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No One's Gonna Sleep Tonight

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Baekhyun halts abruptly when he steps foot back into the practice room. Coming across Sehun and Jongin pressed against each other in front of the tall mirror isn't exactly the scene Baekhyun expects to meet. Sehun's back is flushed against Jongin's chest, while the latter's hands are firm on Sehun's hips as well, as though guiding him. Interest oddly piqued,  Baekhyun's curious eyes remain staring a little longer than necessary.


He knows he shouldn't be spying, he feels like he's trespassing, yet he finds himself compelled into some sort of daze, body suddenly unable to move. Together, Sehun and Jongin always look rather breathtaking. It almost feels like a mystifying miracle that both of them exist in the same reality. 


From behind the door frame, Baekhyun keeps watching, swallowing a little deeper when he sees Jongin speaking closely to Sehun's ear, his plump lips ghosting over the shell of the younger's ear. There's a small blush on Sehun's cheeks as he nods to whatever words Jongin is teasing him with, until Jongin unexpectedly glances across the room, finding Baekhyun. 


"Oh, my bad guys. I didn't know you were here." Baekhyun considers leaving, knowing that Sehun and Jongin often prefer to have exclusive dance sessions. He clears his throat then, feigning nonchalance. Totally not just caught on act.


"Baekhyunnie hyung! You've arrived just in time. Come on in." Jongin beams at him, beckoning him over.


"We're doing rolling hips." Sehun explains with a smile playing on his lips as he steps away from Jongin. 


Instantly, Baekhyun perks up, wandering closer. Perhaps, he was being subtle enough with his staring not to get busted. 


"Ah, guys. You're still on that. I thought Chanyeol was the only one insisting on that."


They've named the fabled movement as such. Rolling hips. Thanks to Chanyeol and his limitless obsession with perfecting the motion.


"Is he still practicing?" Jongin questions, stepping aside to give Baekhyun more room to stand between them, inviting him to join them. 


"Every day in front of the mirror, diligently. He looks ridiculous. It's like he just doesn't have the ability to move his hips properly." Baekhyun does an impersonation of Chanyeol's version of the 'rolling hips'. Messy and uncoordinated, with that creepy smile and maniac look in his eyes. It's more of a swing of his knees than his actual hips. And that's where it awfully fails.


Sehun and Jongin immediately burst out laughing hysterically, Sehun promptly throwing himself on the floor and punching it a few times.


"Come on, hyung. We can't all be as agile as you are in your pelvic area." Jongin manages in between his choked out laughter, hands resting against his stomach. 


Personally, Baekhyun really enjoys making his band mates laugh. It's easy and natural at this point, where he knows them all so well, like the palm of his smooth hands. Maybe it's about the constant sense of attention he receives as well, that Baekhyun won't deny delights him beyond measure. Overall, he likes the feeling of pleasing people altogether, regardless of his methods.


"But you do it really well, Jongin. Not as well as I can, of course. But you look pretty fucking sexy." Baekhyun says, pointing at the area around Jongin's crotch. Among all the Exo's members, Jongin was the least disastrous, but still far from excelling. 


"Stop," Jongin squeaks, blushing a little.  "Sehunnie can't do it. He gets shy." He points an accusatory finger at his boyfriend. Sehun whines in frustration, covering his face with both hands.


"What? Sehun, I know you can do better. Show what those hips can do." Baekhyun coaxes, moving towards Sehun with a playful smirk. He does know by experience that Sehun can definitely do better if he actually tries the right tactics.


"No, I'm done doing this. I want to go home." Sehun protests, a scowl forming on his brow coupled with a pout on his lips. But Jongin seems to be committed to try and make Sehun repeat the movement. Or struggle with it. So he puts on his big, docile brown eyes and insists some more.


"Please, Sehunnie. Just this once. Last time, then we can go home."


Still, Sehun is unconvinced, glaring at Jongin through narrowed eyes. 


"Watch me first." Baekhyun instructs, taking a stance in front of the mirror. "There isn't any secret. Just imagine you are… well… riding cock." He shrugs, unable to contain a smirk when Jongin quirks an eyebrow. 




Baekhyun chuckles as he readies himself before starting his demonstration. Sehun and Jongin take a few steps back, amused grins directed at him. Under his breath, Baekhyun starts singing. Rolling, rolling, rolling hills…


On cue with the song, he rolls his hips slowly, seductively, and smoothly. Just like he enjoys doing when there's a cock flushed inside his ass, moving against his walls. It's that type of riding where everything is slick and wet enough, and all Baekhyun is required to do is circling his hips, jutting out his ass a little. He loves doing that, the reactions it causes to whoever is beneath him, inside him.


Through the mirror, he catches Jongin watching him, smirking, hands on his hips.  That only makes Baekhyun feel bolder in his movements. Jongin's eyes are intent on Baekhyun's ass, so dazzled that he unconsciously bites his lower lip.


Jongin soon motions for Sehun to follow with just a tiny jerk from his head. When Sehun obliges without reluctance, he executes it perfectly this time. Baekhyun watches, stupefied, the way Sehun's dick moves inside his pants according to his sluggish pace. So big, flapping around slightly while his round, pretty ass jiggles with it. He doesn't look shy this time around at all. Baekhyun wonders if he followed his instructions and thought of riding cock too. Sehun looks exceptionally sinful doing it, as a matter of fact.


"That was perfect. Really fucking sexy." Baekhyun mutters, feeling a cold sweat running down his spine. 


"Were you thinking about cock?" Jongin blurts, and once again, Sehun blushes, head ducking adorably and shoulders slumping. 


"Oh my God! You're so cute." Baekhyun coos, drifting closer to wrap Sehun into a tight hug. Sehun holds him back spontaneously, leaning down to rest his cheek on Baekhyun's shoulder. Like this, he slouches badly, but Baekhyun appreciates the attempt, and sympathizing with Sehun's needs, he rubs his back soothingly. 


