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The Corruption

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Ko was sent on a mission. A solo one. Rad and Enid where out on a separate one, so it was just him. His mission: infiltrate professor venomous lab.This was great! Maybe he’d finally level up! He snuck into box more, before finding himself in an empty room.
“Show yourself, Venomous!” Ko shouted. No answer. Then, the room filled up with smoke. Ko coughed, he couldn’t breath! Everything was going black..
Ko woke up in a white room. There was a mirror. He suspected venomous was hiding behind it. It was much like the goo clone room. Ko shuttered at the recollection.
“Let me-“ *he started throwing fore fists at the walls “ouuuuuut!!” He shouted, upset
“Oh ko~” said a voice. venomous’, voice “but then i couldn’t run my experiment here~” the villain continued, ko could tell by his voice he was grinning, dispite not being able to see him
“What experiment!?” Ko asked, looking around, panicked, his wristbands turning purple, tko shining through.
There was a laugh. An evil, evil, laugh. “This one.”
Then there was a sudden pain in kos arm. He looked at where it hurt. There was a needle, sicking out of his arm. A few drops of red-purple liquid left, the rest of it making its way into his bloodstream. Ko felt faint, as he collapsed, the world going dark once again.

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Ko woke up. He felt a pulsing pain in his arm. He was.. at.. home? How did he get here. He felt someone swoop him up
“Ko!! Youre awake! Cob i was so worried about you peanut!” It was his mommy! Ko hugged his mom back
“I-I’m sorry, mommy! I-i failed!” Kos sobbed, hugging his mom back,sobbing into her shirt
“Oh.. Ko... its ok. We cant always win them all” Carol says, petting his hair.
“I know..” he says. No longer crying
“Why don’t you get some rest. You don’t have to go to school tomorrow” His mom said, putting him on his bed. Ko sniffled.
“Ok mommy..” he got under the covers, going to sleep.
The next day wasn’t that interesting. Except for one thing. When Ko when to the bathroom, he saw something on his arm. He felt it, too. A spike. A singular white spike sticking out of his arm, surrounded by an orange-red blotch. Ko panicked, but didn’t tell his mom. This was probably tkos doing. He had wristband spikes, after all. He went back into his room, delving into his mind.
“Tko, what the cob is this!?” Ko knocked on the door, for it to be swung open to Tko.
“I dont know!? I have it too, i didnt do ANYTHING!” The puffball shouted, sparking with electricity.
“Ok, ok! Im sorry. We’ll figure this out, alright?” Ko said, tilting his head. Tko looked away.
“Yea. Sure, whatever. Just go away so I can go back to sleep” and with that, Ko was sucked out of his mind.
Ko spent the rest of the day hiding the spike from his mom, sleeping or watching chip damage videos. Ko decided he would attend school the next day. what could go wrong?

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Ko arrived at the school. He’s wearing his hoodie, not wearing his usual outfit. He’s yet to notice the spot on his cheek or the claws formed on the tips of his fingers. He sat down, Dendy behind him.

“Hello Ko.” said the kappa, in the same tone she always spoke.

“Heya Dendy,” said ko, softy. His throat felt closed like something was blocking his speech.
“I notice you are wearing your hoodie, instead of your usual attire. Why is that?” his friend asked, with a hint of concern, but mostly curiosity in her voice.

“Uh..” Ko desperately tried to rack his brain for a lie “i-its just.. A-a little chilly out today” he said, with a stutter, he didn’t know he had.

“It is average temperature outside, but whatever you say, ko” replied dendy in the matter-of-fact way she talks. Ko sighed in relief, glad she bought his fib. Or if she did, she didn’t say anything about it, as Miss Quantum started class

(class time skip bc that’s not important to the story)

Dendy and Ko left the classroom, headed to the lockers.


“Ko, are you alright?” Dendy asked. There was more concern in her voice than usual. It was sweet, in a way. Ko’s head was spinning “Ko?” the kappa repeated, when not getting an answer.
“I’m perfectly fine, Dendy!” Ko insisted. he felt a webbed finger on his cheek.

“What’s this?” she asked, tilting her head, opening her hack pack and typing on her screen.

Crap. Ko thought.

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Ko was taken into dendys lab. He recognized it after her experiment with his turbo form. He followed dendy to a chair

“I am sorry, Ko. I know you dislike needles, but i will need to draw your blood.” Ko gulped, remembering the needle that went into his arm, injecting that strange substance into his body. He winced,he could feel the scales spreading across his arm.“Do not worry, ko. I have made a needle thats almost painless.” She said, patting him gently. “But I will need you to remove your hoodie.” He sighed, and removed it. Dendys reaction was one he feared: shock. She could see the spikes jutting out of his wristband, the small horns growing from his hair, the white spike on his arm, surrounded by blue scales with red spots. The claws growing on the tips of his fingers. “This is not quite what i expected” she stated. Ko simply nodded. She stuck the needle in. He winced. It felt like a prick, but he still felt something. More emotional, than physical. Dendy took out the needle, gave ko some water and pretzels, and went to do her tests.

“,..well?” Ko asked his friend, after finishing his snack.

“Ive never seen anything like this.. your blood cells seem...Currupted… but how?” Dendy asked. She turned to ko. “Tell me Ko, how did this happen?”

Ko clutched his arm, the one venomous injected that liquid into him. Tears came to his eyes thinking about it. He didnt want to think about it. He didnt want to-

“Ko?” His spiraling was interrupted by the kappa’s voice. “Ko, are you alright? You… have a new spike.” Ko blinked, low and behold, a new white spike, surrounded by blue and red scales, on his arm. He blinked the tears he didnt know formed away. “It seems like your …. hrm… transformation… is linked to your emotional state.” She said “you dont have to tell me now, but the information would help me fix this, Ko.”

“Thanks, dendy.”