfighter Ultimate Reborn then jumped out of the way, unleashing a powerful tornado with his sword. Just then, Daisy and PAC-MAN started throwing fruits and vegetables at the Mii Fighter, stopping him from using the attack.

The Gunner Ultimate Reborn cornered Isabelle, getting ready to fire a powerful blast. However, Pit managed to fly towards the mayor's assistant in time, snatching Isabelle out of harm's way. While Isabelle was hugging the angel and throwing an infinite number of fragile vases, Pit began firing his arrows from Palutena's Bow, but the Mii Gunner used a special kind of equipment to reflect the arrows, throwing Pit out of course as he and Isabelle tumbled towards the ground. Once the Gunner Ultimate Reborn walked towards the two grounded fighters, Sonic the Hedgehog ran in and delivered a powerful kick to her face.

After all the chaos that took place in the main control room, the Ultimates Reborn noticed they were surrounded by Cloud, Link, Sonic, Pit, Mega Man, Simon, Dark Samus, Isabelle, Inkling, Lucina, Daisy, PAC-MAN, Bowser Jr., and Incineroar, all of them ready to take down the leaders of the Subspace Army. With a mighty powerful blast from his flaming fists, Incineroar rushed in for a finishing blow, knocking the Ultimates Reborn out and launching them. The three warriors then flew in separate directions, their burning cloaks flying off and their now-broken masks shattering and becoming nothing more than debris on the floor.

The reunited group of fighters then walked towards the Ultimate Reborn Revealed, now simply known as the Mii Fighters. The three young warriors looked up, revealing their hidden faces. The Mii Brawler showed his lightly-tanned skin and black hair, the Mii Swordfighter his blond hair and light skin, and the Mii Gunner with her dark-yellow hair. Sitting down in defeat, the Mii Fighters looked at the group, shaking their heads.

"Go ahead and kill us, just like your friends killed our parents," the Mii Brawler spoke.

"We haven't seen your parents die ourselves," Cloud Strife answered, placing the hilt of his Buster Sword on the Mii Gunner's neck. "However, we can't say we don't feel your pain…"

"What do you know about pain?" the Mii Swordfighter snarled. "You don't even have your memories… none of you…"

"What are you talking about?" Sonic asked. "I have my memories thanks to the fact that I didn't even transform and that Smash Ball inside me…"

"…There is something that we haven't told you yet," the Mii Gunner answered, the three Mii Fighters getting up. However, before any of the three Mii Fighters could speak, the main core of the Yggdrasil suddenly shifted, opening a hole through the floor. Emerging out was the entire Mii Fighter army, and behind them was none other than the one-winged angel Sephiroth. In his left hand was some sort of controlling device, and on each of the Mii Fighters and the Fighting Mii Team (excluding the Subspace army leaders) was a small, red-glowing orb of light attached to their foreheads.

"Sephiroth!" the Mii Brawler yelled. "You traitor! How could you do this!?"

"It was all part of the deal with Tabuu," Sephiroth chuckled, the brainwashed Mii Fighters glaring at their leaders.

"I knew I should have killed you when I had the chance!" Cloud Strife snarled.

"I have watched the actions and courses the sons and daughter of the Ultimates took," Sephiroth answered. "Thanks to the change of plans, we would be taking the Mii Fighters under our own rule… and we relieve the Ultimates Reborn of their duties." Sephiroth then charged a triple-shot blast, firing away at the children of the Ultimates. Once the three Mii Fighters quickly got up after the collision, they noticed they were perfectly fine, but something was different about them, and the group of fighters noticed it too.

"You are no longer the leaders of the Subspace Army, and you are not even worthy to deem the title of 'Ultimates'," Sephiroth said, holding up the controlling device. "You are nothing merely more than part of the World of Trophies, which has been foretold in the beginning. Now, with your people on my side, you and your newfound friends must die…" With the device gleaming, the only Mii Fighters not under control saw as their people unsheathe their weapons, drawing closer to the fighters. As each of the warriors slowly walk closer to the door, Link noticed the mind-controller in Sephiroth's left hand.

"I'm going after that control device," Link said, pulling out the Master Sword with his right hand and the Hylian Shield with his left. "Cover me while I go in." When everyone saw Link rushing in towards his main target, the small group of fighters followed him in as the brainwashed Mii Fighters began attacking.

One by one, each member of the brainwashed Mii Fighters began attacking the warriors, and the fighters were counterattacking as Sephiroth watched in confusion. Link began lashing with his sword and blocking with his shield, Cloud Strife swinging his powerful weapon, Sonic using his homing attack on the enemies, Incineroar slashing with red-hot claws, Dark Samus firing her webbed missiles, Inkling using her Splat Roller, Bowser Jr. unleashing a series of explosive wind-up toys, Lucina counter-attacking, PAC-MAN spamming his projectiles, Daisy using her signature hip thrust, Mega Man throwing blades, Pit flying as much as he could while firing arrows, and Simon throwing bottles of holy water. Even the Ultimates Reborn, now known as just plain Mii Fighters, were forced to fight against their people with their choices of weapons. Eventually, as Sephiroth watched the fighters struggle out of the brainwashed Mii Fighter group, Link eventually ran in faster than Sephiroth could react, slicing his left arm off with his Master Sword. The controlling device was delicate and shattered on impact, resulting in all of the glowing red orbs on the Mii Fighters' heads slipping off, removing the army's brainwashed state.

The warriors looked at the saved Mii Fighters, resulting in the army's leaders sighing in relief. Link and the others watched as Sephiroth held onto the area where his arm was cut off, revealing not blood but Phantom Ruby particles…

"What?" the Gunner Ultimate's daughter stammered, with Sonic clenching his fist. The army and the small group of fighters watched as Sephiroth started creating a red-static aura around him, parts of his body fading away and revealing a familiar enemy – Infinite.

"Surprised to see me?" Infinite asked, floating a little higher into the air.

"Infinite!?" the Mii Swordfighter growled. "If it was you that did all this, where's the real Sephiroth!?"

"All I need to tell you is that Sephiroth himself is getting ready to leave with the monsters and all," Infinite answered. "Now it would be a good time to take down this tower… with all of you in it!" The anamorphic masked jackal then charged a powerful beam, with the fighters and the Mii army looking at each other in worry. Just then, the three Ultimates Reborn lunged themselves towards Infinite, pinning the jackal down as he fired his shot at the ceiling, causing the room to crumble a bit.

"We got this bastard!" the Mii Brawler yelled. "Get all of the Mii Fighters out of here onto the Legacy! Go!" With Incineroar creating a wider gap with his red-hot paws at the area of the melted door, there was plenty of time for everyone to get out with the Mii Fighter army. Once the room was completely empty, Infinite pushed the Ultimates Reborn aside, slowly levitating higher as he watched the ex-leaders of the Subspace Army go up against him.

"You don't want me to have fun with your people, do you?" Infinite chuckled. "First I will teach you pain, then fear, and then… well, at least the pain and fear will end…"

Splitting himself into three individual persons, Infinite willfully grabbed each one of the Ultimates Reborn and flung them up into the air, making them hit the ceiling. Once the three Infinite clones merged back together into one, the masked jackal created a flat, platform-less stage out of blood-red rubies as the three Mii Fighters fell down, dizzy after being tossed so high. Infinite, floating in the air, then split the stage into three parts with the Ultimates Reborn on each one, charging up his powers and fully ready to start the fight.

The Mii Gunner jumped on top of the Mii Brawler, the both of them avoiding the powerful projectiles flying towards them as they tried to keep a teleporting Infinite their main target. Infinite then conjured up a virtual speaker, creating the booming sound often heard in dubstep music. The floor down below took on weird shapes of their own, creating spikes bouncing up and down in rhythm and some of them penetrating the three platforms. All three of the Mii Fighters managed to bounce off them in time. Once the dubstep was over and Infinite disintegrated the speaker, the three Ultimates Reborn landed back on the platforms, only to quickly hold on as the three pieces of land clamped back together into one platform-less stage again. Infinite then unleashed a flurry on fists in the middle of the stage. Two of the Mii Fighters managed to dodge, but the Mii Swordfighter got caught.

Trying his best to stay alive, the Mii Swordfighter set his blade ablaze and dodged the punches from Infinite while the other two attacked with kicks and plasma blasts, even though the masked jackal did not flinch. Once Infinite was about to finish with a powerful jab, the Mii Swordfighter managed to quickly catch the attack, countering and reflecting the damage on the masked jackal. The three Mii Fighters then continued attacking Infinite while he began charging up a powerful move. After a short period of time, Infinite managed to stay alive as he created a barrier that was gradually shrinking fast. The three Mii Fighters could not avoid and found themselves trapped in Infinite's virtual world, where Infinite himself was a red cloud that they could not attack and Primids as they had appeared ten years ago spawned. The three warriors attacked a specific set of Primids, each one defeating as many as they could.

Eventually, Infinite's powers only stayed around for a limited amount of time as they gradually waned. The platform-less stage then split into three equal parts again, with the three Mii Fighters constantly trying to predict where Infinite was randomly teleporting and attacking from there all while avoiding the Phantom Ruby meteorites raining down from up above. For a finishing blow, the Mii Brawler threw a storm of bowling balls, followed by the Mii Swordfighter unleashing a powerful tornado from his blade and the Mii Gunner firing a fully-charged plasma shot as some sort of triple finish, hitting Infinite directly and defeating him.

Once Infinite was knocked out a second time, the Phantom Ruby fused to his chest began showing more cracks, nearly on the verge of breaking on impact. Afterwards, Infinite fell to the floor, struggling to get up while the platforms he created faded underneath the Ultimates Reborn. Once the Mii Fighters managed to touch down on the ground perfectly, they looked at Infinite slowly pulling himself up.

"You have made a very grave mistake," Infinite growled. "Too bad you were smarter than your parents when they signed up for this…" The three Mii Fighters then looked at Infinite, their faces showing signs of confusion and anger.

"You knew that our parents did not die… because of the trophies?" the Mii Gunner asked, tears in her eyes. The masked jackal slowly levitated off the ground, chuckling to himself.

"They did not know any better," Infinite answered. "I suppose you could say they did this to themselves…" Drawing his powers from the cracked Phantom Ruby on his chest, Infinite managed to form a virtual Dark Cannon, even though it looked like the real thing. The masked jackal then placed the weapon on the ground, aiming it at the Ultimates Reborn Revealed.

"I should have done this a long time ago," Infinite snarled, slowly charging up the Dark Cannon. The Mii Fighters then knew what was going to happen next, recalled all of the other warriors who succumbed to a hit from a Dark Cannon. Rushing forward, the Mii Brawler was the only one who managed to deliver a devastating blow to both Infinite and the Dark Cannon, his flaming punch not strong enough to break the masked jackal's gemstone but enough to send the Phantom Ruby wielder and his virtual weapon towards the main core, damaging the control system critically.

"Central core badly damaged," the Subspace computer spoke. "The Yggdrasil will self-destruct in exactly 5 minutes." Infinite's Dark Cannon vanished, and the masked jackal himself slowly crawled out of the debris, too weak to even stop the three Mii Fighters running out of the room towards the Legacy.

Chapter Text

As Mario, Dr. Mario, Zero Suit Samus, Samus, Young Link, Toon Link, Zelda, Sheik, Little Mac, Shulk, Palutena, Dark Pit, Lucas, Pichu, Pokemon Trainer (with Charizard, Ivysaur, and Squirtle), Snake, Wolf, Ice Climbers, Ridley, Rosalina & Luma, Greninja, Villager, Bayonetta, and Mewtwo were all clearing floor after floor waves of monsters, they felt the Yggdrasil suddenly start rumbling. Tiny bits of stone started falling from the ceiling as the minor Subspace monsters turned back into Shadow Bugs, retreating into the vents and pipes of the World Tree.

"What's-a going on here?" Mario asked, trying to steady his balance and holding onto the device that saved Mewtwo from the Shadow Synergy Stone.

"Looks like somebody already destroyed the main core before we did," Mewtwo answered with telepathic powers. "We have to get out of here, and fast."

"Somebody's coming this way!" Snake exclaimed, pointing towards the next stairway leading upwards. Running down below was an entire army of Mii Fighters, and they were all heading straight towards the Legacy. When the Mii Fighters noticed the small group of warriors, they stopped and parted a way for none other than the children of the Ultimates – the Mii Brawler, Swordfighter, and Gunner – as well as Cloud, Link, Sonic, Isabelle, Dark Samus, Bowser Jr., Meta Knight, Inkling, Lucina, PAC-MAN, Daisy, Pit, Mega Man, Simon, and Incineroar, all of which also attempting to escape. Looking at each other, the two groups saw that not only were there new companions as usual but there were fighters separated from them long enough.

"Sonic-a?" Mario asked, taking off his cap.

"Mario!" Sonic cried, rushing towards the red plumber. The two mascots then gave each other a tight hug, breathing sighs of relief onto each other's shoulders.

"I thought I'd never see you again," Sonic cried, pressing his forehead against Mario's.

"I missed you too, old friend," Mario answered, squeezing the hug a little tighter.

"Central core badly damaged," the Subspace computer spoke over the speakers. "The Yggdrasil will self-destruct in exactly 4 minutes and 30 seconds." Both Mario and Sonic quickly broke the hug to understand what's going on in the situation they're caught in.

"There's no time for welcome-back hugs," Sonic explained. "We have to board the Legacy and get the hell out of here."

"What about the Mii Fighters?" Mario asked.

"We're taking them all along with us," Sonic answered. "We figured they might be some good use to us against the Subspace Army, and the Mii Fighters have plenty of firepower to back us up. Let's go!" Sonic immediately dashed towards the path closest to the exit, shortly followed by the Mii Fighters and the rest of the gang shortly after a few seconds later.

"You heard the blue blur," Mega Man replied while still running to keep up with Sonic like all the others. "We gotta get out of here."

Monsters with Mii faces emerged out of special chutes from the ceiling – Giant UFOs, Faceberuses, Ancient Robots, Iron Generals, Baby Dragons, and the absolute worst kinds of monsters being Fiends and Terror Fiends.

"We gotta pass through these Miitopian monsters and get to the Legacy at any cost," the Mii Brawler yelled. "Those monster are strong and powerful, but the Fiends and Terror Fiends are the one you HAVE to avoid at any cost! The only difference is the Terror Fiends having more health and dealing more damage in their standard attack, but they are both the same in the Death's Scythe they wield, but these weapons will instantly kill you if you're not careful! Now that you know, just run to the exit!" Since Sonic got a head start, he began avoiding the incoming monsters, dodging the gravitational beam from the Giant UFOs that would steal him away, avoiding the fiery breath and flaming punches from the Baby Dragons, Iron Generals, and Faceberuses, breaking open the Ancient Robots, and running away from the deadly slashes the Fiends and Terror Fiends brought. The group of Mii Fighters, along with the three leaders, went in to take on the monsters and follow behind while Mario and the rest of the reunited gang attempt to get to the exit too.

Meanwhile, inside the Legacy's main control room, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox, Pikachu, Luigi, Ness, Captain Falcon, Jigglypuff, Peach, Bowser, Falco, Marth, Ganondorf, Roy, Chrom, Mr. Game & Watch, Wario, Ike, Diddy Kong, King Dedede, Olimar, Lucario, R.O.B., Wii Fit Trainer, Robin, Duck Hunt, Ryu, Ken, Corrin, Richter, and King K. Rool were patiently waiting for any intruders. Just then, R.O.B. noticed the Mii Fighter army run outside of the Yggdrasil, getting ready to board the Legacy. The ex-Ancient Minister started beeping, alerting the others. In the army, the group inside the Legacy saw that the rest of their friends are outside, wanting to board.

"It's Mario and the gang!" Lucario yelled, noticing the World Tree is slowly falling apart. "Let them in fast!"

"Are you crazy!?" Luigi cried as the rest of the warriors tried scumbling for the button or switch to open an entrance. "The Mii Fighters tried killing us!"

"Does it look like they wanna attack us now!?" Ken interrupted. "What matters is they want to get out, regardless of who they are! Now open the hatch!" The blond-haired martial artist eventually managed to find a button that opened a large bridge, letting everyone run up. Out of all of the fighters within the Mii Fighter group outside of the ex-Ultimates Reborn (namely Mii Brawler, Mii Swordfighter, and Mii Gunner), only Mario, Samus, Dark Samus, Daisy, Ice Climbers, Sheik, Zelda, Dr. Mario, Pichu, Lucina, Young Link, Mewtwo, Meta Knight, Pit, Dark Pit, Zero Suit Samus, Pokemon Trainer and his three Pokemon, Lucas, Toon Link, Villager, Mega Man, Rosalina & Luma, Little Mac, Greninja, Palutena, Bowser Jr., Bayonetta, Inkling, Ridley, Simon, Isabelle, and Incineroar managed to make it out in time. The other four still had to show their faces.

Inside the now-crumbling World Tree, Sonic was helping get Cloud, Link, and Snake to safety when the Yggdrasil started rumbling again.

"Central core badly damaged," the Subspace computer spoke. "The Yggdrasil will self-destruct in exactly 3 minutes."

"We have to hurry," Cloud Strife said. "Let's go!" The four fighters were running towards the exit when a huge part of the tower fell right in front of them, blocking the exit entirely.

"We're going to have to find another way out," Link replied, pulling out his Sheikah Slate so he could analyze the tower. A couple seconds later passed when the Champion of Hyrule found that the only way out was to go up and take the emergency path.

"Follow me!" Link continued, running off sword and shield in his hands and the Sheikah Slate on his side. "I know where to go!" The other three fighters then followed Link, traveling up flights of stairs to get to the top.

The only way to get to the exit was through the exit window, but the only thing the four fighters forgot to worry about was a giant piston that pushed them through a power room on their right. Sonic, Cloud, Link, and Snake saw that standing in front of a swarm of blue lightning was none other than Sephiroth in person.

"Glad to see me?" Sephiroth chuckled, pulling out his katana blade. "Now I finally have the chance to kill off the sources of the Smash Ball and conquer all of Arcadia with the Subspace Army."

"When you and your friends tried to enslave the Mii Fighters for your own selfish wishes?" Sonic objected. "Forcing that army to keep us trapped here, even if it meant their extinction like the Ancients?"

"They mean nothing to us," Sephiroth answered, walking closer. "Now, it's time for you to die…"

"Bring it on, bitch," Snake snarled, pulling out an activated grenade and throwing it at the one-winged angel. Sephiroth managed to teleport in time, but Link ran behind and slashed Sephiroth from behind, making the one-winged angel jerk his head. Sonic then ran in with a wave of punches, rapidly jabbing at Sephiroth's chest. The one-winged angel then grabbed the blue hedgehog, throwing him aside and blocking both Link and Cloud's sword attacks. As the Champion of Hyrule and the 1st-class SOLDIER were locked with Sephiroth in a dance battle between their blades, Snake then came from up above on a drone, jumping on top of the one-winged angel and placing him in a headlock. Attempting to break his neck, Snake at least tried his attempts to strangle Sephiroth.

Sephiroth teleported out of the way, levitating in the air as the only thing Snake was now holding was a small pile of raven-black feathers. Sonic and Cloud Strife jumped onto Sephiroth's back, with the blue hedgehog using his spin attacks and drilling into the one-winged angel's chest and Cloud slashing with his Buster Sword. Link then pulled out his bow and arrow, attempting to get a clear shot at Sephiroth. However, since the one-winged angel was struggling with Cloud and Sonic, it was hard to get a clear shot. Eventually, Link fired away, and the arrow hit the tip of Sephiroth' only wing. Using black magic to cast the two fighters aside, the one-winged angel began charging up a fireball to launch at the Champion of Hyrule.

Snake then came from behind Sephiroth as the one-winged angle slowly drifted towards the ground, the mercenary grabbing the son of Jenova and kicking him in the back. Link also ran in to protect his friend, but Sephiroth grabbed the Hylian by the neck with his left hand and threw him towards Sonic and Cloud, who were attempting to get up after being thrown. Sephiroth then slashed again, tossing Snake off his back, and once the mercenary quickly got up ready to fire a missile, the one-winged angel pulled out his long katana blade and thrusted it into Snake.

The other three warriors were shocked by what they have encountered. Snake was stabbed by Sephiroth and inserted so far the blade stuck out of his body like a little stub, but the area at the impaled body was moreover closer to the shoulder. Giving off a small chuckle, Sephiroth then pulled out his blade, watching as a quivering Snake stumbled to the ground, losing a brief amount of blood.

"And so, Michael the Archangel has defeated the serpent," Sephiroth sighed, wiping the blood off his mouth. Sonic, Link, and Cloud then quickly ran towards Snake, seeing the terrible wound the one-winged angel had dealt.

"No, no, no," Sonic cried as the other two swordsmen tried to keep Snake sitting up. "This isn't possible. Trophies can't die. I thought that they can revert back to their trophy selves whenever they're defeated…"

"Stay with us, buddy," Cloud groaned, keeping Snake's head up.

"He's completely fine," Link answered, using the Sheikah Slate for any vital signs. "The impaling didn't damage any of Snake's internal organs, but he's losing blood fast. We have to get out of here…"

"It's gonna be okay," Sonic told Snake, tears building up in his eyes as Snake quickly and quietly panted. The blue hedgehog then turned his head towards Sephiroth, who was walking closer towards them. Sonic noticed he was wiping the red blood off his blade, ready to finish the rest of them off. The teenage hedgehog then stood up, knowing that the only person Sephiroth ever wants more other than Cloud Strife is Sonic.

"Leave through the escape window," Sonic told Cloud and Link, who were still trying to keep Snake alive. "I'll deal with this son of a bitch. Sephiroth is mine."

"Are you crazy, kid!?" Cloud asked. "He's a murderous psychopath back at my home world. He would kill you without any second thoughts!" Sonic then placed his gloved hand on Cloud's shoulder, knowing the risk he was about to take.

"Just leave," Sonic said, looking at Sephiroth walking closer to them. The one-winged angel then pulled a latch, shutting the room's door. The blue hedgehog pushed Snake, Cloud, and Link out of the way, leaving them outside.

"Sonic?" Cloud asked.

"Get to the Legacy," Sonic answered as the door was closing. "I'll make it there in the blink of an eye." Afterwards, the electricity room's door sealed itself, leaving the blue hedgehog trapped inside. Link, confused by all this, placed the Sheikah Slate on his waist belt and running towards the door.

"Sonic!" Link yelled. "You have to get out of here now! Sonic! Sonic!" Cloud Strife then grabbed the Hylian, turning him around so that the two were making eye contact.

"That cocky teenager can take care of himself," Cloud said. "It's Snake we have to worry about. So let's just leave and we can come back for Sonic later once the Yggdrasil is destroyed." Link then started crying, placing his face on Cloud's shoulder. He knew his lifelong friend was going to die from a psychotic angel, but another one was going to slowly bleed to death if he wasn't put on that ship immediately.

"Central core badly damaged," the Subspace computer spoke. "The Yggdrasil will self-destruct in T-minus two minutes." Cloud Strife then placed an unconscious Snake on his shoulder, pulling out his Buster Sword. Cloud then used his signature Cross Slash move on the window, shattering the glass. Cloud then jumped with Snake's body out of the window, followed by Link who dived down with him.

Meanwhile, Sonic the Hedgehog watched as Sephiroth slowly walked towards him, giving off a blood-stained grin.

"You had just made a big mistake, dear child," Sephiroth said, rubbing his blade.

"Oh, so you want me just because I'm the Smash Ball trigger?" Sonic teased. "Well, look around you. You were so focused in your plans for world domination that you forgot the fact that more of my friends' Smash Balls are waking up."

"You know simply being a Smash Ball trigger leads into a trap, and that was what Hella told me a long time ago," Sephiroth answered, unsheathing his katana sword. "If you give up the Smash Ball now, then Tabuu's grave danger will not have a risk of arriving, and I don't even know who or what said danger is..."

"So you can take parts of this world again?" Sonic objected. "So you can alter more rules that don't need to be changed? I thought in Arcadia, we could do whatever we wanted."

"Within the Master Core's reason, kid!" Sephiroth answered, unfurling his only wing. "Tabuu is merely altering the rules under HIS domain. And you know there are more than one of the Hand of Creation."

"…Whatever do you mean?" Sonic asked, filled with question, confusion, and wonder.

"Why," Sephiroth finished, "this is something one of your friends is going to have to experience for themselves, but it's not going to be you. Let's just say that… the origin of Hella is a lot more complicated than you think…"

"ENOUGH WITH THOSE LIES!" Sonic snarled, gritting his pointed teeth. Curling up into a ball, Sonic then used a homing attack on Sephiroth, with the one-winged angel jumping out of the way in time. Sephiroth slashed at the electricity generator, creating a massive explosion that blasted the two warriors into the air. While Sonic noticed they were flying to the top, he began spin-dashing at the one-winged angel. Sephiroth stopped the blue blur with the hilt of his blade, generating sparks as Sonic kept going so fast that he literally caught on fire. Afterwards, after Sonic automatically put himself out, Sephiroth then flew fast at him, clashing his sword with Sonic's jabs and kicks. The two then hit a ceiling, and Sephiroth grabbed Sonic, dragging the hedgehog on the top floor. Sonic then held on, and the smaller one of the two rolled with Sephiroth's neck in his hands and threw the one-winged angel behind himself.

Sephiroth then flew almost as fast as Sonic, the one-winged angel attempting to catch up with the blue blur. The hedgehog began avoiding the flaming projectiles from Sephiroth's Materia move while also dodging the collapsing debris from the World Tree. Sephiroth was also teleporting, so it increased the risks of not dying. Eventually, Sephiroth grabbed Sonic by the neck from behind, smashing through the outside walls and flying all the way to the top of the Yggdrasil. Beyond the black-red cloud covering all of Arcadia, the stars glimmered with a beautiful blanket of the cosmos, and the full moon was the largest it had ever been, glowing a bluish-white and shining in all it glory, almost as bright as the sun. However, the finally-clear view of the night sky was not that important as Sonic the Hedgehog had his hands full fighting Sephiroth. With the blue blur attacking with his deadly spins and kicks and the one-winged angel slashing with his katana blade and reflexes almost as fast as Sonic, the results of the match might be turned into a draw.

Sonic jumped onto Sephiroth, unleashing another flurry of punches. Now matter where Sephiroth lashed with his sword, he could not get the blue hedgehog off his back. After all that punching, Sonic climbed onto Sephiroth's single wing, biting it down hard with his small but sharp incisors, and they were tough enough to crunch the Jenova spawn's wing bone and cause its feathery skin to bleed. Sephiroth felt the pain spike up through his wing, and he flapped it to shake Sonic off as the blue hedgehog quickly got on his feet again.

"You little blue rat!" Sephiroth groaned. "You'll pay for that!"

"Then try and stop me!" Sonic teased, dashing towards Sephiroth. The fight went on for several minutes, but to the both of them it felt like hours. With Sephiroth clashing his katana blade with Sonic's tough-as-iron quills in his spin-dashes, it was hard to see who would win the fight. Meanwhile, inside the Legacy, all of the Mii Fighters and the rest of the gang (excluding Cloud, Link, and Snake) met up with each other.

"We have to leave now," the ex-Brawler Ultimate Reborn spoke. "The Yggdrasil is going to self-destruct at any moment and it's going to bury us all in it if we don't move." The Mii Fighter army ran towards the Legacy's control room, pressing buttons and preparing to take off. Just then, Marth noticed Link and Cloud running with Snake's unconscious body outside towards them.

"Open the hatch!" Cloud yelled, holding Snake's wound.

"Let us in!" Link answered, and the Legacy opened up as the ship lifted off just a few inches off the ground. Both the 1st-class SOLDIER and the Champion of Hyrule jumped in with Snake as the Legacy levitated a bit higher off the ground. Once the hatch closed, Cloud and Link gently laid Snake on the floor, trying to stop any more blood from spilling. Mario and Zero Suit Samus were the only two fighters that saw what was going on as everyone else ran off to the other rooms of the Legacy.

"Sweet spaghetti on a stick!" Mario gasped. "What happened to Snake?"

"He's alive, but barely," Link replied. "The Mii Fighters are going to have to fix him up right now." Running towards the unconscious Snake, two Mii Gunners started carrying Snake away as the four warriors looked at the mercenary, hoping he would be okay. Just then, Mario remembered someone.

"Cloud?" Mario asked. "Where's Sonic?" However, Cloud looked away in guilt, ashamed to tell Mario what happened. Walking towards a lever, Cloud Strife pulled up the hatch's bridge as the Legacy started lifting off.

"Where's Sonic, Cloud Strife!?" Mario yelled, starting to cry. Cloud would still not say anything as he simply walked off, not even saying a word…

On top of the Yggdrasil, Sonic and Sephiroth were covered in blood and dust. The fight went on for a long time, and the two warriors saw they were equally matched. Panting and wiping their foreheads, both the one-winged angel and the blue hedgehog clenched their fists, glaring at each other.

"You just don't know when to give up, do you?" Sephiroth growled.

"Maybe I'm a bit more stubborn than you," Sonic answered, wiping the rim of his mouth from the blood drooling from his lips. "You're the one that doesn't know when to stop." Sephiroth then teleported right in front of Sonic, still having enough strength to grab the weakened hedgehog and throw him high into the air. The blue hedgehog could not react in time as Sephiroth used what little energy he had left to stab his katana blade through Sonic. With a soft gasp, Sonic saw the levitating one-winged angel in front of him, and going right through his body and brushing against his back quills was Sephiroth's blade.

"At least I'm not as stubborn as you are, hedgehog," Sephiroth chuckled, pulling his blade outside Sonic. He watched as the blue hedgehog began quivering, his emerald eyes contracted as the wound going through the center of his chest slowly started leaking blood. He was also in midair at the time, so he began falling to the top of the World Tree's roof before the one-winged angel grabbed him again, tossing him into the moonlight. With several thrusts into the hedgehog's blue body, Sephiroth impaled the poor anamorphic teenager many times, throwing Sonic to the roof once he was finished. After Sonic weakly got up again, trying to keep himself steady, Sephiroth thrusted his blade one last time into the blue hedgehog's body. Gently lifting Sonic off the ground with his katana, Sephiroth looked at the suffering rodent, watching his shaking eyes and his bleeding, foaming mouth. A small wave of Shadow Bugs began leaking out through the roof, surrounding both of the warriors.

"Now that your body will become one of the Warriors of the Dark, your precious little Smash Ball will be taken into our custody," Sephiroth said, pulling out his katana blade. Sonic's limp body dropped onto the roof, his wounds losing more blood by each passing second. The dying hedgehog then collapsed, hearing the Shadow Bugs creep closer towards him. He could only make out Sephiroth walking away slowly and the Legacy in the background fly off without him.

"Central core badly damaged," the Subspace computer spoke, faint enough underneath the roof for Sonic to hear. "The Yggdrasil will self-destruct in T-minus one minute and counting… 60… 59… 58…" Flashes of the godlike beings of this world danced in Sonic's mind as the Shadow Bugs were beginning to envelop him. The blue hedgehog began to see images of the world within Subspace – the Master Hand ripping itself apart to reveal the Swarms within surrounding the Master Core and transforming into many different shapes, the brief image of Hella suddenly cutting into Tabuu with words that appeared in a flash second merely saying "Gallia reborn. Hella is a lie." However, Sonic refused to believe it, simply passing it off as a superstition. Then, he saw Indie, his body fading more and more into black mist, with another brief flash of Indie transforming into… a bright orb of light surrounded by multicolored rays in patterns even Sonic could not make out. Eventually, Sonic found himself in the sci-fi setting shown when he first started getting these visions. The blue hedgehog noticed he had the golden irises and the rainbow aura around him, but the Smash Ball located within his chest is fading into a charcoal black. Emerging from the stars was the black entity known as the Master Core, but he did not dare strike the blue hedgehog.

"It's almost time to go, Sonic the Hedgehog," the Master Core boomed gently. "Your time is almost up, and this world is constantly changing." Sonic then noticed the Smash Ball attached to his chest was fading darker, and the rainbow aura surrounding him vanished, revealing a semi-transparent body glowing a faint cyan. A dim star appeared right in front of Sonic, opening a window to the world where Sonic was defeated in. He saw the Shadow Bugs slowly cover up his body, starting with his feet and going up to the head.

"Master Core," the dying Sonic whispered back in Arcadia, "please don't let me die…" After all the blood inside Sonic was lost, the blue hedgehog went limp and cold, his emerald eyes dimming, and his last breath flowing out of his lips as the Shadow Bugs were just at his hips.

Sonic the Hedgehog was dead.

Inside the black emptiness of the sci-fi replica, the blue hedgehog's spirit noticed his Smash Ball was growing darker, and the rainbow aura around him was vanishing faster. Filled with tears in his golden eyes, Sonic noticed his time was up.

"You only have a few seconds remaining before you become a Spirit," the Master Core spoke. "If you have something for me to grant you, now would be the good time."

"I want to go back!" Sonic cried, his tears dripping from his face and glowing to become the stars. The Master Core was pondering about this choice.

"I'm afraid that's not possible," the Master Core objected. "You see, this is the true area in all of Arcadia, where your wishes can come true. However, I cannot make it so that you can't return to your homeworld or bring someone you love back from the dead, including yourself."

"PLEASE!" Sonic cried. "My friends are worried about me! I don't want to lose my ten-year streak of keeping my memories! I don't want my body to be plunged into darkness! If I leave now and my friends find me in time, it won't matter if they save me or not. My memories will be gone once my soul reunites with my body! It'll be over for me! I want a second chance! Sephiroth was talking about some great evil that not even Tabuu alone could overcome. I want to help my friends to prevent all this… not like you would understand anyway…" The Master Core loomed over the fading hedgehog, wondering about this choice.

"Is it a second chance you want?" the Master Core asked. Sonic nodded, wiping his eyelids.

"I will grant you that wish, if that is what you truly want," the Master Core continued. "However, you must watch the origin of Hella, or mainly, Tabuu himself, whether it is true or false. Until you are finished, your body will be replaced by your Smash Ball's powers."

"That's what I want," Sonic sighed, slowly getting up. The Swarms then swirled around brightly, causing the Master Core to flash brightly. The blue hedgehog then felt the Smash Ball on his chest vanish from his body, entering back into the world of Arcadia. Only Sonic's soul remained in the illusionary world…

It was only a few seconds later, and Sephiroth was still walking away from Sonic's corpse off the roof. The Shadow Bugs covering Sonic's body were almost up to his neck, engulfing almost all of Sonic's body. Just then, the blue hedgehog's fingers started moving, and his dimmed eyes slowly closed as he took a deep breath. The Shadow Bugs suddenly retreated of Sonic's body as they felt his heart beating again. Sonic then slowly got up, one knee in front of the other, the wounds on his body quickly clotting and shrugging off. Sonic then slowly opened his eyes, revealing not the emerald irises he once had but the glowing white covering his corneas, irises, and pupils, engulfing his eyes. As you just saw, Sonic's Smash Ball took over his body while his soul had to remain behind and return back with his memories to his body once he uncovered the truth or lie about Tabuu. The blue blur, his eyes glowing white, walked behind Sephiroth, only for the one-winged angel to turn around and see what's going on.

"What!?" Sephiroth gasped, seeing Sonic living and breathing again. "Impossible!" Sonic then levitated off the ground a few inches off, spawning seven mystical gemstones in cyan, violet, white, red, yellow, blue, and green known as the Chaos Emeralds swirling around the blue hedgehog. Their ancient powers were absorbed into Sonic's body, spiking up his blue quills and transforming them into a golden color. Sephiroth was shocked that Sonic had found his Final Smash. The rules of this world spell out that once a Smash Ball had generated enough power, its selected fighter get to unleash a powerful move known as the Final Smash, and Sonic's was revealed to show him in his Super form. Flying off the roof, Sonic slammed his body at lightning-fast speed into Sephiroth's chest, not even giving the one-winged angel enough time to react. Super Sonic then grabbed Sephiroth by the neck, his glowing white eyes staring with no forgiveness.

"I thought I killed you!" Sephiroth groaned, gasping for breath as Super Sonic squeezed the one-winged angel's neck tighter before throwing Jenova's son in front of him and following up with a light-speed punch.

Meanwhile, inside the alternate world, Sonic's real spirit was walking around, his body reverting back to the rainbow aura he had before. Before him, he saw the great and powerful city of Civiltatula.

Civiltatula was an ancient city designed for everyone to get along, Hella's voice rang out through Sonic. It was built for travelers from far and wide to take residence in this utopian world. The fights that took place in the Arcadium were solely for their entertainment purposes. However, once my anger reached a breaking point, I went on an anger-filled rampage, leading my monsters and enslaved Ancients and Mii Fighters across the city, murdering all who lived there and making it inhospitable for life. One by one, every single one of these citizens died off, and the Master Hand could do nothing to stop me, and it was all thanks to the dark side of the Master Core's powers that generated me with the abilities and the technology to make this all possible.

Eventually, Hella continued as Sonic watched the destruction she caused, after all life was exterminated, I finally was finished. I could rule this world the way I wanted it to. As Sonic watched, Hella used her own powers to create a flowing gown draping over her naked legs, and in her hands in place of her weapons was an abstract, gold-plated staff with a darkened Smash Ball on the top. The Mii Fighters and the Ancients were standing before her, angry by what she caused.

"You have created the destruction of our world, costing us our homes and our voices," the Ancient Brawler Ultimate spoke, with the three types of Mii Fighters wearing hooded capes over themselves and now using the thought translators attached to their clothing. "We will no longer serve you after what you have done. Your actions involve taboo, and no one should ever have that unlimited power. We quit."

The Mii Fighters then left my army, roaming the world as fugitives, Hella said in Sonic's mind. Little did they know that years later they would be called into another battle just like the Subspace Army you have encountered ten years ago. Until then, I kept the Ancients under my rule.

"You bastards can leave for all I care!" Hella yelled, slamming her fist into her throne's arm. "I'm keeping the Ancients under my rule from now on! They will help me and my troops to create the Great Maze, and there will be nothing to stop me!" Just then, the Master Hand teleported himself right in front of the young empress.

"You time is up," the Master Hand spoke while Sonic watched. "Your actions cost you your life, and you will now spend the rest of your eternity in the darkness known as Subspace, where you cannot leave…"

"You can try sending me there, Master Hand," Hella spoke. "Even if you do, my army will find a way out, and the Ancients will not say anything about their encounter with me, and not even your amnesia ability will not have an effect on them. They will serve me until their entire species has died off…"

"So this is your plan?" the Master Hand spoke. "To kill off our creations? You know very well that your actions will cause a great evil to appear…"

"What kind of evil?" Hella asked, smirking. "Are you just trying to scare me?"

"Hella, this is serious!" the Master Hand boomed, clenching himself. "He is far greater than I am, or even you for that matter. He will transform this world into the way he pictures it, even if it takes the deaths of billions and trillions. The Smash Ball is what's drawing him here. He will kill you…" Hella then transformed her staff into a powerful sword to replicate the multi-tasking weapon she used before.

"Try and stop me then," Hella spoke. "Whoever this great evil is, he will suffer the wrath of Tabuu." Hella then rushed forward and began striking the Master Hand, with the Hand of Creation himself firing magical sparks of magic that exploded on impact. The Ancients then retreated from the fight, heading back to the Isle of the Ancients to never be seen again. Sonic watched as the fight between Hella and the Master Core was shrouded in chaos as the both were being flung into crumbling buildings, orbs of magic were launched at each other, and both warriors were dirty and covered in blood.

Sonic kept watching as a time went by, and both the Master Hand and Hella were both tired. The two powerful beings could not see which one the greater kind was, and they were exhausted.

"I guess you leave me no choice," the Master Hand boomed, shifting the dim sun so that it was above him. Underneath the Hand of Creation, a psychotic laugh was heard from the Master Hand's shadow, and it emerged from the ground, creating new life. This spawn of the Master Hand was similar-looking to the Master Hand, but he was left-handed and moved in a more chaotic pattern – the Crazy Hand. Their fingers close together, both the Master Hand and the Crazy Hand ripped a hole in space, sucking both themselves and Hella in. Sonic, being the only one unaffected since this was all an illusion, jumped straight in to see what was going on. Inside the depths of Subspace, the Crazy Hand had disappeared, and only the Master Hand and Hella remained.

"Now you are trapped here with me forever," the Master Hand roared. "From now on, there is nothing you can do to escape your fate." Hella then unfurled her butterfly-like cape and unleashed her ability known as the Off-Waves. With a mighty blast, the Master Hand felt that he was bound by the Chains of Light, a mere prisoner of his own creation.

"I may be trapped in here forever," Hella hissed, "but you have the free will to coexist with Arcadia as long as the activated Subspace Bombs are used to create the Great Maze. Time to use you to summon an army of my own…"

The time I spent in Subspace had changed me, Hella's voice rang out in Sonic's head. Eventually, I transformed into the person you see today known as Tabuu. As thousands of years had passed, I manipulated the Master Hand to traveling through the universe to gather warriors of his own. Each warrior was summoned and tested by great courage and power of others, and those who have failed have transformed into Assist Trophies and summoning Pokémon, with their spirits trapped in special vessels and only called forth whenever a trophy summons them.

That's why my best friends Shadow and Knuckles disappeared for no reason from my home planet, Sonic wondered. I was forced to use the Chaos Emeralds and look for them, resulting in me stopping at other planets and listening to the stories that inspired me. And when my time came to turn into a trophy… Sonic then remembered the event that occurred after visiting every planet in the universe, and the encounter with the Master Hand. However, before the blue hedgehog was given the amnesia effect of the trophy transformation, he bolted out and ended up in Arcadia, where he roamed the world and fought monsters until he came across Tabuu, breaking the Construct God's wings and helping the rest of the gang defeat him and restore balance to Arcadia. Once everyone came back to the Midair Stadium, Sonic would tell tall tales of their feats…

Meanwhile, back in Arcadia, the Smash Ball spirit inside Sonic's body was slamming himself into Sephiroth, the one-winged angel's Materia having no effect on Super Sonic's invincible body. Electricity generating from the golden hedgehog's body, Super Sonic was chasing Sephiroth around the Yggdrasil, grabbing the one-winged angel and jabbing him in the air.

"Please!" Sephiroth cried, flying away as Super sonic chased him down through the World Tree. "Have mercy!" However, Super sonic would not forgive the terrible act that the one-winged angel had committed, and so grabbed Sephiroth by the wing and dragged him across the walls until Sephiroth's skin burned.

"…36… 35… 34… 33…" the Subspace computer rang out as more debris kept falling apart. Super Sonic then threw Sephiroth straight down, causing the one-winged angel to fall so fast through each floor that he eventually ended up in the room with all the Assist Trophy capsules and Pokéballs. When Sephiroth got up, he saw Super Sonic dive down towards him. Once Super Sonic touched down, he created an explosion large enough that it covered the entire room, and all the Assist Trophies and Pokéballs broke with their prisoners trapped inside. Once Sephiroth saw Super Sonic lower himself down to the ground in the desolated room, he felt afraid for the very first time. The one-winged angel stared deep into the golden hedgehog's glowing white eyes, almost like the cocky teenager was no longer there anymore. Sephiroth attempted to slash the golden hedgehog with his katana blade, but the long sword he once wielded simply shattered on impact. Once the one-winged angel saw that all he was holding was the handle, he trembled.

"…15… 14… 13… 12… 11…" the Subspace computer kept counting as Super Sonic floated towards Sephiroth and grabbed the one-winged angel by the neck before flying high into the air at the speed of light. Super Sonic then tossed Sephiroth into the air, zipping around and ramming himself into the one-winged angel as lightning flashed all across his body.

"…5… 4… 3… 2… 1… 0," the Subspace computer finished as the last thing Sephiroth saw before the golden lightning in the black-red clouds were the gleaming white eyes of Super Sonic as he finished the one-winged angel with a mighty electric kick, sending Sephiroth falling fast, burying the one-winged angel in debris at the ground floor. During that time, the Yggdrasil began exploding, and the massive blast had Sephiroth trapped in it, with nothing left remaining from the world tree.

Super Sonic watched as the explosion destroyed the Yggdrasil, looking into the distance and seeing the Legacy fly off into the black-red cloud covering Arcadia. The golden hedgehog then flew off towards the ship, but suddenly felt moving slower than usual. Sonic's body used too much of the Chaos Emeralds' powers, causing his quills to turn back to his normal, deep blue color. Luckily, Sonic was close to the Legacy, where the Mii Fighter team and the three ex-Ultimates Reborn noticed him in time. Once the seven Chaos Emeralds had vanished, there was only a blue hedgehog whose eyes are still glowing white as he tumbled from a deadly height down to the pitch-black ground. However, once Sonic's body felt like it was the end, the Winged Firestorm Pro Mini flew in and snatched him, piloted by Bowser Jr., the Koopa Prince.

"I got him!" Bowser Jr. cried over the speakers as he safely landed the metallic dragon with Sonic in his clutches. Once the Ultimate Mii Fighters helped open the paw that Sonic was latched onto, they saw he was unconscious, with the glowing white eyes still present and his mouth agape. That was when the ex-Ultimates Reborn knew that he needed medical attention.

"Get Sonic to the hospital room, asap!" the Mii Brawler yelled. "We gotta keep him in there until he recovers!" After the rest of the Mii Fighter army helped get the blue hedgehog medical treatment, the Legacy disappeared above the clouds, revealing a crimson sunrise over to the east outshining the stars and the moon.

Back in the sci-fi setting, Sonic's soul looked around, noticing the Master Core was in front of him again. Sonic knew it was his time to return, but first he felt like he needed to ask the Master Core something.

"Are you sure what Hella, or Tabuu, said was right?" Sonic asked. "I feel like all this is a ruse…"

"My memory and Tabuu's has merely been tampered with," the Master Core spoke, "but that was the only thing to keep you focused in the final battle with my half."

"I don't really think Tabuu is your other half," Sonic objected. "I feel like this… Ragnarokk person you speak about is completely different from the story you are telling. Plus, what is with that 'great evil' you were talking about?" The stars suddenly retreated away from the two beings, and Sonic knew something was up.

"This great evil I speak about… is not what you think it is…" the Master Core answered. "He is FAR different from me and Tabuu. An all-powerful being like that dares not even have his name mentioned as that would instantly summon him here to this world. All I need to say is… the Smash Balls are his targets to create his Lock, and he would do anything to recreate the universe in his own image. There are hundreds of thousands more like me, and we have no choice but to serve him. All I know is… it's not going to be you to save everyone this time…"

"What are you talking about?" Sonic asked. "Is this some kind of joke? Wait!" With a bright flash, Sonic then felt the Smash Ball he had before fuse to his chest again as the world vanished around him. Waking up with sweaty quills, the blue hedgehog noticed he was back in Arcadia.

As he looked around, he noticed he was in a hospital bed, wearing some sort of patient's gown with tubes inserted into his long, black nose. Sonic then gently pulled the tubes out of his nostrils, wiping the area they were inserted into afterwards. Once Sonic tossed the tubes aside he looked around, noticing there was a curtain on his right. When he pulled it back, he saw it was none other than Snake, also in a patient's gown. The blue hedgehog noticed the wound Snake had was cleaned and stitched up, and a heartbeat monitor was hooked up to his hand's pulse.

Sonic then breathed a sigh of relief. Snake was going to be okay. Sitting on the rim of the mercenary's bed, he placed his gloved hand on Snake's.

"Knew you could make it, buddy," Sonic sighed. "At least it could have been worse. You could have gone through the torture I went through fighting Sephiroth…" Sonic then watched as Snake placed another hand on Sonic's, the mercenary looking at the blue hedgehog.

"Boy, am I lucky," Snake replied. Sonic then gave off a heartwarming smile before giving his best friend a hug. The mercenary gently wrapped his arms around the hedgehog, the two of them relived to see each other again and knowing that they are going to have to make their reunion last before the final battle.