He misses snuggling with Sehun. Feeling all those muscles that are somewhat hard and smooth, feeling small and protected into Sehun's broad chest. His babyish scent lingering on him is still the same Baekhyun remembers, that one that would always leave him weak and so turned on. 


Admittedly, Baekhyun misses doing other things with Sehun too. Ever since Jongin and him started officially dating, Baekhyun had to tone down a bit the skinship he had with Sehun. Only a little, still keeping it as friendly as possible for the sake of fan service. It isn't really for anyone's request, Baekhyun himself knew when to draw the line, but sometimes, he has to admit, it's hard to contain himself when Sehun is always so close, so cute and masculine in a way only him can be.


"I miss cuddling you." He mumbles against Sehun's shoulder, words tumbling out of his mouth before he can measure them. He stills in awe then, praying that he didn't say it too loud. 


"Is that all you miss doing with me, hyung?" Sehun, for that matter, speaks loud enough for Jongin to hear, and Baekhyun shockingly pulls away, staring up at him, then at Jongin. 


Jongin is looking at them with that hungry look of his, the one he reserves for Sehun only no matter where they are or who's witnessing. Baekhyun wonders if Jongin is jealous, knowing how possessive he can be over his boyfriend. Heart pounding, whether from fear or arousal, Baekhyun's not sure. He doesn't know how long he's been clinging to Sehun's chest, doesn't even know if he wants to let go of him, unless Jongin comes and snatches him away. Which wouldn't be surprising. 


Sehun hooks an arm around Baekhyun’s waist, pulling him closer and leaning down, nuzzling against his neck. He's hot as fire, and Baekhyun feels like he melts right against him. “Tell me,” Sehun mumbles into the skin of his neck, and by now, Baekhyun is pretty sure he's losing it. 


He feels Jongin’s hand running along his arm, curling around his elbow gently.


Baekhyun didn't even hear him walk across the room. Now, he's trapped between the two of them. Tall and warm. 


"Whose cock do you think about when you dance?" Jongin asks, his voice uncommonly deeper, but so sultry. 


Sehun is still holding him, expecting his answer. A little flustered and confused, Baekhyun sighs, before responding. 


"It depends. Sometimes it's Yeol's. Other times Chris Hemsworth's." He doesn't say the entire truth. Most times he imagines Sehun. And Jongin too. Both. At once. 


"Right now, who were you thinking of? Mine or Sehun's? Be honest."


Baekhyun actually makes a tiny whimper of a noise almost too faint for either of them to even hear.


Things are escalating too quickly, getting out of control, and Baekhyun isn't sure if he can keep up. All he knows is that whatever this is that they're implying, Baekhyun isn't backing away from.


"Both. I was thinking of both of you." He admits, eyes falling closed, before lifting up on his toes, getting his arm around Sehun’s neck to hide his blushing face against his shoulder. 


“I think about that a lot,” Baekhyun offers, knowing that Sehun likes a challenge. Sehun and Jongin are unlocking the door for him, and Baekhyun is intent on walking through it. 


"Tell us more. How do you want us?" Sehun urges, hand caressing the back of Baekhyun's neck. His voice sounds slightly agitated, unlike his touch. 


"At the same time. Inside me."


Jongin rolls his hips against him, and only then does Baekhyun gets a sense of how close Jongin's gotten behind him. "We were just talking about you, hyung. How pretty you look when you roll your hips like that." He nuzzles Baekhyun's neck, pressing the hardness in his crotch against Baekhyun's ass. Sehun is just watching them, silently but enthralled. 


"Sehun often tells me what he used to do with you when you two messed around." Jongin goes on, hands on Baekhyun's waist. "I get so jealous. But I'm not sure who I'm jealous of."


In a sense, Baekhyun has always known they both were the kinky type, taking into consideration all the tension and misfortunes those two went through when Baekhyun was right there watching it all from the front seat. However, he wasn't expecting them to so openly propose that. Whatever that was. Not even for a moment did he think they would even consider inviting him to join them in bed. Or anyone else, whatsoever.


Sehun and Jongin are like two pieces of the same puzzle, coming side by side to complete each other. Leaving no gap in between to separate them. But maybe they need a change, an addition. Baekhyun thinks he can be the one to give them that. No strings attached.


"I've always wanted to get fucked by you, Jongin." He says, craning his neck to look up at Jongin. He doesn't feel any hesitation by finally admitting that. Jongin is sex on legs, too tempting to ignore. But unlike with Sehun, an opportunity to get intimate with him has never shown up. That is, until now, that Jongin is leaning down to plant a wet kiss against Baekhyun's pulse. 


One of Baekhyun’s hands drifts into Jongin's hair, gripping it, and Jongin turns his head slightly, finding Sehun’s stare and holding it as he mouths at Baekhyun’s neck.


"What do you say about that, Sehun?"


"I'd love to watch that." Sehun answers, grinning heartily. 


"You too, Sehun. I don't want you to just watch." Baekhyun says, glancing at him with hooded eyes. 


“Who says I'll only watch?” Sehun whispers, both his hands roaming over Baekhyun’s hips, moving back to grasp at his ass. The moment he has flesh in his hands over the fabric of his pants, Baekhyun is gasping, fisting Sehun's shirt. 


Jongin's tongue traces a line down the column of his neck, and Baekhyun might have fallen if Jongin wasn't there, just behind him, holding him up. He sucks and licks along Baekhyun's neck, eyes never leaving Sehun. 


Baekhyun bites his lip and still makes sounds he doesn't intend to let them hear, high and desperate, echoing in the room. His cock is hard, too, so suddenly that it leaves him dizzy. 


