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A Champion's Life

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As he flew out into the outside world, he looked at the view in front of him. There was truly nothing else like it.

He saw the tree of life off in the distance and zoomed off toward it. Resting beneath it laid a girl with a cube head and wearing a small skirt, as well as having a tear under her right eye. His best friend, Melody. They'd been friends all their lives, and they were practically the same age, although Melody was a few months older... and she never let him forget it.

He smiled and landed next to her. She smiled at him.

"Hey, Melody," He greeted.

"Hey, Az," Melody greeted.

"Where's everyone else?" He asked.

"Lucas is busy... well... being a leader, and Isa and Percival went out to survey the area. You know, make sure nothing bad happens or someone shows up," She explained, then tilted her head. "Err... rather, Percival wanted to go out because he thought it'd be fun and basically pestered Isa until she came with him."

Azeon chuckled. "That sounds about right," He responded.

He sat down and looked up into the tree. Melody tilted her head.

"What's on your mind?" She asked.

"I don't know," He said, "I guess I just feel like it's been awhile."

"Since what?" She inquired.

"Since anything really interesting has happened here," He stated, "To be frank, it's getting kind of boring around here."

"You need a new hobby," She said.

He shrugged his shoulders.

"I try to help out around Paradise, but everything's going so well that us Champions aren't really needed," He said, "Doesn't leave much to do around here."

She chuckled.

"Maybe try socializing more. You only really talk to me and the others. The people love you and and the other champions, after all, you could meet some new people," She suggested.

"Err... you know what I'm like around people I don't know," He said uncomfortably.

She giggled.

"I'll be there with you," She said, "What kind of friend would I be if I wasn't?"

He nodded.

"Alright. I guess I could try socializing sometime," He agreed, "But for now I just want to relax."

She nodded slowly.

"I'm one step ahead of you, Az," She stated happily.

"You always have been," He responded.

So there they sat, nothing but the Tree's warm glow, eachother, and the sound of the wind blowing and the birds chirping to keep them company.

Azeon closed his eyes, cleared his mind, and began to listen. He took attention to everything around him, and as he did so he could faintly make out a calm, peaceful beat resonating throughout Paradise.

It was a familiar tone to him, one he remembered fondly. Ever since he was a child he would listen to it to help him fall asleep, or when he needed to relax. Now he was eighteen, and it still had that effect on him.

It really was a peaceful lifestyle, the one he and his friends lived.

"I guess it's better to live a boring life and wish for action than live a perilous life and wish for peace. Who knows? Maybe the Tree has something planned for me."

A smile crept onto his face.

"If not, at least I'll always have my friends."