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I will always wait for you

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Madam Lan carefully fixed the headband on her youngest son before running a hand along the boys robes as if to smooth them out more. "My is important that you are on your best are meeting your future mate" She instructed the solemn boy who nodded in understanding. "We are very lucky that the wandering sect of Ying has agreed to this union. Our two kingdoms futures will be secured."

"I don't think you have to worry. Our son is well behaved" Her husband assured reaching for his son. Lan Wangji grabbed his offered hand. "Now come on lets let your mother rest while i take you to the court. "

"Why..can't mummy come with?" He frowned reluctantly leaving with his dad leaving his mom behind.

"She...just can't" he sighed. " when you are older you will understand." He sighed. Lan Wangji frowned doubtful. Once they arrived to the main court his uncle Lan Qiren handed the boy a box. "This is a present for your betrothed. " He informed the small boy. "Make sure to give it to him." He said before gently pushing him forward over to where a small frail boy also age 4 stood next to his mother holding a small box. His mother whispered something into his ears.

The boy stumbled forward trying to not trip before giving a clumsy bow. "for you" He said handing the box over. Lan Wangji nodded taking it before bowing and handing over his. "thank you" the boy smiled opening it revealing a necklace with the lan symbol . Next to it was matching hair pins. "It's pretty" he said examining it.

Lan Wangji opened his revealing a purse with a rabbit on it. Inside the small purse was a goodluck token hung by red and black thread.

"I picked out the bag myself" the boy said proudly.

"Mn.." Wangji nodded in approval.

"How about we put the new hair pin in your hair. A-Ying" His mom cooed. " The boy nodded pleased as the jade hair pin was put in. "How do i look?" He asked doing a playful twirl.

"Pretty.." Lan Wangji nodded blushing. Wei Ying's mom smiled pleased nodding in approval to the two older Lans. They spent the summer together getting to know each other. The parents hoped..that them getting to know each other better would help make the betrothal go smoother come adulthood. a year later Wei Ying and Lan Wangji spent another summer together growing closer with each passing visit.

Wei Ying held his latest gift from his friend.. a stuffed bunny as he hid behind Lan Wangji scared. Lan Wangji stood passively with his arms spread out protectively as he glared at the medium dog that barked at them. "Scram" Lan Wangji warned coolly with a rather impressive glare for his age. The dog got the hint and ended up running away quickly with a tail between its legs.

"You...are so brave" Wei Ying gasped impressed.
"Mn..No problem I can protect you A-ying..Im your husband" He reminded ying smiled kissing the others cheek before skipping off happily swinging his stuffed bunny happily. Lan Wangji touched his cheek in wonder before following clumsily after him.

The Year Lan Wangji was 6 his mother died and he refused to accept it...he barely moved from the spot outside his mothers door..He barely ate as he stubbornly waited as if expecting his mother to open the door and let him in. After a month of this his friend came to visit and didn't bother him...he just went over and sat at his side waiting with him. Wei Ying became a reminder and the one thing that helped him eventually get past his grief..Wei Ying was his one constant...his source of joy...however even that couldn't last..

"Where is...A-Ying?" Lan Wangji asked curiously.

" sorry my dear child..but there was an attack" Lan Qiren tried to explain to the blank faced boy who was wondering why his friend was late on his yearly visit. His older brother frowned worried.

"Wangji...there was an attack..Some ghouls...attacked the wei's when they were on their way.." Xinchen tried to explain. "They...couldn't find A-ying...but his parents were found dead.."

"...You can't find him? Then go look for him..I bet i could find him." The 7 year old said surely.

"No It is too dangerous..we will continue looking but...its looking like he maybe...already with mom"

"No..." Lan Wangji said eyes wide with tears. "Not..A-Ying...not him..." The boy moved hugging his older brother in grief.

" sorry little brother...really im so so sorry" His older brother frowned hugging him close.

Hours turned to days...which turned to weeks..and eventually years...They never could find the lost boy eventually he was deemed dead and with him the last of the Wandering Royal sect of Wei...was considered extinct..The Only person who refused to believe it was Lan Wangji...who became cold and unapproachable to many as he grew older and more handsome. ..Still no one not one omega or any other status could break his cold exterior.