He hears Sehun’s long inhale and knows he can feel the hardon pressed against his thigh. Sehun cups him through his jeans and rubs, and Baekhyun's knees turn to jelly, even more so when he watches, right beside his head, Sehun using his other hand to cup Jongin's face and pull him into a kiss. Long and deep. Baekhyun is the one gasping, although he's pretty sure Sehun and Jongin are the one running out of breath with such an intense kiss. And they look so hot together, so visually pleasing, and just so perfectly matching that Baekhyun almost doesn't want them to ever pull apart.


"Let's go to my place." Sehun suggests after finally pulling away, letting his hand drop as well. Licking his lips, Baekhyun craves for a kiss too. But for now, he gets none.


But the look in Jongin's and Sehun's eyes are promising something more. So he can wait. He can definitely and obediently wait.

It was Jongin's idea apparently, and Sehun had jumped on board almost immediately. And as like destiny just knew, Baekhyun decided to show up in the practice room like magnetism. 


Start without us , Sehun suggested once they reached the lobby of his building. So Jongin and him stayed behind, chatting about God knows what, while Baekhyun took the elevator by himself, nervous and shaking. 


But giving up was never an option. Baekhyun never gives up. 


Now, he looks at the freshly made bed, and he climbs back onto the covers as he decides where he should start. He's still half hard, skin still tingling all over. He supposes that already is a good starting point.


When the front door opens, Baekhyun’s motions stalls. He can hear Sehun and Jongin in the kitchen, presumably putting away groceries, and he listens for their voices. Jongin's muffled voice reaches his ears, followed shortly by Sehun’s loud laugh.


Focus, Baek! he tells himself, think about how hot they are, not cute!


He brings Jongin back into his fantasy, imagining him running his hands all over his body as Sehun fucks him. What he really wants is to suck Sehun off the way he likes so much, to hear his gasps and aborted half-statements of praise as he fucks Baekhyun’s mouth. That's what he misses the most. The feeling of a heavy, thick cock in his mouth. 


So of course that’s what he imagines now, the image of his friends taking him from either end, fueling his quickly-mounting orgasm. Laying over soft pillows and silky sheets comes easily with such inducing thoughts. Baekhyun's hands slowly slide down his own chest towards his crotch, where he palms himself. His dick twitches in his hold, and so it becomes infuriatingly impossible to hold back his moans. 


Parting his thighs, Baekhyun finally shoves his hand inside his pants, and wraps his palm around his length firmly, stroking fast and firmly as his head tilts back. It feels a little dry, but Baekhyun likes the slight soreness it brings to his dick. There is virtually no doubt left in his mind that Sehun and Jongin can hear him.


His suspicion is confirmed when the bedroom door swings open. Sehun leans against the doorway and smiles when Baekhyun looks at him with pleading eyes.


“Oh, don’t let me stop you,” he says, pulling off his scarf and jacket. “Jongin, come here!”


Jongin appears in the doorway a few seconds later, eyes widening minutely as he takes in the image in front of him. He drops his bag and coat beside Sehun’s things and looks up at him.


“He looks so good, don’t you think? I bet he’s imagining you right now.”


Baekhyun twitches and moans, feeling spurred on by the praise. He relishes the feeling of being wanted, of satisfying them without the need of a touch. 


Bewitched, Sehun reaches down and palms himself as well, eyes locked on Baekhyun.


Sehun walks over to the bed, his hand falling away from his crotch, and brings Jongin with him by the wrist to pull him into a searing kiss. Baekhyun watches, musing over how they mirror his earlier fantasy. They fit together so easily, embracing each other as their lips never leave each other. Jongin’s hands trail down to fit over the curve of Sehun’s ass, and he groans against Jongin's lips and rocks forward, pressing his length against Jongin’s through both of their clothes.


Baekhyun folds his arms under his head, the tip of his dick poking out from the hem of his pants, content to watch for now. As they continue kissing, Baekhyun's dick leaks, courtesy of the sight that he would never get enough of. Probably, he could get off just from that alone. 


But they break apart too soon, panting with their lips slick and glistening. Jongin surges forward seeking for more, but Sehun puts an impending hand against his chest, pushing him back slightly. "He wants you. Show him what you've got." 


Jongin glances down at Baekhyun sprawled on the bed, and his eyebrow raises satisfiedly. There's something predatory about the gaze, that lures Baekhyun to stand up and walk over to him slowly. Standing in front of Jongin, Baekhyun sighs, trembles as he stares up at him. Just waiting. Anticipating.


Sehun backs away slowly, taking a seat on a nearby chair to watch and command. “Go on then, Jongin. Do as you please with him.”


Jongin is smirking as he does as told and takes a step closer to Baekhyun, peering down at him with narrowed, bright eyes just to watch him uncharacteristically shy away under the scrutiny of it. Baekhyun almost whimpers, until Jongin brings his hand upward to grab a hold of bright hair and yank his head back hard to expose the gorgeous column of Baekhyun’s neck.


Jongin crowds against Baekhyun so they are flush against each other, and leans down to breath in deeply the arousal that is now scenting his skin. Baekhyun gasps and leans into the hard body pressed so close, his fingers twitching at his side in his diligence to keep his hands to himself.


Baekhyun whimpers when Jongin bites into his neck, high just beneath his jaw where the marks will easily be seen by anyone who dares look so closely. It warrants a low curse form Sehun and a buck of Baekhyun’s hips, deliciously against Jongin's thigh. Jongin licks a warm, wet trail from Baekhyun’s neck to his ear, where he nibbles for a moment before gruffly whispering against the sensitive flesh.




Baekhyun shivers as Jongin pulls away completely after the demand to give him room to obey. Jongin glances sideways at Sehun, pleased to find him enraptured by the scene before him and sporting a good sized tent in his sweatpants, legs spread and comfortable around his seat. All eyes are back on Baekhyun as he pulls the grey cotton shirt from his strong body and tosses it to the ground by his feet. 


