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If I Didn't Have You

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The Chinese had arrived before Terri had, Nelson had placed all the plastic cartons on the coffee table, while Von went and got plates and cutlery. The doorbell rang, Von looking up at Nelson.
“I’ll get it, you start plating up.” He smiled.
He opened the door to see Terri with a smile on her face which faded as quickly as it had arrived.
“Hey, this is an unexpected visit, we got some takeaway in, hope you like Chinese.”
“Yeah it’s great, hey…how’s Von?”
“She’s doing okay, I guess it will take a while to settle in. You okay, you don’t look so great.”
“Ward 17 is closing, it’s official, we’ve all been given our new placements.”
“You and I are emergency.”
“And Von?”
“Children’s ward.”
“She’ll hate that?”
“It’s that…or redundancy.”
“They can’t do this Terri, not now. She’s going through enough as it is.”
“You think I don’t know that, I’ve sent Julia Archer an ultimatum, and I hope you’re on board with it, because I’ve already sent the email.”
“On board? With?”
“I’ve said either Von’s with us, or I’m gone.”
“You quit?”
“Only if she doesn’t place Von with us.”
“Well good, I’m with you.”
“I didn’t include you Nelson.”
“I’m in anyway, I’ll quit too, then she’s really screwed. She’ll back down.”
“I’m not so sure.”
“Von’s been with All Saints for a hell of a lot longer than us, longer than Julia Archer. Von has the backing of a lot more staff members than she does.”
“I’m scared to tell her Nelson?”
“Come on, we’ll do it together.”

Von sat in silence after dinner, Terri watching her closely. Nelson was seated beside her, he placed a hand on her back as she took in the letter she had been handed by Terri.
“So that’s it then, children’s ward or nothing.”
“Von, come on…we’re going to fight this.” Terri said.
“How Terri, how can we fight this. It’s pretty self explanatory.”
She noticed the exchange of looks between Nelson and Terri, closing her eyes tightly.
“What have you both done?”
“Von I…”
“Just tell me.”
“Okay, well basically I’ve more or less stated to Julia that if you’re not placed in emergency with Nelson and myself then I quit.”
“You what…don’t be so bloody stupid.”
“We have to do something Von.” Nelson added.
“Don’t tell me you’ve threatened to quit too?”
“Well yeah.”
“You’re both idiots, for god sake…don’t do something you’ll regret, not for me.”
“Why not for you Von?” Terri asked.
“I’m not worth it, you two still have years of nursing ahead of you, don’t throw it away for me…it’s just…bloody ridiculous.”
Von got to her feet, walking away towards her room, slamming the door behind her.
Terri looked over at Nelson, signing as she drank the last of her coffee.
“I should get going?”
“I’ll try and talk to her when she’s calmed down.”
“I’m not giving up on her Nelson.”
“Me either, you know what Von’s like. She likes to think she can handle everything on her own.”
“You’d think she’d know us by now.”
“I know right.”
“I’ll see you both tomorrow.”
Nelson saw Terri to the door, saying good night before the door was closed.

Von came though the next morning, Nelson making toast as she poured some coffee.
“Good morning.” He said.
He heard her blunt response, putting the toast in front of her.
“I’m not hungry Nelson.”
“Okay, out with it?” He said.
“Whatever you want to say, I mean there is something, I know that much. I tried to talk to you after Terri left but you were either sleeping or deliberately ignoring me?”
“There’s nothing to say, you and Terri are not quitting on my account, end off.”
“It’s not the end off Von…”
Nelson was taken aback by her outburst, unsure of what to say at first.
“Get up.” He ordered her.
“You heard me….get up.”
Von rolled her eyes, really not in the mood for Nelson’s games.
“Nelson I’m not in the mood for this?”
“Neither am I…get up…now.”
Von sighed before she eventually got to her feet, Nelson coming around to her and taking her by the hand,a nd walking her out of the room.
“Nelson what are you…”
She followed him through to her bedroom, Nelson stopping in front of her bedroom mirror. Standing her in front of it.
“Now, what do you see?” He asked her.
“Nelson I…”
“Tell me what you see.”
Von didn’t answer him, just stared him out.
“I’ll tell you what I see shall I. What I see is a bloody good nurse staring back at me. A woman who has put her heart and soul in to helping others and in my eyes, and in Terri’s…has been given a raw deal with the redundancy and we won’t stand by and let it happen.”
“There’s still the children’s ward Nelson.”
“Which you are not going to be happy going to every day, you know it and I know it. You should be in the emergency department with us, everyone knows that, even Julia Archer knows it…she’s just being a bitch.”
“After all that’s happened with the court case, I don’t even blame them for not wanting me in a more prominent department.”
“Well we do want you there, and if they don’t take…they don’t take us, end of discussion.”
“Don’t do this to yourselves, I’m serious.”
Von looked so defeated, Nelson, without think leaned in and placed a kiss to her forehead.
“We’re going to fight for you Von, even if you won’t…because you’re worth it. Now come on, breakfast it on the table.
Von watched Nelson leave, the kiss still lingering.

To Be Continued…