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Shiny Linings

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          Weiss's eyes flutter open, resisting the natural pull of daylight. Slowly the sensations around her begin to trickle in; a salty breeze, the sound of water slapping wood, a slow rocking, but best of all – a warm and soft Ruby Rose-Schnee wrapped around her. With a happy hum Weiss turns around in Ruby’s arms, doing her best not to wake her wife. As her own blue eyes meet silver sparkling with mirth she knows she wasn’t successful.

          “Hi.” Ruby practically chirps, giving Weiss a little squeeze as she stretches.

          “Hey your –” Weiss is interrupted by a stretch of her own – “hey yourself.”

          “So, wife – what’s the agenda for today?” Ruby asks, adding a sort of joyful emphasis on the word ‘wife’ and Weiss chuckles.

          “Hmm, I don’t know – meine Frau – how about a little…” Weiss seems to be searching for an answer before ducking under the blanket with a playful growl; Ruby’s delighted squeal is all the permission she needs.

          “Hahaha! Weiss!” Weiss smiles against Ruby's skin, beyond enjoying her wake up work out and the happy racket Ruby’s making just above her. Enthralled as she is Weiss doesn’t notice the cabin door opening, nor Yang’s heavy footsteps wandering in, until it’s much too late.

          “You look comfy there lil sis.” Yang yawns, leaning on where she assumes Weiss's back is. A startled grunt lets her know she’s made her mark. “You uh, you got a good heater? Got some good sleep? Gonna get… pff, gonna get some… hahahaha! Weiss stop struggling!” Yang laughs as the writhing mass below her elbow attempts to fight its way to the surface.

          “Yaaaaaang! Why are you always so mean? We don’t bother you when you’re about to –” Weiss finally slips free and breaches the blankets, interrupting Ruby.

          “That is – of course – the last thing I would want to interrupt. Again.” Weiss adds, her sentence broken by almost gasping breaths trying to recoup what air was squished free.

          “Sure, sure. Anyway – I actually came down to let you know there’s about twelve hours to port – gods willing – so it’s your turn on the wheel.” Yang smiles broadly before slipping the pillow out from under Ruby’s head to use as a bludgeon against the two still lying down.

          “Are you serious?” Weiss asks, fighting her way around the pillow, spilling out into the open air.

          “Woah, clothes maybe? Also yes.” Yang stops beating on Ruby, turning to throw the pillow at an utterly naked Weiss.

          “Woah, don’t barge in next time maybe?” Weiss says sarcastically as she catches the pillow and returns fire before turning to find clothing. “That was much faster than anticipated.” Yang averts her eyes only to run into a vigorous eyebrow waggling from her sister, she grunts in disgust and turns even further till she’s facing the door.

          “That’s what Winter was saying, but I guess we caught a favorable tailwind.”

          “Is she still gonna meet us there?” Ruby asks, catching a shirt tossed her way.

          “Yeah,” Yang smiles and Weiss can’t help the shiver that runs down her spine – it’s weird. Not that her sister is happy, no that part is fantastic! It’s the part where her sister is happy with her sister-in-law and her sister-in-law’s partner. Weiss frowns, it’s not the casual polyamory that’s getting to her, it’s that there’s too many big sisters she figures –

          “Hey, you’re giving me a headache with all your think-y thoughts. Quit it, this is vacation.” Ruby protests, dragging Weiss from her headspace and she’s right – this is vacation.

          “Put on your vacation pants then.” Weiss retorts playfully as she throws the black and red, ‘shark bite’, board-shorts at Ruby who replies with a peppy ‘yes ma’am’ while Yang laughs.





         They continue to cut a steady path through calm waters, and as they draw ever closer to their destination Weiss retrieves the other two from their break.

          “I love it out here.” Yang says, walking up to and then throwing her arms over the bow railing. She lets the wind toss her hair back and takes a deep breath of the quickly cooling air. “I’m going to love it even more when we make land though; this sea air is hell on my hair.” Ruby laughs, seagulls seeming to laugh with her as they drift along near the boat. Ruby leans up next to her sister for warmth in body and heart. They stand in a comfortable and companionable silence, just watching – as the sunlight fades behind them and the lights of Southern Anima begin to sparkle on the horizon.



          “Thank your parents for letting us borrow the house again, please.” Weiss reminds Blake, bringing her a fresh cup of tea in the wheelhouse.

          “Of course. Thanks for bringing us along on your honeymoon. Or was that the plan all along?” Blake takes the tea and turns to give Weiss a sultry look.

          “Fuck off, Belladonna – are you a sis-con or something?” Weiss shoots back causing Blake to lose her mouthful of tea and turn a most excellent shade of red in the sunset.

          “What? No! Weiss! Do you –" clearing her throat Blake attempts to wrangle her shock - "Weiss, just what do you think sis-con means exactly?” Managing to get herself under control finally Blake double checks Weiss's knowledge of fetish definitions.

          “It's someone who is obsessed with sisters. Is that not correct?” Weiss huffs, crossing her arms; it hasn’t been long since she’s been introduced to these ani-memes or whatever, that Ruby and Blake are obsessed with and she actually rather likes them. Or has so far, that’s where she picked up the term in fact and she feels quite proud that she’s picking it up so quickly –

          “Well yes it does, but not quite in the way that you’re thinking.” Blake interrupts her thought process, gesturing for Weiss to get closer before whispering what it actually means in her ear.



Ruby can’t help but jump as the door to the wheelhouse slams open followed by a war cry of “disgustang!” following just behind. Yang catches her as she almost flings herself overboard from the shock, laughing as she pulls Ruby back.

          “What have you done this time Roo?” She asks still chuckling.

          “Nothing! I think.” Ruby protests, barely, as Weiss stomps up towards them.

          “She’s just learned the actual definition of sis-con.” Blake calls out from the door, still laughing herself. Yang sets a hand on Ruby’s shoulder in support,

          “shoulda picked better shows I guess. G’luck Roobadoo.” Yang gives her a pat before moving towards the wheelhouse, pointing and laughing at the pair as she goes.


          “Are you actually mad?” Ruby asks a red faced and pouting Weiss. Sighing, Weiss lets her shoulders drop before burying her embarrassment in Ruby’s neck.

          “No.” She says, muffled by Ruby. “It’s just, I still feel awkward sometimes.” And it’s true – as welcome as she is and has been since the day she began staying with this lot, sometimes she still feels out of place. Ruby chuckles softly, running her fingers through Weiss's new, shorter, hair. ‘It’s easier to deal with’ she said, revealing her new undercut – Ruby’s pretty sure it’s about breaking with her old life, but either way she can’t get enough of it.

          “I understand,” gently moving Weiss back so that she can nudge noses, she then rests her forehead against Weiss's. “I promise you’re fine though. You’re family after all.” Weiss smiles, eyes closed before Ruby adds,

          “besides, we’re on a boat – there’s no escape!” Laughing, Weiss playfully punches her shoulder.

          “I hate you.” She says, smiling.

          “Nah,” Ruby whispers, tilting Weiss's face up, “you love me.” Trapped in eyes shining bright despite the low light Weiss only has one thing to say,

          “lucky me,” before pulling Ruby down into a kiss, every bit as wild and possessive as their first.