Sehun arches a thin eyebrow, but otherwise stays silent on the matter of neatness when Baekhyun goes for his pants, hooking his thumbs beneath the waistband and dropping them to the floor to reveal his lack of underwear, which Sehun probably already knew. Baekhyun's cock is at full attention and bobbing against his lower abdomen with every movement, the light foreplay more than enough to get him completely hard in his overly needy state. 


Jongin himself is feeling the effects of having Baekhyun once more in his grasp, palming at his own thick length in his cotton pants as Baekhyun displays himself in all of his chiseled, war hardened glory.




Jongin licks his lips while Sehun vocalizes his thought in an awed exhalation of breath, like it's the first time he’s seen Baekhyun naked, though this is far from the truth. Baekhyun stands confidently, exposed and open, eager now for their earlier promises.


“Isn’t he beautiful, Jongin?”


Jongin nods in agreement as his eyes rake over every inch of cream skin and thick muscles. Baekhyun looks at Sehun with a cheeky little smile like he’s getting off on those praises only.


“Do you want me to let Jongin fuck you?" It's impressive, the way Sehun can so drastically transform into this dominant beast when he's aroused, when he knows there's a boy at his mercy. It's the complete opposite of the quiet, delicate man he mostly perceives to be.


“Yes, please Sehun. I want it.”


Baekhyun looks imploringly first at Sehun, then over to Jongin again, who’s got a full grip of his own dick between his thighs now at the display before him.


“Ask nicely.”


Those big brown eyes bore deeply into Baekhyun's, like a warning, that rings bells inside Baekhyun's stomach.


“Please, Jongin…”


Jongin looks to Sehun again and gets a terse nod as a cue before he is throwing Baekhyun down to the bed behind them. Baekhyun yelps in surprise at the manhandling and lands in a sprawl onto the sheets, disoriented for a moment before Jongin crashes down on him with teeth and lips and hands everywhere. 


Like he can not keep from grabbing for the younger man anymore, Baekhyun hooks his arms around Jongin's neck, reeling him in even closer down onto the bed while hitching his naked hips into Jongin’s soft cotton clad thighs. Jongin manages to pull away for a breath and keeps Baekhyun pinned flat to the bed beneath him.


"Hmm, so pretty." Jongin chuckles, while Baekhyun pants and withers uselessly against the others unmoving strength.


“Take Jongin’s clothes off, hyung.” Sehun's voice is barely above a whisper, as though he can barely control himself anymore.


Baekhyun is quick to try and obey Sehun, but Jongin doesn't relent his grip just for the satisfaction of seeing Baekhyun struggle and work himself up even more. It has the desired effect on all in the room, and when Jongin finally releases him, Baekhyun lunges at his clothes like a starved man, pulling and stretching the fabric in his haste to see the impressive body it hides.


“Yes...yes. God, yes I need it - need you Jongin, Sehun...”


Jongin helps Baekhyun tug his pants off before sitting up over their hyung again, whose eyes are drinking in the lean but powerful man with undeniable lust. With his freedom, Baekhyun reaches up to run his hands across the plains of muscles in reverence. 


Baekhyun’s fingers stop short of Jongin’s now painfully hard cock as he looks over to Sehun, who is smirking at them again.


“Go ahead, I know how much you love sucking cock." Allows Sehun, leaning back against the seat to enjoy the part he seems to be expecting the most. 


Baekhyun groans, but gladly takes his permission to grip Jongin’s needy dick before licking at the tip, just how he knows Jongin would like it. They hear Sehun get up from the chair and root around the room, but Baekhyun’s focus is only on Jongin as he again latches that big hand in his  hair and coaxes him to take him deeper into his mouth. 


They go slow, letting Baekhyun breathe where he can around the thick girth, until he manages to fit it fully down his throat. Both hands wrap around Baekhyun’s skull then, in an almost overwhelming feeling of entrapment that pushes the tears watering from lack of oxygen in his eyes to finally roll down his cheek.


Jongin groans low and deep in his chest at the sight and maddening wet warmth that Baekhyun provides him. They don’t even notice Sehun standing next to them by the bed, until a few tense moments of mounting anticipation before Sehun grips Baekhyun by the back of his neck and wrenches him rather roughly off of Jongin’s cock. 


Jongin releases his hold instantly on Baekhyun’s hair and watches with morbid fascination as the older gasps for air before coughing and wheezing, spit leaking from his mouth to mingle with the tear tracks meeting at his strong jaw and continuing down his throat. Sehun gives him little time to recover before claiming Baekhyun’s mouth with his own, tongue licking deep into his used and pliant mouth to taste Jongin’s precum.


Jongin leans back to appreciate the show and runs his rough palm over his spit slicked cock, groaning at the wanton little noises that slip between their kiss. When Sehun pulls away, they are both out of breath and looking beyond heated. 


Baekhyun swallows thickly, eyes flicking down to Jongin, before looking over at Sehun, an expression he wouldn’t misread. Curiosity clouds with the sort of lust that makes his cock ache. Baekhyun nods, and the silent confession is enough. Sehun hooks an arm around Baekhyun’s chest and leans down, mouthing at his neck. 


He hears the bed squeaking and some shuffling around, but Baekhyun can't see much beyond Sehun's thick mop of hair. He doesn't really register when Sehun positions himself behind him, and Jongin dives down between his spread legs. He just effortlessly lets himself be tossed and put where both pairs of hands want him.


Baekhyun sighs, leaning back against Sehun, as Jongin finally moves his mouth to his cock. He cradles Baekhyun’s cock in one hand and kisses along his shaft, before swirling his tongue along the head. Baekhyun whines, and Jongin sucks it into his mouth, humming when he feels the tremble in Baekhyun’s thighs.


“I’ve got you,” Sehun offers, keeping his hold firm behind him. 


