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A Champion's Life

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The young girl sat atop her father's back as he floated down to the ground. This time, he was making sure she was far away. He dropped her off at an island off the coast and told her that he'd come get her once it was all over.

She understood and promptly took shelter beneath a small, withering tree, and Azeon flew back to confront the pink menace once again.

When he got back to where the Tree of Life was...

The scene was not uplifting.

Anniil had uprooted the Tree of Life and had it in it's grasp. The ground beneath it had been completely turned pink as well.

It noticed him and smirked.

"Back again so soon? You really have a death wish, don't you..." It muttered.

"A job is a job," He responded calmly, "I plan on fulfilling mine."

"Well, you're definitely welcome to try!" It laughed, "I bet not even you know what true power this thing contains."

"Well... you're not wrong," He responded.

"Hmm, I know," He said, "I'll show you the power of the Tree of Life, firsthand! What do you think, eh?"

Azeon smirked.

"Sure," He taunted.

"Then let's get this started. Game Over for you, Champion," It said.

Music began to play. The Tree of Life began to slowly flash pink and shoot lasers, as well as launch a variety of spiked orbs in every direction. Azeon distanced himself and flew out of the way of anything that came near him.

It occurred to Azeon that it was being corrupted. He knew he had to stop it... but he wasn't quite sure how. If he got too close, he'd be shredded.

"I've saved a special surprise for you!"

Before Azeon could ask what, the beast implanted the Tree of Life forcefully into the ground, causing a large pink shockwave to resonate from it.

Then, to Azeon's disgust and anger, it began to punch the sacred tree into the ground, with no respect to what it was.

"How DARE you treat the Tree of Life like this?! You wouldn't exist if it didn't!" He screamed.

It seemed to ignore him and continued to punch it.

Azeon pulled out a life crystal, only to realize he pulled out one. He was about to attack with it's power... but saw that what power it had left was already being used on him... for some reason. He thought about a physical attack, but one look realized that all it would do is annoy the beast. It was far stronger than it was in his dream world.

What little ideas had left would be futile.

The situation suddenly seemed very grim indeed.

The Tree of Life was fully implanted into the pink ground, and Anniil stopped.

"There, you can get your precious tree back. But it might be a bit more... dangerous than you remember!" It cackled, then flew away into the sky.

Azeon turned back to the Tree to see it fly out of the ground glowing a sickly shade of pink.

Any remnants of hope that he had left were crushed.

But he wouldn't stop now. He couldn't. He caused this mess, he would fix it. Somehow. Or die trying.

The Tree then began to... construct a tower...?

It slowly dropped floor after floor of a pink tower, until it sped up and began shooting lasers and spikes as it built higher and higher. Azeon was forced to fly up with it or be sliced to ribbons by the spikes.

And in the chaos, a laser struck him right in the chest.

It struck him with an unholy rage unlike anything he... or anyone else... had ever felt before, like being struck down by an angry god.

He looked down to see pulses of pink fissures stretching all over his body.

He was half surprised he wasn't dead.

He pushed through the pain and flew atop the tower.

A pink forcefield encompassed the top of the tower. He was trapped. He then looked ahead of him.

The Tree of Life had split into three segments, and were beginning to spew corrupted life crystals from their corners, which he was very mindful to avoid.

"Still alive? You won't be for long."

Anniil flew down and grabbed one of the segments, then held it over its mouth.

As if Azeon's situation couldn't get any worse.

Countless numbers of pink life crystals flooded into its mouth. Its eye shot wide open and began to glow pink. Its arms disappeared, yet the segment continued to rain crystals into its mouth. Multiple horns sprouted from around its circular body. Its eye split into two.

It began to shake and glow white, turning the sky pink as the music finally reached a drop.

Its mouth changed into a giant toothy grin, then it began to bop to the music, then dropped to the top of the tower and grew four arms, doing some weird dance as meteors rained from the sky. Azeon dodged them, although not as elegantly as usual as he was still impaired by his injury.

It then slammed into the wall and formed its arms into a roll cage, then bounced around until it jumped into a pipe, crashing down atop the tower with a shockwave. It was just Azeon's luck that he didn't get hit.

It then shot one of its arms out and morphed into a strange figure, then ate its own arm with a weird sound effect and releasing another shockwave.

It repeated this pattern, but Azeon dodged it all.

A life crystal fell from the sky, that Anniil ate and grew in size, with an... oddly familiar powering up sound playing as it did so.

"You can't beat me, I'm stronger than you could even imagine!" It shouted, "Just give up! Go home! Play games!"

"Never," He responded, "Not until you're dead."

It seemed intrigued, then shook its head and grinned.

"How gallant, how brave! Fighting 'til the end! I'll be sure to give you the hero's rest you crave so much!" It shouted.

It then morphed into a circular cannon, and began shooting streams of spiked balls in vertical. The spiked balls also spread out in three dimensions as well, so Azeon couldn't just sidestep out of the way.

However, he merely stepped between each stream and dodged easily, he didn't even need to activate his flight.

Anniil seemed to notice this and created a swarm of pink squares to orbit around it slowly, in groups.

However, because they were separated into groups, it didn't change Azeon's tactic much. He just made sure to step between the groups of squares as well.

His confidence was beginning to grow again. Did the power destroy its thinking or whatever?

It absorbed another life crystal, growing even more.

"Alright, enough fun and games," It said, then opened its mouth. A vortex of air began to suck everything in, Azeon included.

Caught off guard, he activated his flight and tried to fly away with all his might, but it was useless.

With a scream, he found himself in a dark space. He knew full well where he was.

"Let me out of here, you creep!" He yelled.

"You want out?" It asked, "Well, you asked for it!"

He saw an opening appear, but it looked like a cannon barrel.

One thought took his mind:

"Oh, shit."

He was blasted far, far away with a scream.

He landed on his head and blacked out.

Game over indeed.