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i loathe you i love you

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It’s only supposed to happen once. They’re drunk, and Theo is at his house, which weird. Theo lives...somewhere, but he doesn’t hang around the pack, does his own, probably evil thing away from the rest of them. Right now, Liam can’t escape the sound of Theo’s pulse, his smell, like the middle of fall when everything is dying. Liam used to hate it, and wonders when that stopped, when he started searching it out instead.

So, they’re drunk off wolfsbane-spiked vodka, which was possibly the worst thing Liam has ever tasted, and they’re sitting in his basement. There’s a party going on upstairs, Mason deciding they need to ‘celebrate the beginning of their last semester in high school’ that Liam semi-unwillingly gave his house up for. He’d had to go downstairs eventually, overwhelmed by everyone wanting to touch him and yell in his ear, only to find Theo, crashing the party in the most antisocial way possible.

The only option had been head back upstairs or stay here with Theo, and Liam had chosen the only slightly better one. He’d been the one to offer Theo vodka; if Liam has to be around him, he’s sure as fucking hell not doing it sober.

“So, this is what it’s like to be drunk,” Theo says; he’s wearing tight jeans and a shirt that, in Liam’s opinion, dips far too low in the front to be decent. He can see the muscles of Theo’s chest, the hollow of his throat as Theo tips his head back. Which, Theo is attractive, Liam knows this, but it’s one thing to know and another to see Theo spreading his legs, relaxing into Liam’s couch like he belongs there. He looks like something from a fancy fashion magazine, like he’s photoshopped.

“You’ve never been drunk before?”

Theo sneers at him before taking another sip with a grimace. “When would I have the time to do that, Liam? Or do you think I was doing keg stands with the Dread Doctors?”

Theo gets under Liam’s skin like no one else, has him prickling up with anger because he’s so confident, so contained, everything Liam isn’t and wishes he could be. Liam’s never seen Theo lose control of the shift, no matter what happened. It’s infuriating. Everything about Theo is infuriating.

“Oh, wow, Theo, I guess I wouldn’t know considering I didn’t spend about ten years of my life training to be a murderer.”

He can hear Theo’s heartbeat pick up before he manages to calm it, and gives Theo a shiteating grin. He’s starting to feel warmth uncurl in his chest, spreading through his body in a way that would be calming if he wasn’t so aware of Theo, sprawled there and looking deceptively peaceful if Liam didn’t know the beast that lives under his skin. He loves poking at Theo like this, til one of them snaps and punches the other in the nose. It’s cathartic.

“No, your IED just gives you a natural advantage.” Liam doesn’t even realize he’s moving until Theo’s tumbling off the couch and onto the floor, putting a hand to his nose. Blood streams from between his fingers, onto his mouth. His lips are red.

“Fuck you!” Liam’s on him, feeling rage bubble up under his skin like it always does because Theo doesn’t know what the words ‘over the line’ mean, and Liam has a second of power, of Theo under him with Li’s hands around his throat before they’re rolling and it’s Theo on top, grinning, blood drying on his front teeth. He’s stupidly hot, Li thinks, and not for the first time. He looks good with blood on his face. He slides his hands up under Theo’s shirt, intending to claw him open, freezes when his hands touch warm, bare skin. Liam...did not think this through.

Theo’s between his legs, over him, panting and flushed. “Liam.”

“Lose your nerve?” Liam breathes, hot against Theo’s neck, watching the skin there goosebump.

“I’ll show you some fucking nerve,” Theo snarls, taking a chunk of Liam’s hair in one hand and yanking his head to the side, biting down at the curve of his shoulder. Liam yelps, shudders, feels something in him that might be the wolf go hot and liquid as he exposes more of his throat. Theo’s hard, Theo’s definitely hard, and his mouth is hot and wet on Liam’s skin. They’re too drunk to do much more than pant and rub against each other, Theo’s head at Liam’s neck as Liam moans into his hair.

It’s too rough with their jeans and the dry friction and Theo taking Liam’s wrists in one hand to hold them over his head. Liam arches into it, wraps a leg around Theo’s hip. He doesn’t mean to say Theo’s name, what he should be saying is no and stop, but all that comes out of his mouth is yes and please, Theo which he will absolutely blame on the alcohol.

“I knew you’d be a fucking slut for it,” Theo says, getting his other hand on Liam’s hip to hold him still so Theo can undo his jeans, Liam’s cock now rubbing against the rough surface of Theo’s own jeans and it hurts, has Liam snarling at Theo with his fangs out.

“That fucking hurts, asshole.” Theo licks along Liam’s fangs, kisses him deep and sloppy til Liam learns that Theo tastes mostly like the shitty energy drinks he brings everywhere, which he must drink so often they’ve become a part of his skin. It shouldn’t be something he likes, wants to chase.

Theo moves his face to Liam’s ear, grinding their hips til Liam knows he’ll be sore and red after this, tips his head back to hide the fact that he’s getting a little teary. He hates when this happens. He hates that he comes when Theo whispers, “I want it to hurt, baby,” and most of all he hates that he’s not done shuddering through his orgasm before Theo’s sitting back on his heels and spilling himself all over Liam’s boxers, his shirt, the open fly of his jeans. Liam’s going to reek of Theo for days. Liam already knows he won’t be able to forget how Theo looks as he comes, how his eyes get heavy, teeth digging into his lower lip when he lets out a short, low noise on an exhale. He gets pink all the way down to his nipples, which, great. Liam’s definitely going to be thinking about that forever. Theo looks almost happy for once, one side of his mouth tipping up as he kisses Liam’s heaving stomach, his open mouth. “That was fun, Dunbar. Thanks.”

No one should be able to move that quickly when they’re both regular drunk and cum drunk, but Theo is whistling as he heads up the stairs to where the party’s still in full swing, stopping first to grab his wallet and keys from the couch. Liam’s left sprawled on his own basement floor with his jeans unbuttoned, covered in cum, still mostly drunk. His head is spinning. “I fucking hate you, Theo,” he calls, knowing Theo will be close enough to hear. “This is never happening again!” And it’s not, Liam promises himself. It’s not.


It happens again.

Two weeks later, when winter break is over and Theo has enrolled back in Beacon Hills high school. He didn’t tell any of the pack he was doing it, because he doesn’t fucking owe them anything, he just wants to get his degree so maybe he can go to college and not spend the rest of his life in his truck getting harassed by bored cops. He’s not excited about it or anything, it means that he has to cut his hours at the shitty gas station job he took outside of town, a place no one in the pack ever really goes.

They’re all mostly back at college anyway, besides the puppy pack. It gives Theo real pleasure to call it that in his head because he knows Liam hates it, and sometimes annoying Liam is the only joy he gets. He thinks back to Liam under him, exposing his throat, vulnerable and trusting when Theo could have gutted him. He hadn’t, though, because he’s such a good guy nowadays and instead he hands out orgasms to angry werewolves who are too pretty for their own good and whine when they come.

Theo’s half hard just remembering, has to force himself to pay attention to the girl who’s been showing him around the school. She’s a pretty, peppy freshman that Theo finds himself amused by; she’s like a hummingbird, flitting from subject to subject. It’s been easier to feel normal emotions since he came back from underground, like Tara had broken the rest of him open when she cracked his ribcage. He puts a hand over his heart, scratching there idly. Tara’s heart is still there.

“So, like, you’re in all senior classes, you’re pretty much caught up but you’ll probably have to take some summer courses to graduate.” She frowns, sympathetic, but it’s not like Theo was planning to have ‘fun in the sun’ or whatever. At least he’ll be able to have air conditioning if he’s at school. He shrugs.

“I don’t care. I just want to get it over with.” Which is true, one of the few true things he’s said since he enrolled back in school with a sob story about homelessness that he hopes won’t spread and come back to bite him in the ass.

“Right, of course. Well, your first class is World Lit.” She’s smiling, and she smells genuine, excitement and encouragement, so Theo gives her a closed mouth smile as he slips into the classroom she directed him to, is immediately hit with the smell of simmering anger and something sugary sweet. Liam.

He grins, scanning the faces looking back at him til he finds the only one that’s glaring, Liam’s eyebrows furrowed under his ridiculous hair. Theo wasn’t looking forward to school until he reconsidered the possibilities, such as getting under Liam’s skin as much as possible. He gets introduced, feels interested eyes on him because he’s hot, and he knows it. He doesn’t care, though. The only person who’s ever been interesting enough to put effort into is sitting right there, steaming away with his arms crossed over his chest. Theo remembers holding those arms over his head, how Liam’s eyes had popped wide and scared for the briefest of moments like he remembered exactly who it was that was holding him down.

The desk next to Liam is open, so of course Theo takes it, puts his backpack between them. All scrounged from the trash outside when last semester ended and everyone threw their supplies out; Theo’s notebooks all have someone else’s name scrawled on the inside, but at least he didn’t have to pay for them.

Theo stares ahead for the first ten minutes or so of class, feeling Liam’s eyes burning into the side of his face. It feels like victory when Liam huffs and starts taking notes, something Theo is able to bask in for the rest of class until Liam’s grabbing him by the arm and dragging him into Coach’s office.

Theo wonders if Liam knows what goes on in here, if he can scent the layers of sex in the air. He wonders if Liam’s ever been in here before, probably with Hayden, the two of them always wrapped up in each other when they were together. It sends a prickle of annoyance down Theo’s spine, one he ignores to look into Liam’s furious blue eyes.

“What are you doing here?”

Theo tugs away from Liam’s grip, seats himself in Coach’s chair so at least he can be comfortable if Liam’s going to freak. It’s surprisingly comfy, Coach must’ve dropped some real money on it.

“I go to school here,” Theo says, gesturing to where his backpack is dropped near the door next to Liam’s. Theo hopes Liam won’t notice how there are a couple patches on the bottom that he had to sew shut. “Obviously.”

It’s fascinating how quickly Liam can go red. Like dropping a can of paint on his head. His anger smells like those little cinnamon candies Theo used to steal from the nurse’s office when he was a kid. “You don’t belong here!”

Theo spreads his legs out, settling back in his seat and grinning insolently in the way he always does when he wants to fight. Just the look is enough sometimes, especially with Liam’s hair trigger temper.

“This is America, Liam. Everyone has a right to a free education.” He lets his eyes trail up and down Liam’s body. “I think I educated you about a couple things the other night.”

He catches the shiver of movement in Liam’s body the moment before he’s swinging, but Theo doesn’t feel like a fight today. He stands, grabs Liam’s fist and shoves him back onto the desk, scattering papers everywhere. Liam’s legs swing off the edge which is strangely cute, has Theo annoyed enough that he rips Liam’s pants open instead of trying to unbutton them, Liam yelping a protest that would have more impact if he wasn’t already hard, Theo dipping his hands in Liam’s boxers to find him leaking. He wonders when Liam got hard, thinks it might’ve been the moment Theo entered the classroom.