Jongin keeps sucking more of his cock into his mouth, and Baekhyun’s hips start rocking, little noises falling from his mouth. Sehun licks at the pulse on his neck, glances down watching the way Baekhyun’s cock is thick, stretching Jongin’s mouth in such an obscene and beautiful way.


“Fuck,” Sehun mumbles, blissfully. “I could watch this all night.”


Baekhyun shudders, and Jongin pulls off, licking at the head before smiling. “Mmm, some other night? We promised hyung something else.” 


Baekhyun shivers, tipping his head back, a quiet yeah escaping with his breath. Jongin smirks, dragging his tongue over his cockhead one more time. “I think we should change things up a little now."


Sehun carefully pulls back, taking a single step away, as Jongin spins Baekhyun on the bed again. 


Jongin is standing up now, grabbing Baekhyun's hips and keeping him on his hands and knees, smirking, hands firm on his hips.


“Otherside,” Jongin says, nodding, and Sehun complies, walking around the bed as Jongin runs his hands over Baekhyun’s ass. “Think you can suck his cock,” Jongin purrs, leaning against Baekhyun, “while I eat that pretty ass of yours?”


Baekhyun moans, all the while nodding frantically. He's never denied how crazy he is for Sehun's cock. How much he craves it at any possible moment. He stares at the big, straining bulge inside Sehun's pants, and he swallows in anticipation. 


Sehun reaches out with a quiet, “You’re sure?” but Baekhyun is still nodding, lips already parted, as Jongin kisses the small of his back. Sehun has to crawl onto the bed, settling on his knees and leaning back, resting against his calves, once he is close to Baekhyun. He reaches down, working his pants down, as Jongin grabs Baekhyun’s ass again, pulling him apart and lapping his tongue slowly up over his hole.


Baekhyun cries out, just as Sehun gets his cock in hand. "Here," Sehun says. "Come on." He urges Baekhyun’s mouth closer to his cock, holding it right against his lips. And then he's leaning forward, sucking the offered head into his mouth like he's starving


“Fuck,” Sehun groans, reaching his hand out, getting his fingers in Baekhyun’s short, bright hair. The singer glances up at him, dark eyes so pretty and huge and desperate.


Baekhyun groans around his cock, sliding lower, taking more than half of him into his mouth with each bob of his head. Behind him, Jongin is still tonguing at his hole, spearing his tongue into him now as his nails dig little crescent moons into his ass. Sehun groans, petting Baekhyun’s hair sweetly, watching in bewilderment while Jongin buries his face in between Baekhyun's cheeks as he sucks like such a good boy. 


"You're so fucking good at this, hyung." Sehun croaks, with sweat running down his sculpted nose and hair falling over his eyes. 


Jongin giggles, pulling back and looking up at Sehun, his chin wet . “He is,” Jongin agrees, giving Baekhyun’s ass a firm smack.


Baekhyun gasps, sliding farther down Sehun’s cock, as Jongin stands up, leaving Baekhyun crying for more. But all Jongin does is chuckle lowly. 


Sehun looks back down at Baekhyun, continuing to stroke his hair. Baekhyun pulls off finally, his lips tingling red, taking a deep breath. “That mouth feels so good,” Sehun muses, and Baekhyun smirks.


“I am good at everything I do.”


That has Sehun laughing a little. “Such a show off.” He gives Baekhyun’s hair a tug, pulling his head back, and Baekhyun hisses. 


“Can you be good to Jongin too?” 


Baekhyun trembles, his mouth falling open, a moan tumbling out.


Baekhyun groans, before he pitches forward, getting his mouth back on the head of Sehun’s cock. Sehun groans deep in his throat, baring his cock better for Baekhyun and letting him lavish attention on it, as Jongin dips back to work him open again with his tongue. Jongin's skilled with his tongue, sucking and lapping over Baekhyun's rim, making him squirm and sob. 


Baekhyun pauses suddenly, the head of Sehun’s cock rubbing his cheek, leaving a streak of precum behind. “I want to kiss you, Sehunnie.”


“You can,” Jongin permits him, pulling back just enough to voice that, rubbing a soothing hand along Baekhyun’s back. “C’mon hyung, up on your knees.” 


Baekhyun listens, pushing himself up, as one of Jongin’s arms wrap around him, his hand splaying on his belly. Sehun moves, pushing back up, cupping Baekhyun’s face in both his hands and holding him affectionately as he kisses him deep.


Baekhyun kisses him back, melting into the tenderness, mouth moving and melding perfectly against his.


Jongin hums, amused from what he can see, as he rubs his fingers into the crack of Baekhyun's ass unannounced. 


Baekhyun shivers, reaching out for Sehun, getting his hands on his shoulders and squeezing. Sehun slides his tongue into his mouth, pushes it along Baekhyun’s, as Jongin leans in against Baekhyun's back, kissing the space between his shoulders. “What do you think hyung?” he asked, twisting his fingers. “You wanna try my cock now?”


Baekhyun moans, right into Sehun’s mouth, before pulling back. “Yes,” he groans, shifting his hips, trying to get Jongin’s fingers inside. Jongin grins, pulling his fingers out and letting his hand slide down, grasping Baekhyun’s cock and giving him a firm stroke.


Sehun turns back to Jongin who's playing with himself, before tossing the lube at him and moving out of the bed again. Jongin catches the vial with one hand and waits for Sehun’s lead.


“Can you prep him? Hands and knees so I can see.”


Baekhyun is a little shaky, but moves to comply, turning on the bed so his back is to Jongin and Sehun, getting on all fours. Jongin stays off his left side so Sehun has an unobstructed view, then he gets to work, liberally coating his fingers in the scentless lube. 


Baekhyun sinks his chest and head down onto the bed and keeps his ass up high on display for his little audience, too strung out now to hold himself on hands and knees. His breath is ragged and riddled with small pleas and whines, desperate beyond what either has seen before with such little physical attention paid to him. It is terribly arousing and Sehun sticks close, not wanting to miss a single twitch.


