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Demon Dick for the Soul

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sanguine meo,
attenrobendum eos,
ad ligandum eos,
potiter eos,
coram me.

Katsuki examined the rose he held, its bright white petals illuminated by the pale moonbeams seeping in through his window. Holding the flower in his left hand, he tenderly brought his right index finger along the stem. Directly below the first set of leaves, his finger made purchase with a thorn. Without hesitation, Katsuki pressed his finger against the thorn, piercing his skin, before unfalteringly drawing the barb down the length of his finger. As a line of blood began to pool along the wound, Katsuki brought his hand to hover over the pristine head of the flower. Flexing his hand, the boy watched as crimson droplets began to fall, slowly but surely painting the rose a vivid shade of red. The petals began to yield against the weight of the liquid before overflowing, crying red tears down Katsuki’s arm.

Casting the now-vermillion rose into the sigil on his floor, Katsuki spoke again.

quod loquor, loqui, sic erit .”

A chill ran through Katsuki’s body, from the base of his spine to the back of his neck, as the air seemed to be sucked from the room. In the momentary vacuum, Katsuki felt pressure build behind his ears. 

Slowly, a faint glow began to emanate from the sigils. It almost seemed to move along the lines drawn on the floor, mesmerizing Katsuki, before the lines burst into a column flame, ushering the air back into the space. In the moments before his ears popped, Katsuki could have almost sworn he heard a whisper.

As the flames began to die down, Katsuki realized that the air wasn’t the only thing that had come into the room.

Before him stood a man—a boy? Katsuki couldn’t be sure. The being’s face seemed to be both masculine and feminine, mature and childish, sharp and soft, all at the same time. The only things Katsuki could definitively make out were a mop of green curls, a smattering of freckles, and the most striking peridot eyes.

Katsuki could have gawked for hours—the being wore little clothing, simply a pair of cut-off shorts and a choker—his eyes feasting on the musculature on display before him. However, the being cut him short.

“So, you go through all that trouble just for a little somethin’ to look at?” he quipped slyly. His voice was entrancing, methodically paced with a middle-range-pitch. Katsuki watched as the green-haired man bent down, picked up the rose, and began to lick the blood from the petals—neither ever breaking eye contact.

Tch .’ Katsuki scoffed. “You come into my house just to stand there?”

The being dropped the rose, cocked his hip, and crossed his arms, his expression disbelieving. “Listen, newbie. Did you not read past the incantation when you Googled how to summon me?” He waggled his fingers in mock-magicalness as he said ‘Googled.’ “You have to invite me out of the summoning circle. Otherwise, I’m stuck.”

“Why do I have to invite you? The incantation says ‘invite them,’” the blond questioned.

The entity rolled his eyes. “Yeah, and it also says ‘bind them,’ so there’s that.”

“Okay, but—”

“OHMYFUCKINGFUCK! Are you going to let me out or not? I’m a busy incubus. It’s a Friday night; that’s prime work time for us. Especially around this time of year. The autumn starts rolling in, the sun sets sooner, the nights start getting longer, and people are ready to—”

“OKAY,” Katsuki barked. “I’ll let you out if you stop fucking babbling.”

“Haha! Sorry. I know you don’t want chit-chat ; you want me to dick that .”

Katsuki followed the line of the man’s pointing finger, leading his eyes just-south of his waistband. “You want to dick… my dick? That doesn’t exactly sound like a great time. Do you demons come with receipts? Can I return you?”

The man sighed, dragging a hand down his face. “Your ass , you ass. But ANYWAY. My name is Izuku. So you say, ‘ I invite you, Izuku, into my home ,’ and then we’ll be good.”

The blond contemplated for a moment, then shrugged. “I invite you, Deku—”

Izuku ,” the demon corrected.

“Oh right,” Katsuki snickered, “I invite you, Izuku , into my home.”

Quite suddenly, the fire and glow from the sigils vanished, leaving only the drawings on the floor and the demon standing atop them. Watching as Izuku began to slink forward, Katsuki felt his breath catch in his throat as the incubus slowly touched the floor outside of the circle as if testing the temperature of seawater.