“How long have you been wet for me?” he breathes into Liam’s ear, which earns him an extremely rude drag of claws along his lower back but also a stifled whine in the back of Liam’s throat that Theo chases with his tongue, jerking him off with no real slick to speak of. He wants Liam to feel it after this, sore in his jeans when he leaves the office, wants to rub him raw. It’ll give him something to think of for the couple minutes til it heals. Theo pulls back to rest his forehead against Liam’s, both of them looking down at Theo’s hand on Liam’s dick; Theo’s impressed that it’s a bit too big for him to wrap his hand around, rubs a thumb over the tip so Liam jerks. “Guess you’re not so little after all,” he muses.

“I fucking hate you,” Liam moans, but Theo gets his revenge by squeezing til Liam is whining and making nervous noises.

Theo’s not evil anymore but he likes what he likes, wants Liam under him raw and scared and overwhelmed by how good Theo can make him feel. He wants to make Liam cry, wants to shut his rude fucking mouth up for once. He bets that Liam won’t be talking when Theo’s drilling his tight little ass for the first time, won’t be able to do anything but beg and moan and belong to Theo. Which, when did that become a thought? Theo’s only in this to bring Liam down to his level, not have the thought of Liam being with someone else make him want to snarl.

Liam’s leaking enough pre at this point that the glide is easier, filthy wet noises filling the office as his whole body curls around Theo, getting grabby and demanding until Theo bites down hard on his mouth, tasting blood. “You’ll take what I give you, be patient,” he says against Liam’s mouth, which is completely ruined by Theo beginning to twist his wrist on the upstroke, Liam coming all over his own shirt, onto Theo’s fingers.

Theo!” He wonders if there are any other supernatural creatures in the school who can hear how Li’s voice gets all high pitched when he comes. The thought is annoying; Theo sucks three of his fingers into his mouth and licks the taste of Liam’s cum away, watches as Liam’s cock gives one last helpless twitch.

Liam’s jeans are missing a button, his shirt rucked up over his belly button, cum in the hair on his stomach and pearling at the tip of his cock. His eyes are wide, almost bewildered, like they were last time. Like he came so hard it made him stupid, a little scared. Theo soothes him without meaning to, rubs his cheek against Liam’s temple to scent there. “Have fun going back to class, baby,” he says against Liam’s ear, so turned on that his cock is straining against his jeans but Theo can hear Coach striding down the hallway, yelling about something. He’d better be out of here before then.

He wonders what will happen if Liam doesn’t get out of here in time. The thought of Liam all shamefaced being paraded before the school is kind of hot, but it also pisses Theo off so he slaps gently at Liam’s face, reminds him that they have to get out of here.

“I hate you,” Liam mutters, wiping at his belly, the hair there, hikes his jeans up best he can. His cheeks are so pink, Theo wants to put his fangs there and bite. “Hate you, too,” Theo chirps, before he’s out the door and back down the hallway. Maybe school isn’t so bad after all.

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Liam, and everyone else in his gym class that’s attracted to men, watches Theo as he lifts himself on the pullup bar like it’s nothing. He’s wearing a shirt that’s only barely clinging to the status of being a shirt, the sleeves cut off, neck stretched open, pretty much every muscle in his back visible. And there is a lot of muscle to look at. No one should have back muscles that defined. It must be part of being an asshole, because only Brett and Theo and Peter are that ripped. Nice people have better things to do than go around looking like that, it’s so fucking rude.

“Do you like...think he’s single?” a girl in his class whispers to her friend. He’s singularly designed to annoy the living shit out of me, he thinks to himself, watching the muscles in Theo’s arms bulge, how he’s not even sweating. It’s ridiculous.

“Do you think he likes boys?” her friend whispers back, his voice not as quiet as he probably thinks it is.

Liam, who can personally confirm that Theo likes boys, scowls at both of them. They have no idea how much it sucks to fuck Theo, how he’s all rude about it, and his hands are so big and warm that it’s overwhelming, and his eyes are like...stupid and huge and green when he holds eye contact with Liam. And he always makes Liam come harder than he’s ever come in his life which is embarrassing. It’s terrible.

Liam can smell the satisfaction on Theo as he switches to using just one arm. It figures that Theo would be in two of his classes, Liam’s willing to bet that Theo somehow did it purposefully. Liam shouldn’t even have to take gym class, he already plays a sport and he’s in excellent shape, thanks. An hour of fucking around on machines isn’t going to do anything to help him.

After far too long on the pullup bar, Theo drops to his feet, turning around with the most innocent expression on his face like he can’t tell that half the class is blushing and turning back to whatever they were ignoring. Liam can see his nipples through the worn material of his shirt. There should be a dress code for gym, he decides. A dress code that is decidedly against Theo wearing a shirt like that. It’s distracting to the other students.

Theo runs a hand through his hair and grins at Liam, who glares. He remembers Malia talking about Theo trying to seduce her at the gym one time, and illicit handjobs aside, Liam is not going to let that happen to him. Even as Theo comes over to where Liam is sitting on one of the weight benches, half-heartedly raising one of the 50lb weights that feel like nothing in his hand. He has to work out alone now, he’s capable of lifting so much more than a human can that it’s obvious there’s something different about him.“You shouldn’t show off like that, we’re gonna get exposed,” he mutters.

“We’ve already been exposed.” Kind of, but not really. Everyone seemed to forget the whole supernatural thing once the Anuk-Ite died. Once the pack hunted down and killed Monroe, everything seemed to go back to normal. Liam wants it to stay that way. “Don’t worry, I’d kill anyone who tried hurting us again.” Theo’s smirking as he says this, but his heart doesn’t skip a beat. Liam can’t help feeling comforted anyway, bumping his shoulder against Theo’s as he remembers Theo pushing him into an elevator, turning back to the Ghost Riders to be the bait. Theo isn’t always terrible.


Theo is so, so terrible. Gym is their last class of the day, and Liam usually takes his time showering, because Mason drives him and Corey home every day. So, for the first week of the semester, Liam had the locker room to himself. But now Theo is here, not having the decency to go home at the same time as everyone else, showering next to Liam.

And of course he’s looking at Theo, who has his head tipped up to let water run over his face, arms linked behind his back. He can’t help it. He’s feeling hot and helpless, frustrated just having Theo there. Liam follows a trail of water from Theo’s chin, to his chest, down his abs, further… “You can just suck my dick like you want to, Dunbar. I can practically hear you drooling.” Liam is not drooling, his face is just wet.

“Yeah, I bet you would love that.”

Theo turns his head to look at him, eyes dropping to Liam’s mouth. He can feel himself blush. “Getting sucked off by someone with a mouth like yours? Of course I’d love it, dumbass. Everyone likes blowjobs.”

Theo goes back to rinsing his hair as if he can’t hear Liam’s heartbeat pounding. “You like my mouth?” He feels immediately stupid for the question, for focusing on that rather than any other part.

“You know you’re pretty, come on.” Theo rolls his eyes like it’s obvious, like Liam is so pretty that someone would have to be an idiot not to notice it. It makes him blush darker, and he drops to his knees.

Water is splattering on his head, plastering his hair down. The floor is cold and rough on his skin. He doesn’t really feel it as Theo turns to him; his dick is hard, longer than Liam’s by a little bit, and pink. Liam hasn’t seen a lot of dicks in his life but he would describe it as nice. He licks his lips. Theo’s eyes darken, and then he’s taking a hank of Liam’s hair in his fist and pulling him closer, letting the tip of his dick rest on Liam’s bottom lip. It tastes mostly like girls do, salty, not as wet. He’s looking up at Theo, cause he likes when girls do that, though why he should care if Theo likes it he isn’t sure, and now he knows how it feels to have someone push inside his mouth, touching the back of his throat so Liam chokes a little.

Fuck,” Theo says through his teeth. Both his hands come down to tangle in Liam’s hair, holding him there. Liam doesn’t think he could take all of Theo in his mouth, and surprisingly Theo doesn’t try to force him, rubs his thumb at Liam’s temple almost comfortingly. “I knew you would look gorgeous like this, can’t be fucking rude with a cock down your throat.”

Liam glares, brings his hands up to scratch at Theo’s hips, drawing blood. Theo’s hips stutter forward, choking Liam enough that he has to pull off and cough. “Fuck you,” he rasps, throat sore.

Theo tugs his head back up and squeezes Liam’s chin with one hand, forcing his mouth to open. “Do that again, I’m gonna slap you across the face with my dick.” Liam exhales a moan that’s higher pitched than he’d like, feeling hot and liquid all of a sudden, a little dizzy like he’s felt the last couple times Theo was mean. He...likes it. He likes it a lot, actually, so he nods, opens his mouth.


Theo’s day started out fucking terribly. He worked the late shift, so he was exhausted at school, he had nightmares for the brief hours he did get to sleep, and he has a fucking group project in his Econ class. He was looking forward to being able to use the shower at school so at least he’ll be clean. Getting to fuck with Liam was just an unexpected bonus.

He’d felt those shy glances at him in the shower, could smell the arousal even through the water but he honestly wasn’t expecting Liam to drop to his knees. Sometimes his life isn’t so bad. Liam looks good there, frowning up at Theo as if he doesn’t want this just as badly as Theo does. Well, maybe not as badly as Theo does; he was dreaming about shutting Liam up with his dick even before he went underground. He’s also not expecting the moan Liam lets out when threatened, how one hand drops to his dick, squeezing.

It’s hot like burning, how much Liam likes to be mistreated. It makes something weird unfold in Theo’s chest, worry that Liam will get with someone who goes too far. Theo likes it rough, sure, but he’s not, like, evil. Even when he was evil he wasn’t that kind of evil. But why should he care if someone hurts Liam like that? The guy can handle himself. He thinks.

Theo looks down at Liam, gently strokes a thumb across the pout of his bottom lip. Liam’s eyes flutter closed, and Theo pulls him back onto his cock, back into wet heat and the plush of Liam’s mouth around him. He’s not going to think about anything but how good Liam feels, how he’s clearly inexperienced but still enthusiastic. Theo can hear the minute Liam puts a hand on his own dick, starts jerking off. He has his thumb on Liam’s jaw now, fingers splayed back over his neck, the other hand in his hair. He tugs, gently.

“Are you getting off on this? For real?” Liam doesn’t answer, probably because he’s trying to take another inch of Theo’s dick. Which is cute, but Theo’s big, and this is Liam’s first time. Theo’s not going to tell him to stop, though, enjoying the way he can smell the tears leaking from Liam’s eyes as his body freaks out. Theo won’t count this as the first time he really makes Liam cry; that can be saved for another time, when Theo plans to edge him til his cock is so sore it makes him sob and whimper and beg. Theo thinks Liam will take to that kind of thing really well. There are a lot of ways to make him cry, but that’ll be the first one.
“You’re such a slut, is it only me or are you like this for everyone?” Not that Liam’s sucking anyone else off, Theo would know and then he would kill that person. Because he likes having easy access, not because he cares or anything. Liam’s mouth feels amazing, but it’s the moan he lets out around Theo’s dick as his eyes roll back in his head that has Theo finally coming himself, because that’s pretty much the hottest thing ever, that Liam gets off so hard on Theo being mean to him that he can come from it. Theo is going to do terrible things to this boy. He pulls back, looking at the string of spit connecting his dick to Liam’s mouth, watches as Liam swallows because of course he does. Theo wonders how soon he can get it up again.