“Spread them wide, Baekhyun hyung.”


With trembling hands, he does, and then the only warning Jongin gives Baekhyun is a steadying hand on his cheek, helping to unnecessarily pull the already exposed ass further apart before thrusting his thick, sticky middle finger straight in. 


Baekhyun grunts and tosses his head up from the mattress, not expecting such a quick penetration, though not complaining about it either. Jongin quickly learns just what Baekhyun can handle, and after a few shallow pumps of his finger, he adds the index in with the next thrust. Baekhyun jolts a bit up the bed before mewling and bucking back against Jongin’s hand in earnest.


Sehun is suddenly there again, delivering a sharp spank to the asscheek Jongin isn’t gripping, and it causes Baekhyun to clamp up around the fingers making him groan, pushing the digits deep still into the tight heat.


“Fuck, Sehun, do that again.” Jongin gasps, then turns it into a giggle. 


The maknae complies with Jongin’s request, landing some more stinging swats to Baekhyun’s upturned backside. Jongin curses, probably imagining what it would feel like with his cock stuff up Baekhyun ass when he clenches down like that instead of his pistoning fingers. Baekhyun starts thrashing when the third finger is added, and Jongin really starts to scissor him open. Every time Jongin brushes unintentionally against his prostate, Baekhyun whines high in his throat and it’s all Jongin can do to not just tear into the man. As if reading his mind, Sehun leans downs close to Baekhyun’s ear and whispers loud enough for Jongin to hear.


“Do you want it now, hyung? Want to feel how good Jongin fucks?"


“Yes, yes - yes, please! Jongin, Sehun. I need it now...please!”


“You heard him, Jongin.”


The words are hardly out of Sehun’s mouth before Jongin his pulling his wet fingers free of Baekhyun’s loose and open asshole. In one swift motion he is kneeling on the bed between Baekhyun's obscenely spread legs and pushing his heavy cock through the ring of muscle, thankful for his excessive use of lube which more than loosens up his relentless push forward. 


Baekhyun lets out a soundless scream as the thick head of Jongin’s dick breaches his ass, fingers clawing into the blankets as Jongin drives home in one mighty thrust that sends him flat onto the bed. Jongin covers Baekhyun from head to toe, draped over him like a shadow and trapping him on the mattress with no wiggle room. It is exactly what Baekhyun needs and his moaning and please escalate as Jongin slowly pulls out. With the the tip barely still inside him, Jongin waits for a moment to drink in the sight of Baekhyun wrecked beneath him only after one thrust. 


In the next time thrust, Jongin slams down with real intent and the scream that leaves Baekhyun's lips echoes in the bedroom as Jongin nails the man’s prostate on the follow through. They set up a brutal rhythm after that, Baekhyun helpless to do anything but gasp and just take it, Jongin’s brutal thrusts pin his hips to the bed and his heaving chest across his back gives Baekhyun no leverage to even squirm back into the taller man.


Sehun allows it for a few long minutes, enjoying Baekhyun being so encumbered and vulnerable beneath Jongin’s frame. But he gets antsy for a better visual, despite Jongin having a rather nice back view, especially when the muscles fire and clench with each deep penetration.


“Ease up, I want to see how gaping wide you made him.”


It takes a lot of concentration for Jongin to calm his hips, especially when Baekhyun is begging for him not to stop, to not slow down. 


But he listens to Sehun and pulls himself from Baekhyun’s sweaty back to rock onto his heels between his thighs, giving him some much needed breathing room. Baekhyun can hardly handle the mix of scents and heavy arousal that surrounds the three of them now.


Had Sehun not stopped Jongin, he isn’t sure how much longer he would have even lasted. Sehun curses when Jongin pulls away, his thick cock still half way up Baekhyun’s ass, stretching him wide.


“Please, please - I am so close...please don’t stop now…”


Baekhyun all but sobs, but Sehun is taking his time, running a hand over his hyungs flank and down to the split of his cheeks. Sehun’s fingers play around the red and puckered rim of Baekhyun’s asshole, swollen and soaking wet from Jongin’s cock and lube. 


His hands dance up across Jongin’s half sheathed length, making the man shiver and jerk into Baekhyun just the slightest bit before Sehun’s fingers again find where they are joined and experimentally runs the tip around the puffy seam. With a stretch of his neck, Baekhyun sees Jongin watching him with unbridled desire, as though wanting to see those thin fingers disappear right along with his cock inside of Baekhyun. Sehun seems to want it too, all of a sudden crazed for it. As though he wants to feel what it's like to have the power Jongin has over Baekhyun, to fuck him into a babbling mess of man and so far from their playful hyung.


The first finger sinks in easier than he thought it would and Sehun groans at the unbelievable tightness enveloping his index finger. Jongin curses as the pressure dispels across his cock, as well as Baekhyun’s body attempts to adjust to this new intrusion. A hoarse half sob escapes from Baekhyun’s mouth and Sehun wiggles his finger just to hear it again.


“Hand me the lube.”


Sehun’s voice is ragged, turned on by the prospect of what he is about to do. Jongin reaches down to the bed next to him and retrieves the lube, snapping it open for Sehun before handing it over. Sehun dribbles it onto his hand before pouring even more right onto Baekhyun’s asshole and Jongin’s cock. 


His one finger twists easily now with the added slick and Sehun starts to work a second in between Jongin’s dick. Jongin is biting his lip and groaning loudly, eyes never leaving the lewd display of Baekhyun getting stretched even further. Baekhyun himself seems practically comatose except for the tiny mewls and gasps Sehun’s fingers pull from him.


Soon, Sehun has three fingers pressed around Jongin’s thick cock already, exploiting the small hole and gently easing them in and out. 