Meanwhile, back at the Yggdrasil, there was nothing but clouded debris everywhere. Both the Shadow Bugs and the leaders of the Subspace Army were gone. Only Indie showed up. The style of chaotic jumble covering a black body began floating around, his gleaming left eye suddenly catching something. The mysterious warrior noticed Sephiroth's unconscious body buried underneath the debris, and Indie managed to move all those rocks out of the way. Sephiroth was helping get the rocks off himself, and Indie noticed the one-winged angel stand up again.

"Looks like you're alive after all, Sephiroth," Indie spoke in a voice far more clearer and angelic. "Tell me: did ya manage to capture that blue rodent?" Suddenly, Sephiroth grabbed Indie by his skeletal neck, pulling the black mist warrior towards himself.

"Where are the other Subspace Army troops?" Sephiroth snarled.

"Back at the Ruins of the Ancients, where they're preparing for the final battle," Indie responded. "What exactly happened?" Sephiroth walked away from the debris, pissed off.

"Those trophies are bringing more hope and light into the world," Sephiroth snarled. "We're going to take it all away from them if it's the last thing we do – not just the blue rat, but everyone else in general."

"What's wrong with a little light and hope back in the world?" Indie asked. Sephiroth teleported right in front of him, his glowing blue eyes looking down on the warrior fading into black mist.

"I mean… it's not like it's a bad thing…" Indie chuckled, rubbing behind his neck.

"Of course it is," Sephiroth growled. "These Smash Balls are rigged, and Tabuu himself clearly knows that. Our goal is to obtain them so that we can power up these Subspace Bombs, and the Great Maze will be created to help defend against the TRUE Great Evil once he arrives. Do you understand, or do I have to pound it into you relentlessly?"

"Y-yes, sir," Indie stammered, his black body quivering. Sephiroth then walked off, unfurling his raven-black wing.

"And get me another sword just like the weapon I last used," Sephiroth finished, flying off as fast as a falcon. Indie then nodded, warping away from the desolated World Tree in black mist.

Chapter Text

Bayonetta was sitting in her room all alone, toying with the strange device they used on Mewtwo inside the Yggdrasil. The Umbra Witch fondled with the curious thing for quite a while, starting to remember battles between light and darkness. The war between the servants of God and Satan. She could remember them all.

"I wonder how you work, little thing," Bayonetta spoke to the device. "No one would... just leave you lying around for the taking. A weapon for whoever holds this that can unlock the deepest... darkest secrets of the multiverse. Unless... the enemy wants to help us in some way or form..." Fox McCloud suddenly entered the room, startling Bayonetta quite a bit.

"Oh... Fox," Bayonetta chuckled, leaving the device on the table she was sitting next to. "What a pleasant surprise. Is something the matter?" Fox looked down on the floor, his mind in a different place.

"Do you ever feel... guilty about yourself, knowing it's not your fault and yet it somehow is even if someone else did it?" Fox asked. "This is the same kind of attitude I've been getting from Sonic before he split up. It almost like... he knows something we don't, especially when we swore to never keep secrets from each other... no matter what."

"Well... if you put it that way, I suppose everyone could be at fault in these times," Bayonetta spoke. "But there are days in which I need to... let go of the past to make way for a better and brighter future. What happened before is pretty much history. All that matters is learning from our mistakes and using them as gateways to a near-perfect timeline."

"So... you think it's fine we should keep secrets from others to protect those from a greater evil?" Fox asked.

"Suppose," Bayonetta responded, getting up from her seat. Fox looked at the device on the table, starting to get the urge he should take it.

"About the device... do you think we should bring it along?" Fox asked one more time. "I mean... that thing looks super-important. It might not just unlock all our memories, but it could be the gateway to other worlds we... might have no idea exist..."

"I think it would be best to leave it behind in case it gets lost," Bayonetta answered. "I mean... it's not like we'll be gone forever... or if that device might... disappear..." Once the two fighters vanished out of the room, a small shadow swooped over the table, snatching the device from the table. The only evidence the figure left behind were two claw marks, each parallel to one another.

After the events that had occurred back at the Yggdrasil, Sonic and Snake recovered pretty quickly in a few hours. The two of them were up and running again, fully dressed in their choice of clothing, walking alongside the outside dock and feeling the fresh wind and warm sunlight on their faces. Up above the black-red cloud covering Arcadia, the fighters felt so alive and free like they did ten years ago.

"I'm just glad you survived when Sephiroth thought he killed you," Snake said. "You made the brave act of putting yourself in front of us."

"Told you I could make it in the blink of an eye," Sonic chuckled, with Snake grabbing him and giving the blue hedgehog a friendly rub on the head. After Snake let Sonic go, the two of them started laughing, relieved after what happened. Just then, Sonic noticed the three ex-Ultimates Reborn walking towards the two fighters.

"Excuse me for a moment," Sonic said to Snake, walking away from the mercenary. The blue hedgehog then walked towards the three Mii Fighters, wanting to ask them a question.

"Hey, guys," Sonic said. "If you like, I would like a word with all three of you…" The three Mii Fighters looked at each other and wondering what was going on. Later on, the four fighters were walking through one of the many cafeterias that the Legacy had, where a small group of the Mii Fighter army was hanging out with Toon Link, Ike, Ryu, and King K. Rool, telling wild tales about Arcadia's secrets that were not very important. Sitting down with their food on their plates, the three ex-Ultimates Reborn and Sonic sat down to discuss the relevant topic at hand.

"So, Ultimates Reborn…?" Sonic asked.

"We don't go by that name anymore," the Mii Swordfighter interrupted, "but you can call us that if you like."

"Fair enough," Sonic continued. "Anyway, ever since I've been getting these visions about this Hella person, I just kinda noticed the pit you lived in – Ginnungagap – is your ancient home, right?"

"What are you talking about?" the Mii Brawler asked. "Ginnungagap has always been the origin place of the Mii Fighters…"

"Well," Sonic answered, "I just recently noticed that this visions might be incorrect, like they were tampered with. Have you ever met a woman named Hella, by chance?"

"It's not exactly sure," the Mii Gunner answered, "but the tales that were spread from the ancestors to our parents record traces of a woman, but she was, in no way, related to Hella or wasn't even her."

"I knew it," Sonic sighed. "The Master Core, before vanishing right in front of me, told me of an evil greater than himself or Tabuu, for that matter, and Sephiroth later explained that these Smash Balls are beacons to summon him here. Who, or what, is this 'evil', and what does he want?" The three Mii Fighters looked at each other, listening to some of the fighters laugh and be merry, like this peace in the Legacy was going to last.

"There is a story we have not told you yet," the Mii Swordfighter said, pushing away his plate after not even touching his food. "A tale that goes back long before this world was even created, before any of us have ever existed."

"Can you tell me?" Sonic asked, anxious to hear about it.

"Well, the stories have been passed down through our family," the Mii Brawler explained, "but they slowly faded away from our memory over time, eventually forgotten long ago. However, the only thing we managed to pull out from the tales is a riddle…"

"How did this riddle go?" Sonic asked.

"It went a little something like this: Warrior untouched by the birth of Gallia, awaken the Ragnarokk's memories, redeliver the World of Trophies, and break the Lock." The blue hedgehog pushed away his favorite plate of chili dogs right in front of him, wondering what this could mean.

"Any ideas on the riddle you picked up just now?" Sonic asked, scratching the back of his spiky head. The three Mii Fighters were thinking about the question, pondering with an answer.

"We're not sure," the Mii Gunner spoke up. "However, the only thing we also know is that this savior's not going to be you."

"In other words, people might just say you're too slow to avoid you destiny, and need the work of someone else to bring you back," the Mii Swordfighter butted in. Sonic, for the first time, felt worried about his decision. His ten-year streak of anti-amnesia could be over, and with it his unlimited number of stories he still had to tell.

"Then who's the survivor, if it isn't me?" Sonic asked, terrified.

"Don't know," the Mii Brawler spoke. "Whoever it is, it's someone you're going to have to send off when the time is right…" Just then, the speakers boomed for a special announcement.

"Attention, all fighters," Meta Knight's voice spoke over. "We have arrived at our destination. Please meet up at the drop-off room right away." Afterwards, everyone got up from their places, making their way over to the hatch area, even Sonic and the ex-Ultimates Reborn.

Warrior untouched by the birth of Gallia, awaken the Ragnarokk's memories, redeliver the World of Trophies, and break the Lock, the blue hedgehog thought, confused. What does that mean? Who's gonna be this 'savior' if I don't make it…?

Meeting up in the drop-off room, all the fighters in the team were gathered around with the Mii Fighters, ready to see what was going on. Meta Knight was the only one to walk right in front of everyone, his Galacta Sword unsheathed.

"We have arrived at our destination," Meta Knight told everyone. "After hours of searching up in the clouds, hidden from enemy eyes thanks to the opaque darkness covering the land, we managed to scan the source of the black-red cloud covering Arcadia: The Ruins of the Ancients." Everyone then clapped when they heard the news. However, Meta Knight looked at them seriously.

"This is no time to celebrate," Meta Knight replied. "Suit up and get ready for the final battle. This won't really matter if this is your first time fighting or even your last. The Subspace Army WILL kill you without any second thoughts. Lock and load, people." As the Legacy descended into the black-red cloud down below, a gigantic, floating platform appeared under all the fighters, with the top hatch opening. The floating platform then moved upward, carrying the peculiar army with it to the roof of the ship. Once it stopped moving, the rest of the warriors noticed behind them were a series of different ships and Winged Firestorms, all of them lacking the Subspace Army marking they once had, especially the Winged Firestorm Pro 2.0 powered by Faker, the only Shadow Bug that was proven to be friendly but still having enough energy of a thousand of its kind. Captain Falcon was the first one to discover some familiar-looking vehicles.

"Isn't that my Blue Falcon and Falcon Flyer?" Captain Falcon asked, running anxiously towards his ships and feeling the metallic textures.

"And my ship," Zero Suit Samus replied, admiring her gunship along with Samus.

"And two of the Star Fox starships, as well as one of Star Wolf's," Fox McCloud said, getting in the ship and feeling the controls, which were just like how he, Falco, and Wolf used to pilot these things. Snake found himself a military helicopter with machine guns attached to both sides, and he decided to get into the cockpit since he was the only one who could ever drive it. As a few select fighters were admiring their vehicles good as new, Meta Knight walked over towards them.

"We knew what kind of vehicles you preferred," Meta Knight answered. "So, the Mii team and I put our heads together and designed these kinds of ships. The Legacy is coincidentally big enough to fit the ships we once had, which is super-lucky."

"What about yours?" Mario asked, jumping onto an Anti-Subspace Winged Firestorm's back before getting off again.

"Why, my red plumber friend," Meta Knight answered, "I already have mine…" With a booming noise, the rest of the fighters excluding the Mii team and the ex-Ultimates Reborn were surprised to see none other than Meta Knight's ship – the Halberd – moving again, and it was the exact shape and size it appeared ten years ago.

"Told you no ship is too big for the Legacy," Meta Knight chuckled. "Even those who can generate their own way of transportation can join the battle. Get ready, troops. We're almost there…" Both the Mii Fighter army and the group of fighters looked beyond the dark horizon to see their target: the Ruins of the Ancients. This once-peaceful home of R.O.B.'s kind was suddenly turned from a once-great civilization covered in vegetation into a warzone. The sky was raining with Shadow Bugs, followed by Subspace Winged Firestorms flying around and guarding the island on all sides, and for the cherry on top of the lovely cake created by the desolation was the only gateway to Subspace…

"Pick and choose the vehicle you're riding in," Meta Knight replied. "We're going in hot…" All the warriors were jumping into other ships. Even King Dedede was walking with Meta Knight to the Halberd once the Star Warrior's ship drew a bridge for the two cuddly aliens to walk across… well, everyone except for Sonic and Kirby.

"Poyo?" Kirby asked the blue hedgehog. Sonic looked at the pink puffball in worry.

"I know, Kirby," Sonic answered. "Something's up behind this gateway to Subspace. And I'm going to get to the bottom of this. Come, you little curbstomper." The two fighters walked onto the Halberd just in time as the bridge drew up and Meta Knight's ship departed a few meters from the Legacy's drop-off area. King Dedede noticed Sonic and Kirby running to them on the ship, and Meta Knight noticed it too.

"Weren't you supposed to get ready for the final battle?" Meta Knight asked.

"We were," Sonic panted, "but I felt like there was something I needed to ask you first…"

"Poyo," Kirby sighed in response. King Dedede, his hammer in his hand, was wondering what it was Sonic wanted to say.

"Very well," Meta Knight answered.

"Thanks," Sonic said. "Now, I've got a little question to ask: do you know anything about an evil greater than Tabuu?"

"I have no idea what you are talking about," Meta Knight answered. "No evil is greater than Tabuu, or in this case Hella."

"Well, the last vision I had involved the Master Core," Sonic objected. "He said he was, quote, 'one of many', and Tabuu is merely a slave of this overlord, whoever or whatever he is."

"I lost my memories a long time ago, both when I first set foot in Arcadia and my only time in Subspace," Meta Knight said. "I'm afraid I have no comment…" Kirby was wondering about what Sonic is saying, the blue hedgehog looking down on the pink puffball.

"I'm just saying the Mii Fighters have came across a woman, but they have never truly heard of a 'Hella', which pretty much debunks this as these visions are fake, or only the half-truth," Sonic said. "All the Mii Fighters could pull out from their stories is a riddle that went something like this: Warrior untouched by the birth of Gallia, awaken the Ragnarokk's memories, redeliver the World of Trophies, and break the Lock. I'm just saying I don't know what this means, but that's how it goes…"

"Doesn't Ragnarokk refer to as the Goddess of Oblivion?" Meta Knight asked.

"The Master Core says Tabuu's and his memories have been altered, so it's hard to say whether or not Ragnarokk is a completely different person," Sonic said. "Plus, the ex-Ultimates Reborn told me that I have a high chance of not making it if this said 'birth of Gallia' occurs…" Kirby looked at the three warriors, afraid of what might happen.

"Hey, it's okay, buddy," Sonic sighed, patting Kirby on the head. "It's not like this event will ever happen. Right now, we've got bigger fish to fry, like getting into Subspace and just warming our enemy up for the final battle…" Kirby nodded, the pink puffball walking up to the front. Meta Knight and King Dedede joined alongside Kirby, leaving Sonic on the roof.

"Wait!" Sonic asked. "MK, who's gonna be piloting the ship if you're going with Kirby!?"

"You are, Sonic," Meta Knight teased.

"What!?" Sonic asked, shocked. "I don't even know how to drive, let alone steer a ship!"

"I'm just kidding, my spiny friend," Meta Knight chuckled. "The Mii Fighters made some minor tweaks that really come in handy, two of them being the auto-pilot and another rapid-fire cannons ten times as fast as the previous version." Using the power of love, Kirby respawned another Star Allies Sparkler, wearing heart-shaped visors over his eyes. Meta Knight and King Dedede jumped on the star plane's back, taking off to the sky while leaving behind a semi-transparent rainbow with white hearts raining behind it, fading away after a few seconds.

"Great," Sonic said. "How am I supposed to leave this ship?" Just then, Sonic felt something touching his back. He suddenly realized there were seven familiar objects hidden in his quills. The blue hedgehog pulled them out, revealing the Chaos Emeralds he had before. The seven gemstones then swirled around him, infusing with Sonic and causing his quills to stand upright and turn golden. The irises in Sonic's eyes drastically changed from emerald green to ruby red, and the now-golden hedgehog looked around, noticing he was flying.

"This must be a little side effect my Smash Ball's spirit left behind, huh?" Sonic asked himself. "Time to kick some butt with these babies…" Flying off from the Halberd, Sonic met up with Kirby, Meta Knight, and King Dedede on the star, waving right at them.

"Ready to go, guys!" Sonic said. Going in a formation, the Anti-Subspace Winged Firestorms appeared in a v-style formation, and the ships built on the Legacy flew alongside the mother gunship, ready to attack. The Star Allies Sparkler and Super Sonic then met up with a flying Dark Samus, Mewtwo, Pit, Dark Pit, Rosalina & Luma, Palutena, Corrin in his dragon form, Ridley, and Pokémon Trainer with Squirtle and Ivysaur atop of Charizard. Everyone else, like Samus, Zero Suit Samus, Snake, Link, and Cloud, were in assigned vehicles of their decisions. Others, like Mario, Isabelle, R.O.B., and the ex-Ultimates Reborn with the Mii Fighter army, were waiting for the signal to attack on the drop-off area of the Legacy.

Meanwhile, near the gateway of Subspace, Sephiroth, Infinite, M. Bison, and Morpho Knight were standing on the burnt soil of the Ruins of the Ancients. The four commanders noticed the resistance fleet flying towards them, and in the army of thousands of Mii Fighters was Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Dark Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox, Pikachu, Luigi, Ness, Captain Falcon, Jigglypuff, Peach, Daisy, Bowser, Ice Climbers, Sheik, Zelda, Dr. Mario, Pichu, Mewtwo, Young Link, Ganondorf, Marth, Lucina, Falco, Roy, Chrom, Mr. Game & Watch, Pokémon Trainer (Charizard, Ivysaur, and Squirtle), Diddy Kong, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Lucas, Pit, Dark Pit, Sonic, Snake, Lucario, Olimar, R.O.B., Toon Link, Wario, Zero Suit Samus, Wolf, Wii Fit Trainer, Villager, Mega Man, Cloud, Bayonetta, Corrin, Ryu, Duck Hunt, Robin, Shulk, Little Mac, Mega Man, PAC-MAN, Palutena, Rosalina & Luma, Inkling, Ridley, Simon, Richter, King K. Rool, Isabelle, Ken, Incineroar, and the ex-Ultimates Reborn (Mii Brawler, Mii Swordfighter, and Mii Gunner) all waiting outside for the command.

"Kill those bastards, and don't let a single one live," Sephiroth snarled.

"You heard the man," Infinite called out to the Subspace Army behind the gateway. "Slaughter them all if you have to." Emerging from the last Subspace gateway, Subspace Winged Firestorms and Shadow Bugs flew out in a chaotic storm, the entire swarm flying after the fighters and the Mii army.

"This is our chance to strike back!" the Mii Brawler cried out. "NOW!"

The Anti-Subspace Winged Firestorms followed the Pro 2.0 as they rammed into the metal dragons part of the Subspace Army, while Primids and creatures formed in midair, dropping down only to be shot by the Legacy and the other ships. While Fox, Falco, and Wolf were rapidly firing at the enemy dragons while doing barrel rolls to avoid the fiery breaths, the Blue Falcon and the Prime Gunship went above the Subspace creatures and blasted them with their lasers. The Star Allies Sparkler teamed up with Super Sonic, with Kirby and his original friends firing star-shaped projectiles that instantly destroyed the enemy dragons and minor Subspace Army members on impact while the golden hedgehog shot himself through the Subspace Winged Firestorms' armor like a bullet at light speed.

It was a chaotic battle in the air, with the fighters that couldn't fly instead jump from the vehicles and Anti-Subspace Winged Firestorms on top of the enemy dragons, slashing through the enemy dragons and causing them to explode on impact. They jumped from dragon to dragon, killing off whatever Primids and Subspace creatures were on the Subspace Winged Firestorms' backs, followed by jumping back to the Legacy once they were finished. Sephiroth looked at each one of the Subspace Army's dragons falling from the sky thanks to the constant explosions. Angry by all this, the one-winged angel slowly retreated back into Subspace with M. Bison, Morpho Knight, and Infinite. The surviving Subspace Winged Firestorms quickly flew back into the dark gateway.

"Alright!" Sonic said, flying towards the retreating dragons. "Let's do this, guys!" A few seconds afterwards, the Mii Fighter team and the warriors of the World of Trophies landed on the shore of the Subspace area. After all that fighting, the ships landed safely with everyone making it. Hopping off the Star Allies Sparkler before it magically vanished was Kirby, Meta Knight, and King Dedede. Transforming back to his normal form was Sonic after the Chaos Emeralds surrounding him disappeared too. The Mii army walked out of the Legacy, ready to sacrifice their lives for the greater good. However, right next to the warriors, the Winged Firestorm Pro 2.0 crash-landed on the black sands, cold and dead. Out of all of the Subspace dragons and Shadow Bugs the resistance killed off, only one of their fleets was defeated. Sonic walked next to the defeated blue dragon with gold markings, kneeling down and placing his gloved hand on the machine. The only Shadow Bug that was powering the robot dragon before floating out of the steel skin was Faker, pulsing a neon violet.

"Faker?" Sonic asked, standing up. "Is that you?" The neon Shadow Bug then floated off to the Subspace gateway, never to be seen again. Sonic looked at the direction of the companion he found before, knowing they just met before departing once more.

"Come on, Sonic," Meta Knight said, standing next to the blue hedgehog. "It's almost time. We have to get to that gateway and finish this for good…" Sonic nodded gently, walking towards the Mii Fighter army towards their destination.

As the resistance army walked only a mile to their destination, the fighters looked around, noticing the surviving vegetation covering corpses and buildings deep in the cavernous pits below. Since R.O.B. had never been back for ten years, he was shocked to find what happened here. The ex-Ancient Minster looked away in shame, but the ex-Ultimates Reborn walked to his side, comforting the robot that everything is going to be okay, even though closing off Subspace won't bring his kind back.

Once the army arrived at their destination, Cloud Strife and Mario were the first ones to walk forward. The 1st-class SOLDIER admired the texture of the gateway, watching as the dark purple colors swirled around like oily puddles after a rain shower.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Cloud told everyone, "standing right before you is the only way into Subspace. Despite looks, it's seemingly dangerous…" Cloud Strife inserted his hand into the void-like entity to feel its soft, wispy, watery texture before taking it out to look at the team that was assembled together.

"I know what you're probably thinking," Mario called out to everyone. "I could-a probably be a screw-up… well… partially a screw-up. The truth is… when we've first discovered this island surviving after ten years, I didn't think I would get involved in this, and I was blamed for all this happening because I refused to tell the truth. Well, I know what kind of pain you're going through, but… I… don't know what to do… after I've lost everyone's trust…" Mario noticed the troops were losing attention, and he felt worried. Pulling out the picture he still had in his overalls, he glanced at it to remember the good times he had with his friends ten years ago. Just then, Sonic stepped up to give Mario a pat on the shoulder.

"Let me have a go at this," Sonic told Mario. The red-clothed plumber nodded as his answer. With that response, the blue hedgehog climbed up on top of a large piece of driftwood until he was on the top root, gazing out into the distance and seeing the army he and his friends have gathered.

"Like Mario said, you guys probably think he's a dick," Sonic said. "And who can blame the poor guy? Haven't we all hidden the truth with little white lies from our loved ones before?" The Mii Fighter army looked up to see the blue hedgehog perched on the driftwood root, and alongside him all of the legendary heroes and villains on their team.

"Behind that gateway lies our worst nightmares," Sonic continued, standing up while maintaining his balance. "Whatever it is, the truth would have to be uncovered sometime soon. At least you guys are lucky: you lost your voices before having them retrieved again, and your home is gone. Well, take a look at R.O.B. over there." Sonic pointed at the ex-Ancient Minister, and the robot moved himself forward to stand next to the blue hedgehog.

"I want you to take a look at this guy," Sonic kept saying. "He was once a leader of his people. The ground you are all standing on, that was his home. His people and their freedom. He lost it all thanks to the Subspace Army, but they probably didn't know any better. They were just doing their job. Whoever's involved, whether it would be Tabuu or someone else, we don't know for sure, but what matters is that we stand and fight. Are you with me!? With all of us!?" The Mii Fighter army yelled their battle cry, ready to sacrifice their lives for the ultimate fight. Once Sonic jumped off the driftwood, the resistance army ran through the Subspace gateway, prepared.

"Wow," Mario said, walking towards the blue hedgehog. "How did you manage to convince these Mii Fighters to fight by our side?"

"Did I forget to tell you I was once a commander?" Sonic answered in the form of a question. "Get yourself imprisoned in space for six months and you might get the idea…" The blue blur then ran off with the Mii Fighter troops into Subspace, followed by Mario and the rest of the gang into the harsh depths of Subspace. The first few seconds of the true form of Subspace managed to flash in their eyes filled with luscious trees, alien-like creatures, and rivers that flew like mercury under a deep blue, watery sky. However, once the darkness sensed that intruders have arrived, it drastically shifted into a warlike land, filled with black opal ground hard as rock, and only the Judgement Fortress showing its single eye gleaming at the fighters. In a group of Primids and other monsters leading them into the final battle were the four generals of the army: Sephiroth, Infinite, M. Bison, and Morpho Knight, with the bosses that involved Dracula and the Rathalos nowhere to be seen.

"Let's-a go," Mario said calmly. "For Arcadia."

"For Arcadia!" Zero Suit Samus yelled.

"For Arcadia!" Link cried too.

"For Arcadia!" all the legendary fighters and the Mii army yelled, and those that couldn't talk cheered instead.

"For getting us home safely," Sonic muttered to himself. The blue hedgehog was filled with hope as he ran with his friends side-by-side, ready to fight. The resistance of the Mii Fighter army along with all of the legendary heroes and villains ran towards the hundreds of thousands of monsters of the Subspace Army, the two teams clashing with each other.

The final battle seemed like the wars of old, with two sides equally balanced and their hands full of their rivals. The Mii Fighters, alongside the ex-Ultimates Reborn and those who used to work for the Subspace Army before changing their minds, attacked a series of minor Subspace monsters, first aiming for the ones that fly and the others that were grounded. The other legendary warriors used their special talents to kill off whoever or whatever attacked them, even the commanders of the Subspace Army. Ryu and Ken teamed up to fight against M. Bison while Kirby, Meta Knight, and King Dedede had their hands full attacking Morpho Knight. Sonic kept his target-locking ability on Infinite with his spin attacks, and Cloud Strife was clashing swords with his mortal rival Sephiroth.

"You can't defeat us, Cloud," Sephiroth snarled, his face drawing closer to Cloud's. "We are unstoppable." Cloud then pushed Sephiroth with his foot, drawing his Buster Sword.

"I beg to differ," the 1st-class SOLDIER objected, with the one-winged angel looking behind Cloud. Sephiroth then saw almost all of his troops were defeated, with only a few Mii Fighters slain. All of the legendary fighters, including the ex-Ultimates Reborn and the ex-Ancient Minister, were walking closer to the commanders of the Subspace Army.

"You'll regret this… all of you…" Sephiroth growled, vanishing into thin air. Flying as a darkened cloud towards the top of the Judgement Fortress, Sephiroth retreated alongside Infinite, Morpho Knight, and M. Bison back into the tower. The Subspace Army lost.

Inside the Judgement Fortress, Tabuu, outside of his crystal ball prison, appeared in the form of Hella, wrapping her butterfly-like cape around herself like a dress and wielding the abstract-looking, golden staff with the dark Smash Ball from before. Though the crystal ball was still around in the throne room, that glass prison behaved more like a resting place for Tabuu. She walked towards the Master Hand, admiring how he was hung up by the Chains of Light, weakened as each end of these powerful tools were latched onto the walls and restraining the Hand of Creation.

"Look at you," Hella spoke, placing her hand on the Master Hand's leathery, glove-like shell. "You are merely just a servant of someone greater, as was me. Hopefully the warriors you have summoned get through my little challenge to bring back the hope and light, though you and I clearly know where there is the yang, there is always the yin; therefore, once the hope and light return to Arcadia, HE will use these powers to stop us, converting that hope and light into fear and darkness…" Just then, Indie, the only one to arrive in the room, teleported near the crystal ball Tabuu was regenerating his powers in.

"So, you decided to awaken form your slumber, Tabuu?" Indie asked, slowly floating towards Hella and watching as the black-haired warrior looked at the fading-into-black-mist creature.

"I don't go by that name anymore," Hella answered.

"You don't have to hide anything from me," Indie objected, creeping closer. "You can stop pretending to be someone you're not now…"

"I'm supposed to remain in this form until the Great Maze is complete," Hella spoke. "Not only will I create a world of my own, I will also use it to defend against the one I call my master…"

"So you plan on using the greatest weapons in the known multiverse against their creator?" Indie asked.

"What are you talking about?" Hella spoke, wondering what was going on. Indie then merely just floated next to the black-haired warrior.

"You are really stubborn, slave," Indie chuckled.

"Slave…?" Hella asked, stepping a little farther away.

"Ten years after your first attempt on the Great Maze, I was released from my prison, searching through the cosmos for you and traveling from universe to universe," Indie said, floating a little closer to the ground and to Hella. "I went looking for the one who bound himself in Chains of Light and Darkness millennia ago, and you're using these bondages against the only Master Hand guarding this planet."

"I had to become enslaved so that I could save the only love of my life," Hella spoke, pulling out her staff with the darkened Smash Ball. "You and your brother destroyed her in your fight, so I had to sacrifice my freedom…" Indie then teleported next to Hella, gently grabbing her hand.

"Don't forget the deal you made, Tabuu," Indie growled, revealing the Chains of Light on Hella's wrists and ankles.

"Yes, master," Hella spoke, and Indie's body started glowing brighter than the afternoon sun.

A few minutes had passed, and Sephiroth alongside the other three Subspace commanders ran into the throne room. The one-winged angel had noticed Tabuu was outside his glass ball, looming over the four leaders in his towering form – the glowing blue body he once had, the abstract butterfly wings, the single red eye where a person's stomach should be, levitating in the arms-crossed stance he once took.

"Tabuu?" Sephiroth asked. "What are you doing outside your prison? I thought absorbing the Smash Balls would free you…" The Construct God slowly shifted his body, looking down upon them.

"This was more like a resting place, considering the fact that was getting comfortable inside there," Tabuu spoke. "About Hella and my relationship with the Master Core, the memories I filled a few select fighters…"

"What about them?" Infinite spoke up. "Is there something you haven't told us yet?"

"I have a confession to make," Tabuu spoke. "This was the exact same position I forced the Master Hand to reveal to Lord Ganondorf ten years ago, eventually having the Gerudo call me a traitor. Well…" Tabuu then lifted up his left wrist, showing a golden handcuff wrapped around his wrist that suddenly became visible.

"No," Sephiroth whispered. "It can't be… you don't mean to tell me that…"

"I'm afraid the origin of Hella was a ruse," Indie's voice called out from behind the Construct God. Sephiroth, M. Bison, Morpho Knight, and Infinite looked behind Tabuu to find none other than the warrior made of black mist, grabbing onto the Chains of Light that cuffed and shackled Tabuu's wrists and ankles.

"Indie!" M. Bison yelled. "What do you think you're doing!?" Indie just simply cackled at that response, enjoying Tabuu under his control.

"This is something that goes WAAAAAY back, if you know what I mean," Indie answered. "It all started with a fight in the multiverse…"

"We have no idea what you are talking about," Morpho Knight answered. "Answer us! What is going on, Indie!?" Laughing out of craziness, Indie suddenly pulled Tabuu towards him, glowing much brighter. The four Subspace Army leaders were shocked by what was going on. Below Indie which once was every reference the black-mist warrior was paying homage to now remains a pile of clothes that had disintegrated a few seconds after they had touched the black floor. Now, all that had remained was a divine being so bright he appeared in the form of a glowing white orb without showing his true appearance just yet. Emerging from the bright orb were six, colossal wings that stretched out across the room, with the outsides coated in quartz and the insides showing off galaxies behind an ocean blue and a fiery red background, with the two colors each on separate wings but placing the images of the cosmos together.

"Who the hell are you!?" Sephiroth called out to the strange being enslaving Tabuu.

"I'm a being lost-lost in the depths of history," the six-winged guest spoke in a deepened voice completely different from Indie's usual, croaky voice. "The fact that Tabuu is under my power goes way back, during the time when even the greatest clock in the known multiverse was ticking my name: Galeem, the Seraph of Order."

"You're the great evil Tabuu warned us about!" Sephiroth snarled. "You are going to pay for this, you demon!" The one-winged angel then pulled out his katana blade while the other three commanders stepped back.

"Sephiroth, don't do this," Infinite growled. "He is not who you think he is…" However, Sephiroth would not listen and flew right past the enslaved Tabuu towards Galeem. The seraphic being managed to use his powers, wrapping Sephiroth around in a golden rope. The one-winged angel then dropped to the ground, his raven-black wing struggling underneath the tight bondage as the other three warriors kept watching, too afraid to even help Sephiroth.

"Time to put my powers to good use," Galeem spoke, the glowing white orb with six wings floating towards the Master Hand. The Seraph of Order then used his telekinesis ability, slowly ripping apart the cloth-like skin covering the Master Core and turning the Swarms inside to gleaming blue from the usual pitch-black color they originally were. Galeem then absorbed the blue essence from the Swarms into his body hidden from the glowing white orb surrounding him, generating a small black hole. From the emptiness, Galeem then shot out a bright yellow beam, curving its shot to target the one-winged angel. As soon as Sephiroth was hit by the beam, the one-winged angel noticed the golden rope falling off him, and he found his physical form quickly fading into dust. Sephiroth was terrified by what was happening to him as he kept holding onto himself, trying to catch the dust falling off his body. Once the black hole vanished and the beam disappeared, M. Bison, Infinite, and Morpho Knight slowly got up after hiding in the Phantom Ruby's virtual world to see Galeem appear before them again, holding onto the Chains of Light that Tabuu was bound to. The Seraph of Order then pulled out a glowing white arm, his true form still hidden from view, and snapped his fingers. Emerging from where Sephiroth once was now stood before Galeem a semi-transparent, glowing red replica of the one-winged angel with a Rainbow Aura.

"A Master Legendary," Galeem chuckled. "Just what I needed."

"What did you do to him!?" Infinite snarled underneath his metal mask.

"I made him into a Spirit," Galeem answered, Sephiroth turning his ghostly neck around to glare at the three leaders of the Subspace Army.

"You see," Galeem continued, "when I use that beam trick on anyone that has not passed the test of a Master Core, whether it would be an Assist Trophy, summoning Pokémon, or anyone else in general, they become a Spirit."

"You mean you… killed Sephiroth!?" M. Bison asked in anger.

"You could say I did…" Galeem answered. "I can bring back his physical form, but only when he surrenders his freedom." Galeem then dragged Tabuu towards him with the Chains of Light, the Construct God attempting to resist.

"You better turn Sephiroth back to normal at once!" Morpho Knight snapped, pulling out his sword. The three commanders of the Subspace Army then pulled out their weapons, but Galeem merely just laughed, throwing Tabuu to his side. The Seraph of Order then got up from the throne he was sitting on, levitating higher into the air.

"How cocky," Galeem chuckled. "Now that I have reunited with the physical realm, I will finally create the world I have always wanted. And don't worry, guys. I still have plenty of energy from the Arcadian Master Core, so you'll get to join your little friend too…" Transforming into a little black hole again, the Seraphim of Chaos then fired three more shots at the commanders of the Subspace Army, and not even Tabuu could stop his master. The last thing Morpho Knight, Infinite, and M. Bison saw as the golden beams of light passed through them were their bodies disintegrating and the unholy laughter from the six-winged orb of light echoing through the Judgement Fortress.

Chapter Text

The sky of Subspace was still swirling around as all of the legendary warriors and the Mii Fighters walked up to each other. Few of them were finishing up a Primid or two, involving the Villager sticking his axe into a Primid's back, shove it forward so hard the axe was stuck inside the Primid's body, turning the sharpened blade upward, and slicing it upwards, the Villager watching with an unchanged expression as the Primid's upper half split in two, falling onto the black ground dead. Coated in juices from the Shadow Bugs, Villager put away his axe and ran towards his friends, glad that this is all over.

"We did it," Cloud sighed, pulling his blade out of another minor Subspace Army monster.

"We sure did," Meta Knight panted, placing his golden sword behind his back.

"Way to go," Mario cheered, with the Mii Fighter army walking towards the gathered warriors in victory. Everyone was giving out congratulations to each other, but only Kirby noticed something was up as he watched Sonic simply stand there. The pink puffball walked towards the blue hedgehog, wondering what it was Sonic had on his mind. After a short period of time, Sonic patted Kirby on the head, walking to all the companions in the army.

"Uh, guys?" Sonic asked. The fighters stopped congratulating each other to hear what Sonic was asking everyone.

"If we managed to defeat the Subspace Army, what are we still doing here?" Sonic continued in question. The warriors looked at each other, thinking about what to do now.

"The obvious reason is this, Sonic-a: we haven't defeated-a Tabuu yet," Mario answered, rubbing Sonic on the head. "We're going to have to head to the Judgement Fortress and stop all this. We may have weakened the Subspace Army for now, but I get the feeling it's going to be bigger than when we last attacked." The fighters then stood back a little, cool about the response. One by one, each warrior then ran towards the Judgement Fortress, which was still levitating in the air. However, before any of the troops could make it to the door, the ground began shaking. Each one of the warriors looked up to see the Judgement Fortress breaking apart, each piece of debris disintegrating before they even touched the floor. From the sides of the castle emerged six colossal wings, each one a different color of either blue or red, and both of them had imagery of dancing stars within them. As the last remaining parts of the Judgement Fortress crumbled underneath, each one of the warriors saw a gleaming white orb at where the six wings met.

"Surprise, surprise," the seraph laughed. "It's not over yet. Turns out the battle is still going…"

"Who are you to intrude us in a time like this!?" Ridley hissed, his dragon-like wings outstretched.

"His name is Galeem, Seraph of Order," Tabuu answered, floating up from behind the six-winged being. As Galeem pulled Tabuu closer with the Chains of Light the Construct God was bound in, the fighters and the Mii army did not understand what was going on.

"Look who I found…" Galeem teased in a sing-song voice, tugging on the Chains of Light.

"You imprisoned Tabuu when we were this close to defeating him!?" Fox McCloud snarled.

"Our history goes back in time, to when you didn't even exist," Galeem answered. "Let's just say for now… there really was no Ruins of the Ancients…"

"So it was a trap all along?" Snake asked. "You baited us here!"

"Guess you could say that…" Galeem answered, still holding onto the Chains of Light Tabuu was bound in. With a snap from his glowing white fingers, Galeem managed to shrink the entirety of Subspace down to almost nothingness. The fighters and the Mii army thought there were going to be trapped in there forever since the borders were shrinking fast, but they heard the waves splashing and they felt the sun on their faces once more.

Each one of the warriors looked around, seeing that they were at the exact same location everyone gathered up ten years ago, watching a gleam in the sky replace the area of where the Isle of the Ancients used to be. The black-red cloud covering all of Arcadia vanished, showing the clear sky once more. When the fighters looked up, they saw Galeem, his wings outstretched.

"This situation was made up just to call us all here, isn't it?" Mario yelled. "You used Tabuu to reunite the rejected members of the Subspace Army without even making the Construct God tell the truth!"

"You people are just so… gullible," Galeem chuckled. "What you are about to see is the reawakening of a new empire… with the planet you have been trapped in all along as its center."

"What are you trying to say?" Daisy asked.

"Just watch…" Galeem answered. Spreading his three pairs of wings apart, the Seraph of Order created a magical vortex around himself, and the fighters on the ground could do nothing to stop him.

"Hands of Creation, servants of Gallia, call to my arms, help me rebuild this world," Galeem chanted. With the ground rumbling once more, each one of the fighters and the Mii team watched as the Seraph of Order with Tabuu dragged by the Chains of Light called forth someone unknown. Appearing out of nowhere like starships that have traveled to their destination at light-speed were Master Hands, each one of them surrounding Galeem.

"There's more of them!?" Simon asked, pulling out his Vampire Killer.

"Each planet you live on is guarded by at least one Master Hand, hidden away from the physical forms of these worlds," Galeem answered. "As you can see, I have called them all here just for their eternal service and each of their Core's essence of your downfall…"

"Don't let a single one get away!" Fox exclaimed, pointing his blaster at the Seraph of Order and his Master Hands. Tabuu merely looked away in shame as he knew he was forever a slave of Galeem as long as he was cuffed and shackled in the Chains of Light.

"We'll each need to take down ten," Marth said, pulling out his Falchion.

"Stow your fear!" Zelda replied. "It's now or never!"

"We'll win this," Pit answered. "I know we will!"

"What do you think, Shulk-a?" Mario asked, each member of both the legendary warriors and the Mii Fighter army looking at the Bionis.

"You can see into the future, right?" Mario continued in question. "Tell us what is going to happen…" Shulk then pulled out his Monado Arts, placing the blade on his shoulders. Shulk's eyes gleamed blue as he kept seeing futures of what Galeem has in store for them.

"Listen here, Galeem!" Sonic yelled at the Seraph of Order. "There is no need for violence! If you call off your Master Hand army, we can call this whole thing quits! What is it that makes this planet so special, outside of our imprisonment and creatures of darkness invading? Like creatures of darkness never invade other worlds?"

"My history that ties in with this planet is what makes me complicated," Galeem answered. Once Shulk was finished with the visions he witnessed, the Bionis quickly fainted for Robin to catch him in time. Mario and the rest of the gang managed to run up to Shulk in time, noticing his was sweating.

"What happened?" the Mii Brawler asked, shaking Shulk as he quickly woke up. The Bionis managed to see the ex-Brawler Ultimate Reborn in front of him before wiping his head.

"I looked into the future," Shulk answered. "To see what was going to happen in the upcoming conflict." Each one of the warriors looked at Shulk as he quickly got up and drew his Monado Arts.

"How many did you see?" Corrin said in question.

"Six decillion, forty-eight nonillion, seven hundred-and-forty-two octillion, five hundred-and-seventy-nine septillion, fourteen million, six hundred and five," Shulk answered, standing near the rim of the cliffside while looking at Galeem, the imprisoned Tabuu, and the Master Hands.

"And how many are-a there in which we-a win?" Mario asked. Shulk merely glanced down, sweat dripping down his face as he was quickly panting.

"…One," Shulk answered in a tired voice.

"One?" Sonic asked, confused and angry. "That's impossible. All these futures, and only ONE shows our victory? Unless you mean to tell us that this conflict-"

"Is catastrophic," Shulk interrupted. "No matter what I do, I cannot stop some of these visions. It's up for the future itself to decide what's going to happen…" Each one of the warriors looked at each other, worried about what might happen if they lose. Could it mean simply defeat, or something… greater?

Up there in the sky, Galeem then used his telekinesis ability to shred all the Master Hands around him, gathering up the blue essences of the Cores, absorbing them into his body. As the Seraph of Order was still drawing in magic from the Master Hands, the legendary warriors and the Mii Fighter army were getting ready to finish this, whatever was going to happen.

As the warriors were looking up at the sky, Shulk then suddenly remembered something. How all these alternate realities start. How Galeem was going to create his world. How this could spell doom for everyone he cared about.

"Oh my God," Shulk whispered. "This is how all these futures start…" Every fighter in the resistance army heard the Bionis talking to himself, terror in his eyes as he knew what was going to happen once Galeem has finished absorbing all of the Master Cores.

"Run," Shulk panted. "Don't think about attacking or reflecting his attacks. There's no way you can avoid them…" The fighters were confused by what he was saying, trying to understand what he meant by that order.

"What do you-a mean?" Luigi asked. Galeem then was finished absorbing the Master Cores, transforming into a giant black hole. Shulk then quickly turned around, pulling out his Monado Arts.

"EVERYBODY RUN!" Shulk yelled. With a mighty blast, none of the warriors could react in time as the black hole suddenly shot out giant beams of energy, all curving around to attack every single fighter, including the Miis.

The beams of light were first aiming towards few of the Mii Fighter army, disintegrating them on impact. No matter how fast they ran or how much power was put into their weapons, they could not avoid these deadly things. The ex-Ultimates Reborn noticed their troops seemed like they were being killed off and so tried to defend the fighters escaping.

"Get out of here, and fast!" the Mii Gunner yelled. "We'll hold this guy off for as long as we can!" The second she finished, the Mii Gunner was taken along with the beams of light alongside the Brawler and Swordfighter.

Link was blocking most of the attacks with his Master Sword and Hylian Shield, but there was a huge beam coming towards his direction that he could not avoid. As soon as the beam reached towards him, Ganondorf came in with his big blade and slashed one of the millions of Galeem's beam attacks.

"Ganondorf?" Link asked. Cloud Strife ran in to protect the Hylian as the Gerudian was blocking the beams with his sword.

"Leave with the Champion of Hyrule, human," Ganondorf told Cloud. "I'll stall these things." While Cloud Strife was running off with Link, the Gerudo lord was still attacking before being instantly attacked by one of the beams, disintegrating like the others. Another beam was targeting both Cloud and Link, closing in faster. The Hylian noticed what was going to happen to them and hugged Cloud in fear. The 1st-class SOLDIER would not let the disintegration effect occur to anyone, including himself and Link, so he pulled out his Buster Sword just in time before the beam engulfed both blond-haired swordsmen.

Simon and Richter Belmont tried getting into the Big Blue with Captain Falcon, but they were easily defeated before they could even leave. Isabelle and Villager jumped onto Ridley's back while the Space Pirate was carrying King K. Rool into the air. However, they too were slow enough for the beams to catch them as well. Snake thought the little "hiding in his cardboard box" trick would help, but he was sadly taken by another beam as well. Fox, Falco, and Wolf tried hopping into their starships, but they were either taken before they even lifted off or tried blasting off at the speed of light. No matter what was the case, the three anthropomorphic star pilots were engulfed by beams of light. Zelda teamed up with Mewtwo as soon as she saw Sheik taken, jumping high into the air with the legendary Pokemon, and the two magic wielders attempted on reflecting. However, it sadly had no effect on their abilities as they were attacked by the light beams. When Clementine saw another beam of light heading straight towards her, the Inkling quickly created a puddle of orange ink and hid in there. It apparently had no effect because if she supposedly dies, she's taking the ground with her.

Left and right, troops of the Mii Fighter army were quickly being disintegrated alive, and the legendary warriors of the World of Trophies were attacked as well. The fighters that could pilot ships were engulfed before they even took off, and those that could fly on their own were shortly attacked before fading into dust. Mario was still running away from the black hole shooting the beams of light, but he tripped before he saw another deadly light run towards him. The red plumber suddenly saw his brother Luigi step up in front of him, setting the Poltergust device he had up to maximum overdrive which created a vortex that sucked everything in.

"Keep-a running, Mario!" Luigi spoke as the beam of light was drawing closer. As soon as the energy attack reached the two brothers, a blue blur zipped inbetween Mario and Luigi, taking the red plumber. Mario looked at who was carrying him, and it was apparently Sonic. The red plumber quickly managed to catch a glimpse of his brother Luigi trying to suck the beam of light with his vacuum weapon, but was quickly defeated as it disintegrated him. Once Sonic ran at a safe location from the beams of light, the blue hedgehog let Mario slip off his spiny back as the red plumber quickly sat up.

"What-a do you think you're doing here!?" Mario asked.

"I'm trying to get as many of you guys out of here," Sonic answered. "Didn't you hear Shulk? You can't attack or reflect these things. No matter how hard you try, the only thing you can do to avoid the beams is just run. No questions asked. Just run." Mario looked down on the ground, watching as most of his friends mysteriously disappeared, and those that are surviving were not around for very long. The blue hedgehog helped the red plumber stand up, but Mario placed a hand on Sonic's shoulder.

"You're the one who needs to run," Mario said. "Just run away from here as fast as you can. Don't even look back."

"What!?" Sonic exclaimed. "No! I just reunited with you guys. I can't lose you again!" Mario then placed a hand on the blue hedgehog's cheek, understanding Sonic's pain.

"Just do as I say, Sonic-a," Mario said. The red plumber then pulled out the picture he had hidden in his overalls, handing them to Sonic the Hedgehog. As the blue blur noticed the strange sheet of paper, he quickly made up that it was the picture everyone took at the Midair Stadium ten years ago, long-forgotten by everyone else since it was covered with dust and flaking black corners, and the permanent marker that spelled "Smash Bros. 2008" was slowly fading away.