He shuts the showers off, finally, turns back to Liam still on his knees. “Was that...okay?” Liam’s all shy now even though Theo was literally just fucking his mouth, and Theo doesn’t like the worry on Liam’s face. He knows Liam has to be the best at everything but he didn’t think it would extend to this.

“Pretty hard to give a bad blowjob.” Which isn’t true, Theo has had some awful blowjobs, and Liam’s was anything but. Liam’s face falls, and Theo kneels himself, rushing to say, “It was great, Dunbar, jeez. Of course it was great, it was you.” Liam makes a weird face at that, and Theo wants to bite his fucking tongue off because that was probably the softest thing he’s ever said aloud.

“Okay,” Liam finally says, biting his lip that’s still a little swollen. Theo leans in and kisses him, hard, tasting himself in Liam’s mouth. Liam’s grinning when he pulls back, all satisfaction again. Theo likes that much better. “Um, can you bring me home? Mason was my ride but he’s probably left by now.”

“Sure, but you’ll owe me another blowjob.” Theo yelps when Liam punches him, but he knows he deserves it.


It’s easier than Theo would have thought, to have Liam in his car. He was worried Liam would be able to tell he was living in it, even though he hides the blanket and pillow under the backseats, keeps his clothes in the bed.

Liam doesn’t seem to notice, though; he fiddles with Theo’s radio to play some terrible pop song that he can sing along to, Theo laughing at him cause his voice is terrible. He wouldn’t expect to be laughing this much with Liam, to feel his shoulders relax and loosen as Liam incorrectly belts out the chorus. It’s almost surprising to arrive at Liam’s house. Theo already knew what it looked like, he’s been here a couple times both to case the place out and when he crashed that party, but it really strikes him how the house suits Liam. It’s sprawling and painted yellow and older, the kind of house that always looks inviting. Friendly. It looks like it would welcome Liam in and keep him safe. Theo wants the same thing, and the wistfulness must be coming off him in waves because Liam looks over at him, curious. “Um, is everything okay?”

“Just thinking about home,” Theo answers before realizing what he said.

“You have a home, dumbass.”

“Right. Yeah. You can leave now, unless you want to suck my dick again?” He grins, knowing Liam will immediately be pissed off, forgetting Theo being weird.

“God, I hate you,” Liam groans, getting out of Theo’s car with his backpack hauled over his shoulder. “Thanks for the ride, though.” Theo spends more time than he wants to watching Liam take the path up to his house before he drives off, hoping to find a parking lot where he can catch a couple hours of sleep.

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Theo can smell how turned on Liam is, the sugary sweet scent of him getting earthy, making Theo’s mouth water. They’re playing video games at Liam’s house because that’s apparently something they do now, Liam muttering about keeping an eye on him. Theo’s always been good at this kind of war game, good at strategy, at taking opponents when they least expect it. He’s not ashamed of it. He’s definitely not ashamed when he headshots Liam’s character for the fifth time. “You fucking suck, Dunbar.”

“Fuck you,” Liam says, rolling his eyes. He hisses under his breath as Theo waits for his character to respawn and then immediately kills him again, grinning. There are some parts of Theo that never got over the need to cause chaos. Being an asshole in online gaming communities has been surprisingly helpful with feeding those parts. Even better when he’s being a dick to Liam, who turns to him all shocked like he’s surprised that Theo’s being annoying. “Dude!

Theo shrugs, smells the undercurrent of aggravation turn to anger as he says, “Get good or stop playing, I guess.”

“I am good, it’s just that you’re perfect at everything you try,” which is flattering, but what’s even more flattering is Theo winning player of the game, raising his hands over his head in mock celebration. Being around Liam makes him goofy, has him smoothing out. Probably because Liam is such an idiot that Theo is comfortable acting the same, Theo is sure.

Liam is muttering under his breath about cheating and smug assholes and Theo thinks it’s cute when Liam’s pouty, so he hauls him onto his lap, Liam fighting it at first before Theo gets his hands on his hips and grinds up. He knew Liam was hard already, he just doesn’t know why, and fucking with Liam will always be more interesting than any video game. Liam’s eyelashes flutter, and then he has a hand on Theo’s shoulder, holding him down.

Theo leans up for a kiss but Liam turns his head away; he’s being obnoxious, making angry noises as he grinds on Theo’s cock, the scent of him frustrated and bitter. He snarls when Theo tries to move his hands, has Theo leaning back to ask, “What the fuck is up with you, Dunbar?” Then, softer, “What do you want? Tell me.” He enjoys pushing Liam around, messing with him, but he wants Liam to have a good time in the end. He wasn’t always like that.

Liam flushes deeper than Theo thought he was capable of. “Nothing. I’ll just-” He tries to get up but Theo holds him there, claws coming out to prick at the skin under his shirt. If Liam really wanted to go he could, werewolves are stronger than chimeras. He stays put.

“You’ve been horny since you walked in here. Stop being a bitch and tell me.” He half expects Liam to punch him in the face for that, and he would probably deserve it.

All Liam does is squirm, eyes resting somewhere around Theo’s shoulder. “You should. Um. You should put your fingers in me.”

Theo’s never come closer to losing control of the shift, taken by surprise; he’d thought he would have to coax Liam into this, convince him it feels good if you do it right. This is better, though, this is Liam coming to him wanting and asking, his legs splayed over Theo’s lap.

He doesn’t bother asking why because he knows better than to look a gift horse in the mouth; he helps Liam slip out of his shorts instead, has Liam back on his lap with his hands on Liam’s thick thighs moments later, feeling the hair there, the warmth of him. There’s something so vital about Liam that pricks at all of the cold, fake parts of Theo, has him wanting to burrow inside.

Liam brought lube, prepared for this, which is adorable. “You have to tell me if it hurts,” Theo says as he’s slicking up his fingers, feeling his pulse there. Tara’s heart is beating so hard.

Liam makes a weird face. “Why would you care?” Theo doesn’t want to take the time to explain the difference between hurting Liam on purpose and hurting him accidentally, that the former is hot and the latter makes something achy curl in Theo’s chest. He just shrugs and slides the first finger in, feels heat and pressure, Liam squeezing up around him on instinct.

“Loosen up, baby,” Theo murmurs, the endearment slipping out without intention.

“You try relaxing with a finger up your ass,” Liam snaps.

“I have. I’m great at it.” Theo winks, hears the stutter of Liam’s heartbeat and uses the distraction to slip another finger in, stretching him out. He wants Liam to relax but being soft will only make him angry, so he just tucks his head into Liam’s shoulder, listens to his fast breathing.

He can tell when it starts to feel good, feels Liam’s cock jump against his stomach and keeps rubbing the same spot, firm and without mercy even as Liam lets out these gorgeous breathy moans into his hair. “Oh, fuck, Theo, that’s…” Theo knows how great it can feel, wrong in the best kind of way, intrusive and deep. “It’s so much.”

Theo huffs a laugh into Liam’s neck, smelling the sugary mango scent he always has, the anger almost eradicated when he’s feeling this good. “It’s just two fingers, what’re you gonna do when it’s my dick?” he asks, feeling Liam’s shudder throughout his whole body.

“You want to fuck me?” Usually Theo’s kidding when he says Liam’s an idiot…

“I don’t get this hard for just anybody,” he says, grinning at the pleased noise Liam makes. He’s dripping inside his jeans, focused more on Liam’s pleasure than anything else. Liam’s so tight, Theo’s almost positive he’s a virgin. “Am I the first?” Theo asks, twisting his fingers up, feeling Liam’s jaw drop open against his temple. “Do I get to be the first guy to split your cute little ass open?”

“I’ve touched myself before,” Liam protests, which isn’t the same thing but is hot as hell, has Theo grinning.

“Bet you were thinking of me.” Liam doesn’t respond, which is answer enough in itself. Theo lets himself think of Liam spread out on his bed, shorts pushed down to his ankle, slipping a finger in himself and groaning with frustration cause he knows it doesn’t feel as good as Theo would.

Liam’s hand drifts to his dick; Theo can feel the backs of his knuckles against his own stomach, and the need to see Liam come is suddenly immediate. Theo stops trying to stretch Liam open and just keeps his fingers against his prostate, pressing as Liam’s hand moves faster on his cock. It’s hot to look down, see Liam’s hand there, how his fingers almost look small compared to his dick.

He’s getting flushed across his cheekbones like always, curling around Theo as his eyes pop wide. Every time, it’s like he’s surprised that he’s coming even as he spills over his fingers and onto Theo’s shirt; they’ve reeked of each other for weeks now.

Theo wonders if Liam has noticed, doesn’t think so. The rest of the pack is off to college, unable to find out, except for Corey, who had frozen when he walked by Theo the other day, sniffed the air and left with a bemused expression.

Theo slips his fingers from Liam and wipes them on the back of Liam’s shirt just to bother him, waits for him to stop panting as his breath evens out.

His cock is so hard it’s starting to hurt, pressing against the zipper of his jeans, so he squeezes it, thinks that coming on Liam’s thighs will be a great end to his day. Except Liam’s clambering off him, all elbows and, “Ah, sorry, you’ll heal though,” until he’s on the ground between Theo’s legs, looking up expectantly.

Theo’s frozen for a moment, struck by how blue Liam’s eyes are even in this dim room. He’s never really liked blue eyes, but everything’s pretty on Liam. He shakes his head to get rid of that thought, grabs Liam’s hair with his clean hand which is a courtesy he doesn’t really deserve; he’s already gained the confidence to unzip Theo and pull his dick out, licking up the side with a smirk that has Theo wanting to cockslap him again. Maybe he’ll do it later, when Liam isn’t sucking the tip of his cock into the wet heat of his mouth, just as good as the last time.

Theo tips his head back on the couch, not wanting to give Liam the satisfaction of seeing him go to pieces. Liam’s making hot, hungry noises, one hand curled around the base of Theo’s dick so he doesn’t choke. Theo thinks he might have been doing research, which is uncharacteristic of him and also appealing to think of, unless he’s been doing that research with other people. Theo’s fist clenches in Liam’s hair until he reminds himself that all Liam smells of is himself, so instead he holds Liam there, tugging him in a bit til he chokes and claws at Theo’s thigh, the sharp sting of pain enough to make Theo come.

He likes the idea of coming on Liam’s face but isn’t fast enough, has to settle for coming in his mouth instead which isn’t really settling at all. Liam’s mouth is swollen when he pulls of Theo’s cock with a pop. His hair is all scrunched up at one side where Theo was grabbing. Sexed up is a good look on him.

Theo’s about to say something about going back to the game, maybe try to coax Liam into saying how good it felt to be fingered, but there’s the sound of someone upstairs, two heartbeats and chattering voices.

“Liam, honey, are you down there?” It’s Liam’s mom, a woman Theo has never met, and his stepdad. “I saw a truck in the driveway, do you have friends over? They can stay for dinner, I’m making pot roast.”

Theo hasn’t eaten real food in months, but he’s suddenly overwhelmed and scared, thinking of Liam’s pleasant, happy family, the stability he has here that Theo could never fit into. Liam’s softer, able to settle into this kind of life. Theo will just scrape at everything and ruin it. He can feel Tara’s heart threatening to climb into his throat and scrambles to fix his pants, almost falling over Liam as he gets to his feet. Liam’s watching him from the floor, confused.

