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A Champion's Life

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The lands were calm all around. Birds were singing, the sun... which had a face... was shining, and in the center of it all sat a large tree comprised of three large upside-down pyramids, glowing with an unmatchable brilliance unlike anything else around. It was called the Tree of Life, for it gave life and meaning to this otherwise bleak land.

This land was a paradise. Fittingly enough, it was called Paradise. It was full of many diverse creatures and beings, but there was one thing that seemed to dominate the lands...

Music. Everything seemed to dance to the beat of its own song, from the rocks and the trees to the water itself. Those who were patient enough could stop and maybe hear a glimpse of this beat.

Off in the distance, on the side of a small mountain sat a small abode carved out into the rock face. It was a humble abode, nothing too special about it. It was a humble abode with four rooms: a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom. In the living room, there wasn't terribly much: a bookshelf stocked full with books, a chair, a sofa, and a coffee table with a small blue sack on it. In the bedroom, snoozing in a bed, laid a blue humanoid with a floating square head and floating square hands, who was wearing a blue sweater.

He was a very special person, one everyone knew. His name was Azeon, and he was the oldest of the three Champions of Paradise, who were three legendary beings created by the Tree of Life to protect Paradise and its peoples. He shifted and slowly opened his eyes.

"Well, time for another simple day in my simple life."

He then smirked and floated out of bed. He looked around for anything he'd need to take with him before heading out for the day and stared at the bag on his coffee table. He walked over to it and pulled it open, revealing it to be full of small, white, glowing triangles that were clear in the center.

"Should I bring a power crystal with me? In case...?"

He put his square hand to his chin in thought, then shook his head.

"Nah, I don't need to bring any with me. There hasn't been an incident in decades. "

He prepared to fly out the door, then stopped.

"But... y'know... maybe I could just bring one, in case someone needs help or whatever. "

With his mind made up, he grabbed one, put it in his pocket, and flew right out of his humble abode.

A new day was another opportunity for him to enjoy life, and he planned to do so the best way he knew how.