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The transition from snow to ice took both agents off-guard. Losing their footing on the slick surface, all control was taken from them as they were sent sliding across the frozen lake.

Having grabbed each other for support and then to avoid separation, the two dared not let go even as they eventually came to a halt far into the centre of the lake.

For one moment the air was still and quiet save their harsh panting, then a thunderous noise split the air as patulous cracks raced across the ice from underneath them.

The two agents exchanged a look of trepidation. It would take a great deal of care to make it safely off the ice. But with T.H.R.U.S.H. on their tail, did they have the time?

“At least we didn’t fall through,” Mark quipped, trying to lighten the mood, though his vice grip on April’s sleeve gave away his shaken nerves.