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"April, come in."

"In a downpour like this, I wish I could! THRUSH pick the worst time of year for suspicious activity."

"And we picked the worst time of year to get into Waverly's bad-books. How're things at your end?"

"I'm bored, wet, and cold. Everything's simply copacetic."


"Never mind, darling; everything's fine."

"I'm half-inclined to think you've had a knock to the head, but I'll believe you this once."

"How generous of you, I'm flattered."

"You should be. Using obscure terms like that."

"But here I thought you English invented the language, are you trying to tell me that you don't know every word?"

"Mich? Ein Englischer? Nein, das ist unmöglich!"

"I presume that things are fine with you too, or you'd be more serious, but I'll ask anyway. How's things?"

"Oh, everything here is tickety-boo, luv."

"... what?"