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You're disgusting (but I feel bad)

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He knew he had to go. He had to go before they left to go out for dinner.

To explain in detail, Johnny, his boyfriend of 4 years, wanted to go out for a meal. They hadn't gone out in a while, so Taeyong felt really excited, almost like it was their first date all over again. He was going to use the bathroom before he left with him but since he was so excited, he pushed it into the back of his mind and got ready.

In reality, it was a horrible idea. Taeyong had to sit still through an entire meal with a tight pair of pants and a belt, trying to pretend that nothing was wrong. Drinking nearly 3 entire glasses of wine sent him completely over the edge, to the point where he asked Johnny if they could leave early, because one thing Taeyong didn't like was public bathrooms.

Taeyong was gripping onto the seat and armrest the entire way home, trying his hardest to not let out pathetic whines each time Johnny hit a bump. It became more and more evident to him that this entire thing was mistake, and that he should've just went while he had the chance. He felt too embarrassed to ask on the way home.

When they got home, Johnny immediately shut the door behind him and started kissing Taeyong all over, touching the older in every spot he could, including ones that were beyond sensitive and in much more pain than he realized. The older male refused to speak up, but did make it clear that near his abdomen was too much for him to handle, and whether or not Johnny took that as a bad or good thing was beyond Taeyong's mind. The only thing he was thinking of was using the bathroom.

After minutes of being touched and felt up, Johnny left one big kiss on his lips and left it at that, noticing how tired and stressed Taeyong looked. In all honesty, Taeyong was in more pain than anything, just wanting to relieve the pressure that had been building up for so, so long.

Considering it was almost midnight, Johnny brought him upstairs, thinking that he was sleepy and wanted to go to bed early. Johnny right away dragged him into bed, wrapped his arms around him and nodded out, but Taeyong laid in his arms, practically sobbing for some sort of relief. It was getting more and more difficult to hold in what felt like gallons of liquid in his pea-sized bladder, and it was also becoming harder to not make noises or bring attention to it.

Taeyong every so often let out a whine, twisting his hips and bouncing his leg while in the horizontal position. Johnny was of course oblivious to Taeyong's actions, but the older male had even brought a hand down to his thigh, squeezing it as tight as he could while trying to distract himself. His fingernails dug into his thigh to the point where it felt like he was bleeding, but even that wasn't good enough to distract him.

Waves of pain and desperation washed over him every few minutes, Taeyong whimpering and trying his hardest to not sink lower than he already has. He knew he couldn't hold it all night, but maybe he could fall asleep before then.

One particular sharp pain rippled through the lower half of him and Taeyong panicked, moving his hand from his thigh to his crotch, gripping at the fabric with intention to grab his now sore cock. He couldn't believe he was at this point. It wasn't that hard to get up and walk to the bathroom. He just didn't want to wake up Johnny.

His bladder pounded in a torturous rhythm, the sound ringing through his ears. Taeyong eventually gave up on trying to be polite and full-on gripped himself, squeezing the tip in fear of any leakage. The last thing he wanted to do was piss the bed like a 5 year old.

All doing that did was send more pain to his already overfilled bladder, which in his mind, was screaming for relief and release. The male sat with his hand hovering over his cock, waiting for the next time his body was going to force urine out. The scalding hot lquid brimmed his slit, causing him to let out a quiet and lengthy whine. Yet Johnny was still fast asleep through this entire thing.

Taeyong moaned to himself as he felt the next wave of desperation crash into his bladder, crossing his legs and holding onto himself as tight as he could. He could feel a bead of urine forming on his slit, no matter how much he tried wiping it away with the fabric of his underwear.

The liquid teased him for a couple seconds and just as he thought, the first drop of urine was going down his shaft. Taeyong was essentially sent into a panic, throwing both his hands at his crotch to try and stop the river that almost left along with the drop.

"F-Fuck, mmh," Taeyong accidentally whimpered much louder than he intended to. The older male put his lips together in a straight line and squeezed as hard he could with both hands, almost crying when he realized that it wasn't helping anymore. His cock was throbbing, aching for him to let go, but God, he just couldn't do it. Not here. Not now.

Suddenly, Taeyong felt the bed jostle, his bladder sent into shock and allowing more beads of urine to escape down his pulsating tip. Squeezing the tip with both his index finger and thumb underneath the blanket, he looked to his left and saw Johnny wide awake, staring at him with an amused look.