Smirking, Izuku began to advance once again, his verdant eyes locked on Katsuki. As the gap between them closed, Katsuki could feel his chest constricting.

“Are you nervous?” Izuku asked, reaching out to take Katsuki’s hand. He brought Katuski’s hand to his mouth placing the still-bleeding index finger into his mouth. The blond let out a half-moan-half-squeak as his digit entered the wet heat of Izuku’s mouth, the demon’s tongue lapping and suckling his blood like a newborn having his first drink of milk.

Izuku let the finger fall from his mouth. “You don’t need to be nervous, Katsuki-chan, I’m gonna take good care of you.” Even with blood dripping from the side of Izuku’s mouth like cherry wine, Katsuki felt reassured.

The blond nodded, ready for whatever Izuku had in store for him.

The demon lifted a hand to gently caress Katsuki’s cheek. “What are you wanting from me, Katsu-chan?”

Katsuki leaned into the touch, eyes closed before giving Izuku a softly stoic plea: “I want you to fuck me. Harder, deeper, longer, and better than anyone ever has before.”

Izuku’s smirk returned as he leaned in next to Katsuki’s ear. “ That was a given.”

Faster than he could process, Katsuki was on his bed, his legs spread, Izuku above him. The demon sucking kisses down his neck, leaving behind red rings which were sure to bruise. 

Katsuki didn’t care. He didn’t care if anyone would see the aftermath of this night. A part of him wanted people to see—to ask him about those little physical reminders of a fleeting night of pleasure. The most incredible pleasure he had ever experienced.

As Izuku reached the base of Katsuki’s neck, he quickly grabbed the bottom hem of the man’s shirt, lifting it over his head, off his body, and onto the floor in one fluid motion.

Glancing at Katsuki’s exposed nipples, Izuku grinned widely before diving down to lap, suck, and bite at the left nipple, using a hand to stimulate the other. Katsuki let out a strangled gasp as his hands tangled into a mess of green curls.

Izuku looked up at the blond smiling at his strained pleasure. The demon continued his descent, his head dropping to the waistline of Katsuki’s pants. In the same swift manner used with the shirt, Izuku had Katsuki pantless—and thus, completely naked—in mere seconds.

Katsuki was already hard—not like Izuku could say much, his own erection was already straining against the denim of his shorts. “Well, I guess we don’t need to waste any time,” Izuku chuckled. 

“What do you—” Katsuki began, but his words were cut short as Izuku lifted Katsuki’s hips, contorting him and exposing him even further.

Izuku licked a long strip from the cleft of Katsuki’s ass to the underside of his balls—eliciting a deep moan from the blond—before spending some time focusing on the boy’s entrance. He licked a few times, slicking the area. Finally, the green-haired demon began to push with his long tongue, forcing past the tight ring of muscle.

“You’re really tight,” Izuku stated as he came up for air. “You sure you’re gonna be okay?”

“Are you doubting me, you shitty demon?” Katsuki glowered. Katsuki’s glare was intimidating under normal circumstances, but, with his cheeks rosily-dusted from arousal, Izuku found it cute.

“Not doubting, just checking,” Izuku assured before returning to the task at hand. As he continues to lick and prod with his tongue, he also began to massage the area with his finger, slowly pressing inward until he was nearly finger-deep.

“Fffffuuuuuuck,” Katsuki moaned as Izuku curled his finger. His breath was already becoming labored. Izuku gave him a quizzical look as he inserted another finger, causing the man beneath him to squirm with pleasure.

“I’m—ah!” Katuski jolted as Izuku curled his fingers once again, “I’m getting close.”

Izuku giggled as he began to quickly thrust his fingers bringing the man ever closer to release until—

FUCK !” Katsuki bellowed as an orgasm rushed through his body.