“I have to go.”

“Um, I mean, you can stay if you want to,” Liam says, but Theo feels like it’s begrudging, wants to be anywhere other than here with Liam’s happy family. Theo just shakes his head, knows he’s running away but he can’t really breathe til he’s back in his truck and on the road, still reeking of Liam’s cum. Even then, his breath won’t come easy. If he has to pull over to have a panic attack, that’s his business.


Liam’s left on the floor of his living room, absolutely fucking baffled because Theo went from sprawled out and satisfied to frantic, the scent of his fear making Liam’s hackles rise. He’s only ever smelled that scared when they were actively fighting a threat, and Liam’s pretty sure his parents aren’t scary enough to warrant that kind of reaction.

He wipes at his mouth, still tasting Theo, starts to feel pissed off. He had been sincere with that dinner invitation, Theo’s easier to be around now that Liam knows orgasms will come of it, and sometimes (often) he’s genuinely funny. There was no reason for Theo to react like that. Something about the whole situation feels off and weird. If Liam tries to ask Theo about it, he knows Theo will just have something snarky to say, probably about Liam being obsessed with him, so Liam washes his hands, rinses out his mouth, and goes up to say hello to his parents. If he’s even pricklier than usual, neither of them mention it.

Chapter Text

Theo won’t even look at him the next day at school, like he didn’t just have his fingers inside Liam last night. Like he doesn’t smell so strongly of Liam that it’s distracting, has Liam scenting him from across the school without thinking about it, absently monitoring his heartbeat. The worst part about it is how good Theo looks today, his hair ungelled and loose around his face, wearing a t-shirt so soft that Liam wants to rub his cheek against it. There are girls flitting around Theo the whole day, touching the swell of his bicep, trying to get his number and he’s grinning at them mostly, self-satisfied. It makes Liam’s skin itch, has him snappier than usual. Theo shouldn’t be talking to all those girls because...because he’s evil, or something. It’s just wrong. Liam doesn’t like it.

“Dude,” Mason says for what must be like the third time, because he looks a little annoyed, prodding Liam’s arm.

“What?” Liam says, turning away from where Theo is patiently nodding as a girl with her hair in pigtails excitedly explains TikTok to him, her fingers brushing his chest every so often. Theo doesn’t even have a Snapchat, there’s no way he’ll understand TikTok.

“I was saying how I can’t bring you home today cause Chess Club has a meeting. You’ll have to find another ride.” Mason seems to be in every smart club the school has. Chess, Mathletes, Debate. Liam isn’t sure how he ever has time to sleep.

“Yeah, sure. I’ll just have Theo bring me.”

Mason looks from him to where Theo is now watching a video on the girl’s phone, his face twisting with laughter. He’s gorgeous when he laughs, it’s offensive. Liam hates him so much.

“You...Theo? You hate him.”

“I do,” Liam agrees. “But we hang out sometimes.”

“Theo’s kind of nice now,” Corey offers, taking a fry off Mason’s plate, shrugging at Mason’s surprised expression. “He said sorry for almost killing me.” Mason frowns, but he eventually shrugs and kisses Corey’s cheek, moving on to talk about the pack gathering they have planned for the summer. Everyone will be there, even people Liam’s never met like Isaac and Cora. He’s really looking forward to it.


he suck me good and hard through my jorts


Theo’s waiting outside for Liam, looking bored and going through his phone as the rush of people leaving passes around him. Liam wonders who Theo could possibly be texting. He can’t imagine Theo from before underground having real friends, and as far as he knows, Theo doesn’t make any real effort at socializing with anyone besides the pack. It bothers him, how little he knows about Theo’s life. At least Theo’s finally paying attention to him.

“Who’re you talking to?” he asks, trying to snoop, foiled when Theo lifts his phone away.

“You know what curiosity did to the cat, Liam. Imagine what it will do to nosy little werewolves.”

“I’m not little,” Liam complains, following Theo to his truck, Theo grinning smugly at him. Theo’s not even tall himself, he doesn’t get to talk. He puts his backpack at his feet and bothers Theo by trying to change the channel from the news stations Theo seems addicted to listening to, knocks Theo’s fingers away when he tries to change it back. Lady Gaga blasts through the speakers.

“You listen to old man channels, Theo. Haven’t you heard of Spotify?” From the tensing in his shoulders, Theo hasn’t. He always gets pissy when reminded of the gaps in his knowledge, and Liam’s annoyed enough by all of today to prod at his weak points. “It’s, like, this app. Do you know what an app is, Theo?” he asks innocently, watching a muscle in Theo’s jaw twitch.

They take a different street, one that doesn’t lead to his house. Liam is a little concerned he’s taken it too far and Theo is finally going to murder him until Theo says, “I’m taking us to the Preserve.”


“You said we were going to make out.”

Liam’s mollified. “Oh, yeah. Right.” He sits back to watch the trees stream by, content to turn the conversation to safer things like lacrosse and the paper due in their World Lit class until Theo’s pulling into a part of the Preserve Liam’s never seen before, a semi open clearing. There’s no human heartbeats around for miles besides his and Theo’s. A couple months ago this would have been terrifying, being alone with Theo this far from help.

The fact that he’s so comfortable now sends a weird thrill of discomfort through him, has him yanking Theo’s phone from it’s place in the cupholder and scrambling out the door as Theo snarls behind him. “Liam! What the fuck?”

“I want to see who you’re texting!” he yells, heading to the front of the truck, trying to read through his notifications and getting as far as seeing that Theo apparently has a Twitter before Theo’s literally vaulting over the hood of his car, trying to rip his phone from Liam’s hands, pinning him against the front of his truck. Liam is a full werewolf, and stronger. Theo’s better at fighting but he’s not fighting to kill so he doesn’t really have any options; Liam almost has the phone back when Theo curls a hand around the back of his neck and squeezes, hard. Liam goes limp with a shocked exhalation, suddenly helpless, feeling Theo’s claws curve against his skin. The wolf inside him is whimpering.

“Wha...What?” he breathes, dropping the phone to the forest floor. He can’t move, can only stare at Theo’s green eyes as he comes closer to rest his cheek against Liam’s temple, hot and intimate.

“There are a lot of things about being a werewolf that no one’s taught you,” Theo breathes, adjusting his hold on Liam’s neck. “Like this.” He squeezes again, and Liam can’t help the high whimper that crawls up from his throat, exposing him. “You could escape if you really wanted to, but I don’t think you do.” He snakes a hand down between them, grabs Liam’s cock through his shorts. “You really like this, don’t you?” he coos, and Liam’s panting, wants to drag Theo in closer but can’t bring his hands to move.

Theo’s pulling back to look at him, satisfaction all over him, before he’s kissing Liam’s open mouth, sucking on his tongue as his hand dips inside Liam’s shorts, sliding them down to his thighs. “Wait, someone will see us,” he manages to breathe, hips jumping as Theo starts jerking him off, licks at his hand once to add more slick.

“I don’t care,” Theo growls. “You’re gorgeous like this anyway.”

Liam wishes that didn’t make his heart lurch in his chest, wishes Theo didn’t know exactly how to touch him so that he’s close to coming after just a couple minutes, going up on his toes, chasing Theo’s hand. “Please…”

“Are you gonna come for me, baby?” Theo murmurs against his mouth, and Liam nods, his moan tumbling out his mouth and into Theo’s as he comes, pressing back against the hand on his neck. Theo’s sucking his fingers clean, turning Liam around to bend over the hood of the car as he takes his hand away. Liam slumps there, watching his breath puff against the hood as Theo unzips behind him, slaps Liam hard on the ass once. Liam yelps, cock twitching.

Theo’s hand is back on his neck, holding him down as Theo rubs his cock against his ass, leaving trails of slick behind, presses his cock up against Liam’s hole for the briefest of seconds. Liam’s afraid, tensing up; he knows Theo now, mostly, but he’s still volatile and anything he does to Liam will heal, so he could fuck Liam dry, if he wanted to. “Theo?”

“Relax,” Theo orders, gripping his neck harder, so Liam does. He can’t help it. “I’m not going to hurt you.” It’s funny, how Liam believes him. He presses his ass back into Theo, grins at the groan Theo can’t muffle as he rubs his cock between Liam’s cheeks. Liam thinks about actually having Theo’s cock in him, inside where it’s sore and sensitive. Theo’s big; Liam thinks it would hurt in the best kind of ways. He muffles a moan against the truck, pushes up into Theo’s hand. “You’re so fucking…” Theo trails off into inarticulate sounds as he ruts against Liam’s ass once, twice, comes all over the dimples in the small of his back.

When his neck is released, Liam stands, feeling Theo’s cum drip down his back. Then Theo’s stepping into his space, kissing him again, deeper, slipping his tongue in Liam’s mouth as Liam pulls him closer, hands at his hips. Theo hauls him up onto the hood of the truck so Liam can wrap his legs around Theo’s waist, let Theo bite at his neck and ears. The shirt is exactly as soft as he thought it would be, thin between his fingers as Theo’s warmth bleeds through, Theo exhaling against his mouth when Liam slips his hands under, grips at the narrow cut of Theo’s hips. They only stop when his phone rings, still inside the truck; his mom is probably wondering where he is.

“I have to get home,” he says regretfully, tilts his head so Theo can bite behind his ears.

“Maybe I’ll kidnap you instead, lock you away,” Theo murmurs, sucking a mark onto his neck that will fade in seconds. “Fuck you every night and put you away wet.”

Considering Theo’s history, that should be terrifying, but Liam just laughs, kisses his temple. “If you’re good, maybe I’ll let you.”


Liam is quiet on the drive home; he smells amazing, satisfaction and Theo’s cum all over him. Theo thinks of rubbing his cock against Liam’s perfect ass, wonders how soon it will be before he can convince Liam to let him fuck it. He bets Liam will love it, will get messy and vulnerable. Theo’s going to go so deep Liam will never be able to get him out, has him grinning with excitement. Liam will look good freshly fucked and filled with his cum.

“Stop grinning like that,” Liam grumbles next to him, rubbing at the fading spot on his neck where Theo sucked a mark. “You look like you’re plotting something.”

“I am,” Theo answers. “I’m going to dethrone the Sheriff and use the police to rule Beacon Hills with an iron fist.” A couple months ago, this would have been met with suspicion, maybe a broken nose. Liam just snickers. “I’d handcuff you and keep you as my slave.” The little thrill of arousal that comes from Liam when he says that is doing dangerous things to Theo’s self control.

They pull up to his house; Liam’s mom’s car is in the driveway so Theo won’t go in, is glad Liam doesn’t invite him. He has work in an hour anyway. Liam grabs him, kisses him quick and light before getting out of the car. “We didn't make it to the backseat this time. Maybe tomorrow,” he says, leaving Theo in the car thinking about how familiar that kiss had been, soothing rather than seductive. He touches his mouth, watches Liam enter his house, and begins to feel very, very screwed.

