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His pupils were blown out and his lips glossy and slightly parted as Mïllow laid on the bed, looking up at Parv as he undressed, running his hands over Mïllow’s chest as he teasingly, slowly removed his shirt. Mïllow pulled him down into a soft but passionate kiss, letting his hands roam down Parv’s sides to come to rest on his ass and squeeze it, earning a soft moan from Parvis. When the kiss broke, Parv pulled off and tossed aside Mïllow’s shirt, swiftly followed by his skirt and his own jeans.
Mïllow impatiently kicked off his panties and pulled Parv down into a french kiss as he helped him get rid of his boxers, his tail wrapping itself around Parv’s waist. Panting softly, Parv moaned into the kiss and trailed kisses down Mïllow’s neck to suck hickies into the soft skin, leaving two dark green marks on him. Mïllow couldn’t help but moan, and held Parv against his neck by a tight grip in his hair.
“Ah, Parvy~ Mm, how do you want me Parvy?” He asked softly.
Parv pulled off his neck and gasped softly. “Hmm… how about I eat out your tentacles and then fuck your face into the pillows?”
A hot, bright, green, glowing blush quickly spread across Mïllow’s cheeks and up to his ears as he softly nodded, turned on by the idea but a little nervous due to inexperience. “Y-you’ll be gentle with me, though, right…?”
“Of course. You have to tell me if I hurt you at all, though, okay?” Parv said, sitting up and moving to be between his alien boyfriend’s legs. Mïllow shivered a little as Parv let the tentacles wrap around his fingers, gently stroking and kissing the tips of them. He moaned and reached down to thread his fingers into Parv’s again, relaxing and moaning as he took the tentacles into his mouth, sucking on them and letting them wriggle around his mouth to fill it with sweet-tasting slick.
Unable to fit all seven in his mouth, Parv used to hands to please those he couldn’t fit into his mouth, getting his hands covered in slick as well as his face. He quickly had Mïllow moaning, tugging on his hair with encouragement. It was then that Parvis pulled away from sucking on the tentacles and instead pressed his mouth against the entrance between them, pushing his tongue inside his boyfriend and getting slick everywhere as he pleasured him.
Mïllow’s ears flicked and his tail thumped against the mattress as he moaned and groaned with pleasure, one hand in Parv’s hair and the other tightly gripping a handful of sheets. He panted and groaned Parv’s name as his boyfriend pushed his tongue deeper, pressing it against his walls and teasing a particularly good spot with the tip.
Parv held Mïllow’s legs apart with a hand on one of his thighs, the other gathering slick from his tentacles to wipe onto his cock so he could slowly stroke himself whilst he ate Mïllow out. As Mïllow’s moans got louder and his panting heavier, Parv pulled away and grinned up at him with a face covered with slick.
“Messy Parvy~” Mïllow purred, smirking down at him.
“Only because of you~ You wanna get on your hands and knees for me?” He asked softly, rubbing his hands over the inside of his thighs. Mïllow gasped softly and nodded, slowly moving to be on his hands and knees, legs spread and nervously waiting for Parv.
Parv wiped some slick on his fingers and rubbed over his ass, but feeling Mïllow tense and hearing his squeak he pulled them away. “You okay?”
“I-I, uh… n-not there, y-yet, please…” He murmured, going onto his elbows and knees to give Parv a better angle to fuck his tentacles instead. Parv nodded and kissed the base of his tail, gathering more slick to use as lube.
“Wait. Can you get pregnant? Do you want me to use a condom?”
“Uh, I don’t know. B-best use one anyway.”
Parv nodded and rummaged in his bedside for a condom, checking the expiry before pulling it on and kissing the small of Mïllow’s back before gently pushing into him with a moan, holding his hip with one hand and his tail with the other to keep it out of the way.
Mïllow groaned and pressed his face against the pillow, shivering and pressing his hips back until his ass was pressed fully against Parv’s hips.
“You alright, Mïllow?” Parv asked softly, not moving for the moment.
Mïllow nodded slowly, gasping softly but biting his lip. “Ah… f-f...fuck me…” He begged quietly, pressing his face into the pillow to hide the blush.
“As you command~” He teased, starting to slowly move his hips at a soft, steady pace. Mïllow groaned happily, purring a little and moving his hips in time with Parv’s, guided by the hand on his hip.
“Mm… mmm, m-m-ah~ m-more, Parvy… g-go faster…” He whispered. Parv grinned and happily obliged, gradually building up to a faster pace, still holding his tail out of the way but leaning down to kiss his spine and whisper to him how good he was being.
As they both got closer and closer, Mïllow begged for more and Parv started to fuck him a little more desperately, going harder and faster, encouraged by the alien’s lewd moaning and panting.
“Ah… sl-slap my ass Parvy,” He begged, feeling himself so close to his orgasm as his tentacles continued to wrap around and writhe over Parv’s cock as he was fucked, squeezing and gripping and dripping with slick. The slap made him gasp loudly but it quickly became a loud moan instead, followed by a whine of Parv’s name and heavy panting as he came over his own stomach and thighs.
Parv groaned as Mïllow came around him, fucking him for a little longer as he was so desperately close. Mïllow whined from a little oversensitivity but let Parv finish, gasping softly as Parvis moaned his name and he felt him cum inside him.
“Parvy…” He murmured, relaxing down against the bed despite the slick and sounding sleepy.
Parvis pulled out, binned the condom and laid down to spoon Mïllow, snuggling into his shoulder and mumbling how good he had been into his ear and rubbing his hand over his arm and shoulder comfortingly. He pressed soft kisses to his neck and shoulder as Mïllow slowly fell asleep, though Parv scooped him up before he could and got a displeased whine in response.
“You’re messy, Mïllow. Let me clean you up, and then we can go to bed, okay?”
He nodded softly and let Parv carry him to the bathroom to get both of them cleaned up before heading to bed.