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Welcome to Hashi High

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“This is so exciting Chie!” 

It was difficult for Yukiko to contain her excitement. The Persona users were headed back to Inaba for their second school trip, and staying in the Amagi Inn as well. She had already talked to her parents, offering to help while she was there. They had both agreed to let her enjoy the trip, and that they could handle it themselves. There were some concerns, but even so, Yukiko said that she would enjoy her trip. 

The trip to Tatsumi Port was certainly memorable, but she was sure that going back to Inaba would be ever better. Yukiko looked around her, eyes gazing over the other Persona users on the train platform. Yu and Yosuke were discussing where to take the rest of the group when they had free time, and everyone else was looking around at Inaba. Admittedly though, it’s not much to look at. 

After getting their bags and things moved into the inn, schedules handed out, and assigned to appropriate rooms, the Persona users were allowed to just relax for the evening. Yukiko was antsy, feeling like she needed to be out and helping with the inn. 

“Yukiko, your parents did say that they wanted you to focus on your studies.” Naoto was sitting on the floor, several notebooks open and papers lying out everywhere. “And on top of that, we still have our job to do as Persona users. They may not understand that duty but I’ll be damned if they can’t tell you’re stressed.” 

Yukiko sat next to Naoto, looking over the papers as well. The notes had different handwriting, leaving her to assume that the detective must have gathered them from everyone else. After some reading, it was clear that these were accounts from various Persona users of the battles with the Acolytes. Yukiko opened her mouth, but Naoto spoke first. 

“I’m simply figuring out the best way to utilize each of us to the fullest in battle. The leaders asked Makoto, Mitsuru and I to do this.” They picked up a paper with the name Minato scrawled across the top. They handed it to Yukiko, who took it and read over it. 

The paper detailed the most recent fight with Daisuko, but the way everything was described… “Naoto, who wrote this? It...doesn’t feel like Minato.” There were things here that Minato didn’t use, like chains...and coffins!  

Chie leaned over Yukiko’s shoulders, wrapping her arms around her. “Didn’t Aigis say that she fought side by side with someone named Ryoji instead of Minato?” She reached over and pointed at the paper. “Yeah it says right here! Gave up control to Ryoji per his request. He said he can give up control to the other person…” 

“I looked into it more and it turns out that this other entity is actually the god of Death.” Naoto tapped their pen against their temple. “I looked into it more and asked Mitsuru, and apparently the physical manifestation had fallen in love with Minato during the time that he was there.” They scribbled some things down in a notebook before picking up more papers. “They thought they had both died.” 

Yukiko set the paper back down and picked up another. “Yusuke Kitagawa.” The lettering was rather hasty, but even so she was able to read what it said. The language was over the top too, describing how Yusuke wished he could draw the Acolytes instead of fighting them. “There’s a lot of information here Naoto.” 

“I admit yes, there is quite a lot. That’s why I’m working now, when I have time outside of studies and Persona business.” Naoto took the paper back and gathered everything back up neatly. “We should sleep. It’s back to back lectures tomorrow, and I for one, will need all the rest I can get.” They set everything aside before laying down, prompting Yukiko and Chie to do the same. “Let’s not forget, the other students know we were kidnapped. Try not to say anything too crazy while we’re there.” 

The classes were boring. 

They were more than just boring. They were so boring that Yukiko almost wished for King Moron to be back for some excitement. Great, now I’m starting to sound like Yosuke. Yukiko tapped her pen on her desk, watching the seconds tick down one by one. 

In some attempt to distract herself, Yukiko turned her attention to thinking about the acolytes of Apophis. She hadn’t had time to talk to Daisuko before they all left for this trip, which was unfortunate, but understandable. The acolyte had remained in the dorms under Kouji’s care for the time being, who had promised to take care of her and asked little questions. 


A hand was shaking her shoulder, prompting her to wake up. “Mmh?” Yukiko lifted her head from the desk to see Chie standing there. “What happened?”

“Honestly I don’t blame you. That lecture was super boring, but it’s lunchtime now.” She stepped back to let Yukiko stretch a bit. “After that it’s more lectures….but at least it’s a different teacher.” She stood up, gathering her things. 

“Where’s everyone else?” 

Chie grabbed her hand, lacing their fingers together. “We decided to eat lunch on the roof, like old times.” Her smile was like the sun, bathing Yukiko in her warmth. Despite everything she at least had Chie. The two walked up to the roof, where the rest of the Persona users were already eating lunch and talking loudly. 

Yukiko found a spot to sit with Chie, pulling out her lunch that her parents had made for her. God knows she can’t be trusted around food. Luckily her parents were more than willing to help out. 

It felt normal to be like this, to just enjoy lunch on the school rooftop with her friends, as if nothing bad had ever happened to them, as if they didn’t have Personas. She relished in this feeling for a moment, even if now she had much more friends than she did last year. 

Of course though, all things must end at some point. 

The door to the roof slammed open, and standing there with the most crazed smile on her face was a person Yukiko last saw in handcuffs. Yosuke’s insane ex, who stalked both him and the Investigation Team, who was supposed to be behind bars for attempting to kill both Yu and Yosuke, screamed in delight upon seeing him. Chizuru.  

“I’m back Yosuke!"