"That's the photo we took… back during our first victory against the Subspace Army…" Sonic said, his voice starting to break. "Oh, Mario… I completely forgot… I didn't mean-" Mario then placed a finger on Sonic's muzzle, the two starting to show tears in their eyes.

"Don't forget about us," Mario interrupted, closing Sonic's hands with the photograph in them. "Just run. Push me and run…"

"Won't… won't that be betrayal?" Sonic asked.

"It doesn't really matter anymore," Mario answered. "What matters is that you simply run…" Beginning to cry, the blue hedgehog hugged the red plumber, tightening his grasp so that it almost feels like he never wants to let this moment go. The two fighters were still hearing the warlike cries and screams of the other warriors, with another one of Galeem's beams of light heading straight towards them.

"Goodbye again," Sonic wept as Mario planted a small kiss on the top of the blue hedgehog's forehead. Through an act of safety, Sonic pushed Mario off the safe zone into the beam of light, quickly running in tears as he didn't even get the chance to see the red plumber disintegrate. As the blue hedgehog was running, he saw all of the good friends he made suddenly engulfed in the beams of light, Mii Fighter troops and all. Not even the Legacy and all of the other ships in the distance could stop Galeem's attack as they exploded on impact by the beams of light while firing away at the vortex. Kirby managed to create a Warp Star out of thin air with the same ability as with what he used to make the Star Allies Sparkler, serving as a fast means of transportation. The pink puffball piloted the Warp Star as fast as he could, lowering it to the ground so that Meta Knight and King Dedede could jump on from a rocky thumb protruding out of the rocky dirt.

"Kirby, think fast!" Meta Knight called out while holding King Dedede's hand. The pink puffball tried moving the Warp Star closer to the two Dream Friends. However, before Meta Knight and King Dedede even touched Kirby's stubby hand, they were engulfed by a beam of light, disintegrating as Kirby piloted the Warp Star faster away from the warzone, looks of fear on his cuddly face. Sonic the Hedgehog ran next to Kirby in time, jumping onto the Warp Star so that the two could escape.

"Keep going!" Sonic ordered Kirby. The pink puffball nodded, putting more of the love energy into the Warp Star he created. The blue hedgehog then noticed Pit and Dark Pit flying next to the Warp Star, both angels being powered by Palutena's Gift of Flight.

"Nice going, Pit-stain!" Dark Pit snarled. "'We'll win this. I know we will.' How stupid are you!?"

"I didn't know what was going to happen, Pittoo!" Pit cried. "Besides, if anything were to happen to Lady Palutena as she's guiding us out of here, we're done for!"

"Get on, guys!" Sonic called out to the two angels. "Quit arguing and let's go!" Both Pit and his doppelganger were just about to grab onto the Warp Star, but Palutena was engulfed by another beam of light like all the others. Once the two angels felt the Gift of Flight in their wings was gone, they were falling to their death, trying to reach for Sonic as they disintegrated as well. The beam that attacked Pit and Dark Pit was close to the Warp Star as well, so Sonic and Kirby were trying to hold on as they were sent tumbling. The pink puffball managed to keep the Warp Star moving, but both fighters were so close to the ground that the Warp Star was screeching as its behind was scratching the cliffside stone. Not only that, but behind the two warriors was another beam of light heading straight towards them, and right in front of them was a 300-foot drop of death that the fighters forgot to check ten years ago before they left, and water was surrounding the entire island the cliffside was shown on.

"I don't think there's really a choice here since the Warp Star can't carry the both of us, Kirby," Sonic said to the pink puffball, knowing that they were too heavy to be supported by the Warp Star now. "We slow down, we both die. We keep going any faster, we both die. There's nothing we can do unless…" The blue hedgehog suddenly came to the only conclusion that he was about to make.

"…Unless one of us gets off first…" Sonic then looked to his right, watching as Kirby was anticipated to get the both of them off. The blue hedgehog then slowly moved closer to the pink puffball. When Kirby felt the blue hedgehog rub the back of his round body, the pink puffball looked at Sonic with black-and-blue eyes.

"Kirby?" Sonic asked, watching as the beam of light was approaching closer to them.

"Kirby, there's something I need to do for your safety," Sonic said.

"Poyo?" Kirby asked gently as the Warp Star was moving closer to the deadly drop.

"I need you to get out of here as quickly as possible," Sonic answered.

"Poyo-poyo?" Kirby asked. Sonic then placed his gloved hand on Kirby's stubby arm.

"Don't worry about me," Sonic answered. "Your safety matters much more to me than even my own memories. There is also a riddle spoken to me, and I want you to remember it: Warrior untouched by the birth of Gallia, awaken the Ragnarokk's memories, redeliver the World of Trophies, and break the Lock. Remember this message, okay? It might help in the future..." The beam of light was approaching closer to the two fighters, the Warp Star losing more energy the faster it went. Sonic then handed Kirby the picture that was given to the blue hedgehog a minute before Mario supposedly died.

"…Poyo?" Kirby asked, confused by what was happening.

"Whatever you do, don't lose the memories we had together… not as friends, but as family," Sonic wept, tears building up in his eyes. Kirby took a good look at the picture that was given to him, and the pink puffball looked at the blue hedgehog in confusion and watery eyes.

"Poyo-po?" Kirby asked, his adorable voice breaking. Sonic then hugged the pink puffball, sobbing into Kirby's pillow-like body. The beam of light drew in closer, and so did the death drop. The Warp Star slowed down enough for Sonic to jump off while still holding on from the back. As Kirby held onto the photograph, he looked behind to see Sonic the Hedgehog, the only fighter that had survived ten years without losing his memories to a trophy transformation, sacrificing his life for the pink puffball.

"Godspeed, you little curbstomper," Sonic whispered, a river of tears flowing from his conjoined eyes as he placed his feet on the ground, keeping up with the speed of the Warp Star.

"Poyo!" Kirby cried. Sonic then picked up the Warp Star from behind, running as fast as he could from the beam of light that was targeting the two fighters. To the blue hedgehog, it seemed like he managed to slow down the beam heading straight towards them with Kirby hanging on. With one last feat of strength, Sonic stopped instantly at the rim of the death drop, throwing the Warp Star out of sight with Kirby in it. The beam of light went above the blue hedgehog as it attempted to catch up to the pink puffball.

"I know you can save us all," Sonic wept quietly, standing on the rim of the 300-foot drop, his arms folded across his chest. He saw Kirby with the photograph the blue hedgehog gave him simply fly off into the sky faster than the speed of light. Pikachu hopped towards Sonic, battered and bruised while trying to avoid the beams. Once the mouse-like Pokémon turned his head towards the blue hedgehog, Pikachu tried giving off the cutest smile he had on, even though times were bad. However, Sonic mainly looked down on Pikachu, streams of tears running down his face as he clenched his teeth, giving sign to the Pokémon that there is no hope to escape from Galeem for the rest of the fighters and the Mii army. With the sadness spreading to Pikachu, beads of water built up in the Pokémon's face as the rim of his mouth trembled.

"Pika-pi…" Pikachu wept. The blue hedgehog then knelt down, opening his arms a bit to let the Pokémon cuddle into him. Without anything to do, Pikachu ran towards Sonic, knowing his love for smaller animals shined through him. As the two tightly hugged each other, Pikachu cried into Sonic's shoulder, with the blue blur silently hiccuping as he tried to hold back his tears. Up there, in the sky still holding onto the Warp Star and the photograph taken ten years ago, the last thing Kirby saw was Sonic hugging Pikachu in a caring manner, the two shutting their eyes as tears dripped down their face before another beam of light engulfed the two warriors, disintegrating them on impact. One more beam was heading straight towards Kirby, about to reach the pink puffball, but the power of love was so great in Kirby that it powered the Warp Star up to max, causing the young Star Warrior and the transportation device explode into smaller stars that vanished a few seconds later before the beam managed to catch up to them.

As the only remaining legendary warriors and the Mii Fighter troops were caught in Galeem's blasts, the beams of light then shot up across the sky, engulfing the planet before spreading across the solar system Arcadia was located in. Once all of the other planets surrounding their sun were caught in Galeem's attack, the beams of light then quickly spread to other stars and worlds. Afterwards, the whole galaxy that Arcadia was identified to reside in was engulfed in one massive explosion of light, following up with all of the clusters and superclusters in space, spreading across all of the other universes in existence. During that time, all of the people that weren't made into fighters were engulfed as well, transforming into the Spirits. Afterwards, the whole multiverse was covered in light, instantly shrinking down until there was nothing… but the silent, black death of space.

Chapter Text

Darkness covered the area. There was nothing but the silence of death. Mario slowly stirred from his unconsciousness back to reality. The red plumber felt like he was trapped in a dream. He slowly felt like he could not move anywhere. Just then, the floor underneath him gave way, moving Mario up to a bright light from far away. As the lights went back into his eyes, Mario saw the only reason he could not move was because he was chained up. Cuffs that covered his hands were revealed, as well as shackles attached to his feet, with both welded to iron chains that were bolted to a golden trophy base that Mario was standing on. Once the trophy base stopped moving, he looked around, seeing all his friends around him in the exact same position he was in: imprisoned in chains and latched to golden bases of trophies, with all of them bearing the Smash Ball symbol. Everyone was fixed to look in the same direction, some of them struggling to break free.

"Sonic-a?" Mario asked, noticing the blue hedgehog in the group of imprisoned fighters.

"Sorry, buddy," Sonic answered, looking down in shame. "There was nowhere to go. None of us could even escape…"

"It's okay," Mario answered. "We'll always get out of these scrapes, right?" Every single one of the fighters looked away in fear. Just then, the light from before grew brighter again, revealing the being behind all this: Galeem. The Seraph of Order then dragged Tabuu by his Chains of Light, the Construct God looking down in envy.

"Surprised to see me?" Galeem asked, each one of the warriors struggling with their special abilities – transformations, elemental powers, and more.

"No need to escape," Galeem continued. "No matter what kinds of tricks you have up your sleeves, these chains know exactly what your next move is and counter-defend, making it completely hopeless…"

"Galeem!" the Mii Swordfighter growled. "What did you do to the Mii Fighter army!?"

"Why would you get the nerve to think I did something horrible to your people, Ultimates Reborn?" Galeem asked. "They're right here…" With a snap of his glowing fingers, Galeem pulled down thousands of charcoal-black cages, each one carrying several Mii Fighters at a time, with each one roped together by the golden bondages.

"Look at you," Galeem asked, admiring at how many fighters he had enslaved and gathered. "Look at all of you. Every single warrior that has ever passed the test of Arcadia's Master Hand is here." Galeem then snapped his fingers again, calling forth a glowing Buckot to look at all the warriors. The order they were viewed was at random, but the best you should know was that Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Dr. Mario, Rosalina & Luma, Bowser Jr., Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Link, Zelda, Sheik, Ganondorf, Young Link, Toon Link, Samus, Zero Suit Samus, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Fox, Falco, Wolf, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Pichu, Pokémon Trainer (Squirtle, Ivysaur, Charizard), Lucario, Greninja, Captain Falcon, Ness, Lucas, Ice Climbers, Marth, Lucina, Roy, Ike, Robin, Corrin, Mr. Game & Watch, Pit, Dark Pit, Palutena, Wario, Olimar, R.O.B., Villager, Little Mac, Wii Fit Trainer, Shulk, Duck Hunt, Daisy, King K. Rool, Ridley, Dark Samus, Incineroar, Chrom, Isabelle, Inkling, Snake, Sonic, Mega Man, PAC-MAN, Ryu, Ken, Cloud, Bayonetta, Simon, Richter, Mii Brawler, Mii Swordfighter, and Mii Gunner were all present, bound in iron chains and latched onto perfectly aligned trophy cases.

"Wait a minute…" Galeem muttered. Sending the Buckot to check again, the Subspace Army creature replica shone a light on an empty trophy base. When the Seraph of Order saw that one of the fighters was missing, he floated a little higher, pulsing brighter in light as a means to show he was angry about something.

"It looks like I'm forgetting someone," Galeem spoke. All of the other fighters suddenly looked around, trying to see who it was among them that escaped.

"You," Galeem growled, shining a spotlight on Sonic the Hedgehog. When the blue blur was picked, he knew that he did something to deserve getting the seraph's attention. With a wave of his wrist, Galeem used his telekinesis ability to shift Sonic's trophy base towards him. Once Sonic was at a legit distance, the Seraph of Order levitated a little closer.

"Where is he?" Galeem growled.

"Where's who?" Sonic teased, struggling with the cuffs and shackles. "There are a lot of male warriors in our group, and by a lot, I mean 'a LOT' a lot-"

"SILENCE!" Galeem yelled, his deafening voice echoing through the darkness and shaking the cages the Mii Fighters were trapped in.

"I know exactly what you did," Galeem continued. "When I unleashed that little attack, did you not think that I can see every move you miserable wimps pull up out of your sleeves?"

"Now that I think about it, no," Sonic answered, smirking. In a low growl, Galeem shifted back a little, each one of the legendary warriors trembling.

"You know who I'm referring to, everyone," Galeem continued. "One of the most adorable fighters on your team; soft and cuddly, like a big pillow, pink all over and those big, black-and-blue eyes. Sounds like a familiar 'someone' you want to snuggle into, doesn't it?" The fighters looked at Galeem as he flicked his wrist again, quickly thrusting Sonic's trophy base close enough for the blue hedgehog to stumble and fall. Once the blue hedgehog got up, he saw Galeem closer to him.

"Where is the pink puffball you call Kirby?" Galeem asked Sonic.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Sonic laughed, pulling on his cuffs. "If you even think about torturing me for information before I open my little mouth, go ahead. My lips are shut, and you won't get a single word out of me. Zip. Nothing." Galeem then snapped his fingers, calling forth another Master Hand. The Hand of Creation then used the lights protruding from Galeem to summon its Crazy Hand from its shadow, and the two Hands then grabbed Sonic's cuffed arms. A sudden shot of energy painfully and quickly traveled through the blue hedgehog's body, for both that Master Hand and Crazy Hand were linking their powers together so that they could electrocute the poor fighter. As Sonic was still being zapped and crying in pain, some of the fighters were attempting to break the chains to save the blue hedgehog.

"Monster!" Fox cried. "Let him go!"

"Have pity on us!" one Mii Fighter called out from the cages hanging up above. "Free us all!" A clamoring of Mii Fighters and the other warriors were speaking indistinguishable to be let go along with Sonic. Once Galeem had enough of watching the blue hedgehog suffer from the electrocutions of the Master Hand and Crazy Hand, the seraph then snapped his fingers again, causing the Master Hand to float behind the Seraph of Order and the Crazy Hand to disappear in the darkness.

"I'll ask you again, you miserable rodent," Galeem asked in a harsher tone, watching as Sonic was quivering while getting up. "Where is Kirby?"

"You know what?" Sonic panted. "I actually don't know. I guess I must've sent Kirby flying off so far not even you and I know where he landed, or even know if he did land at all. The only thing that matters is that he's the only known fighter outside of your grasp, and he's going to save us all, even Tabuu. Sure, the Construct God may be our mortal enemy, but you are using him as a means to call us all here, therefore making it so that he needs our help as well! You can't stop the ever-glowing light within us!" Galeem noticed Tabuu, who was bound in Chains of Light, sulking off and bowing his head in shame.

"Then I suppose I'll take the light from inside you and use its powers to turn you all against the pink puffball," Galeem spoke, flicking his wrist again to move to where Sonic was originally placed before. Once the blue hedgehog was placed back in the group of fighters, they all could simply watch as the seraph dragged Tabuu towards him.

"Do it," Galeem ordered Tabuu. "Use your Off-Waves. Revert all of the fighters in the room back to their trophy selves. Make the Mii Fighters one of the Subspace Army. That way, you can help me banish the Arcadian trophies' Spirits to exile and we can use their Smash Balls to make the Lock."

"The Lock?" Tabuu asked in a weakened tone. Galeem then rubbed one of his wings on the Construct God's back, chuckling.

"You know about the Lock, don't you?" Galeem answered in the form of a question. Galeem then lashed the Chains of Light at Tabuu, forcing the Construct God to float in front of the Seraph of Order. The warriors of the World of Trophies then suddenly felt the cyan rope winding around their bodies like serpents, tightening their coils and turning golden.

"It's just to ensure you that you belong to me now," Galeem spoke to the fighters as Tabuu spread his butterfly-like wings, gathering up energy. The fighters were terrified by what was about to happen, few of the warriors still struggling with their bondages.

"No matter-a what, we just have to stay together," Mario said to all of his friends. "Keep our hopes up… help-a Kirby save us in our greatest time of need… and reawaken the undying light…" As soon as Tabuu unleashed his signature move, a great vortex surrounded the Construct God, blinding all of the warriors and the Mii Fighters in a white light. The last thing any of the fighters remembered before feeling their bodies harden was the evil laughter of Galeem echoing through their minds…

Traveling at the speed of sound, Kirby was still holding on to the Warp Star he was riding on, shutting his eyes tight and never opening them, clinging tight to the photograph Sonic gave him. Just then, the pink puffball heard the sound of thunder rumbling in the distance. Kirby slowly opened up his eyes, seeing that he was traveling inside darkened clouds. The air felt chillingly cold as Kirby heard the roar of thunder again. A zap of lightning then struck near the Warp Star, startling the young Star Warrior. Two more bolts of lightning churned up in the storm cloud, keeping Kirby on his toes. After everything seemed calm high above the ground, a lightning bolt struck the Warp Star, causing the transportation vehicle to lose altitude. Crying in fear while tumbling from the sky, Kirby kept holding onto the Warp Star, eventually getting past the thundercloud. Once the pink puffball saw he was getting close to the ground, he quickly mapped it out and saw it was a barren wasteland with a few dancing colors that seemed so small Kirby could not even make them out as they quickly vanished just as fast as he discovered them. Kirby then quickly moved the Warp Star upward, making the crash-landing slow down at best. With a ram into the ground, the Warp Star quickly disintegrated into thin air, the collision course sending Kirby flying into one of the small, stony mountains. As soon as the pink puffball climbed out of the rocks that fell down on top of him after he crash-landed, Kirby looked at himself, noticing he was covered in stains of dust and dirt. The pink puffball then pulled out the photograph he still carried after all this time, looking at the friends he made ten years ago.

"…Poyo?" Kirby asked, noticing himself in the picture right next to Mario in the front. Just then, a drop of water landed on the photograph, collecting some of the ink imprinted into the photograph. A few more drops of water were landing on the photo as well, collecting a bit more of the imprinted ink. Kirby then suddenly looked up in the sky, noticing it was raining. The pink puffball then quickly inhaled the picture, instantly swallowing it before running off. Kirby was running around the barren wasteland, searching for his friends and calling out to them as the heavy shower of rain poured down on his soft, round body.

"Poyo!" Kirby yelled, running through the biome as the rain kept pouring. The pink puffball was tripping over small stones, battering and bruising his sensitive skin. Nonetheless, Kirby still kept moving forward, determined to find his friends.

"Po-yo! Poyo!" Kirby yelled again, calling out over the horizon, where there was a luscious green forest close to the barren wasteland. As the pink puffball kept calling out to his friends, the ground underneath him shifted and gave way, causing Kirby to fall down the cliffside. The young Star Warrior was being rammed into rocks, tumbling all the way down. After the fall, Kirby landed in a rather large mud puddle, covered in large scratches and cuts deep enough to cause his pink skin to bleed and get even redder. He landed next to the forest area, weakened and physically broken.

"…Poyo-poyo?" Kirby asked, the rain still pouring down upon his face. The pink puffball then suddenly felt memories return to him: remembering the adventure he went with his companions ten years ago, back when they were fighting against the Subspace Army, sharing what little knowledge they had left of each other.

Such great times.

"…Poyo-po…" Kirby whispered, his voice breaking. Tears built up in his eyes as he flopped his wounded, soaked body to the wet ground, starting to cry. The pink puffball then lifted up his head, sobbing as the rain kept pouring on top of him. The drops of water collected with the tears as they rolled down Kirby's face. Even though he was young, the pink puffball was old enough to understand the heartbreaking truth.

All of his friends were gone, and Kirby was the last fighter in existence.

Chapter Text

As the rain slowly stopped throughout the night, the radiant sunlight shone down upon the pink puffball the next day. Kirby woke up to feel the light warm him up, but the light from the sun was not the same without his friends. Suddenly remembering them again, Kirby planted his face into the ground, sobbing into the shrinking puddle formed by his own tears. Just then, as Kirby was about to let another painful series of crying, he suddenly heard a voice. It was faint, but it was loud enough for Kirby to hear it as he stopped weeping. The pink puffball wiped his eyes, still strong enough to stand up straight by moving his wounded body.

Kirby slowly turned his head, wondering where that sound was coming from. It sounded like a woman singing, her voice like angels from on high. The pink puffball heard it again, noticing it was coming from deep within the forest. With whatever ounce of strength he had left, Kirby ran with his big, red feet into the luscious vegetation. The louder Kirby heard the singing, the closer he ran towards a certain direction. Eventually, the pink puffball managed to pass through a blueberry-coated bush, finding himself at a crystal-clear lake. Birds were chirping in the distance as Kirby looked around. There, sitting on a rock, the pink puffball managed to find the source of the singing: a black-haired woman with milk chocolate-colored skin bathing near the lake. The front of her naked body was hidden from Kirby's point-of-view as she scooped up a mixture of fruits and juices from a leaf a tad bigger than her hand, lathering it into her wavy locks. As the mixture was lathering into bubbles in the brown-skinned woman's hair, she was still humming with an angel's voice. Kirby, aroused by her beautiful singing, slowly crept up behind her, curious about who she is. Eventually, after Kirby got at least close enough, the woman turned her head to meet eyes with a round-shaped, pink, black-and-blue eyed puffball whose smile could warm hearts.

"Hai!" Kirby said, waving his stubby arms. With a terrified scream, the woman, her back still turned on the pink puffball, grabbed a rather large stick and whacked Kirby into a bush, not even realizing she slipped off the rock and fell into the water thanks to the force emitted from that swing. After Kirby managed to climb out of the bush, brushing off most of the sticks and twigs on him, the pink puffball suddenly noticed the stranger in the water, running to the rim of the lake in fear. As soon as Kirby saw soapy bubbles in the water, the brown-skinned woman quickly sprouted out from the water, gasping for air.

"Get away from me, you little demon!" the stranger gasped, still trying to swim as she shut her eyes, not even looking at Kirby. She then swam towards the rock she was sitting on, climbing onto it while covering herself. After wiping her eyes, she then opened them to see not a monster but instead a badly-wounded pink puffball that looks like he wouldn't even attack anyone.

"Oh my gosh," the stranger spoke, watching Kirby rub his little head with his stubby arms. "I am so sorry. I don't know what came over me. I just mistook you for another minion invading these lands…" Kirby merely looked at her, shaking his head while smiling. The stranger then hopped back into the water, swimming to a nearby bush to get herself dried up and dressed.

"Poyo-poyo?" Kirby asked, tilting his nonexistent neck.

"Hope you can accept my apology," the stranger said, rustling the bush's branches. "These lands are crawling with monsters nowadays. I can't even have peace without one stalking me…" Once the stranger climbed out of the bush, Kirby saw she was dressed in some sort of tankini outfit made out of stitched-together leaves, both pieces of the clothing covering her breasts and hips. The brown-skinned stranger then wrung her wavy black hair, flipping it back when she was done.

"Oh, I almost forgot," the stranger replied, forgetting something. Kirby watched as she combed through the bush, searching the branches for something, and the pink puffball didn't know what.

"Found it!" the stranger sighed in relief, pulling out some sort of heirloom. It was attached to a thin, brown rope, with a purple rounded gemstone fused to golden markings that somewhat resembled the Smash Ball. Kirby noticed the strange antique charm as the stranger tied the rope around her neck, making it snug enough so it doesn't choke her.

"Poyo?" Kirby asked, pointing at the thing the stranger put around her neck. The brown-skinned woman noticed where the pink puffball was pointing at.

"What? This?" the stranger asked, lifting up the charm. Kirby nodded, seeing as how this thing could be important to her.

"Oh, that," the stranger continued. "I've been carrying that thing ever since… ever since I could remember." Confused, Kirby slowly walked up to the stranger, watching as she sat down on the rock, feeling down.

"You see," the stranger told Kirby, "I have a very severe case of amnesia. I don't remember anything from my past, outside of waking up, cold and naked. This antique charm has been around my neck during that time, and for some reason, I can't part without it, even though I can take it off for personal reasons. I don't even know if I have a name…" Kirby was simply staring at her, wondering what she means if she can't remember anything, not even her name…

"Unless you have a good name to call me by, then I guess it's acceptable, as long as it defines me…" the stranger spoke. Kirby sat down a little and pondered, thinking about a good name for the black-haired, brown-skinned woman he found singing in the middle of a forest. Suddenly, he remembered Sonic talking about the Shadow Bug he found back at the Legacy, how he named it after one of his friends who was supposedly trapped as an Assist Trophy…

"Fa… fa… k… er…" Kirby stammered since he barely knew how to talk. Eventually, after a few seconds of practice, the pink puffball managed to spell it out correctly.

"Faker?" Kirby asked. The woman then sat down, thinking about the name the pink puffball called her. Then, she gave off a smile of approval, thinking that this name could be perfect.

"From now on, you get to call me Faker, okay?" the brown-skinned woman answered. Kirby then nodded, happy that he made a new friend. Kirby then took a small stick, attempting to print his name in a clear area of dirt. Kirby then finished writing his name that he managed to spell out: K-I-R-B-Y. The pink puffball first pointed at the name written in the ground and then pointed to himself so that Faker would notice.

"So your name's Kirby, right?" Faker asked. The pink puffball nodded again in response. Just then, Faker noticed how battered and broken the pink puffball looked.

"Oh my gosh," Faker gasped. "I don't know if I haven't seen before, but you are awfully hurt." Kirby looked at himself, noticing he was covered in the cuts and bruises he forgot he had.

"What happened?" Faker asked. "Did you get lost? A terrible accident?" Kirby then suddenly remembered the true reason why he was crying: because of what happened before the attack. Tears formed in the pink puffball's eyes, and he opened his mouth to drag out the photograph he kept dry inside himself with his stubby arms. Beginning to sob, Kirby handed over Faker the photograph, and the brown-skinned woman took a good look at it. Sure, some of the sides were watered out, but all of Kirby's friends ten years ago were all there.

"Is this the reason you are alone?" Faker asked, noticing Kirby whimper. Taking affection for the pink puffball, the brown-skinned woman knelt down and slowly moved closer.

"I understand," Faker answered, knowing Kirby's pain. "The reason why is because you're broken: both outside and inside. You miss your friends, like something terrible has happened to them." The pink puffball gently nodded, drops of tears rolling down his face.

"Oh, come here, you," Faker replied, holding her arms out. Kirby, sobbing dreadfully, ran into the brown-skinned woman's arms, weeping into her bosom.

"Let it all out," the brown-skinned woman spoke, her voice as sweet as a mother's, hugging Kirby. "You want to find them again. I can try helping you. You just have to believe they're alive…" Kirby then stopped crying after a while, wiping his eyes. The pink puffball nodded, getting up along with Faker.

Meanwhile, in an unknown, darkened area, Galeem was watching through a magical window, watching as Kirby was being comforted by the black-haired, brown-skinned woman he decided to make friends with. With one flick of his wrists, the Seraph of Order summoned forth his new and improved Mii Fighter army, every single one of them darkened in color and standing motionless, placed on a black opal tray. Different Spirits with and without rainbow auras, each one of them blue, green, yellow, and red in color, floated towards the petrified army and possessed each Mii Fighter, breathing life into them again as they moved their limbs. The Miis slowly opened their eyes, each one revealing glowing red irises as they jumped off, kneeling before Galeem. Laughing quietly to himself, Galeem held onto Tabuu's Chains of Light, tugging as the Construct God continued to resist.

"Are you thinking about what each of the fighters said, Tabuu?" Galeem asked.

"Millions of years ago, I wanted to create a world of my own, for the Master Hand of Arcadia is nothing more than a servant," Tabuu answered. "You overthrew me before lying to me that she was alive…" The Seraph of Order slowly levitated towards Tabuu, chuckling.

"But you were merely following orders," Galeem chuckled. "Now that I have arrived, you will know who your true master is around here. Do you understand?" Tabuu slowly nodded, followed by Galeem moving back to his original position. Just then, the glowing red Spirits with rainbow auras floated in as the seraph was watching Kirby being comforted by Faker. These glowing red Spirits involved Sephiroth, Infinite, M. Bison, and Morpho Knight, as well as hundreds of thousands of brand new faces in different colors and many even lacking the rainbow aura never seen before.

"You called us here, master?" Sephiroth asked.

"I summoned you all here for one simple task, and that task is bringing the warrior that summons my downfall to me, dead or alive," Galeem answered.

"We're rooting for you, boss," one of the Spirits spoke. "Now tell us: who's the little guy we get to take care off?"

"Look behind you," Galeem answered. The glowing red Spirits with rainbow auras looked behind themselves, seeing a brown-skinned woman comforting a pink puffball through the magical window.

"The one the woman's comforting is one of the fighters that has passed the Arcadian Master Core's test, going by the name of Kirby," Galeem continued.

"Who?" another Spirit spoke. "That pink puffball? Ha! He could barely even harm a fly!"

"But that pink puffball was the only one out of all his friends to escape my clutches," Galeem spoke. "Thanks to his beliefs that his friends are still out there, he'll regain confidence thanks to that woman he found, rescue his companions, and stop my reign. You are the only servants I can count on to put an end to this." Galeem then flicked his wrists again, and Dracula and a Rathalos walked into the room.

"The only reason why these two weren't transformed into Spirits was that I saw them fit bosses if my slaves fail me," Galeem answered. "For a few things to spice up this battle, I'm sending the only warriors that will be joining the Subspace Army again after a short time." With a snap of his glowing white fingers, a robed man walked into the room. He was coated in peacock feathers and the textures of his robes reflected the design, and the left half of his pale blue face was coated in gold. Alongside the elegant figure, Rayquaza, Rathalos, and Galleon, as well as the Werewolf and King Bulbin, all arrived in the room, fully remade and surrounded by an army of Master Hands floating in the air.

"Should I send in the fighters?" the robed stranger asked, towering with barely enough height to rival Dracula's.

"Of course, Balder," Galeem answered. With the bosses of the Subspace Army dragging forth a huge tray, the Mii Fighter army stood back as they looked at all of the trophies of the fighters. Each one of them looked like they were asleep, but their petrified forms were standing upright, fused to their separate trophy bases and golden rope wrapping around their bodies.

"The Supporters are to be born to follow the Primaries, just like they had always been," Galeem spoke. A swarm of Buckots flew into the air, each one of them not carrying red-hot melted iron but a golden liquid as smooth as honey. The Buckots then poured the golden liquid onto the warrior statues, drizzling them until a gray-colored warrior appeared under them. Once the replicas fell to the ground from the floating trophies, the Buckots created at least seven more for each fighter. After all eight for each fighter was gathered and aligned, rainbow-glowing Spirits all but the red color infused their powers with the False Warriors, giving birth to new life as the replicas opened their eyes to reveal glowing red irises. Each one of the rainbow-aura red Spirits, including Sephiroth, Morpho Knight, M. Bison, and Infinite, then floated to the frozen fighter that they enjoy the best, flying into the stone warriors on the trophy bases.

"Spirits, return to your vessels," the Seraph of Order spoke. A wave of his wrists summoned all of the Smash Balls he gathered from the fighters. A soft blow into each one of the Smash Balls caused them to float to their chosen warriors, infusing with the Spirits within and granting them a body of their own. The Galeem Lock flashed around each fighter's body, the form revealing to be the six wings the Seraph of Order held over his back. Once the ritual was over, the fighters started moving again, their stone shells crumbing off to reveal all of the legendary Arcadian warriors again. However, once they opened their eyes, their irises showed the gleaming red their Supporters bore.

"Thanks to the Galeem Lock, the Spirits with the help of the Smash Balls will now have a much easier chance of taking down Kirby and the Forgotten Resistance," Galeem spoke. Each one of the warriors jumped down from the floating trophy bases, the Spirits possessing the fighters' bodies looking at themselves in awe. Outside of the glowing red irises, it seemed like there really was not much of a difference for each of the warriors.

"The hidden abilities the Primaries still have are located within the Spirit," Galeem continued, the Mii Fighter army walking away from the dark area. "You will all find them in time. Until then, search the land. Separate if you have to. All that matters is that you bring the pink puffball to me so the world of Gallia can be complete." As the Mii Fighter army, darkened and possessed, walked out of the dark area, the Seraph of Order laughed in victory as his own troops from the World of Trophies assembled right before him, the Primaries each with eight of their Supporters. Tabuu, still cuffed and shackled, looked away in shame as he knew the course of action he had taken. Not just himself, but his entire Subspace Army in general, had fallen under the hands of this monster.

Somewhere, in the land of Gallia, Kirby was guiding his new friend Faker out of the forest she was located into a nice, green pasture. Holding the brown-skinned woman's hand in his stubby pink one, the pink puffball looked around, amazed by the new world he and Faker had set foot in. Kirby slowly felt his red, simplified feet sink into the soft grass, looking at the clear blue skies dotted with wave-like clouds. The landscape was humongous too, revealing plains, forests, deserts, islands, volcanic ground, icy wastelands, and futuristic ruins as far as the eye could see. Kirby sighed in grief. How was he going to find all of his friends on this huge planet? Faker then patted the pink puffball's back, knowing it was going to be okay.

"We'll find them," Faker said, looking down on Kirby. "I'm sure we'll find them all. We just have to be patient. That's all we really need…" Suddenly, Kirby heard some rustling in a nearby shrub. The pink puffball looked to his left, noticing that it had just moved. Driven nuts over curiosity, Kirby ran over to the shrub, leaving a confused, black-haired and brown-skinned woman.

"Kirby?" Faker asked. "Where are you going?" The brown-skinned woman followed Kirby into the shrub, watching as he continued deeper into what appeared to be a wild garden. She saw that the pink puffball was attempting to search through the shrub but could not find anything but a spiked ball. Faker noticed that Kirby ran off deeper into the flowery area. Afterward, the two of them had stumbled upon an abandoned greenhouse. The glass roof was dirtied and broken, allowing vines of flowers to climb out like it was a jungle. Flower pots and gardening tools still stood around, untouched by the sands of time as dust collected on them.

"Maybe this was some sort of mistake," Faker asked Kirby, who was still looking around for the noise he had heard. "We should probably go back the way we came…" The pink puffball then suddenly heard another noise, this time coming from within the greenhouse. Pulling out a flaming hammer, Kirby swung the weapon at the locked door, bursting it open from the outside. Once Kirby put away his hammer, he hopped in, seeing what secrets the old building had to offer. After he and Faker slowly walked in, Kirby suddenly noticed lying on top of the greenhouse's rubble was a plant. However, it was not just any plant, as it had a rounded, red-skinned head with white spots, only having a large, pointed mouth with white lips on its front. Its body was a long, green stem, with two stubby roots at the end which supposedly served as feet. Battered and bruised, the plant-like creature lay on top of the debris, growling in pain. Kirby managed to carry the plant by the stem, with Faker stepping outside so that the pink puffball could nurse it back to health.

"Poyo-poyo-po," Kirby said, searching through the gardening tools for something to help the poor creature. The pink puffball managed to pull out a brown flower pot, filling it near the brim with fertilized dirt. Faker then pulled out a hand shovel, digging a little hole in the center. Kirby carried the plant-like creature to the flower pot, helping Faker place its stubby roots in. Once the two of them managed to cover up the plant's bottom, the brown-skinned woman got ahold of a watering can, pushing a pump's handle. Even though the pump was rusted, it still managed to spurt out clean and clear water. After Faker filled the watering can at a certain point, she stopped pumping, with Kirby helping her carry the tool to the wounded plant. After a few seconds of pouring water into the flower pot just right so the dirt was nice and moist, the plant-like creature quickly sprung to life, shrugging off its wounds and sprouting two large leaves at the area of its body closest outside of the flower pot.

The creature began snapping and growling, causing both Kirby and Faker to jump a bit. Its two stubby roots had their tips sticking out from beneath the flower pot, helping the plant to stand up. However, since it was still quickly healing itself, he could only snap at them with its jagged white teeth.

"Geez, that thing is feisty," Faker stammered. "That plant's merely just… biting at us like a piranha. Don't you think so, Kirby?" However, Kirby slowly walked over to the plant-like creature, curious at the thing. The thing snapped and snarled, shrugging off more of its wounds, as Kirby carefully approached the plant-like creature. The pink puffball then slowly placed his stubby hands on the plant-like creature's forehead, trying to calm the carnivorous flower down.

"Poyo-poyo-poyo-poyo, Pi… piranh… ha… Pl… ant?" Kirby stammered, staying self-confident as he kept holding his stubby arms to calm the vicious plant down. The creature was beginning to shake its head, but the pink puffball tried taming it as Faker simply stood back and watched, amazed by how Kirby was handling the new creature they both discovered and saved. Kirby then carefully lifted up the flower pot the carnivorous plant was settling in, showing it to Faker.

"Seems like you made a new friend," Faker said with coincidence. "What do you think you're going to name him?"

"Piranha Plant," Kirby cooed, with the plant-like creature jumping out of the pink puffball's stubby arms with his two leaves. The carnivorous flower snapped and growled at Kirby's answer for a name, nodding for a fact that he seemed to like it.

"You wanna call him Piranha Plant?" Faker asked. "I honestly don't see anything wrong with that…" Piranha Plant then growled friendly, knowing not only was it defined as a "him", but he was also given a name for the first time. Just then, the Piranha Plant suddenly perked its head, twisting towards a direction he heard. The carnivorous flower started growling and biting at said direction, and both Kirby and Faker noticed where he was looking at. The Piranha Plant then started moving with its two stubby roots hiding underneath the flower pot, walking past the abandoned greenhouse into the darker side of the area. After Kirby and Faker stopped following the Piranha Plant, the trio discovered they were somewhere in the wild garden where the flowers looked much darker in color and the sun did not shine as much. That was when the brown-skinned woman and the pink puffball found the carnivorous plant lurching down, snarling at something. Kirby moved the Piranha Plant aside by pushing his flower pot, eager to see what is it that ticked the plant-like creature. There, on the ground, without any sudden notice, was merely a small flower with a face. He had a green stem with yellow petals, and he had one of the most adorable smiles you could find.

"Poyo?" Kirby asked the Piranha Plant. While the carnivorous plant was snapping and growling, Faker grabbed the two fighters and pulled them close to her. The yellow-petaled flower just stood there, acting merely harmless.

"Oh, hi," the flower spoke with a rather high-pitched voice. Both Kirby and Piranha Plant both walked away from the brown-skinned woman, alarmed by this talking plant.

"My name's Flowey," the small flower said as he introduced himself. "You're probably wondering what I'm doing here. Well, you seem curious about where you're at."

"We're talking to a flower," Faker whispered to herself. "Either we must be on the wrong side of the planet or I'm completely numb."

"Rules can change here in the newfound planet of Gallia, the World of Spirits," Flowey spoke. "Only a select few are assigned to keep their bodies once Lord Galeem says so." Kirby rubbed his cuddly pink face, confused by all this, since Flowey didn't really have a glowing, semi-transparent body. Piranha Plant, on the other hand, merely barred his jagged teeth, growling.

"What's this guy's problem?" Flowey asked, turning his attention towards the plant-like fighter. Faker then grabbed Piranha Plant's flower pot, trying to calm the carnivorous flower down.

"It looks like he doesn't trust you," the brown-skinned warrior answered for the Piranha Plant. "The rest of us are not really sure, since you don't look all that harmless…"

"I completely understand," Flowey spoke, Kirby speculating the strange talking flower.

"You see," Flowey continued, "I get so lonely sometimes, since I'm rooted to the ground and never really go anywhere. So barely anyone visits me. I just like to answer a simple question: would you like to be my friend?" Kirby kept looking at the small flower, pondering with an answer as he scratched his head. He then looked at the snarling Piranha Plant in Faker's arms, confused.

"I don't know if we should really trust you," Faker answered. "Besides, we just met, we don't know anything about you, and already Piranha Plant is snarling with no reason. I get it that he probably can't talk…"

"Come on!" Flowey objected. "I've been so lonely ever since I was just a seed. The least you could do is accept me into your little group…" Kirby then looked at the Piranha Plant, who was still snarling and biting, trying to squirm out of Faker's arms. The pink puffball then instantly remembered the reason why he and the brown-skinned woman found the carnivorous flower in the first place. The fact that the Piranha Plant was wounded answered everything: this area was a trap. Kirby, terror on his face, stammered and turned his head towards Faker and the Piranha Plant. Terrified, Kirby ran towards the brown-skinned woman and grabbed her hand, making her drop the carnivorous plant as it quickly sprung up again. The pink puffball, with all the strength that remained from those terrible wounds, attempted to drag Faker out of here.

"What is your problem, Kirby?" Faker asked, the Piranha Plant running towards the pink puffball. When Flowey heard the brown-skinned woman call the fighter Kirby, his lips curled into a deviating smile, knowing something the other three didn't. Once Faker turned her head towards Flowey, the small flower then put on his usual smile again, pretending like nothing happened.

"Excuse us for a brief moment," Faker chuckled, watching as both the Piranha Plant and Kirby were dragging the brown-skinned woman by the arms away from Flowey back to the abandoned greenhouse.

"Hey!" Flowey called out. "Where you going? Don't leave me all alone!" When the trio were just reaching to the nearest shrub in the lighter side of the garden, a thorny vine instantly stuck out from the ground, slashing. Faker was scared out of her wits, holding onto the heirloom around her neck, while both Kirby and Piranha Plant turned around to see Flowey again. He was looking down on the mossy forest floor, a demon's smile on his face.

"You… don't want to be my friend…?" Flowey asked, this time in a raspy voice. Both the two fighters and Faker were trembling at the small yet dangerous-looking flower, his yellow, rounded petals suddenly shifting into a sharpened form. Flowey's roots then forced themselves out of the ground, allowing the small flower to crawl towards the tiny group of adventurers. Black, void-like eyes shined through Flowey's face as thorns and smaller flowers instantly popped out on his stem. The demonic flower was then growing larger in size, eventually becoming so tall that he was literally towering over them.

"Not that it really matter with your decision," Flowey continued, with Faker trembling and both Kirby and Piranha Plant looking at the monster, ready to attack.

"I also forgot to tell you: I was assigned by Lord Galeem to look for a certain pink puffball named Kirby, one of which was looking for his friends to bring them back and overthrow our Gallian leader," Flowey continued in that raspy voice of his. "Which is why I ask you again: will you be my friend?"

"Attempt to take this poor creature against my will?" Faker objected, holding on tight to Kirby. "Use him so that your lord and his followers can dominate this planet? No! We will never be your friends!"

"Are you sure…?" Flowey asked, tilting his head. "You know you are rejecting me, and you know how much I hunger for rejection. You can say it feeds me, gives me strength..." With a laughter that can scare even the most terrifying of monsters out of Tartarus, Flowey, with a deep breath, blew a swarm of white pellets around the adventurers, surrounding them with nowhere to go, not even above is safe. Faker, Piranha Plant, and Kirby were trapped.

"DIE…" Flowey growled, causing the pellets to close in on the trio. Just when it was all over for them, a blast of aqua-colored lightning surrounded the pellets and instantly disintegrated them with a small explosion. Kirby, Piranha Plant, and Faker then looked around, noticing there was something that disrupted Flowey's attack.

"What!?" Flowey snarled. Just before he was about to react, a white-coated wolf with flaming markings on her coat jumped in, biting through the tough skin in Flowey's stem. Just when the demonic flower tried shaking the white wolf off, she then hopped alongside the three adventurers, pulling out a strange, mystical paintbrush from her back, which was protected by some sort of stone plate with ancient markings. Jumping high into the air, the white-coated wolf with flame markings painted a horizontal line in mid-air, which instantly attacked Flowey with a mighty slash. As soon as the demonic flower stumbled back upon himself, some sort of wise magician walked up next to the white-coated wolf. This strange being resembled a lot like a Mii, with the long, gray hair, green eyes, gray glasses and all, resembling an elderly person. Her hooded robe was thick and white, fading into blue and/or turquoise on the ends of her arms, legs, and hood's inside. She was carrying a jeweled staff coated in silver, spreading her arms out with an angry expression on her face and generating aqua-colored lightning, standing half as tall as Faker.

"You leave these travelers alone!" the sage spoke, with the white-coated wolf growling alongside her and wielding the paintbrush she used to attack Flowey. Kirby, Piranha Plant, and Faker were shocked by what just happened, and they simply stood back and watched a robed sage teaming up with a white-coated wolf with mystical, godlike powers, the both of them fighting against a demonic flower.

"Hmph," Flowey growled, looking at Kirby with soulless eyes. "You may have one this round, kid, but I'll be back, and it ain't gonna be pretty!" Burying back into the ground, Flowey vanished from the area, and the adventuring trio were surprised by what happened. Both the wolf and the sage turned towards Piranha Plant, Faker, and Kirby, recognizing who they saved.

"You… you helped us," Faker stammered. "Who even are you two?"

"Where are my manners?" the sage answered. "I go by a lot of names, but you can simply call me the Great Sage. The wolf by my side is Amaterasu, reincarnation of the mythical goddess of the sun on her planet." The white-coated wolf stretched in a downward arch, her flame-like markings flowing across her fur, yawning after that intense battle with Flowey.

"So you must be the pink puffball all of Gallia is searching for at this point," the Great Sage spoke, pointing her staff at Kirby. "You have to be careful next time, for there are many traps set across the planet, ready to capture you when you least expect it…" Faker then suddenly noticed both the Great Sage and Amaterasu were semi-transparent and lacking the rainbow aura, but they were still Spirits, nonetheless. The Great Sage was green all over, and Amaterasu was a bright yellow.

"You're both… Spirits?" Faker asked.

"Of course we are," the Great Sage answered, stroking the white-coated wolf's mane. "However, we are completely different as we are just plain Spirits. Even though we can pass through solid objects, we can also interact with this world at will. We also noticed the main reason why that Piranha Plant was wounded was because of the one who introduces himself as Flowey." The Great Sage then suddenly noticed the sky growing darker, watching as a black-red storm-cloud formed in the sky.

"Come on," the Great Sage said, grabbing Kirby by her left arm. "There's no time to explain everything. We have to head back to our base when the Shadow Bugs rain from above." Amaterasu used her muzzle to bite and hold onto Piranha Plant's flower pot, carrying the fighter towards the Great Sage, who was running towards a different direction from the abandoned greenhouse. Faker then suddenly noticed the Shadow Bugs raining from up above, running towards the two fighters and Spirits.

"Wait up for me!" the black-haired, brown-skinned woman called out, adjusting her takini uniform and tightening up the charm around her neck a bit as she ran back to the group.

Chapter Text

After minutes of walking up a mountain, trying to take shelter from the Shadow Bug storm, Kirby, Piranha Plant, and Faker followed the Great Sage and Amaterasu to what appeared to be a small sky pirate ship, linked to land by a wooden bridge. Lanterns filled with fireflies were stringed alongside its rusty hull, and its air-powered engine in the back of the ship was producing a bit of smoke but still functioning fine. A glowing blue, semi-transparent, half-sized Spirit was hovering in the air thanks to a rather large balloon tied to his back. Once he put away the binoculars he was carrying, noticing the two Spirits returning with survivors, he popped the balloon on his back, sticking a rather nice landing on the deck despite having fallen from a pretty tall height.

"Kooloo-limpah!" the Spirit asked Amaterasu and the Great Sage. "Who dares pass through the borders of the Forgotten Resistance!?"

"It's us, Tingle," the Great Sage sighed, keeping Kirby, Piranha Plant, and Faker close to herself.

"Prove it, intruders!" Tingle yelled. "What's the secret password?"