Chapter Text

Liam’s felt it under his skin all day, that crawling anger that he can usually keep tucked away with the medication he takes and the hours of therapy his mom had him go to, though it’s hard for therapy to be fully effective when Liam can’t reveal the biggest stressors in his life, like being a werewolf or fucking the guy who tried getting him to kill his Alpha.

He got through lacrosse practice fine, managed to breathe through the car ride home with Corey shooting him nervous glances, probably able to smell the rage simmering under his skin. He’d had to skip World Lit because the teacher is always subtly patronizing; he’d patted Liam on the head once and Liam’d almost bit through his tongue, his fangs had come out so fast. It’s not a problem he needs right now. And if Theo had said something, Liam would’ve gone for his throat.

It doesn’t help when he gets home and realizes he needs the homework, has to text Theo. He’s already pissy but then Theo’s smartass answers send him over the edge and Liam is gone, sending a text to Theo that he doesn’t mean before he snarls and throws his phone against the wall, probably shattering it, rips through the sheets on his mattress and doesn’t come to until about ten minutes later when he’s punched three new holes in his wall, his knuckles purpling up and healing before his eyes.

His room is a mess, his stuff tossed everywhere and Liam is so angry at himself; he’s been doing well, hasn’t had an episode in months and what if it had happened in front of humans? What if he’d hurt someone?

He sits on his bed, presses his closed fists to his temples, swallows the scream that’s trying to spill from his throat. At least his parents aren’t home yet. He hates being humiliated under their sympathetic gazes, the worried line his mom gets in her forehead. Like he’s a monster.

There’s a knock on his window and he jerks into action, limbs flailing, still on edge from Monroe. It’s only Theo, eyes flaring yellow for a moment to match his. Liam’s mind is racing, he’s remembering what he said to Theo and shame is crawling into his chest, and he hates Theo, right? Almost wants to blame him for this latest episode. He waves him in anyway.


Theo’s left staring down at his phone in confusion; he and Liam spar verbally, sure, but it hasn’t had anything close to this edge of viciousness in months, especially when Liam would’ve been able to see that Theo was still typing, was of course going to give him the homework because...Just because.

He can’t think of what he did to trigger that response until he realizes he actually did trigger that, should’ve thought of how Liam smelled angrier than usual all day, almost overwhelming his usual, fruity scent. He’d barely talked during lunch, not that Theo cares, not that he always keeps an ear pricked for Liam over the general lunchtime cacophony.

It’s dark out in the Preserve where Theo’s parked, trying to grab some sleep after work. The cops don’t usually come here, especially when Theo’s parked behind the ruins of the Hale house. Rumor is it’s haunted.

He’s glad, then, that no one can see him flush with shame, which is a very new emotion and the one that haunts him only slightly less than guilt. Fear is up there, too, but Theo’s been familiar with fear for years.

He looks down at his last text to Liam, sent without him really thinking about it, and sighs. It’s finally warm enough that he can sleep in the bed of his truck, stretching out, and he was looking forward to that. He doesn’t know why going to Liam’s house and making sure he’s okay is more important, but it is. Life has been so much harder since Theo started having emotions. He groans, and starts his truck.


Liam’s house is no less intimidating in the dark, Theo reminding himself that he’ll never have something like this no matter how much he wants it, doesn’t deserve somewhere safe to go back to like Liam does. He should stop dreaming about it.

There are no cars in the driveway, but Theo parks down the street anyway, carefulness ingrained in him as habit. He’s close enough to hear Liam’s racing heartbeat, spends a couple minutes trying to figure out how to get up to Liam’s window. He doesn’t dare go in the front door; so many people have cameras there nowadays, it really used to make his job harder. Never stopped him for good, though.

He shakes that thought away, uses the overhang of Liam’s porch to haul himself up and onto the roof, almost slipping on the tiles. That would be an embarrassing way to die, after everything. A lot of people would be relieved. Even Theo might be relieved, to not struggle anymore, to never dream of Tara coming for his heart again, sometimes shifting into Liam or Scott or, once, Lydia.

He’s rapping on Liam’s window as he decides that he might as well keep living, has to bite down a smile when Liam flails into motion, staring at Theo with flared eyes and his fangs peeking over his lip.

Theo is afraid, for one horrible moment, that Liam won’t let him in, that Theo will have to crawl back to the Preserve in his truck with the knowledge that he finally ruined one of the few good things in his life. He draws his hand back, about to accept the rejection, when Liam waves him in.

Theo is kind of angry that Liam leaves his window unlocked when there are so many things that want to hurt him, but Theo sleeps in a pickup truck in the middle of nowhere so he doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

The room reeks of hot rage and bitter shame, Theo wrinkling his nose against it. He’s seen this room before, back when he was learning everything he could about Scott’s pack, but it’s different with Liam there, sitting on his bed biting his lip. The trophies and clothes and pictures fade into the background, and Theo can only smell Liam, like he has his nose pressed into his neck. He wishes he lived here suddenly, so desperately it takes him by surprise, has him pausing halfway through the window. He wants to live here, and be surrounded by Liam and his scent and he thinks he could feel safe eventually, like he never has.

Liam catches his hesitation and reads it wrong, face going downcast and horrified. “Look, I’m sorry for what I said to you, I was having an episode but I’m okay now, I didn’t mean it. You don’t have to leave. Please. I’m so sorry.” It’s obvious he’s not expecting Theo to listen to him, and Theo wonders, not for the first time, if Liam understands the power he has here. Theo would break his nose again before he would leave Liam alone and miserable. Just another soft thought among the dozens he’s had since they started hooking up. Just hooking up, he reminds himself.

This doesn’t stop him from stepping fully into the room, standing to his full height. “Liam,” he interrupts, holding up a hand.

Liam hunches into himself and Theo doesn’t like any of it, hates to see that guilt stricken look on his face. He makes his way to Liam’s bed, stepping over the debris on his floor, wincing when he cracks a photo underfoot.

“It’s fine,” Liam assures him, yawning. Theo will never tell Liam this, but he did research on IED, before. The Dread Doctors had plenty of information on it that they were pleased to share with Theo in his quest to destroy the McCall pack, and Theo never forgets anything. So he knows that an episode can make Liam tired, can mix remorse and exhaustion up inside him. He’s careful not to touch any part of Liam as he chooses to sit on the bed instead of wrestling with the computer chair that’s now tipped over and missing an arm, claw marks across the back of it that Liam will have a hard time explaining. They sit for a moment, Theo feeling Liam’s eyes on the side of his face. “Why’d you come?” Liam asks finally.

“I didn’t mean to I’m sorry.” He winces at his clumsy words, his silver tongue failing him like it so often seems to do now.

“I don’t think you’ve ever said sorry before,” Liam muses to himself, swaying a little, his eyes getting heavy. “And I’m the one who should be apologizing.”

“You didn’t mean any of it.”

“I mean, you are annoying.” Liam’s grinning when Theo finally looks at him, the last of the guilt draining out of his scent as he seems to understand that there was no real harm done. He just smells, and looks, tired, his body listing to the side until he sinks against Theo’s shoulder. Theo doesn’t move, afraid that if he does it’ll break this peace between them. “Wait, how’d you get here so fast? I thought your house was across town.”

He stiffens, tamping down on his heartbeat, wishing Liam hadn’t chosen this situation to not be obtuse. “Right. Um. Yeah. It is. I was out getting milk.” Which is a stupid lie, and he’s lucky that Liam decides not to question it. Or, he realizes, lucky that Liam picks this moment to fall asleep, his head against Theo’s neck with his hair tickling the skin there and Theo has no idea what to do.

He doesn’t think shoving Liam off would be a good idea, and it isn’t something he particularly wants to do, but they can’t sit like this all night or Liam will be sore in the morning. He settles on tipping Liam onto his back, gently, until he’s still sleeping in a curled up ball on his side. He smells even better like this; scent has been Theo’s strongest sense for so long now that he’s stopped registering how much he relies on it, doesn’t think about how he’ll use it over any other sense where other people would use sight.

He touches Liam’s shoulder once, for no real reason, and wonders what it would be like if he had any right to stay, curl himself around Liam’s solid body. If Theo hadn’t messed everything up from the time he set foot in Beacon Hills, hadn’t spread destruction and pain around until he deserved more hatred from everyone than he’s actually been shown. He wonders sometimes, in the middle of the night while he stares up at the stars, if he had come to Beacon Hills and told Scott everything from the start, what would’ve happened. If the pack would’ve won anyway. He wasted that chance.

So he leaves through Liam’s window the same way he came, and he’s crouched on the roof about to jump down when a car pulls into the driveway, and Theo locks horrified eyes with Liam’s mom.


Liam is scared awake by his mom’s scream, is halfway down the stairs and out the door before he remembers to control the shift and realizes he can hear Theo stammering out apologies, his mom yelling mostly incoherently. He hasn’t heard her this scared or angry since she found out Liam’s bio dad was hitting him, and Liam feels a pang of guilt.

He bursts out the door to where his mom is standing in the driveway, screaming at Theo, phone in hand. Theo has his hands out in front of him, frozen on the roof as he swears he’s Liam’s friend, and the fear coming off him seems a little too much for the situation; obviously Liam’s going to explain what happened, and it’s not like his mother could hurt Theo considering she’s human and, like, five feet tall.

“Mom! Mom,” Liam soothes, taking her by the shoulders and squeezing until she looks at him, breathing hard with her pupils blown. She’s wearing her scrubs; she met Liam’s dad at the hospital when he first came to town, and Liam thinks it’s cute that they still work the same shifts. “Mom, this is my friend Theo.”

Theo waves, awkwardly, and shimmies his way down the porch railing instead of jumping like he usually would. He looks handsome, a little flushed and breathing hard, his eyes darting to Liam’s mom and then to Liam himself. Nervous is a strangely good look on Theo. Liam sees his mom’s eyes examine Theo and then move to where Liam’s hovering protectively an inch or so in front of him, watches her come to a conclusion that isn’t entirely incorrect. The grin on her face is not a good sign. “I’m so glad to finally meet Liam’s boyfriend.”

“Um, wait-” Theo starts, until Liam elbows him in the gut. He’d rather his mom think Theo is his boyfriend than bother to ask why Theo is over here so late for another reason, doesn’t want to have to explain his most recent episode. And it would be great to have his mom stop asking when Hayden will be back.

“Yep, yeah, my boyfriend. And he was just leaving, right? Because his parents want him home.”

He turns to Theo with pleading eyes, isn’t sure what Theo will do. Apparently, it’s plaster on the fakest smile Liam’s ever seen on his face, which is saying something, as he throws an arm that doesn’t feel entirely horrible around Liam’s waist, pulling their bodies together. “Exactly. I’m sorry to leave so soon, Mrs. Dunbar.”

“It’s Geyer, actually, and it’s no problem! You should come over for dinner tomorrow so we can really get to know each other, and you can meet my husband.” The tone of her words leaves no room for argument, and Theo nods his head against it. Liam hopes this won’t be the catalyst for Theo leaving Beacon Hills.

“I’ll be there,” Theo promises, possibly sincerely. Possibly, he’s already deciding on the fastest road out of town. “Bye, Liam. Bye, Mrs. Geyer.” He brushes a kiss across Liam’s cheek as he leaves that has Liam flushing and putting a hand there, which his mom coos over, seeming to believe their story.

