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Stallion Protagonist

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When Shen Qingqiu asked Ming Fan to bring in the stallion protagonist to the bamboo house he did not expect four bony legs to clack against the wooden boards of the house.

What the fuck is this!!!!

The slightly bloodied coat was a dark brown which slowly transitioned into black as it reached the legs. Almost nonsensically imposed onto the young horse's body was the face he had seen many times on PIDW forums, Luo Binghe. As the stallion protagonist was not yet blackened his face still young and eyes bright with determination.

Nani kore! Where is the handsome human protagonist who seduced a harem into the hundreds and beauty of no comparison!

"Shizun" the disembodied head on the horse greeted.


With the same acceptance of knowing Global warming was killing everyone in 30 years Shen Qingqiu accepted Luo Binghe was a horse.


Luo Binghe's dark brown coat from adolescence, starkly black amongst the golden robes of Huan hua Palace seemed almost metaphorical of his blackening. In an almost mesmerising fashion, the shine of the black coat enhanced the bulky muscles as they sauntered forward. Too entranced by the stallion, he was startled by a firm voice.


Keeping up the cool appearance of a lofty immortal, he fanned his face concealing his inner panic. Chikusho!!! The protag wasn't meant to have escaped the abyss until another two years!!


Ah, how the fuck did he get into this situation.

"Shizun..." the teary eyed protag pleaded. The very erect and very excited black limb between his legs bobbed up and down ominously. It was a trunk!!!! A trunk of a f***ing elephant.

"This is no burden for this teacher"

Why the fuck are you erect Binghe! This master only offered to wash your...5th limb because you can not reach it! Pulling the bucket of water and soap closer, he stared at the dark limb. He had already committed to doing this, he wasn't going to back out now.

"Shizun! This disciple can do it himself. This one does not want to burden his Shizun." Binghe's face glittered with tears, cheeks flush and lips wobbling.

Binghe don't you know your master is weak to your tears!!!!

"Silence Binghe! This master wishes to serve you". He wrung the towel in his hand in the water and then into the soap. Irritated by how weak he was to Binghe's tear he was determined to get this done and over with as quickly as possible.

With the vigour of Hatsune Miku in Popipopipo, he scrubbed the debris off his husband's dick. The towel in his hand was a blur as it moved back and forth on Luo Binghe's dick.


Feeling more irritated by Binghe calling him shizun he snapped, "Call this one Husband!" ...perhaps grasping the dick too hard with the towel he roughly wiped the whole length.


Semen spurted out like a coke bottle with mentos in it. Due to his close proximity to the pillar; cum stained his robes and hands. He stared at the stinky milky liquid as his brain 404'd before a warbled voice restarted his brain.