"We had no secret password ever since we found this ship," the Great Sage replied. "You should have remembered it, unless you're an idiot…"

"Oh!" Tingle replied with a joyous expression. "I guess I kinda forgot. Please, do come on board. We were just departing." The five travelers then walked across the wooden bridge onto the deck just in time, for the ship slowly pulled up the wooden bridge and lifted off into the air, away from the mountain and the black-red storm cloud.

After what felt like a minute, the rusted ship was outside of the Shadow Bug storm in no time, floating high above the land while underneath the clouds and the afternoon sun. While on the deck, Faker noticed both Kirby and the Piranha Plant run to the sides of the ship, amazed by how big the World of Spirits truly was. The brown-skinned woman then walked next to the two fighters, looking at the view from up above.

"Wow," she said with a breathtaking voice. "I've never been up this high, and already I'm terrified of this height…" The Great Sage then waved her hand, getting the attention of Piranha Plant, Kirby, and Faker.

"Now, if you want to take a tour around the Undying Light, feel free to do so," the Great Sage told the trio, with Amaterasu nuzzling her face into the Mii mage's robe.

"I can be your guide around here," Tingle spoke up, hopping up and down. "I can give you a little advice on what's what and who's who." Later on, the three adventurers were following Tingle through the ship. Just then, a semi-transparent, glowing-blue Mabu pilot named Flynn arrived on the scene.

"Hiya, Tingle," Flynn spoke. "Mind if I take over for a while and join in with the others to help fix us dinner? I've been driving this thing and I haven't eaten in hours."

"Can do," Tingle answered, saluting the tall Mabu pilot. Tingle then ran off, leaving Kirby, Piranha Plant, and Faker with Flynn.

"Afternoon, new recruits," Flynn spoke. "My name is Flynn, and I'll be your substitute tour guide around the Undying Light." The Mabu pilot then walked off, with Kirby, Piranha Plant, and Faker walking with him.

"As you can see here," Flynn continued, walking through the power rooms where everyone was fixing and cleaning, "this ship may not look like much, but we love calling it a home. We've got all sorts of Spirit friends for you to make, like Professor E. Gadd, working on the boilers…"

"How are you doing?" E. Gadd spoke, wiping the ashes off his glowing-blue elderly face.

"We've got Sticks the Jungle Badger…" Flynn continued, pointing at a glowing-green, anamorphic, brown-coated badger that looked like she was a friend of Sonic's, searching for wrenches and bolts in a rather large toolbox.

"What's good!" Sticks cheered, waving her hand as she continued searching through the tools.

"We've also got a few several others, waiting to meet you on the ship," Flynn continued, Faker amazed by the small crew while Piranha Plant and Kirby looked around.

"Flynn!" a British voice spoke out from the only hole up to the cock pit. Jumping down without using the ladder was a semi-transparent, glowing-red woman, a purple wig on top of her head and an electric guitar behind her back.

"Enough with the lollygagging and get back to swabbing the deck," the woman spoke with a rather strong accent, tossing the Mabu pilot a mop and soapy water-filled bucket. "We've got to make this ship presentable for our guests, since they'll be staying for a while…"

"Aye-aye, Captain Barbara!" Flynn spoke, saluting her. After the Mabu pilot ran off, the three adventurers looked at the glowing-red Spirit, though she wasn't surrounded in that rainbow aura like all the others.

"Sorry for intrusions," Barbara spoke. "My name is Barbara the Bat, and I suppose Flynn showed you around parts of the ship?"

"We were just getting acquainted," Faker answered. "After all, the Great Sage and Amaterasu helped bring us on board…"

"Truly a woman like you is too revealing, especially with that… thing… on," Barbara objected, noticing the clothing Faker was wearing. "Jill!" A small, glowing-green, pink-haired girl climbed down the ladder to the cock pit, ready to accept orders from the guitarist.

"Take the black-haired stranger to the room where she'll be staying in," Barbara told Jill. "Afterwards, get her a presentable uniform and some hot food…" The glowing-green Spirit nodded her head, walking with Faker to the brown-skinned woman's room.

"Be careful, Kirby!" Faker called out to the pink puffball. Afterwards, both Kirby and Piranha Plant turned their attention towards Barbara, ready to learn more about the ship they're on.

"Anyway, I suppose I'll introduce you to the rest of the crew," Barbara spoke as both the Spirit and the two fighters walked around the ship.

"I'm sure you've been acquainted with people like Tingle and E. Gadd," Barbara spoke, followed by Piranha Plant and Kirby nodding.

"The rest of the gang shows us with common Spirits like Saki Amamiya, the Excitebikes, Kat & Ana, Mr. Resetti, Ray MK III, Magnus, Infantry & Tanks, Elec Man, Kururin of his own vehicle Helirin, and Lakitu with his Spines," Barbara continued. "This airship may not look like it, but it's fitting all of these members in here, with us Assist Trophies as commanders, as well as a few select others…" Kirby and Piranha Plant each rubbed their heads, confused when Barbara introduced herself and most of the Undying Light's crew as "Assist Trophies".

"I suppose I should explain all this," Barbara continued. "You see, back during the accident at the Yggdrasil, all of our prisons have been broken, giving us a chance to escape. However, unlike few of our friends, none of us had the chance for another fighter to hold up our trophy bases, so all that remained were our, well, Spirits. When Galeem arrived on the scene, he took control of us, forcing us to do his bidding. Some of us escaped and formed the Forgotten Resistance, but the rest were not so lucky, including all of those summoning Pokémon…" Kirby shook his head, suddenly realizing that so much has changed around here.

"Well, as you can obviously see," Barbara continued, "we are just normal Spirits. In this world, there are four classes of Spirits each person is ranked to, according to Galeem's rule – Novice, the blue-colored, Advanced, the green-colored, Ace, the yellow-colored, and Legendary, the red-colored. Each four of these classes is ranked from weakest to strongest, and what defines them is whatever powers they grant. However, Spirits are also split into two categories: Normal and Master. The Normal Spirits, as you can see, physically interact with the world around them, and can even pass through solid objects at will, even if they are lacking a body to complete them. The Master Spirits, on the other hand, are identified with the rainbow auras around them. They are basically the same as the Normal Spirits, but they can only interact with the world around them through possessing a vessel. Some of the citizens of this world have reported to seeing Master Spirits take full control over different living things, though we have only been able to find out so much about the Novice, Advanced, and Ace Master Spirits. The more powerful a vessel, the higher chance a better-ranked Master Spirit has of possessing said vessel. The Normal Spirits can combine powers with the Master Spirits, granting the living vessel bonus items and immunities. However, we don't know anything about the Legendary Master Spirits, outside of the fact that they simply… exist, even though we don't know who or what they're possessing, but that's all we know for now..."

The dinner bell suddenly rang, and all the Spirits gathered around with the only two fighters on the resistance. Tonight's special was thankfully a bowl of Superspicy Curry, which was also Kirby's favorite outside of the Maxim Tomatoes, and Tingle was serving it up. As the Spirits were dining on the delicious food, with the Helirin pilot, Kururin, outside of his vehicle, the Piranha Plant was also enjoying the meal, lapping it up and spilling some of the hot dinner on himself. While the Spirits were laughing with the Piranha Plant making a mess out of himself, Kirby simply sat there, depressed, not even touching his food. Sticks noticed the pink puffball wasn't eating and noticed that she could try helping cheer up the fighter.

"Aw, come on, you little goofus!" Sticks said with a cheery voice, pinching Kirby's red cheeks. "What's getting you down?" The other Spirits noticed Kirby was sad, with the Piranha Plant even attempting to find out what's going on.

"You think the little guy is alright?" Flynn asked.

"It's probably his first time here," Barbara answered. "He must be homesick."

"Highly doubt it," the Great Sage objected. "The Piranha Plant sure is having a good time hanging out with us."

"Then it must be because of the little guy getting lost," E. Gadd spoke.

"Think that kid was kicked out of whatever club he belonged in," Mr. Resetti answered.

"Maybe it's the fact that no other place was good enough for him," Magnus guessed.

"Or a terrifying monster came out of nowhere and attacked him," Kat answered.

"It could be," Ana agreed. "My twin sis and I can obviously tell by the wounds Kirby is sporting…"

"Or maybe it's because of the fact that this little pink puffball here was the only one to escape from a dreaded event that involved his friends going mysteriously missing or even killed, making him all alone in this big, empty world?" Sticks asked. The other Spirits were shocked by the final answer the jungle badger came up with, especially Kirby and the Piranha Plant. Tears then swelled up in the pink puffball's eyes as soon as he suddenly remembered what happened to his friends. Sobbing over the fact that he's all alone, Kirby placed his stubby arms over his eyes, jumping off his seat and running out of the dining room. Faker, who was walking in just in time, felt a crying Kirby run past her as she went to meet with the other Spirits.

"What's wrong with him?" Faker asked, the black-haired, brown-skinned woman fully dressed in war clothing. Her uniform looked like it was made out of an opal dragon's hide, with her cape shaped out of the reptilian wings. Her boots and gloves resembled the claws, and she was sporting the horns attached to her head. On the side of her waist, a long sword shaped out of a dragon's tooth hung by her side, and she was still wearing the charm she had before.

"Kid's crying after Sticks guessed what happened," Barbara explained.

"What?" Sticks asked. "It was a lucky shot… wasn't it?" Faker then sighed, sitting down in Kirby's seat. She then pulled out the photograph Kirby had with him, sliding it to the middle of the table.

"This is the main reason why he's on the ship," Faker replied. The Spirits looked over the table, noticing the picture was taken ten years ago thanks to the fact that the permanent marker reading "Smash Bros. 2008" was printed clearly on the paper. The picture showed off most of Kirby's friends during that time, and the Undying Light's crew understood what was going on.

"It just isn't the same without his friends," Faker continued. "He misses them so much that I even see him cry over them…" The Spirits then looked at each other, wondering what they could do to cheer up Kirby.

"It's settled," Professor E. Gadd finally spoke up. "First thing tomorrow morning, we'll be preparing the new members of the ship with the best equipment we could come up with, dropping off Kirby and his companions onto the land of Gallia, assisting them once they're ready."

"I agree," Barbara spoke. "Let's get started, asap." Agreeing in unison, the Spirits were shaking hands with each other, along with Faker taking the photograph with her outside of the room. Meanwhile, the Piranha Plant noticed the brown-skinned woman walking off to her assigned bed, thinking about the pain Kirby was going through. Amaterasu, who was laying down on the floor this whole time, gnawing on some fresh elk meat, looked at the carnivorous flower. Shaking her head, the white wolf then pointed her muzzle at the door, signifying the Piranha Plant to follow Faker. Walking out as soon as the Spirits left the dining room, the fighter walked out with Amaterasu, traveling through the steel halls in the cold of the night.

As time had passed, Faker was asleep in her room, the dragon armor off her as she was only shown in a white tank top and shorts. While the brown-skinned woman was dozing off heavily, she was suddenly hearing voices as her charm suddenly started glowing with rainbows.

"This is terrible," one voice spoke. "The fact that we're forever cursed to roam this multiverse in exile while Galeem's men do terrible, unspeakable things to our bodies is killing me."

"I agree with you right there," another voice spoke. "Hopefully Kirby knows what to do in time."

"Speaking of the pink puffball, I may not be the only one who believes he's going to bring us back," a third voice replied. "I know it. We just have to buy him time. That's all we really need..." Faker then slowly woke up to those sounds, wondering who's in the room with her. As soon as she turned her head to the left side of her body, she silently gasped in horror as she saw the friends Kirby was referring to: Mario, Link, Fox, Marth, Sonic, Cloud, every fighter that was with Kirby at one point. All of these memorable characters have become Fighter Spirits: semi-transparent warriors that have kept their original form and color but are surrounded by a rainbow aura. As Faker looked at Kirby's previous friends, she noticed they were levitating a few inches off the wooden floor, talking to each other.

"I can't live like this anymore!" Zelda cried. "We can't do anything to stop this monster! Every minute that passes by feels cold… and dead…"

"Dead!?" Luigi exclaimed, terrified. "Dead!? I don't wanna die! I never wanted to die!" The Fighter Spirit then hugged Link, sobbing dreadfully into the Hylian's blue tunic.

"If there's anyone to blame for our downfall, it's me," Sonic sighed, rubbing his head. "I should've been the one to get away and attempt to save you guys. Instead, I let a young fighter, who's still acting like a baby, force him to save all of us." Meta Knight then patted the blue hedgehog's back, comforting Sonic.

"Your kindness still shines through, making you sacrifice yourself for Kirby," Meta Knight objected. "You made the right choice…"

"Like I told everyone," Mario said to the Fighter Spirits, "we all have to stay together. We've got to help Kirby keep pushing forward."

"Hey!" Cloud Strife spoke out, noticing a trembling Faker sitting on the bed. "Someone's in this room, and she can see us."

"See us?" Link asked, pushing away Luigi for a brief moment. "Nobody can see us, not even the Spirits themselves. That's impossible… for anyone…" The Fighter Spirits were shocked as they saw Faker noticing them, the charm around her neck gleaming bright in rainbow colors.

I can see them, Faker thought to herself. Are they ghosts or something? No… It can't be… Surely Spirits like that don't just appear out of nowhere… do they? Just then, Mario's Fighter Spirit floated towards the brown-skinned woman, attempting to greet himself and the rest of his friends.

"How do you do?" Mario introduced. "I'm…" However, before the red plumber could finish, Faker just simply fainted on the bed, terrified. The charm around her neck reverted back to its usual dark purple color, and Mario's Fighter Spirit floated away once her world went dark.

"Nice job, dick-face," Zero Suit Samus sarcastically said, her arms placed on her hips.

"I swear this isn't my fault," Mario objected, floating back to the rest of the gang. "No one else can see us, so the best we can do is convince her that we're not just figments of her imagination."

"And help her encourage Kirby to get us back and prepare for the true final battle?" Ryu asked.

"Precisely," Mario answered. "The best we could do until then is wait… and hope." Once the Fighter Spirits vanished, all that remained on the only bed in the room was an unconscious, brown-skinned woman, not aware of the charm twinkling with tiny rainbow stars on her neck.

Chapter Text

Once an hour or two had passed, the Piranha Plant walked into Faker's room. There, he saw the brown-skinned woman passed out on her bed. Amaterasu then pointed her muzzle at Faker, encouraging the carnivorous flower. The Piranha Plant shook Faker's body, instantly waking her up.

"Wha… what happened? Was I dreaming?" Faker asked herself, sitting up on the bed. She saw Piranha Plant next to her side, with the Spirit of Amaterasu at the door frame. The Piranha Plant then took hold of Faker's hand with his two leaves, trying to get her off the bed.

"Okay, okay," Faker replied, sitting on the side of her bed while putting on two white bunny slippers. "I'm coming, but only because you said so…" After Faker stood up, the Piranha Plant walked with her and Amaterasu up the ship to another room.

Once Faker was about to knock on the door, she looked down on the Piranha Plant, with the carnivorous flower nodding. As soon as she looked back, the photograph in her hand, Faker knocked on the door.

"Kirby?" Faker asked, knowing the pink puffball was assigned here. "It's me, Faker." However, the door would not open as she heard sobbing from behind the steel door. The Piranha Plant then pushed open the door for the brown-skinned woman. There, in the dim light of an oil lamp on a small table, in a series of beds laid next to each other, Faker saw Kirby in his chosen bed, crying into a pillow.

"Kirby?" Faker asked, her golden eyes twinkling as she approached the pink puffball. When Kirby heard her, he lifted his head, revealing a large puddle of tears stained on the pillow's fabric. Piranha Plant merely watched from a good distance, trying to understand what it is the pink puffball was forced to go through.

"This is about your friends, isn't it?" Faker continued. "Whatever it is, you can tell me…" Kirby then slowly reached out to the oil lamp, twisting the handle so it began glowing brighter. After setting the oil lamp back on its desk, Faker and the Piranha Plant looked on the empty wall to be shown Kirby and all of his friends, all drawn from crayons and paper cut-outs. They were posing in their battle forms, all of them laid out on a futuristic platform. Even though Kirby's artwork was mainly crayon scribbles on sheets of paper, this was the first time the pink puffball drew something as beautiful, especially on the walls. Inspired, the Piranha Plant took out whatever paper and crayons were left laying on the floor, alongside some tape and scissors, drawing and coloring away.

"Did you… draw all this?" Faker asked, amazed. In tears, Kirby slowly nodded, wiping his cuddly face with his stubby arms.

"This is amazing," Faker replied, her golden eyes filled with wonder. Shortly after, Kirby began crying again, sobbing into the brown-skinned woman's lap.

"Shh… it's okay," Faker hushed the pink puffball. "Don't cry…" Kirby stopped crying after a while to understand what the brown-skinned woman was trying to say.

"If you can draw this beautiful poster covering the wall, with everyone back together at last, you can save your friends," Faker continued. Sobbing a bit louder, Kirby continued crying, drops of tears flowing down his face. Faker then kept rubbing the pink puffball's back, feeling the wounds and dirt stains Kirby had before.

"It's alright," Faker hushed, calming Kirby down. "While we wash you up and patch you, do you want to hear a song?" The pink puffball then looked up, hiccupping as he looked at the brown-skinned woman with watery eyes.

"It's the song that I was singing back at the lake. I call it… Lifelight," Faker continued. "Even though it was merely just humming, I've managed to learn the lyrics by heart, even though I can't remember how. Would you like to hear it?" Kirby gently nodded, hugging Faker tight as she carried him off the bed. The song that Faker was singing to Kirby, the lyrics went a little something like this:

Colors weave into a spire of flame

Distant sparks call to a past still unnamed

Bear this torch against the cold of the night

Search your soul and reawaken the undying light

When Faker set Kirby down, the brown-skinned woman took out some heated rocks lying on a dimming fire with pliers, carefully dropping them into a wooden tub. She then took Kirby, gently placing him in the tub while still singing.

On that day, when the sky fell away

Our world came to an end

In our eyes did a fading sun rise

In the dark glimmering shadows

Silence grows, in the spaces between

Stretching out beyond time

Rising up, as a chorus of souls finds a voice

Flickering through the void

While Faker was still singing, she took out a special mixture, scrubbing Kirby's wet body. As the mixture was lathering, the dirty stains on the pink puffball washed off. The warm, soapy water was starting to sting Kirby's wounds, but he withstood the pain as he kept listening to Faker's heavenly song.

These little sparks cling on to life

Everyone caught in the struggle

And then the storms of change, they fan the flames

Scattering ashes to the wind

Once all of the stains were washed off Kirby, Faker then took the pink puffball out of the tub, taking a soft towel and rubbing his cuddly skin dry while she kept singing.

Every soul contains a whisper of light

Gleaming faintly as it dwindles from sight

No escape, no greater fate to be made

In the end, the chains of time will not break

Colors weave into a spire of flame

Distant sparks call to a past still unnamed

Bear this torch against the cold of the night

Search your soul and reawaken the undying light

Once Kirby was perfectly dry, Faker set up the pink puffball on a stool, uncovering the deep gashes that looked so nasty not even bandages would fix it. The brown-skinned woman then took out a sewing needle and transparent thread, holding Kirby in place.

As fate spins a thread without end

New life draws its first breath

Blossoming in a soil reclaimed from the past

Where destiny holds fast

Here where we stand, hand clenched in hand

Everyone caught in the struggle

This is the day we finally find our way

Stepping into our tomorrow

During Faker's beautiful singing, the brown-skinned woman was gently stitching the large wounds on Kirby's body. The pain on the pink puffball's skin was great, but the pain in his heart was greater still as he kept holding in his tears. As soon as Faker was finished stitching Kirby's wounds, she took out the white band-aids, sticking them onto Kirby's smaller cuts and scratches.

Every soul contains a whisper of light

Growing louder as it calls to unite

From the distance sings a chorus of  souls

Rising slowly, stirring heat from the coals

Colors weave into a spire of flame

Distant sparks call to a past still unnamed

Bear this torch against the cold of the night

Light will guide you on your way to the ultimate fight

As soon as Kirby was all patched up, he was starting to become sleepy during the lullaby rendition of Faker's song. The last thing he managed to hear were the last lyrics of her angelic voice.

Every soul contains a whisper of light

Growing louder as it calls to unite

From the distance sings a chorus of souls

Rising slowly, stirring heat from the coals

Colors weave into a spire of flame

Distant sparks call to a past still unnamed

Bear this torch against the cold of the night

Light will guide you on your way to the ultimate fight

Once Faker was finished singing, she laid the pink puffball onto his assigned bed, watching as Kirby silently wept himself to sleep. Tears built up in the brown-skinned woman's golden eyes as she looked at the photograph Kirby took with him. She knew that her song Lifelight was heartbreaking when she found out what happened to Kirby's friends. Faker then dimmed the oil lamp to an almost-nonexistent flame, pushing it closer to the wall as she laid the photograph on the small table, quietly walking out of the room with Amaterasu. The Piranha Plant was listening to Faker's song this whole time, deeply moved by it despite the fact that he doesn't have any visible eyes or ears. He was finished drawing a brand-new cut-out for the poster Kirby drew on the wall, and it looked a lot like himself in his battle stance, which was just as exquisite as the rest of the colored fighters. The carnivorous flower then taped himself to the poster, realizing that just because he's not one of the greatest warriors of all times doesn't mean he can't be a part of the family of fighters. As Piranha Plant sat next to the poster, watching Kirby peacefully sleep, it wasn't long until the carnivorous flower himself dozed off in the flower pot he was stuck in this whole time.

Morning arrived, and the Undying Light was still soaring through the air thanks to the auto-pilot engine. The Normal Spirits were the first to wake up, fixing up the ship with some of the supplies they brought on board. Faker then woke up afterwards, slowly walking into Kirby and Piranha Plant's room. The brown-skinned woman was fully dressed in her opal dragon uniform, and she took off her glove to put out the dimming oil lamp and stroke the pink puffball's soft body. The Piranha Plant was the first to wake up quickly, shaking his rounded red head. Kirby then slowly stirred up, turning his head to look at Faker.

"Had a good night's sleep?" Faker asked. Kirby nodded, rubbing his eyes. When Kirby looked at himself again, he noticed all the wounds covering his body were gone.

"The soap I used instantly heals the toughest of wounds overnight," Faker replied. "You'll be able to rescue your friends again in no time…" Kirby then hugged Faker again, with Piranha Plant watching the two embrace each other in comfort. The pink puffball slowly opened his eyes, giving off a faint gleam like everyone else did before. The gleam was instantly warping around Kirby's eyes, leading into a cross off-center. Only Piranha Plant noticed it too, and he suddenly felt his jagged teeth gleam the same pattern as well. After Faker opened her eyes again after the hug, she suddenly saw the charm around her neck was gleaming with rainbow colors again.

"Poyo?" Kirby asked, both he and Piranha Plant noticing the brown-skinned woman losing her focus. In her golden eyes, she saw the Fighter Spirits again, simply floating in the room and watching her and the two fighters.

"I see them," Faker answered. Kirby was wondering what she meant by that… until he took a look at the poster on the empty wall. The pink puffball then quickly turned around, anxious. However, once he saw behind himself, there was nothing in the room but beds lined up with beds.

"…Poyo?" Kirby asked again, with the Piranha Plant looking in the direction the brown-skinned woman was looking to.

"I swear I see them right now… in this room with us," Faker objected. "All of your friends are right here… with us…" Just as soon as she looked up again, she too saw nothing, and the glowing charm on her neck faded back into the usual violet color.

"Poyo?" Kirby asked, a small tear building up in one of his eyes. Faker then sighed, with the Piranha Plant walking towards her on the bed's side. The brown-skinned woman then got up, lifting Kirby off the bed.

"Nothing," Faker answered, sighing with grief. "Let's just… get yourself prepared. You're gonna be dropping off soon…" The three travelers then walked out of the room, leaving a beautifully decorated room and a photograph ten years old on the small table next to Kirby's bed.

After a filling breakfast, Kirby, Piranha Plant, and Faker were outside on the deck, meeting up with Captain Barbara, the Great Sage, Amaterasu, Flynn, Sticks, E. Gadd, and the only remaining Assist Trophies that managed to escape from the events of Gallia's birth.

"Listen up, new cadets," Barbara spoke. "Since you are apparently on a rescue mission, we'll be recruiting you with the best gadgets we could come up with. Once you've learned to use them wisely, you might just get the hang of learning more about our main enemy." Grabbing some sort of disk from E. Gadd's lab coat, Barbara the Bat tossed it onto the wooden floor, revealing a hologram of some sorts. The hologram was a picture of a UV sphere surrounding a humongous black hole.

"Far off into the central north is the Northern Barrier," Barbara continued. "It's where the gateway to the Gallian Void awaits, and where Galeem's true form resides. This task might sound easy to just going through the gateway and defeating the Seraph of Order, but it's impossible to do so since the barrier itself is impenetrable. Legends have stated that the only way to break the barrier is to defeat his followers currently visible in the World of Light, those of which have been marked with his Lock. Once all of the Locks are broken, only then can you reawaken the Smash Balls of legend and prepare for the final battle."

"However," Barbara continued, "this land is infected with many of Galeem's servants, especially the Subspace Army. Spirits left and right are being enslaved under his power, with mainly the Master Spirits forced to possess his vessels for enhanced skills and mainly the Normal Spirits to assist with special abilities. Each Spirit is different, so be careful who you go up against. There are still many secrets we haven't learned yet, so how you play Galeem's game is entirely up to you." Barbara then turned off the hologram disk and gave it back to E. Gadd before taking three, watch-like devices from him. The Legendary Spirit then passed each one of them to the three travelers – Faker putting one on her wrist, Kirby trying another up to his stubby arm, and Piranha Plant looping one more around his stem near his flower pot. The devices each had one big red button in front of the travelers' wrists.

"These special kinks are designed to program how you fight," E. Gadd spoke. "We'll be monitoring whatever you do up here. One press of their buttons per second allows you to communicate from down below, two presses per second alerts us that a baddie is nearby, and three presses per second automatically or manually allows us to transport you back onto the ship. Is that clear?" Faker, Kirby, and Piranha Plant nodded, ready to go. Shortly after, a drop-off plank stuck out on the right side of the Undying Light, signifying the trio to go off. Just when they set foot on the plank, Flynn ran right up to them.

"Almost forgot to give you three something," the Mabu pilot panted. Afterwards, Flynn handed Kirby, Piranha Plant, and Faker each a folded-up glider.

"Use it once you're all close to the ground," Flynn continued. "When you land on Gallia's surface, you don't wanna look like a pancake…" Once the Mabu pilot stepped away, the brown-skinned woman, the carnivorous flower, and the pink puffball walked near the rim of the plank. Looking down from hundreds of feet high in the air, Kirby then suddenly remembered what Sonic said to him back when Galeem was attacking the fighters.

"Whatever you do, don't lose the memories we had together… not as friends, but as family," Sonic's voice spoke out in Kirby's memories. The pink puffball's eyes began to turn watery again when he kept getting flashbacks to the past, remembering all of his friends possibly getting killed.

"Godspeed, you little curbstomper…" Sonic's voice read out again, Kirby trembling in place as he stood on the edge of the drop-off plank, a tear shedding from his face as he remembered crying out to the blue hedgehog and everyone else he cared about. Just then, Faker placed a hand on Kirby's nonexistent shoulder, followed by Piranha Plant stroking Kirby's back with his leaf.

"We'll be there for you," Faker told Kirby. The pink puffball then wiped the tear from his face, looking back at the Spirits that were ready to see them touch the land of Gallia again.

"There is also a riddle spoken to me, and I want you to remember it: Warrior untouched by the birth of Gallia, awaken the Ragnarokk's memories, redeliver the World of Trophies, and break the Lock. Remember this message, okay? It might help in the future..." That was the last message that was spoken to Kirby by Sonic the Hedgehog, and the pink puffball never forgot every single word. With a deep breath, Kirby held on tight to his fold-up glider, jumping off the Undying Light with the Piranha Plant and Faker.

Chapter Text

After jumping off the Undying Light, Kirby, Piranha Plant, and Faker were falling through the clouds, looking at the huge world from up above. It was gonna be a hard task for finding all of Kirby's friends, but the pink puffball knows he can do it. Just when the three adventurers were about to hit the ground, they all pulled out their gliders. They unfolded as soon as the gush of wind flew into them, slowing down their descent. Once Faker, Kirby, and the Piranha Plant touched the ground gently, they put away their gliders. Just then, Faker's watch-like device started beeping. Pressing the button once, the brown-skinned woman clad in dragon armor heard the voices of the Spirits up in the ship they were just on before.

"Captain Barbara to newcomers, can you read me?" Barbara spoke, the thin line on the button's screen spiking up and down in all directions.

"We hear you, loud and clear," Faker replied.

"Just a heads-up we'll be tracking you through those watches," Barbara continued. "If our technology is correct, you should have landed on top of a small hill…" And right they were. Kirby and the Piranha Plant looked around, noticing they were on the peak of a dirt mound just a few feet larger than any of the three warriors were, and there was a brown pathway spiraling downward on the green grass.

"Be careful down there," Barbara continued. "If ever you need any help, remember that one button press a second on your device allows you to communicate with us, two presses alerts, and three gives us access to teleporting you back to the Undying Light. You got that?"

"Got it," Faker answered.

"Okay," Barbara replied. "Good luck. And you too, Kirby. We're all counting on you to save us, both you and Piranha Plant." The button on Faker's wrist stopped glowing, and it was the chance to begin the real adventure.

"Let's do this," Faker spoke, pulling out her dragon's tooth sword. With a strict nod, Kirby and Piranha Plant were already amped up for battle. Starting from the top of the hill, the three adventurers traveled down the dirt path, spiraling down to the roots. Once they were at a flat landscape, they noticed the grassland was merely empty as they kept following the trail. Kirby then suddenly noticed a strange figure, waiting behind the tall shrubs. Confused, the pink puffball tugged at Faker's tunic, encouraging her to look in the same direction he was pointing to.

"What is it, Kirby?" Faker asked. The brown-skinned woman then noticed what Kirby saw: a dark figure lurking behind the shrubs in the sunlight. Moving his neck up, Piranha Plant snarled and growled at the stranger, his teeth barring. The figure merely stood there, not even moving.

"Perhaps we should go," Faker objected, holding her sword with both hands. Kirby, on the other hand, grabbed her by the wrist, pulling her with him close to the strange figure. The Piranha Plant followed shortly after, and the three of them were now walking towards this peculiar person. Just then, as Kirby, Piranha Plant, and Faker walked right in front of the figure, they were able to identify it as being half the height of Faker, wearing a cap and overalls, reminding Kirby of someone very familiar, despite wearing monochromatic, black clothing.

"Ma… ma… Mario!" Kirby stuttered, running towards the still plumber. The pink puffball was just about to give the plumber a hug, but both Faker and the Piranha Plant suddenly felt like what's going to happen next.

"Watch out, Kirby! It's a trap!" Faker yelled, Piranha Plant running towards Kirby with his stubby roots hidden under the flower pot. It was suddenly too late as the figure that looked like Mario suddenly grasped Kirby by his nonexistent neck, almost choking the pink puffball. The ground suddenly started rumbling, and some sort of large platform emerged fast as it flew into the air. The Piranha Plant was the only one to grab onto the ledge with his two big leaves, while Faker merely tumbled back upon herself thanks to the heavy rumbling, causing her to just look up and watch.

As Kirby was struggling against the strong grab, gasping for breath, the Mario figure slowly opened his eyes, revealing only the vacant red light within his irises. The Piranha Plant quickly climbed on, and the stage's environment drastically changed. There was some sort of special barrier forming around the three fighters, and the insides of it started changing into some sort of wild forest, with peculiar creatures that looked like they were from the world Olimar visited, and the stage itself shifted into a Battlefield form, with giant leaves serving as three platforms and vines twisting around the solid ground on the stage. It was the Distant Planet stage in Battlefield form.

The Mario figure clothed in black then threw Kirby right in front of Piranha Plant, but the carnivorous flower managed to dodge and catch the pink puffball in time with his mouth. Kirby hopped back onto the stage, standing next to the Piranha Plant. The Mario figure walked up towards the two fighters, and Faker watched everything from up above even if the invisible UV sphere barrier was blocking her from reaching up to Kirby and Piranha Plant, pressing the button on her device twice to alert the Spirits back on the airship.

Kirby first pulled out his signature hammer, setting it on flames as the Mario figure ran towards them. With a mighty whack, the pink puffball managed to land a hit on the warrior, but the figure jumped behind himself, setting his fists on fire and clenching his teeth. The Piranha Plant quickly shot his stem out of his flower pot, attempting to bite the Mario figure. Alas, the possessed warrior jumped out of the way in time, leaving the carnivorous flower open. The black-clothed Mario figure then suddenly transformed his body into a metallic coating, granting him increased super armor and damage over jumping power and speed. The possessed fighter then began grabbing the carnivorous flower into a headlock, strangling the Piranha Plant.

As the Piranha Plant's head was glowing yellow while the metal Mario figure kept strangling him, purple-ish liquid flowing from his mouth, Kirby instantly pulled out the sword lent to him by Sir Kibble, preforming the Final Cutter technique. The Mario figure's metal coat suddenly vanished, and the pink puffball had his chance to slice upward and end with a powerful downward slash, followed by a short-distance projectile. The Piranha Plant, feeling himself free from the black-clothed plumber's grasp, then managed to spew out a nasty poison projectile, toxic enough to damage the enemy warrior's shoulder. Reverting back to his normal red color, the Piranha Plant then jumped into the air with Kirby, attempting to attack the black-clothed Mario figure again.

Once the Mario figure shifted into a metal coat again, he was also slow enough for Kirby to grab him from behind, allowing the Piranha Plant to bite at the possessed plumber. Once the two fighters racked up enough damage from the team-up, the Mario figure suddenly shifted back into his normal form, allowing Kirby to generate a strong throw from behind. After flinging the possessed warrior behind himself, the pink puffball watched with the carnivorous flower as the Mario figure was flung towards the UV barrier surrounding the stage, instantly zapped to death the moment he touched the background of the Distant Planet stage. The barrier suddenly exploded in a mass of glowing confetti, a mass of rocks of what used to be the stage suddenly falling down as Faker quickly ran out of the way. The Piranha Plant landed on the ground next to the brown-skinned woman, but Kirby was simply floating in the air, watching the black-clothed Mario he just defeated now collapse into a liquid golden mess, transforming into Shadow Bugs and floating away into the grassland. What remained was now a glowing-blue Smoky Progg Spirit, the Normal Novice kind in particular. As Kirby's friends saw that the pink puffball could not move or allow himself to be rescued from whatever situation he was in, the Smoky Progg Spirit then generated a magical barrier around itself.

A strange gun coated in gold and gleaming with rainbow flames suddenly generated in Kirby's stubby hands, causing the three adventurers to become very confused by what was going on. The barrier then opened a slit gap horizontally across itself, spinning on its horizontal axis fast. Terrified, Kirby did not know what to do with the weapon he was suddenly given for whatever unknown reason, but the only thing Kirby could move in the position he was stuck in was his nonexistent finger on the gun's trigger. Quickly turning away and shutting his eyes, the pink puffball fired a pretty lucky snipe at the Smoky Progg Spirit, instantly breaking the barrier. Kirby then suddenly felt himself free again, the gun in his hands vanishing and the pink puffball slowly floating down to his two friends.

"What the hell just happened!?" Faker asked, caring for Kirby's health. Even the pink puffball did not know what was going on as he rubbed his cuddly skin. The Smoky Progg Spirit then floated next to the three adventurers, floating right into Faker's charm on her neck. Both Kirby and Piranha Plant turned their heads towards the brown-skinned woman, and she had no idea what happened.

"It just… went right into my heirloom," Faker replied, both she and the two fighters wondering what happened after the fight. Just then, the devices on each one of the three adventurers started beeping, and Faker immediately pressed the button on hers.

"You were alerting us," Barbara spoke. "What happened?"

"We found some sort of warrior," Faker answered. "It looked like one of Kirby's friends, but… different somehow…"

"Each one of you press the buttons on your devices three times," Barbara continued. "You all will be back on the Undying Light shortly while they leave behind a beacon for you to teleport back to later." Once the transmission ended, Faker then pressed the button on her device three times, fading into blue as she ascended into the air and warped out of the area. The Piranha Plant pressed his device three times with his long tongue, following after Faker. Kirby did the same to his device on his nonexistent shoulder, and the three warriors were back on the ship, leaving behind a tiny metal ball what served as the beacon Barbara talked about. The three warriors were all on the airship's deck, trying to get used to this new form of transportation. Barbara then walked up towards them from the cockpit, followed by E. Gadd and the Great Sage.

"Pray tell what was going on," Barbara spoke, the glowing-red Spirit taking the fold-up gliders and watch-like devices from Kirby, Piranha Plant, and Faker.

"It's going to be hard to understand, but please try to pay attention," Faker answered.

"We'll try," Barbara replied, giving the tools to the glowing-blue E. Gadd. "It's the least we could do, since we need to know everything about Galeem and what his plans are…"

"Well," Faker continued, "it went a little something like this: We were following the dirt path spiraling down the hill we landed on, leading to a wide grassland at the roots. Just then, we met up with a mysterious stranger that looked a lot like the Mario person Kirby addressed. However, before we even touched this Mario, the ground shifted, and both Kirby and the Piranha Plant were trapped in some sort of stage surrounded by an invisible barrier, fighting the Mario figure that was changing into metal at some points in time. Eventually, Piranha Plant and Kirby defeated him, but Kirby was suddenly caught in midair as the enemy fighter disintegrated into golden liquid and then Shadow Bugs, leaving behind a Normal Novice Smoky Progg. A strange gun coated in gold and rainbow flames generated in Kirby's hands, and the fact that he couldn't move except pull the trigger scared him. The barrier surrounding the Spirit had a wide opening and it was spinning fast too. The moment Kirby pulled the trigger on the strange gun, the pink puffball managed to snipe the Spirit and free it as well as himself, and the Smoky Progg suddenly went into my charm. This all sounds crazy, but that's what really happened." Taking a deep breath, Faker was panting after spewing out all of that information. The Great Sage, E. Gadd, and Barbara all looked at each other, thinking about what the brown-skinned warrior just said.

"We… seriously can't answer all that in just one day," Barbara replied. Faker nodded, understanding the situation at hand.

"We might figure out a little more, but first you're going to have to eat up and meet up at where you dropped the beacon in five minutes," Barbara continued, noticing Kirby and Piranha Plant were both tired. "The two fighters you're partnered with are exhausted…" The brown-skinned warrior nodded, walking with the pink puffball and the carnivorous flower to the dining table. Barbara then turned her head towards E. Gadd and the Great Sage.

"This sounds serious indeed," the Great Sage said.

"I know," Barbara continued. "As soon as our little trio is ready to go, we'll try monitoring everything they do and help look for their friends. Kirby is our last chance off this planet. If he can't do it now, then he can't do it ever…"

After a filling meal, Faker, Piranha Plant, and Kirby met up with the three Normal Spirits from before, this time partnered with Sticks, Saki, Amaterasu, and Magnus.

"During your little break, some of the Spirits and I on this ship decided to put our heads together and add a few tweaks into those gadgets of yours so you won't need those gliders," Barbara spoke, handing the three adventurers back their watch-like devices.

"When you press each of the buttons three times, they will automatically teleport you back to the beacon left on Gallia," Barbara continued. "However, the beacon vanishes once you arrive at its location, so be careful. We'll try watching out for that little incident you had before with this… Mario person, okay? Keep them on their toes." Kirby nodded, slipping his device on his nonexistent shoulder. After the Piranha Plant and Faker put on theirs, they were all ready to go after all that grub fueling them up during their break.

"Good luck, comrades," Barbara finished, she and the Spirits waving at the three adventurers as they glowed blue, fading downwards to the beacon that was placed in their last location. Once Kirby, Piranha Plant, and Faker touched solid ground again, the beacon they left behind vanished as stated before, leaving the trio still on the dirt path in the grassland.

"You okay down there?" Barbara asked over the transmitters.

"We can still hear you," Faker answered. "It's just really queasy trying to get used to teleporting to and from your ship…"

"Just continue down the path you're on," Barbara advised. "It should be no big deal. Whatever you find, you could find some clues to your missing friends, or maybe enemies like the Subspace Army and hostile Spirits…"

"Understand," Faker said. "Over and out." The transmission ended, and the brown-skinned woman clad in dragon armor ran off on the path leading to a forest with Kirby and Piranha Plant.

Chapter Text

Traveling through the thick forest, Kirby, Piranha Plant, and Faker were keeping their eyes peeled, listening for any dangers close by.

"I just don't understand," Faker said, the pink puffball and the carnivorous flower walking up to her. "I thought the crew back at the ship said that only the Master Spirits can possess vessels. I didn't know the same applied to Normal Spirits, but it probably just doesn't apply to only those that were rumored…" Kirby nodded, staying close to the brown-skinned warrior and Piranha Plant. Since the forest was covered in prehistoric vines, the three adventurers did not know what to expect in the darkness. Just then, Kirby noticed another figure lurking behind the bushes. The pink puffball tugged on the dragon armor-clad warrior, anxious to meet this creature.

"Remember what happened last time?" Faker asked. "You were nearly killed when we encountered these creatures. I'm going to alert our Spirit friends about this just so they can get a good overview of who we're up against." Pressing the button on her device twice, Faker was about to alert to Undying Light crew before looking up. The figure in front of the trio vanished without a sound.

"Keep your guard up," Faker said, unsheathing her sword. Kirby and Piranha Plant held their nonexistent fists clenched in front of their faces, looking around in the darkness while still staying on the path. Suddenly, Faker felt something snag her tunic, and the rest of her body soon followed. Something grabbed her, and it was carrying her away. Crying for help, the brown-skinned woman struggled against the mysterious figure holding her hostage, forcing Piranha Plant and Kirby to chase after their target. The two were following the mysterious figure straight down the path they were on, running until they were out of the forest. As Kirby and the Piranha Plant stepped onto another grassy field, they saw right in front of them was Faker, her hand reaching for that sword of hers. Clasping onto her tight was the strange figure, appearing in the form of Yoshi.

"Yoshi!" Kirby cried, the Piranha Plant licking his teeth. The Yoshi figure holding Faker hostage was much smaller and coated in blue, his gleaming red irises explaining everything. He was one of Galeem's minor servants. Once the blue Yoshi let go of Faker, she was gasping for breath, panting as Kirby and Piranha Plant ran to her side. The blue Yoshi then began yelling his kind's howl, calling for reinforcements. Running out of two large boulders on each side of the path were a red Yoshi with Superspicy Curry breath, and a yellow Yoshi equipped with a Screw Attack and a Super Leaf, both of them the same small size as the blue one. Once the three puppet Yoshis united, the ground shook again, with a huge, peculiar pillar shooting out with Faker, Kirby, and Piranha Plant with them. Another UV sphere formed around the stage, creating some sort of crayon drawing of a paradise island. A tilting platform emerged from the stage, transforming into the crafted style the pillar took. The three adventurers were on the Yoshi's Island stage, and they were facing against the blue Yoshi and his reinforcements.

The red Yoshi ran towards Faker, fire spewing out from his little mouth and red eyes gleaming bright. The brown-skinned woman began counter-attacking the flames with her dragon-tooth sword, lashing at every opportunity. Just then, a Pokéball spawned in the red Yoshi's hands, and the puppet fighter threw it on the ground. An Eevee appeared, starting to use its Tackle move. It did not seem like much, but Faker was getting whacked around in the knees by the Pokémon while she was slicing at the red Yoshi.

The Piranha Plant watched the yellow Yoshi flying through the air, spinning in an electrical ball with the Screw Attack and waving his raccoon-like tail from the Super Leaf to float in the air. The carnivorous flower then shot up a gust of air, with a spiked ball to go with it. Once the yellow Yoshi was gliding down in front of the dancing flowers and the Fly Guys, another Pokéball in his hands, Piranha Plant blew the spiked ball at the puppet fighter, knocking the yellow Yoshi to his feet. Not even the Eevee summoned by the yellow Yoshi did any justice to one of Piranha Plant's powerful attacks: which involved the carnivorous flower tucking into his flower pot before instantly shooting out with an outstretched stem, biting at the yellow Yoshi.

Kirby had his hands full of fighting the small, blue Yoshi, putting the puppet fighter into a jab lock. Rapidly throwing a series of punches, Kirby finished with a blow to the blue Yoshi's head, knocking the puppet fighter off the stage. However, a Blarggwich spawned underneath the blue Yoshi, providing him with a good shot of recovery. The blue Yoshi was about to throw another Pokéball which contained another Eevee, but Kirby dash-attacked with the Burning Leo's ability into the puppet fighter, transforming into a burning ball of flame right before snatching the Pokéball out of the blue Yoshi's arms.

Faker jumped out top of the tilting platform, but Eevee merely forced her to keep a steady balance as it hopped on, its weight moving the platform. The red Yoshi's Superspicy Curry breath was gone, allowing Faker a chance to avoid the summoned Eevee and follow up with a devastating hit. The brown-skinned woman then jumped over the Pokémon, leaving Eevee confused before it mysteriously vanished into thin air. Once she managed to avoid the Yoshi Bomb from the red Yoshi, she followed with multiple slashes from her dragon-tooth sword, giving her time to finish the puppet fighter and knocking the red Yoshi out. Once the small, red Yoshi touched the UV sphere, electricity shot out of its body, causing the puppet fighter to transform into a gleaming white orb.

The Piranha Plant also noticed the small, yellow Yoshi lost its Screw Attack and Super Leaf power-ups, allowing the carnivorous flower to counter-attack. Spinning its two leaves after jumping, Piranha Plant whacked them rapidly into the yellow Yoshi, sending it flying off fast. Once the yellow Yoshi fluttered in midair to get back to the stage, the Piranha Plant stomped with its flower pot, knocking the yellow Yoshi straight down into the blast zone of the UV sphere, transforming the puppet fighter into another white orb. All that remained was Kirby against the small, blue Yoshi.

The pink puffball jumped into the air, using his stone ability to fall on top of the blue Yoshi. Whatever the puppet fighter did, Kirby quickly reacted against it, proving the young Star Warrior had the upper hand. The blue Yoshi then shielded, but it was quickly broken with Kirby's fully-charged hammer attack. After the puppet fighter's red eyes became dazed after his shield broke, Kirby finished the small, blue Yoshi off with a powerful kick, sending the puppet fighter to the blast zone where he transformed into one more white orb. The stage and the UV sphere then vanished, causing the three travelers to land on their feet once they jumped off. After the Yoshi's Island stage disappeared, the three orbs of light that were once the three small Yoshis fused together, creating a Yoshi colored in blotches of red, yellow, and blue.

The Spirit that emerged from the combined puppet fighters was a Normal Novice Eevee, just like the Pokémon that were summoned from the Pokéballs that were randomly generated, and the puppet fighters disintegrated into Shadow Bugs, drifting off into the wind. This time, the Piranha Plant found himself floating in midair, the rainbow-glowing golden gun appearing in its two large leaves while Kirby and Faker could only watch. The barrier surrounding the Eevee Spirit began spinning, distracting the carnivorous flower. However, with enough confidence, the Piranha Plant pulled the trigger, sniping the Spirit first try. The barrier vanished, and the Novice Normal Eevee Spirit flew right into Faker's charm again. The golden gun vanished in Piranha Plant's leaves, and the carnivorous flower felt himself drop to the ground, free somehow. He noticed Faker looking confused, so he ran towards her to try and see what just happened.

"Poyo-poyo?" Kirby asked, both he and Piranha Plant looking at the brown-skinned warrior in question. Faker merely shook her head, rubbing her eyes.

"Why is it the Normal Spirits?" Faker asked, clasping over her charm. "And if so, why do they fly into MY heirloom whenever you guys defeat them?" Faker then suddenly saw that necklace of hers gleaming in rainbows, and both Kirby and Piranha Plant noticed it too. The brown-skinned woman then suddenly looked up, seeing the Fighter Spirits right in front of her. However, when Kirby turned around after noticing she was staring off into the distance, he saw nothing but fresh green grass on the field next to the dirt path they were still on. Kirby then looked back at Faker, shaking his head in sorrow.