“I just worked a 12 hour shift, so we’ll talk later,” she says as they head inside, Liam distantly able to hear Theo’s truck start up and drive away. “Right. Um. Sorry, Mom.”

She pulls him into a hug that Liam is glad to return, squeezing once before letting him go. “He’s adorable, by the way. I can’t wait for your father to meet him.” Liam smiles weakly at her; she’s right that Theo is adorable, Liam’s not blind, but Liam’s still not entirely sure Theo won’t be a hundred miles away by tomorrow morning. He hopes not.


In bed with his thankfully undamaged phone, Liam sends one last text out to Theo, wincing when he reads over his previous, angry text.

shady emoji

Of course the first emoji Liam’s ever seen Theo use would be the shadiest one possible. Liam smiles down at his phone anyway, tries not to think of the many ways he could repay Theo because it’s late and he doesn’t have time to jerk off if he wants to have enough hours of sleep before school.


Theo has a panic attack as soon as he gets in his truck bed, can’t stop thinking about the kindness in Liam’s mother’s eyes and the fact that he has to go back and pretend that he could ever fit in there.

He ends up not being able to settle, shifts so he’s able to run four legged through the Preserve until he’s too tired to drag himself forward and he can sleep curled up near the tires of his truck. He would sleep as a wolf (is he a wolf? Is he a coyote? Theo has never been able to figure that out) more often, but he sometimes wakes up and struggles to turn back, which is terrifying. He doesn’t think about Liam, or the pack, or anything but his deep, even breaths and the sounds of the Preserve around him.

He doesn’t even like Liam all that much, he reminds himself. The animal inside him whines at that, and Theo bites at his own paw in punishment, because this was never supposed to be anything more than getting off with someone attractive who won’t mind that Theo’s eyes turn yellow sometimes. He doesn’t care. He can’t.

Chapter Text

Theo is fourteen and he’s bent backwards on the exam table and the doctors are slipping a tube up up under his rib cage, brushing Tara’s heart and he’s begging them to kill him to please just kill him but it will only come out as canine whines and whimpers as the Surgeon leans over him; Theo hasn’t hit his growth spurt yet and he’s always aware of how small he is, how vulnerable. His scream comes out as a howl when they declare him a possible failure and he wants to die


Theo comes panting awake, still next to his truck, still shifted. He’s bitten the tops of his paws raw and sore. The coyote in the back of his head wants him to find Liam and the wolf wants him to find any pack member in general; it’s leery still about Malia and Stiles but content with the others, especially Scott and Lydia. Not that he’s really pack. Not that he should want to be, he reminds himself. He’s only in Beacon Hills until he graduates and then he can leave and he will not be looking back.

He gets to his feet, manages to shake the shift off so he’s human and naked within a couple seconds, fishing his clothes out from the back of the truck bed and frowning when he sees they’re wet with dew. His fault for forgetting to put them away, and the rest of his clothes are too dirty to wear. A little cold won’t kill him; he’s capable of getting sick, just colds or the flu, unlike full werewolves, but he’s not that weak. It still sucks to slide them over his skin and shiver under the light of dawn. At least he doesn’t have school today, just has to work and do laundry and slink around town until it’s time for dinner with Liam’s perfect family.


Dinner is both better and worse than Liam expected; better because Theo actually shows up, wearing nice clothes and a smile, charming the hell out of his parents almost immediately with the flowers he brought. Worse because Liam doesn’t know this version of Theo anymore, friendly and sweet and self-effacing. It reminds him of when Theo first came to town and he was fake and horrible and it’s kind of making Liam hate him all over again, makes him want to drag out the actual Theo who’s an asshole and rude but at least he’s real.

They get past the usual questions about Theo’s family that he mostly avoids, and they all learn that Theo apparently genuinely likes hockey and his favorite team is the LA Kings, which comes as something of a surprise to Liam when he can’t hear Theo’s heart skip. He knows that Theo is a real person and that he does things besides like, lurk in the woods creating evil plans, but it’s still kind of surreal to hear Theo earnestly discuss hockey stats and then go on to describe his job that Liam had no idea he had, and to talk about the latest Star Wars movie with Liam’s dad.

Liam can tell from his parent’s expressions that they’re impressed, that his mom is already planning the wedding like she did with Hayden. Liam is kind of curious about which of them she sees coming down the aisle.

This leads to a mild fantasy/panic attack where he thinks about what it would be like to marry Theo, how he would look in a wedding dress and whether Theo would wear garters for Liam to pull off with his teeth. It’s a disturbingly hot image and Theo’s head turns to him, nostrils flaring as he picks up on Liam’s arousal. The flash of his teeth is the most genuine thing Liam’s seen him do all night as he kicks up his foot under the table, between Liam’s legs. Liam stiffens.

“So, Theo, how long have you been dating Liam?” his stepdad finally asks, and Liam realizes they should’ve discussed this earlier. He widens his eyes at Theo, who’s so much better at lying and is currently pressing his shoe against Liam’s inner thigh so it’s not like Liam can be expected to answer. Liam thinks about tearing his ankle open but he kind of likes this at the same time, how Theo’s always pushing.

“Four weeks, but we knew each other for months before that.” Liam thinks four weeks might’ve been the night of the party, the first time Theo got him off, and it’s weird that Theo has it down so accurately. “I’m still not sure he even likes me,” Theo sighs dramatically, which makes his parents laugh.

Liam knows he’s not kidding; he’s not sure himself whether he likes Theo. Sometimes, maybe, when Theo lets his guard down and doesn’t act like the villain in a bad TV show. When he’s laughing and he looks as young as he actually is. He shocks himself by saying, “Of course I like you,” and being sincere about it. His parents won’t notice Theo’s sudden, inhuman stillness, or know that it means he took Theo by surprise. Liam knows, though. He grins at Theo across the table, satisfied, and squeezes his ankle once.


Theo says goodbye around eight, leaves in his truck as Liam and his parents wave from the front door. Liam still isn’t sure whether he’ll be seeing Theo at school tomorrow, whether Theo is finally fleeing Beacon Hills. He isn’t sure he cares. Every time he’s with Theo he feels a weird mixture of a draw and Theo pulling away, tries not to spend too much time thinking about it. He has enough on his plate with senior year and IED and being a werewolf who can’t let anyone else know he’s a werewolf.

“He seems like a nice boy,” his mom says, elbowing him, being more wrong than she’s ever been since she married Liam’s bio dad. Theo is, like, the least nice person ever. “And so handsome.” She is right about that, though. Liam is blushing and pissed that he’s blushing cause it’s not even what she thinks it is, he’s never going to date Theo. They just have the best sex of Liam’s life sometimes.

“He’s okay,” Liam deflects, and accepts their hugs and goodnight’s as he heads up to bed. His homework is done and Finstock has decided to punish them for their last lost game by holding practice before school tomorrow, so rather than playing video games with Mason til he’s too tired to hold his eyes open, he decides to go to sleep. He doesn’t think about Theo, or wonder why Theo would have a job he doesn’t tell anyone about, or worry about pack stuff. He just falls asleep.


He wakes up to someone on top of him, pressing him down, hot breath on his skin and starts to wolf out til a hand takes him by the hair and tugs his head to the side. “Good morning,” Theo hisses into his ear, and Liam relaxes.

“I thought you were a bad guy,” he murmurs into the pillow, still half asleep but pleased by Theo’s body over his, the strength of it and the warmth.

“I am a bad guy,” Theo laughs, grinding his cock against Liam’s ass, kissing at the side of his neck. Liam comes fully awake very suddenly. “And I’m here to collect.”

“Collect what?” Liam asks, realizing it’s not really morning so much as midnight, the light of the crescent moon filtering through his curtains and onto what he can see of Theo’s skin.

“You owe me, Dunbar, remember?” Theo takes the back of Liam’s neck between his teeth, bites down hard, and Liam makes a high-pitched noise as he realizes he’s hard, grinds down into the mattress. The wolf inside him is shivery and confused. The human side of him is fully on board with this, Liam trying to lift his arms and groaning when he realizes they’re trapped by Theo’s hands. Theo licks where he bit, and Liam can feel his grin. “I told you we’d figure out a way to repay me.”

“ What do you want?” Liam has a pretty good idea already but wants to hear Theo say it.

Theo laughs in his ear again, sits back so he’s straddling Liam’s hips, pushing Liam’s face down into his pillow casually, getting off on the power. “I’m going to fuck your gorgeous ass, baby.”


Theo has to bite down on his tongue as Liam presses his ass back, firm and warm against Theo’s cock and Theo’s going to fuck him til he’s incoherent, is going to be so deep in Liam that he can’t ever come out. He fits his hands at Liam’s hips, rubs his thumbs at the small of Liam’s back where he’s arched, at the dimples there that he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about since he first saw them. He wants his cum there, but he wants to come on Liam just about everywhere, so that’s no surprise.

“I was good and pretended to be your cute, caring boyfriend,” he breathes into Liam’s ear, revelling in the shiver that causes, moves a strand of hair off Liam’s forehead so he can see his face. “And what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t ream your ass after such a nice dinner?”

Liam’s grinning, goofy and attractive like he always is. It’s so annoying. “A very terrible boyfriend,” he answers, and Theo ignores the pang that sends through him, choosing instead to slide the sweatpants Liam’s wearing down to his knees, trapping them together, sitting back to take handfuls of Liam’s ass in both hands and spreading him wide, biting his tongue mostly to hide that he wants to drool, wants to eat Liam alive.

“You really are pretty everywhere,” he says aloud, tipping his head when Liam blurts out a moan and puts a fist to his mouth like he’s trying to keep it down. There’s a slow blush crawling its way down the back of his neck, across his broad shoulders. “You like me calling you pretty?” He fishes a bottle of lube from his back pocket while he waits; he came prepared for this, spent a couple hours fantasizing in his truck until he figured Liam’s parents would be asleep and it was safe to come back.

Liam shakes his head as Theo slicks up his fingers, rubbing his index and thumb together to feel the easy glide of it. “I don’t. Um. I don’t like it,” he lies. Theo doesn’t even have to listen for his heartbeat.

“Sure you don’t,” he says easily, rubbing his fingers over the tight furl of Liam’s hole, feeling the heat of him, baring his teeth. He’s going to gape Liam open, watch him heal, do it again and again only for himself, wants to make Liam his fucking property.

Liam shifts his hips, impatient as Theo doesn’t start fingering him, just rubs circles around his hole to watch him twitch. He’s been wanting to do this since before he went underground, even, though his fantasies back then tended towards the violent. He had one where he killed Scott and took Liam as his pack bitch, passed him around til he was worn out and sloppy with his red mouth and ass covered in cum. Ruined. All that strength under Theo’s control. Now the thought of sharing makes Theo want to snarl, has him wanting to slip under Liam’s skin.

“Theo…” Liam’s trying to talk, trailing off as Theo finally slips a finger in him, feeling the hot, tight clench and licking his lips.