Izuku smiled as he removed his fingers from Katsuki, bringing them to his thigh and scratching a single line into the soft flesh, his sharp nail easily incising the skin. Katsuki let out a shriek at the pain. “What the FUCK was that ?!”

Izuku brought his face to the mark, licking softly at the small droplets of blood beginning to form. “That’s a tally mark. If that’s all it takes to make you cum, then it definitely won’t be the last time. I’m keeping score.”

Katsuki started to respond, but Izuku’s fingers made it back into Katsuki before the words could make their way into his mouth.

As Izuku felt the other man adjusting to his two fingers, he decided to slip in a third, gaining him another moan.

“God damnit , you bastard,” Katsuki heaved through laborious pants, “stop with the teasing and just fuck me !”

Izuku gave a look that Katsuki could most easily read as saying ‘Oh, really?’ but he wouldn’t understand why until after Izuku removed his own pants.

Katsuki gawked at the massive, porn-star cock which had popped free from the jean shorts. “Okay. I now understand the reason for the fingering.”

Izuku chuckled lightly as he leaned back down, “You want me to keep prepping you? I don’t mind, really, it’s not a prob—“

“No.” Katsuki interrupted, his tone resolute. “Like I said: I want you to fuck me. I’ll be fine.”

Izuku looked minutely hesitant, but shrugged as he maneuvered Katsuki back into his previous position, resting on his shoulder blades as Izuku held his ass in the air. The demon spit into his hand, palming himself and lubricating his length before lining up with Katsuki’s entrance. “You sure you ready for it?”

“Of course I’m— FUCK ,” Katsuki began, his words evaporating as Izuku thrust into him, giving him little to no time to adjust. As the demon began to thrust, Katsuki could feel the heat begin to pool in the pit of his stomach once again. “Fuck, I’m, Izuku, Izu-, I’m, I’m gonna —”

A couple short ropes of cum shot into Katsuki’s face as Izuku continued to thrust, intoxicated by the way Katsuki clenched around him. While still unceasing in his pounding, Izuku raked a sharp nail across Katsuki’s thigh, placing a second tally mark next to the first.

At this point, Izuku felt ravenous. The sight of Katsuki’s multiple orgasms smearing his face, the blood smearing Katsuki’s thigh and dribbling down to add to the already ample lubrication of Katsuki’s ass—Izuku was nearly feral. Izuku’s mind was filled with the most primal, demonic thoughts imaginable. Oh, how he wanted to eat Katsuki alive.

But that would be breaking the rules. Taking this pleasure at Katsuki’s expense was the closest he would get.

Quickly flipping Katsuki face-down on the mattress, Izuku straddled the man’s thighs, pushing them together with his knees, and therefore making the man feel even tighter.

Katsuki whined loudly and methodically with each of Izuku’s powerful thrusts.

“I’m… Gonna… Again…” Katsuki panted around the thrusts.

“Me too,” Izuku grunted as he picked up the pace, slamming into Katsuki with even more ferocity than before.

Katsuki let out an actual scream as he came for a third time. Between the scream and Katsuki’s clenching, that was all it took for Izuku to finish, pumping streams of white-hot seed into Katsuki.

Katsuki could feel the demon’s juices being pumped into him, and, though repeatedly sated, the feeling alone made him horny. He loved how this felt, and he never wanted it to end.

As Izuku began to came down from his high, he sighed heavily, slightly loosening his grip on Katsuki’s hips. Reaching up, he placed a tally mark on the back of Katsuki’s left shoulder.

“What the fuck, dumbass,” Katsuki hissed. “That’s not where they are.”

Izuku laughed as he laid down on top of Katsuki, the demon’s lips coming to just behind Katsuki’s ear. “Oh, Kacchan,” he lilted playfully, “We’re both gonna cum so many times tonight that it doesn’t even matter where I put the tally marks, you’ll be covered in them by the time I’m finished with you.”

As Katsuki craned his neck to look at Izuku, it was hard to tell whether his expression was one of excitement or fear.

And Izuku couldn’t tell which possibility aroused him more.