"…Poyo," Kirby replied, tears in his eyes. Faker then noticed the rainbow-glowing charm is what gives her the ability to see the Fighter Spirits, all of it making sense somehow. Taking off the jewel located in her charm, its golden Smash Ball symbol still present, the black-haired, brown-skinned warrior handed the gemstone to Kirby, leaving only behind a golden chain necklace.

"Here," Faker said, placing the gemstone in Kirby's stubby hands. "Take this. I think it's what's causing me to notice your friends. It could probably apply to you too. Keep it safe for me, okay?" The pink puffball nodded, Piranha Plant looking at Faker in confusion. Popping the rainbow-glowing gemstone with the Smash Ball symbol into his mouth like a hard candy, Kirby swallowed the gemstone, aware that he can take it out of his body at any time. A brief flash of the Smash Ball symbol then flashed in his eyes, and the Piranha Plant felt his teeth get the same gleam too. After Kirby opened his eyes, he and the carnivorous flower both saw all of the fighters that stood side-by-side with him during Galeem's attack, levitating in midair and glowing in a rainbow aura. Only Faker did not notice.

Finally happy again, Kirby ran in joy towards the Fighter Spirits. However, when he was just about to give at least one of them a hug, he simply felt himself pass through them like a ghost. Looking at his stubby hands, Kirby then turned his head to see his friends looking down on him in sadness.

"I'm afraid you can't even touch us," Link said. "After Galeem created his lock, we were all banished to exile, unable to reunite with our bodies and join you on our own." Kirby merely stepped back, his pink body trembling. The Piranha Plant then placed a leaf on Kirby's back comforting the pink puffball.

"It looks like swallowing the gem from that female friend of yours has earned you and your new companion the ability to at least see us again," Simon replied, noticing the carnivorous flower that was with them this whole time.

"When we're out here, cold and dead, we at least obtain the memories we had before as well as the memories of our backstory and homeland," Palutena spoke. "That stone you swallowed seems to hold more powers than just seeing us."

"You gotta get us back to our bodies so we can kick Galeem's butt!" Sonic cried. "You can do this, little curbstomper."

"We believe in you," the Mii Brawler answered. "With that gem, you can try calling one of us and we'll see what we can do to assist you." Kirby then got up, nodding with determination written all over his face.

"Go out there and give those Spirits what you've-a got," Mario said. "Free the residents of this world from that monster and return them back to their homeworld to reunite with their bodies. We'll always be there for you." Turning invisible, the Fighter Spirits disappeared from the grassy field, leaving Kirby and Piranha Plant alone with Faker.

"Well?" Faker asked. "Are we going or what?" Kirby and Piranha Plant looked back on the brown-skinned woman, ready to fight again.

"Perfect," Faker continued. "Now then, let's get out of here before any more of those things show up." Suddenly, before she took another step, a black-red cloud loomed in the sky, violet thunder rumbling from up above. The ground started quivering again, though the vibrations were coming from behind the three adventurers. Looking back, the group found Shadow Bugs raining from above, creating Shaydas and Boom Primids riding on Armanks, Towtows, Roaders, and Shellpods, followed by a swarm of Auroros and Armights. Riding alongside the minor Subspace Army members were the possessed Mii Fighters with special steeds, and they were not just special. They were apparently the Velociraptors from the Cascade Kingdom found in Mario's world, and their riders were carrying some sort of net piloted by Floows. As the dinosaur stampede and Galeem's Subspace Army ran towards the three travelers, Kirby, Piranha Plant, and Faker were all ready to flee. Kirby and Piranha Plant grabbed ahold of Faker's arm, pulling her with them as they kept running on the path away from the incoming enemies.

The three fighters were just on the rim of some ancient ruins before the Floows teleported right in front of them, tossing the black net onto them and weighting it down. Kirby, Piranha Plant, and Faker kept struggling through the net as the raptor steeds and the Subspace Army closed in, surrounding them. Faker tried cutting through the net, but it was no use. The ropes were thick and tight. The Armights and the Auroros flew in, stabbing at the three travelers while the stampede was slowly closing in on them. Just when they were about to electrocute Kirby, Faker, and Piranha Plant with a special prod, they suddenly heard roaring coming from the entrance to the ruins. Knowing about what was to happen next, both the Subspace Army and the Mii Fighters rode off down the path in the opposite direction the three adventurers were traveling down, and the Floows flew off too, leaving the net unguarded.

After Kirby, Piranha Plant, and Faker pulled off the black net, they looked towards the entrance to the ruins, watching as another dinosaur stormed up right in front of them. From that mighty roar it emitted, the three travelers noticed it was a Tyrannosaurus Rex, but it sported Mario's mustache and red cap. Its eyes gleamed red, merely staring at the two fighters and their female companion as it crouched down. Pulling up his nonexistent fists, Kirby knew who the first fighter was he has to deal with.

Chapter Text

The t-rex with Mario's cap and moustache loomed over Kirby, Piranha Plant, and Faker, its red eyes gleaming bright. Saliva drooled from its sharp teeth, and the three warriors were trembling. The dinosaur then tilted its head towards the now-clear sky, letting out a mighty roar. Its moustache and cap then vanished, causing the dinosaur to fall unconscious. Jumping in front of the three adventurers was none other than Mario, with his standard colors and all. The gleaming red color shined through his irises, however, and Kirby suddenly knew that his friend is alive.

"You insignificant fools!" Mario spoke, though his voice was completely different. Both Faker and Piranha Plant were ready to fight this foe, but Kirby looked at Mario like something has changed about him.

"What are you looking at?" Mario asked, the red plumber noticing the pink puffball giving him a peculiar look.

"You're probably wondering who's inside your precious Mario's body," Mario's new voice continued. "Let's just say that I'm an old 'frenemy' of his, going by the name of… how should I say it…? Oh yeah! Exor! Exor's my name!" The Spirit inside Mario's body revealed himself to Faker, Piranha Plant, and Kirby, flashing a small image on the red plumber's chest. It was revealed to be a Legendary Master Spirit, with Exor shaped like a sword with a dragon-like face on the hilt and a monster skull on top. The image disappeared, leaving only Mario with glowing-red eyes in front of the three adventurers.

"This doesn't make any sense!" Faker objected. "How can you take Normal Spirits and put them in vessels?" Exor simply laughed, straightening his cap.

"I would like to tell you, but I don't wanna force-feed you exposition just to waste my time," Exor answered. "Right now, I've got personal business to deal with this little pink puffball…" Exor then grabbed ahold of Kirby, dragging him away from his two friends while the pink puffball squirmed. The Piranha Plant was about to bite him, but Exor snapped with Mario's fingers, and two golden bird cages formed around each fighter. Both Faker and Piranha Plant tried bending the bars, but to no avail. A strange vortex formed around Mario's body, Exor's voice laughing as he grabbed on tight to a struggling Kirby. Afterwards, both Kirby and Mario vanished, leaving both the Piranha Plant and Faker stuck in golden cages.

Kirby then slowly stirred up, noticing the ground was different, like hard black opal. Strange patterns leading to the center were pulsing red, and on the side was some sort of futuristic platform sticking out of the ground, a blue halo swirling behind it. Kirby felt the wind on his face as he looked at the sky, noticing the background was a series of dancing cosmic particles, each pattern they appear in uniquely different. In front of the pink puffball at a good distance was none other than Exor himself, taking control of Mario's body.

"Welcome to the Final Destination, kid!" Exor yelled. "This is a special location where only Master Hands can meet up, and where my true powers are still yet to take hold." As Kirby watched with fear, Mario's white gloves ripped open to reveal the sides of Exor's hilt, his teeth becoming as sharp as literal sword blades, and the handle with the skull on the tip impaling Mario's cap, his eyes now fully glowing red with not just the irises.

"You want to rescue your friend, you'll have to go through me!" Exor snarled, setting Mario's transformed hands ablaze. Once Kirby and Exor ran towards each other, their fists clashed, causing them to hop back after the brutal force. Kirby was the first to get up, dragging forth his flaming hammer that pulsed hotter. He was about to hit Exor, but the possessed fighter grabbed ahold of the mallet, shooting a lightning bolt out of his hand. After Kirby was zapped, he quickly floated off, kicking with his feet. The pink puffball was whacking Mario's face, basically hurting Exor. With a powerful grab, Exor used Mario's body to throw Kirby in front of him, sending Kirby flying downward with a hand dunk.

Kirby would not give up as he quickly pulled out his Cutter sword, slashing at the possessed Mario. Just then, poisonous saliva drooled out of Mario's mouth, stunning Kirby when Exor spat on the pink puffball. As Kirby was dazed, Exor then used his Flame Stone ability, creating a massive blast around himself. Once Kirby was tossed onto the black opal floor of the Final Destination stage, he knew it would be over for him as he looked up to see a transformed Mario walk towards him, his hands ablaze. Who would have figured that rescuing his friends was harder than it looked, especially when he was so light in weight?

As soon as the weakened Star Warrior tried opening his eyes, he saw another figure looming over him. Once Kirby adjusted his vision, Mario's Fighter Spirit was showing himself, floating right next to the pink puffball.

"Now's your chance to strike back," the real Mario in Spirit form spoke. "Inhale my body and gain my Copy Ability. I'll be taking control for you." Kirby did not understand what Mario said, but Exor was walking closer, wiping the poison off his lips. The pink puffball them jumped up, putting on an aggressive face before Mario's Spirit vanished. Kirby then opened his mouth, breathing in as hard as he could. As Kirby inhaled, he pulled in Mario's body, and Exor could do nothing to escape. Once Kirby had the puppet fighter in his mouth, he swallowed, automatically spitting out Mario's body and gaining the Copy Ability. However, things were different for the pink puffball as he suddenly felt himself change. He began sporting the red cap Mario had, but the Smash Ball gleam flashed in his eyes as Kirby began seeing the memories Mario had: the adventures through the Mushroom Kingdom with Luigi to rescue Peach, sliding down pipes and obtaining Mushrooms and Fire Flowers, telling stories with Luigi about their interests and the fact that they have to face Bowser time-and-time again is what makes them tick, as well as other god-like beings. So many adventures that Mario went through all forgotten after his first appearance in Arcadia. Then, for Kirby, everything went dark.

Mario's Fighter Spirit took full control over Kirby's body, and now the pink puffball became a warrior of two minds. Exor in Mario's body merely looked at the new and improved Kirby, confused by what just happened after the Inhale move. Mario's Fighter Spirit then set Kirby's stubby hands on fire, ready to continue.

"Long-a time no see, Exor!" Mario's voice spoke out from Kirby. "You want-a to finish this?"

"Oh it's on, asshole!" Exor growled, the glowing-red eyes shining out from Mario's body. Kirby's body then started moving like Mario did, avoiding powerful attacks from Exor like Diamond Saw and Water Blast. Pulling out his F.L.U.D.D. device, Mario inside Kirby's body then heated the machine's tank with his fiery ability, spewing out scalding water. Blisters started forming on Exor inside Mario's body, causing him to scream in pain. Kirby's body then grabbed ahold of the puppet fighter, tossing him up into the air before following with a Super Jump Punch.

After a long series of whaling on Mario's body, Kirby landed down on the ground, ready to finish the wounded puppet fighter for good and bring his buddy back. Setting his stubby fists on fire one last time, Mario inside Kirby's body unleashed a powerful punch on Exor, causing Mario's body to fly into the blast zone of the Final Destination. After the fight was over and Kirby with Mario's Fighter Spirit emerged victorious, the stage and the background suddenly disintegrated, transforming into ashes and revealing nothing but the blackness of space. Mario's body emerged from the darkness in front of Kirby, Exor still trapped inside.

"Think this is over yet!?" Exor sneered. "You may be strong but think again!" Mario's body then suddenly formed the barrier that all of the other puppet Spirits had before, his arms spread apart as the six wings surrounding Galeem were present. Kirby's body looked around, seeing Shadow Bugs emerge from huge vortexes and surround them, engulfing everything. The golden gun with rainbow flames suddenly appeared in Kirby's small arms, and Mario took control of the pink puffball's body as he pointed the weapon at his own body.

"Time to get myself back into the real world," Mario's voice spoke out from Kirby, the red plumber's Fighter Spirit funneling himself into the gun. With a press of the trigger, Kirby sniped the puppet fighter, using Mario's Spirit as ammunition. With a mighty blast, Mario's Spirit was reunited with his body, and Exor was knocked out. As soon as the barrier disappeared and white light emerged from where there was once the red plumber, the Legendary Master Spirit Exor felt himself become drawn into Kirby's pink body.

"Oh, no," Exor cried, noticing the six wings that surrounded the barrier were now glass-like shards swirling around him. "The Lock is broken on this fighter, and Galeem's gonna be so pissed when he find out!" The sword-like Spirit then went into Kirby's body, and with him were the shards. Kirby's eyes then started glowing white, blinding the area he was trapped in.

Kirby slowly woke up again, noticing something was different about him. As he looked at his body, he noticed he had glowing golden irises and a rainbow aura covering his body. On his forehead, Kirby felt a strange, spherical gemstone in the shape of the Smash Ball, swirling in multiple colors and shown to have a black cross off-center. The pink puffball suddenly remembered this was the exact same situation when Sonic was having these visions, but something was different about the place. For one, the world around him was different… like VERY different. The sky was gleaming crystal blue with clouds in all sorts of colors, and the grass had more of a vegetation-like texture. Hills and mountains were smoothed out, and there were all sorts of weirdly-shaped trees, each one in all sorts of the rainbow spectrum too. Strange flowers bloomed all around him, and the sounds of waterfalls and singing birds filled the fresh, clean air. Before the pink puffball could figure out anything else about the strange environment, deep roaring and a fast gush of wind emerged from up above behind him.

Scaring the living hell out of Kirby so much was some sort of enormous dragon, its silver wings twice as long as its torso. Kirby, now shaking, looked up to see the aluminum-coated dragon fly off into the sky towards the mountains. The pink puffball, not losing sight of it, followed the dragon to a nearby cave. Catching his breath, Kirby peeked out from the entrance to see the aluminum-coated dragon, his silver horns and glittering spikes, placing some sort of mushed-up meal of fishes and meat in a wooden bowl in front of what appeared to be his mate. The aluminum-coated dragon's wife's scales were patterned to be tropical in color, and she looked down next to her three unique eggs.

"It's almost time, Metallio," the female dragon spoke lovingly. "Almost time for our children to breath their first breath of Arcus' air…" The three eggs were each colored differently, and they were starting to shake. The first egg was coated in fiery red with black splotches, the second one was a pure white with orange-and-blue glitter like the cosmos, and the third was coated black, with the rainbow design imprinted on it like a folded angel's wing.

"Here comes one now, Toropikaru," Metallio answered, the two dragons watching as the fiery-red egg was the first one to hatch. Kirby carefully snuck into the cave, trying to catch a good glimpse on the three newborn dragons. Emerging from the first egg was a black-coated dragon, his flaming wings stretching out like a phoenix, and that gesture is what his parents decided to call him.

"Welcome to the planet of Arcus, little Phoenix," Metallio spoke, stretching his silver wing to cradle the baby dragon. The second egg coated in white cracked open as a tiny, white dragon crawled out of his shell. When he unfurled his two large wings, they were chaotically colored of deep-space blue and flaming-star orange.

"Hello there, Galeem," Toropikaru spoke, nuzzling her face into the newborn. When Kirby heard the dragon call one of her children Galeem, he became angry enough to run towards the infant. However, when the pink puffball was about to attack, he simply passed through the dragons like a ghost. Kirby was frightened that he can't interact with these beasts, so all he could do was sit and watch. The last egg started rumbling, and the egg shells started flying out in all directions that the parents had to shield themselves and the newborns from the scattered pieces. Crawling out of the black, rainbow-coated egg was a tiny black-coated dragon, her spikes and claws flashing gray and her wings unfolded to reveal the most beautiful rainbow spectrum anyone had ever seen. Both Metallio and Toropikaru leaned their heads in to greet the last one to arrive in their family.

"Boy, she's tough for a newborn," Metallio chuckled as he felt the baby dragon attempt to claw his face with her pillow-soft talons. Toropikaru then nuzzled the baby dragon gently, rubbing her muzzle against the black-scaled infant.

"This one is special," Toropikaru sighed as their baby daughter growled with a tiny snarl. "One might even say she's the center of her own universe. She may not act like it now, but she is destined for something greater, which is why we named her… Ultima." The tropical-coated dragon's husband then sat down next to her, admiring the three adorable children they brought together. Rubbing his cuddly face, Kirby did not understand what was going on, the Smash Ball on his forehead pulsing brighter. Just then, Kirby saw that the environment was glowing brighter in white, and the pink puffball was determined to know more before he simply vanished.

Kirby was slowly trying to open his eyes, unaware of what happened. When the pink puffball adjusted his vision, he saw Piranha Plant and Faker, both of them outside of their golden cages. Groaning while sitting up, Kirby rubbed his head to find out they were on the same pathway as before, in the grassy field and all. However, the sky was getting darker as the sun in the forest was setting. The Tyrannosaurus Rex was gone, theorizing that it presumably walked away after time passed by.

"After you defeated the puppet fighter we came across, you freed us from the cages we were stuck in," Faker said, the Piranha Plant helping Kirby up.

"If you're wondering what happened to Mario, well…" Faker continued, pointing down on the ground next to where Kirby was laying. There, fully unconscious, was Mario's body. Kirby, alarmed, ran towards the rescued fighter, hugging the red plumber tight. Just then, an incoming transmission rang on Faker's device. The brown-skinned warrior pressed the button once, and E. Gadd was speaking through this time.

"What happened?" E. Gadd asked. "Did you manage to rescue someone?"

"We sure did," Faker answered.

"Good!" E. Gadd spoke. "We'll be transporting you three and your special guest up here shortly. We'll be planting that beacon here for your next visit." Kirby then took off his device off his nonexistent shoulder, tying his and Mario's wrists together with the gadget. The three adventurers, including Mario, were just then fading into blue before being whisked away straight high back onto the Undying Light, leaving the beacon behind.

As dawn came straight from the mountains, the rays of sunlight hit Mario's face. The red plumber slowly got up, rubbing his face. His eyes were not glowing red anymore, and they were back to their usual blue color.

"Mamma mia… what happened…?" Mario moaned, sitting up. As he looked around, he noticed he was in one of the many beds in a strange room, and in front of him was the poster Kirby drew before, with the whole gang back together again. Just then, Mario heard a knock on the room's door.

"Hello?" a voice asked. "Is it fine if I come in?"

"Sure," Mario answered, unaware of the environment he was in. The door opened, and Faker walked in, the black-haired, brown-skinned warrior in her pajamas.

"I was learning how to make breakfast," Faker said, holding a tray with a plate in her hands. "My work's still a little sloppy, but I hope you enjoy." She placed the tray on Mario's lap, and in the plate was a half-burned mess of what was hard to figure out but was apparently eggs and bacon.

"Uh… thanks-a," Mario replied, taking a fork and knife in his hands. Placing a piece of the breakfast meal in his mouth, Mario began quietly chewing the meal with his lips closed. The texture really left something on Mario's taste buds alright, but it was not delicious. After Mario spat out the food in his mouth, he wiped his lips and tongue, trying to get the awful taste out of his mouth.

"Told you I wasn't a great cook," Faker nervously chuckled, rubbing the back of her neck.

"No, it's alright," Mario answered, pushing the meal in front of him. "You at least get credit for trying." Walking into the room behind Faker was the Piranha Plant and Kirby, both relieved to see Mario back in his old self again.

"Mario!" Kirby cheered, hugging the red plumber.

"Nice-a to see you again, Kirby," Mario replied, returning the hug. "I knew you could-a do it…" Just then, Mario noticed the Piranha Plant next to Faker, curious on how a generic enemy like that snuck on board.

"A Piranha Plant?" Mario asked, breaking the hug between him and Kirby. "What's a Piranha Plant doing here?" Faker noticed the carnivorous flower next to her, and she turned her attention to Mario.

"Well, it's a long story," Faker answered. "We were still learning so much about this world, and we don't know everything we need to know. We're hoping you could help us, since you were under Galeem's control…" Mario looked down, straightening his red cap and blue overalls.

"Show me around the base we're all at," Mario said, getting up from the bed. "I want to-a learn about where you're hiding from Galeem, and in return I can give you all I know about the Seraph of Order, as well as what he is doing with the other fighters."

"When the rest of our friends and I were separated from our bodies," Mario explained, walking with Kirby and Piranha Plant around the ship and getting acquainted with the crew, "we managed to catch a glimpse of what Galeem managed to do. The Mii Fighters and the Subspace Army were enslaved after Tabuu's capture. It didn't really matter who or what kind of Spirit Galeem grabbed, he forced all of them to take full control of the petrified Mii Fighters."

"And were the Skylanders part of the Spirits?" Flynn asked, piloting the ship from above.

"Yes… some Skylanders were even part of the captured Spirits," Mario answered, knowing the question had nothing to do with the situation. The red plumber then turned towards Kirby and Piranha Plant.

"Anyway," Mario continued, "he took our own bodies, transformed into trophies and tied up, and he poured some sort of mysterious golden liquid onto us. It's not clear exactly what, even though we theorized it must've been melted Shadow Bugs, but he managed to clone at least eight puppet fighters from us. Galeem then forced the Spirits, both Normal and Master, to take control of these stone-cold warriors. They are known as the Supporters. As for the trophies they originated from, the Master Legendary Spirits went into them. To ensure no one would ever rescue them naturally without a fight to the death, he used the Smash Balls that were hidden inside our Fighter Spirits and created the Galeem Lock. Now that the Master Legendary Spirits are permanently fused to the warriors they chose, they would do anything for Galeem's bidding. They're known as the False Warriors, or Primaries. Whenever you defeat a Primary, the shards from the Galeem Lock fly into you and give you special warnings before fusing with its chosen Fighter Spirit again, waiting for its chance to wake up..."

"And what about the rest of us?" Saki asked, the glowing-green warrior cleaning his gun.

"You all may be hiding for now, but sooner or later Galeem's going to find us," Mario answered. "The Primaries and their Supporters are Galeem's eyes, so the seraph can see our every move. People left and right are transported to this planet without their physical forms, taken captive from Galeem's forces and bosses to power more petrified vessels of Mii Fighters. Now there are hardly anyone free from that monster…" Kirby placed his stubby hand on Mario's shoulder, looking at the red plumber with a determined face.

"I'm at least-a glad you're okay," Mario said, rubbing Kirby's head as he knelt down. "The stone given to you by your woman friend… it may be holding some extraordinary powers. Therefore, whenever you used that signature Inhale move on the opponent you're facing, the Copy Ability that you take from said enemy is actually one of the Fighter Spirits based off that enemy. After you inhale a Primary, the Fighter Spirits take over your mind and do the rest of the fighting. You may have seen flashes of our long-forgotten memories, right?" Kirby nodded, rubbing his cheek.

"That gemstone is-a linking our souls into one, allowing us to share all of our memories, so I see yours and you see mine, even if we forget what our own memories even looked like," Mario kept explaining. "You may have seen something else after you reunited my Spirit with my body, right? Somehow, those flashes from the Galeem Lock shards and that strange stone are linking their powers to tell you something." Aware of what Mario was talking about, Kirby nodded, the Piranha Plant trying to understand everything the red plumber said. Mario then got up, straightening his cap.

"Show me," Mario said. Running back and forth to the room with several beds, Kirby grabbed a sheet of paper and coloring crayons, scribbling what he pictured after saving Mario. A minute or two passed, and the pink puffball presented to the red plumber what he drew. When Mario took the picture, he noticed it was like a children's drawing, but it was mainly two dragons in a cave – one silver-coated dragon named Metallio, and another with a tropical-themed armor called Toropikaru. In the nest they were laying down on, there were three, multi-colored eggs present, and the three baby dragons from before labeled by the names Kirby could remember: Phoenix, Galeem, and Ultima. Before Mario was about to say anything else, Sticks the Jungle Badger slid down the ladder to the ship's cockpit.

"Trouble with the beacon," Sticks said. "It's not visible on our map! You three better get down there at once! Meet us up at the deck. At least be grateful we're above where you last left it." The glowing-green Spirit then climbed back to the cockpit. Kirby and Piranha Plant looked at Mario, ready to go. Shortly after, the three fighters ran up to the deck, leaving Faker behind. The brown-skinned woman, now in her dragon-armor uniform, looked at the hand-drawn picture Kirby dropped, studying it after picking it up. Since she had no idea what it was, Faker did not know how to reply as she looked up the ladder, seeing Mario, Piranha Plant, and Kirby run through the cockpit to outside the deck.

Chapter Text

Mario, Kirby, and Piranha Plant marched out onto the Undying Light's deck, greeted by the Great Sage. The elderly Mii gave the three fighters the watch-like devices and fold-up gliders.

"When you already have the devices on your wrists, just remember one press is communication, two presses is alert, and three presses is transportation back to the ship," the Great Sage addressed. "Good luck fixing that beacon." Once the drop-off plank pulled out from the side of the ship and the Great Sage walked away, the three fighters walked onto the rim, looking down upon the grassy field they were at a while ago.

"Are you-a sure you want-a to do this, Kirby?" Mario asked, scared of the height he and the other two warriors were about to fall down through. "I really don't think this-a -woah! " Before Mario could finish, the Piranha Plant pushed the red plumber off the plank, watching Mario falling in fright for a moment. Kirby merely looked at Piranha Plant with a slightly pissed-off face, jumping off the wooden plank with the carnivorous flower. The three were now diving from beyond the clouds, and Mario knew this was ridiculous especially from this distance from the ground.

"Poyo-poyo!" Kirby yelled to Mario, pointing at the fold-up glider in his stubby pink hands.

"What!?" Mario asked as loud as he could. "Don't try talking to me! I can't understand your language!" Shaking his head, Kirby tilted his soft, round body towards the ground along with Piranha Plant. When the three adventurers were only feet away from the ground, Kirby pulled out his glider, and so did Piranha Plant. After Mario saw what was going on, he grabbed the handles of his glider, he jerked up when it unfolded, catching the gust of wind in its fabric. The three fighters then watched as they slowly descended towards the ground, landing on the grassy field next to the gateway of the ruins. Waiting right for Mario, Kirby, and Piranha Plant was nothing more than a Supporter Jigglypuff, the Pokémon wearing a red bowtie on the back of her head, her irises glowing red with glee as in her stubby, light-pink hands was the metal ball that created the beacon.

"We must've missed this one," Magnus spoke over the transmitter in each of the fighter's gadgets. "Careful guys." Just when Mario and Piranha Plant started running towards the Supporter Jigglypuff, Kirby got a head-start, confident to get that beacon back. Before the other two warriors could reach up to the Supporter, Kirby grabbed the False Jigglypuff and tossed her high into the air. The ground began rumbling under Kirby and False Jigglypuff, emerging out of the ground and creating an invisible UV sphere, trapping Mario and Piranha Plant outside.

The stage the two puffballs were on shifted into a wooden, log-like battlefield, revealing two platforms moving to and from the center of the stage in opposite directions. The UV Sphere created some sort of cylinder-shaped landscape, dotted with houses, tree, and rivers, transforming into the infamous Smashville. The False Jigglypuff Supporter floated towards Kirby, about to use her Rest move. However, Kirby managed to dodge out of the way in time, and the Pokémon fell asleep for a short while. Her devastating move didn't hit, and it left her open for a powerful dash attack.

Kirby ran right into the Supporter Jigglypuff, setting himself on flames and whacking the puppet warrior off the stage. However, she managed to float back onto the stage, running at Kirby again. This was going to be easy, Kirby thought. All the young Star Warrior had to do was dodge the Supporter Jigglypuff's Rest move and counter-attack. No matter how fast the bow-tie Jigglypuff ran, she could not keep up with Kirby's fluid reactions. Eventually, since her only game plan was using Rest, Kirby waited until she was open and finished with a devastating kick, sending the puppet fighter into the blast zone of the UV sphere. The barrier disappeared, and so did the Smashville stage, and Piranha Plant and Mario watched as Kirby was frozen in the air, pointing that rainbow-fiery golden gun at a barrier. Inside was the bow-tie Jigglypuff, disintegrating into Shadow Bugs and revealing the true Spirit controlling the puppet Pokémon: a glowing-green Celeste.

"That's right, Piranha Plant," Mario told the carnivorous flower, looking at Kirby ready to fire. "After anyone wins a battle against a puppet fighter, the defeated Spirits and their vessels pull out a barrier constantly spinning, revealing only a tiny hole for a perfect snipe. Once Kirby fires the Spirit Sniper, he'll either absorb the rescued Spirit into the gemstone inside his body or hit the barrier, forcing him to fight again. No matter what, only one way to find out." Kirby heard what Mario was talking about, carefully aiming the Spirit Sniper at the tiny hole in the barrier, trying to stay targeted once it moved again. After a careful press of the trigger, Kirby sniped the glowing-green Celeste. The Normal Advanced Spirit freed both herself and Kirby, flying into the pink puffball's body once absorbed. The Spirit Sniper vanished again, and Kirby dropped onto the dirt path in the grassy field again. Mario ran towards Kirby, trying to keep the young Star Warrior steady. The beacon in the puppet warrior's clutches was dropped, disappearing back into the watch-like devices of the real fighters.

"You're-a okay," Mario sighed, rubbing Kirby's head. "Sooner or-a later, you'll get used to this. You'll get used to rescuing Spirits and having Fighter Spirits take over your body. I know you've fought god-like beings and literal gods in your time, especially for someone your age. Let's-a go now. We're still walking on the path to the ruins. Might as well go there." Kirby nodded, taking Mario and Piranha Plant with him to the ruins.

At the ruins, markings that seemed ancient spiraled all the way to the center. Stone pillars stuck out of the ground, eroding away in time. Mario, Kirby, and Piranha Plant looked at the darkening sky, painted with the dusk of the setting sun. While the three fighters traveled through the rocky desolation, Mario was pretty interested in Piranha Plant. The red plumber turned towards Kirby, the pink puffball looking at him in return.

"Kirby?" Mario asked. "Just to clear things up a bit, how come there's a Piranha Plant on our side? He looks and behaves like a fighter, but none of us had ever seen him appear in our group after Galeem's attack. Did you just find him wounded after some sort of brutal fight against a monster?" Kirby rubbed his head, wondering how that Piranha Plant survived Galeem's blast. Those beams spread across the multiverse, engulfing planets and robbing both innocent and evil residents of their physical forms. Galeem does give the Spirits their bodies back, but only if they promise to serve him for all eternity. The carnivorous flower was not present in the army of captured fighters. Somehow, that Piranha Plant found a way to avoid the attack unlike his brethren.

"Poyo!" Kirby exclaimed. The pink puffball was pointing his stubby arm at some sort of figure in the center of the ruins. Mario and Piranha Plant noticed it too, and it was a tall, hairy figure. It was none other than the Werewolf from the world the Belmonts came from. The three fighters were ready to fight the lycanthrope, but the Werewolf began crawling on all fours, running to the top of a nearby pillar.

"I do not want to fight you stringy morsels," the Werewolf spoke. The three travelers were confused by a lycanthrope talking in such a strong accent, especially when they clearly knew that werewolves themselves can't speak after they have transformed.

"Lord Galeem cursed me, keeping me in my animal self while giving me the ability to communicate with those that speak the common language," the Werewolf continued. "However, as much as he forces me to, I dare would not lay a hand on any of you."

"Then you would be considered a traitor," Mario objected. "Galeem might strip you of your physical form again, or even worse kill you without your conscious to save you."

"I am aware of the actions Galeem will take," the Werewolf spoke, scratching his thick coat of his fleas with his hind leg. "Like you brave souls, I too desire a chance to return to the real world."

"So, you're not-a going to attack us?" Mario asked, lowering his fists and relaxing. Kirby and Piranha Plant noticed that they were communicating with the Werewolf as a guide, so they decided to calm down to listen to what the Werewolf was saying.

"Only when I am hungry," the Werewolf said. "I already had a filling meal, so you have no need to worry. To clear things up a bit, you know that Galeem's servants are spreading across his kingdom. Your friends are not just on Gallia's surface. Some are even located in the depths of space and other planets hidden within galaxies. Galeem receives precious information about whatever they see. Which is why I have no time to waste. Be careful once you journey across these ruins. You will have to face the guardian of the Ancients, forcing you to avoid his deadly lasers and defeat him in order to advance."

"That's it?" Mario asked, looking at Piranha Plant and Kirby. "That sounds-a easy…"

"It sure sounds like it," the Werewolf spoke. "However, once you pass through the guardian, there are three paths for you to take, and each one is protected by your captured friends: the Hero-King, the Illusive Sheikah, and the Mayor of Smashville." Kirby, shocked, tugged on Mario's side, knowing about three of their friends.

"They're Marth, Sheik, and Villager!" Mario answered. "We have to rescue them as fast as we could!" Piranha Plant snarled, nodding with determination.

"I would not rush to them, if I were you," the Werewolf objected, perching on the stone pillar. "You see, after you head to the three alternate pathways, you only have one fighter to choose from. Once you have made your decision, the other two will close off the pathways with help from a Master Hand, forcing you to keep going until you have cleared the path you have chosen." Mario looked down on the ground, knowing there was a decision he and his friends would have to take.

"At least consider yourself lucky," the Werewolf finished. "I will always be following you, hidden from Galeem's spies, giving you advice on the secrets of the multiverse when you most need it. Until we meet again…" With a mighty howl as the sun disappeared behind the land, the Werewolf jumped off the stone pillar he was on, running off into the distance from the ruins.

"You heard the lycanthrope," Mario told Kirby and Piranha Plant. "We need to be-a careful with our choices. Besides, we might find more of our friends once we travel down our locked pathway…" The three travelers then heard the beeping of Mario's watch-like device. With a press of the button, Mario heard Sticks' voice coming from the gadget.

"Did you fix that beacon?" Sticks asked.

"There was an enemy holding it hostage," Mario answered. "Kirby managed to get it back it, however. Hey, is it true that there are three pathways for us to choose once we defeat some sort of guardian?"

"Don't know," Sticks answered. "This is something you'll have to discover for yourself while we map this whole world. We were going to transport you back to the Undying Light, but apparently Flynn spilled some hot soup on the shiny doohickey that beams you up while upgrading it with E. Gadd's help."

"Mamma mia," Mario tiredly sighed. "The worst time imaginable has to be that Mabu pilot from the Skylands not able to finish his supper in time…"

"Looks like you're going to have to camp down on the planet for now until we fix it… let's say about a week or two max," Sticks continued. "We'll tell you the upgrades once we dry that bad baby up, okay?"

"Okay," Mario answered, ending the transmission. The red plumber then looked at Kirby and Piranha Plant, shaking his head.

"Bad news, guys, in case you haven't-a heard," Mario said. "Transporter's busted, so we'll be staying on the planet for a while. Do you mind gathering resources?" Time had passed, and the three fighters set up a small campfire set ablaze thanks to Mario's unique ability. Kirby, exhausted, was trying to keep warm in the middle of the night, as he shivered and hugged himself. The Piranha Plant managed to gather a large clump of wild berries all gathered onto a giant leaf as he sat down and passed some to the red plumber. While Mario was popping a handful of strawberries and blue raspberries into his mouth, he noticed the pink puffball looking depressed. The red plumber scooted forward next to Kirby.

"You cold-a?" Mario asked, noticing the shivering puffball. The red plumber then handed Kirby whatever berries remained in his hand, and there was plenty.

"Eat up," Mario recommended. "They may not be delicacies, but their energy will keep you bundled up for the night." Kirby then ate Mario's hand with the berries in one bite, engulfing the red plumber's front half of his arm. Mario quickly managed to slip his hand out of the pink puffball, noticing the saliva now dripping from his arm explained Kirby's usual appetite. The red plumber then set his hand on fire, instantly drying his arm while shaking off the mist. Afterwards, Mario turned back to Kirby.

"It's alright," Mario said, knowing Kirby's loneliness in his black-and-blue eyes. "I know about your isolation, and I miss them too. You got me back, so that means we'll get them back. I guess only time will tell for sure…" Kirby looked at Mario with tears in his eyes, and the pink puffball hugged the red plumber, sobbing gently into his lap. As the stars twinkled above in a blanket, Mario watched the Piranha Plant drift off to sleep in his flower pot. It wasn't long before the red plumber and the pink puffball dozed off next to the fire in the darkness of the ruins.

Chapter Text

Morning arrived on the land, with the first light of dawn shining on three legendary fighters fast asleep next to a dying campfire now crumbling into ashes. The Piranha Plant managed to stay up through most of the night, keeping watch over the team. Mario slowly opened his eyes, feeling his head snuggle into Kirby's soft body. The red plumber sat up, rubbing Kirby's soft body.

"Wake up, sleepy-head," Mario sighed. Kirby hopped up, rubbing his big eyes. The three fighters managed to sleep all throughout the night, without a single monster attacking them. Just then, Piranha Plant started picking up something deep within the ruins. The carnivorous flower heard robotic noises, followed with exploding and crumbling stones. Kirby and Mario heard it too, and whatever it was sounded enormous.

"Come on, guys!" Mario told Piranha Plant and Kirby. The three adventurers then traveled down the path through the ruins, noticing the noise getting closer and closer the faster they walked. Eventually, Mario, Kirby, and Piranha Plant looked down from above a desolated pillar to find the cause of the noises: a giant pink R.O.B. blasting lasers, no matter how weak they were due to charging time. The puppet fighter glared at the three warriors with glowing red eyes, watching as Mario, Piranha Plant, and Kirby walked up to the robotic creature.

Before the three adventurers could react, the ground underneath them rumbled. A flat stage then shot out of the ruins' ground, creating another UV sphere around itself. The stage twisted and formed into some sort of ancient technology, and the background changed into what looked like Hyrule Field, though everything was mostly wildlife dotted with existing civilizations, and the Hyrule Castle far off in the distance was left in shambles as darkness barricaded the royal walls. It was the Final Destination version of the Great Plateau Tower. Piranha Plant, Kirby, and Mario looked at the giant R.O.B. Supporter they were facing, watching as it merely stood its ground and began firing lasers.

The fight was rather simple: avoid the lasers and attack the puppet fighter. As Mario was jumping into the air, watching out for the beams the R.O.B. Supporter was shooting, he began taking out his golden cape, flipping the lasers back at the puppet fighter. As the giant pink R.O.B. was quickly getting up, Kirby and the Piranha Plant ran towards the puppet, punching and kicking from behind. The R.O.B. puppet was still shooting lasers at the trio, trying its best to catch up with them. Eventually, the three fighters began wailing on the giant R.O.B. with projectiles while staying at a safe distance: Mario with his fireballs and golden cape, the Piranha Plant with his ability to blow spiked balls at the robot, and Kirby with his Inhale move, spitting them out in the form of powerful stars. With one last hit, Mario used a basketball dunk on the giant pink R.O.B., knocking the puppet fighter out. The stage crumbled down beneath the victorious adventurers, and the UV sphere vanished.

Once Kirby and Piranha Plant felt themselves on the ground again, they saw Mario suspended in the air, pointing the Spirit Sniper at the giant pink R.O.B., who disintegrated into Shadow Bugs. As the puppet fighter vanished into thin air, all that remained was a glowing-green, Normal Advanced Guardian, the kind found in the mythical land of Hyrule that worked for the entity known as Calamity Ganon, heavily based on the technology founded by the Sheikah. The barrier formed around the Normal Spirit like before, and Mario pulled the trigger on the Spirit Sniper, hitting the Guardian and freeing the Spirit. Once Mario dropped onto the ground, the Spirit Sniper vanishing like always, the Guardian floated right into the gemstone suspended in Kirby's body, causing the pink puffball to jump up in confusion.

"We can do this, like I said before," Mario told Kirby. "Just keep yourself brave, okay?" Kirby looked at Mario, a tiny bead of sweat rolling down his pink face. The Piranha Plant then started growling again, sensing something down the path. As soon as the carnivorous flower broke up from Mario and Kirby, the other two fighters started following him to where the pathways split. The area was a mystical pyramid, creating three forks in the road. The distance was big, but the three paths the warriors were forced to decide upon were clearly shown. On the path to their left, Marth's possessed body waited. To the right, the Villager was seen looking for a challenger. At the middle path, Sheik was there. Both Kirby and Piranha Plant looked at Mario, wondering how they were going to do this.

"Don't expect me to-a know everything," Mario said. "The Werewolf back there said if we choose one path, the other two will close off, forcing us to stay one the path we have chosen until we complete it…" Kirby and Piranha Plant started thinking about it, wondering what to do. Afterwards, the pink puffball looked at Mario with a brave face.

"Let me-a guess…" Mario sighed. "We're going to have to split up. Three paths, three fighters. Call it even if you will." Kirby nodded as his final answer. Mario, Kirby, and the Piranha Plant walked off to where the path split up. The three warriors then looked at each other, knowing the risk they were about to take.

"I know we just-a met and yet… I'm really going to miss you guys…" Mario sighed, adjusting his cap. Kirby and Piranha Plant hugged the red plumber, knowing they must part ways again for this one mission. The trio broke the group hug and looked at each other, walking down the paths they have chosen. Mario went towards where Marth waited, the Piranha Plant to Sheik, and Kirby to Villager. The three fighters knew they wouldn't be together after a long while, knowing the decision they made.

Mario walked towards his old friend Marth, noticing the glowing-red eyes the Hero-King sported. The image of the Master Legendary Spirit possessing Marth showed the humanoid form of the warlord Duma. For Piranha Plant, the carnivorous flower looked at Sheik walking closer to him, her glowing-red eyes gleaming brighter. In a brief flash of an image, the Master Legendary Spirit that was revealed was shown to have been the combined version of Kotake and Koume: Twinrova. Far off into the left, Kirby carefully approached the Villager, noticing the Mayor of Smashville looking at him with the glowing-red eyes. Through a single flash, the pink puffball quickly figured out the Master Legendary Spirit that was possessing Villager turned out to be one of the god-like beings he faced on his home planet Popstar: Magolor.

"Looks like the fat idiot decided to show up at last," Duma's voice spoke out of Marth. "Tell me, what took you so long as to split up with your gang?" Mario looked at the Primary Fighter with an aggressive face, setting his white-gloved hands on fire.

"What do you think you're doing here?" Twinrova asked the Piranha Plant through Sheik's body. "All of the greatest warriors in the multiverse, and only a plant comes and faces me…"

"I haven't seen you in a long while, Kirby," Magolor said inside Villager's body. "Tell me… how's my friend Marx doing when he's not suspended in the depths of space, floating around in the Comet Nova's rubble?" Kirby pulled up his stubby pink fists, putting on his war face.

"Now that you're here…" Duma in Marth's body spoke.

"…and you're all alone…" Twinrova in Sheik's body continued.

"…it looks like the two of us will be having so much fun together." Magolor in Villager's body finished while cackling. For the three fighters against each of Galeem's Primaries, vortexes surrounded the possessed fighters, and each opponent was taken to different areas of the Final Destination.

Mario walked towards the possessed Marth, watching as the Primary Fighter shifted parts of the Hero-King's body into what he was before. A light-green ponytail long and ragged shot out of Marth's blue hair, elf-like ears pointed out from the sides, dragon claws stuck out from the Hero-King's gloved hands, and Marth's eyes were entirely red now. Pulling out the Falchion, Duma inside Marth's body rushed towards Mario, slashing with such grace and accuracy.

In another part of the Final Destination, Twinrova inside Sheik's body saw Piranha Plant licking his lips, letting his head slowly shift into multiple colors as he was going to release some sort of unpredictable attack afterwards. The possessed Sheikah sprouted a large gem on her head, with the right side of her body red and the left side blue. Like before, Sheik's eyes were fully red now, and two streams of fire and ice grew out from the back of her head. Twinrova inside Sheik's body pulled out several needles, twisting her neck so she could pop the bones in her spine.

Kirby pulled up his stubby pink fists, facing against Magolor inside Villager's body in a different area of the Final Destination. As the Primary Fighter pulled out a wood-cutting axe, the possessed warrior's entire eyes started glowing red, flinching rapidly. A strange golden crown appeared on the puppet fighter's head, with some sort of white bandana covering his mouth. His arms vanished and his arms became detached thanks to moon-shaped auras, and misty red magic started gleaming through the transformed Villager's hands.

With a fire-like blast, Duma inside Marth's body unleashed a devastating laser at Mario, only to find out about the red plumber jumping over him and kicking the Primary from behind. The possessed Hero-King quickly jumped up from the ground, charging up his Shield Breaker move. Mario managed to dodge the thrusting tipper in time, watching Marth's Falchion create a small scratch in his overalls. Pissed off, Mario set his hands ablaze, launching a series of fireballs at Duma inside Marth's body. The Primary warrior tried avoiding the fiery attacks, but he only managed to dodge only a few fireballs. The rest of them scarred his skin with nasty burns, and Marth's glowing-red eyes met with Mario's boot.

Mario kicked Marth right in the head, sending the Hero-King close to the edge of the Final Destination platform. The red plumber started pulling out his F.L.U.D.D. device on his back, heating up the water inside to a boiling temperature with his fiery powers. Mario watched Duma still inside Marth's body, crawling up in a dragon's posture, wiping the blood leaking from his glowing-red eyes as he snarled, the Hero-King's Falchion in his hand. Mario then pumped out boiling-hot water from the F.L.U.D.D. device, soaking the Primary warrior in scalding pain. Afterwards, Mario set his fists ablaze once more, unleashing a fiery punch and knocking Duma in Marth's body off the stage into the blast zone of the Final Destination before everything went dark all of a sudden.

In another part of the Final Destination stage, Piranha Plant started mauling and biting at the Primary he was going up against: Twinrova inside Sheik. When the possessed Sheikah started throwing needles at the carnivorous flower, they quickly transformed into arrows of fire and ice, traveling at a sharp and fast distance. The Piranha Plant jumped and dodged, holding on tight to his flower pot with his two big leaves. Once the storm of fire-and-ice needles was over, the carnivorous flower noticed pieces of his green body were cut off and burning. Just when Sheik's body was about to kick him, Piranha Plant grabbed ahold of her leg with his white-lipped mouth, biting deep with his sharp teeth. While Twinrova inside Sheik's body was slashing at the carnivorous flower rapidly with fiery and icy knives, Piranha Plant still kept on holding on to his bite, his teeth sinking deeper into her skin and cracking her leg bone.

The Piranha Plant then spat the Primary warrior out, poisonous saliva at the teeth marks mixing in with her darkened blood. Once Twinrova still inside Sheik's body quickly got up, she clenched on to her leg in pain, her glowing-red eyes flashing at Piranha Plant. The carnivorous flower then blew a large gust of wind, launching a spiked ball at Sheik. Landing on her flat chest, the spiked ball launched the Primary warrior off the stage. As soon as she was about to recover with her Abyss move, the Piranha Plant jumped off and slammed downward with his flower pot, knocking the possessed Sheik out. Like with Mario, the Final Destination stage vanished in black instantly. All that remained in one more part of the Final Destination was Kirby against Magolor inside Villager.

"Now it's just you and me, puffball," Magolor teased, violet flames coming out of the Villager's floating hands and his glowing-red eyes becoming brighter. Kirby ran towards the Primary warrior, knowing he had faced godlike-beings and literal gods before even though he could not remember who and why. This time was a little bit different, especially coming from a possessed fighter. Magolor used all of the original abilities he had before when he had his own body, except it was all in Villager. Kirby began hopping up into the air, kicking with his large red feet once Magolor generated three shadow-coated balls above him from Villager's floating hands. He floated out of the way after launching them at Kirby. Thankfully the pink puffball was able to inhale all three in time before jumping and spitting out the shadow-coated balls in the form of a star cluster. Kirby managed to time the spit and hit Villager's body, but Magolor teleported back onto the stage, pulling out a fruit-coated tree out of nowhere and a chopping axe.