Johnny chuckled dryly, sitting up and throwing the blanket off the two of them. He averted his eyes to Taeyong's hands of which his knuckles were red from how long he tried to not wet the bed. "Look at you. What the hell are you fucking doing?" Johnny's voice seemed angry, but Taeyong couldn't see him well enough to know.

"'M sorry, I-I had to-"

"I know what you're trying not to do, you sick fuck. Do you get off on this? Is this what you do when I go to sleep?" Johnny kept his tone deep and assertive, and if it weren't for the fact Taeyong was in so much pain, the older male probably would've popped one right then and there.

Taeyong hissed and gripped his cock as his bladder ached, avoiding Johnny's mischievous glare. In all honesty, Johnny knew exactly what was happening, and he knew that he put him in this situation. See, Taeyong wasn't exactly smart. Johnny knew how to get him filled up and desperate, and it was shocking that Taeyong didn't catch onto it yet. 

Johnny gripped one of Taeyong's wrist and pulled it away from his crotch, the older finally crumbling and being vocal about his needs. With a loud whimper, Taeyong shut his eyes as he knew Johnny was stating right at him, holding his wrist by his side.

He scoffed, looking at his other hand. "You're so disgusting. Stop grabbing yourself, don't you know how impolite that is?" Johnny spat, almost blowing his cover when Taeyong practically screamed into the air while removing his other hand. He shoved his thighs together and smashed his knees into each other repeatedly, letting out breathy gasps each time. 

Nothing had the same effect as grabbing himself did. Taeyong's eyes rolled into the back of his head as he became dizzy in pain, feeling extremely helpless without using his hands. Johnny had to force himself not to smile. "That desperate, huh. Why the fuck did you let yourself get this desperate? Did you want to piss all over and get me angry? Is that what you want to do, you stupid slut?"

"N-No- I h-have to-"

"I know what you have to do, and before you even think of doing it, you better explain to me why you did this. You're so fucking digsuting, God. What is wrong with you?" Johnny crossed his arms and waited for his boyfriend to reply, only to be answered with a pained cry. The younger was skating on thin ice.

"I d'nt mean t-to do it, I jus' wanted to s-spend a night with you! 'M s-sorry," Taeyong hiccuped and pressed his thighs together, moaning as he felt himself start to lose control. A short stream of urine forced itself out and since Taeyong wasn't allowed to use his hands, he had to feel the hot liquid seep into his underwear. He looked down at his crotch and saw a small wet spot, feeling it become cold.

Johnny sighed and put his fingers on the bridge of his nose. "That's not an excuse. You like this piss shit, I know you do. You always have." Taeyong felt his ears and cheeks go hot. Johnny always knew?

What Taeyong didn't know was that Johnny was hard, but it was too dark for Taeyong to see, thankfully. Johnny loved degrading Taeyong until he cried; only to certain extent though, because the older had feelings, too. Him crying was a green light, him telling Johnny to stop or begging was a yellow light, and him becoming hysterical and not speaking was a red light for Johnny. He always checked on him during these types of situations.

"Look at you all fucked up. You're so nasty, you filthy whore. You don't even deserve me," Johnny spat and let go of his wrist, "I shouldn't even be with you. No fucking human is this disgusting." He started to get up and leave, but Taeyong lets out an alarming and heartbreaking sob. The younger males' heart clenched.

"N-No, I want you, please d-don't! Please stop, don't l-leave!" Taeyong slammed his head against the pillow and felt himself start to slip up once more, a thin and short stream leaving his aching cock. His base felt like it was on fire as he felt the urine drip down it. Johnny stopped in his tracks and saw how bad this actually was. But man, was he enjoying it.

Johnny rolled his eyes. "Stop peeing in your underwear. What are you, 6? You're a grown man, now get up and go to the bathroom," the younger male sat back down on his side of the bed and sipped at the convenient glass of water on his dresser, slipping loudly to make sure Taeyong knew.

Taeyong at this point was leaking everywhere, jutting his hips into the air for some type of relief. All doing that did was jostle his bladder, so he eventually stopped and gave in, throwing both of his hands back down to his crotch. Taeyong's lip wobbled, the older male feeling distraught and neglected. "J-Johnny, it hurts, I c-can't do it! I can't get up!" He cried and squeezed himself with all of his strength. Again, even that was becoming useless.

