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Welcome to Hashi High

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"Kurusu Akira. We know you just came back from Tokyo...but our school and a few others are partnering with Hashi High in Tokyo in a cultural exchange. After some deliberation, the staff decided that you would be the perfect candidate, seeing as how you should still be familiar with the city. I admit we didn't discuss with you first…." 

And so there he was, gazing back upon the familiar sights of Tokyo once again. Akira felt something ...interesting thrilling through him. Not exactly nervousness, but not quite excitement either. He wouldn’t be going to Shujin with his friends this time, and the prospect of making new ones in a normal school setting seemed daunting. On top of that, he had to stay in the school dorms, instead of in the attic of Leblanc. He would miss waking up to Sojiro’s curry. 

While on the train, Akira looked through some articles on Hashi High and the new cultural exchange program. According to what he read, this was the first year for the program, and the new headmaster of the school wanted to start with other schools in Japan before expanding worldwide. The new dorms were constructed under the new headmaster’s direction, ready for the students who were coming to the school. His name was Konton Jisan, a rather young looking man with intelligent eyes.

“Next stop, Shibuya. Get off here for all Shibuya lines.” The voice over the train pinged to life. Akira stood from his seat and pushed a little roughly through the crowd to reach the doors. He got off, making his way up to Station Street. The first time he arrived into the city flashed through his mind. The MetaNav, the vision of Arsene, and the vision of himself. All of it felt so long ago, yet at the same time, like it had happened yesterday. He closed his eyes. He could almost hear Arsene’s voice now, gently guiding him to turn the tides of battle. 

What was this? Akira hadn’t opened his eyes, but he could see a black and white area on all sides of him. That wasn’t just his imagination, he really could hear Arsene’s voice. He was in battle, alongside the Phantom Thieves. That felt normal, but there were more people, fighting alongside him. The two closest to him stood on either side of Akira, each brandishing swords and Personas. One had short gray hair and sharp gray eyes, with a rather stocky build. The one on his other side had blue hair and a much smaller frame. They were fighting a large beast, but based on the injuries the group had suffered, they weren’t doing well. 

Akira gasped and opened his eyes. Damn, another vision? Why did this only happen in Tokyo? People were still bustling about though, so he must not have been in his mind for long. Out of habit he checked his phone, but of course the MetaNav wasn’t there. Of course it wasn’t. But that vision felt oddly like the MetaVerse. Not again, he was still recovering from dying twice. 

Akira sighed. A smile pulled at his lips though, as he remembered how discovering the MetaVerse had lead him to an amazing year with his new friends. Speaking of those friends, Akira had wanted to meet with them, but for whatever reason, every single one of them was busy today. They all agreed to meet up after school tomorrow though, so Akira had that to look forward to. 

After walking through Shibuya for a while, Akira found the school dorms. He went in, signed in with the front desk and got his key. He walked up to his room on the third floor and unlocked the door. The room was small and quaint, not unlike the attic of Leblanc. His box was already there, waiting to get unpacked. 

With a sigh, Akira flopped down on his bed. He had finished unpacking, and it had left him feeling tired. Relaxing a bit, he let his mind wander. How long had it even been before he was back in the place he had been banished to? Not that it mattered now, Shido was paying for his sins in custody and humanity was free from the bonds of Yaldabaoth. He could finally live a normal high schooler's life. He gazed out the window to the city beyond. It looked so peaceful, of course it was in the aftermath of Yaldabaoth’s downfall. He had a new school year in front of him, and despite those ominous visions in the city, he felt oddly comforted. 

How could he have predicted the insane adventure he was about to be thrown into, after all?