After Magolor chopped down the tree with Villager's body, Kirby managed to grab onto the tree in time, swinging it by the trunk with brute force despite his simple stature and strength. The deciduous branches hit the Primary warrior, causing Magolor inside Villager to float into the air again. He then created paint-coated pillars from the Final Destination stage, and Kirby did not manage to react in time as he felt himself impaled and launched high into the air to meet the possessed Villager's burning fist. Just as Kirby was about to give up, he suddenly remembered what happened during that encounter with Mario when he was under the Galeem Lock, and the pink puffball quickly inhaled to gain Villager's Copy Ability. Magolor still inside Villager was sucked in, and the moment he landed a blow with his fist, it was too late for him. The Primary warrior was quickly drawn into Kirby and launched out a second later from the pink puffball's body. As soon as Magolor knew what happened, he saw Kirby's eyes flash the Smash Ball gleam from before, and a wig of brown hair from the Villager appeared on Kirby's head. Villager's Fighter Spirit took over Kirby's body thanks to Faker's stone, and now the young Smashville mayor was ready to fight in the body of a Star Warrior.

Magolor floated into the air again, throwing shadow-coated ball after shadow-coated ball. Luckily, Villager inside Kirby began pocketing the projectiles, throwing them out one at a time at the Primary warrior's body. Magolor suddenly noticed he was losing, and the pink demon had a winning chance just like before, but this time a kid that looked like a murderous psychopath was taking control. Magolor, still inside Villager's body, kept blasting powerful electrical explosives at Kirby, who was running towards him now, the Villager's wig still intact. With one jump, Kirby's body pulled out a bowling ball and launched it right on top of the controlled Villager, knocking the Primary warrior off the stage. Like what happened after Piranha Plant and Mario won with their rivals, the Final Destination stage crumbled into particles similar to Shadow Bugs, and the sky went dark.

Standing back-to-back, Mario, Kirby, and Piranha Plant were close together, floating in the darkness, noticing Marth, Sheik, and Villager's bodies generating their barriers after defeat. Duma, Twinrova, and Magolor still remained attached to their selected bodies as the barriers with tiny holes kept spinning rapidly. A Spirit Sniper each generated in Mario, Piranha Plant, and Kirby's hands, and they were each pointing at their defeated opponent. The Fighter Spirits of the Primary warriors the trio defeated created ammo for each fighter alongside Kirby, with the Villager's Spirit flowing from the pink demon's body. Taking aim, with the Shadow Bugs closing in, the three fighters fired at the Master Legendary Spirits within their captured friends, each one of them using a perfect shot. Mario and Piranha Plant vanished, and only Kirby remained behind in the dark, the gem inside him taking effect. The shattered Galeem Locks from Marth, Villager, and Sheik flew right into Kirby with the Spirits that took control of the three rescued friends, turning the pink puffball's eyes into a glowing white before exiting out of his body. The area around Kirby brightened, and the landscape transformed again.

Kirby slowly woke up, feeling the Smash Ball on his forehead again and noticing his golden irises and rainbow aura. The pink puffball looked around as he adjusted his eyesight, seeing that he was back in the land of Arcus, though it was somewhat different. A young, golden-coated dragon infant ran right through Kirby's body, playing with his other two friends with a blue rubber ball. Kirby looked around, amazed by what he saw. The pink puffball was in the middle of a large town populated by dragons, and there were many different huts and caves to live in. The city of dragons also seemed to coexist with nature as there were trees and flowers growing within. As Kirby watched the dragons being friendly and peaceful, playing with different animal friends and each other, the pink puffball noticed they were all uniquely different, no matter how similar. Kirby stopped for a brief moment to take a look at a crimson-coated dragon in the middle of the cobblestone street to entertain a small group of dragon infants. His golden-coated wings started glowing with red flames, and with a mighty breath shot an impressive blast into the air. The dragon's breath whizzed up into the air, exploding the sky with multi-colored fireworks, and the sparks drifted down from up above in the form of golden butterflies, disappearing into ashes before they even touched the ground. It was a sight to behold. Kirby then suddenly looked behind himself, and he saw Metallio and Toropikaru with their children, though they seemed to be a little older than when they first hatched but still being as playful and energetic.

"Daddy?" Ultima asked, trying to learn how to fly as she flapped her multi-colored wings. "Where are we going?"

"We're heading to the Dragosmo Solstice," Metallio answered, grabbing and placing his daughter on his back with his mouth.

"We've been talking and planning this for a year now," Toropikaru chuckled, nuzzling into Ultima and making her giggle. "Every ten years, in a coming of age, our Minister arrives from the Sky Temple, giving his word that he has chosen new guardians of Arcus." Ultima's two brothers, Galeem and Phoenix, ran to their parents, anxious and ready to experience this once-in-a-lifetime event.

"If there's gonna be a new protector of this planet, it's going to be me!" Galeem spoke, determined as he ran right in front of Toropikaru and Metallio.

"No, it is going to be me," Phoenix objected, playfully rubbing Galeem's face with his front paws.

"Now, now, children," their mother spoke. "Simply being elected as a new guardian isn't going to be enough. You need to be truthful in strength, wisdom, speed, courage, loyalty, forgiveness, and teamwork. It's a lot harder than it sounds, so keep that in mind."

"Your mother does have a point," Metallio spoke, hoisting Ultima off his back with his tail so she could walk on her own. "Any dragon can sign up to be a Dragosmo, but only few can make it. However, defending the planet also comes with the balance between the darkness and the light…"

"Mommy! Daddy! Look! They're starting!" Ultima exclaimed, running to where the Dragosmo Solstice was taking place. On her four legs, the black-coated dragon infant with rainbow-colored wings waited behind the large crowd of dragons for her family to catch up to her. She and her two brothers perched on their mother's head, trying to catch a good glimpse of the big event. There was a humongous tree stump that stretched out twenty feet around, and two white-coated dragons with golden wings walked to the front of the crowd. They were coated in golden armor, grabbing the mouthpieces of their trumpets with their muzzles, blowing into those instruments for a special announcement. Kirby, passing through all those dragons like a ghost, walked to the front of the crowd to climb onto the large stump and see what was going on. The pink puffball watched, seeing seven dragons falling from beyond the clouds, spreading their wings and dancing in the sky. Their colors defined what elements they had for their breath. The red dragon was breathing fire; the orange dragon created a dust cloud of earth and dirt; the yellow dragon zipped through the sky with lightning particles; the green dragon conjured up seeds and spores, exploding into a shower of leaves and flowers; the blue dragon created small storms around itself, dancing around in the wind; the indigo dragon spurted a blast of water into the sky, raining down from above before collecting and absorbing into its wings; the violet dragon flew high into the air, unleashing beautiful blasts like magic. These seven dragons were flying in the form of their solstice dance, coloring the sky in many colors. For their big finish, the seven dragons all flew high into the air, creating a blast of light before flying off in different directions, leaving behind their chosen elements levitating in the air as they glowed bright, leaving the sky in a rainbow-like spectrum.

The crowd of dragons cheered, and Kirby felt amazed by what he saw. The pink puffball looked behind himself, seeing that Ultima, Galeem, and Phoenix with their parents were enjoying this a lot. Inside the white blast in the sky, the Dragosmo Minster flew from down below. He had a rather long beard colored light gray as his facial hair, and he sported large, quartz horns. The Minister's armor was lightly tinted with pink, daffodil, and cyan, and his eyes gleamed a deep brown. Once he landed, the two dragons that were blowing the trumpets stepped out of the way.

"All hail Ceresor, Lord of the Arcus Dragons and Balancer of Darkness and Light!" one of the white-coated dragons clad in golden armor spoke. The large crowd of dragons cheered, and Kirby was looking at the elderly beast in awe. Coughing, Ceresor pulled out a scroll from his back with his mouth, unfolding it once he laid it down on the ground and straightened the paper with his front paws.

"Citizens of Arcus," Ceresor spoke in a slightly wheezing voice, reading off the scroll. "It has come to my intention that after years of intense training for my students, I have finally decided who will be joining me in the halls of the Sky Temple, looking down from up above for any sign of danger that would surely throw our world into damnation." The dragons in the large audience cheered, ready to hear who was going to be announced.

"We sure have hit a lucky streak this year," Ceresor continued reading, "considering how hard these new warriors have studied. And the winners this decade are…" A young drummer dragon with tiny lavender wings and baby blue scales fluttered onto the stage, making a drum roll with his two front paws with his sticks. The dragon audience and Kirby were curious on who won this year, and the Dragosmo Minister cleared his throat to announce the new guardians.

"…the Miraculous Seven," Ceresor finished, spreading his quartz-coated wings. With a loud applause from the crowd of dragons, Kirby heard the soaring of the seven dragons that appeared before, flying high into the air and creating another rainbow-colored blast in the sky with their elemental breaths. The seven dragons then landed down onto the stage, standing in front of Ceresor. With a small breath, the Dragosmo Minister created special, dragon-shaped badges for each member of the Miraculous Seven. Each of the new guardians' parents ran onto the stage to greet their children, so proud of them. As the audience cheered for their new protectors, Kirby noticed Metallio and Toropikaru walking away from the Dragosmo Solstice with their three children, and the pink puffball followed them off the stage, still unnoticed by the dragons even though he was in plain sight.

"You should've seen the way they flew through the air with their powers like pew, pew-pew-pew, pew, BOOM!" Galeem laughed, running to his brother and sister.

"And the way they had finished with that blast was… incredible," Phoenix spoke, rubbing Galeem's head with his black-coated paw.

"That was amazing!" Ultima exclaimed with joy, hopping up into the air and fluttering as hard as she could to her parents. Toropikaru and Metallio merely chuckled when they noticed their offspring enjoyed that display and solstice.

"I wanna be a Dragosmo when I grow up," Ultima said to her parents, lying on her father's back on her stomach.

"I don't know, really," Toropikaru objected, throwing the three dragon children into a bit of question. "It's hard work being a guardian of Arcus, and there's this thing trying to balance the darkness and the light…"

"Mommy, please?" Ultima asked beggingly.

"Yeah, what's wrong with being a Dragosmo?" Galeem asked, standing up for his sister.

"Well, mother?" Phoenix asked, agreeing to his siblings.

"Hmmm…" Toropikaru replied, "…maybe ask your father." The two brothers hopped onto their father's back to meet up with Ultima, and Metallio looked at them, chuckling.

"We'll see," Metallio answered. "Maybe when you learn how to fly, you can train to be a Dragosmo." The three little dragons jumped off their father's back, excited.

"This is going to be so awesome!" Galeem laughed, hugging his brother.

"It sure is," Phoenix answered.

"However, just be careful," Metallio warned. "I've had a few close friends who knew about their friends becoming Dragosmos. They've had tales of learning about big responsibilities to take, and they would have to accept reality to deal with their troubles, and they would have to let go of the past to make way for the future..." Phoenix and Galeem did not listen as they kept telling what they would do once they become Dragosmos, perched on Toropikaru's back. Only Ultima paid attention to her father's warning, understanding every word of it at such a young age.

Kirby stood behind the family walking back to their cave, wondering what this could mean. Just then, the Smash Ball on his forehead started glowing again, and the environment around the pink puffball turned white. Things grew dark again for Kirby.

As the pink demon was slowly waking up, he felt the Villager he rescued poke him with a stick. Quickly hopping up as waking from a nightmare, Kirby looked around, noticing Villager's eyes were back to normal and Magolor's was nowhere to be seen inside the Mayor of Smashville. Villager hugged Kirby, happy that he was back and ready to take revenge against the Seraph of Order.

"Poyo-poyo-poyo-po…" Kirby spoke, glad to see Villager again. The pink puffball suddenly remembered something: a warning from the Werewolf about a Master Hand blocking off pathways. Scared, Kirby quickly broke the hug with Villager, running back to the pathway into the ruins. However, his cuddly pink face squished against something invisible. Kirby looked to his right, seeing Piranha Plant with Sheik and Mario with Marth, the two of them split up by something. In front of the six warriors was a Master Hand, laughing with a malicious voice.

"Looks like you're merely just rats caught in a trap," the Master Hand spoke. "It was originally said that whichever fighter you rescue the other two paths will close off, but… seeing as how you broke the rules, you're split from each other again. Good luck trying not to die." Laughing evilly, the Master Hand warped away from the ruins, and the six fighters discovered what was keeping them apart: three invisible barriers blocking their way back into the ruins and to each other.

"We can-a do this, Kirby!" Mario yelled to the pink puffball teamed up with Villager. "All we have to do is keep going. We'll meet up again once we're near the Northern Barrier. Okay?" Kirby nodded, but he suddenly heard his watch-like device beeping. Pressing the red button, the pink demon heard Faker's voice.

"Kirby!" Faker spoke over the transmission, the voice becoming more staticky. "Are you okay? We've heard something happened to you guys! Stay still- wait a minute- you're breaking up- you're not showing up on the map anymore- take care of my gift from me to you, okay Kirby?- #$ !$" The transmission ended in static, cutting off connection between the fighters and the Undying Light. Kirby looked at Villager, scared. The pink puffball then nodded with determination, running off with the Mayor of Smashville. Piranha Plant and Sheik walked off in separate paths too, and Mario traveled with Marth down the road they were now stuck on. Though on different trails cut off from each other, the six warriors all had one goal: to rescue their friends and bring down the threat that destroyed their world.

Chapter Text

Heading to some sort of chasm, Mario traveled with Marth, who was back to normal, near the edge of the pit, looking down at the sheer blackness from below. The red plumber, worried, turned to his blue-haired comrade.

"You worried?" Marth asked, putting away his Exalted Falchion. Mario nodded, looking at the humongous mushrooms filling the chasm.

"Kirby and that new Piranha Plant friend of his just saved me," Mario answered, sitting down near the ledge. "Why can't this world-a keep us together for once?" The Hero-King pondered the red plumber's answer for quite a while before sitting down next to him. Marth then placed a hand on Mario's back, knowing about the brave choice he made.

"That's known as multi-tasking," Marth replied, "and it was a pretty wise decision splitting up when you knew the other two paths would close if you would reawaken me, Sheik, or Villager." Mario looked up, satisfied with Marth's decision.

"Yeah," Mario said. "I guess you're right…" Suddenly, from the steep sides of the outside of the path Marth and Mario were traveling on, a wild clamoring started storming through the forest. Emerging from the bushes and trees, the Mii Fighters under Galeem's control rode on the back of the Cascade Kingdom raptors, pulling out their weapons and surrounding the two fighters.

"Mamma-mia," Mario growled, pulling up his fists. "Can't they just give us a break-a?"

"Only one way to find out!" Marth exclaimed, unsheathing the Exalted Falchion from his side. As the raptors were circling around the red plumber and the Hero-King, their mounters pointing their weapons, they started laughing in many different pitches of voices: some high, others low.

"Sic 'em, boys!" a Mii Brawler shouted, riding his raptor with the others. Once both Marth and Mario jumped in the air, ready to fight, a bright light flashed on another Mii Fighter. It came without sudden warning: both the Mii Fighter and her raptor mount were knocked back, and the two of them fell down into the supposedly-bottomless pit filled with giant mushrooms. The rest of the Mii Fighter troops looked over the edge, surprised by what happened. Even Mario and Marth were confused.

Before any more of the possessed Mii Fighters knew what was going on, an incoming parade of bullets flew right towards Galeem's troops, forcing Marth and Mario to duck. Some of the Mii Fighters and their raptors were hit, but a few Mii Gunners managed to reflect the bullets to where they came from. There, dodging some of the bullets he fired, was a man cloaked in black. He had hair as silky and dark as a raven, and his long coat seemed to fly behind him as he ran towards the Mii Fighters, pulling out some sort of knife. He had gloves as red as blood, and on his face was some sort of eye mask colored white with black markings. The stranger then jumped high into the air, his leather boots kicking into some of the Mii Fighters, causing most of the raptors to retreat into the woods. A swarm of Galeem's Mii Fighters glared at the stranger clad in black playing with his knife with their glowing-red eyes. Before they even laid a hand on the mysterious man as they rushed towards him, their target pulled away his mask, revealing blue flames emerging from his face.

"Persona!" he shouted. Through a mighty blast, a strange creature made out of blue flames with orange ones where his eyes should be appeared behind the black-clothed man, spreading his wing-like arms.

"I am thou, thou art I," the creature spoke with the voice of a god. "Show the strength of thy will, and rage against all challengers!" With a powerful yell, the black-clothed stranger set his fists the same glowing-blue as the creature he called forth, pulling out his knife with a powerful slash, knocking back the Mii Fighters and raptors. Once Galeem's troops knew they could not match this man's strength no matter how many of them there were, the Mii Fighters ran towards their raptors, who were running off into the woods. The glowing-blue flames disintegrated, and the black-clothed stranger placed his mask back on his face, putting away his knife back in his coat. When he looked back, he noticed Mario and Marth standing up, staring at him with shocked eyes and gaping mouths.

"And what are you looking at?" the black-clothed stranger asked, stroking his raven-black hair.

"That was amazing what you did there," Marth answered, trembling. "I've never seen anybody attack quite as ferocious as you."

"We just wanna congratulate you," Mario replied, shaking the black-clothed stranger's hand. "Thanks-a, Mr.… Uhhh…"

"Please," the stranger said, pulling away his hand. "I don't really like revealing my name to other strangers, but you can simply call me… Joker."

"Joker, huh?" Marth asked, surprised by this stranger they found out of nowhere. "Well, I'm Marth, and this is Mario. We're looking for our friends, who've been taken captive under Galeem. Think you can help us?" Joker merely took a few steps forward after turning around, stopping when he heard Marth talk about Galeem.

"You know about this Galeem person?" Joker responded, his arms folded across his chest.

"That's right-a, and we're getting everyone back for the final battle," Mario answered, curious about the warrior they just came across. "Hey… how come we've never seen you around here before?"

"Here before what?" Joker asked.

"We had never seen you or that Piranha Plant before on our team back in Arcadia or in the Galeem Void," Mario continued, "and yet somehow, you're fighting alongside us, side-by-side, even though we've never known you passing the test of Arcadia's Master Hand." Joker placed a finger on his own chin.

"You say you were taken captive under Galeem, right?" Joker asked. "Who was the only one of your group to escape?"

"Kirby," Marth answered. "He was the only one to warp out of here in time, saving himself from those beams of light." Joker merely laughed at that response, confusing Mario and Marth more.

"You thought that pink puffball could do it alone with that woman friend of his, a generic plant, and that group of misfit Spirits?" Joker asked.

"How did you know Kirby was a pink-?" Mario asked before Joker placed his gloved finger on the red plumber's lips.

"The whole world of Gallia knows about Kirby at this point, and the Forgotten Resistance has been the talk of the planet," Joker interrupted. "I've been getting gossip, knowing everything. Let's just say that… Kirby was not the only survivor." Mario stepped back, surprised by Joker's answer as he walked back to Marth.

"How do I explain this…?" Joker said, rubbing his head. "You see, during Galeem's invasion on the multiverse, almost everyone we know has been disintegrated, transformed into Spirits. Even the dead could not rest from that bastard as literally all things that we know and don't know existed were taken under his rule, forced to work for him as long as they were consumed by the light. I thought all hope was gone for me as Galeem's beams were about to get me just like they got my friends. However, I used everything I got, including my Personas-"

"Personas?" Marth interrupted.

"They're hidden powers," Joker answered, "and I'm not going to tell you what they are because I don't care."

"Anyway," Joker continued, "I managed to use my abilities and Personas, trying to stay alive as the light consumed everything. I kept fighting and running until the beams of light were gone and the environment blinded me. Before I knew it, I was floating in space. I looked around, noticing the Spirits dancing in the cosmos. Just as I expected, five more warriors that clearly kept their bodies were around me, and that Piranha Plant was one of them. I could've probably expected the Piranha Plant must've been the only one of his kind to probably hide in a pipe in time, but the other four… I don't really know how they did it. Before any one of us could figure out what was going on, Kirby on the Warp Star appeared out of nowhere, knocking us into a collision course with the planet we were floating around in: Gallia. We were split up, and I found myself utterly alone, trapped in a strange environment where it's hunt or be hunted, and where Spirits, corrupted Mii Fighters, and the Subspace Army dominate."

"So… wait," Mario asked once Joker finished. "You weren't engulfed by any of those beams of light, keeping your body as well as your memories of your homeland and backstory, along with Piranha Plant and four others?"

"That's correct," Joker answered, a smile on his face. Mario looked at Marth, wondering about this. After a short period of silence, Mario took Marth by the arm, the two of them talking this out over Joker.

"I don't-a think we can-a trust this guy," Mario quietly objected. "He might be one of Galeem's servants, and he might have been pretend-fighting with those Miis to get our attention."

"I highly doubt it was pretend," Marth whispered. "After all, I know fake expressions when I see them, and the expressions on those Miis' faces were NOT fake. It's as if they had never seen this stranger before…"

"He doesn't look friendly," Mario replied, still whispering. "I mean, none of us, excluding Kirby, were able to survive Galeem's attack. There's no way Piranha Plant and that… guy… we just met be two of the few survivors alongside our only hope out of this planet! You can't admit they're good just by looking at them!"

"And you can't admit they're bad too with a single glance," Marth whispered in objection. Mario bit his lip, knowing he lost the argument. Both Marth and Mario then turned toward Joker, ready to come with their decision.

"Well?" Joker asked.

"We were talking about you, and we thought you might not be trustworthy," Mario answered, looking down with guilt. "However, since Galeem's forces might be back, we have no choice but to have you join our team-a. Welcome aboard, Joker." The black-clothed thief smirked, glad he is joining with two peculiar warriors. As Joker shook hands with Marth, Mario walked down the path they were stuck on, shaking his head as he facepalmed himself.

"Do you guys hear that?" Joker asked, pulling out his knife. Marth and Mario heard it too, and they heard something coming from the forest. Though the rustling was not as big as the last time, the three kept their guards up. Walking out of the bushes was Zelda in the clothes that she wore in Skyloft. By her side, Richter clothed in dark blue walked next to her. Their heads were hung low as they slowly approached the group of warriors. Once they lifted up their heads, both Zelda and Richter revealed glowing-red eyes, triggering Marth and Mario.

"These your friends?" Joker sarcastically asked.

"They look like our friends, but they are solely created in the likeness of our friends and serve the Seraph of Order only," Marth answered. "Whatever you do, don't approach them unless you want to get into a fight." Joker merely shook his head, watching Mario and Marth clench their fists as the Zelda and Richter Supporters walked closer to them.

"That's not how you dumbasses fight these guys," Joker told Mario and Marth. "Let me show you how it's done." With a smirk on his face, his gray-colored eyes hidden from his mask, Joker walked up to Galeem's puppets, pulling out his pistol.

"Hey, you guys lost?" Joker teased the Supporters, changing his bullets hidden in his sleeves. "I can tell you're nervous. Don't be scared. Everyone has to afraid at some point." The possessed warriors kept looking at Joker as he approached them.

"You wanna dance?" Joker asked, hiding his pistol in his coat. "Then I'll show you how we dance." The Supporters stood in their battle stances, ready to fight the stranger that scared off an entire group of Mii Fighters riding Cascade Kingdom raptors.

"Did he just quote… Bayonetta?" Mario asked.

"I don't think Joker knows who Bayonetta is," Marth answered, scratching his head. "Even then, I don't think he cares about stealing one-liners…"

"Watch and learn, Math and Mayro," Joker said, grabbing ahold of the Richter Supporter and putting him in a headlock.

"It's Marth and Mario!" Mario yelled, about to warn Joker of the Zelda Supporter ready to strike with a fiery blast. Luckily, Joker managed to place the hilt of his knife on Zelda's neck before she laid a hand on him. With a mighty rumble, Mario and Marth knew what was going to happen next. Pieces of the ground Joker was standing on ascended into the air with the Phantom Thief of Hearts with the puppet fighters, creating another UV sphere around them. The Supporter Richter vanished in Joker's clutches soon after.

In Joker's point of view, the background turned into the Hyrule Field when it was taken over by the Twilight Realm. Trees and darkened clouds formed in the distance, and Hyrule Castle was seen in the background. The stage itself turned into a battlefield version of the Bridge of Eldin, creating three floating platforms above him. In front of Joker, the Supporter Zelda stood before him. The puppet fighter then conjured up Din's Fire in her hands, launching a small flame towards the Phantom Thief of Hearts. Just when it was about to explode into a burst, Joker jumped out of the way in time, landing with an epic pose.

"So, you wanna fight fire with fire, huh?" Joker asked, watching the Supporter Zelda create another burst of flame. After the puppet fighter unleashed Din's Fire again, Joker managed to dodge in time.

"My turn," Joker growled, taking off his mask. From behind him, the Persona Arsene appeared behind him, using the move Dream Needle. A large needle shot right towards the puppet fighter, dealing slight damage in total as it flew right into her. Even though it dealt light damage, it wasn't enough to put her to sleep. Joker then put back his mask, rushing in and slashing with his knife. He began jabbing the Supporter Zelda, not worthy to finish without a bang of his pistol right into her chest. Though the puppet fighter was down, she was not out as she jumped back onto the stage with Farore's Windfall.

After the Supporter Zelda grabbed onto the stage, she took ahold of Joker as he was about to fire his pistol again. She started using her powers to pummel Joker, throwing him high into the air. However, Joker managed to take off his mask again, landing onto the ground. Blue flames emerged from his face, summoning the Persona Asterius. As the Supporter Zelda ran towards Joker, he used the Persona he had in hand and made it use the move Titanomachia, creating a flame pillar just below her. The Supporter Zelda tried using Nayru's Love to reflect the attack, but to no avail as she was launched with high damage. Out of nowhere, the Supporter Richter was called to her aid, launching his signature Cross move at Joker after he put on his mask and pulled out his knives. With a grab from the puppet fighter's Vampire Killer, Joker felt himself flung towards the Supporter Richter, pummeled while the Supporter Zelda kept using Din's Fire, raising the damage that was impacted on the Phantom Thief of Hearts. Once he was thrown in front of the two Supporters, Joker quickly got up, taking off his mask again. With his Persona Izanagi Picaro, he used the move Cross Slash, followed by two bright intersecting lines on the two puppet fighters before putting on his mask again and starting to jab with his knives. The Supporter Zelda still kept using Din's Fire, jumping from platform to platform as Joker was busy with the Supporter Richter.

After Richter launched Joker off the Battlefield version of the Bridge of Eldin, the Phantom Thief of Hearts took off his mask again, calling forth the Persona Tsukiyomi Picaro, recovering with Abyssal Wings. Once Joker hopped back onto the stage, he grabbed the Supporter Richter, avoiding another Din's Fire, and throwing the puppet fighter off. As if it was nothing, Joker placed his white-and-black eye mask on his face, unleashing a downward slash with his knife and sending the Supporter Richter to a meteor smash death. Once Joker got back onto the stage, the Supporter Zelda was waiting for him, her hands ablaze. Since she was at high percent, Joker had no trouble grabbing her thanks to Persona Arsene and throwing her behind himself, straight into the blast zone. The stage crumbled underneath Joker once he was finished, and the Phantom Thief of Hearts felt himself levitating in place as if he was restrained. The UV sphere vanished, and Mario and Marth watched as Joker was floating in front of the Supporter Zelda, crumbling away into Shadow Bugs as the Spirit behind all this was revealed: a glowing-green Charlotte Aulin, merely the Normal Advanced type. A Spirit Sniper formed in Joker's hands, and a barrier was created around the Spirit. While the force field kept spinning, Joker noticed a small hole guarantying a perfect win if he hits. Taking careful aim, Joker managed to snipe the Spirit perfectly, free from the levitation as he landed, striking a pose. The three fighters then noticed the rescued Spirit simply floating off into the distance.

"And that's how you skin a cat, or clone, or whatever…" Joker answered, adjusting the mask on his face and putting away his knife and pistol.

"Thanks for taking care of those two for us," Marth replied.

"What I want to ask is-a… if Kirby's not here because of that stone inside his body, then where did the Spirit-a go?" Mario asked. Joker looked at the direction Charlotte Aulin flew off to, knowing something.

"I believe I know where," Joker answered. "Come on." The Phantom Thief of Hearts then ran off in the Spirit's direction, followed by Marth and Mario. After a minute or two of traveling, the three fighters came across some sort of town.

"This is where the Spirit we just rescued is staying?" Mario asked.

"Yup," Joker answered. "While I've been looking for this strange stone you recently admitted is inside Kirby, the Spirits I've managed to save are taking refuge here. However, since I'm trapped in this barrier with you guys, the best we could do is look around the town and ask questions on how to get us out of here…" Joker then walked down the pathway they were on with Mario and Marth, heading to the gateway.

"What do you mean I can't pass through those gates!?" Joker asked the town guards. This was all taking place after some time had went by and he was told he can't go through. The two Normal Spirits who were guarding the gates were an Advanced Buliara and a Novice Booker.

"We were told about Supporters and Primaries invading close to Morrowsville," Booker answered, the anipromorphic police dog from the Villager's and Isabelle's world standing in front of the barred doors.

"To avoid any sudden attacks and captures in our peaceful refuge town, we've made sure no one gets in or out," Buliara said, the Gerudo guard feeling sorry for the three fighters who could not pass.

"I'll tell you what," Buliara continued, sticking her spear into the ground. "If you and your wimpy companions look for a friend of ours, we might let you pass. However, we can't say who. You'll have to find out yourself…"

"Well, that's bullshit," Joker sighed. The Phantom Thief of Hearts then walked back to Marth and Mario, taking off his eye mask. For the first time, his face was not set on supernatural flames.

"This world is clearly not the one I grew up in," Joker told the two fighters. "Got any other plans? I know you've been here for quite a while…"

"Defeating gods behind-the-scenes of world destruction? Rules and laws of this planet changing and alternating over time after one's defeat? We've got nothing either," Mario answered. Just then, the three warriors heard beeping from Mario's watch-like device, which was still on his wrist.

"What was that?" Joker asked, putting on his mask.

"I think it's the Undying Light crew," Mario answered. "Wait right here." With a press of a button, the incoming transmission rang out with Faker's voice.

"Thank God you're alright, Mario," Faker spoke over the gadget. "We've been trying for hours to at least break through to you. We couldn't find Kirby or Piranha Plant, no matter how hard we attempted."

"It's okay, Faker," Mario answered. "I've managed to find a couple more companions. We'll be up there shortly." With a press of the button, Mario ended the transmission and took off the watch-like device.

"Joker, Marth, place your wrists together," Mario told the other two fighters.

"…Why?" Marth asked, sticking out his right arm. Joker did like Marth did, their wrists touching each other. Mario then placed his arm above the other two, wrapping the watch-like device around their wrists. With three presses of the gadget, Mario, Marth, and newly-found Joker started glowing blue, transporting themselves up above in the sky, heading towards the Undying Light.

After the teleportation, the three fighters were back on the ship's deck, where Faker was waiting for them in her dragon armor. Marth and Joker felt a little nauseous after their return back to the Undying Light, but they tried adjusting to the slightly-lowered gravity from being in the sky. The sun was setting just in time, its orange-golden rays shining on the horizon.

"Faker!" Mario said, taking off the watch-like device. "We were stuck on that planet, waiting for an answer. By the way, Sticks-a said that Flynn's accident with the transporting machine would leave us grounded and it would take at least a week to repair…"

"Well, Professor E. Gadd's a brilliant man despite lacking a body," Faker answered, rubbing her head. "He managed to kink it up so it could work on your device." The brown-skinned warrior then noticed Joker simply standing there, unaware of what was going on.

"Are we on… the ship of the Forgotten Resistance?" Joker asked, flipping his short, raven-black hair. For the first time, Faker felt her heart skip. Never had she seen someone as handsome as the Phantom Thief of Hearts, and her cheeks were burning red.

"Uh… M-Mario?" Faker stammered, tugging on Mario's overalls. "Who's this mysterious man?"

"That's Joker," Marth answered for Mario. "We just found him when we were ambushed. He wouldn't tell us his story of how he got here and just showed up…" Faker then let go of Mario's overalls, slowly walking over to Joker. Even when his mask was covering his face, the Phantom Thief of Hearts still looked intimidating.

"Do you mind if I… show you to your headquarters…?" Faker asked, her nervousness clearly showing as she held his blood-red gloved hand, looking away.

"Gladly," Joker replied. Faker then started taking Joker inside the ship, covering her face with her hand as she dared not to look at the mysterious warrior.

"Do you think Faker has some sort of crush on a complete stranger?" Mario asked, confused by the black-haired, brown-skinned warrior blushing when she looked at Joker.

"Have you heard the old saying 'love at first sight'?" Marth answered in the form of a question. "I think that's what it was…" As the sun was setting and the light turned into a violet dusk, Mario leaned against the rim of the deck with Marth, looking down on the blackened land below.

"Kirby, Villager, Piranha Plant, Sheik, wherever you are, I hope you're all-a safe," Mario sighed, worried about their safety. Meanwhile, inside the ship, Faker managed to show Joker to the bed with about a hundred beds.

"Welcome to your new home," Faker said, opening the door and flipping the switch. As the lights buzzed on, the Phantom Thief of Hearts looked around, noticing the beds that were laid out evenly, and some were even bunked on top of each other. He wasn't impressed by the common beds next to the wall, but the thing that truly caught his attention was the humungous poster on the opposite side of the room. Joker slowly walked to the cutout drawings taped on, set against a beautiful background. Faker then walked up next to Joker, looking at the poster.

"You like it?" Faker asked, making sure the Phantom Thief of Hearts was not making eye contact with her. "Kirby drew it all by himself, back when he had no one to remember when he first got on here…"

"I can see it was all crayon," Joker answered. "Judging by the fact all the pink puffball could draw is scribbles on paper, this is true art at its finest." Faker looked down on the ground, wanting to hear his compliment again. Joker then noticed the Piranha Plant in the poster, taped against the wall as the craft materials were lying on the floor.

"Did Kirby draw that carnivorous flower into the picture too?" Joker asked.

"No, actually," Faker responded. "The Piranha Plant drew himself, and it looks nearly identical to what Kirby created. You can put yourself in the picture if you like. It doesn't hurt to be one of the gang…"

"I understand," Joker said. "Thanks for your time, miss." As the Phantom Thief of Hearts glanced at Faker with gray eyes, the brown-skinned warrior quickly ran out of the room, her face gleaming red.

"You're welcome!" Faker answered, slamming the door. As soon as Faker was out, she felt her head spinning as she wiped it of her sweat. Her heart was beating fast, knowing that Joker looked so handsome and didn't want to tell him yet. Inside the room, Joker sat down on the floor, taking out the crayons and paper.

Deep in the Galeem Void, the Seraph of Order was sitting on some sort of crystal throne, watching Joker draw himself in the likeness of the poster on the wall through a magical mirror. Out of fury, Galeem pulled on the Chains of Light, dragging Tabuu along with them. Once the God of Construction got up, he knew Galeem had something to say.

"What is it this time, master?" Tabuu sighed, his butterfly-like wings wilting.

"You were quite positive that with the Off-Waves, you reverted everyone I had captured so far into my personal slaves, correct?" Galeem told Tabuu.

"That's true," Tabuu answered, looking away in regret.

"Then explain to me this," Galeem said, harshly tugging on Tabuu's Chains of Light as he pulled the God of Construction next to him. With one of the Seraph of Order's outstretched wings fiercely pushing Tabuu towards the magical mirror, the two gods knew who Galeem was referring to: a mysterious, black-clothed man cutting out a beautiful picture of himself in an epic battle pose and taping himself to the poster on the wall.

"These two new companions – Joker and Piranha Plant – claimed that they were few of six warriors that had survived my attack outside of Kirby, according to the Phantom Thief of Hearts," Galeem explained. "Tell me, Tabuu… how come it was possible for them to avoid the light and not even pass the test of Arcadia's Master Core?" Tabuu looked away, confused by the question as well.

"I… think there were a few lucky survivors," Tabuu answered with no other explanation. "Whoever they are, you would have to get rid of them, and fast…" Galeem floated off his crystal throne, wondering about the situation.

"King Bulbin!" Galeem called. Through the Seraph of Order's command, the leader of the Bokoblins walked in on his warthog steed, surrounded by the corrupted Mii Fighters riding the raptors and other dinosaurs from the Cascade Kingdom, as well as his own troops of Bokoblins.

"Tell Balder and the Subspace Army in the Marth route to take extra precautions," Galeem ordered King Bulbin. "Afterwards, bring in Galleon to take care of these fighters." Walking off, King Bulbin took the Seraph of Order's command, riding off with his troops and the Miis. As they marched off into the darkness, Galeem and Tabuu watched through the magical mirror as Joker was looking around the room he was in, admiring the small pictures on the desk with the put-out oil lamp: one with two parent dragons with their three babies, the other a photo taken ten years ago with the words "Smash Bros. 2008" drawn on it with permanent marker.

Chapter Text

Heading up north, Piranha Plant traveled with Sheik, who was back to normal, through another grassy field that seemed to go on forever. Luckily, the two of them still stayed on the path, looking for a way out of the barrier.

"It's strange that I was rescued by a generic plant," Sheik said, with the Piranha Plant turning his head towards her in response. "I give you my deepest congratulations, either way…" Piranha Plant growled happily, heading to some sort of village. The houses speckled in the field all had brick-red roofs, finished off with cobblestone paths.

"We might get some help in there," Sheik told Piranha Plant. "Follow me." However, before the two warriors took another step, an indigo-furred Supporter Sonic with green cuffs fell from the sky at lightning-speed. The puppet fighter glared at Sheik and Piranha Plant with glowing-red eyes, instantly shifting his body into a metal coat and spawning jets on his back. After surprising the two fighters, the Supporter Sonic grabbed ahold of their necks, flying up into the air. Once the puppet fighter was at the right height, he threw Piranha Plant and Sheik onto a floating stage, followed by the UV sphere forming around it. The stage the three were fighting on was Windy Hill Zone, complete with peculiar flowers and miniature animals that looked more like collectable figurines.

"Think fast, plant!" Sheik called out, pulling out a storm of needles. Flying into the air thanks to the jetpacks, the Supporter Sonic started spindashing right towards Piranha Plant, and thankfully the carnivorous flower reacted in time. The Piranha Plant ducked inside his flower pot, lashing out with a powerful bite at the Supporter Sonic's metal coat. As the puppet fighter jumped up into the air about to use a homing attack, Sheik used her Bouncing Fish technique from the windmill portion of the stage and kicked right at the Supporter Sonic before he could unleash the attack.

The Piranha Plant began spitting poison in the air, looking out for any sudden spindash attacks as the drops landed on the Supporter Sonic's metal coat and fizzled through. Sheik then began jabbing at the puppet fighter, knocking the metal Supporter Sonic at Piranha Plant, who just began spitting out a spiked ball.

With multiple hits, Sheik and Piranha Plant knocked the Supporter Sonic off the stage, making sure he runs out of jet fuel when he recovers by using their meteor attacks. Just as the Supporter Sonic was about to make it back to the stage, the large, red, double-sided spring appeared out of nowhere. The puppet fighter thought he could use it as an advantage to keep on fighting, but the spring instantly turned around, sending the Supporter Sonic down into the blast zone with a single touch. The stage vanished, and the two fighters dropped down on the ground. Piranha Plant looked up to see Sheik pointing a Spirit Sniper at the defeated puppet fighter, who disintegrated into Shadow Bugs and revealed the Spirit that pulled the Supporter's strings: a Normal Advanced Metal Sonic. With one shot at the spinning barrier, Sheik hit the Spirit and freed it from Galeem's clutches, and Metal Sonic then flew off towards the village just past the stone river bridge. Sheik landed on the ground, and Piranha Plant held her steady with his two big leaves.

"That was close," Sheik panted. The Metal Sonic Spirit then flew off to the village, and the two fighters remembered their location again.

"The village might be our chance for shelter," Sheik told Piranha Plant. "Shelter so that we can train ourselves to fight harder…" The Sheikah and the carnivorous flower then took the stone bridge towards the red-roofed village. However, when the two fighters entered the cobblestone streets, they saw it was deserted.

The village seemed to have been abandoned like some sort of attack happened, mainly with Galeem's troops moving ever faster. The houses themselves seemed to have been barred with wooden planks and nails from the inside. Piranha Plant and Sheik had passed the central fountain, noticing it wasn't spouting water. However, the carnivorous flower peered into the empty fountain, noticing there were some puddles of water remaining. The Sheikah looked over to observe that the puddles were fresh, and only a few hours old.

"I know, flower," Sheik said. "We would have to be careful around here…" Just then, before the two took another step, a flash of green mist appeared in front of them. The two fighters were greeted by a pair of gleaming-white eyes, and a glowing-green hand snatched the warriors before they could even react. The green mist vanished, and Sheik and Piranha Plant both ended up inbetween two houses as soon as the fog cleared. In front of the warriors, a glowing-green Spirit gleaming in a rainbow aura, one of the Master Advanced kind, was revealed to be their captor, and her name was Stealth Elf, one of the Life Element-wielders native to the Skylands.

"What do you two think you're doing here, wandering the streets like a bunch of idiots?" Stealth Elf spoke with a raspy voice. "You shouldn't be here when they're stalking us."

"Excuse me?" Sheik asked. The Master Advanced Spirit that rescued them suddenly placed one of her daggers on the Sheikah's face, shushing her.

"Shut the hell up," Stealth Elf whispered. "One of them is here." The grinding of chains startled Piranha Plant and Sheik, and the two warriors crept closer to the Skylander Spirit. There was a large monster Stealth Elf was warning them about, and it closely resembled metallic handcuffs. Its chain-like body was dragging along the cobblestone road, and its two, shackle-like claws were scratching the rocks. It passed the area where Piranha Plant and Sheik were hiding, not even hearing them as they were completely silent. As soon as the creature left, Stealth Elf quickly and quietly moved a straw trash bin next to one house to the side, opening some sort of side door.

"Get in," Stealth Elf whispered, crawling into the house. Sheik then grabbed Piranha Plant's flower pot, heading through the side door. Once the two fighters were inside the house, a Normal Advanced Spirit – Prince Ralsei – quickly moved the straw trash bin to cover the hole and locked the side door.

"Coast is clear," Stealth Elf told few of the Spirits trapped in the house with her. "They may be far away from our section of the village, but they will never stop looking for souls to capture and feed to Galeem's army."

"Thank God," a glowing-green Spirit replied, sitting on a stool next to the fireplace. He was tall and dressing in grayed-out clothes similar to Ryu's, and his name was Heihachi Mishima. Sitting near a table was another Advanced Spirit, and he was sporting a sword and a cyborg-like body, with only his face and white hair remaining visible and a cloth covering his left eye.

"Can you please tell us what's going on? Why that elf snatched us when we were minding our business?" Sheik asked, putting the Piranha Plant down onto the wooden floor.

"Because of Lord Galeem's newest and most dangerous monsters: the Shackrabs," the cyborg-like Spirit answered. "My name is Raiden, by the way. The Spirits you two are surrounded by are Prince Ralsei, Heihachi Mishima, and Stealth Elf."

"We're not getting acquainted with you people unless you tell us what are 'Shackrabs'," Sheik objected, confused by the situation.

"Galeem's troops were on the rise," Raiden explained. "Because all our worlds were wiped out by the light, were we forced to settle down on the last remaining world in the multiverse. Many of us started living in the village you're in right now. However, before the peace was about to last, the Primaries arrived. The Spirits that were elected leaders – the three Fab Fairies – tried defending us from those that worked for the Seraph of Order. As punishment for our revolution, the corrupted Mii Fighters, Subspace Army, and Shackrabs broke into the houses, capturing those that ran outside. Luckily, few of us managed to survive. Those that were enslaved were thrown into rusted cages tied to Lord Bullbo's back, including the Fab Fairies. The Primaries and few of the Supporters stayed in the village, but the Shackrabs are walking these streets as the true stalkers. No matter what we could do, no Spirit can escape or defeat a single Shackrab…"

"…Did you say there were Primaries here? In this village?" Sheik asked. The Piranha Plant looked up at the Sheikah, knowing about what she knew.

"That's right," Ralsei replied. "In fact, I thought I just saw one go up north of the village, looking like one of those… Mii Swordfighters. Is that correct?"

"Then let's get out of here and save him," Sheik said. The Sheikah then grabbed Piranha Plant's flower pot, ready to burst open the wooden planks barricading the main door of the house. However, Stealth Elf tossed one of her daggers right near the two warriors.

"Are you crazy?" Stealth Elf objected. "You go out there, you die. You better give us a good excuse why you should go after the monsters we call Primaries."

"The Primaries are our friends," Sheik answered, taking out a dagger of her own. "And we'll be going to rescue every single one of them, no matter what the cost." Piranha Plant then grabbed the wooden planks, tearing them off the wall so that Sheik could kick the main door down. Once the two fighters walked outside, a few Shackrabs started crawling towards them, hearing the loud noise coming from the house. As one Shackrab started to claw Sheik and Piranha Plant, the illusive Sheikah threw needles at its metal skin, simply bouncing off like nothing.

"Looks like we'll have to run north," Sheik said, placing Piranha Plant down onto the cobblestone road. The Sheikah then dashed off north, followed by the carnivorous flower. As the two fighters kept running in the set direction, the Shackrabs started following them, their handcuff-like claws carrying themselves at immense speeds. It felt like a minute or two, but Piranha Plant and Sheik were successfully outrunning the Shackrabs and leading them out of the village area the Spirits they met were in.

Once the two warriors were heading north, the path they were on was connecting to some sort of forest. The Shackrabs that were chasing them realized they were given orders to wander the village streets and headed back, fully tired after the chase. When Sheik and Piranha Plant walked down the path, one of the Primaries that was mentioned before was waiting for them. It was the Mii Swordfighter, the ex-Swordfighter Ultimate Reborn, glaring at them with glowing-red pupils.

"So, you've made it past the monsters Lord Galeem ordered us to send out, huh?" the Mii Swordfighter asked, with a completely different voice from his usual one. This new voice sounded more feminine, and almost shy-like.

"Bonjam," the Mii Swordfighter Primary said to Sheik and Piranha Plant. "I'm… not sure if you notice, but my name is Francisca, the General of Ice and the youngest of the three Mage Sisters of Jambandra." A brief image flashed on the Mii Swordfighter's chest, revealing an image of the Master Legendary Francisca Spirit before vanishing once more.

"I may look timid, but I will strike you both dead-cold," Francisca inside Mii Swordfighter's body spoke. "After all, because of what happened to our closest friends Lord Hyness, we have no choice but to serve the Seraph of Order. We have heard about Kirby and six other warriors escaping from the clutches of Galeem, and we are here to put an end to this. Get out of the way if you don't want to end up frozen like an icicle!"

"We will never surrender to Lord Galeem," Sheik replied, pulling out her needles. "We will never serve that monster, no matter what the cost."

"Then die," Francisca spoke, an icy blizzard emerging from the Mii Swordfighter's body. The corrupted ex-Ultimate Reborn then grabbed Sheik without a sudden reaction, tossing her high into the air while throwing the Piranha Plant into a golden cage. The Mii Swordfighter Primary then jumped towards Sheik, latching onto her and transporting her to the Final Destination.

As Sheik quickly sprung up, she saw the futuristic-looking stage, complete with charcoal-black opal and a beautiful background dancing with color. The illusive Sheikah then saw Francisca inside Mii Swordfighter's body, starting to change her physical appearance. A blue headband sporting the Jambandra symbol appeared, a wig of blue, graceful hair flowed from the Primary's crown, and an ice-coated axe replaced the sword the ex-Ultimate Reborn had before.