“I’ve thought about this,” he says, conversational, adding another finger cause he knows Liam can take it, rubs his other hand over the curve of Liam’s back, up the bumps of his spine. “Thought about splitting you open on my dick, about how pretty you’d take it.” He finds the swell of Liam’s prostate, rubs his fingers in until Liam is whining, reaching back to pull himself open so Theo has more room to fuck him properly, to add another finger and spread them wide, his knuckles aching.

Liam’s so wet at this point that he’s constantly dripping, clutching up around Theo’s fingers, caught between humping the mattress and grinding back into Theo’s hand. “Theo, please?”

“I don’t want to hurt you, baby,” he says, which is mostly a lie. He wants Liam sore, whimpering out soft, nervous noises like he did when Theo bent him over the front of his truck, wants Liam unsure of what’s going to happen next.

“But I like when it hurts.” Theo’s not sure what happens in the next couple seconds, how Liam ends up on his back with Theo shoving his cock in him, Liam’s arms coming up and around his back to claw at him with thankfully mostly blunt fingernails. “Theo!” It was mean of him to force Liam to take his first cock so suddenly, probably, but Theo’s a mean person, so at least it suits his personality. And it’s worth it, for the way Liam feels around him, for the surprised O of Liam’s mouth and the arch of his back, like he doesn’t know what his body wants. He shifts his hips, smiling at the wobbly moan Liam lets out, at his dick throbbing against Theo’s stomach.

“How’s my cock feel?” he asks, nosing at Liam’s chin, kissing his slack mouth, his pink cheeks.

Good, Theo, oh my God.” His thick thighs press into Theo’s ribs, squeezing as Theo fucks him properly, deep and slow; he had wanted Liam on his stomach but like this is even better, he’s finding, able to put his cheek to Liam’s mouth to hear the little punched out moans he’s trying to hide, the tears in his eyes that Liam probably thinks Theo won’t notice. Theo remembers his first time, how overwhelming it was, the only time he’d cried during sex. It’s probably worse for Liam because Theo actually knows what he’s doing, moves Liam’s hips further up into the cradle of his pelvis and watches as Liam sucks in a breath, his nails in Theo’s back starting to hurt, his ass throbbing around Theo’s cock.

“I feel better than anyone you’ve ever fucked, admit it. Admit you’re a pretty slut who loves getting fucked.”

“I…” Fuck, he sounds so dazed. Theo loves it, wants Liam to get lost in it until all he knows is Theo’s hands and his voice and his cock. Liam’s ass is clenching up around him and Theo realizes Liam can come from just this, has to bury his face in the scent cupped between Liam’s neck and his shoulder not that it helps, really, Liam’s usually sugary scent sweetened further by arousal. Theo wants to devour him like the best kind of candy, like melt in your mouth.

“Admit it, Liam.” He goes from slow, solid thrusts to rabbitfucking in the space of a second, tearing a cry from Liam’s mouth that his parents can maybe hear and Theo almost wants them to know, wants everyone to know who owns Liam’s ass, who can make him feel so good that he’s curling around Theo’s body and hiccuping Theo’s name out. “You better be quiet, or mommy and daddy will hear how good I’m fucking your pretty ass,” he hisses into Liam’s ear, being mean about it, and it probably says something interesting about Liam that this is what makes him come, squeezing up so tight around Theo he winces, letting out a wail that Theo covers with his mouth.

Liam flops back after a moment, seeming to think they’re done, which is cute. He gets the picture quickly when Theo doesn’t stop with the languid, firm pushes of his hips against Liam’s prostate, sending cum bubbling out til Liam is whining and trying to push him away by the chin, weaker than usual. Theo bites at his fingers instead of listening, feels the slick between them grow and knows Liam must be overstimulated which probably shouldn’t make him harder.

“Theo. Theo. You have to-” He’ll never find out what he has to do because that’s the moment he chooses to wrap his fingers around Liam’s throat, the moment Theo finds out Liam’s biggest kink when Liam’s eyes roll back in his head and he starts coming again, harder than before, leg jerking and Theo hasn’t ever felt desperate like this, like he can’t ever leave Liam’s heat and the softness inside him even as he’s coming, as he bares his fangs and marks a place in Liam that he won’t ever be able to get out.

Theo’s the first person to come inside him, the first person to see how beautiful Liam is when he’s overwhelmed and coming hard and crying with it. He only pulls out when he’s satisfied that he’s gone as deep as he can go, kissing Liam’s blushing, wet face as both their heartbeats start to calm down. Liam looks fucking debauched, his sweatpants hanging off one ankle, flushed to his ears with cum leaking from his ass and all over his belly, stuck in the hair there, his arms over his head and his legs splayed open. His eyes are glazed.

Theo has to lean down to kiss him again, sucking on his tongue, letting himself give into the soft urge to kiss Liam’s nose once. Liam finally stops panting and seems to return to himself, wrinkles his nose against Theo’s lips but doesn’t shove him away like Theo was expecting. Theo draws back to drink him in, tells himself he’s memorizing Liam’s features so he’ll have something to get off to once he leaves Beacon Hills.

Liam’s smiling up at him, gentler than usual, his hand coming up to hold onto Theo’s hip. He’s probably not expecting Theo to cup him by the chin, hold eye contact, and whisper, “Who’s your daddy now, Liam?”

“I am not calling you that,” Liam protests, erupting into giggles, high off endorphins but pulling Theo closer to kiss him, to tangle his fingers in Theo’s hair. Theo can’t stop smiling, can see himself staying the night and letting himself have this, waking up curled around Liam’s body. Safe, where he doesn’t deserve.

The thought makes Tara’s heart pound in his chest, reminding him exactly why he doesn’t deserve this, has him pulling away from Liam. “I have to go.” He sounds like a fucking cliche from a movie, he knows this even as he gets up, starts pulling his jeans back on. His shirt is ruined, smeared with cum. He doesn’t care.

“You could stay,” Liam offers, getting up on one elbow, unaware of how that stretches out the lines of his body and makes Theo’s mouth go dry. Liam is gorgeous, compact and solid with his pretty face, the sharp V of his hips; his nipples are pink and Theo wants to put his mouth on them. He could stay here for the rest of the night, make Liam come again and again until he’s so drunk off pleasure that he’d do anything for Theo to keep touching him, and they could pass out, wake up, do it all again until Theo gets tired of it which he’s starting to think he never will.

He shakes his head, slides Liam’s window open and braces against the air that feels colder than it should. “You don’t even like me, Liam,” he says, and doesn’t bother waiting for a response before he’s out the window and heading down the street to his truck. Behind him, Liam huffs and settles back onto his bed, wondering how it is that he just came but still feels so completely unsatisfied.

Chapter Text

Theo, it turns out, is weak enough to get sick from wearing wet clothes; he wakes up at 5 for school curled in a ball in the bed of his truck and he knows the weather is too balmy for him to feel chilled like this, that the soreness in his throat and joints, the cough he can’t seem to get rid of, all speak to him getting sick.

Which he doesn’t have time for; work is finally giving him more hours, and he’s managed to raise his grades to A’s which has his guidance counselor talking excitedly about college.

Theo’s never put much thought into college, never put any thought into life beyond becoming an alpha and having a pack. He thinks he’d like to go to school for something with biology. It’s probably messed up to use his training with the Dread Doctors, but at least it’s useful. It still seems kind of unreachable, like ever since he came back from underground, he’s been drifting. He has no pack, no real power, no sense of purpose. He just wants to learn how to be human.

Part of which, apparently, means suffering through the worst flu he’s ever had. He knows why; the Dread Doctors never treated him well, but they kept him healthy. He’s never had to live out of his truck, sleeping less than five hours a night, eating shitty gas station hotdogs and whatever he can scrounge up from fast food places. He’s never had to work 12 hour shifts and then head to school. He’s never been tired like this before, like his bones are jelly and he could melt into the floor, time moving slowly. He’s kind of worried about driving because he keeps blacking out and only coming to when he hits the rumble strips. He was doing okay until he went back to school, until his free time shrunk to exactly zero hours and then he added Liam to the mix. Now, he’s exhausted and annoyed pretty much all the time, feels the animal under his skin more than he did even before underground.

He sits up in the bed of his truck, looking around the Preserve, hearing birdsong and the lives of a thousand small animals, the smell of dirt and plants and slowly rotting leaves. Usually, he doesn’t mind, doesn’t even notice.

Today, he has to squint his eyes against the sun, feels like there’s a drill being pressed slowly into the soft spot where his hairline meets his neck. Wouldn’t be the first time. He coughs into the bend of his elbow, forces his body at a crawl onto the ground, fights the urge to shift and whine and just stay curled in his front seat with the heat blasting. It wastes gas, but it would almost be worth it when he feels like this. Almost.

He has to stifle a whine in the back of his throat anyway when his car rumbles to an overwhelmingly loud start, promises himself he’ll steal aspirin from work or something if he still feels this way as the day goes on. If his cough is steadily getting worse, that’s his business.


Theo looks terrible, Liam decides. Haggard, the already dark circles under his eyes beginning to look like bruises, being mean to other students in a way he usually isn’t; Theo charms people without really thinking about it at this point. It’s what he was raised to do.

Liam can hear the cough he’s stifling and something about him has Liam attuned to him all day, more than usual, distressed and off balance. It feels like the time Stiles got pneumonia and the whole pack was uneasy for the couple days until he went to the hospital, even though he was thousands of miles away at the time, at school. Liam doesn’t really understand how the pack bond works, still; Scott doesn’t know much himself considering the circumstances of how he was turned, and although Scott said Liam could turn to Derek or Peter with any questions, Liam is completely intimidated by Derek and trusts Peter only about as far as he can throw him, if that.

But he knows the bond can be intense and Theo, weirdly enough, might be a member of his pack at this point, with his scent all over Liam. He came inside Liam last night, even, which has Liam shifting in his seat remembering, how it had dripped down his thighs after Theo left and Liam’d had to fuck his fist til he came again with Theo’s name on his lips.

“There’s something wrong with Theo,” Mason announces, dropping his tray next to Liam’s with a clatter, Corey following behind him like a shadow, nodding in agreement. Liam jumps in his seat, comes back from where he was tracking Theo’s heartbeat. “Don’t ask me how I know that, cause I don’t know how I know that. It’s just…” He fiddles with the already bruised apple on his tray, uncharacteristically lost for words. “I just know. And I shouldn’t care, but I do.”

Liam files away the fact that humans can feel the packbond in the back of his head, so he can mention it to Stiles later and Stiles can add it to his steadily accumulating pile of supernatural knowledge.

“You should talk to him,” Corey says quietly, stealing a fry off Mason’s plate with an invisible hand and grinning when Mason swipes gently at him, tangles their fingers together. “I feel it too.”

“Why should I be the one who talks to him?” Liam grumbles, poking through his unappetizing meal of breakfast for lunch, the eggs rubbery and the sausage suspect. It’s Beacon Hills, the meat being human or poison is not completely impossible.

“I’m not going to dignify that with an answer,” Mason says, which Liam has to admit, to himself, is fair. He has the most contact with Theo by far, is probably the only member of the pack besides Scott who has Theo’s number.

“Fine, whatever.” It’s hard having a best friend who’s always right.


