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The Guardian of Alola

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The Champion leaned against the cold throne, barely listening to the approaching footsteps of this year's League grand finalist. The cheers of the crowd rising pitch all around him. The strongest trainer in Alola has stopped counting since the first day the elusive title was bequeath to him. For him, it was meaningless. He might have tried so hard five years ago but now, it was a noose – strangling him and killing the essence of what makes a champion. After all, what’s the use of him being the second Alolan champion when he never got the chance of defeating the First?

For the five long years since that fateful day, he wondered why the First abandoned the hard-fought championship and left without an explanation nor a goodbye to the people she will be leaving behind.

Has she tired of being the one all of Alola depends on?

Has the burden of being the champion finally broke her?

Or was it them, being the ones to push her around?

He will never know the answer. She was gone, gone for five long years, and she brought with her the life of the region of Alola.