Sheik started the battle using some sort of flash bomb, tossing it at the Mii Swordfighter and detonating it in the Primary's face with an invisible string. The blast caused the corrupted ex-Ultimate Reborn to start slashing with the ice-coated axe, flinging large snowflakes at the illusive Sheikah. However, Sheik vanished in the air with a handful of Deku Nuts, appearing right behind the Mii Swordfighter in a flash. The Sheikah then began jabbing at the Primary Mii Swordfighter, slashing until the Spirit inside her friend had enough. With a gust of wind, Francisca yelled as she launched it at Sheik, creating a blizzard around herself.

The possessed Mii Swordfighter then ran to the end of the stage, watching Sheik charge up her storm of needles. Francisca then giggled, pulling out a water pistol. With a single shot, the Mii Swordfighter created a stream of water bouncing up and down on the stage, hitting the Sheikah with ice-cold water. The Mii Swordfighter then started floating in the air, heading to the other side of the stage when Sheik tried drying herself up. With another evil laugh, Francisca fired another stream of water, but this time Sheik dodged out of the way in time. The Primary Mii Swordfighter could not dodge out of the way in time as Sheik ended up behind the possessed warrior and began kicking harshly. However, Francisca quickly turned around, shooting another powerful stream of water in Sheik's face.

As Sheik jumped up into the air, a Screw Attack item from Samus' universe spawned right in front of her. The illusive Sheikah then equipped the item, watching out for another stream of water. As Francisca inside Mii Swordfighter's body started laughing again, Sheik jumped up close to her and spinned in the air, generating electrical sparks. The electricity instantly traveled through Francisca's water pistol and electrocuted the Primary Mii Swordfighter, paralyzing the possessed warrior. Once the Mii Swordfighter was seeing stars spin around his head, it was Sheik's chance to perform a powerful kick into the Primary, instantly winning the fight as Francisca and her choice of vessel flew into the blast zone, drenching the Final Destination in shadow once more.

While Sheik watched the Shadow Bugs cover the background around her, a Spirit Sniper generated in her hands, forcing her to point at the Primary Mii Swordfighter. Francisca emerged from her vessel, and the Master Legendary Spirit generated a barrier around herself and made it spin at a crazy-fast speed. With careful aim as the Shadow Bugs closed in, Sheik fired through the tiny hole, hitting both Francisca and the Mii Swordfighter. The Galeem Lock shattered around the Mii Swordfighter, and the shards instantly merged back into a Smash Ball, flying back into the ex-Swordfighter Ultimate Reborn. There were some wisps of white flying out of the rescued Mii Fighter, flying off into the distance.

Meanwhile, not far from the ruins, Kirby and now-reawakened Villager were walking down the path they were forced to stay on, walking down some sort of rocky cliffside. All of a sudden, the wisps of white flew right into Kirby, causing the pink puffball's eyes to glow a gleaming white. Villager was shocked to find out what happened to Kirby and tried holding the pink puffball close to him. In Kirby's head, it was the vision of the dragons.

Kirby looked at himself, feeling the Smash Ball on his forehead again and sporting the rainbow aura and golden eyes. The pink puffball then recognized he was standing in front of some sort of wooden elevator, with the green vines hanging from a floating island sky-high. There was also a group of young dragons chatting and clamoring, assigned in a group made by an adult female dragon, with her scaly coat decorated with flower markings. Metallio and Toropikaru arrived on the scene, carrying Ultima, Galeem, and Phoenix on their backs. When the three siblings jumped off, they were so excited for whatever reason.

"Here we are, kids," Metallio spoke to the three children. "Your very first day of flight school."

"Geez, mommy," Ultima stammered, looking at the floating island way up in the air. "Our class sure is up so high." Toropikaru chuckled in response.

"It's alright, baby," Toropikaru answered. "Most dragons your age managed to fly perfectly within a day or two. Your father and I were that young when we were first learning how to soar through the air gracefully."

"Besides, if you three want to learn how to become like the Dragosmos of old, you would have to learn from the best of the best: Flora," Metallio spoke to Phoenix, Ultima, and Galeem. "She's one of the best fliers there are here in Arcus, and she will train you to glide through the sky with no fear."

"So we don't have to be afraid of heights to learn how to fly?" Galeem asked.

"That's all part of the adventure," Toropikaru answered. "Conquering your fears."

"Alright, class," Flora then spoke. "Gather around and pay attention."

"I think it is time," Phoenix replied to his two siblings.

"Bye, mommy and daddy!" Ultima cheered, walking off with her brothers.

"Remember: no fighting with each other or your new schoolmates!" Toropikaru called out.

"Also know this: it's not about flying with your head, but it's about flying with your heart!" Metallio said out loud to their departing children. Galeem and Phoenix were merely too excited to pay attention to their father's message, but Ultima heard every word of it as she watched her parents leave the flight school by flying into the air, remembering the message.

"Come on, sis!" Galeem called out. Ultima heard her brother calling out for her, and she obeyed as she ran off to the group of young dragons. Kirby, remaining invisible like always, walked towards the teacher and hearing about her lecture.

"Welcome to flight school," Flora spoke with a cheerful voice that brought attention to the assigned group.

"Here, you will learn how to soar through the sky like your parents and the Dragosmos," Flora continued. "Since we dragons are fast learners, the average time it would take for most dragons is about a few hours or even a day. However, it is recommended to come back here in order to learn more advanced techniques in flight. Now, let's proceed in taking the elevator into the sky island." The group of dragons then walked into the wooden elevator, with the door shutting once everyone was in, including Ultima and her brothers. Kirby, like a ghost, went into the wooden elevator without climbing over, surprised by how many young dragons there were. Flora then took off into the air towards the sky island, grabbing ahold of the vine and pulling the wooden elevator up.

The young dragons perched on top of each other, looking at the dizzy heights while taking care not to fall off. Kirby noticed the elevator ride felt like a minute or two up to the sky island. Once the wooden elevator stopped at the island, all the dragons waited for the door to open before they stepped out, each one walking to their teacher.

"Pay attention to what I have to say, students," Flora spoke, pointing to an oak dock on her right with one of her unfurled wings.

"Now, I'll be tossing you kids off the dock one at a time," Flora continued. "Once I do, this would be your chance to spread your wings and fly once you get as close to the ground as you possibly can. If you think you can't do it, don't worry. I'll catch you and bring you back here so you can try again. Most dragons around here have been reported to fly on their first try. Don't fret or throw hissy fits if you can't do it. Just take your time and keep practicing. Eventually, you'll get the hang of it. Also remember: if you can't get it first try, just wait your turn and you can go after those that already learned how to fly. Understand?"

"Yes, Ms. Flora," the young dragons all answered. Their teacher then walked to the edge of the oak dock, with the students following her.

"First up: Charchole," Flora said. A young female dragon with markings like lava and wings like flames stepped forward, confident and ready to jump. The rest of her classmates were surprised to see her take the risk in going first, including Galeem, Phoenix, and Ultima. With a mighty leap, Charchole dived straight down from the sky island with Flora flying after her for safety. Once the young dragons leaned over the oak dock, Charchole soared through the air like a bullet, her wings set ablaze. She flew back to the sky island, aweing the students. Flora landed on the oak dock, ready for another dragon's turn.

"A splendid performance from Charchole," Flora replied. "Now, it's Quelsa's turn. Come on out, Quelsa. No need to be shy…" Another female dragon walked out, timid and bashful. She was looking down on the ground, avoiding eye contact with any of her classmates. Her armor was coated like ice, and her wings were shaped like the ends of snowflakes. She walked up to the oak dock, her heart beating fast as soon as she looked down on the ground below.

"Don't be afraid," Flora spoke. "I'll catch you. You can always try again once the other students are done, alright?" Quelsa nodded, terrified. With a deep breath, Quelsa jumped off, her eyes shut. Flora took off behind her, ready to catch her if she fails to lift off. A minute or two passed, and the students saw Flora flying back to the island, holding a scared Quelsa cuddling tight in her foreleg. Flora gently placed the terrified dragon on the ground, trying to calm her down.

"It's okay," Flora whispered. "I can help you fly once all the other students are done, alright?" With tears of fright in her eyes, Quelsa nodded, hugging her teacher's leg.

"Alright," Flora replied. "Now then, why don't you go play with Charchole until I call on you?" Quelsa then broke the hug with her teacher, running on all four legs past the group of classmates to the lava-marked dragon, passing through Kirby.

About an hour went by, and many of the young dragons were succeeding or failing in flying, with only Ultima and her brothers waiting for a turn.

"Next up… Phoenix," Flora spoke. The black-armored dragon with fiery wings then walked to the rim of the oak dock, jumping off with the teacher flying after him. In less than a few seconds, Phoenix began gliding in the air, leaving his sibling in awe. Even Flora had a hard time catching up with the young dragon.

"Galeem, you're up," Flora spoke. Mimicking his brother's stance, the white-coated dragon with fiery-orange and space-blue wings jumped off the dock, flying up into the air gracefully. The only one that did not get a turn yet was Ultima. As the black-coated dragon with golden eyes and rainbow-spectrum wings watched her two brothers fly off to play with the other students, Flora called for her.

"Ultima, it's your turn," Flora told her. Exhaling deeply, Ultima slowly walked to the rim of the oak dock, looking at the forest down below.

"You might wanna try hurrying up," Flora replied. "Some of the other students want to have another chance…" Ultima then gulped, taking a nice breath and closing her eyes. The young dragon then jumped off, her wings tucked into her back. Speeding as fast a bullet, Ultima kept her eyes shut, not even noticing Flora was flying behind her. Because of her fear, Ultima could not remember to open her wings. Then, she remembered the message her father told her about flying with the heart. Ultima then slowly opened up her eyes, feeling the gust of air flying into her face and drying up her eyes a bit. She watched the ground get closer to her, and she started pulling open her rainbow-spectrum wings. Before Flora could catch her, Ultima quickly shot up into the air like her brothers, taking off into the air and gently flapping her wings. All of her classmates, including Galeem and Phoenix, looked up into the air to see Ultima fly up into the air, her wings gleaming in rainbow colors as soon as she flew in front of the sun. Ultima then flew back to the group of young dragons, leaving them dazed in awe. Flora landed on the oak dock again, ready for the students that failed the first time.

"Amazing stunt preformed by Ultima," Flora cheerfully spoke. "Now then… it's time for the other students to keep practicing. Those of you that already learned how to fly, you can come back here later in the day to learn more advanced techniques." Ultima walked away from the teacher to play with the other dragons, but not until she finished congratulating her brothers.

"Nice going back there, Galeem," Ultima spoke. "You too, Phoenix."

"You were cool back there too, sis," Galeem replied. "I also couldn't forget how awesome Phoenix was back there."

"For once, I feel welcome in your family," Phoenix said. "To me, you both were amazing." The three siblings giggled, knowing their friendship would last until the end of their days. Kirby kept watching, moved by the three young dragons. Just then, the Smash Ball on the pink puffball's forehead began glowing, and the last thing Kirby heard before everything turned white was the laughter of the young dragons.

Waking up with sweat on his face, Kirby looked around, noticing he was back to normal. The Villager that he rescued was concerned about his health, hugging the pink demon tightly when he knew Kirby was okay.

"Vi…Villager," Kirby muttered, embracing the moment of comfort. After breaking the hug, both Kirby and Villager kept walking down the cliffside with determination, not afraid to get out of the last remaining world in existence.

Meanwhile, back at the village Sheik and Piranha Plant were at, the illusive Sheikah was holding an unconscious Mii Swordfighter in her arms, feeling the ex-Ultimate Reborn's heart beat nice and steady.

"He's alright," Sheik told Piranha Plant. "He's back to normal." Out of shock, Mii Swordfighter quickly shot up and pulled out his weapon, afraid of incoming enemies.

"Stand back!" Mii Swordfighter yelled, looking out for intruders. "I've got a sword and I'm not afraid to use it!" When the ex-Ultimate Reborn noticed Sheik and Piranha Plant were the ones that reawakened him.

"I… was not expecting you two here," the Mii Swordfighter said, looking at the two fighters with his normal-colored eyes. He then put away his sword back in his sheathe, placing his hands on Sheik's shoulders.

"The other two Ultimates Reborn – where are they?" the ex-Swordfighter Ultimate Reborn asked. Sheik pushed away the Mii Fighter's hands, staring with brown-colored eyes.

"They're not here with us," Sheik answered. "They could still be under Galeem's control."

"And the Mii Fighter army…?" Mii Swordfighter asked.

"Still petrified and having their strings pulled by the Spirits the Seraph of Order has captured," Sheik answered again. The Piranha Plant walked up to the other two fighters, worried.

"And we're still trapped in a barrier, looking for a way out," Sheik continued. "Do you know how to escape?"

"Not really," the Mii Swordfighter answered, rubbing his shoulder. "However, I do know this: if we keep rescuing the fighters that are trapped in this path with us, there's going to be bosses to encounter. Each one of them is powering the Northern Barrier surrounding the Galeem Void. If we defeat those bosses, we can break the barrier and reunite with the rest of the gang. Hopefully…"

"Then I guess we have no time to waste," Sheik said. "Piranha Plant, Mii Swordfighter, let's go." The Sheikah then ran off back to the village, followed by her two companions.

Chapter Text

Traveling the route where Kirby rescued Villager, the two fighters, now split from their friends and cut from connection to the Undying Light, were climbing down the cliffside near the ruins and looking for a way out. After a few minutes of hiking, Villager and Kirby came across a large racing track, complete with rubber-black tires. On the sides of the track, there were all sorts of banners and product placement, like 1-Up Mushroom Car Insurance Group, Golden Wheel, Mario Super Motor Team, Undead Motors, and Propeller Toad Transport. The two warriors felt excited to traveling on a race track, and they were about to set foot on the road. However, Kirby accidently kicked a small pebble onto the road while running, and many different sorts of vehicles were zooming right in front of them.

Racers were driving at superfast speeds, seemingly never-ending. There was no checkered finish line, there was no audience, nothing but different racers competing against each other for no reason, and it was lucky that Villager and Kirby managed to quickly step back outside the road in time. A hand grabbed the mayor of Smashville's shoulder, and both fighters quickly turned around to see who it was. There was a glowing-yellow woman dressed in pink and red, looking down on Kirby and Villager.

"It's too dangerous to run onto the road without looking both ways before crossing," the woman spoke. Villager and Kirby looked at each other, confused.

"I'm betting you can't talk but you can understand me," the Normal Ace Spirit sighed. "My name is Jody Summer, and I'm one of Captain Falcon's friends. Those racers may not look like it, but they are nasty and rotten to the core, competing for a prize that really isn't there and spending the rest of their eternal lives on the road, never running out of fuel, never taking their feet off the gas pedals…" Kirby and Villager looked back on the race track, wondering what she meant by that.

"Besides," Jody continued, "if you want to continue with your travels, you would have to drive down this road to get to your destination. I could lend you my hovercar but seeing as how you two look underage and don't even have a driver's license, there's really nothing you can do to get through here. If an adult were to accompany you, there would be an exception as long as he or she can drive. Until then, it looks like you kids will have to scram." Kirby and Villager looked down in disappointment, but the pink puffball suddenly remembered he can create Warp Stars out of thin air, and instantly spawned one right in front of him. As Kirby and Villager quickly hopped on the Warp Star, Jody Summer merely shook her head.

"And magical stars you can create out of nothing don't count either," Jody objected. The Warp Star shattered into tiny little projectiles, and Villager and Kirby dropped onto the ground. Villager patted Kirby's back, and the two fighters walked away in grief, knowing there's no way through their destination without a vehicle suitable for racing. When the pink demon and the Smashville mayor were walking away from the race track, hearing the zooming of cars, gas explosions, and terrible swearing in the distance, they sat down on the soft, green grass, plumed out of ideas. Before any one of them knew what to do next, the ground suddenly started rumbling underneath them. Thorns emerged from the ground, surrounding Kirby and Villager. As the two young warriors knew what happened next, Flowey in his demonic state appeared from the earth, laughing maliciously.

"I told you I'd be back, kid!" Flowey hissed, staring at Kirby with soulless eyes. Villager saw the terrifying state the monster flower is in, trembling and afraid with a chopping axe in his hands.

"Now it's time we all play a little game!" Flowey continued. "You two win, you get free access to the race track you so want to pass through! Oh, don't think I didn't hear you wimps." Villager and Kirby looked at the enormous flower, accepting the challenge.

"You want to go? Okay then!" Flowey replied. Creating a barrier out of his own thorns, the flower from the Monster Realm dragged the two fighters deep underground, all the way into a small bed of daffodils. Villager looked up, seeing only a tiny speck of light from the afternoon sun. Kirby, meanwhile, watched Flowey revert back to his original form, looking as peaceful as ever.

"This is like the world I grew up in," Flowey said. "Here are a couple of pretty easy challenges for you to beat in order to find one of the many keys to finding a way out of Gallia. However… if you lose, your souls are mine and you'll be trapped with me underground FOREVER!" A devil's smile lurked on Flowey's face, slightly frightening the two young fighters.

"Good luck!" Flowey laughed, disappearing into the ground. Kirby looked back on Villager, ready to take on the challenges. As the two warriors went traveling through the darkness, a mysterious figure suddenly grabbed Villager, surprising them yet again. Kirby freaked out, pulling out a hammer set on flames. As Villager was struggling, the mysterious figure's eyes suddenly started glowing red, stepping out of the shadows. A Supporter Ness clothed in black was grabbing Villager, disappearing into the darkness and leaving Kirby alone to fight an incoming swarm of Primids which appeared out of nowhere.

Villager quickly woke up after he was let go, noticing the setting around him was some sort of futuristic race. The wind was blowing into the Smashville mayor's face, and his balance was starting to get lost. The Villager quickly held on for dear life on hovercars zooming on the track, jumping over watery graves and landing with heavy bumps. He was on the Big Blue stage. Villager quickly stood up, noticing he was standing on Captain Falcon's Blue Falcon. Standing on the Blood Hawk, right in front of Villager, was the black-clothed Ness Supporter. On his side, two more puppet fighters walked to his side – one being Fox McCloud dressed up like Wolf O' Donnell, the other being Sonic with violet quills and neon purple cuffs. Just like the hovercars, the Supporters moved at crazy-fast speeds, including Villager.

Trying to hop from the Blue Falcon to the Fire Stingray, Villager attempted on avoiding the ground, firing his slingshot at the three Supporters, who were jumping above him. The Fox Supporter began shooting lasers with his blaster, and the Sonic Supporter was about to use his homing attack. As Villager jumped out the way in time, the Support Ness unleashed PK Fire. The Smashville mayor managed to pocket the projectile and throw it back, sending the black-clothed PSI puppet fighter in front of the hovercars, and they were not slowing down once they hit the Supporter Ness.

Meanwhile, inside the mysterious underground lair, Kirby began inhaling and spitting out the first few Primids, trying to survive in the Shadow Bug swarm for as long as he could. He pulled out Sir Kibble's Cutter ability, slashing with a downward strike and cutting some of the Primids in half. With a fiery hammer, the pink demon whacked a few more, floating up into the air and landing with his Stone ability.

Back on the Big Blue stage, Villager had already just managed to knock out the Fox and Sonic Supporters, throwing them with his bug-catching net behind the hovercars and making them hit the road, instantly hitting the blast zone. The black-clothed Ness suddenly walked towards the Smashville mayor, ready to use a PK Flash since Villager was at high damage. The Villager luckily pulled out a helmet with two red balloons attached to them and floated away to the front of the hovercars, and it was only a split-second since all the fighters were moving so fast. Since the Supporters are merely created without a soul and without intelligence from another, a Spirit that was forced to possess the closest thing can either be very smart or really dumb. Either way, the Ness Supporter jumped up into the air, ready for a downward kick. Once Villager's balloons were starting to turn black, the Smashville mayor instantly took off his helmet, hopping onto the Big Blue as the puppet fighter landed on the road in front of the hovercars, unaware of what Villager was planning. After the Blood Hawk hit the Ness Supporter, Villager tossed a bowling ball onto the puppet PSI boy, instantly taking the Ness Supporter into the blast zone.

Once the Big Blue stage collapsed, Villager saw himself suspended in the air, pointing a Spirit Sniper at the Spirit behind the Ness Supporter's possession as well as the Fox and Sonic clones – a Normal Advanced Blood Falcon. A barrier formed around the Spirit, spinning around crazy as usual with only a small hole available for shooting. With a perfect snipe as usual, Villager hit Blood Falcon, freeing him from Galeem's control. The Smashville mayor then landed in the swarm of Primids next to a wounded Kirby, pulling out his cutting axe and going on a killing spree. Primid heads were decapitated, Shadow Bug juices spilled everywhere like blood, and Villager was standing next to Kirby this whole time, having the pink puffball's back even though his red shirt was stained with the dark-purple splotches of his fell victims. The surviving Primids then collapsed into Shadow Bugs, retreating into the darkness. The Blood Falcon Spirit that was rescued before went into Kirby's body, absorbed into the stone inside the pink puffball.

Putting away the axe in his magical pocket, Villager looked down on the ground to see a wounded Kirby, showing a pretty sad face as he showed caring for the pink puffball. Kirby slowly sat up, shaking his head with tears in his eyes. The both of them knew the mission to defeat Galeem was impossible since not only did he abduct, torture, and possess their friends, but he also had the Mii Fighters and Tabuu under his control, and with the God of Construction the Subspace Army and all the bosses that were hired to spread across the last remaining world. Villager, however, patted Kirby on the back, understanding that it's going to be okay, even though they were cut off from their friends and forced to split up. Grabbing Kirby's stubby hand with his own, Villager lifted Kirby onto his feet, ready to fight for the greater good, against the Seraph of Order. With the two young warriors walking down the path they were on, it was only about a few minutes before Flowey popped out of the ground again, appearing in his cute form.

"Looks like you beat the first two challenges… and at the same time too," Flowey spoke. "One last challenge to complete. Either win or suffer." Stage lights suddenly flashed on in front of the two young fighters, and a robot named Mettaton appeared from the stage, pulling out a handheld mike.

"And now... the moment you two have been waiting for…" Mettaton spoke in a robotic voice, with Flowey disappearing underground. The spotlights started swirling around in circles while a mysterious figure emerged from below the stage. The stranger's eyes were closed, so there was no telling if the figure was under Galeem's control or not.

"Your last challenge!" Mettaton cheered, pointing at the area the stranger was standing in, with the spotlights turning towards Kirby's and Villager's goal.

"Cap…Captain F…Fal…con!" Kirby stammered, with Villager holding him back.

"And not just any Captain Falcon," Mettaton continued, speeding towards the bounty hunter on one wheel. "A Captain Falcon Primary under the control of Black Shadow! And it's all under Lord Galeem's order!" Captain Falcon opened his eyes, revealing the glowing-red like all the others. An image of Black Shadow flashed on Captain Falcon's chest, letting Villager and Kirby know who they were up against.

"We wouldn't know for sure if either Galeem's slave or two kids would win, so place your bets!" Mettaton finished before Black Shadow in Captain Falcon's body grabbed the talk show-host robot.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Black Shadow's voice spoke, ripping Mettaton's circuits out and tossing the remains onto the floor. "I think these two boys get the idea…" The Captain Falcon Primary then looked at Kirby and Villager, barely smiling maliciously. Then, Black Shadow began laughing.

"Out of all these brave challengers, only two babies step up to the plate to fight me?" the Captain Falcon Primary asked, poking Kirby's soft, cuddly cheek.

"Pathetic," Black Shadow's voice spoke, turning his back on the two young warriors.

"Why don't you run back home to your mommies while you're at it? Go on…" Black Shadow continued. However, Kirby and Villager clenched their simple fists, refusing to take a step away.

"You still want to fight?" the Captain Falcon Primary asked. "Alright then… but it's only because you asked to suffer…" Black Shadow inside Captain Falcon's body then grabbed Kirby and Villager, watching the two boys squirm.

"Now who should I go for…?" Black Shadow's voice asked. "Well… it's pretty obvious, isn't it?" Spawning a golden cage out of nowhere, the Captain Falcon Primary tossed Villager in, holding Kirby as the Smashville mayor struggled with the bars.

"Think of it as a little detention as I give the only survivor of Galeem's attack a simple lesson in respect for elders…" Black Shadow continued, squeezing Kirby's pillow-like body tighter. Floating up into the air, the Captain Falcon Primary vanished through a portal, taking the pink puffball with him. After Kirby woke up, he looked around, noticing the flat stage and futuristic background, although the sky itself looked somewhat more polluted. It was the Final Destination version of the Port Town Aero Dive. Kirby saw that the Captain Falcon Primary's body was shifting, creating a black cape and a horned mask on his head. He glared at the pink puffball with glowing-red eyes, laughing.

"You scared yet?" Black Shadow's voice asked, attempting to frighten Kirby. The pink puffball was not moved and merely running towards the possessed Captain Falcon with a hammer set on fire, swinging ferociously. Once the Captain Falcon Primary was ready to attack, his fiery moves emitted black flames, attempting to hit the fast-moving pink puffball. Once Kirby jumped up in the air, he transformed into a brick his size, slamming downward on Black Shadow. Since the Primary warrior was also close enough, Kirby quickly inhaled Captain Falcon's body, obtaining the bounty hunter's Copy ability. Everything went black for the pink demon, and Captain Falcon's helmet appeared on his face. Captain Falcon's Fighter Spirit took over Kirby.

"If it isn't my old enemy Black Shadow," Captain Falcon's voice spoke from Kirby's body. "Care for a supersonic slugging?"

"Bring it on!" Black Shadow inside Captain Falcon's body roared, his fists set on black flames. Kirby with Captain Falcon taking control of his body now jumped high into the air, using a Falcon Kick and diving down straight for the puppet fighter's chest. Kirby's stubby arms then began rapidly jabbing right at the Captain Falcon Primary. With a simple Raptor Boost, Kirby grabbed ahold of the possessed Captain Falcon, tossing him up into the air without Black Shadow even laying a hand on him. Afterwards, Captain Falcon inside Kirby kicked forward, making his nonexistent knee hit right at the puppet fighter and deal electrical damage. Once Black Shadow grabbed ahold of the stage's ledge, the last thing he saw was the pink demon himself charging up his signature move: the Falcon Punch. That fiery hit sent the Captain Falcon Primary flying into the blast zone, with a confetti blast following soon after and the Port Town Aero Dive disintegrating into darkness.

Captain Falcon, who was still inside Kirby's body, was pointing a Spirit Sniper at the supersonic slugger's body, being surrounded by a spinning barrier created by the Master Legendary Spirit of Black Shadow. With careful aim, Kirby's body fired Captain Falcon's Fighter Spirit through the barrier, breaking the Galeem Lock and freeing Black Shadow from the Seraph of Order's control. A bright light flashed in Kirby's eyes, blinding the area and transporting the pink puffball to the visions again.

Kirby started rubbing his head, with the Smash Ball on his forehead and his golden irises and rainbow aura present. He was back on the floating island where the younger dragons learned how to fly, though the place seemed a bit different. For example, the flowers that were blooming on the island were just sprouts, and not many of their kind. Some of the plants were even older in age and taller in height. The pink puffball suddenly remembered the three dragons that were the main focus in his visions: Galeem, Phoenix, and Ultima. Running to the edge of the oak dock from before, Kirby looked down on the ground from high above, curious at the rusting trees down below. Just when Kirby was starting to realize what was going on, a swarm of dragons bursted out from the ground, all being led by Flora, their teacher. Dancing in the sky like birds, they were fast and agile, speeding through the air. Once they were finished, the young dragons landed back on the island, passing through Kirby. Flora touched down back on the oak dock, looking at all her students.

"I am most proud of you, class," Flora spoke cheerfully. "You had been training for months with me and now you are one with the sky. Even those who were too afraid to fly before have now conquered their fear of heights. Amazing…"

"Now that were are getting to the end of the year learning from you young flyers," Flora continued, "my time of teaching you is over. Soon, there will be new dragons for me to teach, but I will miss you all terribly. Now you better fly down to your parents. They're waiting for you after being gone for all this time…"

"Goodbye, Ms. Flora," the young dragons replied. As the already-trained dragons flew down to meet their parents, Kirby managed to catch a glimpse of Ultima, Galeem, and Phoenix heading to their waiting parents. The pink puffball jumped off from such a dangerous height, but his small weight helped him float down to the ground while carrying a large breath of air in his expansive lungs. Once Kirby dropped down onto the earth, he saw the three young dragons, now a bit older, greet their parents Metallio and Toropikaru.

"Mommy! Daddy!" Ultima cried, hugging her parents with her brothers.

"So glad you can join us back into our nest again," Metallio spoke, rubbing the children's heads. "How was your flight training?"

"Amazing," Galeem answered. "We were soaring through the air like birds! There were a few students that were afraid at first, but eventually got the hang of it."

"Glad to hear no one got hurt," Toropikaru said. "Now let's go. It's going to be dark soon and we had just prepared dinner back at the cave." Taking off into the sky like jets, the whole family went flying off back home with Kirby running behind them.

Once the pink puffball managed to arrive at the cave the family of dragons was staying at, he saw they were all asleep, with the central campfire dying out naturally. The night outside was peaceful, with the moon gleaming brightly in all its glory that it even cast shadows on the grassy fields down below, and the stars painted pictures in the roof of the sky. Just then, Kirby saw some sort of firefly-like dragon gliding towards the cave, fluttering his insect wings with his tail glowing a bright yellow. Quietly, the firefly dragon took out a letter from the bag he was carrying on his back, slipping it at the entrance of the cave before taking off into the night. That was what drove Kirby curious.

Morning arrived, and the three dragon siblings were just waking up from their nests before they heard their parents call out for them.

"Phoenix! Galeem! Ultima! Come here quickly!" Metallio called. Quickly rising up from their sleep, the three young dragons ran to their mother and father, who had just opened the letter at the doorstep. When the three young dragons peeked between their parents, the letter read:

To: Metallio and Toropikaru

It has come to our intention that we would set you a reminder for your children to come join our Dragosmo Training Camp. We believe it is time that these three young dragons are ready to learn about big responsibilities and learn how to control all seven Rainbolements. Lord Ceresor's sons Sozo and Hakai will take good care of your offspring and train them to be the best in the planet of Arcus. Hopefully you have said your farewells to your children since in the next two weeks, your children are going to learn how to be the land's guardians for ten more years. Please see to it that our new students join us at the Dragosmo Training Camp.


The Dragosmos

"Did you understand what the letter said?" Toropikaru told the three children, tears of joy in her eyes. "You're all going to be learning how to become guardians!" Ultima, Galeem, and Phoenix could not believe what they just heard. In excitement, the three young dragons hugged to their parents, knowing they had been waiting for this day to arrive.

"We're going to be so proud of you…" Metallio whispered, the small family embracing the moment. Kirby watched the three young dragons become so proud of themselves, and it wasn't long before the Smash Ball on his forehead began flashing again. The area around him flashed in a bright white, and Kirby suddenly woke up as returning from a nightmare. Sweat was rolling down in tiny beads on the pink puffball's soft body. When Kirby looked around, he saw that Villager was free from his golden cage, and they were still in the dark underground that Flowey sent them off to. To their right, Kirby and Villager saw Captain Falcon, back to normal and lying down weakened on the ground. The pink puffball ran to the unconscious bounty hunter, holding his head up and trying to wake him up. As Captain Falcon was sitting up, he looked at the two fighters who saved him.

"….Kirby?" Captain Falcon asked. "I really don't know how to say this but… thanks, kid." Kirby smiled back, rubbing his face. Once the bounty hunter was getting up on his feet, Flowey appeared behind them, giggling. The three recruited warriors turned around to see the small monster flower, looking innocent and child-like.

"Bravo," Flowey spoke. "I would be applauding for you, but sadly I don't have any leaves to clap…" Captain Falcon clenched his fists, alongside Villager and Kirby.

"Listen: you won your prize, you take him back," Flowey continued. "Captain Falcon's the only one who knows how to drive that Blue Falcon of his. Consider yourself lucky, kid. Now get outta my sight until we meet again…" Roots covered in thorns then emerged from the ground, curling up into a sphere around the three warriors and instantly transporting them high into the air. Once the thorn-coated roots retreated back into the ground, Kirby, Villager, and Captain Falcon saw they were back in Gallia, right next to the race track.

"Poyo-poyo," Kirby said, grabbing Captain Falcon's hand and running.

"Where you going?" Captain Falcon asked, being dragged along. Villager followed shortly after them, and the three were heading to the entrance where Jody Summer was blocking them off.

"I told you two kids before – you can't pass through here without a legal guardian," Jody spoke. Just then, the Spirit looked up to see Captain Falcon right in front of her.

"Oh my… Captain Falcon!" Jody continued. "I didn't notice you were here. Come on. Follow me." The Normal Ace Spirit then took the three fighters to the starting area of the track, where it was just a one-way path connecting into the race. At the beginning of it was the Blue Falcon. As Captain Falcon walked over to it to feel his vehicle good as new, he looked at Jody again.

"Figured you would need this in order to go through the race track," Jody answered. "And I don't know why, but for some reason the salty racers on the track mysteriously… vanished, although I swore I saw dangerous-looking roots engulf them all without a trace. Either way, I hope that strange incident might help you with your journey…"

"Okay," Captain Falcon answered, jumping into his hovercar's cockpit. "Get in, boys." Villager and Kirby hopped into the Blue Falcon, watching the cockpit door shut itself and the engine power up.

"Good luck!" Jody cheered as the three fighters drove off in the Blue Falcon towards the race track, zooming off at an incredibly fast speed. In the distance of the race track, simply sitting at the edge of the cliffside Kirby and Villager were walking down, Flowey was watching the Blue Falcon speed off, feeling a little guilty about himself.

"Hopefully Lord Galeem doesn't know what I did to help these guys, what with stopping those nasty racers racing on the track and all," Flowey said to himself, looking at the ground in worry. "I regret saying this but… I feel like I have a bit of a heart left in me… What am I saying? I didn't get rid of those racers! But who...? Galeem would never turn against his crooks... unless something goes wrong..." As Flowey vanished into the ground once more, a mysterious figure watched through the bushes. Two claws on each hand stuck out through the tiny leaves, and big violet eyes gleamed behind the shrub. The eyes flashed a faint white, possibly confirming whatever this creature is... must be the one who helped them.

Chapter Text

On the route Marth was rescued, the Hero-King, alongside Mario and Joker, went traveling near the mushroom gorge while looking for more of their companions. Just then the Phantom Thief of Hearts stopped to take a look at the never-ending abyss. Mario and Marth stopped for a brief moment to notice Joker simply having his mind wander off as he kept looking in a fixed direction.

"What is it?" Marth asked, heading over to the Phantom Thief of Hearts.

"That one of your friends?" Joker answered in the form of a question, his red-gloved hand pointing at the middle of the mushroom gorge. Mario and Marth looked at where Joker was looking, surprised by what they saw. On the largest mushroom they had ever came across, the Olimar Primary was sitting, waiting patiently for challengers as his glowing-red eyes gleamed, with his Pikmin simply sitting there like voodoo dolls.

"Yep, that's-a one of them," Mario answered. The red plumber then noticed a line of smaller mushrooms lining up as some sort of pathway to the Olimar Primary.

"We would try hopping on those mushrooms," Mario continued, "but I'm afraid they're too little to properly walk across. Their stems aren't strong enough to support our weight…"

"That's a total bummer," Marth spoke.

"I know-a," Mario replied.

"Why don't we try finding some sort of Spirit that can help make those mushrooms bigger so we can hop to and fro with no sweat and no worry of falling to our deaths?" Joker asked.

"I suppose…" Mario responded. "But first we're going to have to look for one. Come on." The red plumber then walked off near the edge of the abyss, alongside the Hero-King and the Phantom Thief of Hearts.

"Besides, after the Forgotten Resistance had dropped us off back where we were, they gave us some more of the kinky devices," Mario continued, revealing the watch-like gadget on his wrist.

"Yeah, especially when that dragon-clothed woman looked at me like she had some sort of crush on me," Joker remarked. "Anyway, where do you think we should be looking for that Spirit to make those mushrooms larger?"

"…Maybe in that obviously creepy cave…?" Marth asked, pointing at an abandoned mineshaft right next to the three adventurers. There was some sort of echoing noise coming from the darkness, and cobwebs were decorated at the corners of the entrance. A lump in his throat, Mario swallowed and peered into the empty blackness.

"I guess…" Mario responded. Walking into the mineshaft, Marth and Joker followed the red plumber soon after. The three fighters looked around the darkness with only the light at the entrance to guide them. But even that light was short-lived as Mario, Joker, and Marth progressed.

"Damn," Joker said, his voice echoing through the shaft. "This place is dark as hell. Mario, you brought a light?"

"Uh… no," Mario answered. "That doesn't mean I can make one." With a flick of his wrists, Mario generated a fireball in his hands, and the glowing flames generated a light. The cavern walls glittered with jewels of all sorts, and there were rusted pickaxes and derailed minecarts lying on the rocky ground.

"These gemstones look gorgeous," Marth said. "Maybe if we were to mine them and sell them for equipment and upgrades, maybe we can patch up and buff our ship."

"Suppose," Mario replied.

"You boys hear something?" Joker asked, hearing voices growing louder as the trio went down the cave. The Phantom Thief of Hearts then ran off, grabbing Mario and Marth by the hands. Once Mario generated another fireball in his hands, the three warriors were shocked by what they saw: a Bayonetta Supporter in her Witch with No Memories red costume she bore when she woke from a hundred-year slumber cornering a Master Ace Spirit, who was Toadette in particular. In Toadette's hands, she carried a pickaxe, trying to swing it at the Bayonetta Supporter.

"It's Toadette!" Mario exclaimed. "We've gotta help her!" The Bayonetta Supporter quickly turned her head to see the three fighters, glaring at them with glowing-red eyes. With her sleeves magically unfurling, the puppet fighter whipped her long, black hair and grabbed the three warriors by their arms, generating some sort of portal. It transported the Bayonetta Supporter somewhere, and with her Joker, Marth, and Mario.

Once the three recruited fighters woke up, they each saw they were in some sort of cardboard setting, with the background clearly made out of construction paper and cotton balls as the dotted clouds glued on. There was a windmill and a green pipe at the right, dropping down into some sort of abyss. It was the Paper Mario stage, and at the edge of the platform was the Bayonetta Supporter with a Star Rod in her hand.

The Bayonetta Supporter jumped into the air, butterflies and roses trailing behind her as she used the Star Rod's power and launched little but strong stars. Joker was the first one to avoid the incoming fire, pulling out his pistol and shooting bullets. Marth then ran behind the puppet fighter, slashing at her back with his powerful tipper, and Mario slammed his fist in a downward punch, knocking the Bayonetta Supporter down into the cardboard ground. Just then, a giant electric fan appeared behind the land, and all the warriors could not see themselves. The wind from the fan was strong enough to blow everything to the abyss, and each one of the fighters were struggling to find out where they were.

"I'm going after Bayonetta," Marth told the team, climbing onto the green pipe as the Bayonetta Supporter held on tight. "You two stay where you are while I take care of this…" Noticing the warping area, the Hero-King figured out his own location and tried focusing on the Bayonetta Supporter, whose Star Rod was still visible in her hand. Using the wind as an advantage, Marth kept slashing at the invisible Bayonetta, sending her off the edge to the right. With precise timing, once everyone turned visible again, the Hero-King used a graceful downward slash, with the tip sending the Bayonetta Supporter into the blast zone. Once the windmill portion of the Paper Mario stage vanished, Mario and Joker saw themselves back in the cave, watching Marth point a Spirit Sniper at the Bayonetta Supporter. The puppet fighter then disintegrated into Shadow Bugs and retreated back into the darkness, leaving behind a glowing-blue Kammy Koopa of the Normal Novice type.

However, instead of simply flying off, Kammy Koopa merely just hovered there on her broomstick, knowing she had been freed from Galeem's clutches. The three warriors looked at Toadette, who was attacked before.

"It's okay…" Mario said, kneeling down close to the Master Ace Spirit. "You're alright. We took care of your rival for you."

"Thanks, kind travelers," Toadette replied. "I was simply walking through here to find some beautiful jewels for my collection of prized wonders, when I was suddenly attacked by a mean woman in the darkness. This is really what I get for taking a few stones?"

"Well, we're right now looking for some Sprits to aid us," Marth replied. "Do you think you can assist?" Toadette sat on the ground, thinking about an answer while Kammy Koopa floated above her.

"Where did you guys come from?" Toadette asked.

"From a ship in the sky," Joker answered. "It looks like it was built from a low budget and needs to be fixed as quickly as possible."

"Do we really want to do this?" Mario asked the Phantom Thief of Hearts. "I mean… we just saved her. We really don't want to push all the Spirits we saved from Galeem to keep working."

"Listen, tubby," Joker objected, "Galeem obviously knows what we're doing and plans to attack when we least expect it. The more Spirits we rescue from the Seraph of Order, the faster we can prepare for a full-on attack. First, we would have to mine and gather resources and sell them for upgrades, and then we would train the Spirits and us to become stronger. Supplies, loot, weapons – these guys gather it all. I'm just saying we build up their faith by freeing them from the puppet fighters, we create a resistance by working together."

"I suppose…" Toadette replied, holding onto the pickaxe she was wielding. "Maybe if you bring down at least four members of your crew we could get started."

"Sounds okay, I guess," Marth said. "Come on, guys. We need to get out of here…" Marth, Mario, and Joker all then walked out of the glittering cave with the Spirits they found, walking towards the light of the outside world. Once they were all outside the cave, the three warriors then departed from the mineshaft's entrance, leaving Toadette and Kammy Koopa behind. The trio then walked towards the abyss with the giant mushrooms, looking at the Olimar Primary at the center.

"How are we gonna save him?" Mario asked. "All we did was free another Spirit from Galeem, but what do we do?"

"Just leave it to me," Kammy Koopa spoke behind the three warriors. Flying from behind, the Normal Novice Spirit pulled out her wand, floating over the chasm.

"You sure you can help us?" Marth said.

"Of course I can," Kammy Koopa answered. "Just because we're Spirits doesn't mean we still have our powers. In gratitude of saving me, I want to do something for you three kind gentlemen in return." With a flick of her wand, Kammy Koopa cast her magic on the small mushrooms, making their caps and stems quickly expand in size. Now there were just as big as the larger fungi, creating a pathway for Mario, Joker, and Marth to cross.

"I suppose you're all welcome," Kammy Koopa said, putting away her wand. "If you ever need me, I'll be at the cave you boys were at a while ago." Flying off, the Normal Novice Spirit left the three fighters to take care of business they had.

"Are you sure this is-a safe…?" Mario asked, his foot touching the thin layer of mucus on the now-enlarged mushroom cap. Joker simply jumped on top of the mushroom in front of the other two, and the weight was perfectly supported as the mushroom itself wasn't even budging.

"It's perfectly fine," Joker answered, hopping to the next mushroom. The other two warriors then jumped from the ground to the mushroom cap, following the Phantom Thief of Hearts. Jumping from cap to cap, the three fighters kept going deeper into the center of the abyss, the bases of their shoes now coated in mucus from the fungi. After walking down the newly-created mushroom path, Joker, Mario, and Marth were now in front of the Olimar Primary. The Olimar Primary merely looked at them, his voodoo doll-like Pikmin surrounding him.

Instead of an introduction, the Olimar Primary instantly grabbed Marth by the neck, and golden cages spawned around Mario and Joker. Once the Phantom Thief of Hearts saw himself trapped, he tried bending the bars to escape.

"What is this?" Joker asked.

"This is what happens for any encounter with a Primary," Mario answered. "First the Primary picks a challenger at random, then he locks up the rest until the puppet fighter itself is defeated." A vortex swarmed around the Olimar Primary, transporting both the puppet fighter and Marth to another location.

Once Marth was slowly adjusting his eyesight, he looked around and saw he was in a different area: the Final Destination version of Distant Planet. Right in front of the Hero-King, the Olimar Primary laughed in a voice he never really had before. A white bandana tinted red on the inside appeared inside Olimar's helmet on his head, and two white boxing gloves appeared in front of him. An image of the Master Legendary Spirit taking control of Olimar's body flashed, showing it to be none other than Knuckle Joe, one of the Assist Trophies said to have been under Galeem's control earlier.

The Olimar Primary began throwing his team of three Pikmin at Marth, the little creatures clinging onto him and headbutting his body. The pain from the Pikmin was rather painful, but Marth slashed with his sword to get them off his back. Knuckle Joe inside Olimar's body then began using his Smash Punch projectile, launching a flaming blue orb at the Hero-King. Marth managed to hit the Pikmin off his body, watching them disintegrate into ghosts colored like their bodies. The Hero-King then began using his Dancing Blade technique, slashing rapidly at the Olimar Primary.

Just when Marth was about to land a powerful hit on his rival, Knuckle Joe began pulling out three more Pikmin, jabbing at the Hero-King with Vulcan Jab. However, Marth managed to counter-attack with his Exalted Falchion, blocking the Olimar Primary's Smash Punch move and reflecting most of the damage and knockback in return.

The captured fighter was now flying off the stage, with his Pikmin diving in after him. Purple winged Pikmin with red compound eyes spawned behind the Olimar Primary, carrying him into the air. As Marth looked at his rival attempting to recover, he noticed all those Pikmin was weighting him down. This was the Hero-King's chance for a comeuppance. Marth then gracefully jumped off the stage, slashing downward. Since he was above the captured fighter, Marth spiked the Olimar Primary, winning the fight as the blast zone echoed with a powerful confetti explosion. The stage darkened and the Final Destination version of Distant Planet collapsed into Shadow Bugs.

Marth found himself floating in the darkness, frozen in place and pointing a Spirit Sniper at the Knuckle Joe Spirit, who was shielding Olimar's body. The only hole in the barrier was blinking rapidly as the forcefield was constantly spinning around. With a careful aim, Marth hit the Hocotate alien's body, freeing both Olimar and the Master Legendary Spirit that possessed him. A white mist floated out of Olimar's rescued body, floating out of the darkness.

Back at the mushroom gorge, both Joker and Mario saw the golden cages that held them hostage suddenly vanished into dust as they saw Marth appear floating down to them, carrying Olimar in his arms. After the Hero-King laid Olimar down on the giant cap the group was standing on, a red Pikmin, yellow Pikmin, and blue Pikmin walked to the Hocotate alien's side. The three creatures then tapped his crystal-clear helmet, waking Olimar up. The glow of Galeem's possession was gone in the fighter, and Olimar quickly sat up to understand what was going on.

"Look who's back," Mario said. The three Pikmin hugged the Hocotate captain, glad that their leader has returned.

"So glad you've returned, Olimar," Marth replied. Joker merely stood there, confused.

"Uh… who's that short guy?" Joker asked. Marth and Mario turned around, noticing the Phantom Thief of Hearts had never seen the likes of the Hocotate alien before.

"Olimar, this is-a Joker," Mario told the planetary explorer. Olimar then stood up, bowing his head in thanks while not saying a word, eternally grateful.

"We better get going," Marth objected. "There are still a lot more of our friends in Galeem's clutches, and we need to save them as fast as we can while gathering resources, upgrades for the Undying Light, and training bases for raising an army of the Spirits we have managed to rescue."

"Let's get-a going then," Mario finished. The small group, now four, started walking down the mushroom cap pathway down to the edge of a forest.

Piranha Plant, Mii Swordfighter, and Sheik were simply walking from the red-roofed village to the plains, having no idea what surprises were awaiting them next. No matter where they were, the objective was simple: rescue every fighter on their team and defeat Galeem.

"I had never wanted this since the beginning," the ex-Swordfighter Ultimate Reborn sighed, looking down in sadness on his face.

"Well, we obviously know the connection between the Subspace Army and the Mii Fighters, but our worst enemies working together with the greatest race in Arcadia… this is just overkill…" Sheik placed a hand on the Mii Swordfighter, understanding his pain.

