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A Champion's Life

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Not much happened for quite a while.

After a couple weeks, Lucas finally came out and apologized for what he did. Basically everyone forgave him... more or less, but Azeon refused to.

In his eyes, abandoning a child was something that no one should forgive, let alone a champion. Not only was it a horrible thing to do, it was an insult to him, Isa, and Percival.

He was content that he apologized, but... some things just couldn't be forgiven. Or forgotten.

Not much happened for quite a while after that... the years began to pass by.

As he said he would, Azeon raised Phota as his own daughter... with Melody's help. It was another thing that he felt he owed to her, he didn't trust himself to make any big decisions and constantly had to seek her out.

And as the time passed, he found himself growing very attached to her. He truly did love her like a daughter... he called her his little sunray. 

When she became old enough, he began to teach her all the things she'd need to know. Basic education, history, things like that.

However... as the time passed, Azeon's nightmares didn't.

He'd have one like every month. He couldn't remember most of them, but he remembered waking up after each one gasping for breath and with a very ominous feeling.

There was one that he could remember, though. One that stood out from the rest.

He found himself near the Tree of Life. All seemed as it should be, until...

The sky darkened around him. Dark pink storm clouds rolled in. A pink... illness spread across Paradise, corrupting everything in its path, including the citizens. The corrupted citizens became empowered and evil, and attacked him on sight. When the corruption reached the Tree of Life...

All hell broke loose.

A loud explosion rocked the earth. The land trembled. The mountains crumbled. The trees withered.

And after it all, a void appeared that swept across the land like wildfire, leaving Azeon and the tree floating in nothingness as the tree broke into three segments.

Two of the segments disappeared into the void, and another created a portal. It then shrunk down and entered it.

He entered the portal as well, then woke up.

Azeon wasn't a fool. He knew that they were created for a purpose. If there was no threat to Paradise then there'd be no reason for them to exist, and thus they wouldn't.

Furthermore, he found it odd that, knowing there was a mavelovent being in the land, there was no insight about it in his book. It did mention previous champions sealing away some evil entity, but it didn't say what it was.

It seemed like quite an important thing to leave out.

Because of this... and that disturbing dream... he decided on that day that he would attempt to find out about this unknown evil.

He started by re-reading through his selection of books. He found no mention of either the colour pink OR the supposed entity.

One day, he decided to bring Phota to the public library of Paradise. She was now seven years old, and she'd never seen it before. Also, it would allow him to continue his search.

After all, if he'd find anything, he'd find it there.

So, when it was time to head out, he knocked on the young girl's door and opened it. She was lying on the ground, happily playing with some dolls.

"Hi, dad!" She greeted happily.

He smirked.

"Can you put your toys away? We're going somewhere," He asked her.

"Okay," She said, and proceeded to do so. "But where are we going?" She asked.

"You'll see," He said, "But I'll really need you to try and be quiet when we get there. They don't like noise there."

"I'll try," She responded.

She had finished putting away her toys, so he smiled.

"Are you ready to go?" He asked.

"Yep!" She answered happily.

"Alrighty then," He said, then picked her up and flew out.

On the way there, Phota asked him: "When will you train me how to fly?"

"Soon, Sunray, soon," He answered, "You looking forward to it?"

"Yeah!" She shouted, "I wanna be able to fly like you! It'll be so fun!"

"Well, if you're so excited..." He muttered, "We'll start tomorrow."

"Yay!" She beamed.

They arrived at the library, and she hopped down to the ground.

"Where are we?" She asked.

"The public library," He answered, "Most, if not all, of the books in Paradise are kept here."

"What about your books?" She inquired.

"I got them from here. I'm allowed to keep them, as they have, like, a million copies of them," He explained.

She'd stopped paying attention and wandered toward the building.

He quickly caught up to her and stopped her.

"Before we go in," He said, "People will be trying to read and study in here. That's why I really need you to try to be quiet and sit still. Okay?"

"Okay then," She responded.

Satisfied, he nodded. They entered the building, and Phota was amazed by the amount of books she saw. It made her father's collection seem completely insignificant in comparison.

Azeon quickly got to work. He got a few children's books for Phota, as he had taught her how to read and write, then began combing through the library for anything about this supposed pink evil.

He searched, and searched, and searched, and searched... and found nothing.

Eventually, after a few hours had elapsed, Azeon gave up. He quickly got Phota, returned all the books he'd taken out to their rightful places, then left.

Later that day, Azeon sat in his chair, deep in thought.

"Not a single mention of this thing in the entire library... it's like it's been wiped from history."

He frowned.

"Why? Is it too horrific to mention? A being so demonic and evil that it should not be named? Or--"

A thought popped into his head.

"... Or are they trying to hide something?"

He decided that he'd ask Melody about it sometime.

But at the moment, he had more important things to deal with than chasing ghosts.

He promised he'd start training Phota tomorrow. It'd be smart for him to get a good night's sleep.