Theo doesn’t know when he fell asleep or why it was at the desk in his last class; did he really fall asleep and they left him here? The Beacon Hills school system is fucking pathetic.

He feels achy at this point, a little dazed like he’s been slapped across the face. The cough he lets out has Tara’s heart pounding in his chest, like it’s going to come up and choke him. He shivers from a mix of fear and fever, finally turns to the reason he’s awake; a very annoyed Liam prodding him in the shoulder. He still smells of Theo, of his cum and even that only manages to send a small tinge of arousal through his body.

“What do you want, Dunbar?” he says, not bothering to lift his head from the desk where he was sleeping, afraid of what Liam will see in his face.

“You look like shit.”

He turns his head so he can see Liam where he’s standing next to Theo’s chair, hands in fists at his side. Always so wound up. “That’s flattering, thanks. How’d you even find me?”

“I know your class schedule,” Liam says, like it’s obvious, like of course he knows Theo’s class schedule. Theo knows Liam’s, too, but that’s different. Theo just finds things like that out. He knows Mason’s and Corey’s as well, though maybe not as firmly as he knows Liam’s. “And I can smell you.”

“Do I smell good?” he asks the surface of the desk, curious despite himself and knowing that the second he moves, his whole body is going to remind him that he’s hurting and sick and he would very much like to be in a bed right now, with real food and pillows and, his sick, traitorous mind supplies, maybe Liam could be there, too.

“You smell great, duh.”

“Oh. Thanks.” Liam waves this aside and Theo allows himself a small grin against the desk which is now his home because it’s cool and soothing against his hot skin. He hears Liam moving around, pulling a chair out and cursing when he inevitably bumps something. He must’ve been a mass of bruises before he became a werewolf.

The cough is coming back, Theo hunching his shoulders against it, wishing Liam would leave so he could languish alone. He hates people seeing him when he’s weak like this, when the Dread Doctors would’ve taken even the smallest cold as a sign of failure and there’s still a part of him that fears them deciding he hasn’t measured up and emerging to shoot him up with mercury.

“Theo...are you okay?” Theo is the farthest thing from okay, isn’t sure he’s ever been okay since the day Tara died. “Or are you going to keep making out with that desk?” Theo laughs in spite of himself, finally turns his head to see Liam sitting at the next desk over. He looks good today, wearing jeans and a green hoodie rolled up to show off his strong forearms, his hands twisting in his lap. His hair is curling around his ears.

He looks healthy, pink cheeked because he’s a werewolf and not a chimera, not made in a lab by a couple of psychos who had no idea what they were doing. He’ll never get sick, will always be stronger, will always be better. Theo can’t ever measure up.

“I’m fine, Dunbar.” He sits up, feeling every vertebrae in his spine pop, almost succeeds in looking okay if it wasn’t for the violent shiver he lets out. The disbelieving look Liam gives him is infuriating for some reason, Theo baring his human teeth. “I’m fine.” His eyelids feel like they’re vibrating, he’s so tired, wants to do anything but be here fighting with a teenage werewolf who only ever makes him feel confused, who’s starting to glare back which Theo can deal with. He’s always comfortable when he’s fighting Liam.

“You look like Hell, Theo. Which fits.” Liam can’t hide the flash of amusement that sends through him, poking at the sorest points of Theo like he always fucking does, like he and his pack didn’t send Theo down to suffer for months, didn’t bring Theo back to help save the world before leaving him to live out of his fucking truck because that’s all Theo is good for, to be the last resort. To be the quick, dirty fuck that Liam will forget about as soon as they graduate.

“Did you think I was having fun down there?” Theo finds he’s shrieking, getting to his feet, Liam leaning back. “You were there. You saw my dead fucking sister crawl up from a magical hole in the ground and drag me under and you, what, thought we were down there exchanging gossip?” He pokes Liam in the chest with one finger, barely controlling the shift so it doesn’t stab him, Liam’s eyes going round and surprised. “You all put me down there to suffer and then brought me back and now I’m weak.”

“You’re not weak,” Liam blurts out, still looking up like he’s surprised Theo would be angry when Theo is always angry, will carry it under his skin forever. “You’re like us.”

“I’m not like you. My eyes aren’t yellow cause I’m innocent, they’re yellow cause I’m a fucking freak.” He flares them once, Liam’s eyes flashing in return and Theo thinks they might be about to fight, wouldn’t mind his nose breaking under Liam’s fist if he didn’t already feel so awful, has to turn aside so he can cough. It’s a wet sound, Theo’s throat burning with it. “Give me a sec before you hit me. I just...I just need to rest for a little."

He’s not expecting Liam’s hand on his back, warm and solid. Grounding. “I’m not gonna hit you, Theo. You’re sick.”

“I’m fine,” he dismisses, frustrated by Liam’s soft voice, by the gentle circles he’s started to trace against Theo’s spine. “Go back to your stupid perfect parents and having a house to live in and leave me alone.”

He realizes his mistake when Liam stiffens, fingers getting suspiciously sharp at the tips. “Theo. Are you homeless?” Theo takes a deep breath, and nods.

Chapter Text

Liam feels like he can’t move; Theo is still turned away from him, Liam’s hand spread over the bumps of his spine, feeling him overwarm and breathing choppily. This close, Li can smell the sickness in him, the slight off twist to his usual dead leaves and chemicals scent.

Liam remembers when Theo first came to town and he was always smiling, always confident. His hand twitches without intention and Theo flinches like Liam’s going to hit him, hunches his shoulders further and Liam wonders, not for the first time, how small Theo was when he first met the Dread Doctors. Thinks about how young they all are, how Theo must’ve spent the winter in his truck and none of them noticed.

He forces himself to gentle his hand, strokes once down the long line of Theo’s back. “You can live with me,” he offers, knowing he’ll be able to convince his parents, knowing it will be a whole lot harder to convince the pack.

“I’m not-” Theo is interrupted by a rattling cough, puts a hand to his chest- “I don’t get to have that.”

Liam isn’t even going to try to decipher that sentence; he’s feeling familiar anger crawl up from his throat and he can’t tell if it’s at Theo, or for him. “You’re such a fucking asshole!”

Theo turns his head to look at Liam, moves out from under his hand and Liam finds himself wanting to grab Theo, pull him closer and curl around him like he used to do with Hayden, immediately shakes the thought away.


“You never told any of us something was wrong! You never even told Scott.” Who the rest of the pack naturally centers around, Scott a campfire they can all warm themselves on, always trying to help even when he’s away at school.

“Cause Scott is my biggest fan,” Theo snaps, and if he didn’t look so fragile, bruises under his eyes, Liam would shake him.

“It doesn’t matter, you’re pack.”

“I’m not pack.” Liam doesn’t know how Theo can deny it when Liam can feel him, another mind tucked into the pack bond next to everyone else’s, wonders if Theo can’t feel it because he’s a chimera. Corey can, though, and Liam doesn’t want to be cruel right now, to bring up Theo’s other weaknesses when it seems like another hit would take him out.

“You’re coming home with me.”

“I’m not.” Theo straightens, and he’s only a couple inches taller than Liam, goes nose to nose with him like they’re about to fight. Liam would win, he knows. Theo won’t fight to kill and for all that Theo does pretty much whatever he wants to Liam, Liam’s stronger.

“I will carry you if I have to.” He’s half afraid they’ll really have to fight, that Theo will leave town for real and Liam will never be able to find him which would’ve been great once but is unthinkable now. He wonders how long Theo’s been sick, how tired he is, because he really is expecting more of a struggle.

“What, like bridal style? Over the shoulder? You gonna drag me out, Dunbar? People will talk.”

“I don’t care,” he says through his teeth, and he’s perfectly willing to knock Theo out if he has to. “I don’t care, as long as you come home with me.”

Theo’s face goes through a series of emotions that finally end on amusement, on that smirk Liam hates so much. “I’m almost starting to think you like me.” Liam doesn’t think that requires an answer; of course he likes Theo by now, but he’s still super annoying. He just rolls his eyes.


It takes one phone call to Mrs. Geyer, a lot of concerned noises, a promise to use separate rooms, and about three hours before Theo is officially living with Liam and his family. He feels a little dazed and starstruck; this morning he was homeless and planning to stay that way, having to work at a gas station just to earn food. Now, he’s looking down at the bed in Liam’s guest room. It’s a twin, with a thick red comforter and pillows that aren’t just a sweatshirt folded under Theo’s head.

He reaches to press his fingers against the mattress, push down, has to swallow back...something. Gratitude, most definitely. And mucus, which is a far less pleasant sensation. Neither of Liam’s parents will be home until later but Theo was told to make himself at home, that there are leftovers from last night in the fridge, that he can park in the driveway.

He can hear Liam in the next room over, in his own bedroom. His heart is a little fast, scent thick with nerves. Theo wonders what he’s so nervous about; does he think Theo is going to complain about any aspect of the home?

He doesn’t really have a right to. Or a desire to. Maybe he would have, before underground. Outwardly, he would’ve been sweetly grateful, beaming and running his fingers over everything while in his head he would’ve laughed at how stupid they were to welcome a predator into their boring little home. He would’ve stood over them while they slept with his claws out and he would’ve hurt them like he hurt everyone else.

The thought crawls up again that he doesn’t deserve this, that Liam’s kindness would’ve been better placed somewhere else. He coughs into his elbow, sinks onto the bed anyway because deserved or not he’s exhausted and sick and he’s been fantasizing about sleeping in a real bed for weeks. He doesn’t even get under the comforter before he’s asleep.


Theo looks younger like this, curled up on the bed in Liam’s guest room, mouth pressed against his closed fists, and he’s still shivering because he never bothered getting under the blanket, didn’t take off his clothes from school.

Liam was only planning to drop off some soup for him because that’s what his mom always does when Liam is sick. Well, when he used to be able to get sick. She also lets him put his head in her lap so she can rub the headache from his temples but Liam’s pretty sure Theo won’t let him do that.

Theo’s foot twitches in his sleep, dog-like, and Liam huffs out a noise, places the bowl of soup on the side table so he can nudge Theo awake. “Wake up, idiot, you’re going to freeze.” Theo makes confused, sleepy noises that Liam refuses to find endearing, but manages to kick his shoes and jeans off before sliding under the blanket and Liam likes how he looks there, his pale skin against the blood red sheets a satisfying contrast.

The exhaustion in Theo’s scent is so pungent that Liam’s amazed he never noticed it before; it’s wrapping around his body and making him tired himself, rubbing at his eyes. Theo looks out for the count and the AC in Liam’s house is too good so the whole place is chilly; he watches another shudder crawl down Theo’s spine and wonders when he started caring if Theo was comfortable, doesn’t think about it while he takes off his own pants and shoes, slips his t-shirt over his head.

Theo has literally been inside Liam but this feels more intimate as he coaxes Theo onto his side, crawls into bed so he can lay there and offer his body heat, brush his hands over the thick muscles of Theo’s hips and thighs, begin sweating almost instantly against Theo’s fever. He puts his nose to the nape of Theo’s neck and inhales, feeling the calm of being near pack. It only takes him a couple minutes to follow Theo into sleep.