"We all pretty much know we've got a foe even worse than Tabuu, but not even the Construct God himself can help us now. It's up to us to return these Spirits and ourselves back to our homeworlds," Sheik continued. "We will save the other two Ultimates and your people. Don't fret about it." Just then, Piranha Plant noticed something in the distance. Running in that flower pot of his, the carnivorous flower dashed off.

"The plant must've found something," Sheik said. "Come on." The Sheikah and the Mii Swordfighter then ran off, following the Piranha Plant. The three fighters then noticed what the generic flower found: a canyon filled with light geysers with a stone bridge to cross over.

"Whatever's on the other side of that light chasm might help us," Mii Swordfighter explained. "Let's go." However, once Sheik set foot on the stone bridge, the ground underneath them started rumbling. The three warriors quickly looked around, and Balder appeared, his face coated in gold and peacock feathers trailing behind him. He was standing in the middle of the stone bridge, blocking the path.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that," Balder objected.

"Get out the way, old man," Mii Swordfighter snarled. "We'll win against Lord Galeem if it's the last thing we do!"

"Old man…?" Balder chuckled in question, adjusting his monocle. "You know it's rude to call elderly people such cruel names. And just for that…" The Norse god of light then pulled out a golden dagger shaped like a peacock feather, with the hollow shaft serving as the sharpened tip. With a powerful throw, the golden dagger zipped between Sheik and the Mii Swordfighter, hitting the Piranha Plant's stem. The weapon Balder threw vanished, and the carnivorous flower started jerking around in seizures, feeling the magic pulsing through his stem. Piranha Plant was eventually engulfed in a bright light, growing marvelously in size. For whatever reason, Sheik started getting bad memories from a decade ago.

"Hopefully you wouldn't have to fight against the internal reincarnation of a familiar foe," Balder snarled, floating into the air. After the Norse god vanished, the canyon of light erupted brightening geysers, blocking the stone bridge.

"What did Balder mean… internal reincarnation…?" the Mii Swordfighter asked.

"I think somehow related to a recognizable enemy in some way or form," Sheik answered, pulling out her daggers as the Piranha Plant finished transforming. Both Balder and Sheikah were right: for whatever reason, the generic enemy from Mario's world they had befriended is somehow the re-embodiment of a rival who played a major role in the Subspace Army - Petey Piranha. The towering monster stood before the two fighters, saliva dripping from his mouth and two empty cages being held by his two leaves at the areas where the arms should be. With a powerful roar from Petey Piranha, both the Mii Swordfighter and Sheik were ready to fight the abomination while rubbing off some of the spit that dripped onto their clothes.

The ex-Swordfighter Ultimate Reborn lunged at Petey Piranha, slashing rapidly while his weapon was set ablaze. Sheik pulled out her knife and needles, flinging them fast at the mutated flower. Petey Piranha then started swinging the cages around, jumping high into the air and landing with a powerful earthquake. Both Sheik and Mii Swordfighter quickly hopped out of the way, watching out for the powerful twirling of Petey Piranha's cages. His two legs kept the monster steady as he suddenly started spinning in place, the cages of his swinging harshly at the two fighters who were trying to save their friend. Sheik and Mii Swordfighter were instantly whacked around, flying off at an incredibly fast speed in opposite directions. Luckily, the spinning attack dazed Petey Piranha greatly, giving the two warriors a chance to attack. With powerful slashes, Sheik and Mii Swordfighter attacked individual cages, knowing that they served as Petey Piranha's health supply. Once the monster quickly stirred out from his daze, he was instantly knocked out as the two cages he carried bursted open, causing him to instantly collapse.

The ex-Swordfighter Ultimate Reborn and the illusive Sheikah ran towards the wounded Petey Piranha, watching the golden dagger that infected the plant fly out into the sky, engulfing the creature in golden light once more. Petey Piranha shrank down to a normal size, and he transformed back into the Piranha Plant from before. Both Sheik and Mii Swordfighter tried picking the carnivorous flower up, concerned about his health since he was instantly somehow revealed to have been the rebirth of the monster they had just attacked. The Piranha Plant quickly jerked up, unaware of what happened.

"You're okay," Sheik said, rubbing Piranha Plant's head. "We just had to take care of some personal business, that's all…" The Mii Swordfighter then just remembered the stone bridge they were just about to cross. However, he noticed the geysers of light emerging harder from the crack, engulfing the pathway and causing the stone bridge to become hot to the touch.

"Looks like we can't cross it for now," Mii Swordfighter addressed. Both Sheik and Piranha Plant walked towards the stone bridge, with the Sheikah and the Mii Fighter shielding their eyes a bit from the intense brightness.

"How about we head to that peculiar road over there and look for something that can help us?" Sheik asked, pointing to a race track. The other two fighters noticed where the Sheikah was pointing at, aware of what she was talking about. The group of three then ran towards the race track, unaware that they would meet up with some familiar faces again…

Chapter Text

Driving through the race track, the Blue Falcon raced all the way around to an opening in a new path, and Captain Falcon, Kirby, and Villager were in the vehicle. After stopping on the soft grass outside the track, the three fighters hopped out of the Blue Falcon.

"Looks like this is one of two areas we can visit," Captain Falcon said, adjusting his gloves. "Let's just see which Spirits we can rescue for now." However, before Kirby took another step past the race track, the white wisp that emerged from Olimar's rescue absorbed into the pink puffball before he could catch up to Villager and Captain Falcon who just disappeared over a nearby hill. Kirby's eyes flashed the Smash symbol before being engulfed in a bright white, and it all happened right out of nowhere. The environment around the pink demon blinded him, and he fell unconscious like before.

Kirby found himself in the planet of Arcus once more, standing in the soft, fresh grass. This time, the pink puffball was standing on another island in the sky, stretching over a mile across. There was a humongous arena that was shaped much like the Midair Stadium, though it was decorated to look more like a training dojo. At the gateway, Kirby saw Ultima, Galeem, and Phoenix fly in with their parents, landing with the stuff they packed in each of their little sacks carried by rope.

"Well, we're here at the place," Metallio spoke, admiring how humongous the place is.

"All we have to do is sign you three in and you're officially part of the Sky Temple Training Arena," Toropikaru replied, looking down at the three young dragons.

"Let's go inside," Toropikaru sighed. Pushing open the door with her left wing, the dragon and her husband walked in with Phoenix, Galeem, and Ultima into the stadium, with the children carrying their sacks by the ropes in their mouths, dragging them in since they were pretty heavy for their size. Once the door closed and the family was inside, Metallio and Toropikaru walked to the sign-in booth between two large doors, where and elderly female dragon was waiting behind a glass window. She had baby-blue scales and her wings were frail and paper-thin.

"Hello there," Toropikaru spoke. "We would like to attend for three newcomer students." The elderly dragon heard what was said to her. She slowly ducked down in her desk, carrying a small pile of papers in her mouth. Once she plopped them in front of her, the elderly dragon shifted them to Metallio and Toropikaru.

"Read these forms carefully and sign them afterwards," the elderly dragon answered in a raspy voice, pushing a tiny bottle of writing ink and a black feather behind the pile of papers. While the mother and father were busy signing the papers, their children were busy waiting, talking about what they plan to do once they were allowed in. Kirby, meanwhile, just watched as usual.

"Isn't this exciting?" Ultima cheered, anxious to know what happens next once she and her brothers go past the doors.

"Totally," Galeem answered. Phoenix looked away, understanding the joy of being here.

"We have got to keep in mind that some of the missions here could be dangerous," Phoenix objected. "Few of them matter in life or death…"

"I think we both understand, Phoenix," Galeem replied. "Which is why I have decided to create an unbreakable oath between the three of us."

"Oh?" Phoenix asked.

"What is it?" Ultima remarked, ready to hear what Galeem had to say.

"That I promise that I would help us stay together to the very end as both friends and family," Galeem answered, sticking out one of his fore legs.

"So do I," Phoenix replied, placing his fore leg on top of Galeem's.

"As is me," Ultima said, laying her fore leg in front of her two brothers. The three young dragons created their group shake, knowing their friendship would last.

"Together forever, no matter what," Galeem said. That was the only thing that Kirby remembered, and the pink puffball himself was beginning to understand what was going on: this was supposedly the origin story of Galeem.

"Galeem, Ultima, Phoenix, come here," Metallio called out. The three young dragons then remembered what was going on and immediately grabbed their own bags, running towards their parents.

"Funds are 15 gold pieces a week per student for budgets," the elderly dragon in the sign-up booth told Toropikaru and Metallio, dragging the signed papers back into her desk. "Thank you and have a nice day, newcomers." The three young dragons were so excited for their first appearance in the Sky Temple Training Arena, dashing towards one of the two doors. However, they managed to stop and look back at their parents. Tears in their eyes, Ultima, Galeem, and Phoenix ran towards their mother and father, leaving their sacks at the door. The three siblings then hugged their parents dearly, knowing they'll all miss Toropikaru and Metallio terribly.

"See you in ten years, I guess," Ultima sobbed, feeling the comfort of the parent dragons.

"Please remember to stay together to the end, no matter what," Metallio said to the three young children. "Just know that teamwork and friendship are the key elements to survival." Galeem, Phoenix, and Ultima then broke the hug with Metallio and Toropikaru, looking back on them in the sadness of departure as they ran past the door, grabbing the ropes of their bags with their mouths. Kirby kept watching the mother and father looking down in sadness, knowing their nest will be empty for about a decade. The environment around the pink puffball flashed in a bright light, transporting Kirby's subconscious back to the planet of Gallia.

Kirby quickly woke up, finding out the Smash Ball on his forehead was gone, as were also the rainbow aura and golden irises. He then managed to spy Captain Falcon and Villager run back to him, concerned about his health.

"What happened back there?" Captain Falcon asked the pink demon, rubbing his cuddly pillow-like body. "You were missing for five minutes, and not like you can tell us since you can't talk that much." Kirby knew that the stone from Faker could be behind all this. Just then, the pink puffball suddenly saw some people walk towards them from the pathway the trio were originally on. As the strangers walked closer, Villager, Captain Falcon, and Kirby could make up some familiar faces. Walking towards them was none other than Sheik, Piranha Plant, and Mii Swordfighter.

"Kirby!" Sheik cried, noticing the pink puffball with the other two fighters that were just at that race track. The Sheikah and her side of the group then ran towards Kirby, Villager, and Captain Falcon with Mii Swordfighter and Piranha Plant. The six warriors were reunited with each other again.

"I thought that barrier split us up," Sheik said, hugging Kirby.

"Barrier?" Captain Falcon and Mii Swordfighter asked.

"There were three paths that the rest of our friends were forced to take," Sheik answered, standing up. "Apparently, Kirby's team split up and now were disconnected from the gang, as well as some sort of ship that they originally came from…"

"Geez, that's terrible," Captain Falcon said, rubbing the back of his helmet.

"There was also some sort of light bridge on our route," the Mii Swordfighter brought up. "However, Balder happened to show up and now we can't cross it since it's hot to the touch. We were about to cross it before it happened, but the old man supposedly reawakened Petey Piranha in… well…" The ex-Swordfighter Ultimate Reborn pointed at the Piranha Plant, knowing the situation from before. Both Kirby and Captain Falcon were surprised that one of their new travelers was apparently the reincarnation of a monster that worked for Subspace ten years ago.

"That doesn't mean he's not our friend anymore," Sheik interrupted, aware of the situation. "It's just he didn't know what happened and couldn't control himself…"

"And what about the light bridge?" Mii Swordfighter asked, with Piranha Plant walking towards Villager. "It's still out thanks to those flames engulfing the only path across and becoming impossible to get through without something to get us past."

"I just remembered something!" Captain Falcon exclaimed, suddenly remembering another pathway at the race track. The other five fighters turned their attention towards the bounty hunter, wondering what he wanted to say.

"There's another route we can find, back at the road we just wen through," Captain Falcon continued. "Once we hop into my Blue Falcon, we can drive over there and see what we can find to help us…"

"That sounds like a good idea," Sheik answered.

Later, the only one that hopped into the cockpit of the Blue Falcon was Captain Falcon himself. The other five warriors held on tight to the flaps of the hovercar since they all could not fit inside that one vehicle since it was originally designed to have one seat.

"Let's roll," Mii Swordfighter said, clinging on tight to the cockpit's window shield. The Blue Falcon then started speeding off, heading down south through the race track. Since there were no cars for distractions, they went through okay, the Blue Falcon moving at a steady pace so that the forces of the wind and the gravity don't toss the other fighters off. Afterwards, Captain Falcon's hovercar ended up at another area in just a few seconds, connecting to a path deep in a forest. The six warriors left the Blue Falcon at the race track, anxious to see what was waiting for them at the other pathway.

"I… don't really feel like this is the best idea, now that I think about it…" Captain Falcon objected, approaching closer to the forest with the rest of his team.

"Don't you remember what we said?" the Mii Swordfighter asked. "No matter how challenging and frightful, we need to stay together and…"

"…reawaken the undying light. We know," Sheik finished. "Let's just… get this over with…" The six warriors walked into the forest, keeping their eyes open for any intruders. Minutes passed, and Kirby, Villager, Captain Falcon, Sheik, Piranha Plant, and Mii Swordfighter were still traveling through the woods, confused as to why there were no surprises.

"That hill over there seems promising," the Mii Swordfighter remarked, pointing at a barren mound of grass near an ocean.

"Sure sounds peaceful," Sheik said, noticing a tiny point of black on top of the hill. "Suppose it wouldn't hurt if we saw what was on top. Maybe a special prize or maybe a trap."

"Whatever it is, we better be careful," Captain Falcon replied, walking towards the mounds of grass next to Kirby and Piranha Plant. The six warriors were now scaling up the mountain, walking up to the top. Once the team was at the very peak of the hill, there was someone waiting for them. It was none other than Link himself, wearing that blue Champion's Tunic of his and looking away from who he considered his friends.

"So… you were expecting to find something up here?" a mysterious voice spoke from the Link Primary. "Well, you found me – the servant of Demise known as Ghirahim." Ghirahim's image flashed on Link's back, showing off a thin, pale man painted in black diamonds and cloaked in red while a serpent-like tongue flickered outside his devious lips. Once the image vanished, the Link Primary turned around, glaring at the six fighters with glowing-red eyes.

"Suppose you want another fight as usual, huh?" Ghirahim inside Link's body asked, pointing the Master Sword at the warriors.

"Very well, then," the Link Primary finished, not even letting a single fighter answer. Without a second thought, Ghirahim snapped his fingers, creating the golden cages around all the adventurers with only the Mii Swordfighter left free. With his weapon in his hands, the ex-Swordfighter Ultimate Reborn looked back on his trapped friends before turning towards the Link Primary.

"Just you and me, kid!" Ghirahim inside Link's body yelled, floating up into the air. A vortex spawned behind the Link Primary, and the captured fighter grabbed ahold of the Mii Fighter, transporting the both of them to another dimension while the other five fighters were struggling in their golden cages.

The Mii Swordfighter slowly stirred up, looking around and noticing he was in Hyrule as it had appeared 100 years after Calamity Ganon's imprisonment. He was standing on the Final Destination version of the Great Plateau Tower, his sword in his hands as he faced the Assist Trophy trapped inside the Champion of Hyrule. A red cape appeared wrapped around the Link Primary's neck, and a long tongue flickered outside the captured Hylian's lips.

"If it's a duel you want, it's a duel you'll get!" the Mii Swordfighter snarled, dashing towards the Link Primary. The two challengers began clashing swords, tiny sparks flying off with each collision as they danced around each other, avoiding make any contact with the blades. The Link Primary then pulled out small but fast daggers, each one gleaming in red diamonds. They flew in a storm that were in a pattern that the Mii Swordfighter could interpret. However, just as the ex-Ultimate Reborn managed to avoid the daggers, the captured fighter teleported right behind Mii Swordfighter, using one powerful slash behind the Mii's back. The Mii Swordfighter quickly hopped onto his feet, the force of his sword's collision with the Link Primary's Hylian Shield pushing him back and causing him to stagger.

Ghirahim inside Link's body then started flickering his long tongue, dashing super-fast at the ex-Swordfighter Ultimate Reborn. The Mii Fighter successfully managed to set his sword on fire, rapidly jabbing at the Link Primary. Once the captured fighter was tossed right in front of him, the Mii Swordfighter unleashed a powerful fiery tornado, catching the Link Primary and engulfing Galeem's servant. Once the captured fighter was back on the ground, his face sooty and his blue tunic partially burned, the Mii Swordfighter conjured up electricity on his blade, using a powerful slash and sending the Link Primary to the blast zone, and with him was Ghirahim's Spirit.

The formula for the victory was the same as usual: the Final Destination version of a particular stage collapses into darkness while Shadow Bugs engulf everything, while the fighter free from Galeem's capture is frozen in midair, pointing the Spirit Sniper at a spinning barrier with a tiny hole to perfectly hit the Master Legendary Spirit guarding the awakened fighter. The Mii Swordfighter fired again, and hit perfectly, freeing Lord Ghirahim's Spirit as well as Link himself. The Shadow Bugs retreated as the area blinded in white, and both the Mii Swordfighter and Link were transported back to the hill they all were before.

Ghirahim's Spirit was the first to appear at the hill, glowing red with a rainbow aura around him. The golden cages that trapped the fighters vanished, and the servant of Demise instantly flew into Kirby's body, reactivating the stone inside the pink puffball. Kirby's eyes gleamed white, and he was about to experience another vision.

The pink demon saw himself back at the Sky Temple Training Arena, sporting the Smash Ball on his forehead again. Kirby had also noticed he was in some sort of hallway in the stadium, where there were beautifully-painted walls and doors lined up one by one next to each other. Traveling through was another firefly-like dragon, leading Galeem, Ultima, and Phoenix to their assigned room.

"Here's your room," the small, insect-detailed dragon spoke, handing Ultima the key to the door's lock. "Thank you for becoming part of the Dragosmo Training Camp. Training begins tomorrow. Meet at the central stage in the middle of the stadium as soon as you wake up."

"Thank you," Ultima answered with a kind heart. The firefly dragon zipped off while buzzing, leaving the three young dragons to enter their room. Ultima then inserted the key into the door's lock and twisted it with her mouth, gently pushing it open to admire how simple and quaint the room was. The walls and ceiling were painted white, followed by a clean, gray rug covering the floor. Three common beds laid next to each other, with an unlit candle on a small table on the rightmost bed's side.

"Quite… interesting…" Phoenix remarked, walking next to the beds while putting down his traveling sack. "So we would be staying in this room for ten years, right?"

"Maybe, unless we're good enough to be warranted a better position in the arena," Galeem answered, flying into the air and diving down onto the bed.

"Look on the bright side," Ultima replied, "at least we'll be able to make some friends while we're here. This is pretty much the first time we're allowed to take care of ourselves without mommy or daddy."

"You're right, Ultima," Galeem said, messing with his bed's blanket a little. "This place will change us in ways we won't expect. But like we three promised, we'll stay together no matter what."

"That's correct," Ultima remarked, slipping down onto her bed, watching the moon in the room's window begin to rise as the sun was quickly setting. "Tomorrow's another day, and there will always be unexpected things. Let's just get some rest. We start our training first thing in the morning, and we would become the best Dragosmos in the land. Besides, when we were all just a year old, I clearly remember our father trying to tell us about his friends learning about big responsibilities and accepting into reality to deal with their troubles."

"Suppose that message will help us in the future," Phoenix commented, snuggling into his bed.

"I hope so…" Ultima answered.

The three young dragons started sleeping in their chosen beds, falling fast asleep once the sky darkened and the aligned stars began shining in waves of white. Kirby simply watched, unaware of the bright light flashing around him and transporting his conscious back to Gallia once more.

Once Kirby woke up, he noticed he was back to normal again, not sweating as hard as before. Maybe it was all because he was starting to getting used to having these kinds of visions whenever he or his friends have reawakened the fighters from their Primary state. Nonetheless, the pink puffball found himself back with Marth, Sheik, Piranha Plant, Villager, Captain Falcon, and Mii Swordfighter. Once the six warriors heard groaning, they quickly turned around and gathered around Link, who was slowly waking up. The Champion of Hyrule sat up, adjusting his vision to see few of his friends gathered around him, as well as the new addition that was the Piranha Plant in a flower pot.

"You… saved me…" Link said, pointing at the ex-Swordfighter Ultimate Reborn. "Thanks for the help, Mii Fighter."

"It was nothing," the Mii Swordfighter answered, a little embarrassed as he rubbed his blond hair. "You can thank Sheik and the others, who were all saved by Kirby, the only hope off this planet." Kirby then grabbed ahold of Link's arm, helping the Hyrulian stand up right. Link then placed the Master Sword still in his right hand and the Hylian Shield in its left both on his back, his eyes gleaming a deep ocean blue and no longer holding the red envy that was Galeem.

"There was some sort of light bridge across that light chasm stretching out across the land," Sheik interrupted. "However, the path is too hot to even walk on. Do you think you can help us find what we're looking for to pass?" The Hylian placed a finger on his chin, looking down in thought.

"Not really, no," Link answered. "Thankfully for you guys, my Fighter Spirit seemed to have noticed a pipe somewhere around here. Follow me." The Champion of Hyrule then ran down the hill, with his six other friends following after him. Walking across a bridge to a tiny stub of an island surrounded by a stream of water, Kirby and his team noticed Link showing them a green pipe, one of which seemed to have come from Mario's land.

"What… is that thing?" Captain Falcon asked.

"Don't know," Link answered. "But apparently, Sonic the Hedgehog told us it's part of the Mushroom Kingdom as a means of transportation."

"I'm not going in there, what with that pipe lined with sewage junk and all," the Mii Swordfighter objected as Kirby and Villager looked down there. Piranha Plant squeezed inbetween the two fighters, looking down at the blackness of the green pipe.

"I think I've heard the blue blur saying it's always clean, no matter how long it's been around," Link answered, looking back on the ex-Ultimate Reborn. The Piranha Plant slipped his head down the pipe, and the carnivorous flower suddenly tripped and fell in. Both Villager and Kirby were shocked when the other four fighters quickly turned around and saw only the bottom of the Piranha Plant's flower pot and his two stubby roots sticking through suddenly vanish.

"The plant fell in," Link sighed. "Looks like we'll have to follow him regardless…" With confidence, the Champion of Hyrule quickly jumped into the green pipe, disappearing as well. The rest of the team then jumped in, one at a time. As expected, the pipe transported them somewhere completely different in a matter of seconds, and all seven warriors in the gang jumped out.

"Where… are we…?" Sheik asked, looking around at the strange new environment they arrived at. From what you can tell, Kirby, Link, Sheik, Villager, Captain Falcon, Mii Swordfighter, and Piranha Plant all appeared in a misty bog, filled with gaseous swamps and rotting vegetation. The opaque fog itself was colored a violet color like the amaranthine gas of the Subspace Army, and the leaves and roots covered and hid the cobblestone path.

This was going to be a bother for Kirby's group if they were ever going to get out of the bog.

Chapter Text

Through the mushroom gorge, Mario and his team wandered out of the strange location they were at, heading to some darkened woods.

"Hopefully the others are alright, mining for resources in that shaft we just visited," Marth said, looking back.

"They probably are," Joker answered. "From the sounds of things, it seems like these Spirits can handle themselves when Galeem's forces are not around…" Before the Hero-King and the Phantom Thief of Hearts ventured forth with Mario and Olimar, Faker ran towards them in her dragon armor. Panting, the brown-skinned warrior brushed her wavy black hair with her gloved hand, standing up straight.

"Permission to join your forces," Faker said, her dragon-tooth sword by her side.

"Are you sure?" Mario asked. "You certainly don't look like you have much experience in combat, and that armor definitely isn't helping with your skills either…"

"Please?" Faker asked. "I don't know squat about my past. I'd like to learn more about myself if I go with you guys! Just to be clear, I promise I won't flirt with any of the handsome members of the team, especially Joker…" Olimar, Marth, and Mario looked at Joker for his response, the Phantom Thief of Hearts watching Faker showing a tint of red in her face.

Sighing in defeat, Joker answered, "Fine. She can come along… but only if she promises not to flirt with me so much." Faker then ran towards the Phantom Thief of Hearts, hugging him from behind.

"Really?" Faker asked. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Joker managed to squirm out, continuing down the path Mario's gang was on. However, as soon as the gang first set foot in the forest, they came across two Supporters and one Primary: two tiny Mewtwos (one blue and the other pink) and PAC-MAN. An image flashed in front of the team sent by Galeem, revealing three legendary Pokémon known as Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf. The three intruders glared at the adventurers with glowing-red eyes, triggering Mario and his friends.

This time, instead of grabbing a certain opponent while locking up the others in golden cages, the two Mewtwo Supporters approached the fighters while the PAC-MAN Primary grabbed Faker. The ground rumbled, and Uxie inside PAC-MAN teleported Faker somewhere else while Mesprit and Azelf in the bodies of the Mewtwo puppet fighters kept the four warriors on the ground as the dirt they were standing on shifted in color and form.

For Mario, Marth, Olimar, and Joker, they saw themselves on the Spear Pillar stage, where glowing-white crystals stuck out of the ground and legendary Pokémon were seen flying around. The two Mewtwo Supporters began charging up their Shadow Balls, watching the four warriors simply run up to them, their weapons and elemental powers in hands. Once the Shadow Balls were launched, Marth and Joker both jumped up and slashed straight down above the puppet fighters, with Olimar dodging and throwing his Pikmin while Mario pulled out a golden cape, reflecting the Shadow Balls back.

As soon as Marth and Joker both slashed down on the Mewtwo Supporters, the puppet fighters quickly got up to see their reflected Shadow Balls flying back at them. They both quickly used Confusion, tossing their projectiles back at the incoming fighters. Olimar, Joker, and Marth ended up behind the two Mewtwo Supporters, with Mario using his cape move again while his friends kept jabbing and unleashing powerful attacks behind the puppet fighters. The two Mewtwo Supporters managed to get up, but they weren't fast enough to avoid their Shadow Balls from before: ramming hard into the Pokémon clones. It launched them off the Spear Pillar stage, sending Mesprit in the pink Mewtwo Supporter into the blast zone but not Azelf in the blue one. However, as the one remaining puppet fighter attempted to float back into the stage, white Pikmin quickly grabbed onto his tail, inflicting poisonous damage. As the Mewtwo Supporter tried shaking them off, Marth slashed downward with his Exalted Falchion, preforming a meteor smash and knocking out the other Mewtwo Supporter much later. The Spear Pillar went dark, and the four fighters that emerged victorious felt themselves float into the air.

As for Faker, the brown-skinned warrior dressed in dragon armor saw that she was on a flattened stage, merely resembling that of a child's drawing and/or a simple painted picture on an old laptop in the late 90's and early 2000's. It was the Final Destination version of the PAC-LAND stage, and Uxie inside PAC-MAN's body was her opponent.

The PAC-MAN Primary first started charging up pixelated fruit, shifting between different forms. Faker began dashing towards the puppet fighter, slashing her dragon-fang sword rapidly. She then started jabbing rapidly with her fists, her knuckles slamming hard and fast into the PAC-MAN Primary's yellow skin. Once Uxie inside PAC-MAN's body dodged Faker's attack, he threw his fully-charged pixelated fruit in the form of a key, sending it flying fast in a straight direction. Faker noticed it thrown from feet in front of her, and she managed to catch the key in time. With enough power, the brown-skinned warrior threw the pixelated key back at the PAC-MAN Primary but the captured fighter himself managed to create a fire hydrant out of nothing in time. The psychic abilities from the legendary Pokemon taking control of the yellow bane of ghosts funneled into the fire hydrant, and it shot out powerful magic balls instead of water spurts. Faker then jumped up in the air, ready to slash again. However, she was above the captured fighter at the right distance, generating blue pixels from his gloved hand. It was all over for her, and Faker couldn't use anything other than her sword… or so she thought.

Quickly shutting her eyes, Faker managed to slip in her dragon-tooth sword back into her waist, and smoke was flickering out from the palms of her gloved hands. As soon as Inky, one of the ghosts from PAC-MAN's world generated as the captured fighter's up-smash, Faker generated a blast of fire, critically hitting Uxie inside the yellow bane's body. As soon as the brown-skinned warrior quickly got up on her feet, she slowly opened her eyes, looking at her hands.

I had no idea I could that… Faker thought. This might serve as a little advantage. She watched the PAC-MAN Primary transform into his signature yellow orb shape with the pizza-shaped wedge, about to devour her. Luckily, Faker pulled out fiery orbs from her hands, flinging them harshly and fast at the PAC-MAN Primary. With enough potential, the black-haired warrior managed to get the PAC-MAN Primary off the stage, and she dashed off. As soon as Faker pulled out her sword, she set the blade ablaze similar to Roy's and stabbed downward, sending the PAC-MAN Primary into the blast zone of PAC-LAND.

Mario and the other three fighters saw they were back at the forest's entrance, with the Normal Legendary Spirits of Azelf and Mesprit floating off, free from Galeem's capture. Meanwhile, for Faker, she felt herself levitating in the air, pointing a Spirit Sniper at PAC-MAN's rescued body, protected by an ever-spinning barrier generated from the Master Legendary Uxie Spirit. With a careful aim, Faker fired and hit PAC-MAN's unconscious body, freeing the yellow bane from his enslavement and breaking his Galeem Lock. White mist flew out of PAC-MAN's body before the Shadow Bug environment around Faker blinded her in white. A minute or two had passed, and Mario, Marth, Joker, and Olimar looked up to see Faker descending towards them in the air with PAC-MAN in her arms.

"Is he okay?" Marth asked, holding PAC-MAN's gloved hand.

"I still feel his heartbeat," Faker answered, slowly placing the yellow bane on the ground. PAC-MAN slowly began waking up, noticing he was back with his friends. Not saying a word, the yellow fighter quickly stood up, clenching his fists and ready to take on Galeem once they have reached at their destination.

"So all we gotta do is travel through this forest and hope we find something?" Joker asked.

"I think-a that's the idea," Mario answered, "unless we uncover traps, by which we're screwed…" The fighters looked at each other, confused.

"Better make the most of it," Marth said, running into the forest as he was being followed by his closest teammates.

At the mist-covered swamp, Kirby, Villager, Captain Falcon, Link, Sheik, Mii Swordfighter, and Piranha Plant noticed right next to the pipe they just entered was a path that led into the light. If the warriors continued further, they might as well end up lost since the violet fog was so thick you can barely see you hand in front of your face. Plus, there was so many roots and soggy leaves that they have covered and barricaded the path entirely.

"Might as well come back here later," Captain Falcon remarked. The others agreed with nods, walking off into the light. As soon as the group had left the swamp, they each uncovered a mountainside dotted with trees and luscious green. A stone path was leading them somewhere, and the warriors were determined to find out.

Walking on the side of the mountains, the warriors on Kirby's team had noticed next to them was a neighborhood, with the houses having red roofs like in the village. As they continued down the path, they suddenly came across a beautiful heart-shaped lake, dotted with cherry blossom trees on the sides and white-flowered lily pads on the crystal-clear water surface. At the center was a tiny island where a stone bridge connected, and on the island itself was some sort of magenta crystal with someone trapped inside. Kirby was the first one to notice, and the pink puffball was tugging on Link's tunic.

"We see it too, Kirby," Link answered, pointing at the magenta crystal. "Let's go and free whoever's trapped in there." However, before any of the warriors took a step on the bridge, a mysterious figure suddenly dropped onto the bridge, ambushing them. As the magenta crystal's reflected light flashed in front of Kirby and his team, the stranger that ambushed them was Fox McCloud, his blaster in his hand and his glowing-red eyes gleaming brightly.

"You would simply think you can just walk through here and take this beautiful fairy?" Fox asked in a voice completely different from his usual tone.

"We're dealing with what's most important to us," Sheik snarled, pulling out her needles. "Now let us pass…"

"Do you really think you can get past through Shadow the Hedgehog, the ultimate lifeform and master of Chaos Control?" Fox asked. As expected, an image flashed on Fox McCloud's body, revealing a hedgehog that looked similar to Sonic, but he had black, upright quills marked with red vertical stripes, different stylized gloves and shoes, and a completely different personality. As soon as the Master Legendary Spirit's image vanished, the Fox Primary quickly pointed his blaster at the traveling adventurers.

"You're one of the many missing Assist Trophies, aren't you?" the Mii Swordfighter asked.

"Correct you are," Shadow inside Fox's body snarled, "and you know I have far more potential than just slowing down time with Chaos Control. Now, we can do this the easy way, where you turn around and never come back, or we can do it the hard way, where I eradicate you completely if you attempt on saving that fairy…" The rest of the fighters were starting to feel a little questioned, but Kirby was the only one who stepped forward, confident on saving everyone he cared for over the ten years he was trapped on this planet, including Fox McCloud.

"I see you're choosing the hard way," Shadow growled. "Pathetic… Don't worry. The rest of you get to join your fairy friend too." Grabbing Kirby, the Fox Primary then spawned golden cages, throwing the rest of the fighters in them and locking them up. Floating up into the air, the captured fighter created a vortex and sucked both himself and Kirby in.

While Kirby was slowly waking up, he heard spaceships flying in the background. Arwings similar to Fox's and Falco's were flying around, and there were pieces of land covered in trees and dotted in futuristic buildings were spotted in an ocean. Kirby was in Corneria: Final Destination version. His opponent: Shadow the Hedgehog inside Fox McCloud.

"You scared yet, kid?" the Fox Primary snarled, clenching his stomach. Black quills marked with red began poking out through the captured fighter's clothes, and his blaster suddenly started twisting and shaping itself into a machine gun. After the transformation, the Fox Primary was surrounded by a white aura, his entire eyes engulfed with a red light.

"Bring it on!" Shadow the Hedgehog snarled, loading his machine gun. Once the Fox Primary began firing the machine gun, the fast-flying bullets were ricocheting off Kirby's bouncy skin, even though they were stinging harshly for him. Regardless, Kirby floated up into the air, heading up above the captured fighter and transforming into a pink stone. The sheer slam caused the Fox Primary to jump out of the way, beginning to use Fox Illusion. However, just when the captured fighter was beginning to glow blue, Kirby inhaled the Fox Primary and gained the Copy Ability. Like before, Kirby's mind shut down, and the Fighter Spirit based off his opponent took over. Two ears spawned on Kirby's head, and a metal headset with a green visor generated on the pink demon's face. The Smash Ball symbol gleamed in Kirby's eyes, signifying that Fox McCloud would be taking over for now.

"This feels a little awkward," Fox's voice spoke from Kirby. "But if I'm going to get my body back, I need to do it in the body of another…" The possessed Kirby then pulled out a blaster, firing lasers at the Fox Primary. The captured fighter, however, began using Chaos Control to teleport around the Corneria stage, sending bullets fly in all directions. Luckily, Fox inside Kirby's body knew what was going to happen and quickly pulled out his hexagon-shaped Reflector, sending the machine gun bullets flying back. Shadow quickly stopped teleporting and pulled out his own Reflector with Fox's body, sending the bullets back. Soon, it became a ping-pong game between the heavy rain of bullets. Thankfully, Shadow's Reflector broke, and few of the red-hot pellets pierced through his skin, fatally wounding the Fox Primary. Blood began staining the Fox Primary's white jacket, and Shadow inside the Star Fox leader began coughing up puddles of red, gagging as he limped and clenched his fist. This provided a chance for the real Fox McCloud within Kirby to walk up to the Fox Primary and charge up a powerful kick with the pink puffball's red foot. With a powerful thrust of Kirby's nonexistent leg, the Fighter Spirit within critically hit the Fox Primary into the blast zone, causing the Final Destination version of Corneria to disintegrate into Shadow Bugs.

Time had passed, and the rest of Kirby's friends were struggling in those golden cages of theirs. Just then, the confines quickly vanished, and the freed fighters quickly dropped onto the ground. A vortex appeared right in front of them, and both Fox's and Kirby's bodies were dropped out, with the pink puffball's eyes glowing white.

In Kirby's point-of-view, the pink puffball found himself back at the Sky Temple Training Arena, feeling the Smash Ball on his forehead. It was almost morning, and the moon itself was almost gone just over the horizon. Suddenly, the stadium itself was beginning to rumble, and it was shaking the new students up. Lots of young dragons were quickly woken up by the uncontrollable rumbling, and they were running out of their rooms to look out the hall's windows, including Ultima, Phoenix, and Galeem. According to what the young students saw, the Sky Temple Training Arena itself was levitating off the ground, powered by futuristic hovercraft to make the stadium into the air. As the young dragons were amazed by what they saw, another insect-like dragon appeared at the end of the hallway.

"Time to meet up at the central stage before breakfast!" the insect-like dragon spoke, his bug-shaped wings buzzing and his tail glowing faintly. "Your teachers would like a few words before we start training." Rushing as fast as they could to the central stage simply floating there and connected with quartz bridges, a large group of young dragons went in from different directions of the Sky Temple Training Arena, waiting to see who was going to appear in front of them. Galeem, Phoenix, and Ultima squeezed in to the front, curious about what was the big hold-up before breakfast.

"Look up in the sky!" one dragon cried. The group of students then looked up in the air, watching the two golden-armored dragons that were at the last Dragosmo Festival before. The two dragons glided down into the air, landing in front of the young students. Both teachers looked very similar to one another – with their bodies colored a velvety white and their silky wings and tails exposed through their golden armor. However, as they opened their eyes, one was revealed to have golden eyes while the other one had purple, the former moving more gracefully while the latter was feeling a little jittery in his posture. The one with golden eyes and graceful movement then walked up to the students, looking down upon them.

"Greetings, new comrades," the golden-eyed dragon spoke. "My name is Sozo, and next to me is my brother, Hakai. We are both the sons of Lord Ceresor and seconds-in-command of the Dragosmo Army. Welcome to your first year aboard the Sky Temple Training Arena."

"While you pipsqueaks are aboard the stadium, we'll be training you to be the best of the best for years to come!" Hakai interrupted, his long, skinny tongue flopping outside of his ever-smiling lips. Sozo merely sighed and continued with his speech to the students.

"Please forgive my brother," Sozo said. "He may be a professional general like me and yet he still does not know how to behave… Anyway, we will be keeping you under our custody for ten years. We will be traveling to different planets and fight tough and hard to awaken our powers within. There will be time for breaks, so no need to worry. Feel free to befriend your classmates and even write messages to your parents. For now, training begins immediately!" Sozo and Hakai then flew up into the air, breathing out powerful beams that surrounded the Sky Temple Training Arena. They created a blue forcefield as the arena floated higher into the sky, skyrocketing faster above the ground. The Sky Temple Training Arena then flew off the planet of Arcus into space, zooming at the speed of light. At first, the young dragons felt uncomfortable traveling to different planets, but then they realized the technology within the stadium was keeping them on their toes as if it was almost nothing.

"Breakfast is available at the dining room," Sozo finished. "Eat up as fast as you can for soon we will arrive at our destination…" With Hakai and Sozo flying off, the new students then walked back inside the stadium, with Kirby clearly invested in these visions of Galeem, Phoenix, and Ultima.

Later on, at the dining area, all sorts of young dragons were grabbing foods from special plastic bowls, where they were standing in front of special machines that gave their favorite grub, ranging from fruits to foreign meats. After Ultima and her brothers filled up on their meal, the three young dragons walked to white tables erecting from the quartz floor to sit and eat.

"This feels so fun!" Ultima giggled. "The fact that we get to travel to different planets for ten years seems amazing. I wonder what powers we're going to learn there…"

"Who knows?" Galeem asked, grabbing a tiny mouthful from his bowl with his jaws. "It might become harder the older we get…"

"Our behavior might change as well," Phoenix replied, pushing away his bowl and thinking. "I mean… what if one of us turns evil? What if one of us wants universal domination?" Ultima and Galeem looked away for a while, thinking about what might happen if what Phoenix said was true. Just then, a group of three female dragons walked up to Galeem, giggling. The white-armored dragon quickly turned around to see a pink, fluffy dragon, a light-yellow dragon with feathered wings, and a sky-blue dragon whose locks of hair looked like wispy clouds.

"You with the mismatching wings," the light-yellow dragon said, noticing the fiery-orange and space-blue colors within Galeem's wings. "Wanna sit with us?"

"Yeah," the fluffy-pink dragon replied, looking away bashfully. "The girls and I think you look really cute." Galeem was at first dumbfounded by this.

"…Me?" Galeem asked.

"Yeah," the sky-blue dragon remarked. "We think you're really special."

"Well… I've never had any other friends outside of my brother and sister, so…" Ultima nodded in agreement, excited with what was going to happen to the young dragon. After all, it didn't really hurt to make more friends.

"I… guess I can sit with you girls…" Galeem answered, getting up from his seat. The white-armored dragon then walked off with the three female dragons, and Ultima was pleased. However, when she looked back on Phoenix, she noticed something was wrong with his face.

"What's the matter?" Ultima asked, curious that her black-scaled brother with the flame-textured wings looked rather downcast.

"You're a bit jealous about Galeem, huh?" Ultima predicted, knowing that Galeem was chosen over Phoenix. Ultima then placed her front paw on Phoenix's, and the young dragon looked up to see his sister smiling at him.

"I was rejected too," Ultima continued. "Just because Galeem has a few friends doesn't mean you won't get any either. It's all for time to decide, and you're no different. You two are still equally my brothers, and I would make sure that everything in your life goes right…"

"Thank you for understanding, Ultima," Phoenix replied, touching his sister's paw and clasping it. While Kirby was watching, he felt a little moved, understanding the minor conflict the young dragons were going through. Just then, speakers started turning on, and the entire dining room went quiet for a minute.

"Attention, class," Sozo spoke. "We have arrived on Ignisu, the planet of the Fire Rainbolement. Each one of you head outside so we can get started with our training here." All of the students started heading to the entrance, waiting with Hakai and Sozo, who were with them this whole time. Ultima and Phoenix reunited with Galeem, and they were waiting for a signal.

"All we have to do is wait until we land," Sozo told all the young dragons. The rumbling of the futuristic engines that caused the Sky Temple Training Arena to fly in space was quickly followed by the barrier fading away as the building itself touched hard ground. Sozo and Hakai then placed each of their paws on the door handle.

"Just a little precaution: the planet you're about to see – Ignisu – it's a lot different from Arcus," Hakai butted. "Plus, it's hot… like, REALLY hot." As soon as Sozo and Hakai opened the door, the young dragons were surprised by what they saw: rough, rocky terrain with little vegetation, and even the plants themselves flickered like fire. Lava was flowing like rivers, and the sky itself was ash-polluted and red with the sun itself ballooning into a red giant, stretching across half of the sky and piercing through the ash clouds with its light, but it still was dim enough so that it didn't blind any living thing that looked directly at it.

"Welcome to Ignisu," Sozo spoke to the young students. "For about a year, we will be exploring the planet and overcoming all the challenges that oppose us, earning you the right to the Fire Rainbolement. I will explain what that is when we camp somewhere out there." Sozo and Hakai then took off into the sooty skies, followed by Galeem, Phoenix, and Ultima with all the other students flying into the air. Kirby watched the swarm of dragons fly off farther from the Sky Temple Training Arena, feeling the Smash Ball pulse brightly on his head again. Kirby then saw the light surrounding him, transporting his conscious back into his own body.

Kirby quickly woke up to the bright sun shining on his face, rubbing his cuddly pink body with his stubby arms. The pink puffball was quickly helped up by Link, and the rest of Kirby's friends surrounded him, concerned about his health.

"You okay?" Sheik asked.

"Poyo-poyo," Kirby answered, perfectly fine.

"What was going on there, Kirby?" the Mii Swordfighter asked, surprised. "Your body went limp and we saw your eyes glowing like the sun…" Fox McCloud then pushed inbetween Mii Swordfighter and Piranha Plant, looking down on Kirby with the usual emerald green eyes he always had. The leader of Star Fox was back.

"Thanks for saving me, kid," Fox spoke with his usual tone, rubbing the pink puffball's head.

"Looks like Fox McCloud is back in action," Captain Falcon responded, fist-bumping the Star Fox leader. The fighters were chatting with each other, but Kirby noticed the Mii Swordfighter staring at the pink demon in an interested expression.

"This is like the exact same riddle I spoke to Sonic…" the Mii Swordfighter spoke gently enough so that the others could not hear.

"Poyo…?" Kirby asked, tilting his nonexistent neck.

"Warrior untouched by the birth of Gallia, awaken the Ragnarokk's memories, redeliver the World of Trophies, and break the Lock," the ex-Swordfighter Ultimate Reborn remarked. "You know the words, don't you? The blue rodent told you the message didn't he?" Kirby suddenly got a flashback from Galeem's attack upon the multiverse, remembering the message from the blue blur, the heartbreaking tragedy of Sonic's ultimate sacrifice that saved the pink puffball. The Mii Fighter then sheathed his sword back in his cleavage, placing a hand on Kirby's back.

"Sonic's still gone, isn't he?" the Mii asked. Tears built up in Kirby's eyes, but the pink demon knew he was brave enough to go on as he gently wiped them out.

"Fa…Fa…Family," Kirby muttered, looking away. The Mii Swordfighter understood what Kirby meant by that, knowing they were far more than just friends, and families never lose one another's sight. The ex-Ultimate Reborn then stood up, looking back at the magenta crystal found at the center of the heart-shaped lake. After Fox was rescued, the fairy that was trapped within was freed. Kirby and the rest of the gang then ran across the bridge to see who they rescued. Lo and behold, it was another Mii, with green eyes and light-gray rectangle glasses with a dimple underneath her left eye, and she sported elflike ears with orange pixie wings, garmented with an orange long-sleeved dress, sunset-colored braids, and a large golden flower on the side of her head.

"Goodness gracious!" the fairy spoke with a sweet and sensitive voice, trying to get up. Once the fairy stood up, she was perfectly straight, with her hands placed in front of her chest.

"This is indeed quite worth the trouble," the fairy continued, rubbing her sore neck. Both Sheik and Piranha Plant then noticed something about who they rescued. For one, she was a Master Advanced Spirit, sporting the rainbow aura and green, transparent body, but it was as if they remembered something while back at the village.

"You wouldn't happen to be one of the Fab Fairies a companion named Raiden talked about before that tried defending a village, wouldn't you?" Sheik asked.

"Of course I am!" the Fab Fairy answered. "I am pretty much the middle sibling. My two other sisters were captured and sent off far away from each other."

"I guess we can help you reunite with your siblings," Fox replied, patting the blaster on the side of his waist.

"Wish it would be that simple," the Middle Fab Fairy remarked. "The problem is there is an island far off in the southeast, where a powerful monster has been responsible for scaring creatures of the light into this land. The only way across is through the fissure erupting geysers of light…"

"Yeah… about that…" the Mii Swordfighter groaned, "turns out the bridge is burning-hot to the touch. Anything that sets foot across is sure to catch fire."

"Which is why I'm counting on all of you to rescue my sisters!" the Middle Fab Fairy replied. "According to rumors, there is a temple in the far northwest, possibly sure to disintegrate the light fissure once you defeat all the captured fighters protecting it. However, you would need the magic of all three of us to open the way through."

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Captain Falcon replied, running out to the east. Shortly after, Kirby, Villager, Sheik, Mii Swordfighter, Piranha Plant, Link, and Fox went with him, guided by the Middle Fab Fairy.

Chapter Text

Mario and his team were strolling through the jungle, keeping an eye out for any intruders they can find. So far, they have managed to rescue a few Spirits from their selected puppet fighters with no sweat, and they were all simply easy to defeat. However, that did not mean they can simply ace through the fight against Galeem like it was no trouble at all.

"So… where's the next fight?" Joker asked, twirling his unloaded pistol with his red-gloved hand.

"I'm sure it'll be around here somewhere," Marth answered. "Just you wait." Joker then looked back on Faker, noticing something was on her mind. While the other four fighters were still walking through the forest, Joker approached the brown-skinned warrior, seeing those downcast golden eyes of hers.

"Something wrong?" Joker asked. Faker merely sighed, looking at the ground below her.

"I just simply woke up here, w