Baekhyun’s breathing becomes labored and both Jongin and Sehun lay a hand on his shivering back, soothing the stress being done to his tired body. Sehun has done this before with Baekhyun, but it was his own cock and a toy, and he knows this fit will be much more extensive than that was. But he remembers how Baekhyun howled for it, how he loved the thought of simultaneously taking two things up his ass and how Sehun baited him through the whole thing.


"Please, I want you too Sehun. You said you two would fuck me together." Baekhyun whines, and Jongin forcibly grabs the base of his own dick, about to cum at just the thought and the way Sehun’s fingers are curling around him in search of Baekhyun’s prostate. 


When he hits it, Baekhyun bucks up on the bed like a live wire and the most deplorable moan falls from his lips.


“Are you sure you can take it? The two of us?”


Sehun scratches across that sweet spot again and Baekhyun thrashes helplessly against his skewered backside.


“Let me know, hyung, or I pull out and let Jongin finish you off.”


“N-no...plea...please I want to that one time I want…” Baekhyun sobs, eyes screwed shut. 


“Shh, calm down, hyung, we can try. We'll take care of you, alright?”


Baekhyun nods vigorously into the bed and Jongin watches in shock that this is actually about to happen. Sehun pulls his fingers out and they all whine at the loss, but then he is reaching again for the lube with purpose.


“Jongin, get him on his back on top of you if you can.” He instructs as he deals with the tube again. 


Jongin leans down to wrap his arms around Baekhyun’s front and pulls him up off the bed and against his chest, grimacing at the dead weight Baekhyun is in his fucked out state. 


They moan as every jostle knocks around Jongin’s cock, still determined to be filling his ass. Jongin turns and flops them both onto their back where Baekhyun previously was, now just reversed with Baekhyun draped with his back across Jongin’s front as they now stare up at the ceiling. He’s heavy against Jongin’s chest and the other’s cock is starting to slip out from the new angle and copious amounts of lube, but Baekhyun clings to him for dear life.


Sehun is pulling his pants down just enough to bring his hard dick out, red and straining with confined need for so long now. He covers his cock in the lube and adds the rest of the bottle to Baekhyun’s asshole while dousing Jongin’s length at the same time. Kneeling up on the bed between their spread legs, Sehun shuffles until he can line his drenched cock up with the already stuffed hole. Sehun teases the rim and Jongin’s twitching length with his dripping tip for a moment before shoving two fingers just below the underside of Jongin’s dick, preparing to help ease himself in. 


Baekhyun yelps and Sehun immediately reaches out with his unoccupied hand to grab a hold of his hyung's flagging need.


“Relax, okay? I'm gonna put it in now. Tell me if it gets too much."


Jongin kicks Baekhyun’s legs out and brings them up to his chest to hold him open wide for Sehun from behind his knees. The new vantage point gives more room for Sehun to start working himself in and he nudges his long cock between the v of his fingers, creating a tiny passage in the taut muscles. Baekhyun cries out unheeded as Sehun forces his way in next to Jongin, every centimeter feeling like it’s ripping him apart.


It's too hot and tight. Jongin is leaving hand shaped bruises on the backs of Baekhyun’s thighs from the relentless grip he uses to keep himself under control. The fit is excruciatingly tight and Baekhyun holds his breath from the intensity of it.


“Keep breathing, hyung… deep breaths ah th-hats it…”


Slowly but surely Baekhyun begins to relax, and Sehun is able to get the flared head of his cock fully nestled next to Jongin.


“Too ah m-much, too much c-can’t...too much!” Baekhyun is actually growling, eyes rolling to the back of his head. 


“You are doing so well hyung, halfway there. Come on, you can do it.” Jongin whispers in his ear, raggedly. 


Baekhyun thrashes around as Sehun smooths forward even more, muscles giving way with less fight now.


Jongin is mouthing at Baekhyun’s neck and ears, trying to distract him from the pain just as Sehun’s slow hand job is supposed to be doing. Baekhyun is far too focused on his own task of making himself fit, but he still wishes desperately that he could see the fantastic sight of Jongin underneath him.


“Oh my god, Jongin.”


Sehun gasps when finally he gets as far in the other dicks and balls and legs will allow for, and he sounds too far gone, mesmerized by Baekhyun’s asshole stretched impossibly wide around the both of them. Baekhyun is grimacing as the impressive size of Sehun splits him open while his head moves side to side and sobs escape his throat.


“Is it…” Jongin breathes, astonished.


“Yeah. Fuck."


Baekhyun is trembling in Jongin’s embrace, so thoroughly overwhelmed he’s not sure what exactly he is feeling other than being unequivocally full. Sehun puts more effort into working his half masted erection, wanting him in the right headspace before attempting a thrust. Jongin lets go of Baekhyun’s legs and they flop down to the bed limply, splayed out in a provocative fashion around Sehun’s shaking form. 


With his hands now free, Jongin pets every inch of sweaty skin he can reach, calming Baekhyun down and whispering his dirty praises. After only a few minutes of this attention, Baekhyun starts to whine and move into the hands all over his body, his cock heavy in Sehun’s large palm once more.


“Are you ready, hyung?”


Baekhyun simply moans in reply of Sehun’s breathy question, and bucks lightly causing a tiny mock of a thrust that sets them all on fire.


This won’t last long at all.


Jongin’s patience is long gone now and he wiggles his hips to spur Sehun on some more. Not that he needs it. Sehun curses at the feel of both of them moving around inside Baekhyun who in turn tightens up just a bit more and groans his own satisfaction at it. 


Needing no more prompting, Sehun holds his breath as he slowly pulls out from the embrace he worked so hard to make his way into, Jongin and Baekhyun both groaning at the loss. A quick snap of his hips and Sehun is pushing his way back in with a vengeance that has Baekhyun screaming and Jongin crushing their hyung to his chest. It’s intense, too intense and Baekhyun gasps out a litany of curses as Sehun repeats the action.


