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something about richie

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Eddie believes it has something to do with Richie’s dick.

That’s the only plausible explanation Eddie can come up with as to why when he gets into bed with a certain Richie Tozier he comes embarrassingly fast, as if he were some virgin in his teens that’s never been touched before. It’s Richie that makes him feel that way and it doesn’t help that Eddie’s so fucking into Richie making him come so many times in one night.

It could be the size of Richie’s cock, obnoxious and curved and filling Eddie up way too perfectly. Sometimes he just wants to scream, sometimes he does. Well, he intends to scream but it just comes out as a pitched whimper or whine that Richie teases while still pushing into Eddie, wiggling his hips as if Eddie can actually handle that in the moment. He rubs Eddie’s prostate as soon as he’s settled all the way in, bottomed out and waiting, and Eddie tries with all his might to hold back but he comes with another pathetic whine, embarrassingly fast.

But it never ends there. Richie’s a 40 year old man, he shouldn't have such impressive stamina and the ability to hold himself back as well as he does. But, he does. Christ, he does. He outlasts Eddie every fucking time, so much so that he usually gets four or five orgasms (six, max) out of Eddie before he himself actually comes. He’s the cocky one, the starbound comedian, the one changing their positions and moving Eddie’s legs around because Eddie turns into a whimpering, twitching, heap of jelly so quickly.

And the dirty talk accompanied with the doggy-style position (Eddie’s personal favorite) doesn’t help either. Richie covers over Eddie’s back and say the filthiest shit in Eddie’s ear, telling him how pretty his hole looks stretched out around his dick or how pathetic he sounds, he’d poke fun at how fast Eddie comes and Eddie can’t escape these whispers because Richie would hold him down, box him in. And so, Eddie would come, again. Trembling and twitching and adding to that gross pool just beneath him.

It’s not his fault though, it’s just so good. He’s thankful, surprised that Richie turned out to be one of those rare talents that people spend years trying to find but never do. Richie makes it an art, he fucks Eddie as if he’ll never get to do it again. Just that could bring any man to tears. It does sometimes. Sometimes around the forth or fifth orgasm but always at the sixth. Eddie is so gone, high, he nears weeping from the pleasure. He’ll be hunched over on all fours, face pressed against the pillows, limbs all jelly-like. Richie behind him, fucking Eddie as if his life depended on it. And Eddie would barely be there around this time, curling in on himself as Richie does it once again and gets him there and Eddie can only sob and twist his fingers into the bedsheets.

Eddie hates that Richie knows how good (fucking amazing) he is. Eddie would go on and on about how he should calm down because it wasn’t that great and Richie would just laugh and smile, leaning back and looking at Eddie with this look, sensual and cocky, and then he’d pull Eddie close (keep a good grip around Eddie’s waist) and whisper into his ear all the dirty things Eddie pleaded for or how many times he came and Eddie would get hard and the cycle would start over. Richie would go on like the handsome bastard he is because he’s proud of himself, not everyone can get a man in his forties to whimper, plead, twitch, and tremble like a bitch in heat.

Maybe it’s because Eddie loves him so much. There were times Eddie believed he was in love once before but that doesn’t even compare to the way Richie makes him feel. If Richie ever decided to leave then Eddie knows he’d die alone because there’s no one else for him other than Richie. His heart belongs to Richie entirely. He feels at home with Richie, even when they’re on one of Richie’s comedy tours, wants to be with Richie all the time, always. Maybe that’s why Richie’s words, Richie’s touches, Richie’s love, Richie’s kisses, Richie’s dick, drive Eddie absolutely insane. Make him crazy. Make him want it all the time. Make him come a thousand and one times every time he gets his clothes off.

Eddie’s not complaining, though.