Johnny turned to face his boyfriend and cupped his face aggressively with one of his hands, staring right into his glassy eyes. "Yes, you can. Get up. I'm not cleaning up after you nor am I going to stay in here with pissy sheets because you're too lazy to get up. God, you're so nasty. I really hope you aren't planning on talking to me after this, because I don't talk to children."

Too much. That was too much. Taeyong shut his eyes and allowed tears to flow freely down his cheeks, nearly choking on his sobs. The younger male released his grip on his jaw and looked at him with worry. Did he go too far?

Johnny kneeled on the bed while his boyfriend sobbed, putting both of his hands on his thighs. "Taeyong, babe, are you alright?" As expected, Taeyong didn't answer him at all, still crying at the same pace. He started heaving. Red light.

"Fuck," Johnny cupped his face and wiped away his tears, "Taeyong, are you hearing me? Can you breathe?"

"R-Red, no more!" Taeyong barely managed to speak through his sobs. Johnny felt awful, to say the least. Whenever they messed around like this, he always checked up on him, but this time, he got so caught up in himself. He didn't ask if Taeyong was okay. And even worse; Taeyong had never used their safeword before. He fucked up, big time.

Johnny shushed him and sat him up, placing his head on his chest to soothe him. He pet his hair with a hand, hardly even caring about the actual problem anymore. "I'm so sorry, baby. No more, okay? It's gonna be alright," the younger male soon after pulled Taeyong onto his lap with a huff, the older moaning in pain from even the slightest movements. 

"No, I'm g-gonna- I'm gonna-"

"I know. I'd rather have you do it here rather than on the sheets or on the floor. Just go. It's fine," Johnny smiled and put his hands on the older males abdomen, massaging the area right above his bladder. Taeyong flinched and clenched at every single thing he felt, panting in his boyfriends ear like a dog. "Fuckfuckfuck-" Taeyong gripped onto the material of the back of Johnny's shirt as he felt himself start to leak again, rocking his hips back and forth.

Johnny was trying to ignore his erection, but it was difficult to do with him practically humping the entire thing. The younger stopped his actions for a moment and took his thumbs, pressing them into where he felt Taeyong's belly was distended.

Taeyong clenched as hard as he could, but he just couldn't do it anymore. His muscles were so sore from trying to hold everything in. As Johnny pushed the slightest bit, Taeyong threw his head back and moaned, feeling the first short stream leak out of his cock. 

It felt good for the moment, but as soon as he tried letting go and giving in, the most agonizing jolt of pain went directly to his bladder, causing painful pulsing to occur around his entire base and tip. Taeyong leaned forward and attempted to push, but all it did was cause him more pain.

Johnny got the message and pushed harder, feeling urine seep through both his and Taeyong's pants. Finally, the stream became hot and heavy as it gushed out of his cock, Taeyong groaning and panting in his ear, burying his reddening face into his boyfriends shoulder.

After over 2 minutes, the stream finally died down, and Johnny squeezed his boyfriends sopping wet pants. Hearing Taeyong whimper and breathe in his ear like that was driving him up a wall.

With shame in his voice, Taeyong lifted his head and spoke low. "'M sorry, Daddy. Are you mad at Yongie?" Johnny recognized him in littlespace right away, pushing away his dirty thoughts and smiling into the baby's hair.

"No, baby. Yongie did so, so good for me. My baby is so good at what he does," Johnny complemented, but Taeyong smirked.

"Is that why Daddy's hard?" Taeyong rocked his hips slightly and right away, Johnny placed both of his hands on his hips, growling and gritting his teeth. "What did Daddy say about teasing? Huh?"

"No teasin'.. sorry Daddy. Can we take a bath?" Taeyong smiled, his cute little dimples popping out. How can he go from extremely fucking hot to adorable and squishy in a matter of minutes? As usual, Johnny couldn't resist his baby. "Of course, baby. Go start the bath, Daddy will be right there."

Just as he was leaving to start the water, Taeyong looked down at his newfound erection and smiled to himself, putting his hand on it before looking back up at Johnny.

"I want to try toys and bondage next time."

And of course, Johnny would never say no to the love of his life.