With the next thrust, Baekhyun cries out to the ceiling with some semblance of their names on his lips, but the third and fourth makes him go limp over Jongin, his head tucked against the younger man’s shoulder with his mouth hanging wide open and eyes screwed tightly shut. Jongin is assaulted with so many senses at once that he also closes his eyes to not get lost in it all. Sehun has bent himself over as far as he can and kisses and nips Baekhyun’s quivering stomach and chest, his breathing haggard and hand jerking Baekhyun’s cock off with each thrust of his own.


Though Jongin is mostly stationary, he is the first go, the impeccably tight heat of Baekhyun’s ass as Sehun’s rigid dick slides along the underside of his own cock is almost maddening. He gives no warning, taken by surprise himself when Sehun gets fully in their hyung once more and his orgasm hits him forcefully. 


The head of Sehun’s dick massages it’s way up Jongin’s shaft in just that perfect way that sends him reeling and jerking under Baekhyun, his cum filling the overstuffed ass with even more warmth. Sehun shouts when he feels it, Jongin’s massive dick twitching with the force of his ejaculation, coating Baekhyun's insides with his hot load. 


Baekhyun makes some unintelligent noise and tenses up, a hand reaching back to fist in Jongin’s hair while the other gropes down for Sehun. When Sehun pulls out again, his cock is covered in Jongin’s release and that’s the last straw for him as well. Doubling over and practically crushing Baekhyun's cock and balls, Sehun bites into Baekhyun’s side as he gives one more mighty thrust and finds his own orgasm with the thought of Baekhyun being so crowded with cum that it leaks from his ruined hole. 


Baekhyun thrashes around and bucks into the painfully tight grip Sehun now has on his cock, and all it takes is Jongin sinking his teeth into his neck for Baekhyun to follow the other two to his release, painting Sehun’s shirt and all the way up to his neck with the mess of it.


Sehun collapses fully on top of Baekhyun, too exhausted and spaced out to care about the cum he is laying in. Baekhyun’s breathing is labored and it takes a lot of coaxing and caressing from Jongin and Sehun to bring him down from it. They carefully pull themselves free of the fucked out hole once they have softened, laying their hyung out on the bed. 


Sehun retrieves some towels and water from the bedside table to clean them down while Jongin kisses and massages the tired hyung's limbs. Sehun curses when he drags the wet rag down Baekhyun’s crotch and sees just how wrecked his hole really is.


“Shit, Jongin, you gotta see this…”


Kissing his way down Baekhyun’s abs, Jongin reaches Baekhyun's hips and Sehun holds the flaccid cock and balls up so Jongin can get a good look of what’s under.


“Fuck, Baekhyun hyung…”


Jongin looks up to his hyung, but finds he is practically incoherent, drifting to and from much needed sleep. So he reaches down and runs the pad of his finger around the red, swollen rim still glistening from the lube, gaping wide even with nothing forcing it so. 


The muscles flutter under the light touch, but both men are more interested in the vast amounts of pearly cum seeping from the asshole and ruining the sheets under them. 


Jongin can smell the mingled scent of both Sehun and his release marking Baekhyun from the inside and it’s enough to make him dizzy with arousal again. Unable to help himself Jongin leans in to lick and get another taste, his tongue lapping gently inside and causing Baekhyun to shiver and kick weakly at them, far too over sensitized to find any enjoyment in it. 


Humming as he pulls away, Jongin looks over to Sehun who has a horrified longing look in his eyes at the display. It's a half a second before Sehun is pulling Jongin to him by the back of his neck, their mouths meeting with the last of their energy and Sehun moans when he tastes all three of them in Jongin’s mouth and proceeds to lick him clean.


Sehun wraps his arms around Baekhyun, holds him tight as Jongin follows and does the same, tangling the three of them in a pile of limbs. Baekhyun whines, burying his face in Sehun’s chest, as Jongin reaches for his hips, pulls him close, enveloping him in heat and utmost bliss.


Sehun leans heavier into the pillows, cradling Baekhyun into his chest, as he sobs out a breath, shaking all over. Jongin is there quickly, rubbing Baekhyun’s back and leaning in, kissing the back of his head. “Hyung,” he whispers, “Baekhyun hyung, I need you to tell me what you need.”


Baekhyun mumbles into Sehun’s chest, before carefully lifting his head, pushing up and turning towards Jongin, kissing him. Jongim’s pretty eyes go wide for a moment, before they fall almost shut and he reaches up, cradling Baekhyun’s face. Affectionately- like Sehun did earlier. That bit of tenderness the singer craves.


“I do not want to move,” Baekhyun admits, pulling back, and Jongin smiles.


“Okay. You don’t have to. I don’t think Sehun minds.” He glances up, and Sehun smiles, smoothing his hand along the top of Baekhyun’s back.


“Definitely don’t mind a little cuddling,” he says, flashing a grin, and Baekhyun settles right back down against his chest, his cheek pressing hot and red to his skin. Jongin stretched out next to them, rubbing Baekhyun’s back soothingly.


“You did so good,” Jongin whispers, as Baekhyun tries to get his breathing to match Sehun’s. “I’m so proud of you, hyung.” 


“I feel like I could sleep for centuries,” Baekhyun mumbles, and Jongin leans over and kisses the top of his head. He glances at Sehun, who only smiles softly. 


“Okay,” Jongin says, getting his fingers in Baekhyun’s hair. “It’s okay if you do. We’re right here.”


Baekhyun rubs his cheek against Sehun’s chest, and Sehun instinctively gets his arms tight around him, holding him secure.


Baekhyun has no idea of much anymore, and sleep comes pulling him down. The last thing he feels is the brush of Sehun’s lips across his forehead, and the last thing he hears is Jongin singing under his breath with his honey-like voice, something low and wandering, about the stars.